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Maid to Measure

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“Jenny,” I heard Mrs Draycott call, “I don’t want to be a nuisance, but do you think you could spare me a moment?”

I walked across the large hallway and entered the lounge where my employer was laying on the couch.

“I’ve slipped down a little.” she said in her soft husky voice “Do you think you could help me up.”

I walked over to her and smiled “Of course Mrs Draycott, lift your arms.”

I leaned over her and she put her arms around my neck and I placed my own under hers and linked my hands behind her back.

“1, 2, 3, lift” I said and together we moved a few inches towards the end of the couch to make her much more comfortable.

She was now in a sitting position and as we released our arms from each other she gave me a sweet smile and thanked me.

“I don’t know where the nurse has got to,” she said, “I gave the agency strict instructions that she should be here before it was time for you to leave. I so dislike putting you out, especially after everything that you have done for me these past few months.”

“Don’t worry about it Mrs Draycott,” I replied, “I haven’t anything of importance planned for this evening. I’m quite happy to stay until the nurse arrives.”

I didn’t want to upset her by letting on that I had plans to meet Pam, my closest friend. Although we kept making these plans something always seemed to pop up at the last moment to dash them. It had been several weeks since our last meeting and we had so much to catch up on.

Mrs Draycott looked at me as I brushed the creases out of my uniform. “You were a marvel this afternoon Jenny, I think everybody was impressed. I didn’t think that I would be able to take my turn with the afternoon club meetings but, of course, I hadn’t taken into account your ability to handle almost any situation. Mrs Davison was most impressed and believe you me it takes an awful lot to impress her!”

We both laughed. Mrs Davison is what can only be described as an out and out snob, always having to have the best of everything and then making sure that everybody knows that she has it. However, since Mrs Draycott’s accident she has always been on hand to help in any way that she can, probably more than anyone else. Her assistance had been invaluable during the first few weeks.

Mrs Draycott looked at me as I stood beside her.

“You’ve got such a lovely smile Jenny.” she told me. “If we could bottle it we’d make a fortune.”

I just smiled again. I didn’t know what to say.

I walked back out of the lounge and across the hall to the kitchen to check on the dishwasher.

I had worked for Mrs Draycott for about four years, since I was fourteen. To begin with I used to help her at weekends and when I reached sixteen she offered me a full time job when I told her that I didn’t want to stay on at school.

At first my parents weren’t very pleased with the prospect of their daughter working as a domestic help but after a few weeks of seeing how happy I was in my job, coupled with the fact that Mrs Draycott paid me a very good wage they accepted it. In fact they themselves became fairly close to Mrs Draycott and her husband, often being invited to dinner parties and suchlike. Mrs Draycott was also very considerate on such occasions by not asking me to work when my mum and dad were present.

All of the socialising stopped after the accident. Mr and Mrs Draycott had spent the evening with their daughter and her husband and had left for home in the most happiest of moods after being told that they were, for the first time, shortly to become grandparents.

Exactly what happened nobody is entirely sure. The police concluded that as Mr Draycott was driving down a main road,a large van had pulled out of a side road into his path. He had no chance of avoiding an accident and ran straight into the side of the offending vehicle at a fairly high speed. Mr Draycott was killed instantly and his wife was left with very little use of her legs. She still has full feelings in the lower half of her body but has very little control over her lower limbs, although after much and continuing therapy, she was making very good progress and the doctors looking after her had high hopes that one day she would again be able to walk unaided. That day however was still far in the distant future.

The driver of the van escaped without a scratch. Blood tests proved that Mr Draycott, despite having one or two celebration drinks was well within the legal drink driving limit, but the other driver had more than twice the legally allowed amount.

I made myself a coffee and as was normal also made one for Mrs Draycott. I took both cups into the lounge and placed them on the coffee table in front of where she was laying and sat in the chair opposite.

She thanked me and told me that I could change out of my uniform if I wanted to. I told her that I would wait until I was ready to go home. As I glanced at her I noticed that she was looking up my short dress. My heart skipped a beat and my ears suddenly became very hot. I found myself parting my legs a little further knowing that she would get a clear view of my panties. She didn’t move her eyes, and feeling rather turned on by her looking at me, I parted my legs just a little further.

Up until today I had normally worn my own clothes for work but Mrs Draycott thought it would be good fun if we ‘went for it’ this afternoon and put on a bit of a show for the other members of her afternoon club.

She of course asked me if I would mind wearing a proper maids uniform for the afternoon and, after thinking about it, I thought it might be a quite a giggle to do so. We looked through various clothing catalogues to see if we could find anything suitable but didn’t have any luck. Then, one day when I was walking through town I saw a French Maids uniform in a ‘fancy dress’ shop window. ‘Perfect’ I thought to myself and went inside and purchased it.

