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Holiday Diary

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Day 1.

After a long wait for our bags at the airport we finally found a taxi that would take us to our hotel. An hour and a half later we arrived at the most magnificent building and gardens that was stuck in the absolute middle of nowhere.

As patience isn’t one of his virtues Rob wasn’t happy even though it had been him who had booked this ‘bargain holiday’ over the Internet.

At the reception desk we had more problems. It quickly became evident that German tourists mainly used the hotel as the staff hardly spoke any English. Being typical Brit’s we obviously didn’t speak German or Spanish or anything other than English. As there was a problem with our reservation this meant that we were having terrible problems trying to register. Then, out of the blue, a ‘white knight’ appeared.

Well, not a real ‘white knight’ but a group of 5 teenage German boys wearing shorts and basketball vests as if they had just returned from the beach.

“Hello. Can I help?” the tallest asked in a faultless English with only the merest hint of a German accent.

“We can’t get booked in mate.” Rob muttered.

“Can I see?” he asked as he took our Internet receipt from my husband. The boy read it carefully then spoke politely to the young girl behind the counter. They each pointed at various parts of the document until the girl grinned and went into her office.

The boy handed Rob the receipt back. “She confused you with someone who was not due to arrive until Saturday. I’m sorry. She is getting your keys now.”

“Uh, thanks mate.” Rob replied embarrassed.

“Hi, my name is Didi. I am also staying here, with my friends.” He then turned to his friends who all waved and smiled.

“Hello and thank you very much,” I offered him my hand, “I’m Andrea and this is Rob…my husband. We are from England.”

“I guessed!” Didi laughed, “I am sorry. That was not fair.”

The receptionist returned with our room keys and some more documents. After a couple of stress free minutes we were unlocking the door to our room.

“At last!” Rob huffed as he dropped the cases onto the floor.

“God! It’s fantastic!” I gushed as I whizzed around the room opening doors and cupboards. When I opened the shutters in the bedroom I was greeted with two of the German boys standing on the balcony of the apartment opposite. We waved to each other as I surveyed the pool and bar area. Suddenly I felt as if I was finally on holiday.

Back in the living room Rob had found the porn channel on the TV.

“I might have guessed!” I scowled as he stared at two huge breasted girls wrestling on a bed.

“Guess who are opposite us?” I asked as I put the kettle on.

Rob turned and shrugged his shoulders.

“The German boys. The one with long hair waved.” I told him.

“Gay boys all of them.” Rob chuckled as the blonde girl produced a huge dildo from under a pillow.

“I’m sorry?” I quizzed him, “Gay boys? What makes you say that?”

Without taking his eyes from the screen he went on, “Well, look at them; they’re too good looking to be straight. Five lads like that…together…. On holiday…definitely!”

I shook my head knowing that it would be pointless to argue.

Later that night we passed the boys as we went into the restaurant.

“Hi. Andrea?” Didi greeted me, unsure how to pronounce my name. “How is your room?”

“Fine,” I replied noticing his twinkling blue eyes.

“Yeah, fine thanks,” Rob mumbled.

“Are you eating in the hotel?” Didi continued as one of his friends tapped his watch, “not going into town?”

“We are a bit tired after all of the travelling, so we thought that we would have a quiet night.” I smiled as Rob rudely made for the bar. “How far is it to the town? Can we walk?”

Didi laughed again and shook his head, “Not really, it is 3km, we have a car and I think that you will need one to.”

With that his friend with long dreadlocks tugged his arm and they left.

Rob handed me a drink and asked, “Is it cold out there?”

“No,” I shook my head not knowing what he meant. Then his eyes went down to my nipples, which were now clearly poking through the thin material of my dress.

My husband grinned as I blushed and turned away.

“You’re going to be disappointed…. I stand more chance with him than you do!” he laughed out loud, “I’m telling you – gay as a Bishop!”

During our meal we planned sunbathing around the pool the following day, then we’d get a taxi into town on the night then hire a car the following day to discover the island and most importantly – the beaches.

Day 2

Rob and I had been lying by the pool for over an hour when I heard a familiar voice say, “Hi. Do you like it by the pool?”

I looked up to see the German boys walking past, obviously on their way to the beach. Didi was standing next to my lounger, only dressed in baggy surf shorts, trainers and dark shades.

“Yes its fine, thanks.” I replied. Rob looked up from his English newspaper and smiled.

“We prefer the beach. It is less crowded.” He told me as he bent down onto his haunches.

“Me too, but as it’s our first day we thought we would stay in the hotel.” I was enjoying talking to this handsome young man. I could tell why Rob would think that they were gay; all 5 were very good looking, tall, cool and their bodies were very tanned and toned.

“You should join us one day,” Didi suggested, making two of his friends laugh, which puzzled me.

“That would be good,” I told him knowing that my husband would never agree.

With that they left us.

