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Love: Finding the Cost

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For those of you who haven’t read my mom’s’ story…. Is that mom’s mothers’ momes…? Anyway my two moms’…. God and I got an A in English. Anyway, my mother and her lover, who happens to be another woman’s, story. It might be a good idea to read it to get some background about my family.

To say we are unique, I would have to question. To say we are open and honest, that I would have to agree with. I would definitely have to say there is no such thing as ‘dalliance’ in our blood. We’re an ‘all or nothing’ bunch. Yes it seems as long as there is love involved, we are willing to pay the cost.

In a nut shell, my mom went on a cruise that I planned and came home with a woman lover. I never knew my mother even looked at other women that way. She was a straight as straight can be. Or so I thought.

Not only did she have a woman lover, but she was one of those stunning, model perfect, beautiful women; that make the captain of the cheer squad look plain in comparison. Can you say jealous much?

Then my little brother, who was being played as a pawn between these two bitches, meets the clerk at some store… the store they left him at, while they went at each other, screaming like idiots, pulling hair and just making complete asses of themselves. So what does he do? He falls for the older woman behind the counter.

Not that I mind Mellissa, Missy for short. She’s great. She’s become the big sister I never had. But still it’s a lot to wrap your head around, knowing she’s almost ten years older than her husband. Yeah they got married, and yeah Tony finished his degree in business, so he could take over Grandpa Harold’s businesses, since mom just doesn’t have the temperament for it, and Michelle still has her dress shop.

Me… I live in a happy marriage with my lesbian lover and our two kids. I guess that is where I should really start. I mean if you have read my moms’ story, you know I reacted like a howling, homophobic, cretin. How did it ever get that way? I often wonder.

I guess it’s best to start at the beginning. Hi, I’m Kimberly Meghan Burris-Walters. Damn that’s a mouth full. When this all started, I was just Kim Burris. An average eighteen year old daughter of an over worked, stress case, widowed mother; trying to finish high school and go to college.

Yes, I missed my dad too. He was the best of the best. But it had been years since he had died and my mom was still a basket case about it. So, I got this really bright idea to set her up on a singles cruise. It had to make her realized that there was still life out there. Even if she didn’t start dating again, it would snap her out of her funk. At least that was the plan.

Grammy said it also might be a good idea to see if they had a group for women only. That way mom wouldn’t feel pressured. Well since Grammy was footing the bill, I jumped on the bandwagon. We set it all up, with every extravagance we could think of and then sprung our trap… err surprise.

I never meant for her to find a woman! Oh sure I knew about women having sex with other women. Every girl does. Hell, most of the female coaches I’ve had in school were lesbians. I never thought mom would fall for one though. But she did and I found out about it on the worst day of my life. Let me see if I can remember it correctly.

I was walking home from school with my best friend since we were in second grade. Two blocks from my house, she tells me that she has feelings for me that she had been hiding for years. If that shock wasn’t enough…! She then told me she went out will Billy Parsons, to prove that she wasn’t Lesbo; got knocked up, and now wondered if we could run away with the baby and live together since she now knew where her heart truly wanted to be.

I was like… Excuse ME…? WHAT…?

Then, since she felt totally abandoned by me because of my totally stunned response. She ran off crying and refused to answer any of my calls. As soon as I got home, I called our other best friend, Kristy. We tried to contact her over the internet. Well that was in the bad old days, when if you linked to the wrong page… zap goes the computer. I was about ready to pull my hair out.

Then mom walks in with her ‘Girlfriend’ Michelle. I’m sorry but at that time I was still freaking out about Lisa, the pregnancy and… yeah. So, I blew my mom off, grabbed what I needed and headed back to my room.

Anyway, I was on the phone with someone from the gossip chain… I can’t even remember who really, and Tony, my brother, walks in all glassy eyed. Alright, I should have known something was up. Tony was and is mister manners personified. He never opened my door without knocking. Then I heard him say.

“Hey sis… you’ll never guess what I just saw.”

So yeah, I rolled my eyes and said. “So tell me already… I’m busy. Oh, and by the way, I need you to fix my computer.” To be honest I wasn’t really listening, but I would let him have his say.

So he says. “I just caught mom kissing some woman in the kitchen.” My ears started roaring and picked up the words “girlfriend and this looks serious.”

I was like, “WHAT… No F-ing way.” My mind was screaming “What the fuck is going on. Is everyone in Kentucky going gay?” I’m sure my tantrum is well documented, so I won’t go back over it here. Let just say I really messed up. But, the worst part is that the whole time, I forgot to push the end button on the phone.

That’s right… Little Miss Suzy Q. Rottencrotch… heard every word. And of course, being the biggest gossip in the state, by the time I got to school the next Monday, it was all over town that my mom went queer. I felt like everyone was laughing at me.

Then… then, to have Miss Goth, I’m militant gay chick, shove her mountainous leather clad tits under my face, and tell me that she would give me comfort if I needed it. I about blew a gasket. Add to that, Lisa being shipped off because she was caught pregnant and ready to run! I was in a living nightmare. I was just waiting for the mad slasher to come and get me.

So, just to rub salt into my wounds, Tony had tell to me all about how cool Michelle is. Listening to him babble away about how pretty she is and that she’s nice. Yeah, yeah, yeah…! Hell, I have eyes. I could see she’s a complete knock out and mom was totally into her.

If that wasn’t humiliation enough, my room is over theirs. There isn’t enough insulation in the world to keep the sounds of them making love out of my ears. I tried to pull my pillow over my head. I tried listening to music. I tired ignoring it. Nothing worked. If that wasn’t enough, I had to see HER, walking around in nothing but a silk robe. I wanted to scream.

The kicker that topped it all off, one time I wanted to borrow something from my mom.

So, I knocked. No one answered. I tried the door. It was open. So, I went in. The shower was running. No big deal. I walked over to her dresser to get what I was looking for. BAM! There they were making love in the shower. And when I say making love, I mean fully involved, didn’t know I was there, totally into each other, going at it.

I must have stood there flatfooted for five minutes, watching them pleasure each other. It wasn’t until I heard the sound of mom getting Michelle off, that my feet remembered what they were meant for. Then it hit me.

I was really pissed to realize how turned on I was. I mean my panties were dripping wet. Not moist, not damp, not spotted… I said dripping. I mean Ewe… my mom and her lover, making it in the shower, and I’m dripping…? What the hell was up with that?

Then the dreams came. I dreamed it was me, Michelle was making cum. It was me, with her in the shower, oblivious to the world around us. It was me! I was so jealous I had to hate her… or try and seduce her, and I wasn’t gay! I refused to be gay!

This of course led to the fights, name calling, bitching, moaning, groaning, and me being an all around cunt. How they put up with my shit? I’ll never know. Some days I wanted them to break up, so life could get back to normal. Other days, I wanted to break them up, so I could be the one moaning under Michelle’s attentions. I was one confused mess.

The only thing I had going for me was being accepted to Grammy’s sorority. That was my way out of this hell hole. I could look forward to leaving this mess behind me and making a new start. I latched onto that like a lifesaver in the middle of the Arctic Ocean.

Then there was the fire. We were all devastated by the fire. I couldn’t be a bitch to them anymore; they were so helpful to Grammy when she needed it the most. So, I had to settle for cold indifference. It was the best I could do. I had to keep at arms distance, from the woman who had turned my world upside down.

The last thing I expected was the trouncing I got from Grammy. I mean she might do it like a velvet steamroller, but when someone climbs up one side, does a jig on your head and stomps down the other, you know you’ve been read the riot act. By the time she was done slapping me back, I was so hurt, mad, alienated, pissed…. I think you get the idea. I didn’t want to have anything to do with any of them. Let them have their stupid lesbian affair, I was going to school and leaving this all behind me like a bad rash.

I felt if I had hurt my mother’s feelings, good! She and her lover had made my life a living hell. It served them right. I’d show them. Oh god, how immature I was being. But, in the moment, I did kind of feel justified. When I jumped on that plane, I wasn’t ever looking back. I was out of there. I was Gone baby Gone!

