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Lonely Housewife & Helpful Neighbor

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Rob Jenkins was taking the garbage to the alley just as the sun came up. The truck came early, and he did not want to miss this collection; his family had a lot of trash.

He wanted to put it out the night before, but his mother said no. She was fearful that dogs would knock the container over and spread their garbage around. There were rats in the alley, and she did not want to provide any food for them.

Next door, Amy Carlson was swearing under her breath as she wrestled with a heavy garbage container. Damn her husband for not putting it out before he left. In a hurry to get away, she thought. Can’t wait to get on the road and leave all the unpacking and things like this to me. All he thinks about is his damn bonus.

She had awakened when Dan left and, not being able to get back to sleep, got out of bed sleepily and began to dress. With all the unpacking to do, she was going to dress casually, but she wanted to feel good also.

Amy put on her favorite skin-colored nylon bra. She liked it especially because it felt as if she were not even wearing a bra. She donned a pair of tiny black lace panties, also her favorite, for the same reason.

She felt very sexy when she wore these undergarments, and she needed a lift this morning. The thought of unpacking all the boxes the movers had left and moving the heavy furniture around was enough to make her feel depressed.

Half awake, still in bra and panties, she went to the garage to make sure Dan had closed the door, something he often failed to do. Her face flushed with anger when she saw the garbage can full of trash the previous owner had left. She was wide awake now and pissed.

Returning to the bedroom she put on a short nylon robe, opened the garage door, and started to haul the container down the driveway to the alley. She felt exposed in the thin nylon robe, but her everyday robe was still in a box somewhere. No one will be out this early, she thought. The sun is barely up.

She had packed her nylon robe, a baby doll nighty, and a sexy red kimono in her overnight bag when she and Dan prepared for their short drive to Houston, hoping to entice Dan into making love the night before he left for a sales trip.

He had begged off. “Too tired, hon,” he had told her. “I have to get up early tomorrow, and I need a good night’s sleep. I don’t want to fall asleep on the road.”

And I need a husband who wants sex as much as I do, she thought. She turned her back on him angrily and went to sleep.

Rob put the garbage container in the rack and was about to go back into the garage when he heard an indistinct mumbling coming from next door. He looked in that direction and had an instant hard-on.

The sun was behind a woman, and she appeared to be wearing nothing under a flimsy garment that did not even come down to her knees.

Amy looked up at that moment and saw him staring at her. Still angry with Dan, she became furious at the sight of some boy gawking at her. She yelled, “Are you going to just stand there staring at me, or are you going to come and help?”

Rob swallowed the saliva that filled his mouth suddenly and almost ran toward her. He had not seen anything like her in all of his 18 years. He was glad to help, and to get a better look at this sexy vision.

Amy looked at him as he approached. She thought he was a child when she saw him at first, but she now realized he was older. He’s not very tall, she thought, not much taller than I, but he is kind of cute.

She giggled to herself. It would appear, she thought, that he liked what he saw when he was staring at me. That looks like the beginnings of a boner in his pants.

She hated Dan’s schedule that took him on sales trips for a month at a time. Amy felt lost and lonely in a new city and still horny. She had counted on making love the night before.

When Rob reached her, she smiled her winningest smile and told him, “Please take this to the alley and wait here for me. I’ll be right back.”

Rob stared at her, his eyes jerking from her breasts to her panties to her face. He saw now that she was wearing a bra, but it was as if she wasn’t. He could see her nipples and, my God, her pubic hair was visible behind the sheer lace of her tiny bikini panties.

He nodded at Amy, his mouth too dry to speak, and grabbed the garbage container to take it to the alley. Wait? Hell yes, he would wait. A hurricane could not move him. He turned his head to follow Amy’s progress to the garage and almost fell over the garbage container.

Amy, sure this man-boy was watching her, put an extra shimmy in her walk, a smile on her face. Once in the house, she put on the kimono. She looked at herself in the mirror and shook her head. God. I look like what I am, a middle aged woman who had just gotten out of bed, hair a mess, no makeup. Damn!

She held the kimono, which was beltless and cut with a deep V, to her with one hand to cover her panties, but the design of the kimono showed most of her breasts, which is why she had bought it.

Well, she thought, at least this is not see-through. Holding the kimono closed at her waist, she put a smile on her face as she returned to where Rob was waiting for her.

She put out her free hand. “I’m Amy Carlson, your new neighbor. I’m sorry I yelled at you. I was angry at my husband for leaving and not taking out the trash. I am so grateful for your help.”

Rob, trying to keep his eyes focused on Amy’s face, but drawn to her shapely breasts and legs, managed to get out, “I’m Rob Jenkins. That’s OK. I understand. I’m glad I was out and able to help you. I didn’t mind at all.”

Amy, suppressing a giggle, put her arm through Rob’s. “Come in, and I’ll fix you a cup of coffee by way of apology.”

“That’s OK. You don’t need to do that,” Rob told her.

“I insist,” Amy told him. “I need a cup of coffee, and I don’t like to drink it alone.” She tugged on his arm and drew him toward the garage.

Rob’s boner stiffened as he felt her arm against his and his hardon began to leak in his shorts as he realized that her breast was pressing against his arm also.

He looked at her covertly as they went through the garage and into the house. She has to know her breast is touching me, he thought. He licked his dry lips and swallowed the saliva that filled his mouth suddenly.

Rob did not care all that much for coffee, but he would have drunk battery acid if Amy had asked him. He just wanted to be able to be near this gorgeous woman and feast his eyes on her sexy body. Damn, she has nice tits, he thought, and the rest of her looks good also.

Amy led him into the kitchen, filled with packing boxes and odds and ends of furniture. The breakfast nook with its built-in curved seat was buried under boxes.

Amy nodded toward the hall. “There is a small end table in the hall. If you get it and a couple of chairs that are there, I’ll make the coffee.”

Rob went to the hall and found the table and chairs. He stopped on his way back to the kitchen and stared at Amy, who was on tiptoes reaching for cups and saucers in a cabinet.