The rest of the day was uneventful until late afternoon when I decided to go upstairs for a shower and get ready for our night out. When Rob finally joined me his stomach, legs, ankles, chest and face were as red as a beetroot! He had fallen asleep. We had a blazing row as he thought that I should have been checking on him! Men!

By the time that I stepped out of the shower my husband was burning up. After a discussion he still agreed to go into town for a meal and a few drinks. That was a mistake! We were only halfway through our meal when he was in so much pain I decided that we would have to get a taxi back to the hotel.

As we were trying to flag down a cab the German boys appeared and asked what was wrong. I explained and Ralf volunteered to drive us back in their rented Jeep.

“No, no!” Rob insisted sarcastically, “You stay here with the lads. You enjoy yourself.”

Within two minutes Ralf returned with a big open-topped Jeep and my husband was zooming away from me.

As my husband had decided that the guys were gay, he probably felt that he had nothing to worry about, apart from me getting drunk!

With the Jeep in the distance the remaining lads took me into a Disco-bar. We had a great time, drinking and dancing and drinking some more. As we drank they asked me about England and my job and Rob, while I asked them about Germany and themselves. It became obvious quite quickly that they weren’t gay as three of them had girlfriends back at home! They had come on holiday together as they were all going to different universities all over Germany later in the year and this would probably be their last chance to be together.

By about 11 o’clock I was very tipsy and dancing quite outrageously with 2 or 3 boys at a time.

“I must get back to see my husband, he’s not well.” I slurred as I took a huge gulp of yet another exotic cocktail that they had bought me.

At the Jeep I realised that it was only designed for 5 people and there was now 6 of us. Ralf got into the drivers seat and Stefan, a gorgeous boy with long blonde dreadlocks jumped into the passenger seat.

“You may have to sit on one of our laps,” Didi apologised.

I didn’t care at all; in fact I was looking forward to a ‘bumpy’ drive home.

As I drunkenly climbed up the steps and clambered onto the back seat I heard Hans say something in German which made his friends laugh.

“Shit!” I realised that he had been looking up my short summer dress and had seen my lace thong. Grinning I playfully slapped his muscled arm, and wagged a finger at him.

He innocently shrugged his shoulders and pretended that he didn’t know what I meant.

The boys sat in the seats and I positioned myself on a knee of both Didi and Mark. Didi put his strong arm around my waist and with a roar and a sandstorm Ralf raced out of the car park.

I had been correct about the bumpy road. It was like a rollercoaster as the car hit every pot-hole on the island. I was thrown about like a rag-doll in the back giving the lads plenty of opportunities to ‘accidentally’ grab my freely bouncing breasts or slide a hand up my short dress touching my thighs ‘in an attempt to steady me’! Eventually, when they realised that I wasn’t complaining, Didi slid his hands inside my dress and casually groped my tits through my bra. The others stroked my legs and one even playfully touched my tingling pussy.

All too soon we were back at the hotel. Still giggling we climbed out of the Jeep and I straightened my clothes, so as not to make my husband too suspicious.

In the reception area they begged me to have one more drink with them, but I declined explaining that I had to see to my ‘sick husband’.

At my age, leaving five young men ‘horny and disappointed’ made me very happy indeed.

Rob looked a sorry sight lying spread-eagled on his bed. His body looked even more inflamed in the half-light.

“Silly sod!” I thought as he moaned and groaned; feeling sorry for himself.

I covered him in ‘after-sun’ then undressed for bed in the bathroom. I chuckled to myself as my thong was so wet it actually stuck to me. After the ride in the back of the Jeep, I was so turned on I had to play with myself as I sat on the toilet. It felt sooooooo sexy fiddling with my sticky clit thinking about those boys playing with my tits and legs, knowing that my husband was lying asleep in the next room.

Day 3

Rob was so ill he couldn’t face any breakfast, so, very ‘hungover,’ I made my way down alone. Three of the German boys were already there and beckoned me over. Remembering my behaviour 9 hours previously I found it difficult to make eye-contact with them as I sipped my OJ and coffee. Thankfully they were gentlemen and only ‘alluded’ to having ‘enjoyed my company’ the previous evening.

When I told them how sore and ill Rob was and I would be sunbathing alone today, Didi volunteered to stay behind and keep me company. I tried to tell him ‘no’ but he insisted.

An hour later after telling Rob of my plans, I was lying topless next to a handsome 18 year old German boy on adjoining loungers. Thankfully Rob thought that this was just another ‘thing’ that gay boys would do.

Didi was good company and we talked in more detail about our differing lives as the morning flew by. He talked very passionately about the beach and the surf, insisting that Rob and I should join them there when he felt better.

Every half hour I would put my bikini top back on and we would swim together in the refreshing pool. I couldn’t take my eyes off his slim tanned torso as he dried himself. As Didi sat on the edge of his sun-lounger and bent away from me my stomach fluttered as my hands began rubbing thick cream into his skin. His body felt so hard compared to my husband. With my eyes covered by dark sunglasses I could see a fat woman a few yards away from us staring at me and smiling – I guess that she was jealous. After a couple of minutes of this ‘pleasure’ Didi turned away and adjusted the front of his once loose shorts. When he had composed himself he asked if I ‘would like the same’. I nodded and lay on my stomach.