It is the traditional black with white lace trimmings. The dress hemline is a little short and looked a little out of place with my slim legs but Mrs Draycott suggested that I buy some black stockings to compliment it. I did so and now I looked like the sluttiest French Maid that you could ever wish to meet.

I looked over to Mrs Draycott laying on the couch. She was almost dozing, her eyes obviously becoming very heavy. We both have rich red, mine is cut short but hers flowed over her shoulders and almost covered her small breasts. That is one of the many things we have in common, small breasts. I am 34A and I think she is about the same. She is a tall, slim and very attractive middle aged lady. Although I am about two or three inches shorter than her we are of a very similar build.

She suddenly opened her big green eyes and looked over to me.

“You look very cute in your uniform,” she said, breaking into a smile, and again glanced up my dress, “Maybe you should wear it all the time.”

“Would you like me to?” I asked her.

“No, I wouldn’t dream of making you wear it all the time.” she replied.

“But you haven’t answered my question,” I said, “Would you like me to wear it all the time?” I didn’t know what made me ask her but for some reason I wanted yes to be her answer.

“Perhaps I would. In fact, yes, I would like it if you wore it all the time, but as I said, I’d never make you wear it. Today was just for a laugh, but you do look cute in it. There is one small change that I think should be made though.” she said.

“And what would that be?” I asked.

“I don’t think that you should wear a bra under it.”


“I think you should wear it without a bra next time, if there is a next time. The material of the dress is so thin your bra outline shows through, it would look much nicer without that.”

Before I could comment the doorbell rang. I placed my empty coffee cup on the table and went to answer the door.

When I opened it I was presented with a rather attractive looking lady in a nurses uniform. She seemed to be in her mid forties, about six feet tall of slender build and with long black hair. She looked rather surprised to see me standing there in my uniform.

I don’t know why but I decided to slip back into the part that I had played during the afternoon.

“Good evening,” I said, “Madam is expecting you. Would you please walk this way.”

I ushered her into the hallway and closed the door behind her. She then followed me to the lounge.

I lightly tapped on the door before stepping in.

“Madam, your nursing help has arrived.”

Mrs Draycott had obviously realised that I was play acting again as she said, “Thank you Jennifer, would you show her in please?”

“Certainly madam.” I replied before turning to the nurse and saying, “Madam is ready for you now.” I then beckoned her into the room.

As she walked over towards Mrs Draycott I said, “Will that be all for this evening madam?”

Mrs Draycott replied, “Yes thank you Jennifer. You get off home now and I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Thank you madam.” I replied.

I stepped back through the door and closed it behind me.

I made my way to my room but instead of taking off my outfit I grabbed my normal clothes and placed them into a carrier bag before putting on my coat. I picked up the bag and headed out of the house.

When I arrived home I noticed the light flashing on the telephone answering machine to indicate that a message had been left.

“Hi Jenny, Pam here. I’m afraid I can’t make it tonight, Mum wants me to drive her over to Grans. I’ll call you over the weekend. Bye.”

I was a little disappointed by the message but decided to take a bath and have an early night.

I removed my coat and hung it in the closet before heading to my bedroom, taking the bag containing my clothes.

I took them out, placed my blouse into the laundry basket together with my black stockings, folded my skirt and laid it onto the chair beside my bed. I walked over to the bathroom and started running my bath. I returned to my bedroom and as I entered I saw myself in the full length mirror standing by the opposite wall.

I could see what Mrs Draycott meant when she said that my bra showed through my uniform. I undid the row of buttons that ran down the front, slipped out my arms, reached behind and undid the clasp of my bra and removed it. I slipped my arms back in the dress, re-buttoned it and looked into the mirror. It looked much better, but because of my small breasts it still little loose ‘up top’. I decided that I would carry out a few alterations after I had bathed.

I had a nice long soak in the tub and decided to tidy up my pussy hair as I lay there, all the time thinking of Mrs Draycott looking up my dress. It was a few weeks since I had trimmed down there and it had become a little untidy. I stepped out of the bath and took my razor and shaving foam from the cupboard above the hand basin. In truth it wasn’t my shaving foam but my fathers. I often wondered what he would have thought if he knew that I was using it to trim my pussy hairs!

