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Le Plaisir de Trevail

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Attorney at Law, K. Anderson never smiled. In fact, she never showed much emotion at all.


Poker face.

She was rumored to be cold hearted and vicious. Whether she actually was or not, ultimately was irrelevant. She was one of the most powerful attorneys this side of the Mississippi river, a senior partner in one of the most influential law firms in the country, Benter, Johnson, Anderson and Holgate. She had everything money could buy, though she never struck him as the flashy type.

Designer clothes, beautiful home in the most exclusive neighborhood, personal driver, and massive corner office. No children, no husband, just work.

He was Fredrick Montgomery, and had joined the firm two years ago. He made six figures as an associate, which was pennies compared to her eight. And even with the ridiculous salary, Frederick was, as were most associates here, a lackey; he was here to get the grunt work done for the higher ups that stood in court and took all the credit when cases went the firm’s way. When cases didn’t go the firm’s way, well, he and other associates usually got credited with that too. Sounds like a thankless job, and it is, but he loved it. He could have gone to work anywhere, but instead busted his ass all through law school to graduate in the top 3% in order to be exactly where he is today. No one had ever made partner at the firm under the age of 55, and no one under the age of 45 had ever sat second chair for a federal trial…that is, except for Ms. Anderson. He first saw her four years prior, when he’d spent a few months observing federal trials. He’d watched her pull off a victory that cemented her brilliance, and he respected her ever since. He wondered if she ever smiled, if she ever had fun, if she ever- literally- let her hair down.

He had never spoken to her, never had the occasion to. She was not the kind of woman you chatted idly with on the elevator or around the copy machine, she was too intimidating to even look at, let alone attempt to strike up some sort of witty, impressive banter; Fredrick had watched many a man try, and subsequently fail, to impress her, and besides, she had a boyfriend, a perfectly annoying attorney from another firm, Thomas Reynolds.

She plucked associates off of their regular duties at will, and he’d heard horror stories about lawyers who nearly went crazy working cases with her, some had quit, some, as rumor has it, plotted murder against their tough as nails boss. As quickly as she snatched them up, she would toss them back to their simple mundane offices if they didn’t perform to her standard. Her nine hundred square foot office had three, much smaller offices attached to it; one for her private secretary, another for her paralegal, and the third, most infamous office, for the rotating associate. Those who failed their duties doomed their law careers and never made it past associate, anywhere. It was daunting.

Thankfully, Fredrick didn’t work for her, but instead for another senior partner, William Benter. Still for all the rumors, Frederick admired her tenacity and professionalism; she arrived to the office every day before any other partner, and stayed later, every day, than any other partner. Fredrick was also one to pull long hours, and they often wound up in the same elevator, many times he was already in his office when she arrived, striding past without any acknowledgement. He was certain she wore a new pair of shoes and a new suit every day; her clothes were always sharp, but never overstated, complimenting her tight size nine frame perfectly. Her deep caramel skin was flawless, and she wore her hair swept back from her face; she was absolutely breathtaking, which made her all the more desirable to him, even if it was from afar.

“Hey.” A familiar voice called from his office door. “What are you doing?”

Fredrick snapped back to the moment and looked over and James Watson, another associate at the firm who he went to law school with.

“What man?” Fredrick said trying to play the obvious down. “I’m thinking about this case, working on a brief for Benter-“.

“No you’re not.” James said matter-of-factly walking into his office. “You’re thinking about that woman again man, I can see it all over your face.”

“Please,” Fredrick said, “What do I look like?”

“You look like you’re staring down the hall into her office, that’s what you look like.”

“Really?” Fredrick said, and then shook his head. “Shit. What are you doing?”

“See how bad you have it, get your ass together man, we got a staff meeting in the main conference room in about two minutes.”

“Damn!” Fredrick said nearly spilling his coffee.

The senior partners met every day to discuss key cases and hear from senior associates, of which Fredrick was considered to be. He grabbed his note pad and stood up, stepping around his desk.

“Let’s move then.” He said.

Daily meetings never changed. Benter, who had been with the firm the longest, ran the meetings. He called out the partners, discussed and strategized their cases first, which were always federal, and then moved to the senior associates and their superior court cases. He was the captain of the ship, noted by the largest single office in the entire building, let alone the firm, and he made sure that everyone on the crew was doing their jobs. As a senior associate assigned to his team, Frederick made sure he had most of the information to review the day before the meeting; thus, the main purpose of the meeting was to make sure that everyone was on the same page- his page.

Benter was the only one to call Ms. Anderson ‘K’. No one even knew what the ‘K’ stood for. Everyone else called her Ms. Anderson. Benter had asked ‘K’ for her case updates, and she ran down the usual list of clients and gave general updates on their status.

“The State of Philadelphia versus Charles Roles has been kicked down from federal to superior, therefore the next filing due to the court is on the 22th of this month.” She stated. “I will-”

“Wait, K., just a minute, something is wrong here.” Benter said adjusting his glasses and looking at his typed notes in front of him. “I have here that our next filing with Judge Haskins on the State versus Roles is the 7th. That’s tomorrow.”

