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Long ‘Arm’ Of The Law

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My wife was out of town visiting some friends for the weekend. It was Friday, and afternoon was turning into evening. With no plans I thought I’d stay late at work and try to catch up on a few things. About 6:00 a co-worker popped his head in my office and asked if I’d like to join him for a drink. We went to a neighborhood bar, ordered a couple drinks and spent most of the time bitching about those in charge at the office.

The clock over the bar showed that it was 7:30, bringing Josh’s announcement that he had to get home to the wife and kids. I paid the tab, for what had turned into two rounds of drinks, saw Josh off to his home and got in my car.

The idea of heading home to an empty house, and no dinner, did not seem too appealing. My inhibitions were lowered just enough, after the two drinks, to give a thought or two to the possibility of sex with another guy. More often all the time my sexual fantasies were focusing on hot sex with a hunky guy – or two. On a few rare occasions I had even acted upon my thoughts and hand some mind-blowing, if not cock-blowing, experiences. It had gotten to the point where I’d even close my eyes at times when having sex with my wife and a vision of a well-built guy would appear. It always worked to make my dick even harder, and my wife even happier with the result. I’d even started fucking her in the ass because I liked the tightness of her ass muscles milking the cum out of my cock. A couple times she “got even” by working my asshole over good with her vibrator and I soon learned that I loved having my ass played with.

With all those thoughts, and a bit of a buzz, my cock was stirring to the point of being uncomfortable in my tight slacks. I unbuttoned my belt, unzipped my pants and gave my prick some breathing room. Being a bit “hot and bothered” I thought I’d drive by a local adult bookstore to see if any action might be going on. With it being a cold fall night there didn’t seem to be a lot of activity. Few cars were around so finding a parking place was easy. I readjusted my pants and stepped out into the night.

I think my greatest fear was getting arrested for fucking around in the area, which was known for illicit activities, and having my name plastered in the local paper. Still, it added a bit of excitement to the hunt for someone to suck my cock or join me in a quick jerk off session. The local police hadn’t been making it easy on people wanting to get their nuts off in the adult business section of town. Recently hookers had been getting hassled, a couple guys had been arrested having sex in a car, a local priest had been picked up for soliciting a teenage boy, and the cops had even been hanging out in a couple of the sex shops. It appeared all the coverage by the local media was having an impact of the businesses.

The combined aroma of cum, piss, mansex and the mustiness of the old building hit me hard when I pulled open the heavy door and walked into the grungy establishment. The bright bare lights caused me to squint a little as I walked up to the counter. The totally bored cashier didn’t even look up from a fuck magazine he was reading as I slid a five-dollar bill across the countertop. He simply counted out the necessary tokens and dropped them in my hand without any conversation.

Pushing aside the curtain, as I went back into the arcade, I suddenly realized that not a single movie was playing. It kind of looked as if I should have just gone directly home and found another way to spend my night. Since I was already in the place, I entered a booth, dropped in a few tokens and selected a newer video showing two cops taking on a young blond hunk they had arrested. The one cop, still wearing his blue shirt and cap, had the kid gagging on a huge cock as he face-fucked him roughly. The darker, Italian-looking policeman, with nothing on but his cap, was working over the younger guy’s ass with his nightstick. I swear he was shoving about a foot of it up into the kid’s hole, while repeated slapping the blond’s ass. Without really noticing, I pulled my own hard, self-lubing cock out of my pants and was stroking the shit out if. I brought myself to the verge of blasting my load a couple times, and disappointed that no mouth or fingers had appeared in the booth’s glory hole, decided this was a pretty lame way to spend my night. With a little difficulty I shoved my stiff cock back into my pants, zipped up and headed out of the store.

Another customer was in the video sales and rental area when I entered. His back was to me as he was checking out the bi video section. He looked out of place dressed in a very expensive business suit. However, if the rest of the package was a nice as the ass displayed in the well-tailored pants, my night – and a few other things – might be looking up. The silhouette of his suit gave the appearance of a well-proportioned guy underneath who took care of himself. He stood about 6″ 2″ and his salt and pepper hair was trimmed fairly close with an expensive-looking haircut. My cock twitched as I took in the scenery.

I joined the new guy in viewing the graphic covers of the bisexual videos. He turned to look my way and I was not disappointed by what I saw. The guy had a George Clooney look to him. The same squint lines around the twinkling eyes and a bit of a smirk when he smiled. He reeked of masculine sex appeal.

“Got any suggestions for a little entertainment,” he asked.

I kind of stammered for a second before answering the incredibly handsome stranger with, “I don’t know a lot about any of these bi films. I usually go a bit more for those over there.”

