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The Interview

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Preparing for a job interview always gets me excited, even more so now as the economy is worsening and worsening. I know that I’m not the most skilled employee out there and god knows, there’s thousands of women trying to become PAs, so getting to the in-person interview stage after hundreds of different applications is pretty exciting for me.

First thing I do when I wake up is to just is a very hot shower, this really helps me to wake up and get rid of the stiffness that I’ve built-up during the night. Then I slowly lather by body, I love the feeling of soap on my skin and sliding my hands up and down my body wakes me up in more ways than one.

I quickly stop myself from taking my dirty thoughts any further, it’s been a while since I had a boyfriend and I seem to be touching myself more and more lately to make up for the lack of his hands, but today is not a day for messing about, I need to get ready for this interview.

I decide that, in order to be completely confident, I need to feel amazing. To do that, I need to make sure I look and feel my best. Reaching for the shaving cream I start to lather up my legs, underarms and… after thinking about it for a minute, between my legs. I rarely shave myself down there, usually keeping myself trim but not bare, but today needs something special. I know how sexy it makes me feel to have the cloth of my underwear rub against my bare skin, so I decide to go completely bare.

Stepping out of the shower afterwards I feel a little bit of a chill, so I wrap myself tightly in a warm towel. I quickly dry my long black hair and pin it up with a few pieces loose at the front, I want to look professional but not severe. Then I focus on my makeup, I always tend to wear minimal makeup, I have nothing to hide and my skin has blessedly been clear for most of my life, so it only take a few quick touches for me to be happy with my appearance.

Onto the clothes, I’ve already laid out a neat black slightly-above-the-knee skirt, a crisp creamy blouse with matching black jacket but now I need to decide on my underwear. Wearing sexy underwear to important meetings has always made me feel more confident, my breasts have always been large, at 36DD most of my life, so I have expensive tastes in well fitting sexy underwear. I select a smooth red bra and pair it with a matching thong. I smile to myself thinking how no one would expect me to have such sexy underwear under such a sombre suit. All I need to complete the look is to add a garter belt and stockings, these are a very special treat for me, paid for with some of the last of my savings, but I know the boost this kind of secret-wear will give me in the interview. Adding black heels to the outfit completes the look. I’m not always that confident in heels, I’ve been taller than most of my counterparts always, but I know the extra inches in height will make for a better impression.

When I arrive for the interview I’m dismayed to see a room full of waiting girls, and even more dismayed when I find out that I’m going to be last to be interview. Initially I think it’ll be pointless to stay since they’ll probably already have made their minds up, but I’m really getting low on funds, too many more weeks out of work will mean packing up and moving back home, and that would mean I had failed… and that is something I never want anyone to know about.

So, instead I focus on reviewing my CV, trying to remember key instances where I was particularly useful in my old jobs, and decide that being last means more of a chance that they will remember me. Sneaking another glance up at a leaving candidate, I see her face is a little crumpled, muttering to herself what an asshole the interviewer was. This makes me even more nervous! I had hoped for a kindly boss like in my last job, one who respected what I did but didn’t micro-manage my day-to-day work.

Slowly the interviewees trickle out, and it’s almost 5 by the time my name is called. I rush to reception and the receptionist assures me that it’ll be only a few more moments and I’ll be called directly from the office as her hours are over and she has to get home. I sit once again, my legs are slightly shaking so I cross them and try to breath deeply and relax. I have only one chance to make a good impression and I can’t blow it. My hands are shaking a little, and I notice my skirt has ridden up a little when I crossed my legs, so I tug on the end to pull it down. Just as I do so I hear a coughing sound from in front of me. My eyes immediately jump upwards and I realise that my interviewer is waiting for me, he’s older than I am and he has a gaze that seems to see right through my clothes, “If you’re ready..?”, he says, casting a long glace at my legs and then he turns and walks into the room. Glancing down I realise that from where he stood he had a perfect view of my stocking tops. Silently cursing myself and my ‘dress sexy’ superstitions, I jump up and rush in.

