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Leah’s Super Bowl Lovers

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I’m with a wonderful man, a man who encourages me to explore my sexuality and be proud of my body and my naughty, naughty imagination. I thought I was uninhibited before I met him, but he keeps pushing me to new levels of exhibitionism and experimentation, and I love him for it.

He has a job that keeps us moving every few months (he supervises the demolition of large buildings), and the frequent moves have given me tremendous freedom to express myself, since I know that if we go too far, if I end up embarrassed, we will be moving on soon.

My fantasies aren’t always politically correct, and until Brian got so good at teasing them out of me, I had never told a man that I sometimes masturbate to fantasies of being gang-banged. Only my fantasies are never like the contemptuous sex in dirty movies where the men swear at and degrade some woman; my fantasies are of being adored by many men and treated like a naughty sex goddess. I never dreamed that a man could figure out how to make this kind of fantasy come true in real life, but Brian is a sex god. If you want your woman to worship you forever, then figure out a way to make it happen for her the way it happened for me, when Brian brought home a gang of Super Bowl lovers.

A week before the big game, Brian told me that he had invited five guys that he supervised at his most recent project over to our apartment to watch the game. He picked guys who were physically fit and not married, and who had been most interested in talking with him about sex. He told me that he had been bragging about me to them; telling them about my 38D breasts, my round, bouncy ass, and my love of sex. The ones he invited are the ones who asked to see photos of me, who asked if I was a natural blonde (I am), or who told him they would love to meet me. Brian had told all of them that, with enough encouragement and appreciation, they might—if they were lucky—be able to get me to do just about anything, but he made no promises. “You just give what you feel like giving, Leah,” he whispered to me when he told me about his party plans, one week before Super Bowl Sunday. “If you just want to tease, that’s fine. But if you want to fuck all five of them at once and post it on the internet, that’s fine too. I just want to see you crazy with lust and coming as hard as you can come.”

Now, I had done a threesome with Brian and another woman, and I had done a lot of flirting and flashing of other men in front of him, but I’d never had sex with more than one man at once, except in my mind. My nipples immediately hardened at the thought of a real live gangbang. And since all the guys worked under Brian, they would have to be respectful, so thanked him and I told him I would do whatever he had planned.

He pulled a wrapped box out from under the bed, smiling and saying, “This is what I want you to be wearing when you open the door for the guys.” Inside the box was a Hooters’ girl outfit: the white T-shirt, a skimpy pair of orange shorts, even the shiny pantyhose and the white tennis shoes. And under all that was a pushup bra with holes cut out for my nipples to protrude through. He gently pulled off my shirt and bra and hooked the new bra onto my breasts. I stared in the mirror, very turned on at the sight of my big, pink nipples standing firm and proud and free. He pulled on them gently and I moaned. “No sex now, though, my love. I am not going to let you come until next Sunday, so you will be just aching for it.”

By Super Bowl Sunday, I was out of my mind with anticipation and desire. I spent a lot of time getting ready, and I looked hot in the Hooters outfit. Brian tied the T-shirt tight in a knot at my waist so my nipples poked hard against the tight fabric. Each time I opened the door, the guy’s eyes went immediately to my nipples, and every one of them said something to Brian like, “you sure weren’t kidding when you said Leah was hot!” Soon they were all sitting on the sectional sofa, drinking beers and eating the food I had prepared, filling out the squares sheet. Just before kickoff, Brian announced that we were going to play the squares game “a little differently.” Then he smiled and gestured to me. “Come here, Leah, and let’s show them what we’re talking about.”

I walked over and let him kiss me a good long time, enjoying his tongue in my mouth. One of his hands squeezed my ass, and the other one pulled at my right nipple. I loved being handled by him in front of all the guys, and I loved their cat-calls and cheers. When he was done kissing me, Brian said, “the guy who wins at the end of the first quarter gets to spend 2 minutes in the bedroom with Leah. Halftime winner gets 4 minutes, the third quarter winner gets 8 minutes, and final score winner gets 16 minutes. Oh, and each winner gets to modify Leah’s outfit for the next quarter. The only other rule is you can’t do anything Leah says no to, and you can’t fuck her unless you’ve made her come first.”

I blushed but forced myself to look right in the eyes of the men. Most of them were smiling with their mouths slightly open, and the youngest one was massaging a large bulge in his crotch. They were big men, physical men, men used to working construction. I suddenly felt very small and helpless, but very, very sexy.