I motioned to the gay section with a tip of my head. I could not believe what I had said or done. What the fuck was I thinking?

“Hey, thanks anyway,” he responded as his attention back to the packages on the wall.

Feeling a bit dejected, I said, “Yeah, have a good night” and went for the door. My car was about a block away on a side street. I’d gotten about halfway there when I realized that I REALLY wanted to have sex with the guy in the store. I almost couldn’t believe it as I turned and began to walk quickly back to the ABS. Just as I got to the door, it opened and I was standing face-to-face with the hot guy.

He smiled that smirky smile, twinkled those eyes, and said, “Damn, I’m glad you came back. I was just coming after you. Do you have some place we can go?”

What had started out as a quiet evening, with my wife out of town, was certainly looking “up” now – and my stiff cock was leaking at the thought of what was ahead. I could not believe I had almost driven away from the bookstore empty-handed – or with only my own prick in my hand.

That throbbing cock was definitely thinking for me when I blurted out that we could “go to my house.” I was breaking my number one rule of keeping my man-to-man activities completely separate from my perfect straight life – and I didn’t care because I NEEDED to get this guy in bed. He wasn’t familiar with my street address, but knew where a nearby shopping center was located. We agreed to meet in the parking lot and then he’d follow my car to the house.

It was about a 10-mile drive to the mall parking lot. I was so fucking horny I pulled out my cock and started stroking it again. The thing was oozing precum like never before. I caught a bunch with my fingers and brought it up to my mouth. I love the taste and texture of my sweet liquid. About then I started having second thoughts about what I was doing. To get this hunk into the sack I was willing to take him to my home – OUR home – and actually have sex with him in OUR bed. A “stiff prick has no conscience” was probably no more true in my life than at that moment. Hey, if the guy didn’t show up in the parking lot, I might not be going through with this at all. What was I worrying about?

I pulled into the mall parking and drove over to the bank where I said I’d meet the guy. Shit, I didn’t even know his name. His car wasn’t there yet and, for a few seconds, I almost felt relief that I might have been stood up. Just then another car turned into the mall parking and pulled up next mine. My dream guy motioned for us to go on and I drove back out onto the street with him following in his black Lexus.

No lights were on in my neighborhood when we got to my house. We both got out of our cars and walked silently up to the front door. As I put my key in the lock, my new friend pressed his body up against mine and, through his slacks; I could feel how his growing cock fit perfectly into the crack of my moistening ass.

I could feel his breath on my ear as he whispered “By the way, my name’s Kevin.” And then his hot tongue teased my ear with a flicker.

“It’s nice to meet you,” I said (like a complete idiot). “I’m Tim.”

As the door opened, Kevin shoved me against a wall and, sanding a layer of skin off my face with his now almost ten o’clock shadow, kissed me roughly, jamming his tongue into my mouth. His right hand found the growing bulge in my pants and gave it a hard squeeze. Retrieving his tongue, he sputtered, “Well, Tim, glad to meet you, too. I think we need to get somewhere so we can fuck now!”

I turned toward the stairs and, undressing as I went, lead the way to the bedroom. I could hear Kevin loosening his tie and unbuckling his pants as he followed. By the time I hit the bedroom I was wearing only my tighty whitey Calvins and dress socks. I started to pull down my briefs and was shoved down on the bed from behind. I turned my torso on the mattress just in time to see Kevin slip out of his suit coat – and that’s when I saw it! A fucking gun in a shoulder holster! Shit! Motherfuck! All my worse fears were coming true. I’d propositioned a fucking cop! My life was over…

Kevin immediately picked up on my horror and fear, and started laughing uncontrollably.

“Tim, Tim, relax. This is not a bust. I want you as much as you want me. I’m not a cop. I’m FBI. I’m just getting back into town after being on a case. On the way back from the airport I thought I’d see if I could find anything interesting downtown – and I sure did.”

When I started breathing again, I noticed Kevin continuing to undress. This guy was so fucking hot. He kept looking at me with a grin. He obviously worked out a great deal. His entire body seemed to be covered with silky graying fuzz. Veins popped out of his muscular arms. His pecs were incredible. The guy had abs that wouldn’t quit. My eyes tracked down the bulging veins of his groin as he pulled off his black boxer briefs and his big, beefy cock popped out. The thing was fuckin’ huge – and it wasn’t even completely erect yet! My mouth watered, my asshole twitched and my prick all throbbed at once when I saw it. He turned to toss his underwear on the chair and I saw an amazing, muscled ass pointed in my direction

I jerked out of my daze when he turned quickly, reached over and ripped my shorts completely off my body. For a second, my cock had caught on what was left of the waistband and it plopped against my stomach when released. I was a couple inches from being Kevin’s size, and certainly not as thick, but he must have like what was spread out before him, because he looked down at me and said only, “Yum.”