‘God Almighty!’ this felt good. His hands were soft and gentle as he caressed the cool lotion into my baking flesh, making my purr like a kitten.

We continued like this until lunchtime, when I went back to see how my husband was. As I opened the door I was hit by an icy blast. Rob was lying half asleep on the sofa with the air-conditioning turned on full.

In fairness to him, he looked terrible and probably was in a lot of pain, but it was his own fault! I put on a sweatshirt and made some salad which I ate alone on the balcony.

Rob wasn’t in the mood for small talk but seemed happy that Didi was keeping me company by the pool, which meant that ‘my’ holiday wasn’t being completely ruined.

Didi was waiting for me with some cold beers when I returned. The next couple of hours flew by as we swam, drank beer (and water) then rubbed more suntan lotion into each others hot bodies. I swear that there was a bulge in the front of his trunks at least three times that he carefully adjusted, thinking that I hadn’t noticed – but I had!

After a while I began to feel very, very naughty, I looked up to see that the blinds in my apartment were still closed.

“Do you like that?” he asked in his sexy American/German accent, as he massaged my shoulder blades with lotion one more time.

“Oh yessssss.” I cooed as his finger tips slid down my sides until they touched my tits, “yessss.” I continued as he slowly moved to the small of my back easing his fingers inside the elastic of my bikini pants.

“Should I do your legs?” he whispered.

“Mmmmmm, yes please.” I continued purring as he delicately squeezed the muscles and sinews of my 34 year old legs.

I eventually had to ask him to stop as I now wanted some lotion on my front. I took the bottle from him and sensuously squirted a huge dollop of cold white suntan lotion onto my chest as I sat less than three feet away from this young hunk of love. I tried as best I could to make it look natural as I rubbed the runny liquid into my heaving breasts and across my stomach. My tits felt heavier and firmer than I could remember as I squeezed and rotated them for my young friends’ pleasure.

Didi was pretending that this was the most normal thing in the world as he tried to make polite conversation. I stared into his pale blue eyes as I eased the elastic of my bikini bottoms away from my skin with one hand as the other rubbed the cream further down. Didi was virtually speaking in a whisper as he tried to peak inside my pants.

“What were you saying?” I nonchalantly asked as he was now nearly incoherent.

“Oh, uh …nothing important.” He mumbled as I spread my legs, exposing my prominent ‘camel toe’ (as Rob calls it) to him as I squirted more cream onto the inside of both thighs.

I bent forward making my breasts jiggle and whispered, “Would you like to rub that in for me?”

All he could do was smile as his trembling hands nervously touched my skin. It took him a few seconds to gain his confidence, but when he did I was in Heaven. His hands and fingers swirled in long then small circles pressing the skin as if it was made of eggshells.

I scanned the area to see if anyone was watching. Thankfully only the fat woman was, and she appeared to be enjoying the show as much as I was.

A couple of times he ‘accidentally’ touched my genital area making me jump as it was so sensitive.

“Naughty, naughty!” I chided him as I tapped him on the head.

He looked up like a scolded puppy.

Nervously I looked at my watch, 4.15, and said, “I’d like a coffee.”

“Oh…okay,” he muttered with a look of devastation on his face, “I’ll get them.”

“No, not from there,” I looked towards the bar, “let’s go to your room.”

The look on his face suddenly changed into a huge grin.

He began throwing his things into a bag until I told him to slow down, as I didn’t want to make it ‘look too obvious’.

I knew by slowly getting dressed and packing my bag would only tease him a little bit more.

Once inside the hotel he nearly ran up the stairs two at a time. Then as we entered the untidiest room that I’d ever been in, he suddenly lost his confidence.

“Your husband? What if ….?” he stammered.

I put my finger to his lips and told him not to worry about Rob. I then unhooked my bikini top and dropped it to the floor.

“You’ve wanted to do this all day haven’t you?” I asked as I gently pulled his face towards my shiny tits. “Suck them!”

He did as he was told and hungrily licked and sucked my swollen nipples making them ache like never before. His hands were suddenly all over my body groping my arse through my sarong and pants then roughly grabbing my tits. I hadn’t felt this ‘wanted’ for a lot of years.

I unfastened the sarong leaving me standing in just my tiny bikini bottoms as he continued licking and sucking my 34c tits.

“That’s enough of that!” I told him as I grabbed his hard dick through his shorts. “Which room is yours?”

He motioned to an open door, “Okay, let’s go!” I laughed as I led him into the room by his cock. The bedroom was worse than the lounge with clothes scattered everywhere. I even noticed a dirty magazine and some tissues next to one of the beds.

I pushed him onto the bed and tugged his shorts down.

