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Loved by Late Mom’s Dear Friend

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Brad was an only child. He was six years old when his mom, Karoline, died in an accident. He had fond memories of his mom, especially of the one summer he spent in Northern California at her family’s beach-front home. Often, he looked at a photo taken on a beach that showed him being hugged by his mother and a woman with long neck and legs. The woman called him, Berde, a Danish name. After his father remarried, he did not have a good relationship with his step mother, Brigitte. He saw her as an immature and selfish woman.

Brad was a good student and had a part time job as soon as he could work; he also got interested in computer networks. However, he did not have enough confidence to convince beautiful girls to go out with him. On his 18th birthday, Jenny, a member of the school swimming team, let him see her pussy; it was a beautiful narrow slit covered with light growth of brown hair. When he reached to touch it, she pushed his hand away.


Brad had a good friend, Tim Taylor, who was a year older than him and a grade ahead; often, he hung out at Tim’s home. Tim’s dad drove a long-distance truck and was away from home quite often. After staying home for several years, Tim’s mom decided to accompany her husband on long hauls. Fortunately, Flo, her mom, agreed to live in her home. Flo, who was accompanied by Vyron Hall, took care of Tim; she also made Brad feel welcome when he came to visit Tim. Brad assumed Flo and Vyron, who seemed to be much older than her, were married. Most of the time, Vyron sat in a La-Z-Boy chair in front of the TV.

Flo kept the modest house immaculately clean and was active all the time. In the backyard, either she worked in a small garden or sat on the large bench-type swing at one end of the patio and read romance novels or magazines. Brad helped her remove weeds, carry loads of soil, and water her plants. Occasionally, she invited him to go with her either to the grocery store or a nearby shopping mall; afterwards, she and Brad would have a soda or cup of coffee. When she went out, Flo wore Capri pants and a tight blouse, and looked attractive. Brad liked her because she reminded him of his kind grandma and was affectionate to him; soon, she invited him to Sunday dinners with her family. Couple of times, when Tim was not around, Brad saw her eyeing his muscled upper arms and chest; later she rubbed his thighs surreptitiously when he sat next to her. He stole glances at her lovely face and big bosom. Because she was Tim’s grandma, he did not think there would be romance between them.

After Brad graduated from high school, Flo said to him, “You should go to college. It will help you in the long run.” Brad said, “It costs too much. I can not afford it.” She said, “You’re a smart young man, you can find a way.” On his 19th birthday, she baked a chocolate cake; Tim and his girl friend, Myra, also were on hand for the celebration. After he blew the candle flames off, Flo hugged him tightly, kissed him on his lips, and said, “Congratulations and many happy returns. You’re going to be a good man.” Blushing from the tight embrace and kiss, he mumbled, “Thank you.” For the first time, Brad became fully aware that Flo, about 5ft 3in and 130 lb, was a voluptuous woman: blonde curly hair, large blue eyes, small nose and mouth, and full lips.

They were on the patio and Flo, who was sipping Zinfandel wine, put on a CD of her favorite songs from the 70s. Soon, Tim started dancing with Myra and said, “Brad, dance with Flo; she’s a good dancer.” Indeed, Flo was a good dancer. Brad noticed she had on a pink tight, sleeve-less, blouse that showed her cleavage, a short floral cotton skirt, black stockings, and high-heel sandals, and large dangling ear rings and a three-strand necklace.

After dancing to two songs, they heard Vyron call from the living room. While Flo was attending to him, Tim and Myra left after wishing him a ‘Happy Birthday.’ Brad was thinking about going home when Flo returned. Noticing she looked concerned, he asked, “Are you ok? Is Vyron ok?” Softly, she said, “I’m ok, but worried about Vyron. He is drinking too much beer and refuses to exercise.” Brad offered her his hankie to wipe her tears and said, “Let me know if I can help. You know I care for you.”

Flo smiled and said, “I gave Vyron his medication; he is resting. I guess Tim and Myra went out. If you don’t mind dancing with an old lady, I’ll put on another CD.” Boldly, he said, “You’re not old; you’re a beautiful woman. You can be my date tonight.” She giggled and blushed, and put her hands around his neck. He held her close to his chest as they began to slow dance; in turn, she pushed her chest in to Brad and put her head on his shoulder. He became aware of the scent of perfume on her cleavage and her large boobs pressing in to him. He rubbed her smooth, bare upper arms, and kissed her cleavage for several minutes. She worried for an instant that she had not shaved her underarms for couple of days. She held his face and, after French kissing him passionately, asked, “Do you want more cake?” He said, “Sure.”

Smiling, Flo returned with a piece of cake on a paper plate, led Brad to the large swing on the patio. After they sat in it, boldly she sat in his lap, put a small piece of it in her mouth, and French kissed him while pushing some of the cake with her tongue in to his mouth. When she stopped kissing him and was giggling happily, Brad whispered, “More cake, please,” and again, she French kissed him with her mouth full of cake.

Brad tried to unzip her blouse, but Flo said, “I had a long day. I like to watch TV for a while before sleeping.” Smiling, she added, “I will be working in the garden tomorrow after lunch. Again, Happy Birthday.”


The next day was a warm Sunday. Flo showered, and shaved her legs and arm pits for Brad. She was sure that Vyron would sleep for about an hour while she let Brad neck with her. Brad knew Flo would be working on her flower beds; he recalled her words, ‘after lunch.’ Early in the afternoon, he went in to the backyard without entering her house. After he turned a corner, he saw she was at the back of her flower garden. His cock stirred when he saw she was dressed in short denim shorts, a low-cut pink tank top, a wide-brim straw hat, and sunglasses. At that moment he hoped fervently that he would have the opportunity to fuck Flo at least once.

When she saw him, she said, “I’m glad to see you. I hope you don’t mind my skimpy clothes but it’s a warm day.” Brad handed her the single long-stem red rose he bought and muttered, “You look fabulous. I also put on a tank top and shorts.”

She said, “Thanks for the rose. Love your muscular arms and thighs. Please dump this cart of weeds and bring two glasses of ice tea from the patio. I need a break.” He blushed realizing that granny Flo liked his body and mumbled, “Thanks,” and hauled away the cart of weeds.

She took the glass of ice tea he brought, walked to a bench under a large oak tree, and nudged him to sit on it. As she stood smiling in front of him, he saw she had on wire-rimmed glasses, and costume ear rings and necklace. But, he was strongly attracted to her sexy cleavage and chest, and smooth bare arms; her cleavage was sexier than Jenny’s. Slowly, she sat in Brad’s lap, and cooed, “I love your muscular body,” and rubbed his bare upper arms and tank top-covered chest. Softly, she mumbled, “It’s been so long, very long,” as she continued to rub his muscled chest. She then hugged him tightly and initiated a French kiss that lasted a minute; she followed it with another while slowly swaying her crotch on his now hardened cock.

In turn, Brad rubbed her bare upper arms, and planted many kisses on them and her lightly perfumed neck. When he tried to lift up her tank top and remove it, Flo held his hands firmly, and said, “I can’t be top less with Vyron at home during day time.” Disappointed, Brad mumbled, “I just want to fondle them; they look so sexy underneath the tank top. Sorry, if I —.” Flo put a finger on his lips, and cooed, “No need to apologize. I put on a tank top to look good for you. I understand a young guy wanting to touch my big boobs. I’m glad you like them. It’s only fair you touch them,” and reaching behind her back, she unhooked the bra clasp, removed her bra, and laid it aside. Brad saw her boobs drooped and jiggled sexily underneath the tank top.