K whipped on her glasses and flipped through the file. On either side of her were her staffers, including her most recent rotating associate, Brad. Need I say more? You could see the blood draining from his face as he peered into the file and looked at the timeline that he had prepared.

“Brad,” she said, looking to him- as was everyone else in the room. You see, Ms. Anderson rarely ever misspoke, and even rarer, was corrected by someone else. It just didn’t happen; but it was happening now.

Brad was mumbling aloud, “yes, you see here there are ten court days for the state to file their motion, and then 60 days for defendant’s response-”

“Actually,” Fredrick cut in, “those timelines are for federal, we’re now back at superior, where the case originated, that puts us back on the superior timeline, which allows for 45 days, which puts the filing at the 7th, tomorrow.” He finished.

The room was silent. Brad had just made the most severe mistake an attorney could make- he was going to miss a deadline, and worse yet, he was going to cause Ms. Anderson to miss a deadline on behalf of her client, who paid more than five million dollars to this very firm in order to retain its services, more specifically, her services. If Brad didn’t know he’d just lost his job, he was the only one.

She took off her glasses and looked at Benter. “It’s not a problem, it will be done”.

“Of course it will.” Benter said, and continued on.

When the meeting closed it seemed everyone stayed in their seats just a few seconds longer than usual, just enough time to allow Ms. Anderson all the space she needed to stalk swiftly out of the room, followed by her staff. She pulled Brad into her office immediately and closed the door.

Forty five minutes later, the office for the rotating associate, was vacant.

Ten minutes after that, Fredrick was called into Benter’s office.

“Pack your things.” He said bluntly, “you’re moving.” “Excuse me?” Fredrick said, genuinely confused.

“Your services are needed down the hall.”

After his confusion began to clear he looked dumbfounded towards his boss. “You’re sending me to work with her?”

“Fredrick, you’re my best man. There is no way I’m going to just let you go, this is temporary, I promise you.”

“How temporary?” he asked.

“It could be 3 months, it could be a year.”

Fredrick sat down, and Benter chuckled. “Trust me, it’s not going to be that bad of an experience for you. We have a client that is accused of embezzling billions of dollars. K knows how this case is going to play out, that’s why she’s one of the best. She knows what she needs to get it done, and besides that, she asked for you.”

“She asked for me?” he said in disbelief.

“She did. And had she not, I would have recommended you anyway. She has 15 cases right now. She can’t afford to have some random associate who can’t figure out his own calendar. I’m having all of your cases reassigned. Claire will prepare all the necessary documents for you.”

“So, I have no choice is what you’re saying,” Fredrick said, standing.

“Do you want to quit?” Benter asked, already knowing the answer. “Then move your ass, she’s waiting to talk to you.”

Fredrick didn’t bother with packing and instead walked out of Benter’s office and straight down the hall. As he passed James’ office, he waived off his puzzled expression and mouthed “help”. That should wrack his nerves for a time.

Ms. Anderson’s secretary showed him directly into Brad’s former office, which was more spacious than Fredrick had given it credit. On one side of the room stood a pair of double doors, which he knew led into Ms. Anderson’s office. He was also smart enough to know that if they weren’t open now, he wasn’t going to touch them.

He moved to a desk with papers stacked high, and thumbed through them, all were related to the Roles case as far as he could tell.

“This is state’s motion”, he heard from over his shoulder, and turned quickly. For just a moment, it was like he was seeing her for the first time, and for a moment, she was vulnerable, distracted even, trying to find her stoic expression again. Within seconds, whatever he saw had vanished as if it had never been there. She was standing about three feet from him, and he realized just how small she was compared to his 6 foot 4 inch frame. She was holding out a file to him. “We need to do more than just respond, we need to have the judge rule in our favor.” She turned to the west wall. “These boxes are from our overall file, there are 16 here, but there are 60 total, the rest are in storage. This is just the tip of the iceberg but the feds have yet to send over all the information related to our discovery requests. Its’ four o’clock now. This has to be done, copies served to all parties and filed with the court clerk by 3:00pm tomorrow.”

“Sixty boxes, you said?” Fredrick asked.

“Yes.” She said simply. “Pull as many senior associates as you need to make it happen.”

“Of course,” He said.

“I will be in my office and prefer not to be disturbed when the door is closed.”

With that, she turned and walked back to her office, closing the adjoining doors behind her.

He huffed as he stood alone in his new office. She didn’t want to be bothered? This was one of the most important cases at present, with an impossible to meet deadline, but she didn’t want to be disturbed? He shook his head at her behavior, and looked back down to the papers in his hand.

