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Legally Analyzed

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The first time Lara laid eyes on him had been in court. She had sat on the hard bench in the back row of the public gallery and watched him give his closing arguments on a Murder One case – Matricide. A chill shot up her spine as she pondered how anyone would contemplate killing their own mother. But the vehemence with which Ross de Marco stated his client’s innocence was compelling.

His fury that his defendant’s virtue should be doubted was mesmerizing, and Lara caught herself wondering if the young man on the stand could actually kill in such a gruesome manner.

She shook her head, as if to clear her mind. Dammit, she knew better than to be sidetracked by the audacious dramatics that defense lawyers resorted to in the courtroom. It was all part of the show, and in the packed courtroom everyone remained riveted. Lara never did what crowds did, and yet now she betrayed herself. But already her mind was doing what it did best, analyzing, and sifting, making sense of the experience.

She sat back and tried to remember if she had seen anyone as magnetic as Ross de Marco. He wasn’t classically good looking, but there was no doubt he was attractive with his dark hair, flecked with grey and his intense brooding eyes. Somehow though, it was more than just his looks that held her attention. It was the way he moved his tall frame with care and control. Every gesture was perfectly timed yet seemed casual and when he paused with his summation you could hear a pin drop. He used his eyes and words to capture and seduce the jury and there was something so damn convincing about him, he was almost hypnotic, she thought with a mixture of disgust and admiration. His closing complete, he held eye contact with the jury for a second longer before flashing them a soft smile and heading back to his table. Lara let out a short sharp breathe. Christ, that smile could disarm a jury, hell it had disarmed her as well. She couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to strip his athletic body out of that obscenely expensive suit and have her way with him.

And now, Ross de Marco had been hired as the newest senior partner at the firm where she worked as a paralegal. Rumor had it, that they had kissed his ass for months to get him on board. He was just what the firm needed with his hot shot track record and his high profile clients, but Lara found it difficult to work around him. A man with that much personal power was way too distracting and his presence in the spacious office down the passage from hers was not easy to ignore.

He was older than her by at least twenty years, which for her part, just added to his sex appeal. Men her own age had proven to be a big disappointment. Their interests seemed to be limited to cars, sports and sex. The sex part she didn’t mind, if the men she met had the capacity for more than a quick fuck before they reached for the remote control. And then of course, those who had the intellectual capacity for more than sports and cars were usually too timid, too polite in bed. A sultry smile crossed her face as she contemplated her lustful and raunchy needs. She had discovered the special thrill of having her anus touched and she suppressed a shiver of excitement as she thought about the delicious sensations as her fingers moved rapidly in and out of her ass.

Lara sighed in irritation; all these daydreams about Ross were clouding her concentration. She had a pile of work to complete and thinking about fucking him was not going to get it done. The bustle of voices passing outside her office caused her to look up just as Sue popped her head in the door.

“We’re out to lunch; want us to bring you back a sandwich?”

“No thanks I’m fine,” Lara replied.

“Ok, well don’t work too hard,” Sue said in her singsong voice as she quickened her pace to catch up with the other secretaries.

As the only female paralegal in an all male firm Lara’s choices for lunch partners were limited. The lawyers didn’t socialize with the staff; there was an unspoken protocol that couldn’t be broken, even with the best of intentions She had tried going out to lunch with the boys, the male legal assistants, but more law cases and sports over highballs didn’t excite her, and the secretaries with their idle gossip and giggling were also not an option. Instead she usually ate lunch in her office while completing her research and making notes for the cases she was working on.

She was dying for a cup of coffee, but that would mean walking past Ross’ office again. Lately, whenever she did pass by, he would glance up absentmindedly and flash her that killer smile. She prayed that he was in consultation. Her silky panties were already moist from her earlier daydreams, any wetter and they would be downright uncomfortable.

“Thank God,” she murmured in relief as she stepped out into the passage. The coast was clear; his door was closed.


Ross beat her to the buffet in the kitchen by minutes and was pouring his own coffee when she walked in. Her deep intake of breath caused him to look at her inquiringly.