The room is not what I expected, I was expecting a meeting room, but this is a personal office. I glance quickly at the stranger in front of me and he merely raises an eyebrow. I swallow and ask “Is this for the interview? It’s just I was expected a meeting room…” and my voice trails off. “This is the right place, I like for my prospective employee to see the environment she’ll be expected to work in.”, he says, seating himself at the large desk. I glance around and see there is a smaller desk off to one side. I start to reply “Oh, I didn’t realise it was such a small area, I thought…” but he cuts me off saying “If this is unacceptable for you then please, leave now and don’t waste any of my time.” He’s starting to look irritated. I’m feeling off-balance, already breathless from rushing in and now feeling awkward for saying the wrong thing.

“No, of course not, this is perfect, I pride myself on being adaptable to any situation,” I say as I seat myself in front of him.

“Oh, how adaptable is that then?”, I swear that he’s smirking a little bit as he says that and he glances once again at my figure, but I respond: “Very much so, I was involved in a restructuring…” and on the interview goes. After several minutes of reviewing my CV and asking some simple questions he stands up and thanks me for my time. I’m devastated, I know that such a short interview has little or no chance of being successful, and I’m determined not to be dismissed, so I ask him: “Is there nothing else you need to ask me? I’m sure I have relevant experience…”

He looks at me and shakes his head, explaining in no uncertain terms that there are both more experienced and more confident candidates already lined up for the job. “But, I, I am sure that I am just as good as anyone else…” I stutter, I’m really nervous now, but I press onwards, if there’s no hope I need to know now, “What skills am I missing? What can I do to pursuade you that I am definitely the right candidate for the job?”

Once again I feel his gaze bruising over my skin, and I blush at the intensity of his look, “oh really, will you do ANYTHING…?” and keep solid eye contact. I bite my lip, shocked that I am reduced to this kind of bargaining, but not above using my body to get ahead. I mean, I’m happy to accept drinks from guys at the bar, what’s so different about a little flirting with a prospective boss? Maintaining eye contact, I stand up a little straighter, “yes, I will go the extra mile to make sure I am successful.”

He chuckles, “Oh I don’t think it will be a mile, but you’re forgetting something — in this room you need to address me as Sir”, there’s a hard gleam to his eye but I quickly say “of course… Sir.” He looks at me, “Come around here”, he gestures to just in front of his chair, I stand and walk towards him, I’m a little bit wary but I know there’s little choice left if I really am to stand a chance of getting this job.

“Turn around”

I stop just in front of him and start to slowly turn, he grabs my arm and says “are you forgetting something?”, I quickly thing and say “sorry Sir, of course I’ll turn Sir.”

He nods, seemingly pleased at my new tone and leans back as I turn around slowly.

“Walk to the door and back”

This is starting to feel a little bit odd, but his eyes hot on my back and legs is actually starting to turn me on, I feel the warming sensation between my legs which has been unrelieved all day. I walk slowly to the door with a slight swagger and back. He nods at me and continues to look me up and down.

“Now, if I hired you, what do you think is your best asset to me?”, I think for a moment and taking into account the lusty look in his eyes and the way his pants are starting to bulge, I decide there’s only one approach left: “well, I think my ability to see to your needs would be the most important thing I could bring to the job, Sir”

He looks back up at me, standing in front of him, “In that case, let’s have a little skills test… you can begin now.” I know what he wants so I don’t disappoint him. Dropping to my knees I look up at him as I reach for his pants, he nods then leans back and waits for my hands to brush over his cock through his pants. I rub against it lightly at first, then with more and more pressure. He groans a little and his cock seems to press harder and harder against his pants. Clearly he’s happy with what he’s seen of me so far, now to make a lasting impression.

