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Lending Kate

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After our evening with Sophie and Marc, Jen and I decided to extend Kate’s training to include activities outside our circle of swinger friends. One evening Kate came to dinner and confided to us that Sabine, a coworker of hers was coming on to her at work and had asked her if she would like to “party” one evening with her and her husband.

Sabine had showed Kate some pictures of herself and her husband, Luc, in sexy positions in various states of undress.

“The pictures she showed me were very sexy – they excited me”, Kate said.

“Then, when I was finished looking at the photos in her office, she kissed me”, Kate added.

“I kissed her back and I’m sure we were both wet in no time, at least I know I was”, Kate admitted. “I’m sure she is bi.”

Jen and I discussed Kate’s revelation and decided that we would ask Kate to take Sabine up on the offer of a threesome with her husband Luc.

Sabine’s invitation intrigued us since it presented an opportunity for Kate to initiate a sexual scene with a couple and to further explore her bisexuality, which to this point had been entirely “social” since she had not seduced another woman except while participating in group sex. We wanted Kate to continue to seduce Sabine at work through some teasing and light sex play before the evening itself took place.

Sabine was a friend of Sophie’s so Jen and I called Sophie to tell her about Sabine’s proposition to Kate and to ask her about Sabine and Luc. We told Sophie that we thought that sending Kate alone to spend an evening with Sabine and her husband would be a good way to push her limits and to increase her self-confidence as a “libertine”.

“Sabine is a very sexy woman with short brown hair and Luc is a good looking guy, I think she’ll have fun”, Sophie mused. “I didn’t know they were interesting in swinging.”

“Actually, I would like to fuck both of them myself”, Sophie laughed. “I hope Kate converts them completely, and I’m sure she will.”

We thanked Sophie and began to plan how to prepare Kate for an evening with a novice but motivated couple.

One evening that week we invited Kate to our apartment for dinner to insist that she accept the invitation that Sabine had proposed and also to continue seducing Sabine at work. Over a bottle of nice red wine, we instructed her how to proceed, first with Sabine alone and then with Sabine and Luc together.

We wanted Kate to take the initiative since through Sophie we also had discovered that Sabine was quite submissive to Luc. So, we wanted Kate to take the upper hand in actively seducing Sabine. Jen and I thought that the trio would be very hot if sexual tension had already been allowed to build up between Kate and Sabine.

“Kate we want you to say yes to the threesome and also to continue seducing Sabine at work”, Jen told Kate.

“I’m not sure I can”, Kate replied hesitantly.

“Of course you can, and you will”, Jen insisted.

Kate pondered Jen’s double demand for a moment, and then said that she would do it and would tell Sabine the next day she saw her.

Kate met with Sabine the following Monday and after their talk Kate bounced into our apartment contented with her acceptance of Sabine’s trio and happy with Sabine’s reaction.

“I told her I would do it!” Kate exclaimed. “Sabine was in her office and I closed the door behind me as I walked in.”

“Sabine was pleased with my decision and got up to give me a little hug and then I pushed her against the wall and kissed her.”

“She whimpered as our lips touched and then I felt her lips soften as she accepted and returned my kiss.” “Our tongues touched – it was so erotic,” Kate added.

Jen and I were glad for Kate and almost wished that we could be there to watch Kate, Sabine, and Luc fucking. We both knew well how excited Sabine must have been by Kate’s Sapphic kisses and caresses. Kate continued her bisexual foreplay with Sabine for several days and from her explicit reports back to us, she was making Sabine almost crazy with desire – exactly as we had planned.

Dressing Kate

The evening of Kate’s trio finally arrived and we asked her to come over to our apartment beforehand so that we could get her ready to go. First Kate and Jen took a long shower together and Jen washed and dried Kate’s silky brown hair as Kate knelt in front of her. Next Jen lathered and carefully shaved Kate’s labia leaving only a patch of closely cropped hair on her pussy mound. Jen licked Kate’s pussy several times and then dabbed some perfume on her little patch of pubic hair.

