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Lisa and Kurt

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I had just returned from a morning business appointment and had what was left of the afternoon free. Judy and I had a super sex session last night and I awoke in the morning with a huge erection and was horny just remembering all the things we did. I decided to strip and spend the rest of the afternoon stroking and having cybersex with some friends.

Judy usually came home about 5:30 and if I could keep going until she got home, I would love her to walk in and see me naked and stroking as she loves watching me masturbate and would go wild as soon as she saw me.

I opened my photo file and selected a photo of Ed’s cock in full erection, with a drop of precum sitting in his slit and just begging to be licked off, and put it up on full screen while I stroked my thick shaft and played with my balls as I mentally worked my tongue up, down and all around the beautiful penis I was looking at. Then I emailed him and was telling him all the things I was doing with his organs when my doorbell rang and my next door neighbor, Lisa called out for me to open the door. We had met earlier, coming home, so she knew I was home and I had to answer the door. I told her to hold on a minute and slipped on my robe and, as I started for the door realized that my erection was in full bloom and wasn’t about to go down and was pushing the robe out like a tent in front of me so I bent over slightly to hide it and answered the door.

Lisa was in her 30’s and a ballet dancer. She was a pretty woman but had the sexiest body in the world. She had the most gorgeous ass I have ever seen and small, firm breasts, tiny waist and great legs. She was single and had a boyfriend, Kurt, who stayed with her most of the time. I had pumped cum over her more than a few times in the past while stroking so she was always a pleasure to look at and mentally fuck.

She walked in and handed me the drill she had borrowed yesterday and noticed that I was not standing straight.

“Did your back go out again?” she asked in a concerned voice since I had back trouble about a month ago and she knew how much I suffered for the week it lasted.

I nodded and she immediately said, “Kurt is home right now and I know that he can help you since, as you know, he’s a massage therapist!” and before I had a chance to say anything, she headed out the door to get him.

When they came back, a moment later, Kurt saw the way I was standing and told Lisa to go back to their apartment as he had to work on my back. When she left, I smiled at him and straightened up to his surprise.

“This is the reason I was bent over” and his gaze followed mine as we both looked at the tent in front of me. “I couldn’t straighten up in front of Lisa, hence the “bad back”.

Kurt laughed and then said, “Can I see what it looks like without the cover?” I opened my robe and showed him the thick, throbbing erection.

“May I show you what a good massage therapist I am?” he asked and I nodded as I couldn’t wait for him to massage my cock.

When his hands caressed my cock and balls, I knew he was going to be good. He told me to lay back on the couch and his fingers danced all over my crotch and up and down my shaft and I was in heaven. Then I felt his lips around my crown and he started nursing on it right after lifting his head and telling me that he was good at oral massage also. I had my eyes closed and was in a totally different world when I heard a noise in the room and looked up to see Lisa and Judy standing there almost in rapture watching Kurt suck me.

“What are you doing home so early?” I asked Judy as Kurt lifted his head and looked up at them.

“Don’t stop what you were doing. It’s so sexy you have no idea. Don’t you feel the same way?” she asked Lisa.

Lisa agreed and told Kurt to go back to what he was doing and the two gals sat down on the opposite couch to watch.

“I had no idea that a blowjob would cure a bad back” Lisa told Judy. “Your husband’s back went out on him again today and luckily Kurt was here to help him.”

Judy looked at her and smiled and said, “This is one hell of a way to cure a bad back. If I know my husband, he’s going to want this kind of therapy often and I can’t blame him. My back will probably go bad also. Would it be the same kind of therapy for me?”

“Absolutely”, Lisa answered, “and if he can’t handle it, I can” and smiled at Judy. Both of them sat back and watched Kurt working on me and knowing that they were watching made it twice as good for me.

Kurt had me climbing walls as he sucked deeply on my penis and worked a finger deep in my ass. I looked over at the gals and saw that both had their skirts around their waists and were playing with their pussies as they watched us. Then Lisa asked Kurt to undress and show me his gorgeous body and I watched as he revealed a fabulous physique as well as an absolutely beautiful, thick cock that was half hard and had a smooth, sculptured crown with a deep ridge around it which made it look very suckable. He approached the couch and swung around on top of me and devoured my tool once again. When I saw his gorgeous erection and full, tight balls swing over my face, I flicked out my tongue and licked his ball sac as I reached up and ran my fingers over the hard shaft.