I stepped back into the bath and sat on the side. I took the cap off the tin of foam and squirted a liberal amount onto my hand and then rubbed it over my hair. I started to carefully shave down the sides and then across the top until I thought it looked about right. I rinsed off the excess foam, got off the side of the bathtub and stepped out. I walked over to the doorway of my bedroom to check in the mirror that my handy-work looked o.k. It did look nice and neat but as I hadn’t tidied it up for a while the remaining hair had grown rather thick and bushy. I walked over to my bedside cabinet and took out my battery trimmer before returning to the bathroom.

Once there I turned it on and carefully started to trim down the length of what remained of my bush. After a couple of minutes I had trimmed it to what I thought looked nice and neat and returned to look into the mirror to inspect it. I looked at my reflection. I ran my fingers through my hair and twirled it around. I turned round and went back to the bathroom.

Without thinking I picked up my trimmer and started to mow away the rest of my hair. It didn’t take long before I was left with just a covering of short stubble and a bathroom carpet covered in a layer of ginger pubic hair.

I got back into the bath tub and rinsed my pussy before I lifted myself back onto the side of the tub.

I took another handful of foam and rubbed it into the stubble and then carefully shaved it all away. I slipped back into the water and rinsed myself off.

After drying myself and cleaning up the bathroom I returned to my bedroom. I looked into the mirror and couldn’t believe what I had just done. My pussy was completely bald and smooth. I walked closer to the mirror. I had never fully shaved myself before and the sight of my reflection and the never ending thought of Mrs Draycott looking up my dress had an incredible effect. I felt really horny.

Still naked I picked up the maids uniform and took it into the lounge. I love walking around the house naked but don’t get much chance to do so. When the opportunity arrives I always try to take it up. As my mum and dad were away for a couple of days I knew I would be safe from being caught.

Using the contents of my mum’s sewing basket and her sewing machine I spent the next couple of hours making alterations to the garment. She had encouraged me from an early age to learn the art of needlework and when it came to a job like the one I was attempting it was simplicity in itself.

I took it in a little at the sides and after a couple of fittings I was more than satisfied with the result. However, I didn’t like the high front so I converted it into a ‘V’, disposing of the top five buttons.

I slipped it on and went to look in my mirror. The ‘V’ was wide at the top and finished low revealing a glimpse of the flesh of my small breasts. The bottom of the ‘V’ was met by the remains of the row of closely positioned buttons which continued down the front of the dress to just below my waist. The top was now a very nice fit so I thought that I would have no problems with ‘holding myself in’.

I slipped my hand up the front of the dress and rubbed my pussy. Since shaving it I couldn’t keep my prying fingers from caressing it.

I took the uniform off, climbed into bed and slipped off to sleep after a very long play with myself, helped by the memory of Mrs Draycott looking at me continuing to turn me on.

I was up bright and early the next morning and had a shower before making myself a coffee. I took this into my bedroom and started to dress.

I took a pair of white silky panties from my drawer together with a new pair of black stockings. I put on my suspender belt and as I sat on the side of my bed I pulled the stockings over my legs. As I stood I caught my reflection in the mirror. Apart from the stockings I was naked and the sight of my bare pussy above them gave me a warm glow.

I slipped on my panties and my maids dress, straightened it out and went into the lounge. I collected the few things that I needed for the day, put my coat on and headed out of the front door to start my short walk to work.

Within a few minutes I was letting myself into Mrs Draycott’s. I had my own keys to the house and that morning I had decided to use the back entrance.

I was met by the nurse who was sitting at the kitchen table finishing off a cup of coffee. She immediately offered me a cup and I gratefully accepted.

I slipped off my coat and hung it on the hook behind the door before sitting at the table with her. We introduced ourselves to each other as there hadn’t been any time to do so the previous evening.

She told me her name was Michelle and that she had only just started working for the nursing agency and that she would probably be taking over as Mrs Draycott’s full time nurse. I told her that my name was Jennifer but decided not to tell her much else, but to wait and see what she had learned from Mrs Draycott.

“Did madam have a good night?” I asked.

“Yes, a very good one.” was the reply. “She went off to sleep almost as soon as I put her to bed and didn’t wake until just after seven. I helped her into the bathroom where she spent about fifteen minutes. When she had finished she said that she would like to return to her bed for a while as she was still feeling very tired. She seems a very nice lady, very pleasant. I did have one problem though.”

“Oh,” I replied, “What was that?”

“I didn’t know how to address her. I heard you call her madam so I did the same. I think I did right. I haven’t had to call any of my patents madam before, it didn’t seem right at first, but after a few times it just seemed natural.”

“You did exactly the right thing.” I told her. I wondered if Mrs Draycott had enjoyed carrying on the play acting.

After Michelle had left I made breakfast as usual. The nurse normally helped Mrs Draycott dress in the morning but I told Michelle I would let her sleep in for a while as she didn’t have much planned for the day and that the previous day had been very tiring for her.

