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Love’s Trail

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It had originally been planned as a group outing. Four couples in all. But Brenda was the only girl to stick to her promise. Despite the fact that she and Travis had broken up a couple months ago. Now here she was, the only female amongst four overly loaded testosterone morons. With the exception of their guide, Holly.

Brenda had been looking forward to this trip, a post-graduation trip with friends and their significant others. After four hard years of studying, and little partying in between, they had made it through college. But now, Brenda was having to deal with the “boys” and their off-color jokes and chauvinistic attitudes. Brenda had learned to tune them out, but it was irritating to have to hear it all day long.

Brenda sighed, and lagged behind everyone as they hiked along the path. This was something Brenda had always enjoyed. It had just been awhile since she had had the opportunity, and despite feeling abandoned by her friends and left to deal with the guys, on her own, Brenda was enjoying spending the time here, in the mountains.

To look at her, most people would mistake Brenda to be more interested in dancing. She was of average height at 5’4″, long blonde hair, blue eyes, and had a decent size of breasts, 36B, which looked perfect on her. It was the well-toned body and legs that lead people to believe she was a dancer. What they would find out after getting to know her, was that she was an avid hiker. In the past couple of years, she hadn’t gotten to do as much hiking as she would have liked, but found that she was in better shape than her brother and his friends. Her ex being one of them.

Brenda grinned as she heard the tune of You Are My Sunshine being whistled. In the past two days, Holly, their guide, would start whistling to keep from listening to the crude remarks from the guys. Without their girlfriends around they reverted back to Neanderthals and thought that hitting on Holly and making crude remarks was fun. For them maybe, but they weren’t scoring any points with Brenda or Holly. The whistling seemed to work. The guys would stop talking. They knew when they were being ignored. As it turned out, they used the time to catch their breath.

Brenda found it extremely amusing at how winded the creeps got. And that was before they would start in on wasting their breath with the remarks. But they had to prove how macho they were, and they would get winded shortly after leaving camp, so Holly had to slow the pace for them. Brenda wished they could just leave the guys behind and set their own pace. She smiled to herself as she pictured leaving them in a cloud of dust, red-faced and panting for air.

But this wasn’t her show. Holly was a good guide and Brenda even found herself joining Holly’s tunes, and beginning to enjoy herself, regardless of the immature harassments of the guys.

Brad, Brenda’s twin, wasn’t bad by himself, but around his friends, he was as bad as any of them. Travis, her ex, was your typical chauvinistic/jock type. Which is why they broke up. Brenda got tired of his demands that she dress and act a certain way, so he would look good. Brenda quickly nixed that relationship. Glad she had before sex became an issue, but unfortunate that he was also Brad’s best friend. That being the reason for him still being included on this trip. Ben and Nick were the other two in the group.

Brenda grinned as she heard them starting to complain. She heard comments on how hot it was getting, possible blisters, and of course, the need for food. It never failed, about an hour after leaving camp, they would start complaining. They were the ones that came up with the brilliant idea for this trip after graduating, and yet they were the ones complainiing like a bunch of girls.

What was she saying? She WAS a girl! And so was their guide, and they were both doing great. The fellas obviously hadn’t taken into account of actually having to hike the trail, carrying their supplies on their backs. After a few more minutes of complaining, Holly stopped in a shaded spot next to the river.

“Alright, everybody! Take five then we need to keep going, if we want to reach the next campsite, before sundown.”

Four masculine groans answered. Holly glanced at Brenda, her back to the guys, and gave a conspiratory wink. Brenda hid her smile by reaching for her canteen. She took a drink and got up to refill it. As she went to the river, she heard one of the guys say something about “the slavedriver.” As Brenda joined Holly, she couldn’t help letting out a small laugh.

Holly looked up from refilling her own canteen and grinning, asked, “What’s the joke?”

Brenda laughed and said, “Them. They call you the slavedriver.” Holly laughed with her.

“I knew from the moment I met your group they were going to be a handful. So I made it a point not to make it easy on them.”

Brenda laughed. “Don’t stop. I’m enjoying their misery too much.”

Holly grinned. “How are you doing? Am I driving you too hard?”

“Not at all. It’s been awhile since I’ve really gone out and did some hard hiking, but I’m doing fine. I’ve actually learned to tune them out and enjoy the scenery.”