When I got to school, I embraced it with arms wide open. I registered, went through Pledge week, Pleab week, Hell week, I did it all with a great big smile plastered on my face. I was free at last! If you have been through college, you know what I’m talking about. You’d also know it’s not all parties and fun. If you want to stay in college, you have to study, study and do more studying.

If you don’t have the books, you borrow them. If you can’t borrow them, you can go to the off campus book store, pay fifty dollars a month and rent their books as long as you don’t take them out of the store. If they leave the store, you bought them. Hey it a college town, it was a great way to make extra money. It also led me to Belinda.

What can I say about Belinda? She smiled at me the first time I saw her. I thought, no big deal, she smiled at every one. I later found out that only a very select few people got to see her real smile. I smiled back, of course, looked for the book I needed, and found a secluded corner to study in. I had a Biology paper due and didn’t have time for idle chatter.

“Sweetie, were closing in a few minutes.” I heard from behind me, sometime later.

“Oh, sorry; I must’ve lost track of the time.” I babbled as I met the prettiest hazel eyes I’d ever seen.

“Dr. Paulson isn’t that bad. Just do your best. He has a way of weeding the good ones from the people who taking the class just as a requirement.” She said softly as she picked up the books I wasn’t reading any more.

“Thanks… I um… better go.” I stammered as I gathered up my stuff and tried to bolt for the door.

“No rush… you still have about five minutes… I’m Belinda by the way.” She offered her long fingered finely sculpted hand.

“Um, hi… I’m Kim.” I felt a jolt when our hands met.

“Is it Kim, or Kimberly? You look more like a Kimberly to me.” He voice was like smooth silk.

“Um, well yeah… it’s Kimberly… Why, what does a Kim look like?” I asked as I pushed my hair behind my ears.

“You know.” She tossed her head, pulling her long red hair back in a pony tail, and acted like she was chewing bubble gum. “Like, Hi… I’m Kim, the head cheer-leader and I don’t have a brain cell in my head, but I’m going to marry the football captain and be a middle age drunk as he fucks around on me, like…!” She smiled, her eyes looking totally empty and vacant.

I had to cover my mouth with my hand so I wouldn’t spit on her when I laughed. “Oh my god…! I know her…!” I laughed until my sides hurt, trying to keep it quiet.

“Yeah, don’t we all. Well nice meeting you Kimberly. I hope to see you again soon.” She let her hair back down and walked away, her long flowing dress trailing behind her.

I read the last few pages of the book and got out the door five seconds before the grumpy night manager locked it. In my room, I typed out my paper and hoped for the best, as I set my alarm for seven, giving me four hours of sleep and just enough time to rush to my morning class.

It was a week later, when I had to go back to read up on World History, that Belinda and I met again. Let’s be honest here. I had almost completely forgotten our little encounter. She didn’t though. As soon as I walked in, she greeted me.

“Hello Kimberly. How did you do on your paper?” She asked with a pretty smile.

“I got a B.” I said feeling a little disappointed, as I tried to remember her name. I knew it was something different.

“That’s not bad at all. Doctor Paulson doesn’t give out that many A’s. I think the most I’ve seen him give out was two in one year.” She walked closer to me, ignoring the guy who was drooling over her shoulder.

“What are you in here for today?” She asked motioning me past the counter.

“I have a report on YU dynasty in World History.”

“Ahh, Margret Fairchild’s favorite torture test. She knows there isn’t that much out there and expects five pages of “new” information.” She said, making the quote sign.

“What do you suggest Melinda?” I asked, hoping I remembered it correctly.

“Close… better than most. It’s Belinda, only eleven letters off.” She smiled again, making me blush.

“How could you remember my name? I mean you must get at least a hundred people a day, asking you questions.” I had to ask, as drool boy stepped closer.

“Eidetic Memory. Trust me; there are questions I only wish I could forget. With a pretty person like you, it’s easy.” She flicked her hand at the guy who standing there. “I said it is in the non-fiction section, not down my dress.”

I had to smother a laugh as the guy blushed and stomped off. “Another bruised ego I take it?” I asked, as she sighed.

“Goddess in Heaven, can’t they ever get the clue.” She rubbed her temple and looked over her shoulder. “And it’s footballer’s night.” She sighed “The night all the football players drag their tutors in here so they can keep their eligibility. Here, come with me, I know of somewhere private you can study.” She left another guy standing there with his finger raised to ask her a question.

As she led me to the back of the store, she told one of the other employees. “Go take care of the front for a bit. I won’t be long.” She didn’t stop as she pulled out a big key ring and unlocked a door that said Staff Only.

“Are you going to get in trouble for letting me back here?” I asked looking around the room.

“No… This is a private study. We can pick and choose who we let back here. Get comfortable and I’ll get the books you’ll need to knock Mrs. Fairchild’s socks off.”

I have to admit, I felt a little bit uncomfortable, but the room was nicely done and had everything you would need for some private study time. I set my stuff down on the oversized desk and fidgeted until Belinda came back.

“Here you go. It has the latest notes from the archeological society that is doing the latest research. Margret hasn’t even been able to see it yet.” She smiled and patted the book as she set it in front of me.

“Um, why are you helping me like this?” I asked confused.

“Because you’re worth it. I knew that from the first time I saw you.” She smiled at me and softly touched my shoulder. “Don’t worry sweetie, there are no strings attached. I’m just into knowledge. That’s why I work here. I like passing it on. Besides, I had all these teachers while I was getting my degree and this is my little revenge for all the stuff they put me and others through.” She wiggled her fingers at me and left, softly closing the door.

So, that set my schedule for the rest of the quarter. I guess it was at mid terms that things took the next step. The tests were passed, and in my case with flying colors. And the house was throwing a PARTY!

Now, the last thing I wanted to do was watch my sisters and their “Friends” get drunk, freaky, and stupid all in one weekend. Oh sure, I helped with all the preparations, but I wasn’t looking forward to being hit on, beer spilled on, or puked on, in the name of the sisterhood. But, I didn’t know what else I could do.

To be honest, I had gotten used to being able to have small quiet chats with Belinda over the past weeks, as she gently guided me to the top of my class. I finally asked her how I could quietly bow out of the festivities.

“Why don’t you want to be there?” She asked me seriously.

“I don’t want the hassle or the noise. I got all my partying done before I came to school. I don’t need to act like a drunken fool to prove my independence. And, the thought of some alcohol fueled incident, just makes me cringe. I’d like to be the one who chooses who I’m giving that too, you know?” I told her honestly.

“Yes, I see. Um… well it is customary to stay for the beginnings of these things. You know playing the proper hostess and all. I mean you are just a freshman.” She said thoughtfully. “What time does this thing kick off?”

“At eight… after dinner but before the stores close, so if we forget anything…..”

“Yeah, I remember. Well if you get here before closing, I’ll let you use the private study. Just wait until the planning committee is drunk and then bow out quietly.” Belinda suggested helpfully.

“Really…? Are you sure? You won’t get in trouble?” I asked hopefully.

“Yeah, it will be cool. I’ll see you then.” She smiled that special smile, and then left.

Okay for the interest of saving time… I did exactly what she said and spent the night having a great conversation with her about all kinds of different things until we fell asleep on the overstuffed couches. The next morning, well afternoon actually, I went back to the house and threw a total fit. I almost quit school, I was so mad.

Here’s what I walked into. Ok, I expected the house to be a mess. I expected that I would be one of the one’s doing the most of the cleanup. What I didn’t expect was to find some drunken bitch in my bed with some jerk and barf all over my floor.

Now, as we all know, when I throw a fit, I throw it right. I’ve had practice. I had dude running out of the house with just his boxers and the bitch running to the bathroom in her altogether, as I screamed at them.

This of course woke everyone up, including the very hung over house president. “What the fuck is going on?” She screamed at me.

“I want a lock on my fucking door.” I screamed back.

“What the fuck is the problem? You bailed, so someone used your bed, grow the fuck up.” She sneered. That was a big mistake.

“My problem…? I’ll tell you my fucking problem. Just because I don’t want to act like a drunken slut, doesn’t mean I want people screwing around and puking all over my room. That’s my father’s bed. Not some bargain basement hand-me-down…. Do you get it now? My dead father’s bed. Even my mother doesn’t make love in that bed anymore. What makes you think I want these assholes’ doing the nasty IN MY FATHER’S BED?”