Then the game started and we watched and cheered. The home team wasn’t in it, so nobody was fixated on the game too much; I kept catching guys staring at my chest and legs. And when the first half was done, one guy, a tall, muscular, dark-haired guy named Dave jumped up, his fist in the air. “Yes, I get Leah!” Brian walked over the bedroom door and pushed it open. “Only two minutes, and I’m timing it now.”

Dave wasted no time in shutting the door behind us and flipping on the lights. “God your boobs are amazing,” he said, pulling the knot out of my shirt and ripping the shirt over my head. He bent his head down and suckled each nipple, then lightly pulled each out away from my chest with his teeth. His hand slipped inside my shorts and his middle finger pressed up against my clitoris. “You are so wet,” he breathed, “and I need to taste you.” He yanked down my shorts and pantyhose to my knees and wrestled my cunt lips apart with his nose. Then his tongue licked and stroked me.

“Please suck my clit,” I begged, wanting that vacuum pressure to bring me over the edge. My clit had never felt so big, so pulsing, and when he firmly took it into his mouth and began to suck, I was in heaven…until the door opened and Brian said, “time’s up.”

All the other guys were standing there, staring at my exposed breasts. Dave reluctantly pulled his head back but kept holding my cunt lips apart with his hands, showing all of them my blonde pussy hairs and my throbbing clitoris. “Look at that,” he breathed reverently.

Brian came over and pulled my pantyhose and panties up. “Show’s over for now,” he said. “What do you want to do to Leah’s outfit?” he asked Dave.

Dave grinned. “No shirt. I love seeing those naughty nipples poking free. And I can’t guarantee that I won’t need to lick them once in a while next quarter.”

Brian smiled. “Okay, no shirt. And Leah? If anybody wants to kiss your nipples this next quarter, or suck them, or pull on them, is that okay with you?”

Dazed, I nodded. I was so wet and swollen between my legs I could barely walk. “I’d love to have them all touch me all over,” I whispered.

Brian shook his head. “Only your breasts this quarter. Maybe we’ll let them have more fun later.”

That quarter flew by in a blur. I basically moved from lap to lap, getting to know each guy better, kissing them and feeling their hands and their tongues on my bare nipples, which were aching from all the attention. And when the quarter ended, it was Jamal’s turn to take me into the bedroom. He was a muscular African-American, and I had never even kissed a black man before.

“Four minutes is not nearly enough time,” he whispered as he turned me around to face away from him. “I’m an ass man, and I’m not happy just playing with your tits. Let me see that big round ass Brian keeps bragging about.” He gently pushed me over the bed, face down, and slid my shorts and panty hose down to my ankles. Then he pushed my knees apart and spread my butt cheeks with his hands. “This is what I want to see. Your pussy, dripping wet.” He slid two fingers into my vagina while using his thumb to stroke my clit from behind. That was all I needed to come to a shuddering orgasm that washed over me in waves of pleasure and I cried out loud. When I finished shuddering I heard cheers and clapping from behind the door.

Jamal laughed. “You are easy, girl. Does this mean I get to fuck you?”

“Please fuck me. Just like this, from behind.” I adored the feeling of being bent over, exposed, and vulnerable. I fumbled my shoes off and stripped off my panty hose as I heard Jamal’s zipper lower. Then I felt his breath on my bare ass.

“First I want to lick your asshole. Your secret, special place nobody ever touches or sees.” His tongue traced a path from my cunt to my asshole and probed ever so slightly there. “That’s where I’d really like to fuck you.”

Before I could respond, he jerked my body up against his thighs and in one fluid motion slid his cock into my cunt. He was very hard, very large, and the vision of him trying to do the same thing to my virgin asshole filled me with fear and excitement. I could feel his cock grow inside of me and knew that it wouldn’t take him long to come, but before he shot his load the door opened and Brian said, “time’s up.”

Jamal groaned and pulled out of me. I turned to face him and saw him jerking off right in front of my face. The others filled the doorway, watching. I looked up at Brian and saw him smiling, looking so proud of me. “I love you,” he mouthed. I mouthed the same words back…then I closed my mouth over Jamal’s long dark cock and started to suck.