Holly smiled, “Glad to hear it. Let me know if it gets too rough. You, I don’t mind helping. Those jackasses can suffer for all I care.”

Brenda’s eyes widened a little at how vehement Holly was. Holly blushed a little. “Sorry. I know one of them is your brother, but of all the groups I’ve lead on these trails, I have never had such a hard time.”

“It’s okay. I was just thinking the same thing not too long ago. I guess they’ve been hitting on you?”

Holly let out a derisive laugh. “That’s putting it lightly. The big jock actually tried to make it sound like it would be a privilege to screw him. Period.”

Brenda groaned. “I’m so sorry. I actually dated the pig for awhile, but broke up before sex became another way for him to try to hold on.”

Holly laughed. “Don’t apologize to me. I’m sorry you ever dated the guy.”

Brenda grinned. “So am I. But glad I was able to put it to an end before it got too far.”

Brenda and Holly chatted for a while and planned on really giving the guys a work out if they kept up harassing them. Suddenly, Brenda was very glad she came on the trip.

They joined the guys and Holly announced that it was time to get moving. More groans followed as everyone stood up and followed. Brenda smiled as she brought up the rear. Holly set a faster pace than earlier, explaining that they needed to make good time to camp. Soon the guys were huffing and puffing and taking drinks from their canteens. Occasionally, Holly would look back and check on everyone. When her gaze fell on Brenda, Brenda would give her a thumbs-up, Holly would wink, and keep going.

After a short time, Holly started whistling Climb Every Mountain. Groans and mumbled complaints came shortly after. Brenda smiled more and was really enjoying herself.

Another hour passed and Brenda noticed that the guys hadn’t complained in a while. Grinning, Brenda realized it was because they were trying to save their breath. Even Travis, the best fit male, was breathing hard and red in the face. Brenda looked at each one, and noticed that they were all kind of lagging, feet dragging and slumped over. Her gaze met Holly’s and Holly nodded. It was time to give the guys a break.

When Holly announced it was time to rest, there was an audible sigh of relief. Everyone took a drink, then refilled their canteens. The guys took a while longer, at the river, to splash water over their faces and necks to cool.

Brenda and Holly sat on a fallen log, a short distance away. Talking softly, so the guys wouldn’t hear, Holly explained that the campsite was only a mile away, but there was a path that lead a wide circle around to it. They decided to take that, rather than the shorter trail. Brenda grinned.

“I like the way you think.”

Holly grinned. “Great minds think alike.”

Brenda grinned back. “Let’s do it.”

Holly soon announced it was time to get moving again. The group was soon moving down the trail. No complaints heard. Brenda found herself watching Holly as they tramped through the woods. Noticing how Holly just seemed to fit in here, in the mountains. She had obviously been hiking and had been a guide for a while. It wasn’t a summer job for her. Like Brenda, she was fit and her well-toned legs were evidence of their constant exercise. Unconsciously, Brenda found herself admiring Holly’s figure. Although Brenda had nothing to be ashamed about, she admired Holly’s longer tanned legs. Holly stood at 5’7″, had shoulder length brown hair, which she wore in a ponytail, and had nice 36C breasts. Brenda had noticed, while talking to her, that she had deep brown eyes, that twinkled when she was in a playful or teasing mood. Brenda thought how those brown eyes could be almost hypnotic. Drawing you in closer and closer, and those pink lips were almost asking to be kissed.

Whoa! Where did that come from? Brenda shook herself out of the trance she seemed to be in. She could always admire another girl’s good form, but had never thought of kissing another girl. Well, in her dreams, occasionally, but she had always been faceless. Brenda chalked it up to daydreaming a bit.

Another hour passed and Holly led them to the campsite. The guys set up the tents and helped looked for firewood, without being told, as had to be done the past two days. Holly made it back first, as Brenda finished preparing the spot for the campfire. Holly sat on a log, watching for moment. Brenda glanced up and noticed the slight frown on Holly’s face. Finishing clearing dried leaves form the area, Brenda sat down next to Holly.

Nudging Holly’s leg with her knee, Brenda asked, “What’s troubling you?”

Holly waved her hand vaguely toward the woods, where the guys had gone. “Your brother and Travis are limping. I think they have blisters.”

Brenda nodded. “And you are feeling bad about making it here the long way, and pressing them to go faster?”

