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Not Your Average Grandma

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This is a complete story, although there is a sequel possible if reader interest is there.


To the rest of our family, Grandma Rose was – let’s be charitable and use the word “eccentric”. In the words of my mother, my father’s mother was a “nuttier than a fruitcake” and often suggested that she be put in a rubber room somewhere.

To me, Grandma Rose was a breath of fresh air in a family that had more than their share of stuffed shirts and snobs. The beauty of Grandma Rose was that you never knew what she was going to say. She would come up with the wackiest comments, or make the most bizarre Malaprop’s you ever heard.

I thought it was all a scam, or at least a good deal of it. I suspected that Grandma Rose was having a little joke with the world, and secretly got a kick out of befuddling people. Furthermore, I thought she knew that I was on to her, which is why we got along so well.

By the time I graduated high school I was spending as much time at Grandma Rose’s house as I was my own. Since she lived alone now, having outlived the grandfather that had died before I was born, she said that she liked my company. As for my folks, since I was just in the way most of the time, they were probably just as happy I wasn’t there.

Maybe they suspected I was as crazy as Grandma Rose. Who knows? Whatever the reason, I became a fixture there, which is when during the spring of my 18th year, I found out a whole lot more about my Grandma Rose.


“You’re running a fever, most likely,” my Grandma Rose told me when I informed her I wouldn’t be going to school that day, and threw the covers up over my head.

Actually, it was a sort of a school holiday that day. Senior Skip Day was a tradition at Glens Falls High School, and I wanted to keep up my end of the deal, so I was planning to stay in bed until noon and then go hang out with friends.

“Grandma!” I moaned when I felt her pull the sheet off of me, and I was glad I was wearing pajamas. “I really don’t feel like going.”

“I don’t give a horse’s behind whether you go to school or not. I’ll call in for you, but I’m going to take your temperature,” she informed me. “Can’t have you croaking under my watch.”

“What are you doing?” I yelped when I felt Grandma Rose tug my pajamas down.

“Taking your temperature, what do you think I’m doing, silly boy?”

“A rectal thermometer?” I screeched while cupping my genitals and rolling onto my stomach to hide myself. “Gee Grandma Rose, that’s prehistoric. They have things you can just touch your forehead with now.”

“All that fancy stuff – it doesn’t work for beans,” Grandma said. “This is the only way to take an accurate temperature.”

“Oh man,” I moaned, burying my face in the pillow as I heard the sound of a jar being opened.

Vaseline. Good grief, I thought as I watched Grandma Rose dip in finger in the lubricant. Maybe I should have gone to school.

“When did you become so modest?” Grandma asked. “Covering yourself up like that? You used to walk around the house with your twig and berries bouncing around like crazy without a thought.”

“I was probably 3 at the time,” I mentioned, feeling my Grandma Rose reaching over while telling me to spread them.

“Ready or not,” Grandma announced just before I felt the cold greasy finger penetrate my anus.

“Gee,” I groaned as I felt my grandmother’s finger wiggle around, probing deeper and deeper.

Probably a whole lot deeper than it needed to be lubricated, I mused, but the feeling was so good that I said nothing. The lubing went on for almost a minute, and it was as if Grandma Rose was enjoying this or something.

What was even weirder was that I was getting a boner from this. I mean, my grandmother was cute and I loved her, but she’s 60 years old, or damn close to it. She’s got her finger in my rectum and I’m getting off on it.

“Now let’s see what’s cooking inside you,” she announced, slipping her finger out of me, and when I wished she had kept doing it, I figured I really must be sick.

The cold tip of the thermometer barely registered when Grandma Rose slipped it in me, and she patted my butt cheeks and thanked me for being such a cooperative patient.

“Couldn’t help noticing,” Grandma said. “Before you rolled over. Was that hair I saw down there near your dingus? Where did all that come from?”

“My pubes?” I asked, laughing. “Grandma, I’m 18 years old. I’ll be 19 by Christmas.”

“You’ll always be my little guy,” Grandma said, swatting my butt cheek again. “Even if you did get as tall as me all of a sudden.”

Grandma Rose liked to tease me about my height, or lack thereof, and I was really glad when I finally got taller than Grandma Rose’s 5’6″ last year.

“Let’s see,” Grandma said, taking the thermometer out of my rectum and looking at the result. “Says you’re normal.”

“Oh,” I replied.

“Maybe I didn’t leave it in long enough,” Grandma Rose mused, and reached for the Vaseline again.

