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Lost In the Wrong Part of Town

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Janna was very tired and distracted that day and really wasn’t paying attention to where she was driving. Suddenly Janna realized that she had no idea where she was. “How could you not know where you are stupid?” she said to herself. “You’ve lived here your whole life.”

Janna didn’t stop to think that she really only knew the rich side of town since that is where she and her friends had lived since she was born.

Noticing that her Beamer didn’t seem to quite fit in this part of town, she started to get nervous. Her eyes kept darting around trying to find any kind of familiar territory. The only thing she could tell was she was being watched from every direction that she turned. Fear at this point really started to creep in, and she was not good at hiding it. Getting more and more antsy as she could not for the life of her figure out where she was.

Janna realized that she was not going to find her way out of this without having to ask for help. Reluctantly she pulled into a run down gas station. Not until after she had parked the car, taken out her keys, and was already on her way out her opened her door, she realized her mistake. She had totally forgotten she was wearing one of her shortest skirts she owned as she went to step out of her car.

Just then noticed that there were several loathsome looking men standing around the station. Before she was completely out of her car several of the men had already started toward her.

“Well, looky here,” the bigger of the men said, “Looks like someone is on the wrong side of town.”

Janna desperately tried to get back in her car as the man caught her door and kept her from closing it.

“Where do you think your going so fast pretty little thing? We don’t bite we promise.” A sly grin then crept upon his malevolent lips, “Well maybe just a nibble.”

“I I I jusssstttt realized I’m at the wronggg place.” Janna stuttered, “I I I’mmm llllooost.” She suddenly noticed that her car was totally surrounded by the men.

The one that grabbed her door responded, “Nah I don’t think you’re lost or in the wrong place, you just made our day little lady. We were trying to figure out something to do and then here you come. The answer to our problem.”

Janna tried to get a hold of herself. “Sir, I’m late getting home and I must go now, if you could please give me the directions to Valley Ranch from here I would appreciate it.”

The men died laughing. “Can you just please tell me how to get home?” they mocked her

“Please, I’m just lost and want to go home.” she said in a low frightened voice.

“I think the spoiled little girl is scared.” The rest of the men joined in on the laughter.

It was then that Janna knew she was in trouble. The man that was holding her door caught Janna’s arm and roughly pulled her the rest of the way out of her car.

Janna then started begging, “Please let me go you can have whatever you want just please don’t hurt me.”

The big man laughed, “Oh honey we don’t want your money, or anything else you have to offer, well besides this hot little body of yours.”

Then before she knew it she had a dirty rag stuck in her mouth and it was taped over. One of the men that surrounded her car was holding her arms. Try as she might there was no way she was getting away from these monsters.

Her eyes open wide in horror as the men carried her to a nasty room in the back of the station and then forced her down on the bed that looked like it hadn’t been washed in years. She tried to kick and scream and get away, but it was no use. She was extremely overpowered by the men that were all over twice her size. Since she was only 5’2″ and maybe 110 pounds soaking wet.

“She’s a fine little red head isn’t she?” one of the men asked the others. They all nodded in agreement.

“Wonder if it is true what they say about red heads, if there really is fire in the hole?” Another man asked as he chuckled at his own sick joke.

Her arms were suddenly grabbed and roughly tied to the bed frame with ropes that cut into her arms making her wince in pain.

All she could think was, ‘please just let me pass out, or one of these men be decent enough to cut in and let me go.’ It seems that was just not to be her fate this day.

She was the head cheerleader and one of the most attractive saught after girls in school, it also helped that her parents were very rich, and she was extremely spoiled and used to getting her way. She’d been around the block at her school and because of her looks and the money her parents had, she always got first pick of the guys she wanted. She loved sex and was never satisfied with one person for long. She figured at one point she had most all the attractive seniors in her class and some at the neighboring high school.

Being a cheerleader had its advantages. She got to go to all the football games and meet the studly football players from other schools. She had even fucked several of them in the stadium bathrooms during the player’s breaks or hers.

