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Dartmoor Sauna Exchange

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Sue and I had finally gotten away for a mini holiday. It was nice to be able to just relax and not have to worry about work or the house. We went to hotel near Dartmoor for a few days that had indoor and outdoor pools, a Jacuzzi, and a sauna. Just what is needed to work out that stress.

On the first night there, Sue and I decided to take a late night swim and hot tub excursion to enable us to get the wind down from the journey from Surrey. We put on our suits and headed out to the outdoor pool. We swam around for 15 minutes or so then moved to the Jacuzzi.

There was another couple already in the Jacuzzi but there was plenty of space so we climbed in and settled down at the opposite end. As is usually the case, the women started chatting and then we all introduced ourselves. Bill and Wendy were from Dorset and had been at the hotel for one night already. After exchanging these few pleasantries we all just lay back and relaxed, allowing the water to soak away the day’s tensions.

After about a half an hour, Sue said she wanted to go inside and use the sauna. We politely said our good evenings and headed inside. The sauna was still warm, so we turned it up and went inside.

As the room filled up with warm steam, Sue laid down on the bench with her head in my lap. I began to gently massage her breasts as we relaxed. In a very short while, her nipples were sticking up and rather visible through her bikini top.

I was just about to slide my hand under the material, when the door opened and Bill came in without his wife. He said hello again and went over to the other side of the sauna and sat down. I was hoping he would not stay long so I could get back to Sue’s breasts, but it seemed he was planning on staying awhile.

I had noticed that Sue’s nipples had gone back down when he had come in, but were now sticking up again even without my attention. Considering how warm it was in here, the only reason they would be so firm was if Sue was aroused.

Figuring she was in the mood, I leaned over and asked if she wanted to go back to our room for a little fun. She said she was really horny from almost being caught fooling around when Bill came in, but she wanted to stay in the sauna and tease him a bit. I smiled at that thought and leaned back and rested my head on the back wall and closed my eyes as if I were resting.

I could still see through the bottom of my eyelids while appearing to have my eyes closed. I began to make circles on Sue’s stomach slowly getting closer to her breasts each time. After a few minutes, I let my hand go to her breasts and begin to caress them and rub the highly visible points through the fabric. Bill’s eyes were riveted to Sue’s breasts as I played my games with them.

I kept my manipulations up for quite a while and Sue was starting to breathe heavily. I thought that she would tell me to take her to our room and finish what I had started but she was obviously in a frisky and adventurous mood because she reached up with her hands to unhook her top and free her breasts. I saw Bill lick his lips and take a deep swallow while his eyes were riveted to Sue’s wonderful globes of flesh.

I reached down and began to gently rub each nipple between my thumb and index finger all the while pretending I had forgotten about our watcher. Bill’s eyes were bugging out and there was a distinct tent in his swimming trunks. Sue began to respond more to my ministrations and started to moan softly. She seemed to be squeezing her thighs together and I fully expected her to tell me it was time to go back our room.

Again, though, I was wrong! She began to rub the back of her head into crotch, creating even more pressure in my penis, whilst at the same time she slid one of her hands under her bikini bottoms. At first her hand just rested over her mons but gradually she started to slowly move her fingers. I never tire of seeing Sue arouse herself and it was an amazing erotic experience for her to be doing it in front of a man who was a stranger – even though we knew his name.

Although Bill could not see her pussy, it was obvious he could see her hand under the fabric of her swimsuit as she fingered herself while I continued to work on her breasts. She had two fingers inside and was now moaning loud enough that I knew she was really hot and horny.

Bill was rubbing his cock through his suit and Sue’s head was doing wonders for mine. I saw Bill tilt his head back and heard him grunt as he obviously came from the excitement. Figuring things were about over, I took one of our towels and covered Sue up while she continued working on herself. Bill got up and gave me the thumbs up as he quickly left the sauna.

As soon as he left, Sue told me to take out my cock so she could suck it while she played with herself. I complied immediately pulling my rock hard cock out for her to enjoy. Sue turned over so that she was on her knees with one hand between her legs. Her other hand was supporting her as she leaned forward to slowly slid her mouth over my cock. The sensations were such as she did this that I almost didn’t hear the door reopening.

As Sue was going to town on me, I opened my eyes to see Bill re-enter, this time with Wendy following immediately behind him. Although Sue was pretty much covered with the towel I had draped over her, Bill and Wendy got a direct view of my cock sliding in and out of Sue’s mouth.

They both went over to the other side and sat and watched Sue go to town. I opened my eyes fully and looked over at Bill and Wendy. I concentrated by stare on Wendy, wondering what, if anything, she was going to do. She looked me straight in the eye for several moments not saying anything. Finally she broke eye contact and looked down at Sue as she was still giving me head and still had her hand under her bikini bottom masturbating like crazy.

Wendy and Bill both watched intently for another few minutes then Wendy made eye contact with me again. Without saying a thing to Bill, and without taking her eyes off of mine, she reached behind her and unhooked her bikini top letting it fall off her shoulders exposing her own breasts to me! With her eyes, she motioned at Sue’s covered body and looked back at me. I figured she wanted me to remove the towel, so I did.

Sue was facing the wrong way for them to see anything while she was giving me head but it did allow me to keep eye contact with Wendy. Bill reached over to touch his wives exposed breast. Wendy slapped his hand and told him to sit there and just watch.

