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Let Me Give You Full Service

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I own a small automotive shop. We do general service and repair on all years and all makes. I enjoy the work and it makes me a living. I also like the idea of being my own boss. No one to answer to except my customers. I guess you could look at it as having more than one boss to answer to, but I like the work. The best part of the job is that we do a lot of 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s cars. Routine maintenance and service, motor swaps, disc brake conversions, suspension modifications; all kinds of restoration and hot rod work. Love this part of what we do a lot.

Then there are the customers. I am lucky that I have a large following of loyal customers that are real gems to work with. A lot of just plain good people. Sure they’re a few assholes, but I have been fortunate to weed out most of those before we did any work on their cars. Still a few slip through and we just have to deal with them.

I have had my shop for the last 7-years. Prior to that I led what I refer to as my corporate life. I worked for several major truck and car companies mostly in a variety of marketing and training positions for over 20-years. I have been doing the hot rod thing as a hobby all my life and finally decided that I was fed up with the corporate grind and wanted my own shop. Maybe a little late in life to make such a major a career change (55-years old), but felt it was time and if I didn’t do it now I never would. So I stepped out on the end of the high board and dove in.

Physically the shop is a lot more demanding than what I was doing before. I’m in not too bad of shape, and reasonably good looking, so I have been told. The work is good and I appreciate not having to get on airplane two or three times a month. That’s one of the real pluses of what I am now doing. I hate flying!

Mostly I play it pretty straight around the shop. Business, you know, professional attitude and all. Every now and then something happens that makes me consider changing that policy.

One such occurrence happened a while back. I had a young lady come in with a 1961 Corvette. A really nice car. Probably as nice an original unrestored early Corvette as I have seen. Dual quad, 283″ small block Chevy with a T-10 four-speed. The body and interior as well as all the trim was original and well cared for. Julie brought the car in for a major tune-up. It just wasn’t running well. She had been in several times before with her daily driver for oil changes, brakes and the like over the previous two years and we had gotten to know each other a little, but this was the first time that she had come in with her Corvette.

I had admired Julie’s body one more that one occasion in the past. She was about 30, maybe 100 lbs. Petite and small framed, but with enough curves that she made a very attractive package. Short brunette hair, a firmly rounded ass, flat stomach with small very pert breasts and extraordinarily large nipples. These I had observed on several occasions protruding against her T-shirt, which is her normal attire. She had a very pretty angelic face with a cute smile and a slightly turned up nose. Nothing all that voluptuous or overtly sexy, just a very nice appealing package. I didn’t know if she were married or had a boyfriend. Our brief conversations had never gone in that direction, and I had not noticed a ring on her finger.

On this particular occasion, she seemed particularly animated and talkative. The Corvette was hers, a gift from her father when she graduated form college. He had purchased it when it was about 5-years old and had not driven it much and kept it in the garage, which accounted for its pristine condition. As is my usual routing in filling out the work order, I wrote down her name, address, phone number and what she wanted done to the car. Check this, fix that, replace those, etc. Took down the license number and VIN of the Corvette and when I leaned in to get the mileage a strange thing happened. As I was bent over leaning into the car co I could see the odometer, Julie reach over and stroked my ass. She put her hand on my ass cheek and rubbed it 3 or 4 times. I damned near jumped out of skin that I was so surprised. It felt good, I liked it, please don’t stop.

When I stood and turned around I saw Julie standing with her hand over her mouth and blushing bright red. “I don’t know what got into me. I just couldn’t stop myself. I’m sorry I shouldn’t have done that. I’m sorry forgive me.,” she apologized.

I smiled at her, “Only if I can reciprocate,” I replied mischievously.

As we turned to head back to the office to finish writing up the work order I reach out and gave her sweet ass a couple if rubs. She turned back to look at me with a beg smile on her face. “Naughty, naughty, I deserved that!”

We went back into the office and finished going over what she wanted done to her Corvette. I told her that it would take a couple of days to finish it and would give her a call when it was done or if we found anything else that it needed. She thanked me and turned to leave as her father had just drove up to give her a ride home. Now, what had happened wasn’t a big deal, but as far as I was concerned it had gone way beyond my normal business relationship. Our fifteen-year age difference seemed enough to me to deter any interest in me on her part.

We completed the work on her Corvette without difficulty. It was really very straight forward, plugs, wires, cap, rotor, points, condenser, check and set the ignition timing. Gave her a call when we were finished and told her that it was done and she could pick it up when it was convenient for her. She came in later that day.

As she was paying the bill, she again apologized for her actions when she had brought the car in, “I just don’t know what got in to me, but I couldn’t resist touching you tush as you were bent over. It just looked so inviting I couldn’t help my self. I hope that you are not offended.”