She took his hands, placed them on her boobs, and cooed, “Go ahead, play with them.” When he grasped both of her boobs, his cock jerked uncontrollably in his shorts. Flo moaned with pleasure when he gently tweaked her nipples. When she leaned forward and French kissed him, it was the first time in his young life that he French kissed a woman while holding her boobs in his hands. She said softly. “Let’s take a walk,” and giggled happily when Brad did not let go of her boobs and kept kissing her neck.

She stood up and holding his hand led him further in to the back yard; he followed her until she stopped and bent down to look at new plant buds. When he touched her shorts-clad-wide buttocks, she looked up and smiled at him. She giggled when he pulled her up and held her tightly from behind; when he put his hands underneath her tank top and grasped her soft boobs, she lifted her arms and put her hands around his neck, and he planted many kisses on the nape of her neck, shoulders, and under arms. When he whispered, “Love your smooth under arms,” she turned to face him and lifted her arms. Happily, Brad kissed both of her underarms and arm pits.

After they sat on a bench, she said, “I’ve been a passionate woman since my teen age. I first fell in love with a young man; he went to fight in Vietnam and was killed there. Soon afterwards, Ted Hall came courting me. He matched my passion. He died in a motor cycle accident five years ago.” After a long pause, she added, “Now, you are bringing out my feelings. Don’t you see I’m an old woman?” Brad said earnestly, “Honestly, I see you as a sexy woman. I have not met a girl I liked as much as I like you. I want to love you.”

After a long pause, Flo said, “I’m glad you want me.” Then in a firm tone, added, “You can be my lover. But, we can meet only when it is safe. I don’t want Vyron to ever find out I’ve taken a lover.” As she spoke, Brad could see determination in her big blue eyes behind the wire-rimmed glasses.

Slowly, Flo pulled Brad’s hands off of her boobs and said, “I have to check on Vyron. Meanwhile, please move a bag of soil by the rose bushes,” and walked away. Several minutes later, she returned and said, “He drank little bit of apple juice. He did not recognize me again; may be he has Alzheimer’s. He is resting comfortably. He has a check up next week.”

Somehow, Brad had the presence of mind to say, “You did not say who Vyron is?” She stopped, turned, and said, “I’ll tell you one day, I promise.”


Brad knew Flo would be busy taking care of Vyron and did not try to see her. Two weeks later, while working at the drive through window of Chicken Nuggets, a fast-food restaurant, he heard a familiar voice ask for Special #4. He was delighted and surprised to see Flo drive her large sedan to the window. Even though she wore dark glasses and covered her hair with a red scarf, he recognized her. She had on a light white jacket, red tank top, red stockings, and white shorts. As she paid for her food, Brad whispered to her, “I’m done here in couple of minutes. Pull over to the side. I’ll bring your order.”

After Brad changed in to shorts and tee shirt, he went to Flo’s car, settled in the passenger seat, and hugged her. Earnestly, he said, “You look gorgeous in red and white. Here’s the food you ordered. How did you know when I would be getting off work?” She giggled and said, “I called the manager an hour ago and asked him your schedule. I told him I’m Mrs. Hall. He also said you worked only two hours today. Congratulations on graduating from high school.” After taking a deep breath, she said, “I missed you. I’ve been busy setting up Vyron in a nursing home. I needed couple of days to recover. It’s a nice evening. Do you know a quiet place we can go to and talk?”

Brad said, “I missed you too. The only park I know is the State Park,” and gave her directions to get there. She smiled and said, “I’m excited going to a park with you,” and rubbed his thigh. As she drove, he could not take his eyes off of her face and chest; she looked gorgeous. Knowing that he was staring at her, her pussy tingled more. At the park, he directed her to a secluded spot under a tree and not too far from a lamp post. She opened a small cooler, took out two cans of soda, and gave him one. She took a small bite of the sandwich and said, “It tastes ok,” and handed him the rest of it.

Brad said, “I want something else in my mouth. Move your seat back,” and put the bag of food on the back seat. She moved her seat back, looked at him, and said, “What?” When he put his head in her lap and looked up, she leaned down and, while nuzzling his head with her boobs, French kissed him. He whispered, “Take off your bra, please.” She covered his head with her jacket and whispered, “I didn’t wear one,” about the time he saw her bare boob underneath her red tank top; he began to suckle on her nipple. He heard her mumble, “Ahhh. Ummmm. Oh, baby. Babyyy. Don’t stop. As good as Ted.”

Encouraged that Flo liked what he was doing to her, he began to fondle her right boob, while he continued to suckle. Brad was feeling great suckling and fondling a woman’s boobs for real. Gently, she nudged his head to suckle her right boob. A short time after he resumed suckling, his nostrils picked up an aroma new to him and its intensity increased as he continued loving her boobs. He guessed that the aroma was coming from her pussy. He wanted to check it out, but was afraid Flo would push his hand away.

He stopped suckling and looked in to her passion-filled eyes and mustering all the courage he could, he pleaded to her, “Please, may I touch you.” She said anxiously, “What if a cop comes to check?” He said, “Truthfully, cops don’t come around before eight. We have plenty of time. It’s dark in here. No one can see us.” Blushing, Flo lowered her shorts below her knees, and said, “I’m going to cover us with my jacket.”

Brad found himself within inches of heaven in many of his dreams, albeit in semi darkness. He explored her panties-covered crotch and thighs with his fingers, and inhaled the aroma in the fluids around her pussy. Her thighs were smooth and soft. The panties were flimsy and very wet around what he guessed was her pussy. He wanted to lick her oozed-out fluid, but his neck would not bend and twist. He felt around the edge of her panties and was able to slide his middle finger over her pubic hair-covered wet mound. He heard her breathing became more rhythmic and, when his finger found her wet gash, she moaned softly. Quite by chance, his finger rubbed a protrusion no larger than his thumb’s tip which led her to close her thighs around his hand, her crotch to convulse, and send her in to louder moans, “There, there, there. Babyyyy. Cummmming. Ohhhhhh. Ahhhh.”

After a few moments, Flo giggled, and cooed, “I let a darling boy masturbate me, a grandma.” Brad was ecstatic he brought Flo an orgasm and hugged her passionately. They were jolted by her ringing cell phone, but she said, “Who ever is calling can wait.” After she pulled her shorts up and combed her hair, they saw head lights of a sheriff’s car go by them.

She listened to the saved message on the cell phone and said cheerfully, “Tim is not coming home till tomorrow afternoon,” and began to drive her car. At Tim’s home, she said, “It’s a nice evening. I want to sit with you on the patio swing. I’ll be back in a minute,” and went to her bedroom; she returned wearing a beige house coat and sat next to Brad on the swing. She hugged Brad and said, “You have been patient. I’m excited being on a date with you.”

When he did not reply, she smiled and asked, “What are you thinking? You can tell me. I won’t get offended.” Some how, Brad mumbled, “Can I taste you?”

Blushing, Flo whispered, “That’s the sweetest thing to ask for. First, I want to see your cock,” and knelt on a large cushion in front of him. She undid his belt buckle, helped him remove his shorts, and gently grasped his cock lump in his briefs. She then pulled his briefs off and, after his cock sprung up like a wound up spring, cooed, “It’s big and throbbing. It’s oozing.” She quickly removed her house coat to reveal her beige bra and panties, and grasped Brad’s stiff cock in her fist. After she pumped his cock couple of times, he begged her, “Please let me see your boobs.”

Flo blushed and removed her bra. As he fondled her left boob with his right hand, he watched her small, wrinkled, hand pump his cock slowly along its full length a few times. He leaned his head back and saw stars burst in the sky as jets of his cum erupted which she trapped in facial tissues. She cooed, “I’m glad that came out. It’s still hard. Is it because you like my drooping boobs?” Smiling, Brad said, “I love your sexy boobs,” and, leaning forward, grasped them in his hands. Flo held his hands, stood up, helped him get up, and said, “Let’s get cleaned up.”