The kimono had fallen open and risen up. Rob had a clear view of her ass and the sexy lace panties. He coughed as he walked into the kitchen to let her know he was there.

Amy heard him and turned around and swore under her breath. The kimono had opened as she turned and Rob had a good look at her barely-covered breasts and pussy.

She grabbed the kimono and pulled it closed at her waist, which still left most of her breasts exposed. He will think you’re a real hussy if you keep this up, Amy, she thought, but maybe that is not so bad.

His attentive staring at her and the hard-on in his pants were getting her juices flowing. Her nipples began to stiffen and stand out against the thin cloth of the kimono.

Setting the table for coffee, she apologized again for yelling at him. “I was just getting dressed when I discovered Dan had not taken out the trash. I put on what was once my husband’s favorite robe, thinking no one would be out this early.”

Rob smiled at her. “No need to apologize. And I know why it was his favorite robe. You looked very pretty in it.”

Amy arched her eyebrows at the compliment, and then looked down. “Thank you for saying that. I wish Dan still felt that way.”

She sighed and continued, “Anyway, the trash container was too heavy for me, and I just yelled at you out of frustration.” She put a hand on Rob’s thigh. “You are very sweet to be so forgiving of me and my rude behavior.”

Rob’s whole body felt warmed by her touch, and his hard cock throbbed in his jeans. “Ah. Ah. I’m sorry I stared at you the way I did.”

Amy shook her head and laughed, her hand squeezing his thigh. “I don’t blame you for staring. I look a mess: no makeup, hair uncombed, half naked. I’m the one who needs to apologize.”

Rob, emboldened by her hand on his thigh replied, “You’re worth staring at, makeup or no makeup, and your hair looks just fine, ma’am.”

Amy’s hand squeezed his thigh again. “You are so kind to say that. I wish my husband would say things like that once in a while, but let’s get rid of this ‘ma’am’ thing.” She gave Rob a big smile. “Please call me Amy. I’d like to think I’ve made a friend in Houston.”

Her infectious smile brought one to Rob’s face. “You have, ma’– ah, Amy. Where were you living before you moved here?”

“We were in San Antonio. My husband is an outside salesman, and they transferred him here. He has a larger territory now and will be gone a month. Have you lived in Houston long?”

Rob, trying desperately to concentrate on Amy’s face, told her he had lived in Houston all his life — right next door, in fact.

“I wish I could say the same,” Amy told him. “It seems I have been moving from house to house all my life. First as an Army brat and now with a husband who keeps being transferred from city to city.”

Rob shook his head. “I wouldn’t like that. I like having friends I have known all my life.”

Amy smiled ruefully. “I have a lot of acquaintances but few people I can call a friend.” She squeezed his thigh again. “I’m so glad we met this morning. I need a friend right now.”

She looked at him speculatively, seeking to determine his age. “Do you go to school?”

“I graduated high school in the spring and am enrolled in an auto mechanic program at the local junior college.” He added that his dad had died two years ago and it was just he and his mother living together.

Amy listened intently, telling him how sorry she was about the loss of his father, and then looked at him quizzically. “Why do you want to be an auto mechanic?”

A lot of people asked him this, wondering why he did not want to be an engineer or some other profession. “I have been fixing cars as long as I can remember. People think mechanics are idiots, but it takes a lot of skill and training to diagnose problems with cars.”

Amy nodded. “You’re right about the idiot part. In my experience, most mechanics are cheats or stupid. They take advantage of people, especially women, because cars are so complicated the average person can’t understand them anymore.”

Rob smiled ruefully. “Some mechanics are like that, but when I get my own shop, people will find out what a good, honest mechanic can do for them.”

“You sound as if you have thought about this a lot, Rob. Good for you.”

Rob nodded. “I have. I have been thinking about this since I was a freshman in high school. I attended a high school that specializes in trades, and the junior college has a good reputation. Our grads get jobs with the best shops in town.”

“I hope our cars hold up until you graduate.”

Rob told her that he was not a certified mechanic yet but that he could probably fix any problem she and her husband had. He had never felt so comfortable talking with an adult. At the same time, her hand, which seemed to be on his thigh a lot, sent shivers of sexual excitement coursing through his body.

Amy enjoyed talking with this boy-man. He’s nice, she thought. And from what I can see, he has a nice piece of equipment between his legs. I like it that he tries not to stare at me but also that he wants to. My God! I do believe my panties are getting wet.

She looked around the room and shook her head. “Ugh. I have a lot to do.”

Rob, his eyes following her gaze, told her, “I’d be glad to help, if you like. My class doesn’t start for a couple of weeks, and I don’t have anything else to do. We can get this straightened up in no time.”

Her hand squeezed his thigh again, dangerously close to his boner. “Would you? Oh. That would be wonderful. Your mother won’t mind?”

“She hasn’t told me she has anything planned for me for today, but I’ll ask her to be sure.”

“Rob, I’m getting hungry. Have you had breakfast?”

Rob shook his head. “No. I just got up to take out the trash. I planned to eat when Mom got up.”

“Look. I’ll get some clothes on, and you go home and talk with your mother. If it is OK with her that you help me, I’ll fix us a proper breakfast: bacon and eggs, toast, and fried potatoes. OK?”

“That sounds great. I usually just eat a bowl of cereal for breakfast.”

Amy wrote her telephone number on a piece of paper, telling Rob, “Here’s our number. At least Dan did something right before he left: getting a phone connected.”

“I’ll talk with Mom and give you a call right away.”

Rob went home and told his mother about the morning’s events, leaving out the sexy parts. He asked if it was all right if he helped the lady for a few days. She told him to go ahead. He called Amy and told her he would be right over.

Amy dressed in comfortable jeans and sweatshirt. He’s seen enough for now, she thought as she began preparing breakfast.

They ate at the same small table. Rob told her some more of his plans: to work for a big company that services all makes of cars until he had enough experience to open his own shop.

Amy told him she had married right after college and that she and her husband had been married twelve years. Her husband was moving up the ladder of the sales department of his firm, and this kept him busy on the road and at an office he always set up at home.