There was no tan line as his cock sprang into view.

“I did not know how to tell you….the beach that we go to…it is a….nudist beach!”

“Jesus!” I gasped.

“We are quite open about nudity in Germany and our families have come here since we were all little boys. Are you shocked?” He told me as I began licking the shaft.

“Not at all,” I grinned as I kissed the purple tip, “it sounds like fun.”

I stared at his young tanned cock. It was such an odd shape – about 6 inches long, quite narrow at the base eventually spreading out to a big fat bell-end that looked like a plum. He had a small forest of brown pubic hair but none at all on his balls.

“Ooh! Andrea!” he gasped as I covered his fat knob with my lips. My mind was racing; thinking about these five strapping young lads naked on a beach – my pussy was tingling again. I couldn’t wait to feel his fat cock inside my cunt.

My tongue was running along the purple knob as I began stroking his pubes and shaft with my thin fingers making him really moan now.

As soon as I gripped his swollen balls he began grunting and before I could take it out, his cock erupted. Spurt after spurt of hot lumpy cum filled my mouth. Sadly I don’t like the taste so tried to keep as much in my mouth without swollowing any as I pulled his cock out. He erupted again splashing my face with yet more youthful spunk as I tried to stand up. I waved my hand and shook my head, trying to tell him that I’d had enough.

“Oh, oh I’m sorry…I didn’t mean to…I didn’t know…I’m sorry.” He stammered as I looked for somewhere to spit his cum into.

As I ran into the living area I was greeted by his friends watching the porn channel. They all smiled and waved.

Shocked, I ran across the room with Didi’s excess cum running down my face as I struggled to keep the rest in my mouth.

I leant across the sink and spat the foul tasting liquid into the bowl. I then wiped my face with a t-shirt and turned to face the grinning boys.

They were no longer watching the girl masturbating on the TV but staring at me dressed only in a tiny pair of bikini bottoms. Didi was nonchalantly standing naked in the bedroom doorway with his semi-swollen cock still pointing at me.

“I think that this is yours….Andrea.” Ralf said as he held my bikini top aloft. I smiled sarcastically as he waved it above his head.

With one arm covering my breasts I held the other out. Just as I touched the strap he threw it to Stefan. I quickly turned and tried to grab it – too late, he threw it across the room. In seconds I’d forgot that I was topless and chased my flying bra around the boys’ room amid much laughter from all of us.

Didi finally handed it back and as I fastened it he asked, “Will you consider joining us at the beach tomorrow?”

The horny state that I was in effected my brain, “I’d love to!”

As I walked back to my apartment my nipples were poking through my bikini top. My pussy was absolutely aching as I could still taste Didi’s spunk in my mouth. The more I ‘tasted it’ the hornier I became. I was praying that Rob had made some form of recovery and would let me fuck him.

He was still sitting on the sofa in the dark freezing room, surrounded by used tissues when I entered.

“So you’re feeling better, I see.” I joked.

“A bit,” he sighed, “but look at this.” As he turned to face me I could see that the burns on his face had now turned to scabs.

“Oh God!” I whispered as I gently kissed his forehead.

As I put more lotion on his sores it was obvious that Rob wasn’t going to be able to satisfy my sexual urges in any form. I had to play with myself twice, in the shower to give my pussy some form of relief, but I knew that I needed a good fucking – and soon.

As we sat eating, in the restaurant, I told him ‘what good company’ Didi had been, and that he had invited us to the beach (neglecting to tell my husband that it was a nudist beach and they were 5 horny heterosexual teenagers!)

Rob wasn’t sure as he felt that we should spend some time together.

The decision was made for him at 3.30 am as made his way to the bathroom for the fourth time. I had told him not to eat sea food in his condition, but, ‘being a man’ he knew best.

The smell when he returned was disgusting.

“That’s it! I’m going to the beach tomorrow…Sod you!” I told him.


As Rob lay asleep I decided to go for breakfast alone. The boys were already there.

Slightly blushing, as they all knew that I’d given Didi a blow-job the previous day, I sat with them.

As we chatted I told them about Rob’s new ‘problem’.

“So, Andrea, are you going to join us at the beach?” Stefan asked, grinning.

I shrugged my shoulders and nervously nodded my head.

The boys then laughed and chuckled as they talked in German.

“Fantastic!” seemed to be the consensus.

Twenty minutes after leaving my husband with enough water and tissues to see him through the day I was sitting on Didi’s knees in the back of the Jeep.

The beach was a 30 minute drive away. This time everyone appeared to be a bit more nervous and restrained.

When we arrived, the guys grabbed the towels, footballs and cool-boxes and we set off along the hot sand.

As we passed a large number of families and couples I was amazed to see how many people were nude and wasn’t sure if I would actually have the nerve to go fully naked too.

My eyes flashed through my dark glasses at all the flesh that was on display. I don’t care what my mother said about ‘when you’ve seen one – you’ve seen them all!” I must have seen every shape and size of penis known to man. I tied my best not to stare, but…well…I just loved looking at them.