Opening the zipper on his pants I reach in and retrieve his hardening cock, he’s almost completely hard and I can see the pre-cum start to glisten at the tip of his head. Taking one last deep breath I lower my mouth on his waiting cock, it’s larger than I had been expecting and it fills my mouth pretty quickly, getting harder and harder with every stroke of my mouth. Determined to make his cum quickly, I pull every trick I know for pleasing men orally to mind, using my tongue to probe all around the head of his cock, using suction and sliding my mouth up and down alternatively to make him quiver. I find it hard to believe but I’m getting wetter between my own legs, I feeling really sexy seeing how hard he is. Suddenly I feel his hands on my hair as he moans out loud, I can feel from the tension in his legs and body that I’ve having the right affect on him. Suddenly his cock throbs hard and I’m hit with his cum in my mouth. Even if I wanted to pull away he’s using his hands to hold my mouth tight against him. He hold my head against him until his cock starts to soften and I hear him say “I want to make sure you understand, there is absolutely no mess allowed in this room, understand?” I nod and he releases his grip. True to his instructions as I pull my mouth back I lick all around his cock making sure there’s no mess. I’m tingling between my own legs, but I know that I shouldn’t let that distract me now.

I sit back on my ankles and prepare to walk to bathroom or to find a tissue to dispose of the cum in my mouth, he notices me looking around and says “No, I want you to swallow everything I’ve just given you. Now.” His tone broaches no argument, so I swallow quickly and say “Thank you Sir” and stand up quickly.

“Now, let’s discuss your other skills…. presentation is very important to me, I can tell from the way you are dressed that it is important to you too.” His eyes are glued to my skirt and I know he’s referring to my stockings. “Well yes, Sir, I feel strongly about putting out the best look.” The way he looks at me, with such lust and inspection, makes me even more turned on. I’m shocked at myself for finding such a controlling man attractive, but my pussy seems to have bypassed my brain and be focused purely on lust.

He looks to the floor beside the desk where there are papers piled up and indicates towards them, “would you mind gathering these up and putting them on my desk?” I walk over to the papers and realise I can approach this a few ways, but I know the one that will have maximum effect, so I lean over slow towards the paper, knowing that my skirt will ride up a little bit exposing the tops of my stockings and a glimpse of flesh. A slight intake of breath from you makes me feel more confident as I continue to bend and pick things up and place them on your desk.

He coughs a little, “yes, about presentation, I need to see how well you prepared for today’s interview, can you explain what special steps you took to prepare?” I know we’re past talking about my CV, and I’m beginning to feel more confident as I get more and more turned on. “Oh, I decided to make sure I was looking at my best, and wore things that made me feel confident.” His eyes are really burning through my clothes now, and in a quick decision I sit on the edge of his desk, facing him.

His face turns dark “I did NOT give you permission to sit.” I jump up, my pussy feels like its tightening with lust and quickly say “Sir, I’m sorry. I just wanted to show you something, I’m sorry Sir, may I sit?” His eyes soften a little, “yes, you may”.

So I sit back on the edge of his desk and start to slowly spread my legs, pulling my skirt upwards as I do so. I can see this has gotten his attention, he sits up straighter in his chair and pulls it a little close towards me. For my part, I’m starting to think I can feel my wetness soaking through my panties. Soon I have have my legs fully spread, the little material from my thong is stretched across my pussy, and it is definitely wet through. I can see his interest growing. “Take those panties off now and resume the same position.” I jump to obey his words, wondering how I can become so subservient to him so quickly, but his tone does not give me the idea that I can hesitate. I stand and pull my panties off, stepping out of them as they fall to the floor. He reaches over and scoops them up and tucks them into his pocket.

I start to smile but he barks out: “You are NOT in the same position as you were, I need to show you what happens to an employee who is disobedient. Go over to the PA desk and lean over the desk.” This time I rush to do what he says, leaning over the desk and wondering what he’s going to do next. My pussy is practically vibrating at his words, I don’t know when I last felt as turned on as I do now but know that it’s a long time ago.

I barely have time to think when I feel his hands pulling up my skirt and tucking it at the sides. I’m embarased now because my pussy is completely bare to him at this angle, and I can feel the juices starting to wet my legs now I have no panties on. “Ah, so you do like this my slut?” he says, immediately I am shocked, thinking I’m NOT a slut… but then I realise that I’m lying with my pussy exposed for a stranger who’s name I don’t even know. I AM acting like a slut. But I need this job… and now… well this feels good.