It only took a few sucks before I felt his cock begin to pulse and twitch, and for his warm cum to fill my mouth. I have always loved the taste of cum, so I swallowed it right down, then stood up and wiped my mouth. Jamal touched my face and shook his head. “You are an angel, a wonderful, cock sucking, cum swallowing angel.” I heard some of the other guys making comments about how surprised they were that I swallowed every drop, how their girlfriends didn’t do that, and I wanted to give every one of them a blow job right there.

But Brian reminded everyone that time was REALLY up now, and that Jamal had to modify my outfit for the third quarter. Jamal nodded and said, “I don’t like the pantyhose and tennis shoes…or the shorts either. You got any high heels, a g-sting and a garter belt?” I nodded. “Put those on but leave your boobies hanging out of your bra. That bra is damn sexy.”

Brian asked, “Do you want her to wear a g-string? Or leave her pussy bare?” Several of the other men shouted out that I should forget the g-string.

Jamal paused. “Man, I love the sight of that string between a girl’s ass cheeks. And I like that you didn’t shave everything off, either. I like seeing those blond curls peeking out. Leah wears a g-string.”

“Okay, everybody out.” Brian shut the door and turned to me. “Are you okay with this?”

“Oh, Brian, this is amazing! You are amazing. Thank you so much!” I kissed him and started opening drawers, hunting for the right underwear. Brian chuckled and said, “let me help.” He pushed me down on the bed and patiently slid each leg into hose, then buckled the stockings to the garter belt, and slid the g-string up my legs. “I wanted the bare pussy myself,” he grinned. He rummaged in the closet until he brought out my “fuck me” pumps that I only wear at home, since they are so high I can barely walk in them. He strapped them on my feet and then pulled me up and turned me so I could see myself in the mirror.

I have never felt so sexy, so attractive, so loved. The front of the g-string pulled into my cunt, making a little camel toe, and my nipples were swollen and puffy. Brian’s erection pressed against me, and I asked if he wanted a blow-job. He groaned but shook his head no. “I don’t want to cheat, and I’ve got some squares…but after the fourth winner, you are mine, baby.”

“Are you going to fuck me in front of all the guys?”

“If that’s what you want. Leah, I’m so proud of you and I love to show you off like this.” He smacked me playfully on the butt. “And this quarter they get to play with your ass cheeks, too.” We went out into the living room and I started picking up and refilling drinks, bending over the table and making sure to get my breasts and my bottom in front of each of the guys. Brian smacked me on the ass again, and pretty soon all the guys were stroking my ass and giving me little spanks, until my skin tingled.

At the end of the third quarter, Jamal won again. There was a lot of booing and guys offering to buy his numbers from him, but Jamal just shook his head no. “I want to come inside her this time. Brian, is it okay if I come inside her ass?”

The room got very quiet, and I got a little scared. Brian and I had tried anal sex a couple of times, and had never gotten very far before it started to hurt, so he had never been fully inside me that way. It didn’t seem right to do something with Jamal I had not done with Brian, and I started to explain this, but Brian put up his hand.

“Jamal, if you can teach her how to fuck anal, not only can you do it, you also get a raise. But you got to let me see how you do it.”

The other guys hooted, “We want to see it too!”

But Jamal frowned. “She’s an ass virgin? Then there’s no way I can teach her in 8 minutes. But if I can change what she wears fourth quarter, I can help you get her ready.” He motioned to Brian, and the two of them went into the bedroom, where I couldn’t hear what they were saying. When they came out, they were both grinning.

Brian said, “Jamal’s going to run out to the adult bookstore down the block and buy you a toy, Leah. And I promised him as much time with it as he needs when he gets back. So we’re going to play a hand of poker to see who gets his eight minutes.”

Jamal walked quickly out the door while Brian found a pack of cards. The guys did a quick hand of Texas-Hold ’em, and Scott emerged the winner. He was the youngest of the guys, probably five years younger than me, and had been the guy caressing a large bulge in his pants when Brian first announced the game.

Scott pulled me into the room and shut the door, and immediately pulled off my g-string and began licking my pussy. I came again quickly, loudly, and again I heard cheering at my cries of ecstasy. Then Scott pulled out his cock and I gasped. It wasn’t the longest cock I had ever seen, but it for sure was the fattest. I tried to put my hand around it, found I couldn’t close my fingers around it. It was like a Coke can, and very, very hard.