Rob helped her clean up the dishes, liking being near her, smelling her perfume and just being close.

He was excited by her sexuality and also felt a little sorry for her. Her husband seemed to ignore her. God, he thought. If I had a gorgeous woman like this for a wife, I’d have her in the sack day and night.

Amy went through the house with him, showing him which boxes and pieces of furniture went in which room. Dan, she told him, had hired the cheapest mover, in order to keep most of the money his company paid for moving. “They just dumped everything in the house and ran out the door,” she told Rob.

Rob began to haul the boxes and furniture to their proper location while Amy unpacked the boxes and put things away. They worked quickly. Amy called a rest break at ten, and they sat down to a coke.

“Rob, you have no idea how much I appreciate all the help you are giving me. I could never have moved some of those boxes by myself. I would have had to empty them where they were and carry the contents to where they belonged. And I certainly couldn’t have moved the furniture by myself.”

Rob beamed at her, drinking up the praise. He gave her a sunny smile. “I’m glad to help. I like working with you. We make a good team.”

At twelve Amy called a halt. “It’s time for lunch. I’m starved.” She frowned, “Oh. Darn. We bought breakfast things last night but nothing for lunch.”

She shook her head and grimaced. “Let me take you to lunch, someplace other than a fast food restaurant but not the Ritz, OK?””

“That sounds great to me. I know a place nearby. My dad used to take us there. It’s nice, but not too expensive. I’ll tell Mom and get cleaned up.”

“Good. I’ll shower and change also. I feel sweaty and grubby after this morning’s work.”

Rob went home, explained to his mother his plans for lunch, and then showered, changed clothes and returned to Amy’s house.

“Come on in,” she called through the speaker system when she heard the bell. “I’m in the bedroom finishing with my makeup. I’ll just be a few more minutes.”

Amy was seated at the vanity he had hauled into the bedroom earlier in the day. “Sit down, Rob. I’m almost done,” she told him.

He had not yet moved a chair into the bedroom so leaned back on his elbows on the bed and watched her apply her makeup. He fantasized about Amy being naked in this bed. His cock jerked in his pants as he thought of making love with Amy on this bed.

She looked so desirable, dressed in a thin nylon blouse that was scooped out in front, showing off the tops of her breasts, and a short skirt. She had crossed her legs and her skirt had ridden up, exposing a good bit of her shapely thighs.

He had seen a lot more early that morning, but the sight of her pantyhose-clad thighs excited him anew. She is the sexiest thing I have ever seen, he thought.

Amy glanced at Rob from time to time in the mirror. Dan’s inattention and her own sexual drive were making her more and more horny. When she was finished, she spun around and uncrossed her legs, which gave Rob a good look up her thighs to her crotch, which was her intention.

Amy chuckled inwardly when she saw Rob’s eyes dart to her crotch. He had seen that and more in the morning, but men never seemed to get enough of looking up her skirt and she was damn glad of it.

She smiled at him, arching her eyebrows, “How do I look?”

Rob swallowed the saliva that filled his mouth suddenly. He pulled his eyes away from her crotch and sat up. “You look great. You have to be the prettiest lady I have ever met.”

“Oh, Rob. You say the nicest things. I have to admit, I like the way you look at me. It makes me feel young and desirable.”

“Oh, you are, Amy,” he told her. “A man would have to be brain- dead to not find you desirable. I couldn’t stop looking at you if I wanted to.”

Amy got up from the vanity stool, walked over to him, leaned over and patted his cheek. She kissed him lightly on the lips. “That’s to thank you for being so complimentary.”

Rob stood up. “And if I compliment you some more? I could say a lot more.” My God, he thought. Where did that come from?

Amy looked at him, her expression one of curiosity. She ran her tongue over her lips, then seemed to make up her mind. She cocked her head, a hand on her hip, a challenging smile on her face. “Try me, Rob.”

Rob swallowed. The bantering had gotten serious. This was make- or-break time, and it had happened so fast he had not had time to think about what was happening, but his raging hard-on was doing his thinking for him.

His cock grew in his pants as he looked at her. He licked his lips, horny and anxious. She’s daring me, he thought. What will she do if I come up with something very sexy?

He took in a breath and blurted out. “You’re all I have been thinking about since I saw you this morning. I haven’t stopped thinking of how you looked when I first saw you. You are the sexiest and most desirable woman I have ever seen.”

Amy let her tongue lick along her lips, and then put her arms around Rob’s neck, pulling his face down to hers. “I think that deserves more than a little peck. That was a very nice compliment.” She pressed her open mouth against his.

Rob was stunned when she kissed him and more sexed up than ever when he felt Amy’s tongue licking his lips. He put his arms around her, hugged her to him and began to kiss her in earnest, running his tongue in and out of her mouth.

Amy pressed her svelte body against Rob, her pussy pulsing at the way his cock pressed into her. She rotated her hips, rubbing herself against his cock.

Rob ran his hands up and down her body as they kissed, then cupped her ass and pulled her against him tightly. He tongue-fucked her mouth and became almost dizzy with sexual excitement. His 18-year-old hormones were running wild.

Amy pulled her mouth from his and rested her head on his shoulder, her breath warming his neck, her lips almost touching his ear. Her pussy was dripping, soaking her panties with her love juices. She tried to control her breathing, but it was difficult. She wanted Rob. Now!

Rob, his body trembling, caressed her back. His hands seemed to have a mind of their own as he ran his fingers down her back to her ass. He was unable to keep from touching her.

He was still fearful that he had overstepped and misread the signals he was getting. He needed to be sure and managed to stammer out, “I’m — I’m sorry, Amy. I shouldn’t be doing this. I got carried away with that kiss. I–”

Amy did not let him finish. She pressed a finger against his lips. “Shhhh,” she told him. “I liked that kiss and having your hands on me, and I think we should kiss some more.”

She opened her mouth and placed it against his, her tongue licking at his lips, then past their lips and into his mouth. Her stiff nipples were pressed into his chest, her crotch glued to his.