In the bath room, in an open hamper, Brad saw the red panties she wore earlier. Flo blushed when she saw him pick them up and smell the wet crotch area. Giggling, she put them around his neck, and said, “You look real cute now.” She was still giggling when he hugged her and nudged her to stand against the vanity. He slid to the floor and, as he rubbed her thighs and panties-covered crotch, muttered, “Wow. Wow, that’s pretty,” in awe of her sex garden. When Brad buried his nose in her crotch, Flo whimpered, “Oh, baby, it feels good, very good. Let’s sit on the swing under the stars. I’ll be there in a minute.”

She had on an open beige silk robe when she came to the swing. In the reflected light, she looked very desirable in her red stockings, sandals, swaying boobs, and red lipstick-coated lips. After he French kissed her, he tugged at her panties and she helped him pull them off. After Flo sat comfortably, Brad got on his knees on the large cushion, opened her thighs, and ran his fingers through her curly pubic hair for a short time. He stared at her dense, curly, grey, pubes, and pussy glistening with a fresh coating of love nectar; unlike Jenny’s pussy, it was open partially to reveal her inner labia. As he rubbed her thinly-creased thighs and continued to stare at her sex garden, she mumbled, “Enough staring. Use your mouth,” and pulled his head towards her crotch. He licked her slickened, inner, labia and her engorged clit until she had her orgasm, “Ohhh. Braaaad. Ahhhh. Gooood. Goood.” It took a few minutes for Brad to connect her moans with the spot she wanted licked most, her protruding clitoris.

Later, Flo leaned forward, held his head, kissed him on his lips, and said, “You sure did a good job for a young guy. Remember, you just have to be in tune with my breathing and moaning.”

He stood up with his throbbing cock sticking out of his loins. Grasping his cock firmly, she giggled, and cooed, “You’re at your sexual peak; I don’t think I’ll ever see your cock flaccid,” and pushed him to sit in the swing. She got on her knees between his legs, and began to fondle his balls and slowly pump his cock. Much to his joy, she started to lick his cock head, and cooed, “Ted loved to have his cock licked like this.”

While she was happily licking his cock, the phone rang. After she picked it up, while pumping his cock, he heard her say, ‘I’m sleepy, but not sleeping.’ ‘There are leftovers in the fridge. See you tomorrow.’

Flo said to Brad, “That’s Carol, my daughter. She and Ed will be home after midnight. Now, lean back, look up. You may see stars bursting,” and resumed pumping and licking his cock. During his climax, several stars indeed burst in the sky. Flo held his twitching cock firmly and caught his cum in a wad of tissues. Afterwards, she fixed him a large slice of apple pie and a glass of milk. As Brad ate the apple pie, she said lovingly, “You are a good lover.”


While Brad waited patiently for some sort of message from Flo, he worked long hours to earn money for college. On a Wednesday, Tim called him and said that he was taking Myra on an all-day trip on the following Saturday, and that he decided to have a serious relationship with her. He explained that Saturday was Flo’s birthday and begged him to take her that day to a chick flick she wanted to see. He said he already talked to her and she was ok going to the movie with him. After Brad said, “I’ll be glad to take her to the movie,” he thanked him profusely, and said that she is a fine looking lady and he should have a good time with her. He also gave Brad her cell phone number to work out a schedule.

Brad called her that evening, “Hello Flo. This is Brad. How are you?” Her voice became chirpy as soon as she knew it was Brad calling, “I’m doing ok. Thank you for agreeing to take me to a movie.” Brad said, “I’m glad to celebrate your birthday with you. It’s a date.”

Giggling, she said, “Don’t tell Tim about our date; he thinks I’m a dried up prune.” Brad said, “I’m not telling Tim anything about us. What time should I pick you up.” She said, “I am free after lunch. Pick me up for a matinee. I’m looking forward to our date.”


Brad cleaned his old car and put on clothes appropriate for a date and dress shoes. Flo had on a short-sleeve red dress, nice pearl ear rings and necklace, black thigh highs, and black low-heel shoes. She thanked him for the bouquet of flowers Brad gave her, hugged him lovingly, and pressed her large boobs in to his chest. Her hair looked shiny blond and she seemed to be a woman more attractive than the one he saw just over two weeks ago. In the theater, she watched the movie intently, while snuggled up to him and holding hands.

After the movie, Brad said, “Would you have dinner with me in College Town?”

College Town was about 20 miles away with many bars and a hotel. Brad found a table in a corner in an upscale bar. After Flo ordered a glass of wine for herself and ginger ale for him, and quesadillas, she said, “I feel good after a long time. You’ve been good to me, caring and discrete.” Brad said, “Thank you. You’ve done wonders for my self confidence.” After their drinks were served, Brad said, “Happy birthday to a truly gorgeous woman,” and they clicked their glasses.

Flo touched his hand and said, “Vyron and Ted were brothers. Vyron was hurt in the crotch in a hunting accident at a young age. People think we are married, but we never did. He made me promise that I would take care of him and honor Ted’s memory for five years. It has been three years since Ted died. Vyron is in the nursing home and I am with you.”

As Brad held her hand, he noticed she painted her fingernails bright red to go with her red lipstick. Boldly, he said, “In other words, you’ve been celibate for a long time.” Flo smiled and said, “A very long time. I was afraid of starting all over again. I’m glad you’ve been patient with me. Have you had a girlfriend?”

After he told her about Jenny, she said, “She missed her chance to be with a great guy. Let’s go home.” At her home, again he licked her pussy and brought her to an orgasm, and she masturbated him. Brad said, “I want to make love, Flo.” In a firm tone, she said, “I’ve gone as far as I can. I’ve to keep my promise to Vyron.”

Still, Brad was fond of Flo. After a week, he invited her to spend an afternoon at the beach. As they walked, another walker on the beach, an older lady, said, “Good to see you Flo. How’s Vyron? How are you Tim? Are you done at State U?”

Flo became embarrassed and said, “Hi Millie. Vyron is ok. Tim’s looking for a job,” and quickly moved away from the woman. After walking a short distance, she said to Brad, “That woman goes to my church. I’m glad she did not recognize you. I’m sure she would not approve of us.”

Brad said, “I don’t care,” but Flo did not say anything.

Once they were inside her home, Brad hugged Flo and lifted her up. She squealed in surprise and said, “I’ve to make dinner.” He whispered, “You can make dinner while I love you.”

Sternly, she said, “You care for me too much. You should hangout with girls close to your age.” After he let her down, she moved away from him. Brad was perplexed with her disapproval of his advances. He said, softly, “Can we talk about whatever is bothering you?”

Flo said, “I am not sure I can handle people like Millie talking about us. And I’m Tim’s grandma.”

Brad wondered why Flo saw herself as an old woman and not the voluptuous woman he saw in her, or if she was afraid that others might think of her as a seductress of a much younger man. He did not think Tim, who moved to the Midwest where Myra was attending college, knew that he was dating his grandma.

Soon after school began, Brad resumed working on the campus computer network security. During a phone call, Flo said, “I’m not smart enough to understand how computers work.” He helped Flo sign up for a dial up Internet service and talked her through using it; in the first message she sent, she thanked him for all he had done and that Vyron was not doing well. He did not receive another email message from her; he knew that Flo would not see him again.


Brad’s computer network security work attracted the attention of a new company in Seattle and he was offered a lucrative internship beginning in January. After Brad called Flo to tell her the good news, she was very happy for him and encouraged him to go to Seattle soon after the semester ended in December. She said, “Let’s keep in touch and be honest with each other.”