The German boys finally found a relatively secluded spot with a type of derelict semi-circular sheltered area made from rocks and old bits of flotsam.

“What’s that?” I asked as I dropped my bag.

“Stefan laughed; “They are for windy days and shy people!” the others laughed.

I wasn’t sure what to do then the 5 boys looked at each other and WHOOSH…their shorts and vests were thrown into the ‘shelter’. My stomach turned over as I stared at their youthful bodies. Three began playing football which made their long soft penises bounce between their strong legs as they ran around.

“Have you decided?” Didi asked me.

I smiled and unclipped my bra, slowly exposing my tits for him. Then I unzipped my shorts and slid them down my legs.

Still smiling I told him that I still wasn’t sure about going fully naked. He shrugged his shoulders and disappointedly wandered off to play football.

I stood in my bikini pants, sunglasses and straw hat rubbing sun-tan lotion into my flesh as I watched my new friends running around naked.

They looked terrific with their slim, tanned, muscular bodies and dangling cocks.

I spotted that the blonde haired Hans was circumcised and the rest had foreskins, Stefan’s’ especially looked sexy as it was very long and thick.

Didi waved me over as the boys ran down to the refreshing sea as I lay on my towel. They were already jumping about in the surf with the ball as I tentatively walked into the cold water which made my nipples instantly pop out.

I quickly acclimatised and joined in their game which seemed to be a version of handball. I was having great fun diving into the waves when, just as I tried to retrieve the ball, I felt a hand push my shoulders. The next I knew I was face down in the water. As I managed to get my head out of the water I felt Ralf and Mark tugging at my pants. Another wave crashed into us, knocking me helpless. When I recovered Mark was leaping through the water with my pants in his hand.

As I sat in the water I quickly realised that there was nothing I could do. After all ‘I had already seen their bits so they may as well see mine’!

I slowly got to my feet discretely letting them see my neatly trimmed pubes. Just as I made eye contact with Didi the ball hit me on the head knocking me sideways.

After a few minutes being naked in the water felt very liberating, especially when the surf went between my legs frothing around my pussy, making me even hornier.

Eventually as we trooped back up the beach I spotted a couple of old men now sitting close by the shelter. Both were short, quite chubby, grey haired and had moustaches, one was very thick and bushy. They smiled and waved as I walked past which made me self-conscious about my nudity again.

As the boys were already drying themselves Ralf threw me my pants which I instantly threw into the shelter, confirming that I was staying nude.

After towelling myself dry I began covering myself in suntan lotion, Stefan offered to rub some into my back. I nodded agreement and passed him the bottle. He was as good as Didi had been the previous day. I closed my eyes as his hands pressed the cool liquid into my hot skin.

Soon his hands wandered underneath my arms until he was gently massaging the sides of my breasts. I calmly raised my arms to allow him free access.

I gasped as his cock began to stiffen against my bum as he firmly squeezed my tits and tugged at my already stiff nipples.

“That is good? Yah?” He whispered.

“Mmmmmm, yes…very.” I replied as I manouvered his rising cock between my arse cheeks.

Didi shouted something which made Ralf stop and the others including the old men all laughed.

Ralf squirted some lotion at Didi then chased him around the beech until he finally caught him, pushing him into the soft sand.

We continued like this for the next couple of hours – playing in the sea then the boys taking it in turns oiling my back and tits. My pussy ached so much it actually felt as if it had been kicked, I was so turned on as I watched them oiling themselves especially when they took their time rubbing the cream into their youthful penises. When they massaged me they no longer made any pretence at having erect cocks, in fact Ralf and Mark took great delight in rubbing oil into theirs directly in front of me.

I felt absolutely brazen as we ate a late lunch. I was now so relaxed with my nudity and the effect that it was having on my new friends that I deliberately sat with my legs apart giving them an unobstructed view of my pink gash.

As the afternoon wore on I became sexually frustrated as all of their fondling and massaging kept bringing me ‘to the boil’ then they would stop.

Then after being groped and fondled by three of the boys as we played Frisbee in the surf, Stefan was rubbing oil into my tits one of his hands slowly descended into my trimmed pubes in front of his friends.

I heard the boys laughing and looked over to see them all sitting legs apart, making no attempt to hide their own hardening cocks.

Delighted that at my age I could seriously turn on a group of horny teenagers I motioned Didi to help his friend, by waving the bottle.

His purple knob peeked out of the foreskin as his long cock swayed in front of him as he stood up.

Didi squirted more lotion onto my tits and belly then his hands replaced Ralf’s on my heaving breasts. Both boys caressed and stroked my middle aged body, taking great care when their young hands covered my tits, arse and thighs.

The others were standing very close now touching my aching breasts as well, as the two boys had worked their hands and fingers between my legs until they were touching and fondling my soaking pussy without actually penetrating it.