“Not in the least, in fact, it did my ego some good. I should be thanking you,” I answered trying to make light of the incident.

“Jerry, if you have time could you drive the Corvette for me there is a noise that I hear sometimes that I wonder if you could tell me what it is,” she asked.

“Surely, no problem.” We proceeded to the car and got in for a test drive. I drove out of the parking lot onto the street. We drove around for about ten minutes. When she thought she heard the noise she would lean forward and slightly toward me and put her had on my thigh.

“Do you hear it? That’s the noise,” she said when she heard it.

This happened three or four times. The best part was when she put her had on my thigh. Secretly hoped that we wouldn’t find the noise soon if she would keep her had on my thigh. I identified what was making the noise and what we needed to do about it. We headed back toward the shop discussing when she wanted to bring the car in again to get it taken care of. We agreed that she would bring it in the next week for repairs. My only concern was what I was going to about the raging hard on I had from when she was touching my leg. As long as I was sitting in the car it wasn’t that noticeable, but I knew that it would show when I got out and stood up. I noticed her looking toward my crouch a couple of times and hoped that she had not noticed me eyeing her erect nipples pressing against her T-shirt. I was certain that she was not wearing a bra. In fact I had noticed this on several other occasions when she had come into the shop.

As we stopped in the parking lot of the shop and started to get out she asked, “Do you want to sit here for a couple of minutes and relax so that you won’t be embarrassed when you walk in?” Damn she had noticed my erection.

I was already embarrassed, “I might as well go in, a few minutes won’t make and difference the way I’m feeling right now. I apologize, I didn’t mean to embarrass you.”

“No apology necessary, in fact I am flattered. It makes me feel good that you find me stimulating.”

We exited the car; she walked to the driver’s door and got in. “I’ll see you next Wednesday,” I said as I shut the door for Her.

“Bye now, see you Wednesday,” she replied as she started the car and drove off.

I could have sworn that she was staring at my hard on as she sat and started the car, probably just my imagination.

Wednesday morning came and she brought the Corvette in for us to do the work on as we had discussed. She was cheerful and very friendly. We wrote up the work order, she signed it and then asked, “If it’s not too much trouble could you give me a ride home, my father is busy today and can’t pick me up. It’s not far and I’ll buy you a cup of coffee.”

As there were not any other customer waiting and the guys were already to go to work, “Sure, it will be my pleasure ot give you a ride.”

We proceeded to my truck and headed to her house. When we arrived in her drive way, “Are you in coming for that cup of coffee that I offered.

I accepted her offer. I was enjoying her company immensely. Once inside we proceeded to the kitchen. She already had a pot of coffee brewing. We stood at the counter while she poured coffee. When she had finished, instead of picking up the cups and offering me mine, which I expected her to do, she turned to face me, put her arms around my neck and kissed me firmly on the lips. Not just a kiss, but a Kiss, a kiss that I couldn’t help returning. I put my arms around her and held her tightly to me. I could feel her nipples against her chest, and I am sure she could feel my erect dick pressing into her abdomen. Her lips were warm and soft, but held a yearning that was intense. Her lips parted and I felt her tongue brush across my lips looking for an opening. I parted my lips to give her access. We held that kiss for several minutes before breaking apart.

She leaned back and looked into my eyes, “God I wanted that!” With that she kissed me again. We stood there in the kitchen and hugged and kissed for sometime. Both of us getting more turned by the minute. I moved my hand to cup her pert little breasts. Just a hand full each. I rubbed my thumbs across her nipples through her T-shirt and felt her nipples react. She turned loose from me and grabbed her T-shirt at the bottom and pulled it over her head throwing it on the counter next to us. Her beasts were now exposed to my sight and touch. They were exquisite, firm & pert with darker areolas about the size of a quarter and quite large nipples that stood out at least a half an inch. I caressed them and rolled the m between my fingers. I put my arms around her and dropped my mouth to kiss and suck on her breasts and nipples. She seemed to really like this. She reached down between us and undid my pants and slipped her hand inside my briefs to feel my erect member. As her fingers encircled my shaft I thought I would explode. They felt so good, so tender so warm and exciting. She pushed back from me and took my hand and led me into the living room. I slipped off my shoes and socks as she lowered my pants and briefs. I undid her jeans and slid them down to her thighs exposing her very small dark blue satin underwear. She removed my clothes as I finished removing her jeans. We now stood facing each other, me nude and her almost that way. She pulled me down onto the carpet next to her and we embraced again. We kissed long and deeply while holding each other close. It seemed a contest to see how much skin we could make come in contact. It felt so good. I lowered my hand to her pubic mound and gently rubbed it through her satin underwear. I could feel the heat emanating and sense the wetness of her readiness. She had grasped my erection and was gently stroking it. I wasn’t going to be able to hang on for too long as it felt so good!