This time there was even deeper probing, and I noticed I had begun moving myself into the bedding while Grandma Rose’s long, bony finger went in to the hilt. My hand, which I had cupped over my dick when Grandma had pulled my pajamas down, was now holding a cock that was hard as a rock, and I knew if Grandma Rose kept lubricating me like this I was going to pop my load.

“What are you doing down there?” Grandma asked, and before I knew it she was rolling me over onto my back and pulling my hands away from my privates.

“My word!” Grandma said as she stared my erection, which was in full bloom and arching back to my belly button. “Look at the size of the tally-whacker on you!”

I do have a pretty long dick, even if it isn’t real thick, and I found myself really turned on by the way Grandma Rose was staring at it. My attempts to cover my stuff up were no match for Grandma Rose’s desire to see what I had been trying to hide.

“You really have grown up, haven’t you Danny?” Grandma declared. “Haven’t seen one that big since – my stars – has to be 40 years ago. I was at a Jefferson Airplane concert at Golden Gate Park when I snuck into the woods with this young fella with dreadlocks and let him diddle me. He had a long one on him too.”

“You’re way bigger than your Grandpa was, that’s for dang sure,” Grandma sighed. “Even though it ain’t the meat but the motion what counts. I’ll bet the young ladies like to ride your pole, don’t they Danny?”

“Not really,” I admitted.

Grandma Rose’s hand slid over onto my hip, and within a few seconds she had my dick in her weathered hand and was pulling it up off of my tummy and inspecting it.

“I feel kinda guilty,” Grandma said. “Seeing how I think I caused this. I really shouldn’t be doing this, you know. I would hate to have anybody find out about this. You would never say a word to your folks, would you Danny?”

“No,” I said, shaking my head violently as Grandma’s fingers wrapped around my member.

“Good boy,” Grandma Rose declared, dipping into the Vaseline with her free hand.


I writhed on the bed while Grandma Rose’s hands did the most amazing things to my cock and balls. Her greased fingers played my cock like it was an instrument, bringing me to the brink of orgasm time and time again before backing off, and it was sweet agony.

Her hands spun up and down the slender shaft of my cock, working over the ridge of the crown and toying with the tender opening. All the time she was asking me questions. Questions about the girls I had been with and what I had done with them.

Sadly, there wasn’t much to tell. I had gotten a grand total of three hand jobs, and I had gotten Melissa Sanders to kiss the head of my dick, although she chickened out when I tried to get her to suck it. That was it, and when I told Grandma Rose that, she thought it was a shame.

“That’s all going to change for you, Danny. That is if you want it to. You see, you’ve been spending a lot of time with me lately, and I love having you around,” Grandma assured me.

“You see, your Grandma Rose isn’t quite as square as you might think a 59 year old woman to be,” Grandma went on. “I’ve tried to keep my private life from the family all these years since Grandpa passed, but I’ve always thought you were different. I thought we were kindred spirits in a way, and we had a special bond.”

“We do,” I gasped, looking at my beet red cock that Grandma’s hands were still working over, while seeming to have the ability to be able to not let me cum. “I love you.”

“And I love you too, Danny. I know I’m not all that much to look at these days…”

“You’re beautiful, Grandma Rose,” I told her, and that was a fact.

Grandma Rose had always looked like that woman who played Peter Pan in that old movie. Grandma had a nice trim figure and a cute face. Her hair was now gray instead of brown but she wore it so short that it looked like silver down on her head.

“Really,” I said. “I’ve done – something – lots of times while thinking of you.”

“You have?” Grandma said. “You’ve masturbated while thinking of me.

I nodded, not ready to tell her of the times I had sniffed the clothes that were down in the laundry room, savoring the aroma of her worn panties while I jerked off. Once, I had even wrapped the discolored cotton undies around my cock and came in them.

“Oh!” Grandma sighed. “You don’t know what that does to me, hearing you say that. And you want to cum now, don’t you?”

“Yes,” I whimpered, trying to thrust myself into her hand harder, because I was sooo close to getting off.

“I can tell,” Grandma Rose said, her breathing almost as heavy and ragged as my own. “Your Grandma Rose has been jerking you off for almost a half hour, and my Danny boy wants to cum so badly that he could scream. Isn’t that right?”

“Please,” I cried as the aching in my balls begged for release.

“Danny’s big cock is going to cum good for Grandma, isn’t it?” Grandma said, her hands suddenly working with even more intensity, only now she wasn’t slowing down. “Cum for Grandma, Danny. Cum hard. I want to see your big cock shoot cum.”