“Are you okay?” His voice was rich and deep. It reminded her of bronze and polished wood.

Okay? Well if you call staining my entire collection of silk and lace underwear since you’ve arrived okay, well then I am just great, perfect! Lara smiled indulgently at her thoughts. “Yes, just feeling a little weak at the knees. Severe caffeine withdrawals, I’m an addict,” she quipped.

“Ahh addictions can be dangerous,” he countered.

Oh shit didn’t she just know – he was fucking dangerous! “Well depends what your particular addiction is…”

He laughed and fixed his arresting eyes on her as he poured her a cup of coffee. At first glance he had her pegged as a timid sort, with her long dark hair swept up into a French twist ballerina style and her wide grey eyes obscured by reading glasses. But now that he had spoken to her he wasn’t that sure. She had an intelligent face with a sultry smile and a witty tongue. He liked what he saw; there was a certain charisma about her, some intrigue that fascinated him. Definitely more interesting looking than beautiful and she was chic. His eyes slithered over the silk blouse she wore. It wrapped itself around her breasts with just enough allure to show her femininity but without being blatantly suggestive. Ross summed her up as a sexy but complex creature and then and there he made his mind up to fuck her.

It wasn’t a difficult decision; she actually helped him make it. Despite her professional distance she wasn’t very clever at hiding her sexual interest in him. It was there in the way she looked at him, the way her eyes lingered. He guessed that she was one of those ‘still waters run deep’ types with a sexual hunger that she rarely satisfied. He would take care of that.

“Cream? Sugar?” He asked with a small smile as he stirred a spoon of sugar into his coffee. For him the game of seduction was on.

Lara tried not to squirm under his direct gaze. His eyes seemed to pierce through the conservative attire she favored for the office and strip her naked, exposing her burning desire for him. The insistent dampness between her legs began to spread and she inwardly rolled her eyes, wondering how the hell she was going to get through the afternoon.

“Cream please,” she replied trying to compose herself.

“It’s Lara isn’t it?”

“Yes,” she nodded.

“It’s nice to finally meet you,” he said passing her the cup. Their fingers brushed lightly but his touch felt like a lingering caress as she took the steaming coffee from him. A tingle ran from his touch all the way down her spine and into her pussy.

“Thanks,” she said pulling back quickly and backing out of the door. “See you around.” She fled before her trembling gave her away.


Although she tried to push the brief exchange out of her mind when she returned to her office, her body refused to give up. To her horror, she could smell the faint scent of her own arousal seeping up from beneath her clothes. Christ, she groaned cynically. It had been too long since she had last had a fuck. She and her boyfriend had decided to part ways three months ago and since then she had been on self induced orgasms. The purchase of a few sex toys had added some variety to her solitary sex life and she squirmed with anticipation at the thought of the thick ribbed dildo with the vibrating clit attachment working her pussy as soon as she got home.

“Damn,” she groaned as her lascivious thoughts teased her body further. “And they say men struggle to work with a hard on,” she muttered under her breath as she tried to focus on anything other than her shamelessly drooling pussy. She could feel it, like a faulty faucet with a slow steady leak. She shifted this way and that in her chair, as the whiff of excited pussy drifted to her nose until she pushed herself back from the desk and reached into her purse. It was risky and she had never thought that she would use it, but the fun gift bought for her by some friends after her breakup was going to get its initiation.

She tucked the compact silver massager packaged as a lipstick into her jacket pocket and headed towards the ladies room. There was nothing like this prim and proper cosmetic essential to give a whole new meaning to ‘Let’s go to the ladies room. I need to freshen up,’ she thought wryly as she closed the stall and pulled off her sodden panties. She lifted one heeled foot onto the closed toilet seat and lewdly stroked her throbbing cunt, feeling the moisture slide onto her fingers. She tried to steady her breathing and be as silent as possible but somehow the decadence of her situation aroused her even more. Here she was about to masturbate in the ladies room of a prestigious law firm with a vibrating lipstick sex toy. She placed the bright pink lipstick head on her swollen clitoris and switched it on. It was flighted as being ultra quiet with a powerful vibration and it lived up to its reputation. She stifled a groan as the little treasure began to do its work, vibrating against her clit with high intensity until she thought she might faint with the pleasure. She held it firmly in position with her thumb and index finger and slid her long middle finger up her ass.