Normally we ate breakfast together in the dining room but that morning I decided to take Mrs Draycott’s to her room. I placed her boiled eggs and toast and a small pot of tea onto a bed-tray and made my way to her bedroom. I stopped outside her door and put the tray onto the floor. I reached into my pocket, removed my lacy hat and placed it on my head.

I picked up the tray, gently knocked on her door and then entered her room.

I placed the tray on the table at the bottom of her bed and walked over to the window and opened the curtains.

“Good morning madam,” I said as I heard her stir in her bed. “It’s a beautiful morning, the sun is shining and there’s not a cloud in the sky.”

I think she was a little taken aback by what I had just said.

“Good morning Jenny, er, Jennifer.” she replied.

“Would madam like me to lift her up the bed?”

“Yes, thank you Jennifer.”

The sun was streaming through the windows, lighting her bedroom with a golden glow. She looked over to me and realised for the first time that I was wearing the maids uniform. A smile drifted across her face.

I walked to the side of her bed, helped her lean forward and plumped up her pillows. I then put my arms under hers and helped her up the bed. As I did so I could feel her breath on my bare chest. I instinctively looked down and noticed that the front of my dress, despite my alterations, was hanging forward. Because of the position she was in, Mrs Draycott was being treated to a view down my dress. I felt a twinge in my nipples as I realised that she was actively taking in the view. In fact she moved her head slightly forward to enhance it. I kept my position for a little longer than was required. I was getting turned on by the thought of her looking down my dress.

When I moved away I turned the top of bed cover down to her waist and placed the bed-tray across her lap.

She was wearing a thin pink nightdress. A ribbon was laced through eye holes along the opening at the front, starting just above her waist. It was topped with a neatly tied bow. Although not tight, the garment allowed the lovely shape of her body to show through. I could clearly see the point where her nipples touched the material. I noticed that one of her pillows was starting to slip so I moved back towards her. I asked her to lean forward so that I could adjust it. I wanted to try and get a glimpse down the front of her nightdress. She leaned forward and I looked but it was being held in place and I couldn’t see anything.

“Will that be all madam?” I asked.

“Yes thank you Jennifer,” she replied with a smile on her face. “I’ll ring when I need you. Go and get on with your other duties.”

“Thank you madam.” I said, knowing just as well as Mrs Draycott that my ‘other duties’ included eating my breakfast and reading the newspaper.

As I was eating alone I sat at the table in the kitchen. I didn’t bother reading the newspaper that day. I couldn’t get the thought of Mrs Draycott looking down the front of my dress out of my mind and the more I thought about it the more I was getting turned on by it. Even after the events of the evening before I hadn’t imagined anything like this would happen, I just thought that pretending to be the maid for the day, with only myself and Mrs Draycott in the house might be a bit of fun. We often did silly things to lighten the day but hadn’t done anything like this before.

I cleared my breakfast things away. As I was about to put them in the dishwasher I heard the tinkling of the bell that Mrs Draycott kept beside her bed. I straightened my uniform and started to make my way to her bedroom. As I crossed the hallway I undid the top button of my dress. I stopped outside her door and then undid the next button before I stepped in.

“Ah, Jennifer,” Mrs Draycott said, “Do you think you could take my tray away and then straighten my pillows for me please?”

“Certainly madam.” I replied.

I walked to her bed and leaned over as I picked up her tray. The effect of the released buttons was to let the front of my dress fall much further forward and open than before. I glanced at her face and saw that she was looking straight down my front. I held my position far longer than I needed to. I could feel my nipples swell and harden. I loved the attention she was giving my body. As I straightened out I noticed that her nipples were also much more pronounced, making noticeable indentations in the covering fabric.

“I’ll just take your tray to the kitchen madam, and then I’ll return to straighten your pillows.”

“Thank you Jennifer.”

I took the tray into the kitchen and placed its contents into the dishwasher along with my breakfast things and then returned to the bedroom. On the way I undid another button.

As I entered the room I noticed that the bow at the top of Mrs Draycott’s nightdress had been undone, the ribbon had been unthreaded from the top three or four eyelets and pulled through the others to make her nightdress very loose. The very thought of looking down her nightdress made my nipples harden even more.

I walked to the top of her bed and helped her sit forward. Her nightdress fell open much more than my dress did when I leaned in front of her. I had a clear view of her naked breasts. I straightened her pillows but didn’t lay her back on them, I wanted her to know that I was looking at her.

I kept her in that position for at least a minute and as I was watching I could clearly see her nipples swell. I puckered my lips and gently blew down the front of her nightdress.