I guided his crown to my lips and found a big drop of precum waiting for me which I licked up and savored as it was so delicious. I nursed on his cockhead and the two of us went off on a wonderful journey together. We took each other up on one high after another as we feasted on our precum nectar. I glanced over and saw that Lisa was licking Judy’s crotch as she pinched her nipples and it was a fantastically sexy sight. I concentrated on sucking the delicious penis as I moved my hips sensuously back and forth fucking the voracious mouth that was pleasuring my organ so beautifully.

I heard Lisa tell my wife that she would be right back as she went into her apartment for a few minutes and returned carrying a strap on dildo which she showed Judy. “This is one of my favorite toys. Kurt loves it also but the best part is the end that goes inside me while I’m using it on him” she told Judy as she strapped it on and slipped the shorter end into her wet vagina. As I sucked Kurt, I was watching her and saw her approach her man from the rear and wet the tip of the realistic looking plastic cock with her saliva before pressing the smooth, sloped cockhead into his anal opening. I could see it enter his hole and heard him gasp around my penis as she thrust it deeper. When she started moving it back and forth, she started to moan and described the sensations it was giving her to Judy as it moved inside her cunt.

“That looks fabulous! Can I try it when you’re finished?” she asked Lisa and Lisa nodded her head and told her she could take over as soon as she cums which wouldn’t take very long. Judy walked over to us and watched Lisa fucking Kurt close up as she tweaked Lisa’s large, erect nipples.

Then I heard Lisa groan and cry out that she was cumming as she thrust the dildo deep inside Kurt’s ass while she shook in orgasm. As soon as she calmed down, she slowly withdrew the dildo and I watched it sliding out of his hole as I sucked firmly on his throbbing organ. Then Lisa helped Judy with the contraption and as she fit the short end inside her pussy, she told her that, as she fucked him, the end inside her would be doing fabulous things to her cunt so she should move her hips back and forth and see for herself. I was sucking on the head of Kurt’s cock as I watched my wife feed the dildo inside his asshole and then, as she started moving it in and out, she gasped and told Lisa how wonderful it felt as it massaged her clit with each thrust.

She was moaning as she fucked him and told Lisa that she wanted one of these dildos for herself as she was going to fuck me with it all the time. Lisa told her not to worry and that she would pick one up for her tomorrow. As I watched the large realistic looking cock moving in and out of his ass, I wondered if I could take it as well as him since he started moaning again and was giving me a hum job as he sucked me.

We continued on like this for a while until I heard Judy cry out that she was cumming and a moment later I felt Kurt’s penis swell and start spurting ropes of cum into my mouth. It tasted slightly salty but wasn’t bad at all and I swallowed each jet as it shot onto my tongue. I kept sucking deeply on his penis until long after his last spasm ended and then heard Lisa tell my wife to pull out of his ass as she wanted to break my virginity. When Kurt withdrew his penis from my mouth, Lisa told me to get on my hands and knees and then told Judy to get underneath me and suck my cock as she fucked me. I felt my wife’s mouth cover my throbbing cockhead and a moment later Lisa dabbed some KY on my anus and pushed the head of the big dildo inside my ass. She was very gentle and it felt pretty good as she fed it in slowly before starting to move it back and forth and the sensations I was getting from Judy’s sucking and the movements of the cock in my ass had me high again in no time.

Then Kurt lay down in front of me and offered me his limp penis to suck while both gals worked away on me and I took the soft organ in my mouth and sucked on it and completely lost myself in the fabulous sensations I was experiencing. I knew that my orgasm was imminent as the dildo felt wonderful moving inside me and Judy was doing her usually magnificent job on my cock and Kurt’s organ was beginning to get hard in my mouth. I loved feeling his organ grow in my mouth and all of a sudden my cock began shooting jets of cum into my wife’s hungry mouth and Lisa drove the dildo deep inside my ass as I came. We stayed locked together for a while until I came back down to earth and then Lisa pulled out of me and I reluctantly withdrew my mouth from the gorgeous penis and rolled over to relax.

“That little toy of yours is simply fabulous, Lisa. I definitely want one for myself,” then looking over at me she asked, “Did you like being fucked by Lisa, darling? And before I could answer she added, “I hope so because I’m going to fuck you like that as often as I can.”

“It happens that it felt wonderful, my dear, so my ass is yours whenever you want it.” I told her and she gave me a devilish smile.

I asked her how come she came home so early from work and she told me that she had no appointments and had finished most of the paperwork so she decided to come home and spend some time with me, never imagining anything like this happening. We talked about how well the four of us get along sexually and I marveled at the fact that they were right next door.

“Maybe we can break through our common wall and make one apartment out of both” I contemplated and everyone agreed it would be very convenient and decided to keep it in mind.

“Have you ever had a real cock in your ass?” Kurt asked.