The sound of the outside door opening and someone entering the ladies room pushed up her excitement level. She bit her lip to prevent crying out as her tight rectal walls spasmed around her finger while the intense release of a clitoral orgasm gripped her and flooded her pelvis with stabs of pleasure. She shuddered and leaned against the wall until the pulsing throbs ebbed away and her heartbeat slowed. Lara’s wetness clung to her pussy and the inside of her thighs and she used her panties, already too damp and soiled to wear, to wipe herself clean. She pushed them into her pocket with the lipstick vibrator, washed her hands, smoothed her hair and returned to her office bare assed under her smart navy skirt.


A week and a half passed before Lara saw Ross again, and even that was only a brief glimpse as he left the conference room with one of his clients. He was involved in a big trial that kept him in court or huddled behind closed doors. She had relived the coffee incident dozens of times and her face still burned whenever she recalled her lewd masturbation afterwards. Eventually, she had to put it to rest because her own work had reached critical mass. She had been putting in extra hours, preparing documents, indexing transcripts and completing research for trial preparations and there just wasn’t time to think about Ross de Marco. Not seeing him helped as well, and for the first time since his arrival at the firm, she felt better, more in control of herself, not like the basket case she feared she was becoming.

The clock on her computer said it was 7-30pm. Lara tossed her glasses on her paper strewn desk and stretched languidly. She was tired and her neck ached. Thoughts of soaking in her jet tub before getting friendly with her favorite vibrator kept interfering with her ability to record the salient points from The State of Illinois vs. Deyer (1999). Wriggling her foot under the desk, she retrieved her shoe and slipped it on. It was time to go home. Tomorrow was another day.

The offices were eerily silent. There was always someone working late but tonight seemed different. She quickened her pace down the passage and turned the corner to find the elevator doors closing.

“Hold it please,” she called, and then wished she hadn’t.

The closing doors jerked open to reveal Ross standing with his jacket draped over his arm and his blue silk tie slightly askew. Lara’s eyes swept over his body hungrily and lingered at his groin. He smiled when he saw her; a smile that reached up and seemed to wash away the tiredness from his eyes. Oh shit, she groaned inwardly, he was doing it to her again, fucking her with that devastating smile. He looked utterly exhausted. God, he was hot, and now she had to ride thirty floors down with him in the closed confines of an elevator. It was late and odds were they would be alone for the journey. She felt more breathless than she should have from her short sprint, her pulse thundered in her ears and the dreaded throb started up again deep inside her pussy.

She stepped inside but as she did so, the heel of her shoe caught in the track of the elevator doorway and she stumbled forward. Ross instinctively reached for her, breaking her fall and steadying her with his strong arms. The faint scent of his maleness drifted up to taunt her and the feel of his arms around her was almost too much to bear. Despite her embarrassment, she could feel her nipples hardening like little pebbles. She stepped away from him as the elevator doors closed and they began their smooth descent.

“Thank you,” she said, her cheeks flaming. “That’s never happened to me before.”

Ross let his eyes rake over her and he broke out into a wicked grin. “What’s never happened to you before? Stumbling in the elevator? Or a man putting his arms around you?”

Lara smiled, “The former, although it’s been a while since the latter.”

I can’t believe I just said that, she thought as she glanced away from Ross’ penetrating gaze and fixed her attention on the panel as they went down. The floor numbers lit up as they passed them, 25…24… And then it happened. The elevator lurched, shuddered and came to a halt between the 23rd and 22nd floors. The electronic panel displaying the numbers went blank and the cab was plunged into sudden darkness.