“Ohh, I can feel a lovely light breeze Jennifer, can you feel it?” she asked.

“No madam.” I replied.

“Then you must come and stand in front of me so you can.” she said.

“Yes madam, I’d like that.” I said.

I lay her onto her pillows, undid another button in full view of her watching eyes and stepped in front of her. I paused for a moment then, while looking her square in the eyes I very slowly undid another button.

“If you lean over I’m sure you will be able to feel it.” she said.

“Yes madam.” I replied as I followed her instructions.

The front of my dress fell right forward and away from my breasts. For the first time she had a full view of them. She gently blew on them and it had an amazing effect on my nipples, they instantly hardened and swelled.”

“Does that feel nice Jennifer?” she asked.

“Ohh yes madam, it feels wonderful.”

“Good,” she said as she blew a little more, “Stay there for a while if it feels nice,” she continued before starting to blow again. The sides of her nightdress had parted almost revealing her nipples.

After a minute or two I left the room to go and do some chores.

It must have been at least a half hour later when I again heard the tinkling of Mrs Draycott’s bell. I made my way to her bedroom.

“Jennifer, laying here I have noticed a cobweb on the ceiling above my bed. Could you fetch a duster and remove it?”

“I have one in my pocket madam, but I don’t think I will be able to reach it with that.”

“You will if you stand on my bed. If you put one foot on each side of me and place your hand on the wall to help you balance, I’m sure you will be able to reach it.”

‘My God’ I thought, ‘she wants to look up my dress again.’

I climbed onto the bed and placed one foot either side of her waist then carefully walked up the bed until they were beside her shoulders. I reached up to the ceiling to remove the non-existent cobweb and slowly pretended to dust it away. I knew that she must have a very clear view of my panties, including the damp patch that had been forming.

“Can you see it madam?” I asked.

“I can indeed Jennifer,” she answered, “but it seems to be covered with something. Maybe we’ll have another go a little later.”

I got down off of the bed and returned to my chores.

Just before eleven o’clock I made a pot of tea. After I made ready Mrs Draycott’s tray I lifted the hem of my dress, hooked my thumbs into the sides of my panties, pulled them down and slipped them into my pocket. I made up a tray and took it to Mrs Draycott’s room where I placed it on her table.

As I looked at her sitting up I pretended to notice a tiny stain on the ribbon which held the front of her nightdress together.

“Madam, you appear to have slightly soiled your nightdress tie.” I told her. “I think it would be a good idea if we put it into some water to soak so that it doesn’t stain permanently.”

“Oh, if you think that is a good idea then we must.” she replied.

She moved her hands towards the ribbon to remove it.

“Let me do that for you madam.” I said.

“Thank you Jennifer, you are most kind.”

I very slowly started to unthread the ribbon, one eye at a time. As I did so I carefully pulled the two sides of her nightdress apart. I couldn’t believe what I was doing. Until this morning, even though I had deep feelings for her, nothing even remotely sexual had passed between us. But this little game was having an incredible effect on me and because of her actions I knew that she wanted to continue.

After I had removed half the ribbon I had pulled her nightdress apart enough for each of her nipples to be just covered. I was beginning to blush with excitement, my own nipples were close to exploding and my pussy was getting very wet. I just had to see her breasts in all their glory. As my hands moved down one of them unintentionally touched her breast. She involuntary moved forward as it touched and let out a slight sigh.

She placed a hand on the side of the bed just an inch or two from my waist. I continued to remove the ribbon and pull the sides apart.

When I only had three sets of eyes left to unthread her nightdress opened enough to expose her nipples. They were very erect and she was obviously very excited.

I removed the ribbon from the last of the eyes.

“I’ll straighten madams pillows now” I said.

I sat her forward and puffed up the pillows. As I placed my arms around her to lay her back onto them I held the sides of her nightdress and just before she made contact with her bed I pulled them right apart.

As I stepped in front of her I saw that her breasts were totally exposed. They were lovely. I wanted to touch them, to play with them, but there were other things I wanted to do first. I also needed to know how far she wanted to go. I was praying that, like me, she wanted to take our game to its very end.

“I’m afraid my nightdress isn’t very comfortable like this Jennifer.” she said.

I realised that I must have taken things too far. My heart sank.

“I’m very sorry madam.” I said.

“There is no need to be sorry Jennifer,” she replied. “Perhaps you could help me sit forward a little.”

I walked to her side and lifted her forward.

“That’s better my dear.” She said. “The top of my nightdress is digging into the back of my neck.”