My head and neck were bending down and looking at my dick when I came – exploded is more like it. My cock erupted like a geyser when Grandma made me cum. Semen flew way up in the air and all over me, covering me with my seed, as well as giving a liberal coating to Grandma Rose’s hands and arms.

My body shook uncontrollably after I stopped cumming, almost like I was having a seizure, and I was shivering sporadically for several minutes afterward. I had been utterly drained, and I was still light-headed while Grandma Rose cleaned me up with a washcloth.

“You get some rest, Danny,” Grandma said as she covered me up with a sheet. “I’ll call the school, and later on I’ll come in and see how you feel.”

I nodded and drifted off to sleep while thinking about the most intense orgasm I had ever enjoyed.


When I awoke Grandma was sitting on the bed next to me. She was wearing a pink nightie with a matching robe over it and looked like an angel to me, so soft and feminine.

“How’s my Danny?” Grandma said with a smile.

“Great,” I said. “Before – what you did to me -that was amazing,”

“Just the beginning, Danny,” Grandma said. “We haven’t even scratched the surface yet. Why don’t you roll over and let Grandma take your temperature again?”

“I’m not really sick,” I confessed.

“I know you aren’t Danny, but you liked it when I took your temperature before, didn’t you?”

“Yes,” I admitted, rolling over and spreading my ass cheeks for Grandma.

“I thought so,” Grandma said, and after she slid that long oiled finger into me I let out the groan that I had stifled that first time. “You like my finger in your ass, don’t you?”


“Have you ever put your own finger up there?”

“Couple times,” I admitted. “Doesn’t feel as good as when you do it though, Grandma Rose.”

“Have to know what you’re looking for,” Grandma said, and I moaned when she found that sweet spot once again. “Tell me, have you ever had anything else up there. You know what I mean. Ever had one of your friends put their dick in your bottom?”

“Gee no, Grandma,” I said, shivering at the thought.

“Ever do anything with another fellow?”

“Me and Tommy Scarff jerked each other off once, but that’s it,” I said, my bottom moving involuntarily as Grandma probed deeper.

“That must have been fun,” Grandma suggested. “Was his cock as big as yours? I’ll bet it wasn’t.”

“No,” I recalled. “Tommy’s was thicker though.”

“Is your cock hard yet?” Grandma asked.

“Yes,” I said, and sighed when Grandma Rose slipped her hand out of my ass and rolled me over again.

“I’ll say it is,” Grandma said, smiling at my erection as the tip of it rested in my belly button. “Now you say that a girl kissed the head of your cock once, but that was all?”


“Now I want you to try not to cum right away,” Grandma said, rolling over toward me as she grabbed my cock. “Just relax for Grandma.”

This could not be happening, I thought to myself as I watched Grandma’s head lean over me, but when I saw her mouth open and I felt my dick sliding between her moist lips and into her warm mouth, I knew it was real because I never felt anything like that before in my life.

“Ooh!” Grandma sighed, pulling her mouth off of my dick and admiring the glistening spear that she held in her hand while looking between my legs. “You’ve got the meat AND the potatoes.”

Grandma ducked her head down and began sucking on my balls, popping first the right one and then the left one into her mouth, before going back to my cock as I reached over and groped for her breast through the flimsy nightie and robe.

“They aren’t much these days,” Grandma said, straightening up and taking her robe off before shrugging the nightie off of her shoulder. “You should have seen them when they were perky.”

“I love them, Grandma Rose!” I said as I cupped the long slender tit in my palm.

Grandma’s tits weren’t very big, and they did droop some, but they felt so great in my hand that I didn’t care. Her nipples were enormous; big fat maroon pegs that popped out when I started to knead the squishy flesh, and it looked like her aureoles covered the entire ends of her breasts.

Meanwhile, Grandma had resumed sucking my dick, and her mouth was so warm and wet that I knew I couldn’t last much longer. I gripped Grandma’s arm, as I warned her that I was about to cum if she didn’t slow down.

My fingers felt something silky, and I noticed that Grandma had a little hair under her arms. Not every much, really, just a few long brown hairs in the center of her creamy white armpits, but they felt so soft and fluffy that I couldn’t help stroking them.

Grandma seemed to enjoy what I was doing, and squirmed the more I let my fingers slide under her arm. Her sucking got harder and deeper, and suddenly I couldn’t hold back any longer. I cried out and tried to warn her, but either she didn’t hear or didn’t care.

Grandma made a little choking sound when I first started to cum, but she kept sucking while I kept cumming, and didn’t stop until she had drained me. Only then did she take my limp dick out of her mouth and look up at me.