“Yes Sir, I do.” I respond and he quickly answers, “You did not respond quickly enough to my request earlier, you must call me master unless I tell you otherwise. Now slut, I am going to give you a spanking to make sure you do not forget to obey me in time. Obeying me and accepting and learning from punishment is a required skill to work under me, do you understand? If you do not wish to work for me you may leave now.” I think quickly, even if this does not get me the job, I’m so turned on I don’t think I could leave if I wanted to. “I understand master”

“Five spankings. Count them out.” His hand lands firmly across the crease between my legs and my ass, catching my pussy lips in the process. My ass flares with the sudden burning sensation and I cry out: “one Master, ooh”, even my pussy lips are tingling.

His hand crashes down again, this time bring it down firmly on my left ass cheek. This is a more direct hit and I can feel the skin raising bring red in response, “aaahh. oh. two”, somehow this spanking only serves to make me wetter.

“How should you address me, slut? Looks like that one doesn’t count.”

“oh no Sir, I mean Master, I’m sorry Master” I’m frozen now, not sure what to do or say, but not wanting you to stop. I wait in anticipation of the next strike. Which comes down, just as hard as the last, but on my right ass cheek this time. I can’t help but scream a little. Immediately I’m appologising, “sorry Master, three Master”

“Three? Oh no. That was two again. Remember that one didn’t count? I guess we have to try for number two a third time. Be careful not to make a mistake again, or else I’ll think you aren’t taking this interview seriously”

“Sorry Master” I’m trembling harder now, but I’m just getting more and more turned on too

He brings his hand down hard again, splitting across both ass cheeks at once with a loud crack.

“OHHHHHHH, two Master”

“That’s a good whore.” I stiffen up, whore is a word that I don’t like hearing, but he chuckles again and runs his hand down along my pussy, feeling how wet and turned on I am, massaging me just enough that his hand gets soaked with my juices. “If you think you’re not a whore then why are you dripping wet onto my desk as I spank you?” I know he’s right, I am a whore today, a whore for him and his touch which gets me wetter than I’ve ever been. I’m dying to touch myself but know that I need to see out my punishment first or else this will all have been for nothing.

I swear I feel and hear the wind whistling as he slaps the top of my left thigh, the wetness of his hand from my juices makes the sound even louder and it stings that much more. He sounds so proud as he says “Now you’re branded like the slut whore you are.” I can only imagine the clear red hand print he has left on me, but rather than be shocked and outraged, I’m merely upset that his hand didn’t reach back to my pussy again.

“three Master”, I’m gasping now, the tinging is constant inside and the wetness from my pussy is dripping down the inside of my legs towards the table.

Very quickly, not letting me relax too much, he brings his hand back and strikes against that same area that he spanked the first time, capturing my now very sensitive pussy lips, the top of my thighs and the bottom of my ass. But this time he hits even harder. His hand must be stinging as well. “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. four. ah. Master. Sir, oh Sir please”

“Please what, my toy?” I’m squirming on top of the desk now, I’m maddenly turned on, “please Master, don’t stop”

With that, he rubs my cunt with his hand again, getting it as wet as he can and then spreading my wetness around the area just slapped. “Beg me for your last spanking.” he says.

I know I should be humiliated, but that doesn’t stop me from begging: “oh please Master, please punish me for not obeying you fast enough, please make my pussy sting”

While I’m begging, his hand is continuly rubbing my dripping wetness around my ass and thighs. Only when I finish begging do he finally pull his hand back and seemingly with all the strength he can muster does it land, aiming squarely for my now swelling and red pussy lips. My entire body moves forward against the desk this time from the force of it.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHH, oh oh oh oh oh” I’m panting and half crying, my body shakes and shakes, my pussy is tingling inside and stinging and tingling outside, I know I need to speak but I’m not able to get the words out.