Holly nodded. “I have never deliberately done something like that. I was just so fed up with all the shit I’ve put up from them these couple of days.”

Brenda patted Holly’s leg. “You shouldn’t worry about it so much. You’ve told us that there are stations along the trail where they can canoe back to camp, if they have to. And we planned this together. So it’s part my fault too.”

“But it’s my job to lead people up and down these trails, with as little mishap as possible.”

“Look,” Brenda interrupted, “I understand it’s your responsibility to get the clients back to base, safely. But it happened. They’re big boys. They’ll live. They’ve been miserable this whole trip, anyway. I think they had planned on this being more of a time to get away and spend time in the outdoors fucking, rather than actually spending time with nature. So, if you think about it, we did them a favor.” Brenda bumped Holly’s leg again, “We did ourselves a favor, too. Now we’ll be even instead of outnumbered, 4 to 2.”

Holly grinned a little. “True, but I still feel guilty.”

“That’s a given. Just try not to dwell on it. You know they’ll recover.”

“I know. Thanks. I don’t feel as bad as I did before. But I’m never going to do this again. I hate feeling guilty. Even after all the shit they’ve put me through. And I’m sure you’ve received your own.”

“Granted. Now let’s get supper ready. I’m starved.”

They started the fire, with some kindling Holly had brought, and soon Brad and Travis came limping into the clearing. Followed by Ben and Nick. They all deposited their loads of wood in a pile, and Nick added some more to the fire.

Everyone sat in silence for a few minutes, then Brad spoke.

“We’re going to have to go back to base, tomorrow. Trav and I got blisters and there’s no way we can go any further. So we decided to all return and go home.”

Brenda protested. “Wait a minute! You mean to say you guys got together and decided for me, that I’d be returning with you? How dare you! It was my decision to come, despite the other girls chickening out. And I’m not leaving until I’m ready.”

“Come on Bren. You know it’s been a miserable two days, and…”

“For you guys. Not me. I’m doing fine, and I’d like to finish the trip. With or without you.”

Brad shook his head. “No way, sis. I’m not leaving you here alone. How are you going to get home?”

Brenda huffed. “I’m not your little sister, Brad. I’m the oldest, remember? And I am perfectly capable of making arrangements to return home. WHEN I’m ready.”

“Come on Brenda, “Travis pleaded, “Brad’s just trying to get us all home.”

Brenda turned to Travis. “Fine. YOU go home with him. But I intend to stay and enjoy myself.”

Holly finally stepped in and said, “Alright people, the decisions have been made. Brenda wants to stay and finish the trip. Fine. It isn’t a problem with me. I’ll help make sure she gets home, but it was your decision to go home tomorrow. So, first thing tomorrow, I’ll take you to the canoes and you can go. Now quite arguing and get your food. We need to get some sleep before tomorrow. Travis and Brad, I have some ointment you can put on those blisters to help.”

Everyone helped fix their dinner and went to bed. Brenda finished cleaning her mess kit in a stream just through the trees, then sat on a log close to the fire. She set the mess kit down and propped her chin in her hand, as she gazed into the fire. Brenda sat up as she sensed someone coming up behind her. She turned and saw Brad behind her. He sat on the log next to her. After a couple minutes, he finally spoke.

“I’m sorry, Bren. I shouldn’t have made that decision for you. I just assumed you would want to go home with the rest of us.”

“Why, Brad? None of you have you have given me a reason to even want to be with you. Let alone go home with you.”

Brad hung his head. “I know, and I’m sorry. You deserve to be mad at me. At us. That’s why I can’t blame you for wanting to stay. Just promise you’ll be careful. I’d hate for something to happen to you, after I leave.”

Brenda sighed and put her arm around her brother.

“I forgive you. But I AM staying. I’m actually starting to have fun.”

“No thanks to us. I really am sorry, Bren. I don’t know what comes over me when I’m with my friends.”

“Don’t worry about it. Besides, I don’t intend for this to happen again, anyway. Go get some sleep.”

Brad stood. ” ‘Night, Bren.”

“Goodnight, Brad.”

Brenda watched as Brad entered the tent and zipped it shut.

“He actually apologized, huh?”

Brenda turned at the sound of Holly’s voice. She grinned.

