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Cindy the Cure

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She sat there and the thought to herself about all the times she had sat at home and cried while he had been out doing who knows what.

She also thought of all the times she had pondered about what he was really telling her and what he wasn’t. Tonight after three years she felt it was time for him to know the the pain she had felt.

After checking herself into a motel, she walked into the bathroom and turned on the faucet to the bathtub. She needed a bath first to think and let the stress out. She also had to go over the plan again in her head to get herself ready for the reality of it to happen.

The steam and heat of the bathroom filled the air as she undressed and let herself into the tub. It was almost to hot but she went in slowly to let her body adjust to it. She could feel sweat forming on her brow as she finally slid all the way into the tub. She smiled a little as she wondered what the point of washing only to sweat while doing it was for. Her skin turning bright pink.

She thought of him again as she closed her eyes and laid her head back on the tub. She still could fill the excitement in her body as she thought of him and her having sex. He was always the one man that had known her body before she did. He had taught her so many things about herself and also what her body wanted. Hell he had taught her to be a better lover then any other man had.

She wondered if he ever thought of her sexually any more. Flashes of them together made her nipples grow hard that were peeping just above the water. Sweat from the hot mist was rolling down between them.

She saw him again in her mind’s eye as they would roll all over the bed, him practically tossing around her petite body into any postion he wanted. She shivered with excitment as she remember him pushing her head down to bring his penis into her mouth. She remembered the sweet smell of him as she had her nose all the way at times to the hair between his legs. God he had tasted so good too. Her mouth watered as she thought of all the times she had craved to slide her tongue down the length of him and then wrap her lips around the tip to taste the precum.

She knew she was getting excited in the tub thinking about it because she had started squirming. She also knew there was no time to do anything about it and quickly lifted up, opening her eyes to reach for the washrag to start washing.

After washing and toweling off she got her mind back on track thinking of her plan she needed to do and also thinking of what the after math would be like. She had been waiting for years to do this and thoughts of sex or the pain he had given her was going to make her forget her misson.

Wrapping the towel around her she headed back into the bedroom part of the motel room and sat on the side of the bed close to the phone. For just a second she got nervous as she thought of backing out and letting this go. To say it was revenge was really too harsh of a word. More like she wanted him to feel some pain. Pain that was hers that he had refused to give her when he had walked out.

As that country song says, she just wants whats hers. She laughed a little outloud as she knew her emotions seemed to change second by second. She almost seemed a controlled basketcase, if there was such a thing.

She shook herself out of her doubts and reached for the phone. The towel falling and leaving her naked on the side of the bed. Her nipples growing hard quick again from the cool air of the air conditioner.

She dialed the number and waited as it rung, her hand almost without her knowing it going to one nipple to play.

” Hello” Cindy said on the other end.

” Hi Cindy, it’s me Marie, I was wondering when you wanted to meet up today .?” She responded.

” Hmm….” Cindy mumbled outloud as she thought for a moment. Marie fingers pulled on her nipple making it even harder. She could fill little jolts of excitement running up her back as her nipple was being pinched.

” Well I have to get my hair done about twelve but I am free after that, how about three?”

” Okay that sounds fine. Do you want to meet here or somewhere else?” Marie asked but then quickly began talking again.” Wait you know Cindy I really don’t know this town very well. How about you just meet me here and we can ride together where ever we choose to go.”

There was a slight hesitation as Marie could almost fill the girls nervousness on the other end of the line.

” Cindy” Marie started saying in a soothing voice. Her nipple almost blood red as she continued to pinch feeling her pussy starting to get wet from the play. It was almost funny to know her body was all excited yet she was able to keep a straight tone.

” I promise nothing wild is going to happen. I mean that was just talk between friends, nothing more. Hell I have practically forgotten about it till I could tell you were nervous.”

Still Cindy didn’t say anything as Marie rushed in to finish making Cindy comfortable.

” Look I know you have a boyfriend you love dearly, believe me I understand . I would never want to come in between that. Besides…” Marie finished her speech as she dropped her hand away from her nipple.” I have been totally in love like you, but was also curious about things and just had conversations about it. No harm between girlfriends.” She finished as she moved to stand up letting her hand move to her stomach and flutter over the skin. Her mind coming up with an naughty idea.

” So dont be a ninny Hon …” Marie laughed outloud ” Just trust me” She finished as her hand moved lower and lower to her pussy. Her legs spreading to allow her fingers in. She wanted to get off right now and not let Cindy know. She wondered if she could do it. If she could get away with it. The idea was enough to make her wetter. All thoughts rational went out the window as she rubbed slowly over her clit.

” I guess you must think I am silly ..” Cindy started saying as she also giggled a little. Her nervousness making Marie even more aroused.

” No Hon I understand you just needed to be reassured is all, I mean I am SURE you would never even go there with another woman. You seem like the type who talks and not plays, which is cool, maybe a watcher so to speak.” Marie told her as her fingers skimmed over the top of her clit more. She shivered again as she heard Cindy’s breathing on the other end of the phone. It was also so sweet to know in her head she was getting herself off on this conversation and the other girl didnt know it.

” I didnt say I wouldnt go there…” Cindy started, her voice betraying her pride of Marie speaking of her backing away from something different.

” No… I think you wouldn’t which is fine, there are alot of women out there who talk the talk hon but dont walk the well… you know what I mean. I am not saying its wrong or there is something wrong with you, I am just saying I dont think it would happen. Besides there isnt really anything about a woman physically that turns you on is there?” Marie said barely now able to keep her voice straight as she taunted Cindy to talk about it. She wanted to get herself off.

” Well…” Cindy started forgetting her nervousness , and starting to get just a bit frusterated with Marie at thinking she might be a chicken.

” I think women’s breast are beautiful and the way the ass curves around when they stand up straight or bend over.”

Marie couldn’t take it any more as she flicked her clit over and over again. She sat on the bed again and then laid back spreading her legs as far as she could to get totally to her clit.

“Cindy keep talking, I am just fixing my hair a bit and listening, so if I dont say anything for a moment dont worry… I am still here” She told her before her voice broke with a moan she had to held in. She was so wet that her fingers were sliding all over the place.

” Well really Marie there isn’t much I dont find beautiful on a woman, I mean if I didn’t it would be almost saying I wasn’t beautiful. I think women with long hair is great. It is so pretty when spread out over the bed in pictures.” Cindy continued not knowing that Marie was rubbing her pussy listening to her.

” I also like the way I smell down there” Cindy said in a soft tone

” How do you smell?” Marie asked, her voice breaking.

” You okay?” Cindy asked

” Sure, almost dropped the phone.” Marie quickly explained.

” Oh… well sorta musky yet there is a sweet smell that makes you want to smell over and over again.” Cindy said as Marie rolled her eyes back in her head with pleasure at Cindy’s words. Her fingers working quickly over her pussy as it made small sounds of her rubbing.