Jen dressed Kate a black lace corset that had garters attached followed by a black lace bra and matching thong panty to complete the ensemble. Next Jen rolled on and fastened Kate’s black stockings. They had wide lace bands at their tops, which we knew would be clearly visible under the vaporous black skirt that Jen had thoughtfully selected for the evening.

Kate then put on a sleeveless black halter top that nicely showed Kate’s cleavage followed by a black knit cache-coeur sweater that Kate wore low over her shoulders. Jen finished dressing Kate with a pair of black-strapped high-heeled shoes. Finally Jen helped Kate apply her make-up and perfume.

I came into the bedroom to look at Jen’s creation and was once again stunned by the sheer beauty of our 21 year-old friend. Jen smiled at me knowingly as my expression told her that I wanted to fuck Kate myself there and then.

When it was time to go we handed Kate the keys to our BMW and chilled bottle of nice champagne that we had chosen for the evening and kissed her goodbye.

“You’ll have fun tonight,” Jen said encouraging Kate.

“I hope so, I am a little nervous,” Kate admitted. “Everything will go fine.” Jen said.

“We’ll wait up,” Jen called after her as though she was sending her teen-aged daughter off on her first date.

Kate’s Return

It was about one o’clock in the morning and Jen and I were in bed when Kate returned from her evening with Luc and Sabine. She climbed the stairs and came into our bedroom to tell us about her evening. Jen got up and kissed Kate at the door. Kate was beaming with pride at how well she thought the trio had gone.

I was nude and could feel my cock begin to stir as Jen helped Kate strip to join us in bed. When she was naked, Kate lifted Jen’s black negligee over her head and the two of them embraced.

“How did it go?” Jen asked. “Super – just super”, Kate replied excitedly.

Then Jen and Kate joined me in our king-sized bed with Kate between us, so that she could tell us her story.

As Kate began to tell us her story she stoked my hardening cock while she caressed Jen’s pussy. We kissed and fondled her as well as we knew her storytelling would get all three of us hot.

The Trio – Kate’s Story

When I arrived, Luc and Sabine greeted me at the door and with a kiss on each cheek and I handed Luc the bottle of champagne. Sabine ushered me into their home and through a small hallway into the living room. I sat down in a comfortable chair at the edge of a glass coffee table that faced a couch covered in a soft beige fabric. The couch, chair and table were on a large plush carpet that gave the room a warm comfortable feeling. The room was glowing with lots of candles and there was a fire in the fireplace on the wall facing the couch.

The coffee table was laid out with several types of hors d’oeuvres that Sabine had prepared for the occasion. Luc quickly returned with three glasses and then opened the bottle of champagne. He poured us champagne and we toasted to the three of us and for finally arranging our evening together.

Luc was dressed casually in blue jeans and boat shoes and a blue checked shirt. Sabine was wearing a black mini-skirt with a sheer black long-sleeved blouse. Her blouse was unbuttoned enough to give me a glimpse of the chocolate and red bra she wore underneath. She had on a pair of black leather boots over dark-brown thigh-length stockings. She had put on perfume and make-up so that her dark brown eyes sparkled as much as the champagne. She looked so hot – I wanted her right then.

I was still a little nervous but they put me at ease with a tour of their apartment, which they had just finished renovating. When we returned to the living room I sat in the chair and they next to each other on the couch. We talked for at least two hours and finished off the champagne and a bottle and a half of good red wine. The warm wine made me all the more horny and I wanted to touch them and them to touch me.

The discussion moved from the renovation, to work, and finally to the topic of swinging. Luc mentioned that he had visited a mixed sauna before he and Sabine had met and Sabine confessed that they had tried to have a trio with another woman before they moved into town but that it had fallen through.

They both said that they were attracted to me physically, which helped put me more at ease. Then Sabine sat back on the couch and I could feel the butterflies in my stomach as her skirt rode up to reveal the tops of her stockings, she did nothing to cover herself. I knew by the way they were looking at me that they could see past the hem of my skirt to my stocking tops and garters too. It made me excited to know that they both wanted to fuck me.

I got up to use the bathroom and when I returned I decided to sit between them on the couch.

Then Sabine asked me, “How do these things usually start?”

I took her hand and answered, “Well, usually something happens.”