Rob was no Romeo, but he was also not a virgin, and he was not stupid. He had had a torrid love affair the previous summer with a girl who was visiting a friend of his. They made love almost every night for two months.

Amy’s kisses, the way she spoke to him about his hands on her, her body molded to his told him he had not misread her signals. This was for real. His hands roamed her body, sending little sexual thrills to his brain as he caressed her back and firm asscheeks.

Her stiff nipples and full breasts pressing into him became his next target. He moved his hands from her ass around her waist and up to her breasts. His cock dripped into his shorts when his fingers felt her ripe nipples.

Amy leaned back, her crotch pressed against him, to make it easier for him to touch her breasts. A sigh of satisfaction escaped her lips as her head lolled back. She closed her eyes, concentrating on the good feelings Rob’s hands were bringing her.

She leaned forward and kissed his neck, then his ear, breathing heavily, she whispered, “Ummmm. Your hands are so exciting. I’m getting very turned on. I don’t know if I should let you…You’re so young. Oh, Rob. I don’t want to stop you.” She opened her mouth and kissed him again.

Rob, his fingers fumbling with the buttons of her blouse, tried to undress her and kiss her at the same time. Amy broke the kiss and turned around. “It is easier to undo this way,” she told him.

She shrugged off her blouse when he had it unfastened and he undid her bra, which she let fall off her shoulders. She leaned back against Rob, her ass pressed against his cock, her cheek against his. Taking his hands, she put them on her breasts.

Rob caressed her breasts and, his breath coming in ragged gasps, told Amy, “I can’t keep this up, or I’ll come in my pants.” He unzipped her skirt, and she stepped out of it. She turned and faced him, dressed now only in pantyhose and panties

Rob drank her in with his eyes, and then ran his hands over her breasts and down to her pantyhose. He got on his knees and, hooking his thumbs in the waistband of her hose and panties, he began to slide them down her legs.

Amy put a hand on his shoulder to steady herself when he pulled them off her feet. He looked up at her, at her curly pubic hair, flat tummy, softly curved breasts and engorged nipples.

His heart was beating a mile a minute as he lowered his eyes, focusing on her pussy, which was almost in his face.

He stared at her pussy; her lips were engorged and red, full of her hot blood. Little dewdrops of her lovejuice dotted the surface of her labia.

Rob swallowed and let out a deep breath. “You’re so beautiful. I could eat you up,” he whispered as he kissed and licked her thighs near her pussy lips. He closed his eyes and drew in a deep breath. The scent of her hot pussy filled his nostrils, and he felt almost faint. Blinking his eyes he stared at her gorgeous pussy lips.

Then, again closing his eyes in concentration, he pressed his mouth to them, savoring the feel of her soft, rubbery, moist labia. Opening his mouth, he sucked these succulent morsels past his lips. His cock jerked in his pants as he sucked and licked at Amy’s sex, loving the feel, the scent, the flavor of her sex.

Amy closed her eyes, then took in and released a deep breath. Rob’s mouth on her labia, and the way he sucked and licked them, sent a thrill of sexual joy over her body. She put her hands to the back of his head and held his face to her pussy. A shudder of pure eroticism filled her being.

It felt so good to be loved. She braced the backs of her legs against the bed and twisted her hips, grinding her crotch against his mouth, feeling reckless and so damned sexual.

His mouth on her pussy lips was driving her wild. Her voice husky with the sexuality she felt, she whispered to him, “I love your mouth on me.”

Rob looked up at her and smiled a sappy, happy smile, “And I love being here and doing this.”

She opened her legs, giving him greater access to her pussy. “God, Rob. I’m going to come in your mouth if you keep that up.” She humped his face to encourage him to explore her further, her pussy on fire with her desire.

Her words and the way she rubbed her pussy against his face energized Rob to greater effort.

He ran his tongue between her lips and into her warm, moist vagina. It felt so good to have his tongue inside her. Stiffening his tongue as much as he could, he drove it in and out of her vagina. He tried to not think of what he was doing for fear he would shoot off.

Amy pressed her crotch to his face, spreading her legs to let Rob get his face against her pussy. She moaned softly as she fucked his face, her tongue licking her lips. Closing her eyes, she sighed and swallowed, loving the feel of his stiff tongue inside her eager vagina. It had been a long time since she had been eaten out.

It felt so good, so damn good. She couldn’t believe this young man was so skilled a lover. She caressed his scalp with her fingers softly, enjoying every moment of his lapping at her eager pussy.

Rob tongue-fucked her pussy, finding it difficult to breathe in his excitement. His cock dripped in his shorts when he felt Amy manipulate her vagina, sucking and pulling on his tongue.

His summer of lovemaking had not prepared him for the supreme pleasure an experienced woman’s vagina could produce. His tongue slid in and out past her soft lips, and his cock pulsed as she squeezed her vaginal muscles around his tongue.

“My clit, Rob. I’m ready to come,” Amy gasped to him, the anguish she was feeling clear in her voice.

Rob pulled his tongue from between her lips and licked up through them to her emerging clit. He closed his eyes as he felt this most tender of all Amy’s erogenous zones under his tongue.

He licked it up and down and around and around. Her clit was firm, yet soft, and it felt so erotic to have his tongue licking it. He pursed his lips and sucked her clit past his sensitized lips and into his mouth. His cock jerked, and he had to fight to keep from cuming as he sucked her clit in and out of his mouth.

Amy gasped when Rob sucked her clit in and out past his soft lips, his tongue, all the while, licking softly and tenderly at the very tip of her over-stimulated clit. “Oh, Rob. That feels soooo good, so absolutely wonderful,” she gasped out, her voice full of sexual promise. “I’m going to come soon and fill your mouth with my cum.”

He almost came at the sound of her voice and the feel of her hands on the back of his head, caressing his scalp, urging him on, holding his mouth to her clit.

In and out of his mouth went her clit, past his lips; back and forth over her increasingly sensitized clit went his tongue. All he wanted at that moment in his life was to feel her body tremble as she came, filling his mouth with her thick, warm cum.