” I mean it really makes me wonder if I would ever want to taste another woman..” she continued as if getting into this conversation “the curiousity is there of course. I get sometimes really aroused thinking about it and see that my nipples get hard when I do and I get wet.” she finished saying with an almost embarresed giggle.

Marie could feel it coming , her legs were starting to shake as she grounded a little harder on her clit. She bit her tounge so Cindy wouldnt hear.

” Marie?” Cindy called out over the phone.

” Yesssss” Marie responded back wanting to groan and cry out but not letting herself.

” Oh thought you had got disconnected. Anyways I do want to say I am curious and maybe one day I will but I dont know when. I do know that when I do, I want to try it all at least once and hope I am taught well. I mean it would be so neat to let a woman take charge and teach me it all.” She said as Marie started to cum from her last sentence and from the over wet fingers working over her clit. Her body shook as heat raced up her legs and she came hard.

” Ohhhhhh God….” Marie said almost shouting.

” Marie??? Marie???” Cindy said in a almost frighten voice. ” whats wrong? ”

” Ohh…ohhh” Marie said as she felt herself gush a little between her legs.

” MARIE!!!!!!! ” Cindy practically screamed over the phone scared at what might make her friend yell.

Marie shook and shook as she tried to answer her friend. Her body tingling all over. The waves of her cumming were quick but not quick enough for her to get an answer to her friend. She rolled her eyes in pleasure as she tingled.

” Marie!!!!” Cindy almost yelled again in the phone. This made Marie swallow and hold back some from the pleasure to answer her friend.

” Sorry.” Marie said barely able to answer as she shook on the bed, her legs growing limp and falling down from the air to lay on the bed.

” I stubbed my toe ” She panted out over the phone.

” Are you sure Marie, why are you out of breath?” She asked almost getting a nervous sound in her voice.

Marie quickly got herself together before she gave herself away.

” I am out of breath from hopping all over the damn motel room sweetie, It hurt like hell. ” Marie said laughing out loud at her ability in saying a quick lie.

” Oh…” Cindy said

” Its alright Hon, I wasn’t paying attention and this is what I get trying to get dressed and talk on the phone at the same time.” She quickly explained hoping Cindy would accept the lie. Her breathing still coming quick but getting some what under control.

Cindy laughed some and Marie could tell she was taking the bait.

” I know what you mean.. Some times I cant chew gum and walk.” She said

” Well good I am glad to know I’m not the only person who isnt coordinated ” Marie said laughing as her breathing finally came under control enough to let her talk. Marie sat up on the bed as she felt her legs slide from all the cum between her thighs.

” As I was saying Cindy… Its just talk between girls, no big deal. Hell half the time it doesnt even turn me on. It just talk. Besides I could never do it with one of my friends, Seems almost like incest. And you know I love you like a sister. I just cringe thinking about it. I am more just curious if your like me in your thinking.” Marie said.

” Yea I guess…” Cindy said almost as if she was disappointed.

” Anyways.. are you coming here or should we meet some where?” Marie asked quickly to change the subject. She knew Cindy would be upset some in the thought that Marie might not find her attractive. It was her vanity. Marie also knew she was playing Cindy right into her hands.

” Yea well um.. I will come there so we can ride together.” Cindy said

” Okay I will be ready then and I can’t wait to see you.” Marie told her starting to stand up from the bed. Her legs a little wobbly.

” Me either Marie it seems we have been waiting a long time for this.” Cindy replied.

” Oh yea.. a long time ” Marie said her voice trailing as she fell deep into thought for a second.

” Okay then Marie I will see you then.” Cindy said bringing the conversation to a close.

” Okay Hon.. and Cindy… Thanks.” Marie said with a big smile.

” For what?” Cindy asked confused.

” Just for being there Hon ” Marie told her as she tried to surpress the giggle.

” Oh..” Cindy said giggling herself in confusion. ” well your welcome then” She said before saying goodbye then hanging up.

Marie busted into laughter as she also hung up the phone and thought to herself how much fun this was going to be.

Looking down between her legs she realised she was a mess again but thought it was a wonderful mess and laughed a little more as she walked naked back into the bathroom to clean up.

Later Marie waited for Cindy. It was now a quarter to three. She thought again of her plan and hoped it all worked out the way she wanted. She had put alot of effort into this and knew without the help of others she wouldn’t have never gotten this far. She thought of Sam her friend to the end. Although alot of people, practically everyone didn’t know they still talked. It was good that others didn’t. It may have caused him problems or lost friendships.

He had at all times been in agreement with her as to how things had happened in the past. Everyone needed a friend like Sam in thier lives that they can talk to and who was also with you to help even with her crazy ideas, as he had been with her over these last few years.

Without him she would never had meet Cindy. He had introduced her to Cindy on the internet. Then fading away quickly to his own internet life. Marie had never brought him up again in her and Cindy’s conversations, hoping Cindy would forget the one link that could ruin her plans.

A knock on the door brought her quickly to reality as she stood up and took a nervous breath. She had never met Cindy face to face before now and she was a little nervous and really curious on how the girl looked. It had taken months for her to talk Cindy into meeting her face to face. But she knew it would have. She had already been warned by Sam she was pretty conservative and a little shy. That had worked well in Marie’s plans. She needed someone somewhat naive.

” Yea hold on” Marie hollered at the door.

She quickly checked her appearence, smiling in satisfication and walked to open it for her friend.

When she opened the door she was surprised at what stood before her. In her mind she quessed she always thought Cindy as short, petite and innocent looking. Instead she was tall , almost five eleven it looked like and she looked very exotic in the face. Not quite spanish but close to it. Her hair was long and dark brown with bangs and she was slim. She didnt have huge breast but that was okay for Marie, since it didn’t matter what size she was. Her hips were full but not overly full to where she looked uneven. She looked like an everyday woman. Not ones you see on magazines but ones you see walking down the street heading for work or school.

Marie guessed she made Cindy more out in her mind then she should of. Although she was not displeased with how Cindy looked. She was very pretty and knew she would turn heads. She just pictured her more beautiful for reasons she didn’t want to think about at the moment.

” Hi” Marie said as she noticed she was getting the look over also from Cindy. She could see what she looked like in Cindys mind. Short, about five four and dark hair also, although hers was cut to reach her shoulders. She didnt have bangs like Cindy. Her hair was all one length. Her breast were large for her size. A D cup, her hips small. In some ways they looked a like and in others they didnt match at all. A ironic thought floated in her head. The apple didn’t fall far from the tree did it. She shook her head almost as if shaking the thought from her mind.

” Hi” Cindy said. Shifting some on her feet showing she was nervous.

Marie closed the gap between them and hugged her friend. At first Cindy stood stiff then slowly hugged her back. She was really nervous.