In Seattle, Brad worked 12 to 14 hours a day. His immediate supervisor, Ted, was only a few years older than him. When Ted saw Flo’s photo on Brad’s computer, he said, “She’s a good looking woman.” One Sunday, he invited Brad to have dinner with him and his girlfriend, Anne. Brad learned she was a divorcee with a 22-year old son; she looked to be about 40 years old. Ted and Anne told him that they had at least one ‘Costume Party’ each year.

Late in January, Flo called Brad. In a sad tone, she told him that Vyron’s condition took a turn from bad to worse and he died. Irrationally, she blamed herself and her affair with him, referring to it as a ‘sinful liaison,’ for Vyron’s death. Soon afterwards, Flo left for Atlanta.

On a Saturday, Brad was relaxing with Ted and Anne in a wine bar. Anne asked him to install the new anti virus software he developed on her computer and he agreed to do so next day evening. Later, when Anne left their table, Brad told Ted that Flo had left him. Thoughtfully, Ted told him that she seems to have other problems and he is not at fault for the break up. He also invited him to a Costume Party on Friday evening and to work in Seattle as long he wanted to. Brad was enjoying his work and making good money; he decided not to return right away to college in Florida.

The next evening, Brad was working on Anne’s computer, when he heard another woman’s voice. Anne apologized saying that she and her friend, Katrine, were leaving for the gym. Brad looked up from the computer and said, “Hi,” to a beautiful woman. Warmly, Katrine said, “Hello.” Brad realized that even though Katrine was dressed in black tights and a tight sweat shirt, she was an attractive woman with a dazzling smile. Her long neck and legs looked vaguely familiar. The rest of that day, he wondered if she was single and whether she would be interested in meeting him.


At the costume party, there were a few attractive older women who were accompanied by younger men some of whom wore costumes to look older. Katrine came to the party at about 9:00 p.m. Brad noticed that she had long, black knee-high boots-encased, legs that carried her with natural grace and beauty. After she removed her boots and put on high-heel sandals, smiling, she walked up to Brad. He noticed that Katrine was about 5ft 4in, 125 lb, light brown hair, thin nose, full lips, slim hips, long legs, and large boobs that were pushed up to enhance her sexy cleavage; she was dressed in a knee-length black dress, diamond ear rings, and a gold necklace with a diamond pendant. He guessed her to be a few years older than Anne.

Katrine cooed, “You look good in the Colonel Sanders costume.”

Brad said, “You’re a beautiful woman. You could be an actress.”

Katrine smiled and replied, “I’m a stage actress. I am in the local production of ‘Gypsy Rose.’ Last year, I resumed acting in ‘Who’s afraid of Virginia Wolf.’ I played ‘Honey’ the other wife.”

Later, when Brad went to refill their wine glasses, Anne whispered to him, “It looks like Katrine likes you.”

Brad and Katrine talked a long time that evening. Brad was impressed that she seemed to understand his work with computers. Katrine was delighted that Brad was eyeing her long legs and big bosom; she knew that young Brad was smitten and was ready for a relationship with her.

Brad asked her in awe, “You act in musicals and also in dramas?”

Katrine said, “I like to be in musicals; I can sing and dance.”

Much to his delight, she said, “You’re invited to see me in the play ‘Gypsy Rose’ tomorrow evening. After the show, visit me back stage.”

Brad said, “After the show, please have dinner with me.”

Katrine smiled and said, “Good idea. I know a nice restaurant near the theater district.”

As the party was winding down, Katrine gave Brad her cell phone number, a big hug, and said, “See you tomorrow.” As he was putting on his overcoat, he saw that she was talking animatedly to Anne and Ted. At work, Brad thought about how sexy Katrine looked and was eager to see her next day. He also dreamt about plowing Katrine’s pussy as she wrapped her long legs firmly around his waist.

On Saturday evening, Brad dressed casually, but well. He bought a large bouquet of flowers prior to the play. A buxom actress played the role of Gypsy Rose. He recognized Katrine, whose stage name was listed as Cheryl Smith, when she appeared on the stage. She played, ‘Louise,’ an important supporting role. With her make up on, she looked to be about 35 years old.

After the play, Brad waited several minutes before knocking on her dressing room. Katrine, who removed most of her make up, opened the door and greeted him warmly. She gushed, “Thank you for the lovely flowers. You know, supporting actresses do not get many flowers,” and hugged him pressing her big bosom in to Brad’s chest.

After Katrine removed her make up and changed clothes, Brad drove to the restaurant Katrine suggested. During the drive, Katrine said, “I do not travel long distances often.”

Gallantly, Brad offered, “Lucky me. I get to see a beautiful woman on the stage and have dinner with her.”

Brad did not see her blush, but heard her say, softly, “You’re just as nice as Anne said you were and more handsome.”

It was Brad’s turn to blush as he mumbled, “Thanks.”

In the restaurant, the waiters recognized Katrine and waited on both of them attentively. Again, Brad realized that Katrine was a beautiful woman; he noticed her large green eyes and that she was dressed elegantly in a black, short-sleeve, blouse that showed off her smooth, long, arms; the short, black, skirt exposed her long legs. Her costume jewelry consisted of a multi-strand necklace of beads and dangling ear rings.

While sipping Chardonnay wine, she said, “I have had offers to open for active stars on the winter theater circuit in Florida.” After a short pause, she said, “I took care of my husband, Lou, for almost a year. I resumed acting after he died and only take roles I like.” She added, “He was considerably older than me; we were the clichéd May-December couple of the 1970s. After I mourned a year, a friend introduced Ron to me. I knew him for about a month. He was 37, but a bit immature and wild. He liked to ride his Harley. He was returning to his apartment after attending a party on a dark, rainy, night; he missed a turn and slammed in to a tree. I realized again life is so fragile.”

Brad touched Katrine’s hand and said, “I’m sorry.”

Katrine said, “I’ve grieved a long time. Now, I’m with you. Do you have any one special?”

Brad said, “Not at the moment. I cared for Flo, my lady friend, but she was not comfortable with our age difference; she was also my friend’s grandma. It’s sad to lose a friend, but I kept busy with work. Life goes on.” After a pause, looking in to her eyes, Brad added, “You look lovely.”

Smiling, Katrine said, “I inherited good genes from my mom, who came from Denmark; I also had a makeover, nothing major. I have a one-year old grand son.” She added, “Age difference is not the most important factor in a relationship. I was married happily to a man almost 20 years older than me for almost 30 years. It is not uncommon for an actress to have a relationship with a partner younger than her.” Smiling, she asked, “By the way, how old are you handsome? About 30?”

Brad said, “I’m almost 24,” and nervously added, “My mom was half Danish; she was very pretty.”

Katrine giggled and said, “You’re handsome and a year younger than my daughter.” After a pause, she added, “I need to rest for tomorrow’s matinee.”

Eagerly, Brad said, “I hope you can have dinner with me tomorrow after the play.”

Warmly, Katrine said, “Yes. It’s a date. After dinner, come with me to a late night cast party.”

As he drove home, Brad recalled Katrine’s slim, smooth, arms, and her long fingers. He imagined her boobs had sagged from their sheer weight. He dreamed that she was jerking his cock with her small-wristed hand as he fondled her big, sagging, boobs.

On Sunday, Brad put on a black sports shirt and black cotton slacks. After the matinee was over and several lingering fans left, Brad knocked on the door of Katrine’s dressing room. When Katrine recognized Brad’s voice, she opened the door even though she was in a silk robe. She took the bouquet of flowers from him, ushered him inside, and hugged him lovingly. She said, “You look strong and handsome.”