Amy’s legs almost buckled from the sexual tension that was filling her body. She held his mouth tightly against her pussy. “Yesss, Rob. Keep sucking and licking me. Ohhhh. Softly. Softly. Now, Rob. I’m coming.” She threw her head back and whimpered softly as her cum ran down her vagina and into his mouth.

Rob licked her clit even more gently, keeping her orgasm alive. He pressed his face to her pussy, reveling in every shudder of her body as she kept on coming. When her body stopped shaking, he moved his mouth to her pussy lips and sucked the cum from her. His tongue licked inside her still-quaking vagina, pulling every drop of her cum from her.

Amy smiled down at him as he licked her clean, her fingers playing softly along his cheeks. “God, Rob. You make me feel so loved, so sexual, so desirable.”

Rob lifted his mouth from her pussy and looked up at her, a dazed, happy look on his face. He shook his head. “I never, ever, felt this way before.” He licked his lips, tasting anew her cum.

He hugged her to him, his cheek pressed against her mound, then picked her up and laid her on the bed. Quickly, his eyes never leaving her supine form, he pulled off his jeans and shirt.

Amy admired his youthful body as he shed his clothes, especially the way his cock stood up against his flat belly. She licked her lips as she measured him. Eight inches, it has to be. Her pussy quaked at the thought of his filling her with his tool.

She put her arms around him as he lay beside her and kissed him, her tongue filling his mouth. Rob sucked at her tongue. His free hand caressed her breasts and then moved down her stomach to her crotch.

Amy sighed as they kissed and was thrilled when Rob moved his mouth from hers and began to kiss and lick and suck at her turgid nipples and breasts. Ohhhhh. It felt so good to have a man gobble up her tits. She loved the way he went after them.

Rob’s hand rubbed her mound, and then a finger ran up and down her pussy lips. Amy opened her legs as he slid his finger up and down her sensitive lips and then between them and into her grasping channel. He followed this finger with one more and finger-fucked her, his thumb rubbing against her clit.

Amy was breathing hard again, her hips moving in rhythm with Rob’s fucking fingers. She licked her lips, knowing she would cum soon. “You sure you’re not a gigolo? You know too much about how to please a woman to be a teenage wannabe auto mechanic.”

Rob reluctantly lifted his mouth from one of her breasts. “The Internet is a fountain of information on how to pleasure a woman. I’ve read a lot of different sources.” His mouth returned to her breasts. He had no intention of leaving this feast to discuss how he learned about loving a woman.

Amy gasped, “I’m glad you like to read. Now, if you keep that up I’m going to cum, and you must be near to cuming also. Get that marvelous tool inside me now.”

Rob did as Amy told him. Her voice brooked no dissent. And he was also ready. He positioned himself above her and let his hard cock rub up and down between her pussy lips, lubricating his cock with her juices.

Amy, her hands caressing his cheeks, told him, “Take it easy, Rob. That tool of yours is bigger than my husband’s.”

Rob nodded and fed his manhood into her grasping vagina inch by inch until he was buried inside her.

Amy flexed her vagina around his cock, loving the feel of it — the feel of being filled as she had never been filled before. She shook her head in wonder that this had happened so fast and was so satisfying, so damn satisfying.

Rob’s cock throbbed and jerked as her vagina massaged his willing tool. His breathing came in gasps as the sensations her soft, warm, wet vagina sent cascading over his body and into his brain. He felt as if his entire body was alive with sexuality.

Amy licked her lips and kissed Rob as they created a rhythm of thrust and withdrawal. She sighed as she kissed Rob. Dan was never going to be enough for her after this.

Rob’s cock, sensitized from their prolonged foreplay was ready to explode the moment he entered her. He forced his mind to think of other things, anything to keep from cuming so soon.

His girlfriend’s tight, virginal pussy was nothing compared to Amy’s talented vagina, which caressed, pulled, and sucked on his cock. Sex had never been so good. He couldn’t believe what Amy was doing to his cock.

Amy caressed his face as they kissed, then pulled his mouth to her breasts. “Suck on them, Rob. It feels so good.”

She felt his cock jerking in anticipation of the explosion of his cum and thrust herself upward, impaling herself on his instrument. Grinding her pussy against him, she felt herself explode with pleasure as his hot cum left his raging cock.

Rob’s body was rigid with the tension he felt from cuming inside Amy’s greedy, pulsing, grasping pussy. They collapsed together, both breathing hard.

Rob was drained, and Amy more fulfilled than she had been for some time. Her pussy sent little tingling sensations of pleasure over Rob’s cock as the last of the waves of pleasure from his orgasm subsided.

He kissed her tenderly, lovingly. “I have never experienced sex like this before, Amy. I feel as if I have died and gone to heaven. I don’t know if I can get enough of you. Can we do this again?”

Amy’s pussy pulsed around his cock. She caressed his face with her fingers, thrilled to hear the passion for her in his voice. “Oh, Rob. It was wonderful for me also. And, yes, I want to do it again.”

She thrust her hips upward in a fucking move. Rob pressed downward, and soon they were once again in sync. Slowly they fucked, savoring the pleasure of this second fuck. The first one had been satisfying, but all too short.

When Rob’s cock finished spurting cum into Amy’s pussy for the second time, he let his body sag against her. He kissed and licked at her neck, whispering in her ear, “That was wonderful. I’d like to do that again.”

Amy’s pussy pulsed as she listened, licking her lips in anticipation of another sensual orgasm. She hugged Rob to her, squeezing his cock with her talented vagina. Her husband had not even come twice during their honeymoon. Her body trembled as her mind contemplated having this boy/man for a neighbor, eager for sex wih her.

She masturbated all the time and came several times each time she masturbated. How wonderful to have a man who wanted sex as much as she did!

Amy pulled Rob’s face to hers and kissed him, lifting her hips and pushing her cunt against his cock in response.

She kissed his neck and his ear and whispered, “You give it to me as often as you can, lover. I can take all you are able to give me.” Rob’s cock began its slow in and out movement and they created a most satisfying cum.