Then I kissed her. I could feel the heat of her pent-up sexual hunger in her as she responded immediately by kissing me deeply. Our tongues danced as we stroked each other’s back. Luc moved back a little so he could watch us.

Sabine moaned as my hand brushed her breasts. She began to touch my tits too and I could feel myself getting wet. I was relaxed then and relieved to know that the “something” had finally happened.

Then I slipped my hand into her blouse to find her nipples. They were already so hard. She moaned again when I caressed the left one with my palm. Then Sabine undid the single button of my black sweater and pushed it off my shoulders. I grasped the hem of my black tank top and it joined my sweater on the floor. I was still wearing my black lace bra. She was panting with excitement when I moved closer to her and knelt between her thighs. Luc kissed Sabine’s mouth as I pushed her little black skirt up her thighs.

Sabine inched toward me on the couch and then spread her thighs wide for me. It excited me to know that this was the first time she had opened her legs for another woman. I teased her by kissing her thighs through her stockings first on one side and then the other moving higher and higher until I finally reached the creamy soft skin of her thighs. I could hear her moaning into Luc’s mouth as he kissed her and played with her tits.

She spread her legs wider beckoning me to touch her so I pulled her black thong to the side to expose her pussy. She was so hot – so wet. Her pussy wasn’t shaved like mine but it was closely trimmed in a bikini cut. I kissed all around her pussy lips and then began to lick the sweet cream from her slit. She tasted so good.

When I started to lick Sabine’s pussy, Luc came down beside me and lifted the back of my skirt so that he could caress my ass. Then he stretched out on his back on the carpet with his head between my legs and pulled my pussy to his face. Then he pulled my thong aside like I had done with Sabine’s and then he ate me. With Luc licking me at the same time it was hard to concentrate on making Sabine cum and after a few minutes we changed positions.

By that time, Luc’s cock was hard and straining against his jeans. He stood up so that Sabine could undo his pants. Sabine made quick work of his belt and the buttons on his jeans pushed his pants and underwear down to just above his knees so that she could suck his cock.

Sabine and I knelt together in front of Luc to share him. She sucked him while she licked his balls and then we switched. Luc watched us as we kissed each other in between. I could see how much it excited Sabine watching me licking her husband’s prick and watching him as he fucked my mouth.

After only a few minutes Luc held my head in his hands and whispered to me that if I didn’t stop that he was going to cum. So, I asked him what he wanted me to do and he said that he wanted me to continue. Luc sat back onto the couch and I sucked him with my palms pressing his rock hard cock him from either side. It didn’t take long until his hips started to buck and knew he was ready. I let him slip out of my mouth and then jacked him off. He groaned as his pulsing cock splattered his belly and chest with his seed.

Sabine and I kissed some more while Luc recovered. Then, he led me over to the chair. He sat down in it and had me sit on the carpet between his knees facing Sabine. I spread my legs and she knelt between them to caress and kiss my tits. She whimpered as she freed my tits from my bra. Then she licked my nipples. Her tongue felt so good – I just wanted her to make me cum.

Sabine smiled up at me while she caressed my thighs and stocking tops and ran her fingertips over my garters. Then Luc helped me pull my skirt up so that I could spread my legs wider for Sabine to eat my pussy. Luc continued to fondle my breasts and to pinch my nipples as Sabine pulled my thong to the side to lick me. I could tell it was her first time with a woman. She licked me in long strokes like she was licking an ice cream cone. Her tongue found my clit though and I knew she was going to make me cum. I could hear her lapping and sucking me – I was so wet.

I could feel the warmth of my approaching orgasm starting to spread through my belly. I knew Sabine was determined to make me cum and I so wanted to cum for her. Then Luc pinched my nipples and I pulled her head hard against my sopping clit. In two seconds I came hard all over Sabine’s face. She continued to lap my cunt as my orgasm finally faded then she stopped and smiled up at me. I leaned down to kiss her and lick my own cunt juice from her face.

Luc held me between his thighs and caressed me until I had recovered from my orgasm, then I switched places with Sabine. Luc played with her tits and kissed the back of her neck while I pushed her skirt up to her waist and pulled off her little black thong which by this time was soaked with her pussy juice. I pushed her thighs apart with my head kissing and licking my way up her thighs to her sweet quim.