“Yeah. It’s amazing. I think he’s feeling guilty, too. Of course, if this hadn’t happened, he wouldn’t have.”

Holly sat next to her. “You sure you don’t want to go home with them?”

“I’m positive. I need some time to myself anyway. I really do enjoy it here, and if you don’t mind I’d like to finish the trip. It will be more enjoyable with them out of the way. Besides, I hate paying for something and not getting my money’s worth.” They sat quietly for a minute, then a thought occured to Brenda. “Unless you don’t want to finish the trip. One person is hardly worth your time to keep going.”

“No. Not at all. I don’t mind. I was more concerned for you getting home. You arrived with them and all.”

“I’m not worried about it. I’d just be returning to my parent’s house and start job hunting. I want to be able to enjoy some time before going back to the real world. As long as you don’t mind.”

Holly smiled. “I don’t mind at all. I’m not scheduled to guide another group for a couple of weeks.”

“Great. I just might stay around longer. I need a LOT of relaxation. Any time away from my parents and the pressure to start working.”

Holly laughed. “I may hire you as a guide myself. I need another one to fill in for those that get hurt or called away in an emergency.”

“Hire? You own this outfit?”

Holly grinned. “Yep. When my dad passed away I used part of my inheritance to start it. It’s been a dream since I was thirteen. Now it’s a reality and doing better each year.”

Brenda nodded with admiration. “You’ve accomplished a lot in a short time, it seems. Don’t you worry about finances during the winter?”

“No. Dad was actually quite well off. This is more of a hobby to keep myself busy. I’ve got a house not far from the base office. Most of the money I make goes for equipment, supplies and payroll. I’ve got plenty from my inheritance to last me the rest of my life and then some.”

Brenda shook her head.”Wow! That sounds great. I can tell you really enjoy this, too.”

Holly laughed. “I do. Enough talk. We need to get some sleep. We got another full day ahead of us.”

Brenda picked up her mess kit and went to her tent. When she turned to zip up her tent, she saw Holly watching her. Her expression was unreadable, but Brenda felt a shiver run up her spine, and found that it wasn’t an unpleasant shiver. Almost like an electric charge. A strong attraction. Surprised and confused, Brenda waved then zipped up her tent.

Brenda undressed and pulled an oversized t-shirt on, as pajamas. She lay there for a while, trying to sort her feelings. She knew that what she felt was an attraction for Holly. But was she ready to admit that she was attracted in more than an admiring way?

Brenda had a restless night. Her dreams seemed suddenly vivid and more sexual than she had ever had. But what caused her restlessness, was that her faceless lover was no longer faceless. It was a woman. It was Holly. Vivid pictures of kissing and caressing her body, filled Brenda’s dreams. It was almost as if she could feel the touch of her lips and hands on her heated skin. Brenda finally woke to the early morning sunrise, sweating and wanting release from the sexual tension, but not able to. Knowing she didn’t have the time or privacy.

She quickly dressed and went into the woods to relieve herself and use some of the stream water to cool off. As she squatted in the woods, finishing her business, Brenda heard some moaning. It was definitely feminine, so she knew it was Holly. Brenda heard some more moans. Brenda moved to closer to where she thought she heard the moans coming from. Then a distinctive ‘yesssss’ met Brenda’s ears. Brenda grinned. Perhaps one of the guys got to Holly after all. Just as she started to turn to go to the river, Brenda froze when she heard Holly say her name. Brenda moved back and could not deny what she was seeing or hearing. There was Holly, laying naked on the ground, the fingers of one hand pinching her already hard nipples, as her other hand pumped in and out of her dripping pussy. It wasn’t the sight of Holly’s trembling body, as she masturbated, but the words coming from her mouth, that made Brenda tremble a little.

Holly was moaning her pleasure and Brenda’s name as she worked her fingers in and out of her wet cunt. Soon she was crying out and Brenda could see Holly’s pussy clenching around her fingers. Brenda couldn’t take her eyes away. She was literally frozen in place. Brenda’s eyes couldn’t seem to get enough of Holly’s naked form. Holly laid still for a minute, her eyes shut. Her flushed skin glowing in the sexual aftermath of her powerful orgasm. Brenda gazed at every bare inch of Holly’s skin, the still hard nipples which her fingers ached to touch and her mouth longed to suck on. Then down over her smooth stomach to the small trimmed patch of dark hair at the apex of her spread thighs. Brenda watched as Holly’s fingers slowly left her pussy. Making a slight sucking noise as Holly’s pussy released her hand. Brenda watched, now breathless, as Holly’s pussy gaped and then slowly closed. Holly began moving to get dressed and Brenda quickly turned and left, before she got caught watching.