I moved to straighten it but she slipped her arms out and pushed it down to her waist. She was now completely naked from the waist up.

“Could you lift me up the bed a little?” she asked.

I placed my arms under her shoulders from behind to lift her.

“Put your arms a little further round my dear.” she said.

I did so.

“A little further.”

I moved my hands a little further so that my wrists were sticking out from under her armpits.

“Now, wrap them around me.”

I did. The palms of my hands were now cupping her breasts. She let out a little moan.

“That’s wonderful Jennifer”.

I moved my hands gently over her breasts. Her nipples were as hard as cherry pips.

“I’m just making sure I have a firm hold madam.” I said.

“You musn’t stop until you are sure.” she said.

I kept caressing her for at least five minutes. My nipples were so hard they must have been digging into her back. Her breathing became noticeably heavier.

I slipped my hands out and she sat back onto the bed.

I stepped round to stand in front of her. She looked gorgeous. Her sweet tiny breasts were topped with magnificent nipples. I wanted to kiss them, and if truth were known, I knew that I would before the morning was out. I also knew that I wanted to see her naked. I wanted to see her pussy, just as I wanted her to see mine. Oh, how I wanted to show her mine.

“I have a different duster with me madam, would you like me to see if I can remove that cobweb now?” I asked.

“Yes Jennifer, thank you.” she replied.

I climbed back onto her bed and again slowly walked up her body until I was level with her shoulders. I then took my panties out of my pocket.

“Can you see it now madam?” I asked knowing that she had a clear view of my newly shaven pussy. My heart was pounding with the thought of her looking at me.

She didn’t answer for a few seconds but then said, “Yes Jennifer, clearly. I think it would be a good idea however if you were to move your feet closer to the edges of the bed to help with your balance.”

“My dress is a little tight so would madam mind if I lifted the hem a little?” I asked.

“That would be a very good idea.” she replied.

I took hold of my dress and pulled the hem right up to my waist before sliding my feet as far to the edges of the bed as I could. Apart from my stockings and suspender belt the entire bottom half of my body was now naked and open to her view.

“Is that better madam?” I asked.

“That is wonderful, You must stay there a while to make sure all of the cobwebs have been removed.”

I stood there for a few minutes. My heart was pounding. I so wanted her to touch me.

“Get down from the bed now my dear.” she said.

I carefully got down and went to pull my dress back into place but before I could Mrs Draycott said, “Let me help you with your dress.”

I went to the side of the bed and she put her arms around me and placed her hands on my bare bottom and caressed it.”

“I’ll just brush off any dust that you might have picked up my dear.” she said.

She kept brushing my bottom for a while and then said, “Lean forward, we must make sure you didn’t get anything down your front.”

I leaned forward thinking that she wanted to look at my breasts again but she moved her hands and then undid the rest of my buttons, held the hem of my dress and pulled it over my head.

She placed a hand on my inner thigh and gently brushed it before unclasping my stockings from my suspender belt. She then reached behind me, undid the clasp of the belt and removed it. I stood there, not saying a word. She then turned me around and asked me to sit on the side of the bed and to remove my stockings. I did so, followed by my hat. I then stood up and turned around. The feelings that went through me as she looked at every inch of my naked body is indescribable.

She then slipped her hands under her bed covers and used them to help lift her knees. She then asked me to pull her cover off of her bed. I walked to the bottom of the bed and did so.

She had at sometime pulled the bottom of her nightdress almost up to her waist and when she went to the bathroom she must have removed her panties because her wide open legs were displaying the most gorgeous and most hairy pussy that I have ever seen. The whole area was covered in a thick curly mat of golden ginger hair.

As I looked at her gaping pussy I gasped, “Fuck.”

“Yes my darling,” Mrs Draycott said, “That’s exactly what I want us to do, I want us to fuck, fuck and then fuck some more.”

I climbed onto the bottom of her bed, reached up and grabbed hold of her nightdress and pulled it down off of her body.

She now lay in front of me completely nude. I had never seen a mature woman naked before. In fact I had seen very few naked bodies. I had of course seen some in magazine photographs, in films and on television and a few school friends in various states of undress in the school gym changing rooms.

But this was different. I had in front of me a gorgeous middle aged woman who was naked because she wanted me to see her naked and it made me as horny as hell.

Her legs were spread for me, displaying the most terrific hairy and very wet pussy. Her almost flat breasts with their rich, hard nipples and her lovely long red hair. I was in heaven. I wanted to touch her, to play with her, to excite her and I wanted her to play with and pleasure me.