I lapped her wet slit and then pointed my tongue to make circles around her clitoris – teasing her. At last I sucked her clit until it was hard and she begging for release. She was moaning and rocking in Luc’s arms and I could feel how badly she wanted to cum.

Then, I slid one finger into her sopping cunt and curled it to find her g-spot while I continued to suck and lick her clit. The double stimulation was too much for her and in an instant her orgasm hit her like a lightening bolt. Sabine arched her back screamed with pleasure as she came. I felt her pussy muscles spasm as wave after wave of sexual pleasure washed over her.

When she finally finished cumming her weak smile told me how much I had pleased her, as she lay back limp against her husband’s arms.

Sabine and Luc originally had planned that the sex would occur upstairs in their bedroom so Sabine took me by the hand and led me up the steps. Their room was softly lit with a table lamp with a rose-colored shade that gave the room a warm, inviting feeling. Sabine added to the effect by lighting several fragrant candles.

Then Luc kissed Sabine and she reached for me. We kissed and hugged each other finally breaking the embrace only to finish stripping.

Sabine helped me with the buttons on the side of my skirt while I reached behind her back to unfasten the clasp of her bra and pushed it off her shoulders and she let it slide off her arms onto the floor. Her breasts were beautiful, smaller than mine but adorned with firm brown areolas and prominent nipples that were still hard from the attention Luc and I had been giving them downstairs.

I sucked one of her tits and then the other, running my tongue around each nipple in turn. Then I kissed Sabine’s mouth again and felt her desire returning. She held me close as her tongue slipped into my mouth.

In the meantime, Luc had stripped completely and began to unfasten Sabine’s skirt, which soon fell to the floor. Sabine took off her boots and I removed my shoes as Luc turned down the covers of the bed.

Sabine was naked except for her black thigh-high stockings and I was wearing my corset, garters and stockings. Luc moved behind Sabine and as she bent at the waist he gently eased her onto the bed.

His cock was rock-hard again and he penetrated Sabine’s sopping cunt in a single stroke. Sabine sighed and panted with pleasure as he began to fuck her. I moved underneath them with my head between Sabine’s legs and watched as Luc’s cock pounded into her cunt. Sabine’s head fell between my legs and she lapped my pussy and found my clit with her tongue as I licked her juices from her husband’s cock and balls as he fucked her.

Luc turned Sabine onto her side and lay down behind her. He lifted her leg so that he could continue to fuck her from behind. Then I moved in front of her to suck her clit and lick Luc’s balls while his glistening cock pumped in and out of her body.

Luc realized that Sabine’s hot wet tunnel and my warm tongue on his balls would soon push him over the edge. He pulled his cock out of Sabine and rolled her onto her back next to me and knelt between her thighs. She was so beautiful, so sexy. I wanted to touch her and I wanted her to touch me. I straddled Sabine’s head and lowered my pussy to her waiting lips and tongue. I watched the shiny purple head of Luc’s fat cock slowly split open Sabine’s cunt lips as I felt her soft pink tongue slip between mine.

Luc leaned forward to kiss me while I caressed Sabine’s tits, pinching her nipples to further excite her.

I could feel Sabine moaning into my pussy and I knew she was close to another orgasm, so moved beside her to lick and finger her clit to finish her. I felt Luc’s balls slapping against my cheek as my tongue rolled her clit. Then I used my finger to press down on it increasing the pressure against the hardness of Luc’s cock as it drove into her cunt. Instantly, Sabine threw her head back as her orgasm hit her.

As soon as Luc saw that his wife had finished cumming, he pulled his cock out of her and pumped stream after stream of his hot spunk all over belly and tits.

We rested a few moments and then Sabine sat up and took Luc’s cock into her mouth to suck him hard again. Within minutes her expert mouth, lips and tongue had done their work and Luc opened and rolled a condom onto his newly stiffened rod.