But, this was too much being taken against her will in a place so nasty she wished she wasn’t gagged so she could breathe out of her mouth and not her nose.

She had always fantasized about having sex with a number of guys at once, one taking her after the other, but had never thought it would be like this.

Janna twisted against her bindings trying to get free herself, but she knew it was useless. All that she succeeded in doing that was making the ropes cut into her wrists more and cause blood to trickle down her wrists and hurt worse. Even if she did get loose there were too many huge men there to stop her.

Suddenly a blindfold was put over her eyes and everything went dark. She tried to scream but it was no use with her mouth taped and gagged. Suddenly something sharp and cold was put to her stomach and jerked.

“You had better not move bitch, or you’ll get cut. Just hold still like a good little girl while we get rid of these clothes so we can see that spoiled little whore body of yours nekkid.”

Scared of being cut Janna held perfectly still as she felt her expensive shirt, and bra being cut off. Silent tears ran down her cheeks as she felt the last shreds her bra being ripped from her body.

“Oh nice tits,” One man said.

“Yeah always liked those young ones, they’re still perky as hell.” Another answered.

Janna then felt several pairs her hands grabbing, squeezing, and roughly pinching her breasts. They were hurting her and she screamed out in pain that was muffled into silence through the rag and tape.

‘Oh god, please let this be over with soon, let then knock me out, or let me pass out.’ she thought to herself.

But that was not in the cards for Janna. She soon felt the prick she had felt earlier on her stomach now on her side. She knew what was going to happen next. Her skirt was slit up both sides and the bottom was roughly pulled out from underneath her. Next she felt someone ripping her panties off not even bothering to cut them off like they did the rest of her clothes. She couldn’t believe this was happening to her, as she laid completely naked on the filthy bed.

“Oh yeah, just like I like it. A nice shaved pussy.” One of the men said.

Janna felt like she was going to be sick, but knew it wasn’t possible from the gag in her mouth and tried hard to keep from throwing up cause she knew she would just have to swallow it or choke to death. She was almost tempted thought. At that point choking to death didn’t sound to bad to her. But, she knew she wouldn’t be that lucky.

One of the men had started rubbing his hand between her legs and roughly pinching her clit. Janna’s body started responding.

‘What the hell am I doing?’ She thought to herself. ‘How can I respond to these dreadful, disgusting men touching me, raping me?’ Janna was totally confused and did not want her body to respond to these creatures. But, her body had something else in mind. The more this guy played with her clit the wetter she got.

“Look boy’s this little slut is getting wet. I think she likes it. You like it whore? You like strange men touching your body?.”

They all started laughing. Then man suddenly jammed two fingers into her pussy. Janna tried to scream and the only thing the men heard was the muffled sound coming from her gag.

“Oh yeah I think the little cunt likes this.” The man said. Several pairs of hands were all over her body and she couldn’t keep up with what was going to happen next. She felt a wet mouth clamp down on her nipple and began sucking hard. The fingers in her pussy were beginning to go faster and harder as they were jammed over and over again up inside her. Then she felt a third finger being forced into her tight pussy, but it only remained long enough to get it lubricated with her own juices. The probing finger then began to rub around her tight asshole.

She couldn’t believe this, as much as she had been around Janna had never had anal sex or even had a finger in that area. She clinched her ass tighter and tried to squirm away from the intruding finger. Her hips were roughly grabbed and held in place.

“Oh I don’t think the little whore likes her ass played with. Well, honey let me give you a real good suggestion. The more you fight it the more it will hurt, now just lay still and relax, and if you don’t it will hurt worse, but will still happen. Comprende little slut?”

Janna shook her head yes and tried hard to relax. She then felt a finger slip into her virgin ass. There was another mouth at the same time that latched onto her other breast. Then suddenly she felt teeth sink into her tender nipple, and forgot all about the finger in her ass as stars flashed in hers eyes from the pain shooting through her nipple.