I kneeled between her raised knees and gently slid my hands up and down her thighs, stopping just short of her pussy. She pressed her head back into her pillows and closed her eyes. I continued caressing her thighs. After a minute or so I looked down at her pussy, it was soaking wet, just as mine was. Her breathing was getting deeper. I reached out and placed my flat hands on her tummy and caressed her between her breasts and the top of her pussy. Soft, gentle swirling caresses.

“Oh, Jenny” she whispered, “That’s wonderful.”

I moved my knee so that it just made contact with her pussy and reached out for her breasts. My knee made contact at the precise moment my finger tips touched her nipples. Her breathing intensified and she gave out a load moan.

I rolled her nipples between my fingers and thumbs and she pressed her pussy into my knee.

“Come and kiss me” she said in a deep whisper.

I slipped my small body between her legs, up over her tummy and breasts until my face was level with hers. I gently lowered my body. When our breasts made contact a shock of electricity shot through my body.

She put her arms around me and our lips met. We shared a long passionate kiss during which I lifted my right leg over her left and carefully pressed my naked pussy onto it and pressed my thigh onto her thick, hairy pussy. Our kissing intensified as did the pressure on each of our pussies.

I felt her tongue probing my lips so I slowly opened them to let it gain entry into my mouth. Her hands found their way onto the back of my head and she pulled my face closer to hers.

She then moved her hands down onto my bottom and pressed downwards, increasing the pressure on both of our pussies.

My head was swirling. I wanted her hand on my pussy and her lips on my breasts. I never in a thousand years would have guessed that my very first sexual experience would be with another woman and I couldn’t believe that sex could ever be better than this.

I pressed my pussy harder into her thigh and lifted my knee onto her wet mound and started to move it round and round trying to part her hairy lips. I could feel her hot wet excitement running over my knee. I kept the pressure on her pussy until I felt her lips part. She moaned loudly and deeply. I started to move my knee up and down and moved my pussy over her thigh in unison.

She pulled my face to hers ever harder and her tongue flashed around mine. The instant that I managed to move a hand onto one of her breasts and started to twist her hard nipple between my thumb and middle finger her moans became much more high pitched and her breathing intensified.

I had to break the kiss, I couldn’t breathe.

I immediately placed my lips onto her lower neck and started sucking.

“Bite me Honey.” she gasped as I again increased the pressure on both her pussy and her trapped nipple, “I want you to bite me.” I started to suck harder as my teeth started to gently nibble at her flesh.

She moved her hands back onto my bottom and cupped my ass cheeks. Within seconds she was both pulling them apart and pressing me down harder onto her. She moved my torso upwards so that her hip bone pressed into my pussy and, with my ass cheeks pulled apart she pressed it onto her thigh. It was my turn to moan. We were so hot that sweat was running off of our bodies.

As I released my lips from her neck I felt hers clamp onto mine. She sucked real hard and I felt a sharp stinging as her teeth started to nibble into my flesh.

She took her hands from my bottom and pushed them between our bodies and cupped my breasts. She started to knead them and then started to brush my swollen nipples with her thumbs. I pressed my ass and pussy harder onto her as her teeth and lips continued to work on my neck.

We were both breathing very heavily and as the pressure and movement on her pussy continued to increase I knew that she was quickly approaching a climax. I moved my leg from her pussy, I didn’t want her to come just yet.

She took her mouth from my neck and looked me in the eyes as I removed my leg.

“Put you knee back on my cunt Darling” she pleaded.

I looked at her and smiled before lifting myself off of her.

I looked down at her body. Her pussy was gaping. I’m sure I could have slipped my hand inside her without giving her any discomfort. I leaned forward and placed a gentle kiss on her nose.

I then kneeled beside her and gently moved her onto her side. I moved down the bed slightly and lifted her leg and caressed her pussy with the palm of my hand. I was tempted to try and push my hand into her pussy but resisted the temptation.

Instead I moved a little further down the bed , lifted her leg a little higher and slipped my left leg between hers. I let go of her leg and slowly inched my body upwards towards her.

When our pussies touched we both let out a moan. We were now in a scissor position and we both started to move and press into each other. Her thick mass of course hair tore into my clitoris as our soaking pussies ground together. I reached out with my leg and started to caress her nipples with my toes. She grabbed hold of my ankle and guided my toes to where she wanted them and started to run them over her breasts, each toe rippling over her nipples in turn. I leaned back, took hold of her foot and started to suck on her toes. Our pussies ground harder together and the rhythm between them increased until they were moving as fast and pressing as hard as they could.

Harder and faster together until neither of us could hold out any longer. The most amazing climaxes ripped through our bodies as our moans turned to screams of delight and pleasure. Slowly our movements decreased until we both lay motionless. We were both soaking with sweat and I at least lay exhausted. It had been the most amazing experience of my life.