Marie gave her one last tight squeeze and let her go, stepping back to allow Cindy into the room.

” Come on in” She said as she turned to head back to the middle of the room ” make yourself comfortable, while I gather a few things and we can go get something to eat and get to know each other ”

Cindy stood at the door for a few moments, hesitating as she looked in the room. Finally stepping in after a few seconds and turning to shut the door. Marie shook her head. She just hoped Cindy relaxed so they could have fun, cause she didn’t know if she could do this all night trying to make Cindy comfortable.

” So …did you have a good trip?” Cindy asked as she walked a little stiffly to the bed and sat down.

” Yea it was fine… a little tiring though” Marie responded as she gathered certain objects around to put in her purse. She could feel Cindy’s eyes on her but she never turned around to look back at her. She let her friend study her for awhile knowing she needed this time to evaluate Marie. Marie kept on adding things to her purse, even things she didn”t need to make the time stretch some.

Finally when Marie couldnt find any reason at all to put anything else in her purse she turned around to notice now Cindy was looking around the room. Marie wondered what was going on in her friends head.

” You ready” Marie asked as she bent over to put on her coat knowing it had been a tad chilly outside this early afternoon.

” Yes ” Cindy said as she jumped quickly off the bed and almost ran to the door of the motel room. Marie swallowed a giggle as she followed Cindy to the door and out of it. Turning to make sure it was locked and then looking at Cindy.

” Where is your car hon?” Marie asked as she waited patiently for Cindy to lead her.

” Oh… sorry its this way” she said as she guided her toward her car a few parking spaces down.

Marie followed quietly and tried to think of something to help her friend relax. She had a feeling it was going to be a long night.

Sitting in the restaurant Marie noticed that the more Cindy drank the more she talked. She had been watching her friend drink four beers down before and during dinner. She hoped she didnt get drunk cause it wasn’t in her plans.

” You know Marie…” she said after taking another swallow from her beer.” Your a real pretty woman” Cindy told her. Marie had noticed all through dinner she had been watching her as she talked about her life, her boyfriend and her thoughts on different things that affected her each day. Marie wondered if she needed the drinks to relax herself before enjoying herself.

” Thank you hon” Marie answered back. ” your a pretty woman yourself.” She commented as she also took a swig of beer. She hoped her mind wouldnt go further into drunkness then the slight buzz she was starting to get.

Cindy blushed at her compliment and looked down to take a bite to eat of her food.

” So…. Cindy… what would you like to do tonight” Marie asked as she pushed her some what empty plate away.

” Um… I don’t know really there isnt anything to do but go to bars in this town and i really don’t like going there.” Cindy said as she pushed what food was left on her plate around .

” Yea I am with you on that. I don’t like bars really myself.” Marie told her ” why not try a movie?” Marie suggested as she reached in her purse to get the tube of lipstick.

” Yea that sounds nice. Hey… instead of going to a theater , how about we head to your room and watch something there so we can get comfortable. I hate the chairs at the movies. Always seems I cant get comfortable.” Cindy said .

” Um.. sure I guess if that’s what you want to do. I just hope I don’t go to sleep after drinking these beers. Beer has an affect on me which makes me sleepy.” Marie said laughing a bit after she told Cindy. Marie couldn’t believe how easy it was getting Cindy to come back with her in her motel room. She just didn’t want to make the wrong move and scare the girl.

” Oh you won’t got to sleep Marie. You will have company” Cindy said giggling a little bit as she reached in her purse and got her wallet. Before Marie could do the same Cindy informed her she would pay for dinner. It was the least she could do. Marie had a bad thought in her head as she bent her head down to look at her shoe as if she was interested with it. She wasn’t only getting her plan accomplished she was getting a free meal. She almost felt quilty but soon remembered why she was here and crushed the feeling quick.

” You ready? ” Cindy asked as she put money on the table and got up to stand.

“Oh yes… been ready for a while” Marie said as she did the same.

A little while later at the motel , Marie walked out of the bathroom and saw Cindy drapped over the bed. She wondered if the girl had fallen asleep. But just as she was about to panic, Cindy turned over on her stomach and smiled at her.

” Hiya” Cindy said as she made a half attempt to wave at her new friend. Marie did everything she could not to laugh out loud. If this didn’t mean so much to her for other reasons she would be having the time of her life.

” Hiya back ” Marie said as she smiled sweetly to CIndy before walking over to the closet holding her cloths. She opened the door and reached for her old tee-shirt she has worn since high school. She always like sleeping in her old shirt. She felt it was now after years of being worn the most comfortable.

” Hey um…. Cindy. mind if I change. I really need to relax. Being in these cloths all day has got me all wound up.” Marie said as she tried to make herself look busy with looking for underwear. She waited without breathing to hear Cindy’s reply.

” Sure no problem ” Cindy told her as she watch Marie.

Marie smiled to herself and reached for some real loose shorts. Her breathing coming back slowly.

” Hey you don’t mind if I also get comfy huh? ” Cindy said and before Marie could answer she started removing also her cloths. Leaving on nothing but her panties and bra and shirt.

Marie was shocked. She had hoped in some point of the evening she would be able to get Cindy naked but this was turning into hardly no work at all. It was almost like she was dying to get naked or loosen up. Marie was totally shocked. Another feeling was also there. Excitement. She was surprised how much she was getting turned on. She had thought this would be only a job for her. She didn’t think that there would be anything but maybe a mild feeling of stimulation. It made her look at CIndy in a whole new light. This was definitly a benifit.

” Um… sure.. whatever you want.” Marie said as she went back in the bathroom to undress.

Coming out she saw Cindy sitting up next to the headboard of the bed and flipping through channels on the TV. Marie could see she was absorbed in her job of finding a movie. She looked her over a minute while Cindy wasn’t watching and noticed what nice legs Cindy had. They were long and smooth. Tan some with a light brown and she could tell they were also firm. Marie wondered what they felt like.

Her eyes traveled up over her stomach to her breast and almost fell over with shock. CIndy had taken off her bra. She could see her nipples peaking through the shirt she was wearing. Marie couldn’t take her eyes off her friends breasts. They were wonderful from what she could make out through the shirt. She itched to feel and taste them. Forcing herself to move away from the door, Marie walked over to the bed and moved to sit down next to CIndy. That’s when Cindy noticed her.

” Well it doesnt seem like there is alot on except for pornos” CIndy said laughing as she also kept flipping.

” Porno’s?” Marie said looking away from Cindy to the TV.

” Yea… Seems no one is interested in regular movies any more.” Cindy told her as she laughed a bit more.

” Yea I reckon your right. Oh well… maybe we could do this another time then?” Marie said as she prayed her bluff wouldn’t be called.

Cindy sat there a second quiet as her fingers still moved over the remote. It seemed like she was struggling for something to say.