She screamed so loud into the gag that it was clearly heard through the cloth that enclosed her mouth. The men in the room just laughed.

The guy that bit into her nipple laughed loudly, “Hey cunt I was just trying to take the attention away from a finger being put in your ass.” They all laughed again.

Janna then felt a warm tongue flick across her clit and jumped. The fingers being pushed in and out of her pussy and ass were beginning to feel great. She had never felt these sensations before and was confused by her body’s responses. The warm mouth closed over and clit and began sucking. Janna started bucking her hips. The person fingering her pussy and ass added a second finger to her asshole and Janna moaned into her gag.

‘No, I can’t be enjoying this. I refuse. How can this be happening? How can I like this? This is against my will but it feels so good.’ she thought to herself. The fingers inside her began moving faster and the mouth on her clit sucked harder and faster also. Her hips involuntarily rocked with pleasure, and muffled moans came from her gagged mouth.

“Oh yeah,” the man that was fingering her said, “the little whore likes this.” He started thrusting his fingers in her ass and pussy harder and faster and began again to suck on her little clit which was now aroused and pushing it’s way out of it’s hood. He skillfully flicked his tongue on her clit over and over again and felt her body jump at each contact of his hard tongue to her erect clit. Janna’s body began to tremble all over and her vaginal muscles tightened around his fingers. He knew she was about to cum and started furiously pounding her pussy and ass with his fingers. Janna thrashed around on the filthy bed as wave after wave of her orgasm shook her whole body.

More muffled moans escaped the confines of her gag. ‘Oh god,’ she thought, ‘I can’t take anymore.’

But the man going down on her had no plans on stopping. He was going to drive this little slut insane. He got two men to hold her hips still as he continued to suck hard on her little nub and kept furiously fingers her two holes. His fingers and face were drenched in her cum. Janna could feel her own juices running down the crack of her ass. She was trying to beg him to stop that this was more than she could take. But, it was useless with the gag in her mouth. Her whole body was trembling and shaking.

She had never experienced an orgasm like this before. The high school boys she had been with wanted nothing more than to get their rocks off and be on their way. True there were a couple of boys that had gone down on her but never like this. She tried harder to get away from the mouth and fingers that were driving her crazy. She didn’t know how to deal with this intense of an orgasm. It was useless trying to get away she was intensely overpowered by the men that were holding her down. The man finally let go of her clit and pulled his fingers out of her orifices. “I think the little cunt is ready to be fucked now.” he said.

Janna’s body was just now beginning to settle down from her mind shattering orgasm. She heard zippers being undone and clothing being removed. She then started to become scared again.

‘What if these men have some kind of disease?’ she thought to herself, ‘What if one of them gets me pregnant?’ She furiously shook her head no.

The men began to laugh at her again. “What bitch, you didn’t think we were going to fuck that sweet young pussy of yours? That we just wanted to eat you out and let you go?” They all began laughing again. “Well, guys who goes first?”

They all started to argue. Then it was decided that the one that ate her out would be the first to fuck her pussy. After him numbers would be drawn out of a cap to keep what order the men to get to ravish her supple body.

She began to cry again, but these men didn’t care. The only thing they wanted was her young body. Besides they could not see her tears from the blindfold that they had forced over her eyes. Two of the men grabbed her legs and pulled her knees up to her chest to allow the first guy full access to her tight pussy.

“Oh yeah guys, look at that young hot cunt, all nice and wet and waiting for my cock.” He bragged.

She then felt the head of his dick pushing into her. He pressed further in slowly. God she was tight. She felt his cock slide past her lips and deep inside her. Her eyes got wide under the blindfold. This was the biggest cock she had ever felt before. She felt her pussy spreading to meet the requirements of this huge monster he was forcing insider her. Once he was buried full hilt inside her he began to slowly pull in and out of her hot wet pussy.