“You had best count that one, slut. Or do you need another one to remind you?”

“ONE ONE ONE, Master, sorry Master”

“That was five. I guess you lost count. Does that mean I need to start over?”

I’m horrified with myself, “no Master, i was counting down”

“Funny how you started counting down with the last one. Count it right this time.”

He puts the same force into my next spanking, again making my whole body jerk forward, giving me very little warning to prepare this time. His hand feels warm and hot from spanking me and my tender ass and pussy feel like they are on fire.

“Five,” there are tears on my face and my count is a whimper, “Master”. My pussy is aching and I’m so sore.

“Now then. Apologize for what you did and thank me for teaching you. And you damn well better be specific in both like a good obedient slut.”

I know I need to prove that I’m focused now. So I tell him what I know is true: “Master, I’m sorry for not doing what you said as quickly as I should have. Thank you for telling me and showing me how I was wrong. thank you for teaching me the right way to address you, thank you for making sure I did not get away with counting wrong, I’m sorry for counting wrong, thank you for teaching me how to react.” I’m still bent over the table waiting for his word.

“OK Slut, now go back and resume the position I had asked you to take.”

I hurry back to the table, knowing I’m more disheveled now, in fact one of the buttons from my blouse is missing, slowing much more clevage and even a hint of my red bra, it must have torn when his spanking forced my body to slide against the desk. My desk, I hope in my mind. I sit up on the table and spread my legs again, this time there’s no panties in the way of my pussy, with the skirt pulled up it’s clear that my pussy is swollen from a mixture of desire and the spanking, and my wetness is glistening all down my thighs where he spread it out. My mind is racing but all I can think about it his hands and his touch.

“Excellent slut, now spread your pussy lips with your fingers and show me your clit.” he says as he sits back down into his comfortable chair. He adjusts the height so his face is exactly at the level of my pussy, and I respond, “yes Master”, and slide my fingers between my legs towards my aching pussy. I’m dying to slide my fingers into my pussy to relieve the ache but restrain myself, barely, and instead expose my inner lips to his inspection.

He pulls his chair in closer, so close I can feel his breath on my hypersensitive skin as he breathes in and out. “Shaved.” It’s a statement from him, and with that he starts to slide his fingers up the inside of my legs, rubbing across the mound that is so completely hairless now, he dips down and takes some more of my juices in his fingers and starts to rub it into my freshly shaven area. “You are almost perfect in this presentation, if you get the job I require you to be completely shaven at all times. No allowances. I do not want a single hair to distract me, do you understand?” I nod, “yes Master”, desperately thankful that there is still the prospect of a job out of all this.

“Now close your eyes.” I do so, surrendering even more of my control, and I feel something being tired around my eyes, some kind of blindfold.

“Now sit still”, with one hand he is still massaging around my pussy but not touching it, driving me crazy with sensations, and I can also hear a desk drawer opening.

I feel the lightest cold touch at my pussy lips, I feel something cold and hard sliding around at the entrance to my pussy, I don’t know what this is but it’s being pressed harder against me while his fingers start to slide over my clit, my breathing is coming harder and harder and my swollen pussy entrance gives way slowly before the pressure. I don’t know what is it but it’s cold, hard and fills me up so quickly. I moan out load in reaction to finally having something inside my pussy, he repeats his action, slowly pulling the dildo, and that’s all it could be, out of me and pushing it back in. I’m moaning louder and louder and it’s clear that I’m getting close to cuming. He stops and asks “Do you not think you need to ask me something bitch?”

“Yes Sir, Master, sorry. Please Master, may I cum for you.”

“Yes slut, you may cum now” and with that he starts to really increase the pace of pushing the dildo in and out of me, I can hear the squelshing noises from my juices lubricating the path. “OHHHHHHHHHHHH……….. thank you Master” I pant. I feel so good and pleasure washes over my body in waves. He takes off my blind fold and I can see in his hand a huge silver dildo, I’m shocked it fitted into me, but it’s glistening with my juices, “Slut, what did I tell you about being clean and neat?”