Marie didn’t help, she didn’t want to say anything to make the girl leave.

” Well…” Cindy said before clearing her voice ” We could always watch pornos” she finished laughing a almost loud laugh. She was real nervous.

Marie sat for a second and thanked her lucky stars her friend hadn’t shot out the door with her suggestion of ending the night. She almost felt as if she was an animal playing with a prey. It made her aroused but it also made her feel powerful.

” Yea I guess we could do that. I don’t get off on them but sometimes the bad acting is funny to watch ” Marie told her to make her think she wasn’t turned on by these movies. Which was definitly a lie. She just would add it to the other lies in the barrel.

Cindy flipped a few more times until she came to rest on a man and a woman having sex. The woman was obviously enjoying herself getting slammed as hard as he could cause her screams of pleasure filled the room. Marie almost laughed outloud at the thought of these women screaming so loud that it could make the poor guys eardrums bust. She wondered if the woman was really as into it as she betrayed on TV.

Marie looked over to Cindy to see if she was watching it and was shocked that in a matter of seconds she seemed so engrossed she couldn’t take her eyes off it. Marie looked back at the movie to see if maybe she was missing something.

All she saw was the woman eyes filled with so much pleasure as the guy slammed into her and muttered through the grunting how much he enjoyed her pussy. She started to really watch as the motel room stayed quiet other then the couple on the screen. He held the back of her legs behind her knees almost to her head as you could see him sliding in and out of her. The woman was so wet the whole shaft of the man shinned with her cum.

Marie started to feel heat go through her as she remembered what it had felt like all the times with her ex boyfriend. She remembered how when he fucked her she couldn’t stop the downpour between her legs. She missed him terribly sometimes when she thought of the lack of sex in her life.

Suddenly on TV the man moved back to let the woman go. He quickly flipped her over as he slid in her from behind. She moaned loudly while he held her hair moving slow to fill her inch by inch. Her back arched while she made room for him in her body.

Marie watched fasinated herself at what would come next. She wondered if the man would cum in her or out on her back. Cindy never said a word next to her. But Marie started to notice she was shifting around some on her side of the bed. Marie wondered if the movie was getting to her as it was Marie.

” You know…” Cindy began speaking then suddenly her voice broke.

” What?” Marie said shocked at hearing someone else beside her as she watched the screen intently. She had forgotten about Cindy for a second.

” Nothing” CIndy said and as Marie looked over to her she could see Cindy was blushing.

” Hey don’t let it embaress you hon we can always change the channel” Marie told her to reassure the girl.

There was a brief pause before Cindy responded.

” Nah its okay i was just wondering if she is faking or if she was really enjoying herself” Cindy said not even looking over at her friend she spoke too.

Marie busted out laughing .

” It’s funny you say that cause I was wondering the same thing also a few minutes ago.” Marie told her while she laughed .

CIndy looked over and smiled. Marie looked back at her and smiled too. There seemed to be a mutual knowledge about a womans orgasm between them. They both were excited it seemed by the nameless female getting hers so to speak on TV.

As they stared at one another Martie’s smile gave away. She was ready. She was so ready she could feel the heat build up between her legs and the itch to touch Cindy. Cindy stared at her. Marie could see her smile slip away also as some unknown look came over her face. Marie studied it as she herself saw excitment and maybe a bit of nervouness. Marie wondered if she was nervous watching the movie with Marie. Just as Marie was about to say something to put the girl at ease Cindy shocked her by leaning over and planting her lips on her mouth.

Marie was so shocked she couldn’t move for a second or two as Cindy’s mouth moved almost innocently over her lips. Then like something clicking in her she moved her hands off the bed and wrapped them around Cindy as she also started deepening the kiss. Cindy groaned and for a few seconds while Marie kissed the outside of Cindy’s mouth she questioned what made the woman do this. Then Marie figured it was best not to question anything and get started on getting the girl motivated on kissing.

Marie put everything she had into the kiss as she moved her tongue to open Cindy’s mouth. Cindy put up no resistance as Marie moved her tongue in and touched everything there was to touch in Cindy’s mouth. Cindy’s body moved closer to Maries. Marie groaned as she felt the tips of Cindy’s breast move over hers. Even through the two shirts between them Marie could feel the harden nipples. It excited her so much her nipples within seconds turned just as hard and started rubbing with Cindy’s.

Marie was overjoyed as her hands moved up to cup Cindy’s face. Her kiss showed her excitment as she deepened the kiss and moved her body closer to her friends. She almost started shaking as her legs moved in closer to the heat of CIndy’s.

Cindy groaned softly as she also moved her hands up to rest them on the sides of Marie’s breast. Marie’s heart did a small jump when she felt the soft touch of Cindy’s hands on her body.

Almost as if she wasn’t sure of herself Cindy didn’t make a move but continued to let Marie kiss her while her hands remained where they were. Marie tasted her friends mouth but also knew she wanted her breasts touched so she sifted her body to where Cindy’s one hand was placed over one breast. As if a signal was given Cindy moved her hand to cup Marie’s breast and Marie groaned.

Cindy touched lightly at first getting use to the feel of another womans breast in her hands but then the excitment took over and she started moving her other hand to join its playmate. Slowly CIndy moved both hands over the breasts and moved to rub over each nipple making Marie groan louder. Marie moved her hands to let them slid from Cindy’s face down to the front of her buttoned up shirt. She wanted to see those breasts so bad she almost ripped the damn shirt off. Quickly though she made herself get control as she moved her hands slowly to the first button and started to unbutton it. Cindy never gave resistance. Her hands were working over Marie’s breasts so much they made them more tender as she pulled and cupped and played with them. The nipples weren’t left out either as she pulled and pinched each one over and over.

Marie finally got the shirt unbuttoned while she still kissed Cindy and moved to slide it off her. Her hands being her eyes.

When the shirt was gone to fall on the bed. Marie cut off the kiss to move her eyes down to look at the pert breasts before her. The nipples standing out so much just begging to be played with. CIndy never said a word as her hands also moved to go down to Marie’s stomach. The contact making Marie’s mucsles tighten up . Marie hoped she was thinking of getting her naked too.

Cindy’s breasts still naked before Marie’s eyes were to much. Marie lowered her head and grabbed gently one breast and took the nipple right in her mouth. She knew she should take her time but she couldn’t help it. She had to taste it right now. Cindy moaned loudly as she moved her body closer still to Marie’s mouth. Marie moved her tongue over the nipple on the inside of her mouth and then stared sucking her friend. She was in Heaven. For a brief moment she wondered if she was rushing CIndy but by the actions of her body she didnt think so.

Cindy in her pleasure didn’t forget to start taking Marie’s shirt off also. She moved her hands quickly over the shirt to unbutton it. Nothing was said between the two girls as they started enjoying each others body. It was almost like there was a silent agreement to not explain or ask or the spell would be broken.