They showered after their third orgasm. Rob would have dry-fucked her, but she took pity on him and his magnificent cock. She did not want him to get sore. There was tomorrow to think of.

When Rob got home, his mother told him to ask Amy to come to their house for dinner that night. “We need to welcome her to the neighborhood,” she told Rob.

Amy dressed demurely for dinner. She did not want to frighten Rob’s mother. The meal went well. Rob’s mother was reassured.

Rob came over every day to help Amy get the house ready. It took longer than he had anticipated, but then, he had not counted on making love with this sexy lady every afternoon.

A month to the day that Rob met Amy, the Jenkins’s doorbell rang at 5:00 in the evening and rang again before Rob could answer. Who the hell is this impatient person, he wondered as he opened the door.

Rob’s eyes opened wide as he looked up at the man who towered over him. Who the hell was this ox at our door? And what can he want? His voice uncertain, he said, “Yes. Can I help you?”

His heart did flip flops when this monster said, in a tone that sounded like the voice of doom, “I’m looking for a kid named Rob. I’m Dan Carlson.”

Rob’s heart sank in his chest. He was scared half out of his mind. All he could think of was that Dan had found out about what Rob and Amy had been doing while he was gone.

Well, Rob thought. I might as well get it over with. He swallowed and nodded his head, ready to slam the door. “I’m Rob.”

To his relief, Dan’s face broke into a huge smile and a ham of a hand came out and engulfed Rob’s. Rob felt as if his hand were in a mangle.

“I’m sure glad to meet you. I just got in from El Paso and Amy has been telling me how much you have helped her to get the house sorted out. I want to thank you.”

Rob felt the weight of the world lift from his shoulders. “I’m glad to meet you, Dan, and I was glad I could help.”

“Amy told me to come over and ask you to have dinner with us. You eaten yet?”

Rob shook his head. “No. I was just going to warm up yesterday’s dinner for my mother and me. I’ll ask her if it is all right if I come over and eat with you.”

His mother came to the door, and Rob introduced them. She agreed to let him go eat with them. “I’ll be there in fifteen minutes,” he told Dan.

Rob’s legs were still a little shaky when Dan left. He let out a deep breath. I thought I was a goner for sure, he told himself as he fixed his mother’s dinner.

He was still nervous when he rang Amy’s doorbell. He didn’t think of it as the Carlsons’ doorbell. Amy answered with a big smile, pressed herself to him, and gave him a kiss on the cheek. She reached between them and felt his crotch, producing an instant hard-on.

She smiled at him wickedly and winked as she licked her lips seductively. “I hope you are hungry, Rob. I worked hard on this dinner. Just don’t eat too much. Save yourself for dessert. I have your favorite.”

Amy preceded Rob down the hall to the dining room, her curvaceous ass swinging provocatively.

Rob put his hand in his pocket to hold down his hard dick as he followed Amy. God. She is something else, he thought.

Dan was on his third bottle of beer when Rob arrived. He offered Rob one, but Rob said he seldom drank. Dan switched from beer to scotch as Amy finished with the preparation of dinner. By the time they sat down to eat, he was well on his way to being thoroughly drunk.

Rob was nervous and jittery the whole meal. Amy sat across from him and kept running her foot up and down his leg, pressing her toes into his cock. By the time dinner was over, Rob’s cock was jerking and leaking into his shorts.

“You go watch TV, Dan. Rob can help me with the dishes,” Amy told her husband.

She and Rob carried the dishes into the kitchen. No sooner was the door was closed and the dishes on the sink than Amy had her arms around Rob’s neck, pulling his mouth to hers.

She pressed her body against his, rubbing her crotch against his stiff dick. “God, I’ve missed you. He’ll be passed out before long, and we can make love all night long.”

Rob was stunned. Have sex with Amy in the living room while Dan slept in a bedroom not twenty feet away? His hands fondled her body excitedly, the feel of her soft yet firm skin arousing him.

Amy licked her lips as she rubbed herself against Rob. She did not want to wait that long to have her sexual desire satisfied, and she knew it would not take much to get Rob’s mouth on her pussy.

He was such a wonderful lover, she thought, as she licked and kissed his neck and ear, so eager, so hungry to lap at my pussy. She shuddered in anticipation, knowing Rob’s sexual interest was as high as hers.

Rob, enflamed by sexual desire, ran one hand between her legs and rubbed his fingers over her wet panties. Breathing hard from the erotic images that filled his mind, not caring that Amy’s husband was not ten feet away, he slid a finger past the tiny band that covered her labia and into her wet pussy.

Amy filled his mouth with her tongue as she fucked at his finger. Desire flooded her brain. All she could think of was having sex with this eager boy. She backed up against the sink, spread her legs, and shoved downward on Rob’s shoulders.

Rob, his cock throbbing in his pants, threw caution to the winds. He wanted his mouth on Amy as much as she wanted it there. He felt a rush of sexual hunger flood his body. All he could think of was Amy’s soft, wet, willing pussy wrapped around his tongue. He fell to his knees before Amy.

She lifted her skirt and dropped it over Rob’s head, feeling wildly wicked, deliciously decadent as Rob’s tongue licked up and down the thin band of her bikini, now soaked with her precum juices. Oh. She loved the way Rob’s tongue licked anxiously at her panties.

Her hands pulling at his head, she pressed her sex against his mouth, loving the hungry way Rob licked at her panties ravenously. She almost had an orgasm just from knowing how much Rob wanted her to cum in his mouth.

Rob nearly hyperventilated when he felt Amy’s skirt fall over his head. It was dark under her skirt, warm and humid from the heat of Amy’s pussy pressed to his face.

He pulled her panties down, wrapped his arms around her, and closed his eyes, all his concentration focused on the warm, soft, wet lips of Amy’s pussy. A sigh escaped his lips as he pressed his tongue between her lips — a sigh of pure pleasure, of contentment, of anticipation of what was to come.

Rob felt an excitement he had not felt before. He felt as if he were trapped in a wonderful world that would fulfill his every wish. His hands cupped Amy’s asscheeks as he licked and sucked her to orgasm.