Mark began talking to Ralf in German, then taking hold of my wrist he told me, “We should go into the shelter.”

“No, not here, please. Let’s go back to the hotel. There are too many people here.” I panted, hoping that I was finally going to get the good fucking that I was aching for.

All five boys had raging hard-ons as they hurriedly put their shorts back on. As they hastily packed the rucksacks Ralf handed me my bikini. I grinned and tucked it inside my own bag. It was about a mile back to the Jeep but I wanted to be stark naked as I walked back through the other tourists with my five young friends.

I could feel my love juices trickling down the inside of my thighs as I walked hand in hand with Didi as we followed the others along the beech.

At the car I put my shorts and bra on and climbed into the back with Didi, Ralf and Mark.

We were hardly out of the car park when Mark had lifted my tits out of their supporting cups exposing my breasts to the world as we zoomed back to our hotel. Didi cupped my head in his hands and finally kissed me. Our tongues wrestled like spitting cobras as someone slid a hand inside my pants and pushed at least two fingers into my sopping hole, I spread my legs as far apart as possible making it easier for him to finger me to a screaming orgasm.

Ralf slowed down as we entered the hotel car park, making sure that no one could see us, especially as my shorts were now around my knees.

Mark set off first on a ‘scouting mission’ to see if Rob was sitting on our balcony. Thankfully he wasn’t so we discretely made our way up the back stairs until we entered the boys’ apartment.

For a few seconds we all stood in silence then I pulled Ralf’s shorts down making his cock spring into view. I knelt in front of him and opened my mouth. He knew what to do and eased his ever stiffening cock past my lips.

I immediately licked, sucked and slurped on his hot pink knob. Hands were now grabbing and groping at my tits and arse as I gobbled his salty cock.

I moved my head away and began sucking on Stefan’s slim dick. It wasn’t as stiff as Ralf’s and with a slight push it went straight to the back of my throat. I kept my jaw as wide open as possible as he fucked my mouth making his cock go deep into my throat. Someone had now spread my legs and was fingering my sopping cunt with at least three digits right past his knuckles. Stefan was jamming his cock faster and deeper into my throat as I bobbed my head backwards and forwards.

I sensed that he was about to blow his wad and should have made him withdraw but the finger fucking that I was getting at the other end was driving me crazy.

Stef grabbed my wet hair and forced his cock as far into my throat as it would go then grunted like a bear.

My breathing was getting out of control as I felt lump after lump of thick German spunk slide down my throat straight into my belly. I could hardly taste his cum until he quickly withdrew his deflating member smearing my tongue with his salty seed.

I gripped his shaft as Didi instantly replaced him in front of me and nibbled on his ball sack making him wince with pain, I then ran my tongue along a thick blue vein that ran along the underside of his cock until I got to his floppy foreskin which was still covering his bell-end. It felt strange as I began sucking his ‘skin and knob at the same time. As I filled my mouth with his cock the fingers were removed from my swollen cunt and then replaced by someone jamming their cock deep inside.

Obviously I’d never done anything remotely like this before and the idea of being fucked at both ends had been a fantasy of mine (and my husbands!) for many years.

Whoever was fucking my doggy fashion grabbed my hips and hammered into me like a piston. Even if I hadn’t had a fat cock in my mouth at the same time this would have been a terrific fuck! But sucking Didi at the same time had my clit ready to explode.

As he rammed my cunt I had to grab Didi to stop myself falling over as my knees were sliding on the tiled floor. Then, suddenly, as the cock was pulled out of my twat I turned my eyes to see Mark’s spunk heading towards my swinging tits.

Didi grabbed the back of my head with one hand and began tugging at his cock with the other until he filled my dry mouth with sticky spunk, as splash after splash of Mark’s spunk landed on my chest and slid down onto my nipples. When he was satisfied he moved away leaving me on my hands and knees trying to get my breath back through a mouthful of teenage sperm.

I spat some out but because I was out of breath it seemed to stick to my tongue and everything as it was so thick.

Shattered, I rolled onto my back. The boys still surrounded me and talked and laughed excitedly in German. As I grabbed a bottle of water and took a long gulp Hans took hold of one of my ankles and pulled my legs apart.

Grinning he stared at my gaping love-hole, “Okay?” he asked as he knelt between my thighs.

“Yes…yes,” I gasped as I gulped down even more cool water, “but let’s go into the bedroom!”

A girl has to have some comfort even if she is getting gang-banged!

In a second after lying on the scruffy single bed his knob was sliding past my love-flaps making me groan like whore.

I lay flat on my back and wrapped my les around his tanned back drawing his six inches even deeper inside my body. His face fell onto my chest and he began suckling my tingling nipples as he pounded my pussy with vigour.

Ralf knelt beside my face and offered his cock for me to suck again. Smiling I obediently opened my lips for him.

It was difficult to concentrate on sucking his young cock as Hans was rattling my cunt like a diesel train.