Finally Cindy removed the shirt and both women were naked except underwear on the bed. The sounds of a woman groaning on TV who was getting fucked only added to the heat of the moment as Marie moved her mouth finally from one nipple to the other. CIndy leaned her head back and her chest into Marie’s mouth. Closing her eyes as she felt Marie’s wet tongue move over her. Marie was gushing inbetween her legs as she thought in her head she had gotten to where she worked so hard to get for so long. This made her even more excited as she nipped on her friends nipple. Cindy was squirming some as Marie finally raised up her head to look at her friend. Cindy’s face was flushed with excitment and Marie’s hand moved to her neck to grasp softly around it as her other hand moved slowly all over Cindy’s body. She let her hand move from her friends face down her neck over her own hand and over her shoulders. Making sure there was no untouched place over Cindy. Her hands went down over each breast. Still wet some from Marie’s mouth and lifted and cupped them each. Also making sure she pinched each nipple again to bring a groan out of Cindy’s mouth. Cindy never opened her eyes as she was being held by the neck and being felt up. Marie’s eyes themselves were almost wild with excitment. She let her eyes travel over her friend’s body and also watched each place she touched. She was mesmerized by seeing that this girl totally trusted her to do as she pleased.

Finally letting her hand slid down over the girls stomach Marie looked up at Cindy’s face and moved her hand on her neck to give Cindy a signal to look at her. Cindy moved her head up and looked her friend deep in the eyes as she felt Marie’s hand travel down toward her pussy. Cindy never said a word but her eyes darkened a shade as she felt Marie’s touch skim over her panties to tease her. Marie wanted so bad to feel that wet pussy but she wanted Cindy to feel her touch too and not cum to quick later with excitment. So she let her hand move slowly over the top of Cindy’s lips and she traced a finger down both of them one by one and finally moving her hand to add a little pressure to the center where the opening would be if there wasn’t panties. Cindy moaned out loud as she pushed her pussy closer to Marie’s hand. Marie could feel her friends panties getting wet from her playing. This just added more pleasure for her as she moved her fingers to the edge of the panties and teased on the side of them watching the whole time CIndy’s eyes dilate with pleasure. Marie grew tired of holding her friend’s neck and moved it to place her hand gently but firmly on Cindy’s shoulder. Without looking, she pushed Cindy’s body to tell the girl silently to lay back. the girl never breaking eye contact did as she was instructed silently. Her body moving back agasint the bed as Marie also moved to go with her.

Once laying flat Marie over Cindy, Marie looked deep in her friends eyes and smiled a reasurring smile before breaking the contact and moving down some on the bed to look at Cindy’s pussy. Cindy closed her eyes as she opened her legs some. There were no words.

Marie studied her friend and then moved her hands to wrap a finger around the edge on each side of the panties. Slowly she moved her hands down to drag the panties with her. Showing her inch by inch Cindy’s pussy. It was glorious. Her mouth was starting to overflow with saliva as she watched the pubic hairs come into focus and also the idea of getting her face deep in the middle of it. Finally she lost patience with the panties and pulled on them a little more as she moved also her body to get them off. Once off she threw them on the floor and moved back up to look once again at her friend. Her eyes soaking in the naked woman before her. She looked quickly at Cindy’s face but noticed CIndy still had her eyes closed. She didnt care. She wanted her and she was gonna have her.

Marie looked back at her friends body and a thought came into mind. She was so excited that getting this woman in a wild postion at some point in the night was getting her more turned on.

She moved and leaned down towards Cindy’s ear and whipser two words.

” Turn over”.

Cindy never said a word and moved to do as she was told. Marie moved to allow it . It took a minute but finally CIndy was on her stomach. Marie moved down on the bed to postion herself where she needed to be . She finally was between Cindy’s legs. The voice of a man grunting and a woman moaning behind her made her smile at how lucky she could be sometimes.

Putting her hands on each leg on the inside and adding pressure told Cindy silently what she needed to do. She took command and moved her legs out wider to allow her friend free access to her pussy. Marie wasnt satisfied. Although she could see her friends pussy clearly and wanted to jump right in she wanted more exposure. So she rested her hands on the back of each knee and moved her hands in tiny signals up to let Cindy know to get on her knees.

Marie smiled and thought to herself as her friend didnt hesitate that she was a quick learner. Cindy moved in the postion with her knees under her, her ass wiggling in the air and her stomach laying still on the bed. Marie was very pleased by what she saw. Before her stood a glistening pussy wide open wiggling almost teasing her in the air and her friend laying there with her eyes closed, trusting and waiting. Marie didnt waste any time. She wanted her face in there and taste what her friend had to offer.

Marie moved quickly between her legs and moved her head down to breath in deeply Cindy’s pussy. Sighing out loud with pleasure Marie inhaled the sweet smell. Without waiting, she moved her head and pressed her nose and her mouth into CIndy’s wet pussy. Almost passing out with pleasure of feeling her face already wet. She had alot of licking to do to get it dried off some, Marie thought to herself and smiled some before opening her mouth to draw her tounge out.

Her tounge went straight up and down the crack exposed to her as she heard Cindy’s breath catch. This just egged her on as she moved her face up and down with long licks to take in the first bit of juices on the top of the lips. Cindy’s ass wiggled some as she tried to get Maries tounge deeper in her. Marie lifted quickly and grabbed both ass cheeks to steady her friend. Her nails digging into the skin but not bruising. Cindy stood still.

Marie contiuned the assault on her friends pussy. Licking slowly as her fingernails and hands gripped into her friends ass. She let her tounge move slowly from the bottom where the clit was postioned up to just touching the area between the vaginia and ass. Cindy moaned deeply.

Marie felt aggressive as she moved her tounge deeper into her friends pussy. She could taste all the sweet warm juices of her.

Cindy groaned loudly as her head fell back. Her enjoyment of having her pussy ate was evident on her face. Marie continued to lick up and down till finally moving her tongue to postion it near the opening of her vagina. She moved her tongue to stiffen it up and then started to slide it up in Cindy. Cindy squealed as Marie pushed her tongue as far as she could in her friends pussy. Marie moved her hands off the side of her ass to postion them near her face. They laid on the ass cheeks near her. She slowly started to spread her friends ass as far as she could, moving her head in more to taste as much as she could. Cindy moved her ass closer to Marie’s mouth. Marie moaned as she ate up all she could. This continued for awhile as both women moaned and the sweet smell of pussy filled Marie’s nose.