“Oh, shit… I didn’t know… I um…” She pulled her hair back and tried to think.

“I’m leaving! When I get back, my fucking room better be spotless. If not, I’m going to the Dean. I won’t put up with this kind of shit.” I slammed out of there and ran back to Belinda’s.

When I say I ran, that’s exactly what I did. It was only a mile and a half and I was still in great shape. Well physically at least. I was a basket case by the time I pounded on the back door.

“What’s wrong Sweetie?” Belinda asked as soon as she opened the door and found me there blubbering.

I think it took half an hour, of my oft interrupted attempts of telling her, before she caught the gist of what my problem was. When she did, she handed me another Kleenex and picked up her phone.

“Hello, give me to Susan…. Tell her it’s Belinda and give her the damn phone.” She ordered then waited, her fingers tapping on her leg and looking everywhere but at me. “Hey Susan, I have a very upset Kimberly here. I’ll take care of her; you take care of your house.” She waited and then snapped.

“Look Susan, Kimberly is the best chance of getting your house off probation and back on the Dean’s list. Don’t be an idiot. You might also want to look up who her grandmother is, before you do something really stupid. Yeah, yeah, yeah I’ve heard it all before.” She said and disconnected the call.

“What did she say?” I asked between sniffles.

“The same as always. I’m sorry Kimberly, but Susan and I have a history. Not a good one at that. But, lucky for you, she’s graduating this year, finally; and getting married. This is her last hurrah and she knows it.”

“Thank you…” I said with tears in my voice.

“Don’t thank me yet…. Go take a shower. I’ll leave a robe that should fit, while I get us some food. I was serious about you making the Dean’s list. So, since you’re here, and the store is closed today. Let’s see how much studying we can get done.” She smiled sweetly and showed me where the shower and towels were.

She ordered me the most killer omelet I’ve ever eaten, from a little place down the street. She joked around until I was laughing again. We had a great day just paling around and talking about things that most people would ignore. I was surprised on just how much Belinda knew about all the subjects I was taking.

It was after lunch when she asked. “So, you have a two week break, why don’t you go home and visit the family? It might take some of the heat off. Susan can be a real prissy bitch.”

I know, the question was innocent, but still. “I can’t! I never want to go back.” I said as tried to change the subject. Like that had a chance in hell of working.

“Why not…?” She asked quietly and simply, cutting though all my bullshit.

So, I had to tell her. Not the greatest moment in my life, but at least I told her the truth.

“So, are you adverse to your mother having a woman as a lover?” She asked me looking out of the corner of her eye.

“No, not really. To be honest, I think I was more jealous than anything. I felt like Michelle was stealing my mom away. And then, to have her look so good I felt like a hag in comparison, didn’t help either.” I shrugged.

“Are you a virgin?” She asked with some surprise.

“Um, yeah… I’ve never found anyone who… Why does it show?” I asked, blushing to my hairline.

“Only to those of us who know what to look for. I bet Susan thought you were just like her when she welcomed you into the house. I mean you look like sex personified. That’s part of Susan’s and my history….” She said sadly.

“You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want too.” I said, seeing how deeply she felt about it.

“No, it’s okay. You shared something personal, now it’s my turn.” She paused. “Susan and I had some of the same classes. I looked up her grades and saw her GPA and mine were the highest in the class. So, we started hanging out. I was a senior and she was frosh, but I thought I found a kindred spirit.”

“What happened?” I asked, feeling her pain.

“We had this one teacher. We both wanted to do some extra credit. They forgot to lock the door. When I opened it, I found out what she meant by extra credit. She was bent over his desk and he was pounding her like his life depended on it. When they saw me, she offered for me to join in the fun. I slammed the door and ran.”

“Oh, wow. What happened then?” I knew this wasn’t going to have a happy ending.

“I went to the Dean. Susan pleaded that he forced her, or he would fail her. I guess he was on probation for something similar. He was fired, she was pulled from the Dean’s list and she has hated me since. I think she had some plans with that teacher, and I seriously messed them up.” She shrugged.

“I’m sorry. Why didn’t you just leave? With your abilities you could have gone anywhere.” I asked stunned, since that was exactly what I was thinking of doing. “How do you know who my Grammy is anyway?” I asked finally putting a finger on something that had been nagging at me.

“Talk about an intuitive leap.” She looked at me strangely. “Let’s just say my parents and grandparents walk in the same circles, and leave it at that for now. Just like you can’t leave, neither could I. Grammy… I never thought I’d hear her called that. She’s quite the formidable woman.” She said, like she knew my grandmother.

“Yeah, but she’s just Grammy to me. Besides you’re right, I could never go back after the way I acted. I guess I was just fooling myself.” I sighed defeated.

“It’s not all that bad. I survived with Honors, so can you.” Belinda laughed. “Let’s go out and get some dinner. My treat…! I’m tired of being cooped up in here. I have a dress you can wear. You should be able to shove those things into it.” She pointed at my boobs and smiled.

“Why, what’s wrong with them? At least there not as big as my mom’s.” I said pushing them out and straining the fabric of the robe I had on.

“My god, your mom is stacked bigger than you? No wonder Michelle couldn’t resist.” She smiled and then pulled me up. “Let’s go…. This can lead to trouble.” She added mysteriously as we headed out the back of her apartment.


Okay, I’ll admit I had my suspicions. I’m not stupid, but I needed a friend right then and Belinda was offering that, with no strings attached. I’ll also admit I had the stray fantasy or two about her. I mean she was a long willowy Goddess of perfection. Red hair, hazel eyes, smooth skin, and the perfect smattering of freckles across the bridge of her nose, and what a brain.

We went out and she took me to this fabulous oriental place. We giggled and laughed as the guy went through his little show as he made our dinner. We even tried to ignore the guys who sat across the table, with their testosterone laden attempts at impressing us.

“Goddess help me.” Belinda rolled her eyes at their antics.

“Why do you say that?” I asked, ignoring the guys.

“What, oh… no I’m not a pagan or Wicca or anything like that. My Catholic parents would kill me. I just think God, or the Creator, has to be a woman. I mean really, who brings life into being? It sure isn’t the man. So, any intelligent person would have to admit that god is actually a Goddess. A female is the only one smart and capable enough to bring forth life. Not some angry male deity checking off good and bad marks on some cloud in the sky.”

“Wow, I’ve never heard it quite that way before.”

“Well maybe it’s also because I’m girl-centric anyway, but I just can’t buy into the whole male god thing.” Belinda smiled sweetly at the guys who were slack-jawed, as they looked at her.

“You like doing that, don’t you?” I asked her as the boys’ paid for their meal, dumped it in a to-go box and fled like the hounds of hell were chasing them.

“Not a real man in the bunch.” She sighed and went back to eating her dinner. We had a good time and I was completely stuffed by the time they offered dessert.

While we walked back to her apartment over the bookstore, she looped her arm in mine and asked. “So, what are you going to do?”

“About…?” I asked and leaned into her.

“Your room, Susan, school… all of it?” She looked like she wanted to ask something else but stopped herself.

“I don’t know…” I thought for a bit, not realizing just how intimate our little stroll had become. “Like you said, I can’t quit. Susan is the head of the house, if I like it or not. I just don’t know. Other than insisting on a deadbolt for my door, but that might cause bad feeling between the other pledges and I.”

“Yeah, knowing Susan, she’ll make your life a living hell, until she gets laid again or this all blows over. Trust me, if you do make the Dean’s list, that will help greatly. It’s not like she can have you voted out or anything.”

“Yeah, but I don’t want special treatment either.” I replied as a loud sports car came roaring up.

“Lezzy Dikes…!” We heard from the passing car, as a bunch of boys leaned out and made fools of themselves.

“Don’t let them bother you.” Belinda said, as I tensed up.

“At least I’ll get more pussy than you ever will.” I screamed back, not going to put up with their shit. Just because two girls are walking arm in arm don’t mean their lesbians. “No thanks, you couldn’t get a whore to take you even with the money!” I yelled as he gave me the finger.