“Oh God no,” she choked, as a feeling of panic crept over her. This couldn’t be happening. Her fertile imagination had gone into overdrive, fuelled by too many disaster movies. She could see strands of steel cables breaking one by one until the lift car hung by a thread. Just her fucking luck to be in a death trap with the object of her desire. Ross’ steady breathing continued. God knows how the man could always be so cool, she thought as the light spluttered and flickered back on again dimly illuminating the elevator with a soft glow. Ross reached for the emergency phone and spoke to building maintenance while she tried to get herself under control.

“Bad news,” he said as he replaced the receiver. “Seems that construction work has damaged an electricity sub-station and the whole area is without power. They’ve flipped on the emergency lights in the building, but we could have a long wait before they get us out of here; three or four hours they reckon.”

“Oh no,” she groaned again in a tremulous voice. The thought of being trapped with Ross for four hours had her feeling a little shaky and although she wasn’t exactly claustrophobic she hated being cooped up in small spaces.

“Shit,” Ross said, a look of real concern crossing his face as he dropped his jacket onto the carpeted floor as a makeshift seat. “Don’t tell me you have to pee?”

Lara laughed at his worried expression and words. ‘No, you’re in luck, I’m good.”

“Well thank God for that. Now, we may as well have ourselves a little conversation and something to drink. We can pretend we’re at Maxi’s,” Ross said as he opened his briefcase and pulled out some miniature bottles of scotch and vodka. “Unfortunately I can’t offer you a coffee, “he winked sexily, “but these are a close second.”

“You have a bar in your briefcase?”

“It’s for when I travel and there is an emergency. I often find myself in some godforsaken spots, but I think this qualifies as a good time to break into them, don’t you?”

“I couldn’t agree more,” she said dropping her jacket to the floor and sitting down on it. She tucked her straight skirt around her thighs and stretched her legs, not wanting to give Ross a straight on view of the flood that was beginning to accumulate in her panties.

The first vodka went down fast, faster than it should have but Lara seemed to need the pure smooth taste to calm her. She sipped the second one more slowly and soon found herself at ease with Ross’ easy conversation. Not a single word about sports or legal cases, instead it was everything from music to books to holiday destinations and a sexy gleam lit up his eyes when he spoke about his love for sailing. The name of his boat was laced with sexual promise and a wicked image filled her head. She could almost see him heading out into the sunset on ‘Wet Dream’ with a glass of chardonnay in one hand and the tiller in the other, while both her hands stroked his cock into her mouth.


Lara flushed, hot from her thoughts, the liquor and the close confines of the elevator. She stood up and stretched, trying to lift her mind out of his pants and behave like a lady. “I don’t know how to tie a knot, let alone sail a boat,” she said smiling.

“We’ll need to remedy that then, won’t we? His voice grew soft and intense as he got up and pulled the tie from around his neck. “Knot tying lessons begin today.” Lara felt her heart thud as she watched his long fingers slide over the smooth sensuous silk of the tie.

“This is the Bowline Knot: it’s one of the most used knots, a favorite for yachtsmen,” he said with a half smile as he demonstrated it to her. “Some people find the bowline easier to learn by saying: the rabbit comes out of its hole, round the tree and back down the hole again.”

She nodded and tried to keep focus. All these holes, oh God, hers was feeling achy, itchy and congested. It was those damn hairs curling out at the top of his shirt that did it. She wanted to run her fingers through them while breathing in his scent. “And there you have it,” he said his calm voice breaking into her reverie, “A nice loop to keep the bowline attached to the cleat on the dock.”

Lara looked skeptically at the neatly looped knot in front of her. “Oh, it’s just that easy huh?” She said giving a nervous little laugh.

“Yeah,” Ross smiled as he undid the knot. He moved behind her and reached around to place the tie in her hands. “Your turn now,” he said softly as he showed her how to start.

It was easier than she thought, and although she was absorbed in her task, she was very aware of the lack of space between Ross and herself. His masculine scent permeated the area around her and she felt the heat from his body seep through his shirt. It was as intoxicating as the vodka she had already downed. The air around her seemed to hum with sexual tension as she felt her own body respond to his closeness. Her head was filled overwhelmingly with a yearning for the delicious sensation of orgasm and she struggled to keep her hands from trembling as the knot finally slipped into place. She turned in his arms to proudly display it to him.