Accidentally, she rubbed her hand against Brad’s crotch and felt his partially erect cock. She realized that Brad would be an eager lover and that she could have lot of fun with him.

Katrine said, “I have to dress. Please stay here,” and went to an adjoining room. While dressing, Katrine realized again she was glad to have met Brad. She hoped that unlike her late husband, Brad would not hesitate to kiss her sexy cleavage and eat her pussy. She decided to give Brad an early test that evening and sprayed perfume at the base of her neck, and on her cleavage and mons. Earlier, she shaved her arm pits and long legs.

For his part, Brad saw Katrine as a beautiful woman, who made his cock grow stiff as soon as she looked at him with her green eyes underneath her sultry eyelashes. About that time, Katrine returned wearing a bright red, sleeve-less, blouse, a black cotton skirt, and knee-length black boots. He also smelled her freshly applied perfume. She also put on a red demi bra, lacy silk panties, black stockings, and red garter belt.

Brad held her hands, looked in to her eyes, and said, “You look lovely and elegant.”

Katrine blushed and said, “Thank you.”

At Katrine’s suggestion, they went to a restaurant in a hotel that also had a popular club. First, they headed to the bar for drinks where after two sips of wine Katrine placed her left hand on Brad’s thigh and sensuously rubbed it. In turn, boldly, Brad kissed her long, wrinkled, neck. Katrine knew Brad would be a great lover. Over dinner, they talked like old friends: Brad noted that she did not eat much of her pasta. They skipped dessert and just ordered coffee.

Afterwards, they went to the club on the top floor of the hotel where, at Katrine’s request, they were seated in a dark corner. For a while, they sat just holding hands. Later, as Katrine stood in front of a large widow and admired the city lights, Brad kissed her neck; Katrine tilted her head sexily to give him more room to kiss and smell her perfume. Katrine led Brad to the dance floor and they began to dance to the music. During a slow number, Katrine pushed her boobs and crotch in to Brad; in turn, she felt his hard cock against her thigh. Brad led her to a dark corner and gently French kissed her for a long time. She wanted to tell Brad that during dinner on Saturday her pussy oozed plenty of love juice and she wanted to fuck him; she was also too tired to bring herself to an orgasm.

Katrine said, softly, “I want you, but I am very nervous. I have not made love in a long time.”

Brad whispered, “Being with a beautiful woman, I’m nervous too.”

Huskily, Katrine whispered, “Let’s go to my place for a while. Later, we must go to the cast party.”

Brad asked, “Where is the cast party?”

Katrine said, “It’s at the producer’s apartment in the same condo.”

In the elevator of her condominium, Katrine hugged him and, placing her hand on his crotch, rubbed his aroused cock. Her apartment was in a gated complex. She brought him a glass of water and led him to the living room window to see the flickering lights of the city. Brad took Katrine in his arms and French kissed her. After the kiss, she nudged him to take off his shirt. For several minutes, while whispering, “Love these muscles,” she rubbed his muscular chest and upper arms. After Katrine whispered, “I love how you smell,” they looked at each other and giggled.

Brad resumed kissing the nape of Katrine’s long neck while rubbing her long arms. When she lifted her arms and placed them on his shoulders, Brad rubbed her smooth under arms and arm pits. Katrine thought to herself, ‘This boy has thing for my pits, just like Lou did.’ Just as she thought he would keep on rubbing her under arms, Brad snuck his hands underneath her loose blouse and grasped her bra-covered boobs; she also felt his hard cock poking her buttocks. Again, Katrine realized that she may have found an eager lover who really admired her.

Katrine led him to a sofa and, after he sat on it, she straddled his lap and kissed his chest, neck, and lips. Brad buried his face in her magnificent cleavage and inhaled her perfume in the deep valley, and said, “I love your perfume.” Then staring in to her green eyes, he nudged her to remove her blouse. As Katrine watched Brad’s face anxiously, he saw her large boobs in a red demi bra, and whispered in awe, “Oh baby they are gorgeous; you’re too.”

She whispered, “I’m glad you like,” and sexily raised her arms high in the air. In an instant, Brad began to kiss the sides of her red bra-covered boobs, arm pits, and under arms. Realizing Brad may keep on kissing her exposed under arms for a while, she whispered, “I’ve to freshen up,” and went to the nearby powder room.

After freshening up, Katrine had just pulled up her panties and was washing her hands when Brad entered the bathroom. As she watched him in the mirror, he stood behind her, grasped her bra-covered boobs, and planted several kisses on her narrow back and long neck. Without letting go of her covered boobs, he poked his cock in to her panties-covered ass, and mumbled, “A lissome goddess.” Next, he slowly slid to the carpeted floor, kissed her panties-covered buttocks, and kissed them some more after pulling them down to her ankles.

Katrine was wondering what Brad would do next, when he scooted on his knees to face her crotch and began to kiss it. She was glad she had wiped off her secretions that had overflowed in to her thick jungle of pubic hairs. Her mind received a pleasure-filled jolt when she felt his mouth on her sopping pussy and his tongue wiggled in to her lubricated vagina.

Katrine grasped the edge of the vanity and opened her thighs more; in the mirror, she watched Brad’s head bob and weave. After several minutes of getting licked and sucked, her crotch convulsed spontaneously, as she cooed, “Baaaaby. Baaaaby. Cumming. Cuuuumming. Ohhhhhh. Ahhhhh.” He kept his face buried in her thick, dark-brown-covered love garden; he also rubbing her long, meaty, thighs. She pulled Brad up, kissed his lips covered with her love juices, and said, “It has been a long time since a man sucked me. That was awesome. You’re a talented young man.”

Brad was delighted that Katrine came on his mouth. He smiled and said, “I loved it too, very much.” Katrine was surprised that young Brad did not make her lean on the vanity and fuck her doggy style; she thought he was either very timid or still a virgin. After a long pause, she took a hand towel and led him to the living room.

After she sat in a sofa, she nudged him to remove his pants and underwear. Katrine slid to her knees, grasped his big, pulsing, cock, and whispered, “I see you like me.” Looking in to his face, she licked the tip of his cock and then sucked the head in to her mouth. She stopped sucking his cock and cooed, “We have to go to the cast party. I hope your jism will not spray on my clothes.” Staring intently at his blood-filled cock, she held it in her small-wristed hand, and squeezed it. She cooed, “It’s hard, smooth, and pulsing.” She pumped it slowly and smiled when his precum began to ooze out in small streams. As Brad groaned with pleasure, his cock erupted, and Katrine captured the jets of his cum in the hand towel.

After Brad and Katrine got dressed, they went to the cast party in a pent house in the same condo. Brad maintained a low profile and stayed near Katrine most of the time. She introduced him to the director and Holly, who played the role of Gypsy; Holly was a buxom woman who looked older in person than on the stage. As the party was ending, Katrine said, “I’m tired. I need to get away for couple of days.” Later, after they returned to her condo, he said, “I would like to see you again.” Smiling, she said, “Let’s go to my cottage for a weekend. Pick me up Friday about Noon.”


On Friday morning, Katrine spent much time shaving her legs and armpits. She decided to use the sexy lingerie she had left at her cottage after Lou became sick. Brad arrived at Katrine’s apartment on time and handed her the large bouquet of flowers he bought earlier. Katrine hugged him, kissed his cheek, and said, “Thanks, handsome.” She had on dangling butterfly ear rings and multi strand costume necklace, a black blouse and skirt, black boots, and a leather jacket.

After Katrine gave Brad the directions to her cottage, he drove for a while and said, “I’m hungry. Let’s have lunch.” She said, “I don’t want a big meal. Let’s go to a wine bar I know.” Brad ate a hamburger with French fries, while Katrine nibbled on a salad.