Cindy couldnt take it anymore and fell on her stomach on the bed. Marie moved back quickly to see what was happening. Cindy laid on the bed panting heavily. Marie smiled and moved to lean over her friend. Her hand moving down to slide a finger up and down her friends spine. Cindy never said a word as Marie continued moving her finger. She also licked her lips to get the last of Cindy’s juices in her mouth. Finally Marie moved her finger down between her friends ass cheeks. Cindy’s cheeks clenched some with surprise and Marie continued to move her finger down the crack to the opening of her ass. Cindy got very still as Marie rubbed the opening for a moment. She could feel the little opening clenching near the tip of her finger, this excited her. Marie wanted to finger fuck Cindy’s ass. Marie didnt make a move yet but instead moved her finger down lower to rub over the opening of her friends pussy. CIndy didnt resist, letting Marie slide her finger up in her. Cindy moaned as Marie slide her finger up in Cindy as far as she could go. When that was accomplished she started to slowly finger fuck her friend. Marie could feel her finger getting soaked with her friends juices.

Cindy moved her hips to join in having her pussy fingered fuck. Marie enjoyed watching her friends ass move in the air. She never moved her eyes off the opening of her ass though as she turned up the beat of fingering her friend.

Finally she moved her hand back to add another finger in her friends pussy. Cindy moaned as she felt herself being filled more. Marie started again fucking her friend for a moment then moving her hand back again she added another finger. Cindy squealed as she moved to get her ass up in the air by getting on her knees. This allowing Marie better access. Marie also moved to get behind the ass sticking in the air. Cindy’s face was still laying on the bed though. All Marie could see from her postion was an ass in the air. Cindy moved to spread her legs so Marie could fingerfuck her better. Marie gave her friend what she wanted as her three fingers moved smoothly in and out of her friend’s pussy. Marie kept her eyes still on the opening of her friends ass. She wanted it and she wanted it bad. She leaned down as her fingers worked on CIndy’s pussy and moved her face to taste her friends ass. Cindy jerked when she felt the contact of her friends tongue slide near her hole. Marie didnt stop though as she moved her tongue over the opening, keeping her fingers moving inside of her friend. Wiggling fingers on the inside to touch the G-Spot here and there. Her tongue working to lick and penetrate her friends ass. Cindy moaned so loudly Marie thought the people in the next room might hear as she kept on tasting CIndy. She moved her tongue to slide what she could in and out of her friends tight hole, liking the feel of it squeezing her tongue. Her fingers never losing a step in fucking her friend. Cindy relaxed obviously enjoying her ass being eaten. This gave Marie the chance she had been waiting for and she moved back slowly to postion herself to watch as she slide her fingers from Cindy’s pussy to the opening of her ass and slide quickly a finger in before she could stop her. Cindy jerked surprised as Marie moved her other hand to hold her friend in place by holding her hip. Cindy moved to get away from the finger embedded in her ass but Marie wouldnt let her. Marie began to move the finger in and out feeling the ass clench around her as she held on to Cindy firmly. Cindy tried to still move but moaned with pleasure at having her virgin ass fucked. Marie smiled big as she continued fucking her friends ass slowly starting to build up tempo. Cindy couldnt help it anymore and slowly herself started moving her as back to join in having her ass fucked. This encouraged Maire and letting her hand drop she moved to add another finger in. Cindy didnt fight her this time but just relaxed to allow her ass to be filled up with two fingers. Marie was so excited she could feel wetness all around her own pussy. Marie heard her friend moaning and gasping at the pleasure of what Marie was doing with her. Marie continued for awhile feeling her friends ass loosen up so good it gave Marie a idea.

Cindy had no idea but Marie had brought a friend just in case. Marie moved to get away from her friend as she let her fingers slide out. She got up quickly from the bed and walked over to her borrowed dresser draw . She looked back at Cindy and saw her friends eyes closed as her panting continued. Her ass still stuck up in the air just waiting. Her ass opening a bit red and pouty sorta waiting again for Cindy. This made Marie hurry as she reached the drawer and with haste grabbed the strap on. She looked back and was surprised to see Cindy still had her eyes closed. Marie didnt even close the door as she moved quickly carrying the strap on behind her friend. She was behind her friend on the bed, seeing again nothing but ass sticking up as she quickly put on the strap on and adjusted it. She finally got it right and crawled back on the bed. Her fake cock wiggling in the air. Cindy moved about that time to look back but Marie quickly moved into postion with that sweet ass in the air and grabbed her friends hips. Cindy stopped trying to look back thinking to herself she was about to get eaten again. Marie moved one hand to grab the fake cock and postion it to the opening of CIndy’s pussy. Almost trying not to laugh outloud at how surprised her friend would be. Cindy didnt know what hit her when in one swoop Marie moved the cock in her. Her surprise was evident as she jerked and tried to sit up to look back. Marie didn’t stop she started to move her hips to fuck her friend’s pussy with her fake cock. Grabbing onto Cindy’s hips and holding on. Cindy felt so totally full . She was stretched beyond belief. Her head still turning to look back as she bounced all over the bed with the fake cock fucking her. When Cindy finally saw what was going on she stared back at Marie with surprise. Marie didnt stop she fucked her friend as hard as she could. Cindy started to moan cause no matter how surprised she was she was enjoying the fake cock. After a minute or two Cindy joined in again by moving her hips to allow the cock to slide as far as she could up in her. Marie kept up the tempo, enjoying herself watching her fuck her friend like a man. It was very exciting to have this power. Cindy moaned and screamed softly as she could feel herself building up to cum. She fell back down on her stomach to the bed, her ass still in the air. She couldn’t hold herself up anymore as her friend fucked her doggie style. Marie continued the assault to where she knew Cindy wouldn’t go anywhere. Cindy was enjoying it to much. She didn’t say a word as to not break the spell. She didn’t want even now for Cindy to leave her if she spoke so she stayed quiet. Marie’s hips moved well as she moved one hand down to bring it softly to the cheek of Cindy’s ass. Marie moved her hand back and smacked her friends ass lightly. Cindy didnt even flinch as she felt herself getting smacked. This pleased Marie as she again moved her hand to smack Cindy’s ass cheek. Cindy moaned with pleasure. Marie never losing tempo again spanked her but this time a bit harder making it sound out in the room. This excited Marie so much hearing the sound of the slap, the moans of the woman in the background getting fucked on TV and Cindy’s whimpers of pleasure. She smacked her again making her ass cheek jiggle. A small area starting to get red from the spanking. Marie continued with the spanking and the fucking. Losing herself in the sight of her fucking her friend with her fake cock and smacking her ass showing red on the cheek. Cindy never did anything but move back and forth to fuck the fake cock and moan and whimper outloud. This continued for awhile till Marie again noticed the puckered ass staring at her. She started to smile wickedly as she realised she wanted to fuck that ass. She didnt even ask she just moved back to allow the fake cock to move out of her friend then postioned herself to take the tip in her hand and move it over her friends ass opening. CIndy jerked then. She didnt know if this is what she wanted. Having a finger in your virgin ass is one thing but not a fake cock. Her ass was covered in her own juices still from the finger fucking from before and also from her cock fucking her pussy. Cindy again tried to move but Marie held her in place as she pushed the tip in slowly. Cindy clenched up as Marie tried to penetrate her friends ass. Marie grabbed again her friends hip with the one hand to settle her in one spot. Moved again to slide the tip in , even with some resistance from her friend. Cindy couldn’t move as her friend had a strong grip on her. Marie so excited didn’t even notice her friend was so nervous, all she knew was she wanted to fuck her friend’s ass. Which she did by getting the tip finally sliding in some. She pushed with her hips as she watched the tip stretch and disappear in her friend’s ass. Marie could have came there just from the sight but she held quick. She didn’t want to cum with this she wanted another way. She stopped pushing once the tip was inside to allow Cindy’s body to adjust to the fake cock tip. Cindy whimpered with pleasure but also nervouness. She could feel the opening of her ass stretched so wide she didn’t know what to do. Finally when Marie felt it was enough time. She added pressure with the fake cock and watched as the shaft moved slowly in to sink deep in her friends ass inch by inch. She held with both hands this time to slide the fake cock up in her friends ass. The visual of it making her juices slide down her leg as she watched the shaft finally disappear all the way in Cindy’s ass. She stopped pushing long enough to allow again for CIndy to adjust. Cindy didnt move. Scared almost. She was so completely filled she didnt know what to say or do or how to move. She just laid there still with her ass in the air her face buried in the sheets of the bed and her ass inside filled so completely up with the fake cock.