One look at his eyes told her that she was not alone in her feelings. Gone was the playful look that she had been there before. Instead it had been replaced with a hunger so naked and raw that Lara almost stepped backwards in retreat. Without uttering a sound he took the knotted tie from her and tested its strength by pulling the two ends. Finding it satisfactory, he nodded slightly and then with a firmness that couldn’t be ignored he grasped both of her hands and slipped the loop around her wrists and tightened it. Her heart hammered in time with the throb inside her slippery pussy and she stifled a gasp when Ross pulled her to him so that her bound hands met with the center of his chest.

His heart beat rhythmically beneath her hands. She could feel the strength and heat of the man against her, flesh to flesh, hardly realizing there were clothes keeping them apart. Her thigh brushed against his and she felt the closeness of his groin but she held her hips slightly away, not trusting herself if she felt the insurgent bulge.

“Ross what are you…?” she whispered as he gripped her bound wrists firmly with one hand and tugged at the large clip that kept her hair swept back with the other. Her hair cascaded down her back and he laced his fingers through the glossy mane while he brought his mouth to her neck, licking it lightly until his tongue came to rest in the shallow hollow at its base.

“Oh God,” she groaned gripping his shirt tighter.

He studied her face for a few seconds. “I’ve wanted to do that since I first saw you,” he said huskily, “but if you want me to stop; you’d better say so now.”

Her breath came in uneven rasps and her smoky grey eyes blazed with lust. They told Ross what he had already suspected. There was no stopping now.

He leaned forward and placed his lips on hers slipping his pointed tongue between them until he felt them part. He licked the insides of her lips and nibbled at the soft sensuous flesh. The taste of the soft satiny inside of her lips was like a trigger to his imagination. He wondered about the honey taste of her cunt lips, the funky aroma of her ass. He stopped and slipped the knot off her wrists, but kept hold of them while he twisted her hands behind her back and then secured them again with the tie. He moved his lips to the exposed area of her neck and let his tongue trail along the tendons up to her ear lobe.

Lara shivered at the feel of his warm breath but her hands tightly bound behind her back had set off a reaction in her that she didn’t understand. She felt helpless and a little annoyed that she hadn’t struggled when she realized what he was doing, but more puzzling was the wild throbbing deep inside her pussy. Her arousal was at a fever pitch, a couple of strokes of her clit and she would explode.

“You don’t want me to stop, do you Lara?” he growled softly.

She shook her head, overwhelmed by sensation as Ross found her jutting nipples with his lips through the fabric of her blouse. She gasped as his teeth raked over them. His hand slid up under her skirt exploring her thigh and working its way towards her ass. He stopped his teasing of her covered nipples for a moment as he realized that the cheeks of her ass were naked. All that he could feel was the flimsy string of a thong between her nicely rounded buttocks. Christ, this girl was full of surprises. He had been right about that sexual hunger that lurked beneath the cool and conservative surface. He cupped her luscious ass with one hand while he unzipped the skirt with the other. As he undressed her, he could actually feel the sexual tension in her body. She was rigid with it. Her skirt slid to the ground revealing her silky panties clinging wetly to her pussy.

“Ah!” He exclaimed, delight showing in his eyes as he took in the stained and sodden panties. They were skimpy, patterned in gold and black leopard print and barely covered her slit. “Animal print,” he growled softly, his voice thick with lust. They were just the type of panties worn to seduce, to titillate. He slipped a finger under the soiled fabric and pushed it roughly inside her pussy. Lara groaned at his touch. His fingers were long and the one in her was skilled, it moved and writhed inside, caressing the tight walls of her pussy and penetrating her deeply.