“I’ve forgotten how good a young stallion’s seed tasted,” Grandma said with a twinkle in her eye. “Be right back.”

I watched Grandma walk out of the room, her pale titties swinging freely, and when she returned she had a can of shaving gel and a razor.

“Here,” Grandma said, handing me the razor and laying down on her back, putting her hands behind her neck. “Shave Grandma’s underarms for me. Young fellows these days don’t like hairy women.”

“I don’t care, Grandma, It doesn’t bother me.”

It didn’t. I mean, I had seen girls with hair under their arms before. Maryanne Musscalino at school had more hair under her arms than any of the guys. Grandma hardly had any pit hair at all, and what she had looked cute, but she told me that she wanted me to shave her, so I did.

“I’ll be careful,” I said, shaking the can and squirting a little gel into my palm.

“I know you will,” Grandma said. “Take your time.”

“You’re even more beautiful than I had imagined,” I said, those nipples so inviting and her stomach still trim, as I tried to concentrate on the job at hand. I worked the gel into the little wisp of hair, completely engulfing her armpit with foam as the gel activated.

“Mmmm,” Grandma sighed as I slid the razor through the little cluster of hairs. “That’s nice. Nice and slow.”

I went back and forth until the foam was all swiped off of her underarm, and then asked Grandma how I did.

“Felt like you did a nice job, but there’s only one way to be sure,” Grandma explained. “Check it for yourself.”

“Like this Grandma?” I asked, letting my fingers stroke the buttery smooth skin.

“That’s one way,” Grandma said. But to be really sure…”

I felt weird at first when Grandma brought my face down, but when I started to lick her armpit, she started wiggling around and moaning, and when I looked over and saw that those nipples had gotten even fatter and longer, I kept going.

“Part of being a great lover,” Grandma said, gasping as I nibbled under her arm, which had a scent and taste like vanilla, “is paying attention to your partner’s reaction when you do things to them. As you can tell, Grandma likes her armpits stroked and licked. A lot.”

After I moved over to the other side of the bed, I took more time with her other underarm, spending several minutes to do what was a five second job, and was rewarded when Grandma writhed around and rolled her eyes.

“Ooh!” Grandma moaned, looking at me through eyes that seemed glazed. “You like it too, don’t you? I can tell. Look at your cock. You’re so big and hard again so fast.”

My cock was hard as blue steel, springing wildly in front of me as I knelt beside Grandma despite having cum not long ago.

“Feel what you did to your Grandma,” she said directing my hand down her flat, pale tummy and under her panties.

The hair was soft down there, and when she tugged her panties down I could see that while her bush wasn’t thick it covered a wide triangle, and through the light brown pubic hair I could see what my fingers were touching.

My first pussy. I had seen plenty of pictures, but this was the real thing. The lips of her pussy were bigger than the ones I had seen, and as my fingers parted those puffy flaps, I could smell the steamy musk and my finger probed inside her pussy, which was very wet and warm.

“You like Grandma’s pussy?” she asked. “You ever taste one?”


As I lowered my face between Grandma Rose’s slender thighs, the aroma of her sex was overwhelming, sending shivers down my spine and making my dick throb. The lips of her pussy surrounded my nose and mouth as I dipped into her.

I knew nothing about what to do, but just licked blindly at her pussy. Grandma’s hands were holding my head, guiding me to where she wanted me to go, and I guess I must have figured it out because soon her hands left my scalp.

Grandma Rose’s legs were churning, and when I looked up through her pubes to see what she was doing, I saw that she had her nipples pinched between her fingers and she was pulling them straight up, almost like she was trying to yank them off.

Her doughy breasts were stretched as she pulled on her nipples, and then she arched her back and let out a loud squeal. Grandma’s body jerked around a second before she fell back onto the mattress with her chest heaving.

I raised my face up from between Grandma’s legs, making sure she was alright. Not only was she alright, she wanted more. She wanted me.

“Easy Danny,” Grandam said, gripping my arms after putting me into the warm fold of her womanhood. “Charles isn’t nearly as well endowed as you are.”

I didn’t know who Charles was, but I didn’t care much at the time, because my cock was being enveloped by her pussy, and it felt so great that I didn’t think I could hold back.

“Don’t cum – not yet,” Grandma pleaded, squeezing my arms tight as she sensed what I was going through. “Stop. Go slower. That’s it. Omigod, you’re so big and hard. Now just move in and out a little bit.”

I moved as Grandma Rose asked, and soon I began to get a little control over myself. I pulled my dick almost all the way out of Grandma and then let it slide all the way back in until I had fully impaled her.