“Okayyyy…. We need to get you off the street before you start a fight.” Belinda laughed while looking at me totally astonished.

“Stupid assholes… I’m not it the mood…. No strike that; I am in the mood… in the mood to pull their tiny nut sack over their brainless heads.” I yelled, as Belinda pulled me behind her.

“No, make that a riot.” Belinda was laughing hysterically as she pulled me off the main street and into the alley behind the store. By the time she pushed me up the stairs and opened the door, I was laughing with her.

“The look on their face…. Did you see the look on their faces? It was priceless.” She laughed. “I never had the guts to say something like that. How do you do it?” We collapsed on her couch.

“I have a brother. I know where the ego is most sensitive. When will guys ever learn that those acts of bravado don’t impress a woman with more than a twenty point IQ? Oohh, call me a lezzy and make me want to fuck you. What a goober! Talk about being at the shallow end of the gene pool.”

“Oh, stop… please stop I can’t take it anymore. I can’t breathe.” Belinda laughed as I ranted. “The look… he almost fell out of the car when you told him you’d get more pussy than he ever would. I thought he’d fall.” She laughed some more. “I bet he never expect that.” She was trying to wipe her eyes and regain her breath.

“I’m a just guy; I’m ssoooo special because I’ve got a little dick swinging between my legs.” I said sarcastically. “See, look at me, look at my bulging muscles, and little brain. If my dick gets hard I can’t think straight, but aren’t I impressive.” I said flexing my arms like a body builder, sending Belinda back into hysterics.

“No more, no more I can’t….” She wheezed.

“Football is my life, it been berry, berry good for me… See my helmet and shoulder-ma-pads. I gots a little dick from all the steroids I used, but I’m da MAN!” I was on a roll, as she was rolling on the floor.

“So true… oh so true.” She gasped as I walked around with my hand in my crotch like I had a heavy load to carry. “Please… have mercy.” She said as she started turning red then blue.

“I wouldn’t let them kiss my dead dog’s butt! I rather kiss you than any of them.” I said, not realizing the words coming out of my mouth.

“You’d what?” She gasped as the room went still.

“I’d…. ahh hell, me and my big mouth.” I blushed when I realized what I just said. I didn’t even know if she liked girls. I mean I had some suspicions, but still.

“Mood breaker…!” She yelled and jumped up. I thought she was going to attack me, but she just flipped up my dress and raspberried my stomach until I was laughing uncontrollably. “I’ll go get us some tea.” She said, as she got up and left me there to catch my breath.

We’d both calmed down by the time the tea was made. She served and I smiled. It reminded me so much of the way Grammy always insisted on tea when there was a problem to discuss.

“A penny for your thoughts.” Belinda said looking at me, her head tilted.

“Nothing like a nice cup of tea, to settle thorny problems.” I said in my best imitation of my grandmother.

“And on today’s agenda is….” She sat straight and held her tea with the perfect decorum, little pinky out and all.

“What the hell am I going to do now?” I sighed. “All I need is one more thing and I’ll go stark raving mad.” The problem was I wasn’t kidding. I felt like I was at my breaking point.

“Well, you go back to your house and apologize for the scene you made, but not for the reason you made it. You try and talk to Susan in a calm reasonable manner. If that doesn’t work, come back here until the smoke clears.”

“Yeah but if I don’t live at the house, I can’t be in the sorority. That would kill Grammy.” I said deflating from the fun we’d had that day.

“Not…! As the illiterate say. As long as you participate in the actives and support your house, you can live anywhere. Hell I only stayed in the house for a year. Then as I stayed on the Dean’s list, I got my own place. With my class load, I couldn’t stand the constant noise of the house. Oh, sure I had to do the things like help on spring cleaning week and set up for parties and all that stuff, but I didn’t have to live there.”

“I didn’t know.” I said thinking about it. “I know I’m out of there if something like this ever happens again,” I said sadly. “Just the thought of them doing that, on my dad’s bed made me want to toss cookies.”

“Well the offer’s open, if you ever need a place to stay….” She let it hang in the air.

“Thanks, you don’t know what it means to me.” I said, and then sighed. “Well, I better get going before they nail my dad’s bed to the roof or some other stupid prank.”

“At least you are leaving in a much better mood than when you got here. I had a blast… even if you almost started a riot.” She smiled and stroked the side of my face, sending chills down my spine.


Okay, to make a long story shorter, I did what Belinda suggested and Susan and I had it out. The other girls understood and the maintenance man installed a dead bolt on my door for parties. My future was now dependant on making the Dean’s list and getting the house off probation.

Like I didn’t have enough stress. That led to me spending even more hours studying. To top everything else, I get a very rude and point perfect call, from my brother. After listening to him ride my case for a half an hour, I finally said that I had too much to do to get home for Thanksgiving, but maybe we could work out something for Christmas.

I mean I did feel guilty, but what was I going to do. That’s when it all changed. Yes, I spent a lot of time at the store, even when I didn’t need their resources. Yes, I enjoyed seeing Belinda almost daily. Yes, she even invited me to Thanksgiving dinner at her place.

I asked her why she wasn’t going home. She told me it had something to do with her parents having to be out of the country or something like that. I thought if I couldn’t be at home with family; then there was no other place I rather be than with Belinda, my best friend. So naturally, I said yes. I even showed up early so I could help her fix the dinner.

Instead of turkey, we had glazed beef with pasta salad and the perfect wine. We talked and bumped into each other as we tried to work in her tiny kitchenette. It was fun.

Okay, okay. I tried to ignore the feelings in the pit of my stomach every time we bumped, but to be honest, I didn’t know what to do with it. After dinner, we were lounging on her comfy couch, complaining about eating too much. I wanted to repay her for her kindness, so I sat behind her and started rubbing her neck.

Belinda moaned as my fingers found the knots in her shoulders. I leaned her forward and continued down her back. I was almost to the point of having her lay down, so I could rub her butt and legs, when it hit me.

For the second time in my life, I was dripping. I know, I know… I froze. Belinda looked back and just said. “Okay, my turn.” I didn’t know it at the time, but what I was feeling was written all over my face.

After switching, she started at my neck and behind my ears. Now, I have to tell you that my ears are very ticklish. So, I started giggling. This led to her tickling me more until I was laughing. I couldn’t have that, so I turned around and tickled back.

If you’ve never had a tickle fight, you don’t know what you are missing. I can see why it leads to other things, because it just makes you feel so good. It was better than ever getting drunk or high (SSHhhh don’t tell my mom.). Before we knew it, since we were going for skin on skin contact, we were both practically naked.

That’s when it happened. I tried to straddle her, forgetting the state of my panties. She felt it though and whimpered. “What, did I hurt you?” I asked, not understanding.

“Goddess, you are so sweet.” She said and flipped me over.

Yeah, I felt the mood change, even if I didn’t know what it meant. After she was on top of me, she looked into my eyes and made my body tingle.

“If you don’t want this, tell me now.” She leaned down but stopped a fraction of an inch from my lips. I couldn’t respond as she waited for my answer. I didn’t know if I wanted this or not. I mean I wasn’t confused or anything, but I was still a virgin.

A second or an hour later, she finally moved that last little bit and I was being kissed. When I say kissed, I mean really kissed. It felt like nothing I’d ever felt with the urgent attempts from the few boys I let try.

“Oh, Goddess, I’ve wanted to do that forever!” She breathed as we separated to take a breath. I admit it. I was the one to lean up and capture her mouth again. I wanted to see if that feeling was just a one off, because it was new.

It wasn’t. It felt like nothing I’ve ever felt before. Her lips were so soft and warm. She wasn’t demanding, but pulled me in deeper to the kiss as we lay there. The second break, I didn’t even open my eyes as I gasped for breath. I felt her move and looked out of my eye lids in time for her to lean down again. Instinctually I lifted my hands to catch her. She moaned as my palms cupped her perfect, hand full, breasts, with their tight hard nipples.

I squeezed experimentally, and softly pinched her buds between my fingers as she took my mouth again. As she kissed me, she started struggling with my clothes. She finally figured out that I would follow her lips as she pulled back.