We lay for a few minutes in silence before I disentangled our bodies and moved back up the bed to lay beside her.

I put my arm around her as I leaned over so that we could share a long passionate kiss.

I reached out with my hand and brushed her breasts with the tips of my fingers to discover that her nipples, like mine, were still rock hard.

I broke the kiss and asked, “Did madam enjoy her journey?”

“It was wonderful my darling.” she replied. “And please, my precious, please call me Connie.”

We kissed again. “Yes darling,” I said, “I’d like to call you Connie.”

We kissed again.

We lay together exchanging kisses and cuddles for a full half hour.

“Tell me Connie,” I asked before kissing her yet again, “Are you ready for the return journey?”

“Do you want to play some more?” she asked.

“Of course I want to play some more.” I replied.

She ran her fingers over my short hair.

“Tell me something” she said.

“What would you like to know?” I asked.

“Why on earth does a beautiful young girl like you want to play with an old lady like me?”

“Because you’re gorgeous.” I replied. “You have a beautiful body and I want to play with it forever. But that’s not the only reason I want to play with you.”

“What do you mean?” she asked. “I don’t think I have a beautiful body, nowhere near as wonderful as yours, and I really could play with yours forever. Tell me Honey, why do you really want to carry on playing with me.”

“Because,” I said and then paused because I didn’t know what her reaction would be to me answer.

“Yes?” she asked.

“Because I’m in love with you.”

Before she could say anything I placed my lips onto hers and we shared a very long and deep kiss.

“And I’m in love with you too my precious.” she said before continuing with our kiss.

We put our arms around each other and between kisses talked about our feelings. I started to caress her back and she reciprocated.

We lay together for about a half hour cuddling, talking and kissing.

“If only Daphne could see us now.” Connie said.

“Daphne?” I asked.

“Daphne Davison.” Connie replied. “If it wasn’t for her remarks, this morning wouldn’t have happened.”

“What do you mean by that?” I asked curiously.

“She fancies the ass off of you my sweetheart.” was her surprising reply.

“Tell me more!”

“She is always remarking that she would like to take you into her arms and smother you with kisses, to slowly disrobe you, lay you across the table, pull your legs wide apart and smother your cunt with her mouth.”

“She told you that?”

“Quite often. In fact something along those lines every time she sees you.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I thought that Mrs Davison was the last person who was likely to have any lesbian leanings. She was a right and proper country lady, a spinster in her mid fifties, well over six feet tall with small but shapely breasts and jet black shoulder length hair.

“Does that upset you?” I asked as I tightened my cuddle a little.

Connie laughed. “No, in fact I get really turned on when she makes those remarks. I used to wonder what it would be like if she did those things to me. Gradually my thoughts turned to what it would be like doing them to you and I found myself being turned on even more.”

I leaned over and planted a gentle kiss on her lips and started to slowly caress her breasts. She placed a hand on my thigh and started to caress that.

“And now you know.” I said. “Happy?”

“Blissfully.” she replied. “When you sat opposite me yesterday I caught a glimpse of you panties and when you parted your knees it was all I could do to stop myself playing with my pussy, I was so turned on.”

“What does Daphne look like when she’s naked?” I asked.

“I have no idea.” she replied.

“Should we see?” I asked.

“What do you mean?”

“Why don’t we turn the tables on her?”

“How?” Connie asked.

“You are obviously turned on by her, and what you told me has made me feel really horny, so after your next turn to host the afternoon club why don’t we find some excuse for her to stay behind and then see if we can relieve her of her clothes?”

“Should we?” Connie asked, surprised by my question.

“Oh yes, we must.” I said, “Mind you there are one or two things we must practise first.”

“Such as?”

“Kissing and licking pussy for a start.” I said, “I’ve never done that.”

“Me neither.” Connie whispered before pulling my face to hers and giving me another long passionate kiss. “But we’ve got twelve weeks to practise.”

She kissed me again. “I’m aching for you to play with my cunt now, Honey.” she said.

I quickly slipped down the bed and carefully spread her legs wide, very wide. Her pussy lay open for me and, sitting between her legs I started to caress her still soaking pussy.

She immediately started to gently moan as my fingers swirled around her gaping pussy. I started to caress her clitoris with the fingers of one hand.”

“Oh, that is wonderful Jenny,” she gasped, “Play with my cunt, do anything you want to my cunt.”

“Anything?” I asked.

“Anything.” she replied.

I knew the next twelve weeks would be wonderful.

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Leslie wrote

This story was amazing and I hope it continues with Daphne