When Brenda returned to camp, the guys were already taking their tents down. Holly returned shortly after her. brenda got to work taking her tent down, but found herself casting glances in Holly’s direction. Images of her naked and receptive body filled Brenda’s mind. She was definitely needing some relief soon. Her senses were on overload.

Somehow Brenda made it through breakfast and hiking to the site where another guide got canoes and returned the guys to base. As they drifted down the river, Brenda wondered briefly what would happen now that she and Holly were alone.

Holly asked if she was ready to go, and Brenda nodded. Brenda spent the next couple of hours following Holly. Images of Holly’s long legs spread wide as she fucked herself. Brenda shook herself and tried looking somewhere else, but her eyes kept wandering back to Holly. Running from the back of her neck, down her back, over her tight ass and on down those long tanned legs. Brenda reached for her canteen and took a long swallow.

Holly turned and asked, “Are you doing okay? You seem a little out of breath today.”

“I’m fine. I could use a break though.”

“Sure. There’s a small glade down this path a little further on. We’ll stop there.”

“Sounds great.”

They hiked a little further, and soon they found the glade. There was a small pond surrounded by the forest. Holly sat down and Brenda found a rock to sit on, too. She drank some more water from her canteen and her gaze wandered to the pond.

“You want to take a dip? It is getting awfully hot already and it’s just us girls.”

Brenda was tempted too much by the offer of cool water.

“Sounds like a great idea.”

Holly started undressing and Brenda found herself staring as Holly now stood naked before her.

“Come on slow poke. The water is waiting.”

With that Holly turned and stopped at the water’s edge, then jumped in. Brenda stood and undressed. Her heart pounding at the thought of swimming naked with the naked form of her new found attraction.

Brenda jumped in and felt immediately invigorated as the cold water wrapped around her. She swam around. Making sure not to wander too far from land. Soon she and Holly were having swim competitions. After another tie, they decided it was time to get going again. As they started coming onto shore, Brenda splashed water at Holly. Holly yelped and splashed back. It soon erupted into a water splashing fight. Each of them moving a little closer until they were mere inches apart and Holly grabbed one of Brenda’s hands to keep her from splashing anymore water. They laughed as Brenda tried to keep her other hand out of reach and keep splashing. Being taller, Holly had a bit of an advantage and was able to capture Brenda’s free hand. They struggled a bit, but it soon stopped as they became aware of their naked bodies pressed together.

Brenda gazed into the dark depths of Holly’s brown eyes. They were truly hypnotic. Brenda wasn’t even aware of Holly’s arms wrapping around her and pulling her closer, or Holly’s head leaning down. But Brenda was very aware of Holly’s soft lips touching hers. Brenda parted her lips in invitation and Holly’s own lips parted and her tongue tentatively pushed into Brenda’s mouth and slowly explored.

Brenda wrapped her arms around Holly and their kiss deepened. They now took turns exploring every contour of the other’s mouth that their tongue’s could reach. Tongues intertwining and hands now running over naked flesh. Igniting a flame in Brenda that she never dreamed she possessed. Holly trailed kisses over Brenda’s cheek and began nibbling on her earlobe. Brenda’s knees turned to jelly. She knew more than ever that wanted, no, needed to be with Holly. In every way possible.

Brenda moaned and Holly’s tongue gently lapped over her ear, dipped inside and swirled around, then returned to sucking on her earlobe. Brenda let her hands explore the body she had seen in all it’s naked glory just this morning. Her hands cupped Holly’s firm breasts and gently caressed them. Taking the time to treat them as she liked hers treated. Not mauled by big groping hands, but smooth strokes by soft small hands. As her thumbs grazed the hard nipples, Holly moaned and Brenda smiled. It brought her pleasure to know that she could bring pleasure to Holly.