The next thing I knew my entire cock was in his mouth and he was really working on it. His rough hands were everywhere. I grabbed one of his nipples and the twisting brought out a moan that ticked my buried prick from deep in his throat. He got completely up on the bed and positioned himself above me. His low-hanging nuts were hanging above my face and I lifted my head to bathe them with my tongue. When I did I got a whiff of sweaty man ass I reached up to pull his muscular ass closer to my face. Fuck, I was in heaven. I pried the tight ass cheeks apart and dove in for the prize. Kevin was so stunned he lifted his head up off my cock and moaned loudly. As my tongue twirled around his ass bud, he went back down on my shaft, matching the circling motion with his tongue. His saliva was slowly running down my ass crack. On of his thick fingers followed the trail of wetness to my butt hole. He ran it around in a couple circles and then slowly worked the digit into my more than welcoming orifice. Another finger joined the first in teasing my prostate.

I continued to tongue-fuck his ass amid the tangle of hot, sweaty limbs. I reached up between his furry, firm legs and grabbed his balls with one hand and began to stroke his cock with the other. I formed a tight cockring with my fingers, just above his nuts, and pulled them down to my mouth to give them a good slathering. His dangling balls were quite a bit larger than walnuts and I could only pop one into my mouth at a time. Although not shaved, they weren’t very hairy and the smooth skin of his nut sac felt great in my mouth. I could barely get my other hand all the way around the shaft of his meat. The veins popping out of his felt incredible. I could only imagine how they would add to the massage I hoped my ass would be getting very soon. His moaning on my cock continued to send vibrations through my entire body.

With his fingers giving my asshole a good workout I was close to blowing a wad all over the bedroom. The sex was so intense I was kind of feeling dizzy and light-headed. I was losing all sense of time. I forced my lips back from his dripping hole, and released my grip on his balls and prick. I let out a big sigh as I collapsed back onto the bed.

He lifted his mouth of my cock, rubbed a hairy wrist across his chin to catch the saliva running down it, and panting asked, “You OK?”

“Damn, I’m much better than OK. I feel like my body is going to explode and I’m exhausted,” I uttered with just about all the energy I could find.

He then twisted around and repositioned himself on the bed. Slowly he rolled me over on my stomach and mounted me with a thick thigh on each side of my waist. His hands them began to expertly massage my shoulders and back. The weight of his engorged cock rested on my lower back, right above my ass crack. The massage felt incredible and I was nearly asleep when I realized Kevin was working his way down my backside. My ass was teased as the head of his cock traced a line between my cheeks. As he slid down my body, he lowered his face to kiss my skin and like some of the salty sweat from the smooth surface. The big, strong hands began to massage my butt and with each kneading my cock pulsed underneath me. Occasionally one of his fingers would just slightly brush over my asshole, causing it to twitch as if it were begging for more.

I had almost been lulled to sleep when Kevin suddenly, and roughly, pulled my ass apart and dove face first in between my cheeks. He rolled up tongue shot directly into my hole. Shit, this guy was eating my ass like he hadn’t had a meal in weeks. I lifted my ass up off the bed in an attempt to push his face deeper into the sweaty, shaved crevice – and in hopes of grabbing my own straining cock. Suddenly, the tongue exited my ass.

“Don’t touch your cock!” was the command, and I moved my arms to my sides and up beside my head to try to keep my balance.

Kevin quickly went back to his munching as he put his hands on my waist and pulled my ass higher and into his scruffy face. His dark, ever more evident, beard was rubbing the skin of my ass raw as he ate my butt hole. I was thrashing around on the bed, moving my head back and forth and moaning like I was in heat. He dropped one hand from my waist, moved an arm around my stomach and pulled my body even closer to his mouth. I sensed a rhythm in the bedsprings and soon figured out he was stroking his own cock. Again, I tried to reach for mine and, once again, it caused him to stop his oral assault of my ass.

“Don’t touch your fuckin’ cock!”