Amy’s legs trembled as she orgasmed. She moaned softly as Rob licked her down from her high and then put his mouth to her pussy to suck her cum from her. His love for her pussy never ceased to excite her. She knew Rob would stay between her legs if she let him, but there was the odd chance Dan would wander into the kitchen.

Reluctantly she lifted her skirt and pulled Rob’s mouth from her pussy. She pulled him up by the shoulders and kissed and hugged him, whispering in his ear, “Later, lover.”

Rob licked his lips and let Amy wash his face before they turned to the dishes.

He could still not keep his hands off Amy, fondling her body in between drying dishes. She finally made him do the washing while she dried the dishes. She shook her head. He was such a dear one –so eager, so willing, so greedy for her pussy.

None of her lovers had even come close to Rob’s voracious appetite for her pussy. It had thrilled her when she discovered his unbridled craving to satisfy her with his mouth.

One afternoon when she was coming down from an orgasm he had induced with his ever increasingly talented mouth, she asked him about it. His face had flushed at the question.

He had put his cheek against her mound, licking and kissing her tender skin and pubic hair. She had caressed his cheek, whispering to him, “It’s all right, Rob. You can tell me anything you want. It will be just our secret.”

Amy’s pussy pulsed with excitement when Rob, his voice barely above a whisper, told her that he got almost as much pleasure from getting her off with his mouth as he did from cuming himself, that he jacked off fantasizing about licking and kissing her pussy and clit until she orgasmed.

When he finished his confession, he turned his head toward her, an agonized expression on his face. “I hope you are not disgusted that I feel that way.” He swallowed, his body shuddering with emotion. “I can’t help it, Amy. I just love getting you off.”

Amy stared at him, her cheeks flushed with excitement, pussy pulsing with joy and put her hands to his cheeks, caressing them gently, lovingly.

Her voice rasping with the sexual emotion that filled her body she told him, “Robby, I’m so happy you told me that. Now I understand. I love what you do with your mouth, and you have my permission to do it as much and as often as you want.”

When she had finished speaking Amy opened her legs and pulled his mouth to her pussy. Her hands caressed his head and cheeks softly as she whispered to him. “I’m so glad to have you where you are, Rob. You make me so happy that you find such gratification from my cuming.” She humped his face and had a very satisfying orgasm.

From that moment on, Amy found ways to encourage Rob to fulfill his fantasy. She loved having him between her thighs lapping away at her pussy.

When the dishes were finished, they went into the living room where Dan was nodding off in front of the TV. “Why don’t you get undressed and get into bed, Dan. I know you must be exhausted after driving all day,” Amy told him.

Dan roused himself from his stupor, nodded without saying goodnight, and stumbled into the bedroom.

He was not gone five minutes before Amy had Rob’s pants unzipped. Her wet panties were in the kitchen where she had left them after Rob had eaten her out. She kissed Rob, her tongue probing his mouth as she shoved his pants down around his ankles and then pushed him onto his back on the couch.

She climbed on top of him, her pussy pressed against his hard cock. “Do you mind if I’m on top tonight?”

Rob, almost too excited to speak, managed to tell her she could fuck him any way she wanted.

Amy was very excited after their session in the kitchen. It was as if it had been a warm-up for the main event. She slid forward on his chest until her pussy was resting on his chin.

She ran a finger over her wet pussy lips and rubbed her finger, covered with her sweet juices, over his lips. It never failed to amaze her how the taste of her juices sent Rob’s sexual energy to flowing. His hunger for her pussy was palpable, and she loved teasing him.

Rob closed his eyes and took a deep breath through his nostrils, inhaling the familiar scent of Amy’s steaming pussy. He sucked on her finger, savoring the taste of her. He loved bringing her orgasms with his mouth. The feel of her body trembling as she orgasmed was more thrilling than anything he had ever experienced before.

Bringing her off with his mouth made his orgasms even more explosive. His cock jerked and dripped as he anticipated bringing her off and how fiery his own orgasm would be when her talented pussy brought him to explode.

Putting his hands on her ass, he pulled her forward until her pussy was touching his mouth. He kissed and licked at her thighs where they joined her labia, teasing her, loving her, knowing how much she wanted his mouth on her pussy and also how much they both loved this form of foreplay.

Slowly, gently, he licked and sucked this tender skin. Licking softly, he moved his mouth to her lips and kissed them. And then he sucked her lips into his mouth and licked them slowly and lovingly, enjoying each moment of it.

He closed his eyes and then slid his tongue between her labia. In and out of her vagina went his tongue, just as both of them liked.

Amy cradled his head in her hands and rocked back and forth over Rob’s face, her vagina sucking and playing with his fucking tongue. She undid her blouse and pulled her bra up and out of the way.

Grabbing Rob’s hands, she pulled them to her breasts, urging him to caress and knead them, to love them as he loved her vagina and clit. She cooed to him as he caressed her with his mouth and hands. “Ohhh. I love what you do to me. My whole body is on fire. You know exactly how to please me.”

Rob had learned exactly how Amy liked to be eaten in the month Dan had been gone: tongue-fuck her vagina until she was ready to cum and then lick and suck on her clit until she orgasmed.

The sound of her voice, the feel of her hands fondling his head, the taste and feel of her pussy, her soft yet firm thighs pressed against his cheeks, all kept him on a sexual high as he feasted on her pussy.

Before long, Amy was moaning softly as her orgasm built. She pressed her pussy against his mouth tightly, her thighs squeezing his face as her vagina spasmed, sending a stream of pussy juice down her channel and into Rob’s mouth. Her entire body tense and shuddering, she moaned, “Ummmmmmm. Yessss, lover. Like that. Just like that.”

When she came down from her high, she teasingly, seductively, rubbed her pussy lips over Rob’s mouth, knowing how much he liked it and that he would eat her out again.

Her body shuddered as little aftershocks of her orgasm continued to play over her body when Rob took the bait and licked and sucked at her labia. A feeling of sheer joy swept over her to have such a wonderful young lover. And living just next door.