Janna’s pussy had never been stretched like this before. The boys in school never had cocks this huge. Janna was in shock; her body didn’t know what to think. The owner of the huge penis started pounding Janna harder, the head of his cock slamming against her cervix, causing pain, but still somehow it felt good at the same time. She started to tremble as he pounded her harder and harder, thrusting so deep inside her, making her feel as if his dick would come out her mouth. She was in a mixture of pain and pleasure, then he reached down and began to make circular motions on her clit with his thumb.

That was all it took, it sent her over the edge and him too. As her vaginal muscles tightened around his cock it was more than he could handle. She was tight as it was, then the contractions of her pussy making her tighter sent his cock into overdrive. He slammed into her as hard as he could making sure she felt every inch of his thick hard manhood. She felt his cock pulsing inside her at the same time she reached her climax. Her body shaking and trembling from the intensity that she had never knew existed.

He pulled out of her soaking pussy, and announced to the others, with a smirk on his face, “Watch out guys, she’s got one hell of a tight pussy and when her cunt muscles grab your cock, you’ll blow.”

There were mumbles around the room about being a two-minute man, and such. At this point Janna was exhausted. She had no idea how many more men that were going to use and abuse her private areas. She still had no idea how she could be enjoying this. But, so far she had had so many orgasms she couldn’t count them anymore. Her pussy throbbed and tingled from pleasure, she had never been used, or turned on like this before. She was still trying to figure all this out when she felt the ropes being removed from her wrists.

By then she was too tired to fight or even try to get away. She knew she was immensely outnumbered. She felt herself being lifted off the bed and heard it creak as someone lay down. Her body was moved back to the bed, but she was held above the bed. Hands reach under her and spread her lips and her pussy was then lowered onto another cock. It wasn’t as long as the first mans but just as thick.

Her wrists were tied back to the metal frame of the bed pulling her body down against the strange mans chest. “God damn you weren’t lying when you said her pussy was tight.” He moaned. “I’m gonna enjoy every minute of this hot little sluts ride.” He pulled her down tight against his chest and began to move his rod in and out of her hot little slit.

In this position her little clit was stimulated against his pubic hair. This also gave the other men a full view of her young tight ass. The man that drew number three was getting hotter watching his friend fuck this little girl’s cunt.

“Hey mind if I join you two?” he asked.

The man with is cock buried deep in her pussy responded, “Don’t mind at all help yourself.” As he continued to pound into her.

Janna didn’t comprehend how he was going to join the man in fucking her. Her mouth was gagged and taped, so there was no way to be forced to give him a blowjob. Her wrists were tied back to the frame of the bed so a hand job was out of the question.

Then she felt him crawl onto the bed behind her, and all of a sudden a wet finger was being placed in her ass. It was then she realized what was going to happen. The thought of these men actually fucking her ass had not crossed her mind.

She started to fight and get away with a new found vigor; fingers were different from cocks in her ass. There was no escape. The men held her tight and right where they wanted her.

“Hey bitch, didn’t you learn the last time. If you don’t relax this is going to hurt an awful lot. Weather you relax or not, I’m still putting my cock in that hot little ass of yours. So you might as well try to enjoy it or believe me it will hurt like hell if I just shove it in.”

Janna trembled at the thought of this man just shoving his cock in her ass.

The man in her pussy asked, “This must be your first ass fucking, huh, baby?” She just whimpered in her gag. She quit fighting as she felt him insert a second finger into her nether region. He began twisting and turning his fingers around inside her asshole. She was still pretty loose from the fingering she had received earlier. The man under her had paused his movements; waiting for the other guy to get her ass loosened up enough to take his cock without too much pain.

She felt something warm and wet hit her ass, and realized it was spit. He removed his fingers from her ass and began to spread the spit around her puckered little hole. She tensed as she felt the head of his cock replace his finger. She then remembered the warning again and tried to make herself relax as much as possible considering the situation she was in.