Grandma liked that, and the feeling on my dick was so sensational, so I kept doing it. Long and slow strokes, and after a minute or so I could see Grandma’s face get redder and more strained. She was looking at me like she was scared or something, and I wondered whether something was wrong or not.

Suddenly my cock was crushed by the walls of her pussy as she clamped around me savagely. She was screaming as her fingernails raked my arms and shoulders, and all I could do was stare at her with my mouth open as I filled her with my cum.

“Sorry Grandma,” I gasped after she stopped convulsing and caught her breath. “When you – I couldn’t help it.”

“That’s okay Danny,” Grandma said, hugging me and smothering me with her love. “I’m glad you liked it. You’re the best Grandson ever.”


Grandma said she hadn’t gone to sleep before 9 in years, but she claimed I had worn her out.

“Danny, my spirit is willing but my pussy is so sore,” Grandma said as I cuddled up behind her. “I haven’t been screwed five times in one day since I was your age.”

“Six times,” I corrected her.

“I wasn’t counting the time you came in my mouth,” Grandma said. “Or the hand job.”

“Neither was I,” I told her, and proceeded to recount them all.

There was the first time, and then the next time was with Grandma on top, riding me like I was a horse. Then we did it while we were on our sides from behind. We took a shower together and I couldn’t resist after we dried each other off.

“Oh! That’s right,” Grandma said. “I forgot the one in the kitchen. How could I forget that one? You were like an animal.”

Bent over the kitchen table, I had taken her from behind. By then I was confident and in control somewhat, and I fucked her hard as she propped herself up with her hands on the table, kneading her dangling tits roughly until we came.

After dinner had been the sixth time, just about an hour ago, and that had been the most tender and loving of them all. We were in sync so completely, and while she didn’t cum that time, she said that in many ways that was the best.

“You’re really good, Danny,” Grandma said. “Your Grandma would never lie to you. You were good in bed from the beginning and now – you’re incredible.”

“You make me so horny,” I complained in a good natured way, bringing her hand back to my cock, which was hard again, of course. “Just one more time.”

“I’m very sore, Danny,” Grandma said, but as she started to stroke my cock she half-turned to me. “Of course, there is one thing you haven’t tried yet.”


Grandma’s face was on her pillow, but she was on her knees, her bottom raised high. Before me, Grandma’s cute little rump was in my hands, and I was parting her ass cheeks wide.

Her anus was pinkish and hairless, and while I was apprehensive about it, Grandma had offered it to me, along with the tube of lubricant. I slipped my finger into her ass, my oiled digit probing deep while Grandma groaned in response.

“Don’t put it all in me, Danny,” Grandma pleaded. “You’re too big, and your Grandma is small back there. Be gentle.”

“I would never hurt you, Grandma,” I assured her as I brought the head of my cock to her opening, but as I pushed the tip in I wasn’t sure if that was going to be the case.

“Omigod, Grandma Rose,” I said after I managed to pop the head of my dick inside of her, and after I put about half of my manhood into her ass I stopped.

“Oh gee,” I said. “It’s so hot and tight. Like a furnace. Can’t…”

I felt my cock spurt into Grandma’s rectum, having only lasted about 20 seconds at best. After I stopped cumming I pulled my cock out of Grandma’s puckered ring, which stayed open a bit as some cum oozed out of her until it tightened back up.

“It’s just as well you came so fast, honey,” Grandma said, easing down to the bedding and hugging me after I apologized for ejaculating so quickly.

I fell asleep, but was up at the crack of dawn, my dick hard and Grandma on my mind. I nibbled on her neck until she woke up, but she politely rebuffed me and told me to jerk off until she got some more rest.

So I did. I tugged the sheet off of my Grandma Rose and after putting some lotion in my palm, took my cock in my fist and began stroking it while staring at Grandma’s tits.

Grandma Rose must have heard the sound of my fist pumping my cock because she opened her eyes. When she saw what I was doing, she shook her head with an amused expression and motioned for me to kneel down.

A few minutes later I was coating Grandma’s throat with my cum, giving her what she called an alternative to her morning juice.

“Are you going to be like this all day?” Grandma asked me. “If so, I’m going to have to get somebody in here to wear you out.”

“Who? Charles?” I asked, remembering Grandma saying that name yesterday, and not really being interested in that kind of thing.

“No, not Charles, but Grandma has another friend I think you might enjoy,” she told me.

“Grandma knows best,” I said, letting her get some rest by leaving the bedroom.

“That’s right, Danny,” I heard her say as I closed the bedroom door behind me. “I do.”


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