Getting the room she needed, she had my top off and my bra soon followed. “I’ve got to have these.” She said as her head leaned down and she captured my nipples in her mouth. All I could do was hold her head as she lavished my breasts with loving attention. I was about to go out of my mind and then she started moving down my stomach.

I think I hyperventilated, because the next thing I remember was feeling her very wet face lay on my stomach as I twitched and convulsed. I knew I had cum, as she smiled at me and licked her moist lips. I wanted to kiss her again but she had other plans as she dipped back down and slowly kissed and licked my drenched pussy again.

“You taste so sweet.” She said as she took me and made me cum on command. By the time she was done, I was a quivering mass of nerve endings. She sighed contently as she finally gave me a break.

As soon as I had some control of my breathing, I started kissing her again. I couldn’t get enough of her lips, even if they were covered with my juices. I wanted to give her the same that she had given me, but my body had experienced too much, and before I knew it, I was drifting off to sleep.

Have you ever been so happy your body vibrated? Have you ever been so content, you never wanted to move again? Then to open your eyes and see the most beautiful woman in the world, snuggling against you. WOW, what a rush! If this is what Mom and Michelle felt like after they make love, no wonder they couldn’t keep quiet.

She was still sleeping as I had to scoot out and go to the bathroom. I mean Mother Nature was knocking and it had been too many years since I wet the bed. I was as quiet as I could be and cleaned myself as best I could, before slipping back in bed with Belinda. I just sat there and looked at her.

She still had her cute little panties on as her body stretched across the bed, looking for my warmth. Her long red hair was a riot of curls as it hid one of her ripe nipples from my view. I licked my lips remembering what they felt like on my tongue. I couldn’t resist. I leaned down and softly brushed her hair out of my way.

Letting my hair trail down her face and neck, as I captured one of her nipples and softly suckled. I felt her moan before I heard it. I looked up and met her gaze as I continued to give her the attention she deserved.

“Good morning gorgeous.” She said in her silken voice, as she reached up and cupped my head against her breast.

“MMMmmmnnnnnn….” I vibrated her nipple, giving her my response.

“Oh goddess; that feels good…!” She whispered as I switched nipples, giving the other one the attention.

Knowing what I liked when she made love to me, I started trailing kisses down her flat stomach, taking my time as I sampled her flawless flesh. When I got to the bright tuft of hair over her panty line, I took it in my mouth and pulled, making her lift up so I could get the barrier out of my way.

She had a heavy musky scent as her moist lips came into view. I didn’t hesitate as I rooted around; looking for the nubbin I knew would bring her pleasure. I might have been unskilled at this, but then again, being a woman, I know where another woman will fell pleasure.

“You don’t…” She hissed as I found her clit. “Oh, don’t stop…” She shuttered as I licked and sucked her throbbing hooded pea. “Finger me…. Please….” She gasped as I got into a good rhythm. Following her request, I took my right index and middle finger and parted the core of her heated sex.

Putting them in, she lurched against my face and moaned. “Oh yeah, oh yeah, more… give me more.” She panted as I started feeling small little tremors through her body. Wishing for nothing more than giving her the same feeling she gave me. I slid in my ring finger as she undulated, moving my fingers in and out of her. I had to lean up on my other elbow to keep her clit between my lips.

“More, sweetie, give me ore… Ohmygggg you feel so good, give it to me…. Give me it all.” Her breathing became labored as I slid my pinky in her. I don’t know how they all fit; she was squeezing them so tight. I leaned back to look, rubbing her clit with my thumb as she reached down and folded my thumb into my palm. She was so wet, there wasn’t any resistance as all of a sudden, my hand slid into her and she called out.

“OH YES…! That’s it…. Now curve your fingers I’m… I’m …!” She flung her head back as I tried to do what she wanted. I ended up curling my fingers into a fist and as she thrust down. My whole hand slipped inside her with a pop. She went ballistic. I thought she would break my arm as I tried to hold it still and not hurt her. I felt a hard spot on my first knuckle and twisted my wrist to avoid hurting her. It had an effect I never knew possible.

“Lick me, lick my pussy… eat me… oh yeah…!” She panted.

Leaning down, I captured her nub and got a shower for my effort. As soon as my lips locked on her sex, she started spraying my face with her liquid. Her grunts and moans were so loud they had to be able to hear them a mile away. I did the best I could to ride it out with her until suddenly, she collapsed.

It startled me at first. One second she screeching in climax and then I could barely see her chest move with her breathing. As carefully as I could, I pulled my hand back, trying to extricate it from her body. I watched in awe as she jerked a little and oozed more cum as I pulled my hand out.

I flexed my hand as I went into the closet to get us a towel. I never knew a woman could cum so much. By the time I got back, she was sleeping peacefully as I cleaned her up. Putting the towel under me, I snuggled next to my new lover and dozed, happy in the knowledge that I had given her pleasure.

I don’t know how much later it was, but I kept wanting to swat away the constant buzzing that kept waking me up. I had hoped it wouldn’t start again, after it stopped as I cuddled back into Belinda. I couldn’t help it, her nipples looks so good, I had to taste again.

Belinda’s eyes fluttered open and the damn buzzing started again. “What timesit?” She muttered into my hair.

“Don’t know, don’t care.” I said as I nibbled.

“I could get behind that.” She sighed and shifted her weight. “OH SHIT…! Let me up sweetheart, I’ve got to go. The store…!” She jumped up and scrambled to the bathroom. Ten seconds later, just barely covered by her dress, she bolted to the back door. I heard voices and I wonder what was going on. Taking a chance, I listed at the stairs.

“I’m sorry, I over slept… If it’s not busy, go ahead and close early. I’ll be down as soon as I can.” She told whoever was at the door and handed them the big set of keys she always had. As she came back up, I looked at her with love filled eyes and asked.

“Are you in trouble?” I softly stroked her as she passed.

“Not really, but Kyle is pissed. Not that it’s anything new for him.” She stretched. “He said he had been buzzing the bell for a half an hour.”

“Oh, sorry, I didn’t know what it was. I just ignored it and snuggled you.” I stepped closer to her and put my arm around her.

“My aren’t we insatiable…?” She smiled down at me and sniffed. “We need a bath.” She smiled again and pulled me into her shower and turned on the water.

I jumped at the cold water as it hit my skin. After a second it started warming up as she pulled out her shampoo and washed my hair. The water was cold again by the time we were clean and relaxed.

“For someone who is still technically a virgin, you sure caught on fast.” She breathed into my hair as I hugged her. “I have to go to work. Can I see you tonight?” She asked uncertain what would happen now that we would be separated and I had time to think things over.

“I could come into the store.” I said, not moving from her arms.

“No, I’m sorry but if you showed up at work, I wouldn’t get anything done. I will call you if we close early, but I need you to take some time and think this through.” She said hugging me tight.

“Okay, I will.” I said sadly, hoping I wasn’t some kind of one night stand. “I’ll be here at closing.”

“If not, just give me a call.” Belinda said before letting me go. “You’d better go before I change my mind” She kissed me hard and swatted my butt, sending me down her stairs.


Since I didn’t have that much to think over, I went to my room and crashed. I set my alarm for an hour before the book store closed. I did wonder if it was the same way for my mother. Did she find love in the arms of a woman after her first time?

As I dreamt, no longer did Michelle haunt my dreams. Now I had someone else who consumed my mind. As I took my second shower of the day, I wondered about her technically a virgin comment. I also wondered if she expected me to be able to fit her long hand inside me during sex. It didn’t matter. Since I loved her, I would do what it took to keep my lover happy.

When I showed up at the store, I wanted nothing more than to go up and give her a great big kiss. I knew she saw me, because she smiled at me. I did take a step back from the warning in her eyes. In the fifteen minutes it took her to close, I wondered if she now felt like I was a mistake.

I know I shouldn’t have worried about it, but you have to remember I was still new to this. Trust me; I know from the experience of friends, that love didn’t always flow both ways. Just because I was head over heels in love with her, didn’t mean she felt the same about me.

As soon as the door was locked and the lights out, she spun me around and showed me what she felt. My head was still spinning when her lips captured mine. After we kissed and until the chill of the heater being off got to us, we kissed. She pulled me toward the back stairs, but I couldn’t wait any longer.