During lunch, Katrine said, “I’ve not been to the cottage much since Lou died. He loved to fish on weekends. I asked the grounds keeper to make sure the heat is on.” After a pause, she said, “Let’s stop at the super market and buy a few food items.” It was evening when they reached Katrine’s two-story cottage. After Brad carried her suitcase and groceries they bought inside, she put the flowers he gave her in a vase, and said, “It looks like every thing is in order. Today, the wind is not blowing across the lake and it’s nice and warm.”

With a glass of wine in one hand, she led him upstairs through the master bedroom to the balcony, and said, “I watched many picturesque sun sets from here,” and snuggled up to him. When Brad hugged her from behind, she pushed her buttocks in to his crotch and put his hands on her boobs. They watched the sun set with Brad cupping her covered breasts, and his stiff cock poking her buttocks; he also planted many small kisses on her lovely neck. After a while, she went inside.

A few minutes later, Katrine knocked on the glass door to the bedroom, beckoned Brad in, and said shyly, “I freshened up for you baby. I hope you like the old lingerie I had stored here.” Brad saw she had on red high-heel sandals, black stockings that wrinkled slightly around her ankles, black garters and belt, red panties, and an open-cup red bra; the panties and the bra were a size smaller and made her look voluptuous.

Brad mumbled, “You look gorgeous, Katrine. I love the wrinkles in the stockings,” and hugged her passionately.

Katrine cooed, “Thank you, baby. It’s nice and warm here, put this on,” and tossed a red tank top to him. As he changed his clothes, he saw she was looking at their reflections in the mirror on the bathroom door. Quickly, Brad stood behind Katrine and grasped her boobs hanging out of the open-cup bra; in turn, she reached behind him and gently held his hard cock. She moaned when he inserted a finger in her pussy and brought it to his mouth to taste her love nectar. She whispered, “You’re a handsome guy. I’ve been oozing since you sat next to me at the wine bar. Lick me, please.” Brad slid to his knees in front of her, and rubbed her stocking-covered thighs and meaty buttocks. After Brad inhaled her panties-covered pussy, he removed her panties. After she placed her left foot on a cushioned chair, she put her hand on the back of his head and gently steered it towards her leaking gash. Brad licked her glistening labia for several minutes and drank her love nectar. She moaned loudly when he licked her clit with his flattened tongue. She had a long orgasm that increased in intensity and ended with deep convulsions of her crotch and louder moans, “Ohhhhhh. Braaad. Ahhhhhh. Ohhhhhhhhh. Braaaadd.”

After Katrine rested for a while, she said, “I need a sip of water. I’ll bring you a glass too,” and went to the kitchen. Soon after she left, just as Brad had planned in his dreams, he put a condom on his erect cock. When Katrine returned to the bedroom, he blurted out, “I’ve to make love to you, Katrine. I can’t wait any longer for my first time.”

Smiling, Katrine asked, “I assume you are clean. Right?”

Brad said, “Yes. I’m clean.”

She smiled and cooed, “Good. Be patient, lover. I’m excited and honored I’ll take your virginity,” and kissed him passionately. Katrine touched his face and cooed, “Lucky me. I get to break in a real virgin,” and grasped his cock and nudged him to sit in the cushioned chair. As he watched their images in the mirror over her shoulder, she sat in his lap facing away from him, grasped his condom-covered cock, and very slowly eased it in to her snug pussy. After a minute or so, she opened her eyes, smiled, and cooed, “That’s a big one, baby. It feels great.”

Brad grasped her swaying boobs and said, “It’s better than I dreamed. I don’t want to take it out.”

Katrine cooed, “It’ll get better,” and began a cycle of raising and lowering her tight channel on his cock.

Brad mumbled, “Yes. It’s gotten better. I’m getting close. Please stop.”

Katrine stopped and said, “Baby, it’s thoughtful of you to wear a condom, but you’re clean. I’m too old to get pregnant. No more eggs to release. I’m past menopause.”

Brad said, “You mean, I don’t have to worry about you getting pregnant at all? My step mom’s still worried; she is 40 years old.”

“That’s right, stud, this old lady stopped producing eggs long time ago.” Giggling, she added, “You can deposit any time as much of your sperm-filled cum as you like in my pussy. Your spermies will not find an egg to fertilize. No babies will come from my old womb. It’s biology.”

With a big smile on his face, Brad lifted Katrine’s ass, pulled his cock out of her snug pussy, pulled off the condom, and slowly pushed his bare cock in as deep as he could. The increased sensitivity pushed him close to climax. Katrine cooed, “Hold still. Enjoy your peak sensation.” After couple of minutes, Brad’s climax went over the edge. Grasping her boobs, he cried out, “Ahhhhh. Cummmming. Katriiiiine. Ohhhhhh. Cummming. Cummming.”

After his climax, smiling, Katrine said, “Congratulations, baby. You’re no longer a virgin.” Feeling his cock was still stiff, she giggled, and said, “Lucky me, it’s still hard.”

Brad mumbled, “Thanks. If you don’t mind, let’s do it again.”

Katrine smiled and said, “I don’t mind at all. I’m delighted to be loved by you. Let’s do it on the bed; it’s more comfortable,” and led him to her large bed. After she settled on her back and Brad got up on the bed, she nudged him to sit between her long, wide-spread, legs. Brad wanted to tell her how gorgeous she looked and he was grateful she was his lover, but he decided to show her his appreciation through deeds; he hoped to love her for a long time.

With Katrine guiding him, slowly, Brad snaked his cock in to her cum-filled pussy. She helped him to, as she called it, ‘fuck to enjoy and give pleasure to your lover.’ He learned to pause with his cock deep in her belly and savor the heavenly sensations, and kiss her neck and face.

When Brad said, “I love your smooth arms and undulating boobs,” to show him more of them, she lifted her arms, reached back, and held on to the head board.

Brad was delighted when she mumbled, “Don’t stop, don’t stop. Ohhhhh. Ahhhh, Cummming.” He felt her pussy pulsate around his cock. Later, she hugged him and cooed, “Brad, you’re a great lover.”

Her cooing made him release another large load of cum deep in her while uttering sounds of sexual release. Brad slid to her right side, closed his eyes, and dozed off. He heard Katrine get out of bed; a short while later, he felt his cock being washed with a warm wash cloth. After resting for several minutes, he put on a robe she left on the bed, and went down stairs. Katrine had a red robe on and was looking at a photo album. When she saw him, she smiled at him. Brad sat next to her and said, “I’m hungry.”

Giggling, she said, “You worked too hard in bed. I’ll fix you something later. Come see some photos of Lou.”

As Katrine showed several photos of Lou, Brad said, “He was a handsome man.” In another album, Brad saw a photo of Katrine and another woman, and asked, “Who was that next to you? She is pretty and looks very much like my mom.”

Katrine said, “It’s a dear friend, Karoline. She was a beautiful woman. She died in a car accident when I was traveling in Europe and I could not attend her funeral. She had a young son, Br–,” and stopped and stared at the young man next to her. In a quivering voice, Katrine, asked, “Are you Karoline’s son.”

Brad got up and knelt in front of Katrine. Holding her hand and looking in to her eyes, he said, “Yes, I am.”

Katrine whispered, “I’m glad I found you, Berde,” and sofly French kissed him.

After she showed him several photos of her in swim suits and in skimpy clothes, Brad said, “You were a babe even then. I would not have had a chance with you.”

Seriously, she asked, “What’s your favorite photo of me?”

Brad said, “The red tank top with ‘Babe’ on it,” and began to fondle her covered boobs.