I used my tongue as best as I could while he fucked my mouth. When he moved his body I could see the others standing around smoking, laughing and tugging at their hardening cocks. Then I spotted the two old men as well! They must have followed us back to the hotel.

My hips were now rocking in time with Hans as he increased the intensity of his fucking, making the bed shake. I knew that he must be close to cumming as his face was becoming contorted. I unlocked my ankles from around his back expecting him to withdraw but he took advantage by manoeuvring his shoulders under my legs forcing my ankles behind my ears and sending his cock deeper into my belly! In seconds both of us screamed out loud as we orgasmmed together. Ralf forced his cock back into my throat as my mouth hung wide open. He moved his weight onto his other arm and began pumping his hot greasy juices into my stretched throat as Hans continued filling my womb and belly with his own spunk.

As my trembling orgasm subsided we collapsed in a bit of a heap.

The boys slowly slid their deflating cocks from my body and were instantly replaced by Stefan and Didi (again).

I was now developing a taste for cum and was sucking Stefan’s cock so hard in my desire for another mouthful that he actually begged me to slow down and be gentle with him. I complied but it wasn’t easy as Didi was becoming more confident as he fucked me and he too lifted one of my legs into the air as he jack-hammered my willing cunt with his virile young cock.

I was covered in sweat and gasping for breath when they finally ‘came’ in my mouth and cunt at exactly the same time.

My clitoris felt as if it would explode at any time if I didn’t do something about it soon.

Then I opened my eyes to see the two old men standing either side of the bed naked. The one with the bushy moustache was stroking a huge cock inches away from my spunk covered face, the other man’s was dangling between his legs. Both cocks were much bigger than any of the boys.

He started to say something in German to me as he rubbed the bulbous tip across my cheek.

Ralf laughed and translated for me, “He thinks that you are the sexiest woman that he ever seen and he would like to fuck you!”

I held my hand out and wrapped my fingers around the wrinkled shaft, drawing it to my mouth. His bell-end was as wide as Didi’s but it must have been at least 2 inches longer. I sucked and slurped like my life depended on it, hoping that he wasn’t going to cum too quickly as I really wanted to feel this thing inside my eager twat.

The next thing that I knew was that the other old man was licking my spunk covered pussy. His tongue felt like velvet as it glided over my blood engorged labia sending mild electric shocks to my brain.

My hand began rubbing the cock that was in my mouth in time to the other mans administrations to my tingling cunt.

I knew that I should stop but it felt so good in my mouth and the tonguing that I was getting was ‘out of this world’.

For once in my life I let my brain decide what to do and I virtually threw the cock away from my head as I lay spread-eagled on the small bed as my new lover did things with his tongue that I didn’t know possible.

As my orgasm built up and deflated I began tugging at my nipples nearly pulling them off my tits I was getting so worked up.

Then he did it! My head and body were contorting as if I was having a fit when he finally flicked my throbbing clit with the tip of his tongue.

“AaaaaaagggggGGGGHHHHHYYYYEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!” I screamed (in my head!) As a spine snapping orgasm tore through my body followed by tiny orgasm after tiny orgasm until I nearly passed out.

When my ‘moment’ subsided I realised that everyone in the room was laughing at me. It took a few seconds but when I focussed my eyes the old man was wiping his face and I could feel that the bed was now damp.

I had relaxed so much during my intense orgasm that I’d totally let go – pissing all over the poor guys face!

Embarrassed – I covered my face. I needn’t have worried, both men were laughing and the one with the bushy moustache appeared to be congratulating his friend.

As his friend continued wiping his face with a towel the other one knelt between my splayed legs and aimed his huge rocket in the direction of my trembling pussy.

Smiling, he gently placed my thighs onto his forearms and lifted my hips into the air making me rest on my shoulders.

The boys were all very quiet now as they watched the tip of his monster touched the outer lips of my stretched cunt without any help.

Grinning now he muttered something that made Ralf and Mark smile as the fat knob eased its’ path into my well fucked hole.

My breaths were getting shorter as I anticipated the next move. Oh FUCK! I wasn’t disappointed! Every inch of his fabulous cock seemed to find new parts of my vagina that had never been fucked before.

At first he was slow and gentle as he let my hole acclimatise to the size, then when he sensed that I was relaxing he began to increase the speed and ferocity of our fucking. My legs were now dangling over my face as his fat old cock battered my insides as it tried to get into my stomach. I had never felt anything as wonderful or as painful in all of my life. I gasped and grunted and moaned and gasped again as he fucked the living daylights out of me.

“Oh yes…oh, oh…fucking Hell! Oh yes, that’s so big, that’s so fucking big!” I chanted like a mantra.

Then with a chuckle and a wheeze he sent his cock deep into my body one final time; filling my married hole with yet more German cum. He remained stock still; resting on his weight on his hands as jet after jet he squirted his juices deep inside my body. He gently relaxed his position and slowly released my legs until, trembling; they fell by his sides into the puddle of cold piss from earlier.