I pushed her against the railing and dove under her dress. In seconds, I had her panties pushed to the side and my nose buried in her damp pussy. Taking two fingers, I slid them inside her and licked her clit until I felt her stiffen up.

“Easy sweetheart, I’m still tender from last night.” She said in a pant, as I finger fucked my lover. After she coated my face with her juice, I licked my fingers and stood up.

“Yummy.” I smiled impishly.

“Damn, I almost convinced myself that last night was a dream.” She pushed her dress down. “You sure you’ve thought this through?” She asked quietly.

“What’s to think through? I fell in love with the most beautiful person in the world and we made love until we passed out.” I said as I nipped her chin.

“You weren’t freaked out?” She asked as I saw her pulse pound in her neck.

“By what…? It’s getting cold, can we make it upstairs before I strip you right here and lick you until you scream?” I gave her my best naughty girl look and batted my eyes.

“Please don’t bat the ‘Love’ word around unless you mean it.” She said as she turned and pushed me upstairs.

“Okay.” I said and waited for her to open the door.

“Okay what…?” She said as she tossed her big bag on the end of the couch.

“Okay, I won’t toss the love word around unless I mean it…. I mean it. I love you! I’ve been falling for you since the second time we saw each other. You’re a great friend and a better lover. I’ve waited twenty years to give myself to someone and that someone is you. If I’m still ‘technically a virgin’, it’s because my lover hasn’t taken my cherry yet. But it’s yours to take.” I said in all seriousness.

“Wow… um … wow…. I don’t know what to say to that.” I knew I stunned her as her knees went weak. “I need a minute… I never thought. I’d hoped but never thought… and you weren’t freaked out by me wanting you to….” She was for the first time since I’ve know her speechless.

“What…? Make you cum, lick you as you sprayed my face, and made you cum so hard you passed out?” I said tilting my head trying to figure out what she was so afraid of.

“Fisting me…!” She blurted. “I loved it when you had your whole fist in me, making me cum.” She blushed a pretty pink.

“If that what my lover wants? Isn’t it in my best interest to know what turns my lover on? As long as I was making you happy, I was happy. I came while I was making you cum. It was such a turn on. Although the squirting was a bit… well I’ve heard of it but never. But still, I loved the fact that it was me making you… taking you there.” I said trying to put my feelings into words.

“I’ve never done that before.” She smiled shyly. “I was so turned on when you showed up, I knew if you kissed me, I’d cum on the spot, and that’s bad for business.”

“Why…?” I asked as I sat next to her on the couch.

“They have to think that they have at least a chance. I mean you’ve seen them drool and stumble over themselves trying to get next to me. I just used it to help my business.’ She said with a confused look on her face.

“Your business…?” I asked looking into her eyes.

“Shit…. I didn’t… hell the cat’s out of the bag now. At least you told me you love me before you knew.” Belinda said and started ringing her hands. “Yeah, I um own the book store I just don’t work there.” I could feel the fear radiating off her.

“Oh… I didn’t know. I just thought… I mean I know you’re always there. I just thought you needed the money.”

She laughed. “That’s the last thing I need. I bought it when I graduated from… well someone who taught me what it was like to really learn. And to give back.”

“Your first lover…?” I said knowing I was right.

“That too…. Her and Mrs. Fairchild.” She said looking for my reaction.

“Do you still see Mrs. Fairchild?” I asked a bit frosty.

“No… I’m not into the things she is. It was an education, but still…. She opened my eyes to a lot of things.” Belinda said with a faraway look in her beautiful eyes.

“Okay… that I can work with.” I said and leaned into her. “Just tell me if I’m some fling. I rather know now, than really open my heart to have it broken.” I said softly, hoping she wouldn’t break it now.

“What about children?” She asked seriously. “What if we do stay together? What about children? There is only one way I know of getting pregnant. Well there is the turkey plunger method, but its cost prohibitive and I rather know who the father is anyway.”

“So you would want to have sex with a guy to get pregnant?” I asked, not knowing if I could do that for her.

“No sweetheart, I can’t have kids. I had a bad fever when I was a kid and the oven is closed, according to the doctors. You… you would have to bring the kids in. I want kids.”

“Do we have to talk about this now? I just realized in the last twenty four hours that I was in love and want to be with you. This is a bit much right now.” I said my head spinning.

“I’m sorry sweetheart; I’m just over compensating because you’ve shocked me. It’s a bad habit of mine.” She kissed my head. “If I feel threatened, I use logic and worse case scenarios to push people away.”

“Can’t I just love you and see where it goes from there?” I asked confused.

“Damn, even after all that, you can still say you love me and have it show in your eyes. I’m not sure what to do with that.” She bit her lip.

“Just love me back or let me know if you don’t.” I took another chance and reached up and stroked her face.


So started my love life with Belinda. It might not have been the best start, but it was a start. All I knew was every time we made love, I fell deeper and deeper. She taught and I learned.

I learned that she didn’t like fisting all the time, but just once in a while when she was really wound up. I also learned that I could make her cum without touching her at all. All I had to do was flash my wet panties at her while she tried to keep it together at work and after a few minutes, I would see her shake and knew when she got home, I’d have a musky pussy to clean up.

I had basically moved out of the house and was staying at Belinda’s apartment except when I had to do a sorority thing. Then I acted like the doting freshman I was and did what my older sisters demanded.

Then came the plans for Christmas. I had started talking to Tony on a more regular basis and he came up with the idea of the video chat for mom. I was all for it now that Belinda had opened my eyes to the love mom shared with Michelle. How could I deny them the happiness I craved with my lover?

I guess you could say we all got what we wanted that year. Mom and Michelle traded wedding rings, Tony got to see me make mom happy, and I finally lost my virginity to my lover.

It’s funny the way it happened. We had swapped gifts earlier and Belinda kept teasing me with mine. She got me a cute pink double headed toy. She said if she got to fuck me, then I should be able to fuck her at the same time.

We had to do something to stay awake. It started innocently. She started wiggling my toy as I tried to set up the camera. I, of course, wasn’t going to let her get away with that, so I tickled her until she was crying happy tears. Then one thing led to another and we were making love.

I had made her cum and she was trying not to. So, she pinned me down and started teasing me. I didn’t know she had the toy until I felt it at my lips. The next thing I know she kisses me hard and I felt it break through my barrier.

She kept kissing me as I got over the pain then started to slowly move it in and out. She was sucking both my nipples when I finally tumbled over to orgasm. If you want to know the truth, she was sitting naked across the room from me as I watched my mom give Michelle her ring. Belinda was just off camera, licking her lips, and showing me her wet pussy, teasing me as I tried to keep my attention to what was happening at home.

As soon as I sighed off, I jumped her, fisting her until she couldn’t move for teasing me while I was on the computer. To be honest I thought life couldn’t get any better. I loved her and she loved me and the world kept spinning.


Then spring break happened. Belinda had to stay at the store and do some family things she told me. I was happy to stay with her, but my house was going to an east coast beach. Belinda told me that it was okay to go and even packed my stuff for me.

Okay, so here’s the truth. In point of fact, we had a big, fat, hairy, fight. To be honest, I was ready to move in with her, take a trip to New Jersey, where marriage is legal for us, and live happily ever after, with the love of my life.

She kept telling me that I need to make sure. That I needed to do some experimentation, and to sow my wild oats, explore my sexuality. I got sick and tired of it. I was also done with not being able to give her a kiss after a long hard day when I came into the store. I told her if she didn’t want me, then just tell me and quit making all these stupid fucking excuses.

Then she went into this speech of how I was so new and to make sure that this is what I wanted etc…. Then she stepped in it. She said something stupid about my mom probably having more than one lover before she got married.

I slapped her back with, “As far as I know, my mom has made love with two people in her life. My dad and Michelle and she married both. We don’t give ourselves to people we don’t love.” And packed my stuff. Her apartment was decidedly less cluttered when I told her if that’s what she wants, then that’s what she’ll get.