Straight away I lean forward and start to lick my juices from the dildo, quickly getting it completely clean. My face however must be covered in my own juices mixed with his cum from earlier.

“Now slut, you have shown a clear passion for the job at hand, but I need you to show me what else you have, I can see that your blouse is torn, please remove it and inspect the damage.”

I stand up, feeling the wetness soak down onto the tops of my stockings, the smell of my sex fills the air. I slowly take off my blouse, revealing my sexy red bra, how foolish I was to expect no one to see it this morning. Now I’m glad I can prove I prepared for this interview. He tells me to turn around again and I do. I’m now dressed in my heels, stockings and this bra. My excitement is starting to grow again looking at the fresh bulge in his pants. He points to two marks on the floor in front of his chair, maybe 3 feet apart. He tells me to position my feet back at one point, and to then lean forward and touch the other points with my hands, he explains this will help him to judge my flexibility.

I do so quickly, finding I am desperately seeking his approval at this stage, leaning over in this way, directly in front of him has the affect of practically pushing my breasts into his face. They are quivering at the very edge of my bra and my nipples can clearly be seen as they are as hard as bullets and sticking out from the bra.

“Slut, what are these?” he says, pointing to my breasts.

“Master, they are my breasts”

SMACK, his hands hard on my ass again. “NO slut, they, like the rest of your body, are MINE now.”

I can’t believe I’m so excited by this statement, so I look down and says “Sorry Master, of course, they are yours.”

With that he reaches forward and takes my nipples between his fingers and squeezes them tightly… “ahhhh” I cry out, I did not expect such a sudden twist of feeling inside.

SMACK, again, his hand lands on my ass catching my swollen pussy, “You forgot to thank me for touching you slut, I know you were dying for it”

“Yes Master, thank you Master, thank you for touching me” and I mean it with all my heart.

He reaches up and takes off my bra and throws it on the floor. His hands caress my breasts and I moan in delight and whisper thank yous to my new master.

I’m still positioned on all fours and he stands up and walks around me, inspecting me from every angle, touching my body here and there. Everywhere he touches I feel heat and get more turned on.

When he reaches my pussy again he slowly slides his hand up my legs to it, his fingers slide slowly inside me, I relish the feeling, and he gets his whole hand wetter and wetter as he adds more fingers, at three fingers inside me I feel like I am bursting, he tries the fourth with no luck, “Well slut, at least that is something we can work towards, call it a goal for the year.” He then brings his other hand in and repeats the proceedure while his first hand plays with my clit and strokes around my pussy.

Slowly I notice that his hand is spreading more and more of my juices back towards my asshole and his fingers are lightly brushing over it everytime they rub me. I shudder a litte, this is definitely a line that I do not wish to cross. He can obviously sense my reluctance, and he draws back and returns to stroking my pussy, he keeps alternative between the two, each time lingering a little longer at my ass hole.

“Slut, tell me you want me to finger your ass.” His statement comes from nowhere. I start to stand up, determined to refuse him and he smacks me hard across the legs and I immediately, almost instinctively, return to the position he laid out before. “SLUT! I am not happy. Now, tell me you want me to FUCK your ass or leave right now, with no hope of this job.” I’m torn, I need this job so deperately, but that is something that I’d never considered…. “Master, you may…” SMACK he hits down on my pussy and I realise my mistake “Master, please….” I pause, torn… ” please finger my ass…” is comes out as a whisper. “SLUT! That’s not what I offered, you delayed now I’m not just going to finger it, I’m going to FUCK it and you need to beg for it.”

Oh no. This is beyond what I can do, and I’m starting to shake when I feel his fingers in my pussy again, they’re pulsing hard and it immediately sends shivers through me. “Ohhhh… Master, please… please… oh Master, please FUCK my ass!” I can’t believe what I just said, I’ve gone from being a professional looking for a 9-5 job to begging this stranger to fuck me in the ass! The truth is that the idea facinates me at the same time as scaring me.