The man moved backwards pulling his long fat cock out of my soaking cunt until; with a ‘plop’ our bodies were finally separated.

I lay gasping for breath again, staring at his glistening cock. Wondering how I had managed to get all of it into my once tight hole.

“Andrea…Andrea!” Didi startled me.

In a daze I looked at him as the old man climbed off the bed.

“He wants to know if he can fuck you in the doggy position.” He asked in a matter of fact manner, pointing to the other old man.

In the cold light of day he must have been over 70 and was quite a bit fatter than his friend, but he had given me the most glorious orgasm so it would have been rude not to oblige him.

Every muscle and joint in my body ached as I manouvered onto my hands and knees and rested my head on the pillow as I prepared myself for my final shafting of the afternoon. When I spread my legs apart from him I felt copious amounts of excess cum dribble out of my stretched hole onto the bed, making the boys laugh.

The old man shuffled behind me on the bed patting my bum cheeks as he nudged his cock between my cheeks. My cunt was hanging wide open from the hammering that it had taken in the last hour, yet it still took my breath away when his man-meat snaked inside.

He grabbed a hip with one hand and squeezed my arse cheeks with the other as he rammed into me as hard and fast as possible making me grunt and gasp like earlier.

I was shaking my head and trying to meet each thrust of his with one of my own when I suddenly felt a ‘thwack’ on my arse cheek, then another, then another. The bastard was spanking me as he fucked me!

When the initial shock wore off my arse stung like Holy Hell!

Thwack, thwack, thwack! The smacks got faster and harder, making me bite the pillow as I felt yet another orgasm building up inside my clitoris.

Thwack, thwack he carried on spanking as hard he was fucking me.

Shit! I could feel my getting unbelievably wetter with every smack.

Without thinking I grabbed one of my tits and slid the other under my belly until I was frigging my clit like a crazy woman! My fingers were getting soaked with my love juice and spunk which was oozing out of my cavernous hole.

I was furiously rubbing my clit, desperately trying to make myself cum, as he moved his hand from my hip.

I hardly noticed as he was still paddling my arse with the other hand and pounding my pussy until I felt some pressure on my anus.

“NOOOOOOO!” I squealed as a stubby finger penetrated my virgin arsehole, “NOOOO, stop thhaaaatt!”

Of course he ignored me and dug deeper pressing onto the membrane until I felt him touch his cock. My head was spinning as the thwacks on my arse cheeks got harder and faster as he furiously pounded my cunt and arsehole until he suddenly exploded inside my cunt as yet another amazing heart – stopping orgasm took my breath away.

The German boys were laughing and chattering as they left the room leaving me lying in the mess of spunk, sweat and piss. My tits and cunt were aching but all I could really feel was my stinging arse cheeks as I clambered off the bed and gathered up my clothing.

“You may want to use our bathroom,” Ralf whispered as I picked up my sodden bikini pants, “before you return to your husband.”

I nodded and limped into the small shower.

The warm soapy water felt wonderful as it cascaded down my abused body. My skin tingled as I washed their caked cum off my tanned torso. I was as quick as possible, making sure that there would be as few telltale signs of my debauchery as possible.

Slightly embarrassed now, I smiled at the boys and their new older friends as Mark opened the door for me to leave.

“Will we see you again in the morning?” Ralf asked hopefully.

“Perhaps.” I whispered as I blew a kiss.

My pussy and arsehole ached like nothing I’d ever known before as I hobbled along the corridor hoping that Rob would still be ill.

Thankfully he was still asleep when I entered my own apartment. I showered again and dressed in very loose dress, leaving my knickers off, as I couldn’t bear to feel anything touch my tender pussy.

Day 6

Rob was well enough to join me by the pool the following day, and by leaving for breakfast earlier than usual I missed the boys at breakfast.

At 6.30, just as we were preparing to get dressed for dinner there was a knock on the door.

My stomach turned and my heart raced as Rob opened the door. One of the girls from reception was carrying a huge bouquet of lilies for me. The note read, ‘to Andrea, thanks for a fantastic holiday, sadly we must return to Germany this evening and will never see you again.’ And all five boys had signed it.

Yet again this only confirmed to my husband that they must have been gay.

2 Months Later.

I was watching my favourite soap opera when Rob called for me from his den. I nonchalantly walked upstairs expecting him to show me yet another picture of a car that he wanted to buy.

My jaw dropped to the floor as he turned the screen to face me.

“Recognise anybody?” he whispered.

On the screen in perfect colour was a picture of me sucking Didi’s young cock.

“Oh shit!” I gasped.

Robbed clicked the mouse again – another picture, this time I was smiling as I licked his knob.

Click – picture, click – picture. I was stunned into silence. The bastards had been taking photos and I had been oblivious to it.

As the last picture of me with a mouthful of cum filled the screen, Rob moved his chair back exposing his erect cock.

Grinning he asked, “Is there something that you want to tell me?”


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