Happily, Katrine almost shouted, “I knew you would pick that one,” and removed her robe to reveal the same tank top and red panties. She added, “My boobs have grown and I cut off the midriff to make it fit.”

After a pause, she added, “I’m glad you’re ok that I was your mom’s dear friend ” In response, Brad grasped her wrist and placed it on his very hard cock. Pumping his cock slowly, she cooed, “This thing in my hand answers that question.” Brad pulled Katrine to stand up, stood behind her, grasped her covered boobs, pushed his stiff cock in to her panties-covered crotch, and whispered, “You’re still a babe. I don’t care if you were mom’s friend. I think it was in our fates to find each other.”

She nodded in agreement, reached behind, and squeezed his cock, and when it grew harder, cooed, “It feels like I’m on my second honeymoon. I’ve fond memories of this place. Lou selected many furnishings for this place.”

Brad asked, “Did he buy the four or so full-length mirrors too?”

Blushing, she said, “Yes, and the four in the master bedroom. He loved to watch us as we made love.” She then removed his robe and holding his stiffened cock led him to a mirror and turned on two lights that lighted them dimly. As Brad stood behind her with his cock poking in to her buttocks, Katrine lifted her arms sexily, reached behind her, and put them around his neck. Brad fondled her sagging boobs and kissed her neck, shoulders, and her sexy under arms. He saw her face reflected both passion and happiness.

Slowly he snaked his cock, past her firm buttocks, in to her slick pussy. With half closed eyes, he fucked her for a short time until she said, “Let’s lie down on the mattress.” On the thick mattress, Brad lifted her right thigh and began to fuck her pussy vigorously. When Brad felt his climax begin, Katrine sensed it, and cooed, “Baby, slow it down; you will last longer,” and he did just that. With his cock firmly in the grasp of her pussy, he kissed her wrinkled neck and smooth arm pits. He staved off his climax a few times. Eventually, as Katrine gently fondled his balls, his cock erupted and released a huge amount of jism in jets, “Ohhhhhh. Cummmming. Cummming. Ohhhhhh.” When Katrine got up to freshen up, his creamy jism ran down her thighs. Later, she joined him on the mattress while he was watching a late-night TV show, put her head on his chest, and fell asleep.


Next morning, Brad got up late. On the kitchen table, he found a note Katrine left, “It’s nice out. I’m going for a walk. Take a shower, and wear the pair of shorts and a tee shirt I got out for you. There is orange juice in the refrigerator.”

Brad met up with Katrine on the lake shore taking photos of geese in water. She had on a light jacket and beige Capri pants. She hugged him warmly and said, “You look so much like Lou.” He hugged her back lovingly and said, “You look lovely.” When she felt his stiffened cock, she cooed, “I guess we better get back to the cottage.” Brad just nodded his head which was spinning with desire to fuck her.

As they walked towards the cottage, Brad thought to himself, “Katrine and I are right for each other. I hope I can be her boy friend.”

As if reading his mind, Katrine said, “In my profession, I have to travel a lot. I hope that would not be a problem.” After a pause she added, “I’m going to be in Fort Lauderdale early in March for a two-month run of the play. During winter, the East coast would be a good place for a part time stage actress. I was called to join the cast after another actress became seriously ill. If you return to Florida, do call me, and come to see me.”

Eagerly, he said, “It’s not a problem for me. I’m thinking of moving back to Florida. I’m sure that I can find work in Fort Lauderdale. Also, I would be not too far from my dad.” Quickly, he added, “I’m sure that we will have a wonderful time when we are together.”

Inside the cozy cottage, Brad hugged Katrine passionately and helped her remove her jacket and pants; underneath, she had on a tight, semi transparent, black, tank top, and open-crotch black panties. She helped him remove his clothes, grasped his stiffening cock, sat on a couch, and said, “I want that in me, now. Love me, handsome man,” and pulled him towards her. Brad slid to his knees, gently pulled her forward by her buttocks to the edge of the couch, and let her guide his throbbing cock to the entrance of her juicy pussy. After she wrapped her long legs around his lower back, he moved her panties aside and pushed his cock in to her; in turn she drew her to him with her feet.

Brad was very happy enjoying Katrine’s thighs rubbing against his waist and long legs on his back, and his cock throbbing against her pussy wall. Realizing that it would be a nice long fuck, shyly, Katrine cooed, “Baby, lift me up. Carry me around, as I hang on to your neck. You’ll love this position.”

Smiling, Brad withdrew his cock from Katrine’s snug pussy, helped her stand up, and said, “Great. Take off your tank top.” She protested mildly, “I put them on to look desirable for you.”

Brad smiled, pulled her right hand and placed it over his throbbing cock, and said, “Kat, this should tell how much I want you. Besides, you have your panties on,” and slowly lifted the tank top over her head, and then removed his tank top. Facing each other in front of a mirror, they looked at their images, Brad mumbled, “You’re gorgeous,” and hugged her.

She mumbled, “You’re a hunk, and loving an older woman with saggy boobs and wrinkled skin,” and with her arms around his neck, jumped in to his arms, and wrapped her long legs and meaty thighs around his waist.

Brad said, “You’re very agile.” She replied, “I was a cheer leader and homecoming queen. Lou saw me at a foot ball game and started courting me. I fell in love with him.”

Brad said, “Hold my neck tightly; don’t let go.” Katrine gasped with pleasure as his precum covered cock snaked easily in to her pussy and filled it up. He whispered, “It’s so nice to carry you, a long-legged baby. I love the feel of your lovely boobs on my chest. Your pussy is tight around my cock.”

Katrine cooed, “It feels very good for me too. I love it! This old lady thanks you!”

Standing side ways, in the mirror, Brad saw Katrine’s thinly wrinkled arms around his neck, her bulging boobs crushed against his muscular chest, and her white buttocks with pink stress-streaks due to being squeezed by his hands. Katrine cooed, “What a muscular young body. I see your cock root deep in my pussy. I’m stuffed.” She added, “I look so much older than you. Does it not bother you?”

In response, Brad lifted her crotch and humped her pussy, as she purred and cooed, “Ohhhh. Ahhhh. Ohhhhhh. Love itttttt.”

After he stopped, Katrine cooed, “It feels good. I had two orgasms tonight; I don’t think I can have another one.” Slowly, he carried her to the dining room table, set her down, and lovingly nudged her to wrap her long legs around his waist; her legs were long enough to surround his waist and lock her feet.

Smiling, Katrine pulled his waist towards her by her heels. Brad mumbled, “Love your long legs,” and plowed Katrine’s mature, tight, pussy with his young cock. Brad also saw her unfettered boobs droop and spill to the sides of her rib cage. When she held them up, they looked beautiful: twin peaks with pink nipples; he stood still and suckled one nipple after another.

Brad also wanted to see them jiggle and bounce; he pleaded with her, “Please let me see them jiggle and bounce.” As she blushed and took her hands away from her boobs; they indeed jiggled and bounced sexily every time their crotches collided. Brad fucked her slowly for a short while and then rapidly. It was thrilling for him to see his fat cock go in to Katrine’s curly pubic hair-covered pussy and come out coated with her juices. Katrine did her part to increase his pleasure by grasping his cock tightly with her pussy wall.


Later, Katrine said, “Lou invested wisely in software companies. He bought many shares of a young network security company that has grown. He also encouraged me to pursue acting.”

Brad asked, “What is the name of the company?” Katrine replied, “NWS Corporation, the company you are working for; it is providing me with income to continue acting.”

After a short while, Brad said, “It’s a good company; I’m glad you are a share holder.”

Katrine didn’t tell Brad she was planning on becoming the majority share holder.