He chuckles, “Well done whore, you’re learning fast, that will definitely be a positive mark from this interview.” One hand keeps playing with my pussy, but the other is now teasing my asshole, using my own juices to lube up the entrance. My body reacts my squeezing down on his fingers which he finds funny, but he persistantly stretches and teases my ass with his fingers.

Between all the different stimulations I’m getting close to cuming again, and my whole body is quivering, suddenly I feel his cock hard against my back… I’m hoping he’s going to push inside me… and he does, but NOT into my pussy… his cock is pressed right up against my asshole. “Slut, you need to do something for me, you need to push back against my cock or else this will hurt you, ok?” I’m trembling completely, but don’t know any other way out so I nod and grab hold of the chair he vacated that’s in front of me, slowly I start to press back against his hardness, the pain is immediate and jarring and only the throbbing sensation in my pussy is stopping me from jumping up and running.

Suddenly he pushes all the way into my ass. I scream in helplessness, my hands tightly gripping the chair. I’m completely dominated now, his cock is in my ass, his cum in on my face and his fingers are still playing with my pussy… and I realise that I love it. I feel sexier and more turned on than I thought possible. I feel his hands patting me “It’s OK, you just need a moment to get uses to the sensation.” SENSATION?? Who is he kidding, I’ll never get used to this.

Slowly he starts to move, pulling slightly out then slightly back in, this doesn’t feel like normal sex, it feels like sex multiplied by a thousand. My body is completely under his control. Slowly he builds up a tempo, moving further in and out and moving faster. And much to my own surprise I’m starting to move against him, making his movements all the more intense. We continue like this, mini-orgasm wash over me, until he is hammering into my ass and I can barely stay upright, and then I can feel him tensing and he grabs my hips as he lets his load loose inside my ass.

He collapses with effort on top of me, still buried inside me, his hands have been scratching and scraping on my back and squeezing my nipples and my skin is sensative to his touch. Slowly he withdraws from me and stands up. He pulls me to my feel and then sits in his chair and pulls me down to sit on top of him.

“Now Slut, you have shown your passion, desire and flexibility. These are all excellent traits in a PA. I think we may be able to work this out after-all.” As he talks his hands run all over my near naked body, caressing my breasts, touching my clit and turning my body slightly, he kisses me full on the lips with a lusty tongue probing inside my mouth. Breaking off he smiles at me and indicates I should dress, when I ask for my panties he laughs and tells me that he needs a memento from my interview to remember me in the coming days.

“Be here on Monday, the dress code is as follows:

Always high heels and stockings.

Thongs and matching bras unless you have a corset to wear.

Skirts are almost always mandatory except with my prior approval.

Your pussy must be hairless at all times.”

“You will call me Sir in front of staff,

if we are alone you MUST refer to me as Master.”

“First thing in the morning I need you to bring me coffee,

we have a 15 minute meeting together,

during that time you must prove you are complying with the dress code

and you must also share with me what your deepest desire for that day is.

If I am happy with your performance

I will fulfill such a wish by the end of the day.”

“You will assume the position on the desk,

legs spread, skirt up, no underwear as quickly as possible

when I tell you to prepare for inspection.”

“I may require you to bring home

and try out toys that I purchase for you.

You may be required to try these out in the office.”

“Also, if you pursue relationships with men

outside of this office, like the slut you are,

you must tell me what happened in complete detail immediately,

I may even require you to re-enact pieces if they prove to be worthy”

“Finally, your ass belongs to me. NO ONE else is to touch or to use it other than I, is that clear? I took your anal virginity and it will remain mine.”

I’m delighted, “Yes Master, thank you Master, I won’t let you down Master”.

As I leave the office, I glance at my watch, it’s almost 8pm, 3 hours since the interview started. I’m so excited! I have a job, and if I admit to myself, I’m excited because I now have a boss who will fulfill my wildest desires, even the ones I didn’t know I had. My pussy is still throbbing, my ass aches… and I can’t wait until Monday.

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