Holly’s hands were doing some exploring as her tongue played with Brenda’s ear. Her hands ran all over the naked petite form in her arms. Her hands cupped the firm small buttocks and gently squeezed them as she pulled Brenda closer. Rubbing their wet, naked bodies together. Holly gasped as Brenda’s fingers took a hard nipple between them and pinched them. Brenda grinned then began placing kisses on her breasts, flicking her tongue over the hard, rosy tip. Brenda circled the hard bud and thought she had never tasted anything so sweet. She sucked the hard bud into her mouth and felt it harden even more. Holly moaned and Brenda switched her attention to the other breast and circled and sucked on that hard nipple, too. Brenda continued taking turns sucking on Holly’s nipples.

Holly had her fingers buried in Brenda’s hair, holding her closer and guiding her mouth from one nipple to the other. Her moans grew as Brenda sucked and nibbled on her sensitive nubs and she knew she was going to cum.

“Oh, god, Brenda! I’m going to cum!!” she gasped.

Brenda continued sucking as Holly held her mouth tight against her, and felt the trembling of Holly’s body as her orgasm overcame her entire being. Holly’s cries of pleasure filled the forest air and fueled Brenda’s passion more. She broke contact with Holly’s breasts and was kissing Holly with a deep, yearning passion. Holly held her close and the kiss seemed to go on forever.

Soon Holly broke the kiss and lead Brenda to a patch of grass and laid her down. She laid down beside her and took one of Brenda’s nipples into her mouth and lavished it with attention. Brenda was soon squirming. Trying to get closer. Holly sucked the hard nipple, hard, and Brenda moaned. As Holly took turns suckling on her nipples, she let her hand make small circles down Brenda’s stomach and her fingers touched the blonde curls between her thighs. Stroking slowly, Holly let her fingers dip between Brenda’s thighs and her fingers spread the soft petals. Brenda moaned at the combined assault of Holly’s mouth and fingers. She willingly opened her thighs to let Holly’s fingers explore further. At her invitation, Holly slipped a finger into Brenda’s pussy and felt the wetness within. She stroked that finger in and out a few times, then added another. Brenda arched her back and moved her hips in an attempt to meet Holly’s thrusting fingers.

Brenda had her fingers in Holly’s hair and pulled Holly away from her wonderfully aching nipples. But she wanted to feel those lips on her own as those magic fingers made her pussy feel just as wonderful. Holly’s lips touched hers and they engaged in another deep, soul-seering kiss, as Holly’s fingers pumped in and out of Brenda’s wet pussy. When they broke the kiss, Brenda asked, breathless.

“Turn around. Please.”

With one last kiss and a smile, Holly turned and straddled Brenda’s face. In a sixty-nine, they were now able to enjoy each other to the fullest. With the sensual feeling of naked breasts rubbing against bare skin, and the overwhelming sweet, musk scent the other’s sex, Brenda and Holly slowly began lapping at the juices flowing from their lover’s pussy. They built up their memento until they were each lapping and sucking vigorously. Moaning with pleasure into the pussy they were feasting on. Tongues playing in and around each other’s pussy. Holly pumping two fingers as she used her tongue to lap up Brenda’s juices then over her clit.

Brenda used her long tongue to fuck Holly’s pussy, then suck and lick her clit. Holly concentrated on Brenda’s clit and sucked it between her lips as her fingers continued fucking Brenda’s hot pussy.

Brenda’s screams of ecstasy were muffled in Holly’s pussy, but Holly felt the vibrations to her core. As Brenda’s pussy spasmed around her pumping fingers, Brenda took Holly’s clit between her lips and gently sucked as her tongue flicked back and forth. Holly’s juices flowed freely as she came and Brenda licked up every last drop of her nectar that she could.

As they both came down from their sexual highs, Holly turned back around and pulled Brenda into her arms. They kissed again. A less impassioned kissed, but just as sensual. Sharing their unique, yet intoxicating flavors. Soon breaking apart and just holding each other.


Two weeks later, Brad got the mail at his parent’s house and saw one addressed from Brenda. He gave it to his mom and she read it out loud.

Brenda said she hoped they could all understand, and could be happy for her. She had found the love of her life and they were moving in together. They would come visit soon, if the family was willing to accept them.

Brenda’s parents and Brad looked at each other, as the reality of Brenda’s professed love sank in. She was in love with another woman.

It took a little time, but they did accept Brenda and Holly, as a couple. And were happy as long as Brenda was.

Brenda and Holly work together as guides. And still go to the glade where they first made love.

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