“Animal print underwear,” he repeated as his other hand fumbled with the buttons on her blouse. He ripped it open, impatient with his lust and his need to see her. Her breasts were creamy and full and the matching leopard print half cup bra barely restrained them. He eased his wet finger from her pussy and used both hands to take her luscious tit flesh out of the bra, so that both breasts were pushed up high above the black and gold patterned cups. His fingers found her nipples and stroked them, making them rock hard.

“So decadently dressed under this conservative façade, and what a fucking killer ass you’re hiding here,” he said, softly pinching her erect nubs, so that sparks of pleasure tore through her groin.

“Now the real question is…should I believe everything I see?” he whispered.

His hands exploring her, while she was restrained and unable to touch him, and the way she knew she must look, excited and frustrated Lara more than anything she could remember. She wanted to rip his clothes off him, take his cock in her mouth and have him inside her rutting like an animal. He made her feel like she was his prey, as if he were hunting her. It was the naked raw lust in his eyes, the tension in his body, the impossibly large swelling in his pants.

“What is it that you see?” Her voice was smoky, thick with longing and sexual excitement.

He unbuttoned his shirt and dropped it to the ground, keeping his eyes trained on her as he contemplated her question. His expensive shoes were next, followed by his socks. She watched wide-eyed as he undid the buckle on his belt and unzipped his trousers. Her breath was coming in small pants as she imagined her first look at his cock. She actually licked her lips, bit into them. It was a way of giving herself some pain, trying to bring herself back to the reality of what was going on, a way of trying to sort out the jumble of emotions that had taken a hold on her. Ross slid his pants and underwear off, kicking them aside. She swallowed hard, unable to think or move when she saw his thick erect cock and the heavy sac containing his testes. A shiver of expectation shot through her. This man, a virtual stranger who she had lusted after, who incited the most lascivious thoughts in her was now standing naked and hard and ready to fuck her. She dragged her eyes upwards and met his gaze. It was so intent, so purposeful. He pulled her towards him so she could feel his cock jutting into her

“What do I see Lara? “I see something wild, something untamed, perhaps a little dangerous…”

She shuddered and tried to tear her hands free from the tie that bound them. God, he knew her so well, he had guessed so accurately what she always tried to hide.

He reached for her thong and pushed aside the crotch exposing her wet lips to the air. His hands stroked the inside of her thighs, parting them and she splayed her legs open for him, leaning back against the cold mirrored wall of the elevator and thrusting out her pelvis.

“Ooohhh,” she moaned softly in anticipation of the pleasure to come, her eyes fixed on his cock.

“Down on your knees,” he growled, “Worship this cock with your mouth the way your eyes are ravishing it. Suck it! Show me what else you’re hiding under that cool façade.” He pressed firmly on her shoulders and Lara went down on her knees. “You know what I want, do it!”

Her lips moved back and forth caressingly on his swollen cock, licking the head and inching him into her mouth. The taste of him was sublime. It drove her wild and she sucked harder until she felt him react to her mouth. She wanted her hands free; she needed to touch him, to dig her nails into him, to stuff him fully into her hungry mouth so she could devour him with her lust. She looked up pleadingly; her mouth crammed with his cock and made eye contact with him. He pushed himself deeper into her throat while he held her gaze. Her look, a combination of the hidden whore and the helpless angel drove him crazy. He pulled back, all the way free of her mouth and quickly entered it again, pressing with each fuck deeper to the back of her throat. She worked with the pace he had set for her. It was the most exciting oral sex she had experienced. Her mouth was like a pussy, open and receptive to his thrusts while her hands were unable to control his movements. He drove in hard and she almost gagged on him.

He came to her rescue in a whisper, honey-thick with desire. “Swallow, slowly. Move in and out on it while you keep that tight grip with the muscles of your mouth. Use your lips girl, use everything you’ve got, you don’t need your hands for this.”

Damn him, she thought, for restraining her like this, for denying her the pleasure of touching him, for making her feel so helpless, so powerless, so fucking excited. She tore her lips away from his cock and filled her mouth with his scrotum. She licked his balls, first one and then the other and slowly rolled them round with her tongue. He gasped at her skill. Having his balls licked and sucked was a unique pleasure that he enjoyed. It incited enormous lust in him, drove him to that state where pure sex takes over and ego dies. He had to fuck her now, hard, brutally like the animal she was.