“Lay back and relax, Leah” he said. “I need you to relax, ’cause I need to get this whole thing inside of you.”

I was as wet and as turned on as I had ever been, but I was still a little scared. He knelt between my legs and pushed. The head of his cock went in, then he stopped. I could feel my vaginal wall stretching around him, and felt a primal, urgent desire. “I can take you,” I whispered. “Come on in.”

With that he thrust slowly inside me with a grunt. It was amazing! His cock was so big that it dragged my clit in with it toward my cunt, creating a direct rub on my clit that I had never felt before in intercourse. He started thrusting quickly, shallow fast jerks, rubbing me. I came again, and when I was done shuddering, he rolled over so I was on top of him. “Sit up and turn around,” he commanded. “I want you facing away from me, toward the door, so all of them see you sliding down my fat cock when the door opens.”

I had to get off of him to turn around, then positioned myself as he requested and slowly lowered down onto his massive tool. He bucked up against me and I moved my hips in time with his thrusts. I could feel his cock getting even bigger, stretching me out, and knew he was going to come soon. Then the door opened and Brian and the other guys peered in. “Lift all the way up and down,” panted Scott. “Let them see how much you can take.”

I slowed down and lifted myself to the very tip of his cock, then lowered all the way down, grinding against his hip bones. I felt him pulsing inside me, and he cried out. As I lifted myself up, a bright light flashed, and I realized Brian had taken a photo of me straddling that fat cock—and the realization thrilled me. I smiled at the guys, then turned and shoved my ass toward them as I licked Scott’s cock clean. Brian came around to the side of the bed and took a photo of that, too.

I walked, weakly, tottering on those high heels, out of the bedroom, Scott’s cum trickling down my legs. Ray and T.J, the two guys who hadn’t had me yet, both had their cocks out of their pants and were jerking themselves off. “Come on, baby, help us out here,” Ray said, taking my hand and placing it on his cock.

I took T.J. by the cock also and smiled. “Okay, you’ve got to let me sit down.” I walked toward the couch, firmly gripping a cock in each hand, and sat. They sat on either side of me, and I proceeded to jerk both of them off.

After a few minutes, T.J. gasped, “Can I come on your tits? Please?” In answer, I let go of them and reached behind me to remove the nipple-less bra, freeing my large, round breasts. Both men turned to face me. Brian positioned himself in front of me and when the cum started flying, his camera started flashing. I spread my legs and pulled open my cunt lips with one hand as I rubbed cum into my skin with the other.

The fourth quarter had started, but nobody was paying any attention. T.J. and Dave and Ray started a heated discussion of which one of them got the next chance to make me come, since they all wanted to fuck me. Brian looked me straight in the eye and said, “I bet Leah could tell you how all three of you together can make her come.”

They all stared at me, and I blushed. I had told Brian one of the central scenes of my gang-bang fantasy, where two different men sucked my nipples and another man ate my pussy. Stammering, I revealed my fantasy, and Dave knelt right between my legs. “I want to finish what I started,” he said, and he lowered his mouth to gently suck my clit. Ray and T.J. each started sucking on a nipple, and soon I was shuddering again as another crazy orgasm took over my body.

When I caught my breath again, Jamal had returned from the dirty book store with two packages. He grinned and tossed one to me. Apprehensively, I peeked inside. There was a long, flexible dildo with 8 round beads. The beads at the tip were small, and the ones near the handle were quite large. The handle contained a slot to insert batteries to make the balls vibrate.

The guys all hooted when I pulled this out, and I felt myself blushing again. Brian came over and took it from me and examined it. “Did you get batteries?” he asked Jamal.

“Yes, and I got her costume for this last quarter, too.” Jamal opened the bag and took out knee pads. “This is all she gets to wear—knee pads, which she is going to need—and she has to wear the ass trainer, too.”

“I have to WEAR this?” I gasped weakly, holding up the beaded dildo. “In my ass? While I’m walking around and getting food?”

Jamal took my hands and pulled me to a standing position. “I am going to be very gentle,” he promised. “And I got lots of lube. You are going to love this. There ain’t nothing more fulfilling to a woman then to have a man in every single hole, honey, and you deserve to know what that feels like.” He narrowed his eyes. “Now get naked, put on those knee pads, and bend your sweet ass over my lap.”