She began to caress her own breasts tilting her head back and closing her eyes momentarily as she pleased herself. I was getting close to the boiling point between Sue giving me head and Wendy playing with her tits for me to see.

Wendy then stood up and told Bill to sit there and not move till she said so. Then turning back to make eye contact with me, she leaned over and slid her bottoms off exposing a completely shaved pussy glistening with her juices. She took her hand and slid a finger into her pussy then brought it to her mouth and licked it clean while never taking her eyes off mine.

I was going nuts and she could tell. She slid her finger in again this time she brought it over to us and held it to my lips. I hungrily sucked it in tasting her juices. She began to smile and leaned over so I could take a breast into my mouth. As she did that, she reached under Sue and tweaked one of Sue’s nipples. Sue stiffened in surprise and stopped sucking on me. Sue then lay down on her back and watched as I sucked Wendy’s nipples while Wendy played with Sue’s breasts.

After a few minutes, Wendy pulled her breasts out of my mouth and leaned over. She gently took Sue’s bikini bottoms and began to pull them off. Sue actually lifted her hips to help and soon both ladies were naked. Wendy kneeled down between Sues legs and began to go down on her. I again started to play with Sue’s breasts and in less than a minute Sue shuddered in moaned as a huge orgasm rippled through her body.

Wendy continued to lick Sue’s pussy and Sue tried to push her head away saying it felt too good and she needed a break. Wendy stood up and helped Sue into a sitting position. Then, as Sue sat there catching her breath, Wendy walked directly in front of me and again looked me straight in the eye. She placed one knee on each side of me never breaking eye contact. I felt her take my cock in her hand and hold it straight up.

Ever so slowly she guided my throbbing cock into her incredibly hot and very wet hole. She began to ride me like a wild woman still maintaining eye contact. I was so turned on I thought I was dreaming. I began to come with such intensity that when she felt my jism squirt into her pussy Wendy’s eyes shot open from surprise at the intensity and then began to glaze over as she began to orgasm herself. She continued to ride my now empty cock as she shuddered from several small orgasms. Finally she stopped moving just letting my cock slowly shrink its way out of her.

Wendy looked over to Sue and so did I, wondering just how much trouble I was in. Sue was leaning back in the corner and was furiously rubbing her clit with her eyes closed. Wendy and I both looked over at Bill who seemed to be sitting there stunned at the turn of events but with a very prominent hard-on. He looked towards us and then at Sue. We both gave a slight nod and Bill then stood up, pulled down his trunks and went over to Sue.

He positioned himself in front of Sue’s open legs and leaned forward removed Sue’s hand from between her legs. He then lowered his head towards my wife’s vagina. Sue let out a moan as he first came into contact with her. Wendy and I moved across to the other side to watch Bill in action.

As he ran his tongue up and down Sue’s slit, one of Bills hands gently pressed on one of her legs splaying her wider and improving our view. He rested his other hand over Sue’s shaven strip of pubic her and reached down with his thumb to press against her clitoris. That encouraged another moan of pleasure from Sue. After a few minutes of this he raised his head and again looked towards Wendy. Sue whimpered in frustration at having the tool of her pleasure withdrawn.

Following another brief nod from Wendy, however, Bill edged forward and taking hold of his cock placed it at the entrance to Sue’s pussy. As he touched it against her labia Sue groaned and tried to edge forwards to draw it into her. Bill had seemingly decided to prolong her agony / pleasure and rubbed his tool up and down Sue’s slit. After only a couple of rubs, the head was gleaming with moisture, which I suspected was a mixture of Sue’s juices and Bill’s pre-cum.

Sue was again trying to edge forwards to feel Bill inside her. Bill decided it was time and slammed his length into Sue, in one thrust fully inserting it into Sue so that his pubic bone ground against her clitoris. Sue started a bit at the surprise but slid her hips forward to make it easier for him. In moments they were in-sync, with Bill’s every thrust being met with equal gusto by Sue.

Watching Bill and Sue had rekindled by passion and as Bill slammed his cock into Sue, I manoeuvred Wendy so that I could guide myself into her from behind. Her tunnel was wet and sloppy from my previous orgasm but it still felt great to be inside her again. Once I was inside we edged towards Bill and Sue. Wendy reached out and again started playing with Sue’s breasts.

Since Bill and I had already had one orgasm our staying power increased and we made love to each others’ wives long enough for them both to have a couple of orgasms. Bill reached his climax before I did and when he with drew his cock from Sue she just stayed where she was with her legs spread and I could see his come leaking out.

Much to my surprise Wendy moved forward and lowered her head to my wife’s vagina. She then proceeded to lick her husband’s come from my wife. That was all I needed to send me over the edge and with a loud groan I deposited another load into her. My legs almost gave way with the intense pleasure I was feeling and I could help but drop onto the bench that was alongside me.

Once I had extricated myself from Wendy she removed her head from between my wife’s legs and lay down on the bench next to her. As Bill and I got our breath back the two women hugged.

A few minutes later we heard the door to the pool area open and shortly after that the attendant opened the door to the sauna to tell us that it was time for him to close up. We all said goodnight and Sue and I made our way to our room. After getting cleaned up we went to bed and were asleep as soon as our heads hit our pillows. Obviously the travelling down had taken more out of us than we thought.

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