I told him that although I had had a few wonderful bisexual experiences before, I never had a cock in my ass until Lisa fucked me so I guess she broke my virginity and I have her to thank for opening a whole new world to me.

“If you liked the strap on, you’re going to love the real thing since it’s even more exciting feeling real flesh inside you.” Kurt told me. “In fact, if you guys are not busy tonight, we can spend the rest of the day and night having fun with each other. Then I’ll show you what my cock feels like moving around in your ass while you suck some pussy.” he said with a smile.

I looked at Judy and she nodded in agreement so we decided to take break and order in some Chinese food and spend the rest of the day and evening playing with each other. Lisa suggested that we have a change of scenery and have dinner in their apartment and then come back in here for the after dinner entertainment so we got dressed and went into her apartment and ordered the food.

During dinner, Lisa told us that she had sucked Kurt’s cock before she even met him and explained that they were at a sex party about a year ago and she was being eaten royally by a gorgeous blonde gal when she spotted this handsome penis not a foot away and just naturally moved over to it and began sucking the sweet head. She didn’t realize it at the time but Kurt was busy sucking a cock also and both were off on a fabulous high from the pleasures they were getting from both ends. Afterwards, they introduced themselves and wound up spending the rest of the evening together although they invited others to join them from time to time. They started going together from then on and then Kurt moved in with her a couple of months ago. She said that their sexual tastes are exactly the same and that Kurt needs a cock on occasion just as much as she needs a pussy so they accommodate each other whenever the mood strikes.

“Now, of course, we have both right next door which makes it very convenient” she said, “Up until now, if any of our friends were busy when we got the urge, Kurt and I would have to go out and pick up a guy or gal and bring them back with us.”

Judy smiled and told her that now all she has to do is knock on the door and Kurt brought up my idea of making one big apartment out of both and the more we talked about it, the better the idea sounded.

I told them that Judy and I have been married for 5 years and have lived a very straight life up to now. I mentioned a few bi experiences that I had in the past and Judy revealed that she had a fabulous bi relationship with her roommate at college but she was from California and they lost touch after graduation and her bisexual experiences ended there although she always remembered it and always got horny thinking about it.

“Now, my dear Lisa, I’m going to make up for lost time with you so be prepared for my onslaughts.”

Kurt looked at me and asked if I would be having the same desire for him that Judy has for Lisa and I told him that now that I had him nearby, I would be bothering him quite often since I absolutely loved his cock and the things we did to each other. He looked at me and smiled,

“Now, my dear boy, it’s your turn in the barrel and I’m going to break another one of your virginities so why don’t we go back inside your apartment and put on another show for the girls?”

As soon as we closed the door behind us, we started to strip and when naked, the girls sat down on the couch and told us to proceed with our show as they were waiting patiently for the action to start. Kurt told me to get on all fours on the carpet and came up behind me and rubbed his half hard penis up and down my ass crack and then laid it lengthwise in my crack and squeezed my ass cheeks around it. I felt it growing and the excitement started to build as I waited to feel his organ inside me.

It got hard very quickly and I felt him dab some KY on my tight opening and then felt the head of his gorgeous cock against my hole as he pushed the entire crown inside and held it there for a moment before starting a slow, sensuous movement of his hips which had his thick cock moving around inside me. I loved the feeling of his penis. It was, just as he said, much better than the dildo because it was the real thing and I could feel his throbbing meat move around inside me and it felt alive and beautiful. Judy remarked that I must be enjoying it because my cock was fully erect and she loved watching me being fucked like this.

I turned my head and looked at her with glazed eyes and saw that she and Lisa were playing with each other as they watched us and made remarks from time to time about how sexy it looked. Then Kurt asked Lisa to come over and feed me her cunt to suck as he was about to really go to work on me and wanted me totally immersed in sex when he filled my ass with his cum. As soon as Lisa presented me with her beautiful crotch, I buried my head in her womanhood and tasted her delicious flavor and went off on another wonderful journey from which I never wanted to return. Unknown to me, Judy had decided to join the party and had picked up the strap-on. I heard Kurt gasp as she thrust the large cock in his ass and felt him thrust deep and hold it there as she filled him with cock. I could feel his penis jerking as she moved around inside him and then heard her groan as the dildo excited her clit.

The four of us went off on another pleasant journey together and totally lost ourselves in pleasure. After some time, I heard Kurt groan and felt his organ swell in my ass just before I felt the first gush of his hot cum splash inside my ass. The sensations of his cock jerking with each spurt and the feeling of the hot cum spurting inside me brought on an intense orgasm and my penis began shooting cum all over the couch as he continued cumming. I was nibbling on Lisa’s clit when I came and felt her shudder as she held my head in her hands and wet my face with her juices. Then I heard my wife cry out as she came and buried the dildo deep inside Kurt’s ass.