Marie didn’t wait long as she started to move back and forth bringing the cock in and out of her friend’s ass. She could tell her friends ass was stretched to its fullest and she loved it. She was finally fucking her friend in all the ways she had fantasied about and it was making her so excited her legs were like jelly as her own juices flowed down all between her legs. She didn’t stop either she continued fucking her friend’s ass watching the cock take again and again that sweet virgin ass. Cindy started moaning. She was moaning so loud that it finally turned into screams of pleasure. Her orgasm building up as her ass so stretched was being fucked. Marie became wild almost and began moving quicker. She knew in the back of her mind her friend would cum and cum hard. She wanted her too and she moved as fast as she could now to fuck her friends ass hard to make her cum. Cindy wiggled and screamed out . Marie’s hands never moved from Cindy’s hips as she held her friend in place and also kept herself steady. She fucked her hard. And finally a loud scream filled the room as Cindy bucked and moved her head coming almost off the bed as she shook cumming while her ass still got the assult her Marie was giving her. This assault making the orgasm more intense then she had ever known. Her whole body was hot as waves and waves of sensations washed over her. Her ass begging for some relief from the hard fucking that Marie was giving her. Marie could feel her friend shake while she came. Marie was in heaven as she fucked her still but let it ease up on the pounding. She still moved in and out of her friends ass but let the orgasm sweep her friend away. Cindy moaned and screamed as she still shook. She had never in her sexual life felt this many sensations. She was starting to get weak as she fell back on the bed with the fake cock slowly stopping with movement but still filling her up completely. Marie stopped moving as Cindy still shook under her. She was so excited by what had happen she knew she needed to cum and cum hard and cum now. She moved quickly to get the fake cock out of Cindy’s ass and move back to stand up off the bed. Quickly she tore the strapon off and move quickly back to her friend. Cindy laid there shaking some and moaning. She was lost in her aftermaths of her orgasm. Marie didn’t care. She needed to cum and cum now. She moved to lay her hands on Cindy to move her over on her back. Cindy never complained. She complied by settling on her back. Marie worked on her to get her friend settled in the postion she wanted. CIndy was flat on her back with her hands laying out beside her and her face totally in veiw of Marie.

Marie didn’t waste any time as she climbed up on her friend and moved her body to have her pussy directly over Cindy’s face. Cindy open her eyes and saw nothing but a dripping pussy over her. She didn’t move, she didn’t want to. She didn’t know what she should do but she had a feeling Marie would show her and she did. Marie moved her body down to where her pussy rested on Cindy’s face. Cindy’s whole face was covered in wet warm pussy. She could smell the sweet smell of her friend. She was shocked yet intrigued by what was happening to her.

Marie didn’t waste anytime. She started moving her hips sliding her pussy all over her Cindy’s face. She was so turned on she didn’t even think if her friend could breath. She just wanted to cum and rubbing her pussy over her friend’s face was turning her on so much she started to grind. Cindy could still breath but barely. She could feel her whole face and some of her hair getting soaked in juices. Marie’s juices. Marie continued thinking about that fake cock in Cindys ass as her hands reached up to grab and pinch her own breast and nipples. She was gettng close. It wouldn’t be long as she continued to grind on Cindy’s face. Marie’s eyes were closed as she fucked her friends face. Cindy didn’t move, she just laid there letting her friend fuck her face and started to feel excited again in what was happening to her. Maried body started to get warm as tingles went through her. She couldn’t stand it no more as she finally shouted out in the room.

” Stick your tongue out and lick me damnit” Her excitment making her aggresive. Cindy complied quickly opening her mouth and moving her tongue out to let Marie rub back and forth on it. Juices flowing in Cindy’s mouth.

It was the last straw. This making Marie start to cum to feel that tongue on her pussy. She grinding harder, Cindy being hardly able to breath at all but never moving to let her friend fuck her face. Marie could feel loads of her juices flowing out of her. So could Cindy, it was like a faucet being turned on as she was covered in cum. Marie came hard too. She jerked as she rubbed her pussy on Cindy. Sensations after sensations coming over her. Her hands coming off her breasts to come down on the bed above Cindy’s head her body now sorta laying over her friend as she grinded over Cindy as if she had the fake cock on and was pushing in and out of Cindy’s mouth.

Finally with one last grind and one last tingle through her body Marie moaned loudly as she moved some to allow CIndy to breath. Cindy gasped for breath as she felt cool air hit her soaked face. She was saturated in cum . Her whole face and all her hair that she wasn’t laying on. Marie looked and saw all the glistening juices on her friends face and smiled slightly as she moved to lay down on her back beside her friend on the bed. Cindy never moved as Marie panted next to her, shaking some here and there while the orgasm went through her slightly every so often. Cindy was shocked at what had happened. All of it really realising what she had done but she was also still excited by it all. She could hear the woman in the background still whimpering and moaning as she was getting fucked on TV and she could hear her friend panting next to her. She didn’t know what to say or what to do so she laid there completely still.

Marie finally laid still as all sorts of thoughts went through her head. She smiled at what she had accomplised and smiled wider in what was yet to come. It dawned on her suddenly that she needed to say something to Cindy.

Marie moved to lay on her side toward Cindy and wrapping her hands around her friends stomach she leaned down to whisper in her friends wet ear.

” Dont think, Dont feel anything negative, just go to sleep holding me”.