He pushed slowly into her tight ass. He felt the head of his dick go past the tight ring of the inside her anus. Tears of pain came to Janna’s eyes as number three bit by bit inched his cock into her most private hole.

“Once I get it all in, you’ll love it.” He then buried his prick to balls deep in Janna’s ass. He held it there for a bit and gave her time to adjust to his cock being inside her virgin hole.

The pain began to subside and number two began to pump himself in and out of her pussy again. It felt as if the two cocks inside her were touching, because the wall between her vagina and anal passage was so thin. Number three slowly pulled almost all the way out of her ass and then back all the way back inside her full hilt.

He moaned loudly, “fuck this is the tightest ass I’ve ever had the pleasure of fucking.”

Janna was thankful that he wasn’t as big as the two men that had fucked her pussy. The pain was gone and quickly replaced by pleasure. The two men pumped in and out of her in unison. Number two would pump in and number three would pull out and vice versa. With this motion and the stimulation her clit was receiving being rubbed up and down on number two’s pubic hair was the greatest thing she had ever felt.

“This ass fucking whore’s incredible. Gahhh she is soo fucking tight.”

It was going beyond that of the eating and fingering she had gotten earlier. This feeling was totally different. It wasn’t anything she could explain. Janna never realized or knew how many nerve ending and special feelings that went with anal sex. If she had known it would feel this wonderful, she would have done it a long time ago.

The two men continued to pump in and out of her moving their wonderful cocks in her ass and pussy harder and faster. Number three began to pound her ass like he would never have sex again. Causing her hard little nub to rub faster and harder against number two. The friction of the two cocks inside her was sending her into outer space. She had already cum twice, her body not even taking a break from one to the other.

Her orgasms seemed to never end now, as they flowed from one straight into another. Her clit tingled so intensely that it was making her whole body shiver and quake. The two men kept going. Number two pushing his cock up into her pussy as far, hard, and fast as he could, while number three was still hitting her ass with more ferocity than he had ever had during sex.

They could both feel her cunt, and ass muscles grab onto their rods and they knew she was in continues orgasm. It was all both men could do to keep from emptying themselves deep inside her. Her loud moans were muffled into her gag, but they could still make out her begging them to stop that she couldn’t take anymore. This made them determined to fuck her sweet, tight, hot little holes longer and harder.

Number two was the first to go. “OHHHHHHHHH GAAAAHHHHHHH.” “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh” as he shot his load into her quivering twat.

Number three after feeling and hearing number two could not fight to hold it any longer. Both of their moans of pleasure of finally letting themselves release could be heard well outside the small room.

Janna wished they would take the gag out of her mouth. She thought they would figure out by now, and as hard as she came with the moans escaping her mouth even with the gag, she wasn’t going try to run or scream anymore. This was the absolute best fucking she could ever wish for. Even though her clit, pussy, and ass were beginning to get sore she still wanted more.

This time she wanted to have a hard cock in every fuckable hole she had. Number three pulled out of her ass with a loud suction noise.

Slapping her hard on her ass, and then commenting, “You’ve got the tightest ass I’ve ever had the pleasure of fucking all right.” He then crawled off the bed as number two pulled himself out of her pussy hole and crawled out from under her.

Janna could feel their seed flowing out of her pussy and ass sliding down her leg as she waited for what was to come next. Little did Janna know she was about to get her wish. There were only two men left to fuck her but the first guy was already hard again from watching her get double dicked. Plus he wanted to feel her mouth on his cock, and get to have a taste of that tight little ass too.

“Alright you little whore, I’m going to take that gag out of your mouth and your going to give me one of the best blow jobs you’ve ever given. If you even think about screaming or biting my precious little friend you’ll regret it for the rest of your life. Do you understand?”

Janna shook her head yes, and was shocked as she felt her clit starting to throb as just the thought of sucking dick. He then removed the tape and gag from her mouth, gave her time to restore her spit, and then pushed he head against her mouth as she opened wide to receive him.