I slipped my fingers inside her briefs and felt the warm, wet softness of pussy lips. They were hot and wet and inviting. I stroked them for a time and then let one finger slip between them into her inner sanctum. She moved her legs apart to give me more access and I inserted a second finger and stroked deeper. She responded by moving her hips and pelvis against me as I continued to stroke her vagina. I began also rubbing her clit with my thumb. It was about the size of a pea and quite erect. I continued deep kissing her and holding her tightly against me. She was responding to my every motion and I could tell that she was getting close. Her breathing was heaver and she began to moan softly. We were both enjoying this unhurried lovemaking. Shortly I felt her body stiffen and her pussy tighten on my fingers and she cascaded into a mild organism. She rolled back and looked into my eyes with a smile on her face that said it all.

I removed my hand and hood the waistband of her briefs and slide them down. She lifted her hips to allow them to be removed. I moved down to taste and smell her essence. I licked the lips of her pussy caressing and sucking on her clit at the end of each stroke. I inserted my tongue in her pussy as far as it would go. She tasted wonderful. I kept licking and sucking on her pussy while massaging her breasts and sensitive nipples with my hands. She continued to stroke my erection. We just continued to enjoy each other this way until she climaxed again, this time harder and deeper. I could feel and taste her love juices ass they came out of her onto my face. She lay back to relax and bask in the afterglow of her orgasm. I held her close to me feeling her warmth.

She pushed me onto my back on the carpet and moved down to take my engorged member into her mouth. I could feel her lips taking me in and her tongue caressing me as I went in and out of her mouth. If I didn’t come soon I was sure that my swollen balls would explode. She sucked all of me for a while and as she felt me near climax she would release me from her mouth and hold and squeeze my cock with her hand.

Soon she raised up and straddled me positioning her pussy directly on my dick in such a way as the lips of her hot wet pussy lips were on each side of my dick and engulfing it. She then proceeded to move her wet slippery pussy back and forth on my cock. What an intense feeling. This was as close to fucking as you could get without actually doing it. She continued to massage my cock in this manner until I was sure that I was going to cum. When she felt me getting near she rotated her hips slightly and one stroke and I felt my cock slide in to her warm wet caressing vagina. Now we were fucking and it was great!

We lay like this for a while, just moving to each other and feeling the sensations of each other’s bodies. Eventually we rolled over without me withdrawing until she was on her back and we began fucking in earnest. Long deep hard strokes that were sending us both over the edge. I could feel the insides of her vagina gripping my cock and literally pulling me in deeper with each stroke. She matched her rhythm to me and we came together in an intense orgasm. We both collapsed in exhaustion. I rolled slightly to her side to take my weight off of her body and we lay there for a while until our hearts settled down and we caught our breath.

“Your coffees cold,” she spoke teasingly.

“That’s ok, I just had something better than coffee to drink, thank you very much.”

She smiled and crinkled her eyes at me, “God I wish that I had know months ago that you gave service like this, I’ve needed this for quite al long time. Thank you, it was wonderful.”

“No, I should be thanking you. That’s as good as I have made love and I do mean good.” I returned.

She rose to dress. I admired her lithe lean and beautiful body and had difficulty realizing that I had just made exquisite love to it. I dressed. She poured fresh hot coffee and we chatted for a short while before I had to go back to the shop. At her door we embraced and kissed deeply. I really didn’t want to leave, but needed to get back to work.

Two days later I called to let Julie know that her Corvette was ready and she could pick it up at her convenience. She told me that she would have her dad drop her off at about closing time and to please wait for her. The rest of the day seemed to drag on as I was anxious to see her. 6:00 finally arrived and we closed up the shop and the guys left for home. Julie arrived at about 6:30 and I took her into the shop to show her what we had done to her car. She was delighted and grabbed me around the neck and gave me a big hug and kiss. We didn’t stop there though. There was more hunger and passion in our embrace than was there the last time we were together. Maybe best described as animal lust! I pulled her t-shirt over her head, while she unbuttoned my shirt and removed it. We literally tore each others pants off and crashed into a crushing embrace. I laid her back over the hood of the Corvette, spread her legs and thrust into her with no foreplay. She was already hot wet and ready. We went at it like to starved hungry animals, rough and fast. We both came within minutes. We lay prostrate on the hood of the Corvette until we each recovered. We stood and held each other in a warm tender embrace.

She looked up into my eyes, “Will there be anything else?”

“No, that will do nicely,” she answered as she playfully hit me in the shoulder.

“Would you be interested in dinner with and old grease monkey this Sat.? ” I asked.

“Love to, only if we can take the Corvette. It kind of has a special meaning now.” She replied.

I don’t know where this relationship is going or where it will end, but I’m not asking to loudly, I’m just thankful for what it is right now.

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