So there I was, on the perfect beach, in the perfect suit, on a perfect day, and I was miserable. I was with my house sisters, pretending to have fun, when they walked by. Yeah it was spring break, so all the beaches were full of college students blowing off some steam.

If I wasn’t feeling so alone, I never would have gone out with them. But hey, I was here to experience life to the fullest. After the first night, Mike, who was the perfect gentleman, walked me back to my room to make sure I got back safely. So, I figured if I was going to hang out with a guy, Mike seemed like the perfect sort.

Again, long story short…. By the end of the week, we were an item. On the second to the last night there, I had too much to drink, missed Belinda too much, and Mike and I ended up in bed together. To be blunt, we fucked like bunnies. Neither one were walking straight when we finished.

We kissed at the bus, exchanged information, realized we weren’t that far from each other and went back to school. As far as the sex went, it was sex. Tab D inserted into slot P, move vigorously, and repeat as necessary. It was fun. It relieved stress, and filled the void in my heart.

You see in my family you really can’t just have sex with someone. The heart has to be involved or it just doesn’t work. Of course I felt so guilty on the ride home. I didn’t know what to do with myself. So being hurt, I just stayed away.

I mean I didn’t leave my room except to go to class. I didn’t talk to anyone other than my mom via text, my brother, and on occasion, Mike. With Mike, well since we were involved, I did spend some weekends at his dorm and yes, we made love. One time it was actually good enough to make me cry.

Him being a male, he was shocked and bugged me about what was wrong, until I told him. He was shocked, but made a good recovery. He told me as long as I was honest with him, he could handle it. I felt a little relieved and went back to my school.

For those of you who are looking for some lurid details of our sex. I’m sorry; I’m just not that imaginative. It was sex. The biggest variation was who was on top. He couldn’t eat pussy to save his life and I much rather be licking pussy than sucking on his dick. So, okay, there it is in a nut shell.

Anyway, I finally had a paper due that I didn’t have a choice but to go to the book store. I hoped that Belinda was off that day, but knew better. I mean, I was one of the few who actually knew she owned the place. So, I set my face and went in like nothing was wrong.

I was lucky, she wasn’t in the front. So, I quickly grabbed the book I needed and looked for a hidden corner. I shut out the whispers and hit the tomes. I sighed as the volume went down and read that book like my life depended on it. I guess I felt her before her shadow crossed the book, but I refused to look up.

“I’m sorry miss, but this section is closed.” I heard her sweet voice and wanted to cry. Didn’t she know how much I loved her? “If you would follow me please…?” Biting my lip, I tried not to look at her as I followed her long dress. I gasped when I realized where she was taking me. We were in the center of her store when she asked. “Will you please look at me?” I couldn’t resist her voice, so I looked up. I saw the tears in her eyes as she tried to remain calm. “Do you still love me?” She asked.

The cold shell around my heart shattered. “Yes….” I got out before she captured my lips. Instinct took over as I wrapped my arms around her. I think would have stood there forever if we didn’t hear.

“Damn dude; we should have come here a long time ago. I didn’t know they had a floor show. That’s fucking hot!” Yeah, it was footballer’s night. She pulled me behind her as we headed to the back study. As soon as we were in, she slammed the door and locked it. It was all over but the loving.

We were on each other like… like lovers in heat. It was hot passionate, loud and quick, as we found the spots our lover liked. In less than five minutes, we were both cumming. Her face was buried in my pussy as I tried to get my hand shoved up her while licking her to climax. After we shuttered to a mutual orgasm, we flipped, facing the other and cried.

After we were finally able to pull ourselves together, she refused to let go of my hand as we went out and were met by applause. “I’m sorry people, but my girlfriend and I have been separated for awhile. She just came back. We’ll try and not make a habit of this, but you know how love is.” She smiled as I blushed.

That night, after making love again, we had it out. She told me that she did love me, but was scared that I would leave her. So, she started taking preemptive measures. I loved it when she tried to be so rational about it. When it was my turn, I had to tell her about Mike. After a long talk, she admitted that if I did end up with him, it was no one’s fault but her own. She also swore we would try and work things out between us.

That was two weeks before finals. If you’ve had finals, you know that nothing but studying was going on until I had passed all my tests. I didn’t even have time to text mom or Mike. So in the two days before I had to fly home, I tried to talk to Mike and Belinda. Each told me that as long as I didn’t lie about it, they were cool with me having the other for a lover. I wondered if we could get together and see where things could go. I mean my heart was saying it might be a good thing to have both of my lovers together.

They were dragging their feet. So, you know me, I threw a hissy fit with both of them. I told them that they could think about it while I was visiting home. I told them both that I loved them and that I would be back. Belinda went with me to the airport and I gave her a kiss and told her that I loved her, before I had to go through security.

The four hours on the plane, I had a lot of time to think about how I could greet Michelle. I’d been such a bitch; I had to find a way to make it up to her. It was to my great delight, to find them kissing as they waited for me. I was like ‘Oh my Goddess,’ to know what it meant to be loved like that.

I know I must have sounded like a babbling idiot as I told them my problem, but I needed advice. Then to have Tony tell me about his older lover, I knew it was going to be an interesting summer. That’s when it hit me that no matter what the cost, it’s the love that rules my family.


The cost:

Here it would be nice to say that everything went swimmingly and we all lived happily ever after. Sorry folks, this is real life. Oh things at home were great, but I was missing my lovers by the second week.

It took me that long to convince Belinda that she had to come out and meet the family. I didn’t have the same luck with Mike. It seems like he had his summer filled with work and couldn’t get away. At first I was hurt, but then as Tony would say, I got to the point of ‘Sorry about your luck!’ as I made love to Belinda in my own room, knowing my mom and Michelle were doing the same thing under us.

I felt sorry for Tony. He was on the none plan until Missy was on the pill. She was allergic to condoms, so that wasn’t an option. Belinda and I thought it was just trying not to tie him down, so he could go to college and make a life for himself.

As they say in stories, the curtain falls and time passes. The summer was over before any of us wanted it to. But, like I said, this is life. Belinda had to work, Tony had to choose a good business college, and I had to decide if I was going to become an inactive sister and move in with Belinda while I finished school.

Then there was Mike. Yeah Mike, the one thing that could bind us or destroy us. We had agreed that we would try it once and see what happened. I knew in my heart that Belinda was doing this for me. It made me love her all the more.

I don’t know what Mike thought about it, but he was up for the idea of a weekend away where we could all meet. Registration was done and the weeks had been finished. I found a nice quiet secluded resort for all of us to meet. I got adjoining room just in case. I met with Mike as Belinda had to make sure Kyle had his own set of keys.

To put it bluntly, I had arraigned for the best bar I could as I plied Belinda with wine and Mike, a prime single malt whisky that Grandpa Harold recommended. Again, it was sex. We all had sex.

The only really exciting part was as I was on my hands and knees, as Mike was fucking me from behind, Belinda scooted under me and found my clit. Since she was so well acquainted with it, she sent me over the moon. I was a quivering mass of goo as Mike shot his load into my unprotected womb.

Yes, I had ulterior motives… I mean if this was the only time we would do this. I did want to give Belinda the children she requested. I knew Mike was clean, so Belinda didn’t use protection either. Yes, I repaid the favor, as Mike took her. I mean it was my Belinda. I loved her so much I would give her anything. The alcohol helped with that little part of my heart that didn’t want to share her.

That weekend was equal parts booze, babes, and sex for Mike. When he was too tired to go on. We would go into the other room and have some alone time. Mostly we just talked as we cuddled. We figured it this way, if this is what it took to make the other happy, then we were willing to try.

Mike, being a guy, was all for another weekend. I mean to have two sexy women at his disposal had to be an ego booster. As it turned out, it was too much of an ego boost. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Like I said, to stay in college, there is a huge amount of studying. Once you are on the Dean’s list, everyone expects you to stay there. That meant the teachers expected you to do better and more. Add to that, as the weeks passed it felt like I had constant stomach flu.

The first chance I got, I went to Mike’s college to see if we could all get together again. To be honest, I felt like shit. So did Belinda. We figured this would be the real test. To see if he could be a supportive part of our relationship. I know I messaged him when I expected to arrive.