She then felt two people crawl onto the small bed with her and the other man. Her cunt was immediately starting getting wet again and twitching at the thought of more cock to fill her every hole. They untied her arms from the rail on the bed and lifted her off the bed again. She was wondering what they were going to do now. She wasn’t scared anymore; she just wanted more cock.

Soon she was lifted back onto the bed. She was facing the other direction and she felt the head of a cock positioned at her opening of her ass. She was lowered down onto it. Janna didn’t have to worry about it hurting this time. She was already well loose and lubed, from just being fucked. But, this mans penis was thicker and longer than any of the others so far.

It made her ass stretch further than she thought possible. She was then pulled backwards by her hair, her back laying on his chest. Then there was someone else on the bed, and another cock was being pushed into her messy cum filled twat, she moaned loudly at being filled to the brim with hot strange dick. She couldn’t tell which of these men had the biggest rod. They were both huge. Then there was another person on the bed, and her mouth was filled with cock.

Janna slurped and took the cock in her mouth as deeply as she could, all the while moaning like crazy from the two cocks that filled her two holes. They pumped and pushed and shoved into her three openings like mad men. Alternating between hardcore fucking then calming down and taking it slower.

They were driving her insane. From the minute the cocks were inside in her she began to immediately orgasm. Her cunt and ass tightened constantly around the two pricks fucking, pounding, and violently being shoved in her. Janna couldn’t believe herself. She wanted them to keep going, not to stop.

She sucked hard on the cock in her mouth, spit running down her chin. Her moans of excitement and the constant twitching of her pussy were too much for the guy in her cunt to handle. He pounded in and out of her as hard as he could and all it made her do was moan louder around the prick in her mouth, and grip his stick harder.

Janna was loving it, all she could think was harder, harder, pound me till I can’t walk anymore. The guy in her mouth grabbed her by her hair and began to fuck her mouth. He started shoving his penis all the way down her throat, causing Janna to gag on his large rod. The man in her pussy moaned and starting grunting loudly, and he unloaded himself inside her. Pounding her as hard and fast as he could while he waited for his cock to finish pulsing and shooting inside her deliciously tight twat, and go limp.

Her ass was still be plunged in and out of. She was then pushed up into a sitting position and made to ride the cock in her ass, as she was being skull fucked by the other man. He didn’t plan on letting go of her hair. That was his hold to keep his dick planted firmly in her mouth as she bounced wildly up and down on the cock still in her ass.

She couldn’t get enough. Her body tingled from head to toe from continues mind blowing orgasms. Then Janna was suddenly grabbed roughly by her hips and forced down hard onto the huge cock in her ass. She felt him swell and pulse inside her. As he let out a wolf like growl coming from deep in his chest.

Janna loved being able to feel every time he shot deep in her. Every pulse was intensified by the orgasm he sent her into by forcing her down so hard on his cock. Again she was lifted off another limp dick, and the one in her mouth was pulled away from her. She searched like a baby looking for its mother’s nipple to get it back.

This time she wasn’t placed directly back on the bed. She was maneuvered to the edge of the bed and roughly pushed onto her back.

“Oh yeah, we knew your little slutty ass would like to be fucked like this” said the man that pushed her onto the bed. “Tell me how bad you want my hard prick deep in your ass, fucking you harder than anyone in here. TELL ME WHORE NOW!!!” he yelled.

Janna immediately started creaming again at being talk to like he did. Barely above a whisper she responded, “I want you in my ass really bad.”

“I can’t fucking hear you bitch.” He screamed at her.

She answered again a little louder this time and that seems to please him. He grabbed her knees and pushed them back to her ears. He positioned his cock a little above her ass and slammed it in as hard as he could.

Janna screamed with pleasure. “Yes, yes yes” she screamed and shook her head back and forth, as he pounded in and out of her ass harder and harder with each thrust.