I looked into Sabine’s smiling eyes and lay down on my back. She used her soft hands to gently coax my thighs apart for her husband’s waiting cock. Then Luc fucked me. His cock felt so good as it stretched me open and then plunged into my hot cunt. He pounded his hard dick into me and I felt it filling me completely.

Then, Sabine placed her thighs on each side of my head and lowered her well-fucked pussy to my waiting tongue. I licked her dripping cunt and tongued her clit while she watched her husband fuck me.

Sabine leaned forward to touch my tits and pussy. Her gentle touch contrasted with the hard fucking her husband was giving me. When her fingers found my clit I came hard, arching my back and moaning with Luc’s hard cock pumping into me.

Sabine lay down beside me embracing and kissing me as my orgasm subsided. Then Luc lay on his back and I straddled him taking his stiff prick in my hand and placing the tip between my slippery cunt lips. Then, I sat down and took all of him inside of me. I fucked him while Sabine masturbated watching her husband’s cock disappearing into my cunt.

Then Luc placed me on my knees so that he could fuck me from behind. Sabine spread her legs in front of me for me to eat her pussy again. I sucked and licked her, moaning into her cunt as her husband’s thrusts pushed my face into her soft wet folds.

I could tell that Luc was ready to cum again but he stopped and then turned me onto my back to straddle my chest. Then he pulled off his condom and slid his slippery cock between my breasts. I pushed them together and he fucked my tits until he came, his hot cum flooding the tunnel his cock had burrowed between my breasts.

Luc was satiated and collapsed onto his back on the bed. Then Sabine took me into her arms and kissed me while gently fondling my breasts. We made love to each other while Luc watched. Sabine’s touch was so soft and gentle, and her kisses so warm and loving.

She lay on top of me and I marveled at how much I loved the familiar softness of another woman’s body. Soon our touching and kissing had us both fully inflamed with passion and Sabine turned around so that we could sixty-nine. I grasped her hips and pulled her pussy down to my mouth. I teased her for a while as I had before listening to her moan as she licked my cunt and clit. Finally I sucked her clit into my mouth and rolled it relentlessly with my tongue until her moans became a scream as she came grinding her wet cunt onto my lips and tongue.


When Kate had finished her story, Jen pulled our young friend into her arms. I watched as the two women melted together to maximize the contact of the warm softness of their nude flesh. As they embraced, Jen slipped her thigh between Kate’s legs. Kate pressed her damp pussy into it to try to relieve some of the sexual tension that telling the story had engendered.

I caressed Kate’s back and hips as the two Sapphic lovers moved in unison with mounting desire. I was drawn to Kate’s ass as it undulated before me. When their movements exposed her lovely pink rosebud to me, I could no longer resist it and I moistened my finger with the women’s combined pussy juices as they pressed and rubbed their clits tightly together. I rubbed their slippery juices onto Kate’s tiny nether hole until it loosened and my finger slipped into her.

“Oh, yes”, Kate sighed. “Please…please fuck my ass.”

I found some lube in the nightstand drawer and applied some to my palm to warm it. Then I used it to coat Kate’s asshole and my turgid rod. I fingered her until her rosebud had completely opened and then replaced my fingers with my slippery cock-head.

Kate turned on her side to kiss me deeply as Jen used her hand and fingertips to arouse Kate’s breasts and nipples. Then Kate pushed back hard against me until my cock-head entered her and then she impaled herself onto my stiff rod.

Jen moved down Kate’s body to lick Kate’s hot clit and cunny while she lifted Kate’s leg to give me better access to her young friend’s nether hole.

“Oh…oh…oh…yes, fuck me, fuck my ass”, Kate screamed.

Jen’s experienced tongue on Kate’s clit and my cock in her ass quickly brought Kate to the edge of another orgasm. Jen’s fingers were pummeling her own sopping clit while she lapped Kate’s pussy to bring her off.

Jen came first as she reached one hand up to pinch Kate’s nipple, which triggered Kate’s orgasm. The orgasmic cries of the two women were too much for me and with a loud groan I came, emptying my balls into the depths of Kate’s ass.

We kissed and caressed each other in the warm afterglow of our shared sexual bliss. Then, wrapped in each other arms we drifted off to sleep.

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