Cindy didn’t say a word as she listened to her friend. Her saying that made her feel free of worry as she realised she was tired. Some of it the beer the rest the nervouness and also all the activity. She calmed herself down as she felt her friend move to snuggle up to her. Cindy closed her eyes. Marie to as they both laid there silently never saying a word to each other as slowly of all the things going in each own head disappeared to where they dozed off asleep.

During the night as each woke up one would start to fuck her friend. How many times they kissed or played or touched or used the fake cock on each other they didn’t know. They didn’t care . They just came harder and harder each time.

As the sun peaked through the curtains of the motel room a loud knock sounded on the door while the two naked women laid asleep in the tore up bed. Sex reaked in the room as both bodies were covered in each others cum. Both women’s hair was tangled and both were flushed from all the fucking they had done. The fake cock layed on the nightstand beside them.

Marie’s eyes snapped open as it dawned on her what was going on. Cindy moved waking up also beside her but slowly. Marie jumped out of the bed and took a deep breath as her hands began to shake. The knock starting again and even more loud.

Marie stood at the end of the bed and stared at the door. Cindy finally full awake from the intrusion of the loud sound opened her eyes in tiny slits and looked at her friend as Marie finally moved naked to the door almost in jerky movements. Cindy was startled at her friend looking so nervous, This making her sit up on one elbow while Marie reached for the door and unlocked it. Cindy didn’t have time to think of anything else as Marie jerked the door open and there stood Cindy’s boyfriend.

Marie stood naked in the open doorway squinting at the bright sun . Mike just stood there as he stared at Marie’s naked body in the doorway.

” What the hell Marie.. put some damn cloths on before someone sees you”. he hollered at her as he pressed to push in.

Cindy sat up straight in bed shocked at hearing her boyfriend knowing Marie’s name and acting like he knew her. Her shock over that and being caught in a motel room with a woman that was obvious she had been fucking sent waves of fear at what was about to happen.

Marie moved out of the way to let Mike in. Mike hurried to get in so Marie could shut the door. Which she did quietly. Mike looked around to let his eyes adjust when finally they rested on the bed to discover the shock of his life.

” What the hell” he screamed at Cindy as she hurried to cover herself as quickly with the sheet as she could.

Marie never said a word or moved to cover herself. She just stared at the situation as if a stranger to these people. Her face was expressionless as tears started to swell up in Cindy’s eyes. Mike stood in shock as the realisation hit him of what had happened. He quickly looked around and saw the evidence of their all night fucking.

” Mike…I” Cindy said her throat catching as she started to cry .

Mike didn’t say a word as he looked around at the room and then stopped to stare at Cindy in the bed looking well fucked and totally naked and glowing. He just stared at her as she cried silently. She knew it was the end.

Marie also didn’t say a word as she slowly looked at Mike. She stared at her ex. The man she had loved for so long and the man who had hurt her so bad and for the first time since the break up she felt relief. Relief in knowing the pain was over. She had done what she had set out to do and that was to get back what was hers. She finally got Mike to feel what she had gone through. Her facial expression never changed though as she felt tons of emotions go through her. She heard Cindy cry and she saw Mike’s face harden with hate as he stared at his girlfriend.

Finally as if he could feel Marie stare at him he looked around and stared at Marie. Neither said a word as they looked at each other for the longest time. Cindy not noticing as she hid her face in the sheet crying.

Mike looked at Marie and felt pain like he had never felt before. The pain of course of seeing his girlfriend cheating on him and cheating with his ex girfriend. It was unbareable. His whole body was raked with pain as he stared at one of the women in his life he had loved more then anything. Marie just stared back never saying a word.

Then came realisation. Mike knew then as he looked at Marie and felt all the pain. He now knew what she had gone through. Marie watched also the realisation dawn in his eyes and she knew then she would finally have peace. He didn’t say a word as he thought of the past and the present and finally looked at Marie with understanding. Cindy didn’t look up feeling herself the pain of her own world.

Mike finally bent his head and looked at the floor. Taking a deep breath and whispered.

” I am Sorry”

No one heard him but Marie as she watched him straighten his shoulders and raise his head to look at the door.

She stepped back to allow him to move. With this silent sign Mike moved to leave the room. He was so quiet Cindy didn’t even know he had left.

Marie had a million things float in her head as she looked at the closed door Mike had just walked through.

She finally turned to look at the bed at Cindy and with a deep sigh of regret and a feeling of guilt for using Cindy like that she spoke softly but loud enough for CIndy to hear.

” I am sorry Cindy for all this but sometimes you have to do what you have to do so people can own up to what they did.”

Cindy heard her but never said anything or looked up at her. She cried silently into the sheet.

” I’m going to shower now… I won’t say goodbye, but know this. I wish with everything It could have been someone else. I like you and care about you as a friend and as a new lover. You were wonderful. Just know Cindy that I will always think of you in a good and wonderful way and never see you as a connection anymore” and with that said Marie walked away to head to the bathroom. Shutting the door quietly and starting the shower to drown out Cindy’s crying.

When she got out of the bathroom later Cindy was gone. The room a wreak and her feeling of guilt weighing on her.

She got dressed and packed up. Leaving the room later and doing the things she needed to head home.

Later that evening as she walked in her house she noticed the red light blinking on the answering machine. With a heavy heart she laid down her bags and pressed the button. What she heard shocked her and excited her also.

” I know now why you did it. I realised after I left that I was saddened by losing him but also saddened by losing you. I know now how the internet played in your plan and how you looked to get to know me. I will say this though he might have been the reason you started this, but you fucking me was only for me and wanting me only. With this I want to see you again. Call me if you want.” with that said Cindy’s voice let the machine.

Marie sat there and smiled slowly as she realised she wouldn’t lose Cindy after all. She quickly turned on the light and started dialing. Her mind going a million miles a minute and her hands shaking with excitment . She thought of Cindy naked and licking her and of her fucking Cindy with the fake cock and she started to get wet. She finished dialing and listened to the rings till Cindy picked up the phone

” Hello” Cindy said sounding a bit tired

” Hello Cindy, this is Marie… just wanted to tell you I forgot some things i wanted to show you ” Marie told her not knowing if she sounded corney or not but saying anything that came to mind.

There was a silence for a moment as Cindy breathed into the phone. Maries heart jumped as she waited nervously.

” Hmmmmm….. well I guess since we need to meet to start all over again you better start making plans to get here and show me as soon as possible”

Marie sighed outloud with relief. Her body tingling. She thought of all the things she wanted to show Cindy . She became wet thinking about it and a new thought came to mind.

” Well I can show you one now if you got the time. You ever had phone sex?” Marie said and started to laugh when Cindy on the other line replied no but was willing to find out.

Marie in the living room started to move to take off her cloths while holding the phone with one hand.

This was going to be a relationship to remember.

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