“Fucking, rich cunt, you like your ass fucked don’t you, you like feeling me use you like a piece of meat, don’t you…answer me cunt.” He screamed, as he slammed into her so hard she had to hold onto his shirt to not fly across the bed. “I said fucking answer me whore.” And he shoved his prick in her so hard he had to cover her mouth to keep the screams from being heard all over the neighborhood.

He felt her trying to talk and let go of her mouth. “Yes, I love it, I love your hard cock pounding in my ass…fuck me harder please.” It was almost more than he could take. He stopped and flipped her over on her stomach, her young tight ass right in the air waiting for his rod to be shoved back in. He didn’t hesitate, not even bothering to make sure his prick was inline with her now stretched out but still tight hole.

He slammed into her with all he had. She screamed again, and he quickly grabbed the back of her head and shoved it into the filthy bed to muffle her yells. Janna still had on her blindfold and cold not see the other men jerking off all around her.

Her head was yanked back out of the mattress and turned to feel the head of a cock at her lips just as he came all over her face. Her ass was still being pounded furiously shoving her hips into the bed. Her head was pulled in another directions just as someone else erupted onto her face. Then she felt more jism hitting her back and neck as the men jerked off all over her leaving her covered in cum.

The man fucking her ass reached around and started roughly started rubbing her clit back and forth quickly grinding it into herself. Janna’s body tensed as she was on the verge of another earth shaking orgasm. Every muscle in her body tightened as the man continued to furiously pound her into the bed and rub her sore clit.

“Oh yeah baby, grab my cock with your ass muscles, come on cum for me I want to feel your hot little slutty body cum for me.” He rammed his cock savagely up Janna’s asshole again his balls slapping against her pussy slit as his frenzy grew and he neared cumming. “Take it your fucking slut, take it up your ass.” Over and over again he buttfucked Janna as hard has he could.

Her screams of pleasure were again muffled as he grabbed the back of her head and shoved it back into the mattress.

“Yesss…Yesss…Yesss…” he grunted with pleasure with every stoke up her ass. “Take it you assfucking whore,” he yelled as he slammed her stretched out hole. He rammed her faster and faster ravaging her asshole like a madman.

Janna bucked her hips trying to meet the frenzy he was fucking her with. Her screams made into the bed as she came over and over again. His finger never stopped rubbing her clit into her pelvic bone. “Gonna.. cummmmmmmm deep… in….. your fucking whore.” “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

Janna felt him bury his cock deep inside her ass; she could feel his every throb. His hot jizz splattered deep inside her. Her final orgasm racking her body the same time he was emptying his load deep inside her bowels. He collapsed on top of her as his limp cock slid out of her cum filled ass.

She heard the door opening and the footsteps of the men leaving the small smelly room. Hell Janna couldn’t even smell the stink anymore, all she smelled was the cum all over her and the sex in the room. The man moved off of Janna and pulled out a pair of sweats and a small towel them; handed them to her.

“Here wipe off with this as he handed her the towel, and put these on when your done.” Still in darkness from the blindfold she did as she was told. “Your going to leave me your phone number, and when we want to use you for our fuck toy again, you will be here. By now one of my boys has already gone through you purse and car and found out where you live. If you fail to show up, there will be hell to pay. Do you understand?”

Janna’s heart was beating fast; as she mumbled, “Yes Sir.”

Just the thought of being fucked like that again already had her excited. She knew right then and there she would be impatiently waiting for the phone call for them use all her holes again for hers and their pleasure. Janna also knew that she could never go back to fucking the boys from school. They would never be able to satisfy her again. Her sex life had totally changed in a matter of minutes.

Janna got in her car with the directions back to her side and town, and started driving home. Janna giggled to herself as cum still oozed out of her now sore holes. “Maybe I should get lost more often,” she said to herself as she turned the radio up and smiled the whole way home her clit and body still tingling from the best sex she had ever had.

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