Ted sent Brad on an important assignment to Japan for two months. Katrine could not go with him because she was scheduled to be in a play in which she played a great grandmother. She had to have grey hair. Instead spending lot of time in make up before each show, she opted to have her hair dyed grey that needed touching up once a week.

After Brad was in Japan for a month, Katrine called Brad, and said, “Ted and Anne are getting married in Redmond in June. You know Anne is my best friend. I hope you can attend it.”

I said, “Sure, I can attend the wedding. Would you let me dance with you?”

She giggled and said, “Of course. I’m sure you would want more than dance with me. I will reserve a hotel suite for us.”

Brad replied, “Thank you, love.”


Brad did not recognize Katrine with shiny grey hair as she was escorted to the front row – still, she looked very attractive in a black, knee-length dress, black silk hose, black low-heel shoes, short gold necklace with a diamond encrusted pendant, and diamond stud ear rings – she carried a bouquet of flowers. Brad wanted Katrine in his arms, but had to wait until the reception.

At the reception, Brad sat at a table with Katrine, her daughter and son-in-law, and grandson. As Brad and Katrine danced, she felt his hard cock, and cooed, “Looks like you missed me. Do you like me in grey hair?” Brad whispered, “Love your hair. You look gorgeous, lovelier than the bride.” Blushing, she said, “Be patient. Wait until Ted and Anne leave on their honeymoon. I have to say good bye to my family too. By the way, Liz, my daughter likes you. You know that Tom, my son-in-law, just returned from Kuwait after six-months of service.”

Brad said, “I am grateful to him and all of our soldiers.”

Soon after the bride and groom left, Liz, Tom, and their son also left for their hotel. Katrine said, “I don’t care if any one else notices us leaving together. Let’s go handsome,” and they left for the hotel in her Cadillac. Once they were inside the suite, Brad hugged Katrine, French kissed her passionately, and handed her a large box.

Katrine opened the box, blushed and squealed with glee, “You bought me sexy lingerie; that’s so romantic. Lou used to give me sexy presents. Thank you, baby,” and kissed him passionately.

He mumbled, “Put them on for me,” and passionately kissed Katrine’s long, wrinkled, neck.

Katrine cooed, “I’ll put on these naughty things just for us,” and went to the bedroom.

Katrine returned wearing the sexy, red, silk lingerie: a loose-fitting, low-cut diaphanous, gown that showed off her generous, sagging, boobs, and cleavage in a push-up bra; open-crotch panties, stockings, and garter belt. She smiled when she realized the bra cups barely contained her luscious boobs and thought, ‘That boy loves my full, sagging, boobs.’ She also put on bright red lipstick on her lips.

Shyly, she said, “I hope you like this long, pearl, necklace I put on in the show. It helps me look like a granny.”

Brad said, “I love you dressed like a granny,” and hugged her passionately; he smelled the fresh perfume she put on her neck and crotch. Giggling, she said, “I’m not dressed to kill; may be, a little slutty. Be patient for a few more minutes,” and slithered away from his arms.

Several minutes later, Brad saw her walk slowly towards him. She looked stunningly beautiful with a white veil and a tiara on her grey hair-covered head, and holding the bouquet of flowers from the wedding.

He whispered, “You look lovely with the veil on and the sexy lingerie.”

Katrine whispered, “I feel like a real bride. Carry me to the bedroom.”

Brad picked her up and, while French kissing her, carried her to the bedroom, and let her down near the bed. After he removed his clothes, he pushed her to lean against the bed and slid to his knees. Lovingly, she opened her smooth, hose-covered, thighs, and he saw her glistening pussy between her open-crotch panties.

Eagerly, he kissed her smooth under arms and long legs. He pulled her panties down, exposed her sopping pussy and sticky pubic hair, and plunged his mouth on them.

After sucking on her clit for several minutes, he heard Katrine coo, “You made me orgasm. Now, fuck me.” Soon, she was on her back on the bed, raised her hose-covered legs, and exposed her bare crotch. In an instant, he stepped forward between her legs, quickly appraised the sexy woman in front of him, and slowly pushed his cum-coated cock in to Katrine’s pussy peeking out of a bush of brown pubic hair. He was turned on by the brown hair on her crotch and grey hair on her head; she was an older woman with a young pussy.

Katrine smiled and cooed, “Anne is not the only one on her honeymoon.”

Brad said, “Baby, I’ve dreamed of this moment for the past two months. I’ve not jacked off for two weeks. I’m not taking out my cock for several hours.”

In response, Katrine smiled sexily and tightened her velvety vaginal wall on his over-excited cock sending him to his first climax that night. With his cock still stiff and deep in Katrine’s slick pussy, he rested with his chest on her pillow-like boobs. After a minute or so, he withdrew his cock, and said, “Take off your bra and stockings, and ride me.”

Blushing Katrine removed all clothes and nudged him to lie on his back. As he rested his head on a pillow and watched intently, she grasped his cum-covered cock in her small hand and cooed, “It’s nice to hold my own hard cock,” and then slowly maneuvered it in to her pussy. After a few moments, she said, “Baby, I’m without a stitch of clothing and you can see every wrinkle and mole on my body. I hope you are not disappointed with this old lady.”

Brad mumbled, “You’re lovely. Just fuck me.”

Katrine whispered, “Let me show you what good fucking is,” and slowly switched to a squatting position with her thighs wide open and his cock deep inside her pussy.

As she humped his cock slowly, Brad whimpered, “That’s terrific. I’m close to cumming.”

Katrine stopped fucking and, for a while, just lay on top of him. After a long French kiss, she resumed fucking his cock as he held her in a tight embrace. She cooed, “Let go, baby. Let go,” as his sperm-laden cream cock erupted from his cock.

Afterwards, Katrine cleaned his cock with a warm wash cloth and, in the living room, offered him a piece of the wedding cake and milk she brought. Lovingly, she said, “I missed you very much when you were in Japan. Before you sign another year-long apartment lease, consider moving in with me. I’ll not bother you when you’re working.”

Brad said, “I would love to live with you. Once my current project is done, I can work most of the time from home.”

Katrine smiled and said, “Great,” and lovingly grasped his semi rigid cock in her small, age-spot-covered, hand, and French kissed him. After a pause, she said, “It feels odd to be called a grandma when I’m getting lot of loving from my young lover.”

Brad said, “You’re a sexy grandma.”

Shyly, Katrine cooed, “You’re a sweet boy. Let me suck your cock,” and she slid to her knees on the carpeted floor and took his semi rigid cock in to her mouth. Brad was thrilled to watch Katrine’s puckered and wrinkled mouth around his cock; in the mirror, he saw Katrine’s grey hair-covered head go up and down. Katrine fondled his balls gently to coax precum out of his cock.

After several minutes, Brad nudged Katrine to lift her face up, and said, “Let’s go to bed, granny. I want to fuck you again. I know you can’t get pregnant.”

With Katrine on her back and her long sexy legs spread wide open, Brad plunged his fat cock in to her snug pussy. She reminded him, ‘fuck to enjoy and give pleasure to your lover.’ It seemed to Brad that he fell asleep for several minutes with his cock buried in her pussy. After he woke up, he resumed fucking until his cock sprayed her womb with his cum. He then fell asleep next to her. He did not know that Katrine was awake and thanking her late friend, Karoline, for guiding young Brad to her.

When he woke up late next morning, after breakfast, she led him in to the shower where under warm water she washed his body and especially his genitals. In turn, he washed her voluptuous body. Much to his surprise, as he washed her large, sagging, boobs and her sexy under arms, his cock got stiff again. Katrine giggled happily and, as he dried her body, said, “You’re an insatiable fuck machine, just what I need.”


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