Ross pulled her to her feet and pushed her up against the cold wall. His eyes blazed with uncontrolled desire.

“Please,” she gasped. “Please Ross free my hands – God I want to be helpless but I need to touch you…” He yanked her leg around his waist and thrust his cock hard into her cunt driving into her deeply. She dropped her mouth to his shoulder and bit into it hard.

“Bitch,” he snarled at the sharpness of her teeth sinking into his flesh, “See why you need to be restrained?” He thrust harder, more violently.

“Oh God, so good fuck me, harder, harder,” she panted as the tendons stood out on her neck. His cock filled her magnificently and she felt her pussy grip tightly around his thick girth. He was fucking her brutally now, without ceremony or tenderness, just urgency and need. The base of his cock was grinding against her clit and she could feel the quickening in her belly as her body galloped towards climax. Suddenly he stopped and abruptly withdrew his glistening shaft from her.

“Nooo,” she cried out in frustration. “Ross, no don’t stop now, please!”

He ripped the tie from her wrists and turned her around so she was facing the mirrored wall of the elevator. She inhaled deeply when she saw her reflection. Her hair was wild and unruly. It tumbled over her shoulders to just above where her breasts were poking out of her bra, the nipples hard and swollen. But it was her eyes that shocked her the most. The look of wanton lust that burned from them was unrecognizable. It was the look of an animal, wild, fevered and desperate to fuck.

“Hold the rail,” he growled slipping the silky fabric around her wrists and lashing her hands together by passing the tie around itself three or four times. His breath was hot and raspy as he pushed his fingers into her pussy, scooping out some of the pooling wetness.

“You know where I’m going to fuck you, don’t you Lara?” He pried her round ass cheeks open and smeared the juice over her hole before thrusting a finger inside her.

“Oh my God,” she whispered as she wriggled her ass against him. “Oh shit Ross, you’re not going to…? You’re too big,” she groaned.

He pressed a second finger in and felt her anal ring stretch. “You’ve taken it up your ass, haven’t you, you sexy bitch?” His tone was gruff and his crude words served to heighten her excitement.

“No, no I haven’t,” she said in a voice tinged with panic at the thought of the violation. Fantasizing about anal sex while using a small vibrator up her ass was one thing, feeling a throbbing erection against her cheeks while she was helplessly bound and confined in a small space was quite another. “I’ve never had a cock there, just fingers, my toys…” Lara let out a shaky moan as Ross moved his fingers rapidly inside her tight rectum before pulling them out.

“An ass virgin? How lucky can I get?” He slid his cock between her cheeks. It rested like a thick snake against her hole. “There’s nothing quite as good as fucking a nice tight ass, and yours Lara, feels very tight.” He bent her over at the waist, and slowly pressed the head of his cock into the tiny rose of her anus. Lara gasped, praying silently that she’d be able to take him. She shut her eyes tightly and tried to control her breathing. No matter how often she had pushed a vibrator up her ass, she knew the initial penetration always hurt. There was that first pain as her anal muscles fought the intrusion. Ross pushed insistently against her resisting sphincter and it took a few seconds before her hole stretched open and swallowed the crown of his invading cock.

“Oww,” she hissed, panting as if she had been running, “Oh yeah, that’s it, slowly…”

Ross stared down at the sight before him. Her ass was dilated and struggling to take his girth, but the sight of his cock lodged there fuelled his desire. Her hole pulsed around the head of his penis and he moaned at the sensation. The first inch or two of his cock was so tightly gripped by her anal muscles, that it felt as though she was almost squeezing the life out of him; threatening to cut off the blood supply. A grunt tore from his throat as he shifted his weight forward, and felt her resisting sphincter finally give way to allow his cock deep into her muggy depths. She was warm and her rectal walls clutched his swollen meat like a slick velvet glove. They massaged every inch of his shaft, and when his balls slapped against the underside of her swollen cunt lips, Ross knew he was in as far as he could go.