We stayed in the same position for some time after we all returned to normalcy and then I felt Kurt withdraw his cock from my ass and it felt empty and cold and I wanted it back inside but it was not to be, at least for the present. I pulled my face from Lisa’s delicious crotch and looked up at her as I thanked her for feeding me such a delicious treat.

“Well, it’s yours anytime you want it so just knock on the wall and I’ll serve it to either of you.” She told us with a happy smile. “Just call it room service.”

We decided to go into the bedroom as it would be more comfortable and when we lay back on the pillows and relaxed, Lisa told us that they had a fairly large group of friends who loved bisexual group sex and that they would like to introduce us to them.

“I’m sure you’ll like most of them and think you’ll also enjoy a party with a large group as there’s some kind of action everywhere you look once the party gets started.” she said and Judy told her that it sounds very interesting.

“Did you ever have three men at once?” she asked her and Lisa told her that she loves having a cock in all her openings and once had five cocks working on her at once. “I stroked two while the other three filled all my openings” she explained “and I was in heaven” she added.

Kurt mentioned that they usually were invited to a large party once a month and the next time, they would like us to accompany them. Both Judy and I agreed immediately and he told us that there should be one coming up in the next couple of weeks.

“How many couples usually attend?” I asked and he told us that it varies from eight to ten and sometimes, if held at someone’s estate, forty to fifty couples could show up.

“And everyone is bi?, I asked and he told us that they only want bi couples and singles which makes their parties more interesting and provides much more variety.

“Well, we’d like to give it a try so let us know when the next one comes up.” I told him and Judy smiled and winked at me in agreement.

“While you guys are working up another hardon, why don’t you lie back on the pillows and watch Judy and I have some fun?” Lisa proposed and she had Judy lay down on her back as she kneeled alongside and started to run her fingers over Judy’s sexy body.

She lightly pinched my wife’s large nipples and had them fully erect before leaning over and taking each one between her lips. Judy had her eyes closed and was running her fingers through Lisa’s hair as her nipples were being sucked. Lisa moved her hand down between Judy’s thighs which parted immediately so that she could reach every part of her crotch and she started to moan when Lisa’s fingers found her erect clitoris. We watched as Lisa ran her tongue down from the nipples across the flat stomach and into the wet slit. Then she moved down between Judy’s outstretched thighs and began licking her crotch with the flat of her tongue from the rigid clit to her puckered anus as Judy started moaning and gasping in ecstasy.

I felt Kurt’s hand grasp my slowly rising penis and I reached over and took his semi erect tool in mine. We played with each other as we watched Lisa working on Judy and it wasn’t long before both our cocks were fully erect again. Kurt asked me if I would like to fuck him while we watched the girls and when I agreed, he got down on all fours facing them and I came up behind him. I dabbed a little KY on his anal opening and the head of my cock and thrust the crown inside him as he gasped in pleasure and raised his hips to give me full access. As I fed more and more of my thickness inside him, his ass closed around my organ and felt wonderful as it milked my shaft with each movement. Our eyes never left the girls as Judy had pulled Lisa around in a 69 and both were sucking each other’s cunts and lifting their heads every once in a while to remark how delicious they tasted.

I reached around and grasped Kurt’s erection in my hand and began to stroke him as I fucked him and the both of us went off on a wonderful trip together as we watched our women getting it on. The girls must have cum a few times each before I started to feel my orgasm approaching and when I told Kurt that I was almost ready to fill him with my cum, Judy asked Lisa if she could suck Kurt’s cock while I came in him and she got off her so she could move over and take the swollen cockhead in her mouth.

As soon as her mouth engulfed his penis, he began to moan while I continued thrusting my organ in and out. Suddenly my orgasm overcame me and my penis exploded in his ass and started spurting jets of hot cum in him in one spasm after another. When my second load splashed inside him, he cried out and I heard my wife gurgle in glee as she swallowed each spurt as it shot onto her waiting tongue. His ass contracted around my shaft as he came and I thought my orgasm would never end but, unfortunately it did and after a time, I removed my slowly receding organ from his ass and lay down on the bed to recuperate as did he.

Since it was getting late, we decided to go to sleep and the four of us cuddled up against one another. As I fell asleep, I thought about the events of the day and how glad I was that Lisa had rung my bell while I had that enormous erection as I could have never foreseen what that event would lead to for both Judy and I.

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