So, since he had given me a key, I didn’t think about it. It was in the middle of the day. There wasn’t a sock on the door, so I opened it. I about fainted. Let me tell you what I found, because it took me awhile to figure it all out.

Mike was naked standing with his back to the door, flexing his hips. Then I saw them. After Mike there was this blonde flailing like a fish out of water. Under her was Mike’s roommate. As it soaked into my brain, I was able to discern that she was urging them on… telling Mike to fuck her tight ass as his roommate tried to rip her tits off and fucked her pussy. I even got to see the grad finish as she looked over and saw me. I think they all came out of shock.

Me, I just slammed the door and headed back to the train station. I never ran so fast. I knew Mike didn’t have a chance of finding me before I was on the train back home. I was a blubbering mess by the time I climbed the stairs. Belinda saw me and was there in seconds, holding me and asking what was wrong.

It took some time for me to tell her. I mean it only had been a month since we gave that asshole every guy’s dream, if all those porno books are to be believed. I shared the most sacred thing in my life and he wasn’t anything but a fucking cheat.

He had to know how long it took me to get back. I had just finished telling Belinda about what I saw when the phone rang. If was him, of course. I listened to him try and tell me that he hadn’t cheated, that it was me who wanted an open relationship and he didn’t see anything wrong with further experimentation with other people.

“I thought you loved me…!” I screamed at him. “I was trying to make you a part of something special and you took it as license to fuck around. I want us, as in all of us, to be in a committed relationship with each other. I don’t want a fucking open relationship. I wanted the two people I love, to love each other so we could make a family together. You fucking idiot! Never call here again.” I threw the phone across the room and it shattered against the wall. I collapsed in Belinda’s arms and wept uncontrollably. How could he betray us like that?

“It’s okay… it will be okay….” Belinda told me as she held me. “He’s just a man. His dick got hard and he couldn’t think. We’re better without him. I love you.” She rubbed my back as I cried a river.

After I calmed down, Belinda had to go back to work. I spent the weekend tossing cookies as Belinda looked green and tried to keep her stomach under control. We decided it would be a good idea to get ourselves tested to make sure he hadn’t cheated before we allowed him to be with us.

She and I made joint appointments, so we could be there if something was wrong. I know they had to know we were a couple since we refused to let the other go in unescorted. After an hour of waiting, the doctor pulled us back into his office. He looked grim as he told us to sit.

“What’s the verdict doc?” Belinda asked. “Did we miss the bullet?” She tried to smile.

“Um well, that depends… um, well there are no STI’s, but there is…. Were you trying to get pregnant Miss Walters?”

“What…? I can’t get pregnant. Are you sure you got the right test?” She looked like she would pass out.

“And you, Miss Burris? Did your partner know you were having sex with a man?” He went on uncomfortably. “I mean you are both about six weeks pregnant… did you do this on purpose?” He shuffled the paperwork. “This is why we usually do this in private.” He said not looking at them.

“We… We’re pregnant…?” I asked stunned.

“But I can’t. I was told I’m sterile, I never thought… are you sure?” Belinda asked.

“Well, we could do a blood serum test, but these new tests are just as accurate. Have either of you been feeling sick to the stomach, sore or tender breasts, a heavy discharge, tired? When was your last period?” He asked ticking off the symptoms of his fingers.

“I thought it was a virus or the flu. I’m in school and carrying a full load.”

“Well you are definitely carrying…” He smiled at his own joke. “And Miss Walters, I don’t have your file, but the body is a wondrous thing. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard someone who thought they couldn’t have kids, getting pregnant. I was just wondering about the dates. I know many couples like yourself, who have gone the insimation route. I was just wondering….”

“Oh wow, um, yeah, um….” I stammered “what do we do now?”

“Well, I can suggest some good OBGYN’s. You need to get an appointment as soon as you can. Until then, you can take some over the counter vitamins and extra iron. It’s early in both of your pregnancies. You’re both young and healthy. So, I don’t foresee any problems. But it’s always best to be under a physician’s care.” He said like he was reading it off a cue card.

I think we were in shock as we tried to understand the test results. We didn’t say anything as we got on the bus back to our apartment. Belinda looked like she wanted to say something, but she’d open her mouth and nothing would come out. To be honest I wasn’t much better. I mean, yeah sure I had thought about if I was to get pregnant. But it never crossed my mind that she would… and at the same time.

My next thought was if I had to go through this, there wasn’t anyone I rather go through it with. I just hoped my lover felt the same way. I figured I would give Belinda some time to processes this, but she beat me to the punch.

As soon as we closed the door she asked. “What are we going to do?” She was almost in tears. Happy or sad tears I didn’t know.

“Well… to me it’s simple. We um, call our parents, drop the bomb and then invite them to our wedding. I continue school and we work through this, as a couple, one day at a time.” I hugged her.

“Goddess I wish it was that simple. What about Mark?”

“Mike… his name was Mike.”

“Whoever, what are we going to do about him? We can’t hide it from him. What if he tries to take our babies? What then…?”

At least she was thinking ours. “I don’t know. With his new found sexual freedom, I don’t think he’ll want to be strapped down to two different mothers of two different children. Two sets of support payments. It doesn’t go with the vision of his free experimental sexuality. At least he didn’t give us the crud.” To say we were overwhelmed would have been a major understatement.


Okay, since it’s almost dinner time, I’ll just sum-up what happened after that.

First, we called my mom and Michelle. Michelle was a great resource of information. Mom couldn’t stop crying and Tony and Missy couldn’t stop laughing.

Second, we double teamed Mike and gave him a choice. Since we knew the children were his, it took his paternity complaints out of the equation. He could sign away his parental rights, or we would go after support. I know it was mean, but neither Belinda nor I wanted him coming back and causing problems. As far as we’re concerned, the whole reason the Goddess put him in our life, was to give us the children we’re supposed to have. After talking it over with whoever he talked to, he signed away his rights.

Third, Belinda let Kyle have the apartment over the store. I was concerned at first. When I asked her where we were going to live, all she said was.

“Sweetie, my parents are financially secure… um like on a first name basis with Bill Gates secure. In other words Love, their rich. Daddy bought me the store for a graduation gift. I’ve shown a profit since I re-opened the doors. Money isn’t the problem. Getting you through graduation is.” Then she showed me her plan. So, that took care of that.

Now the bad:

Grammy and Grandpa Harold lived long enough to see their great-grand kids. They even saw Tony and I graduate, get married, and helped Tony settle in as the new head of the business. They even made it to the birth of Tony and Missy’s second child. Then they went on a trip, and never came home. Their plane went down. All they could find was the wreckage.

Belinda’s parents didn’t exactly abandon her, but it was a close thing. The only saving grace was the kids. It meant another generation of Walters running around. Other than that, we could feel their dislike of our marriage.

Oh, just to clear up any misconceptions, we took each other names when we got married. I’m Kimberly Meghan Burris-Walters, and she is Belinda Marie Walters-Burris. Our children are Harold Anthony Walters-Burris, and Linda Michelle Burris-Walters. We are known as the Burris-Walters clan. There is no mistaking our children for brother and sister.

After Grammy died, Mom stopped working at the office. She and Michelle put all their efforts into the dress shop. They sold the houses and found something closer to the shop. They celebrated their tenth anniversary by taking a long cruise together.

I gave Tony our father’s bed. He and Missy needed it more than we did while he was in college. We bought a huge King sized bed that you can generally find our kids sneaking into and cuddling us to go to sleep.

So there you have it. The good, bad, and ugly; of how I went from a screaming, homophobic, cretin to a happily married lesbian with children. I hope it clears things up for you, because Belinda is cooking dinner with little Linda and I need to be there to make sure they don’t burn the house down.

And yes, it is worth the cost to have a love like ours every day.


Author’s notes:

Do to the many requessts I’ve recieved to tell Kim’s story, here it is. To be honest I did it as an excercise in writing. I had to have the story complete in fifteen thousand words. No more, no less. Also, I decided to go with just one editor, Ekmathean, to finish this work and get it posted. I think there might be some issues with all the file transfers when I copy and post to this site. The most irritating are the he to she, or as to and. there are a few others that have been pointed out, but such is life.

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