My clit felt like it was on fire, his words turned me on so much. I scrambled out of the shoes and stockings and pulled on the knee pads. I had never thought of knee pads as sexy before, but they made fantasies flash through my mind of me, on my knees, in all sorts of sexual positions.

Jamal sat down and pulled me over his lap. My tits hung down and he urged me to spread my legs wider apart. I couldn’t believe how sexy and vulnerable I felt. Two of the men took hold of my buttocks and pulled them gently apart. Jamal dribbled some lube onto my asshole and began rubbing gently in tight, small circles.

“Most guys start by trying to jam a finger in, and that’s too big to start. Also they don’t use enough lube or take enough time.” He picked up the beaded dildo and slowly, gently inserted the first bead into my ass. That one went in easily, and so did the next two. By the fourth bead, however, there was resistance and I could feel myself tightening up.

“No, honey, relax. Loosen up your ass for us.”

I took a deep breath and tried my best to relax. Another bead slipped in, and then another. And while it hurt at the entrance, and felt odd deep in my butt, it was a good pain. I felt so very dirty being violated and exposed to a bunch of strange men, with my virgin asshole stretching wide.

“Only two more beads to go, honey. Then I turn it on, and you are gonna get up and walk around with this vibrating in your ass.” One of the men started pulling on my nipples, distracting me from the pain in my ass and turning me on even more. The thought of walking around naked in front of all these guys with a vibrating butt plug made me weak.

I flushed and spread my legs wider. “Shove it in,” I squeaked, determined to feel as spread apart as possible. Jamal shoved in one bead, then the other…and then turned on the vibrator switch, and the largest bead, which was poised right at the entrance to my ass canal, started humming in my ass.

“Stand up, Leah,” Jamal commanded. On trembling legs, I obeyed. “Now how does that feel?”

“Amazing,” I whispered.

“It’s also gonna feel amazing for the guy who gets to fuck your cunt with your whole back wall vibrating, too,” he grinned. “That’s the last step in making you really love having your butt plugged before you actually take a cock in it.” He slapped my ass playfully. “Now go get us some beers and let us admire your butt-humming beautiful booty.”

I have never felt anything so sexy as walking away from those guys with my butt buzzing and all of them wishing they would get to be the one to fuck me next. The handle protruded out my backside as I bent over in front of the fridge to get more beer.

Brian came up to me in the kitchen and gave the handle a little waggle. “I can’t wait anymore, Leah,” he groaned. “I have to fuck you now.”

I wanted so badly to make him happy, make him proud. I couldn’t believe he had let me do all these things with his employees, and I was ready to do whatever he asked. “Where?” I asked. He grinned and took me by the hand and led me back into the living room.

“Here, in front of everybody.” He turned to Jamal. “So what’s the best way to fuck with that thing in her ass?”

Jamal told Brian to lie down on the carpet and let me mount him, so I could control the angle.. One of the other guys picked up the camera and began snapping photos as I lowered myself down on top of Brian. The feeling of having a cock in my pussy and vibrating balls in my ass was unbelievable. I knelt on Brian and started pumping up and down. He came right away, and feeling him pulse inside me triggered my own orgasm. As I was coming, Jamal pulled the balls out of my ass, which intensified my orgasm beyond description. And as I lay there, spent, with Brian’s cock still inside me, I felt Jamal’s thick finger enter my ass.

“You want my cock up there, girl?”

I looked down at Brian, who smiled and mouthed, “I love you” again. I smiled back at this wonderful, sexy, thrilling man, and knew exactly what I wanted.

“Actually, I want Brian’s cock up there first. Then yours, Jamal. Then everybody else’s.”

Then it all descended into a beautiful blur. I don’t remember the final score, or even who won the fourth quarter squares game, or much of anything after that. I do know that after Brian fucked my ass, someone else took his place, and then I got double penetrated. At one point I was kneeling on one guy’s cock with another in my ass, another in my mouth, using both hands to stroke two other guys while the remaining man took photos. I fucked and sucked all of them, every way we could imagine. When the guys finally left I was so shaken I could not summon the energy to get up off the floor.

But perhaps you rather hear all the dirty details in person. See, shortly after this, Brian told me that we would be moving again soon to YOUR neighborhood. This is my letter of introduction, and anticipation.

I look forward to fucking you soon.

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