“Oh God, oh God,” Lara whimpered as his steely heat filled her ass. She tried desperately to hold still, to adjust to him, but she wriggled her buttocks overcome with the sensation of being split open and filled so completely. No toy had ever felt this hot, so alive inside her, and then Ross began to move. He slowly pulled his cock from the tight slick hole watching as her ass clung to it until only the head was in her and then he drove it in again bringing forth a wail of pleasure from her as he worked himself in and out with steady measured strokes. Lara gripped the rail tightly as Ross began to move faster. Each inward push caused her to moan and she pressed her ass back at him to take him deeper with each thrust. The loud slap of flesh on flesh and the stream of grunts and moans broke the electrifying silence, while the earthy aroma of their fucking filled the air and swirled around them in the confined space.

“Oh Jesus,” Lara gasped, “I never knew it could be like this.” Every nerve ending in her rectum was alive with sensation. It was so different to having her pussy fucked. Somehow it felt much deeper, more intimate. The nerves at the base of her spine tingled and seemed to merge with the exquisite feelings deep inside her rectum. “Fuck me harder, harder,” she hissed as she let herself go completely, losing all sense of inhibition and shame. Having a real cock in her ass had taken her to a sexual level she had never known. It was nasty and deeply personal and yet it felt so right. When Ross slid his hand around to stroke her throbbing clit she bucked wildly against him as ripples of pleasure began to flood her abdomen. The tight jabbing of his cock in her rectum combined with the circular motions over her clitoral head soon had her gasping.

“Ahh Fuck,” she cried as a blinding orgasm ripped through her, causing her pussy and rectal muscles to spasm uncontrollably. She shuddered as the pleasure exploded through her body in a climax that stretched and stretched seeming to go on forever. Her pussy throbbed and her anal muscles convulsed and pulsed around Ross’ cock until he screamed out in ecstatic release blasting a thick load of bubbling semen into her humid depths. Lara trembled and fell back against Ross. They were both panting and covered in sweat.

“Christ, you were wonderful,” Ross said softly as he freed her wrists from the bounds that held them. Lara leaned back against the wall and watched him dress slowly. Their frenzied and wild coupling had affected him as much as her. He seemed a little unsteady on his feet as he pulled on his trousers and buttoned his shirt. She adjusted her clothing, zipped up her skirt and ran a hand through her tangled hair. Ross bent to pick up the discarded animal print panties. He sniffed appreciatively at them and then tucked them into his jacket pocket.

“You don’t mind, do you?” He flashed her that disarming smile. “I’ll give them back to you when I see you again. Not at the office, of course,” he said quickly.

The overhead light in the elevator came on brightly, signaling the resumption of power to the building. The cab shuddered and resumed its downward descent.

Lara locked eyes with Ross. “Sorry, but I don’t date lawyers.”

“Good, because I don’t date Paralegals.” He knotted his tie and pulled on his jacket. “But I was hoping you enjoyed fucking sailors.”

“You know that knot you tied was piss-poor.” Her look was challenging, but she couldn’t hide the lust in her eyes. “I could have gotten free from it anytime I wanted.”

Ross laughed. “Cocky girl, care to try it out on the ocean sometime? The knot tying lessons, I mean…”

A shiver ran up Lara’s spine. Could anything be more exciting than his cock in her ass while they rocked on the swell of the waves?

“You have more knots I should learn, Captain?”

“Oh, there’s at least a half dozen more nautical ones, and then there are just the plain naughty ones. That should keep you satisfied for a while.” The image of her lashed to the double bed in the cabin of ‘Wet Dream’ had his cock stiffening again in expectation.

Lara breathed deeply as the elevator doors opened and the cool freshness washed over them. Right now she was walking on air with cum oozing slowly from her naked ravaged ass, but she was already doing what she did best; analyzing her experience and letting her mind anticipate the anal adventures she would soon be enjoying on the open seas.

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