Rob, dizzy from the sexual heat that filled his body, let his mouth and tongue work their magic. Bringing Amy off was almost as good as getting off himself, sometimes equally as good. Rob lapped at Amy’s pussy, anticipating the time when her responsive body would reward him.

After two delicious orgasms, Amy moved down Rob’s body and positioned her dripping pussy over his stiff rod. Lifting it from where it was lying on his tummy, she stuffed it into her hungry pussy.

She leaned forward, telling Rob, “Suck on my nipples and breasts, Rob. I just love it when you do that.”

Rob opened his mouth and engulfed one nipple, pulling it in and out of his mouth in much the same way he sucked on Amy’s clit.

Amy moved up and down on his cock in sync with his sucking of her nipples and breasts. She was in heaven.

An hour later, she lay exhausted on Rob. She kissed him, liking the taste of her own cum on his lips. She nuzzled his neck. “I feel so lucky you live next door, Rob. I don’t know what I would do without you.”

Rob caressed her body, telling her, “The luckiest day of my life was when I looked up and saw you pulling at that garbage can.”

Amy laughed. “That was some sight you saw. I’m glad it did not scare you away.”

Rob kissed her. “Scare me away? Ha. I had a hard-on the instant I saw you.”

Amy slapped his face playfully. “You were a naughty boy, staring at a strange lady the way you did. I should have told your mother on you.”

Rob kissed her hands and then pulled her mouth to his, telling her, “You have made me a man, Amy. I may be naughty, but I’m no longer that little boy.”

Her body still tingling from the kiss, Amy reluctantly pulled herself off of Rob, telling him, “You better get home, or your mother will be worried about you.”

She led him into the bathroom, where they cleaned the cum off their bodies. She shook her head in wonder at her good fortune.

She took Rob’s hand in hers as they walked to the front door. Once there she put her arms around his neck and kissed him.

Rob hugged her to him, relishing the feel of her sexy body pressed to him. His cock began to come to life as Amy’s tongue slid into his mouth.

Amy felt his cock come erect, pressing into her. She sighed as she kissed him. God, she thought, it is so wonderful to have an eighteen year old as a helpful neighbor. She could hardly wait for Dan to get back on the road.

She pulled her mouth from his grudgingly. “You’re welcome to come back here for dinner as often as you like,” she told him teasingly.

Rod licked his lips. The kiss and Amy’s sexy body pressed to him brought his hormones back to life. One hand caressing her hip, he ran his free hand over her breasts and down between her legs. Lifting her skirt, he rubbed a finger up and down between her pussy lips.

Amy opened her legs and pressed her crotch against his hand. She licked her lips, then nuzzled Rob’s neck, licking and kissing his skin. She felt the heat of sexual desire once more welling up from her loins.

She whispered into Rob’s ear as she kissed and licked it, “Don’t start something you are not ready to finish.” Her hips moved forward as she finished, thrusting her pussy against his hand.

She rubbed her pussy against his hand, knowing she was inflaming the sexual desire that lay so very close to the surface. Amy loved getting Rob to make love to her almost as much as she did his lovemaking.

Amy was in a constant state of sexual excitation and it thrilled her to know she could get Rob to make love with almost anything she did with her body.

Rob had begun to pull his hand away, but the warmth of her breath on his neck and ear, and the pressure of her pussy against his hand, sent his sexual temperature over the top.

Like most boys his age, Rob’s sexual energy was boundless. Sex with Amy was ever on his mind, and he could not wait until he was with her. He would jack off in the morning thinking of sucking her cunt even though he knew he would be doing just that only hours later.

Amy almost laughed as she felt Rob’s fingers play with her pussy. He was such an easy fish to hook. Any part of her — a breast, her lips, her pussy, her ass — could get him between her thighs. She sighed as her mind projected what he would do next. He did not disappoint her.

He slid his body down Amy’s, lifted her skirt, and pressed his head between her legs. Amy smiled as she dropped her skirt over his head, spread her legs, and put her hands behind Rob’s head, pulling his mouth tightly against her eager pussy.

She threw her head back and laughed to herself. Rob was so wonderfully responsive, such a joy. He was so enthusiastic, so eager for her, and so predictable.

“You’ll be late, Rob,” she whispered teasingly to him as she humped his face.

Rob’s response was to thrust his tongue between her willing lips and fuck at her seductive vagina.

Amy let him get her off twice and then insisted he go home. She led him by the hand to the bathroom and again helped wash his hands and face. Kissing him softly, she pressed her body to his, then murmured into his ear, her warm breath exciting him anew, as she knew it would.

“There will be another time, Rob. I’m not going anywhere.” She kept her body pressed to his, knowing exactly what she was doing and loving the fact that she could get this boy aroused so easily.

Rob’s body shuddered as he felt Amy’s firm body pressed against his. He knew he had to leave, but his body wanted more. He licked his dry lips and kissed Amy’s neck, his hands fondling her body, running over her firm breasts, down her tummy, across her hips, and to her ass.

He pulled her to him and kissed her softly, his tongue exploring her mouth, playing tag with her tongue. His cock jerked in his pants.

Amy pulled her mouth from his and took his face in her hands. “Rob. You are very naughty. You are trying to get me to open my legs again. You are a wonderful lover and you make me so happy to be alive. Now, though, you must go home.”

She took him by the hand and led him to the door. Once there, Rob pulled her to him and kissed her fiercely. Amy sighed as he tongue fucked her mouth. “Get out of here before I throw you on the floor,” she told him.

She walked to the bedroom slowly. What am I doing? My lover has to go home so his mother will not worry? She threw her head back and laughed. She laughed so hard tears came to her eyes. A smile lingered on her lips as she opened the bedroom door and heard the snores of her drunken husband.

She sighed, and then a smile brightened her face. Now, she thought, if I can manage to keep Dan busy working in his study during the day, Rob could come over and help me…

She did and Rob did come over to help, to have dinner, and to enjoy the desserts Amy offered him. Sometimes he had dessert before dinner, even when there was no dinner.

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