Hey, I wasn’t going to argue with this guy. This time Kevin didn’t go back to what seemed to be his favorite activity. Instead, I could feel him repositioning himself over my body. His big hands again pried my totally exposed ass apart. I was kind of surprised when I heard him spit and I felt a huge glob hit the bull’s eye of my hole. It was then invaded by one of his thumbs and he worked it around in a circle, stretching the tight ring of its opening. He pulled out his thumb with a “pop” and again a ball of spit made direct contact with my puckered opening. His face again made contact with my ass as he pushed the spit into my ass with his tongue. His mouth broke away, he moved a bit on the mattress and the knob of his cock replaced his tongue. His hand was guiding it around the hole in a circular motion that felt fuckin’ incredible. Then, without warning, he shoved the entire length of his monster all the way into my ass. I gasped for air as the wind was knocked out of my body. Then all was still as my body’s intruder waited for me to get familiar with the hot prod inside of me.

I nearly came when he’d entered me. I took every bit of self-control left in me to delay the blast. Very, very slowly Kevin began a motion of sliding a bit of his meat out of my body and then roughly shoving it back in. He was consistent in his gentle out-stroke and the forcefulness of his in-stroke. We began to grunt in unison when he plowed into my ass. Both of us were covered in sweat; his dripping all over the backside of my body. I was getting the most amazing fuck of my life. It felt like I was in a dream.

I was brought back to my senses as the pounding became harder. I reached up and grabbed the headboard so I wouldn’t lose my balance on the ride. Kevin put his hands up on my shoulders and pulled my entire body back onto his massive probe. I swear I could feel the veins of the shaft massaging the insides of my gut. I don’t think I’d ever had anything so deep in me.

My head began to bounce of the wood headboard, but I was not feeling any pain as the two hard surfaces met repeatedly. I didn’t want this fucking to be interrupted or to stop. Shit, then I could feel it happening. I was going to cum without either one of us touching my cock.

“I going to cuuuuuummm!” I tried to warn Kevin as I first blast of spew hit the bed and the parts of my body that were in range. My asshole started pulsing, around the hot cock in my ass, with each shot of cum from my own. A combination of a sigh and whimper made its way out of my mouth each time he pushed his prick back into me.

“Yeah, that was really hot,” whispered Kevin into my right ear as he licked the sweat from around it. He never stopped the pistoning in and out of me; he just slowed it down to something gentle and soothing – almost romantic.

Without pulling all the way out of me, Kevin was able to rotate my body and lift my legs above my head. All the while he maintained the same slow fucking of my ass. With his hands around the legs over my head, I saw the wedding ring on his left hand. I smiled to myself.

With his salty sweat dripping down on me, and the rocking motion continuing, he asked, “What are you smiling about?”

“Well, besides having the best fuck of my life, I just noticed the wedding ring.”

“Yeah, I’m married, too – and sex with my wife has never been like this,” he responded, as he looked at the ring on his finger.

The pace of his fucking was picking up again. I got a handful of tight furry ass in each palm and tried to pull him deeper and harder into me. It was amazing that my cock was still hard up against my stomach. I could feel the cum churning again in my balls. Kevin’s sweat dripped into my mouth when I opened it to moan. God, it tasted good.

I could sense his body tensing and his cock seemed to grow within the walls of my ass. He arched his head back and let out an indescribable guttural sound. Kevin suddenly yanked his cock out of my asshole – which snapped shut – and with a couple yanks on it, and hot, thick white cum was flying everywhere. At the same time I realized I had started pulling on my own prick and it was shooting all over as well. I’m not sure whose juice was hitting my face, but I licked it off my mouth and savored the taste. I was covered with cum, as was the bed, the headboard and the wall. Kevin’s cock was still releasing liquid as he slowly continued stroking it with his fist. I looked up into his face and saw total contentment.

He lowered himself to the bed and began to mix the combined cum on my chest with his tongue. When he licked across my hard nipple a jolt of electricity shot down to my cock and it bubbled a little additional cum. Kevin was really getting in to cleaning up the mess he made with his mouth. He took my softening, sensitive cock into his mouth and removed all evidence of our fun. Then he brought his cum-filled mouth up to mine and shared the treat with me. We continued kissing deeply for some time as we hung onto each other in an intense hug.

The sound of running water woke me from my dream. My nostrils took in the scents of cum, sex and sweat, and I realized it was not a dream at all. Facedown on the mattress, I also noticed that my ass felt sore and raw. Smiling to myself, I opened one eye and saw the gun shoulder holster hanging on the chair next to the bed. As I was able to focus more, I looked beyond the chair and into the open bathroom door. There, with the curtain pulled open, was an incredibly gorgeous man taking a hot, soapy shower. Water was cascading over his head, across over in tight chest and continuing down his torso and off the tip of his long, impressive cock. It was then that he looked my way, smiled, formed his hand into a childlike make-believe gun and pretended to pull the trigger.

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