It was nearly 11:30 in the evening when K emerged from her office, stunned to find the lights dimmed in Brad’s- Fredrick’s office. Surely he was no stranger to all nighters? She flipped the lights on and found all of the boxes and files for Roles were gone. “He couldn’t have taken it home”, she muttered. She walked through the office and out in to the hall and was met by voices in the distance. As she walked around the corner she spotted Frederick with about five other attorneys, in the conference room. Documents were spread across the massive table and they sat in deep discussion. She was amazed that in all the hours that had passed, he had not once knocked on her door to ask her a question. She worried that possibly he was too intimidated, but then she noticed the boxes piled in the conference room…all sixty boxes. She raised her eyebrows to herself, impressive, she thought. Fredrick looked up briefly and caught her eye. She paused, turned and walked back around the corner, into her office, and closed the door.

Nearly an hour later, K heard a knock on her office door. About time, she thought to herself.

“Come in” she called.

Fredrick strode across her office quickly.

“Do you have a question?” She asked him, leaning back in her chair.

“No,” he said, “no I just wanted to give you a copy of the draft for your review before we finalize it in the morning.”

It was the first time he’d ever been in her office, and all the talk was true; the space was massive and included a private bathroom, kitchenette, conference area, sitting room, a wall full of law books, and even a dining area. He estimated the ceilings were at least 25 feet high, and the outer wall was ceiling to floor windows overlooking downtown Philadelphia; he imagined that a person could live here; it was much bigger than the average apartment.

“Final draft?” she asked.

“Yes.” He said, holding it out to her.

She studied him for a moment. He was a man who wasn’t afraid to roll up his tailored sleeves, she could tell. Though he had a strong five o’clock shadow across his chiseled face, his eyes were still bright, as if he wasn’t tired at all. She took the papers from his outstretched hand and flipped through it quickly…32 pages in all. She then gave it a second, slower run through, catching sight of the sub-headings. She could tell it was thorough.

“I’ll review this tonight and we’ll revise first thing in the morning.” She said.

“Great.” He said. “I’ll see you then.”

“I get in at-” she started.

“6:45, I know,” he said, turning to leave, “so do I.”

Fredrick had arrived to the office at 6:15 the next morning. By 6:45 he was finishing his coffee, still reading the business section of the paper when she came in. She looked flawless in a deep burgundy skirt and matching jacket, capped off with burgundy and black stilettos. He didn’t know what to expect from her, but he certainly didn’t expect her to walk in to her office and shut the door without a word to anyone. She seemed to have a psychic connection because no sooner did Benter walk into his office at 7:29, than the door to hers swung open at 7:30. She held one thing in her hand; a copy of the response Fredrick had been charged with drafting.

In the car on the way home she’d started in on the document, and by the time the driver pulled to her door she was riveted- she was looking at legal brilliance on paper, it wasn’t just as if she’d drafted it herself, it was even better. Without a word she walked out of the offices and down the hall, past James, who had inherited Fredrick’s duties, and into Benter’s office, swinging the door closed behind her.

The phone on his desk rang and Fredrick jumped, then shook his head irritated with himself.

“Fredrick Montgomery,” he said.

It was James. “How is it you managed to get fired faster than Bradley?” he asked.

“Man,” Fredrick said, “I am so glad it is Friday man, I need a beer like you would not believe.”

“It hasn’t even been twenty four hours.”

“Yeah, but I’m ready to go to church on Sunday and pray for some divine intervention.”

“So what are you going to do with your severance money? Maybe a little vacation before you sharpen your resume and start interviewing for burger boy?”

“Shut it up man, you’re making me nervous.”

“Good, you should be. If it makes you feel any better, I’m nervous for you.”

“No James, it doesn’t make me feel any better. Stop harassing me and get back to work.”

It was more than an hour before the door to Benter’s office opened and she came out and walked back down the hall to her office. “Mr. Montgomery,” she said, “May I see you for a moment in my office please?”

Fredrick took a deep breath and followed her. She closed the door and directed him to a chair across from her desk.

“I read the response.” She said. “It’s good…very good.”

“Thank you ma’am.” He said, feeling like he was in the principal’s office, only, his principal was not nearly as fine as K Anderson. “I should have brought my notes in with me”.

“There’s no need for that.” She said. “I have no revisions.”

“Excuse me?” he said.

“If you’ll prepare a final copy I can sign it.” She stated.

“Of course…yeah…yes. I will do that.”

“One more thing before you go.” She said. “As you now know, the Roles case is huge. It will likely have longstanding implications at the federal level, depending on the outcome. While it is being kicked around the various courts for the time being, in the end, it will be federal, and in the end, it will go to trial, the client has made it clear he wants no deal, he wants to clear his name. In four months time, we’ll be preparing opening arguments for a jury, and I’ve selected you for second chair.”

Time stood still.

He had always imagined the moment when one of the partner’s would ask him to assist in a federal trial, but it never looked like this, this was so anticlimactic, there were no cigars, no champagne, it was so simply stated and matter of fact that he thought for certain he had not heard her correctly.

“Federal court is a dog fight. We not only have to fight evidence, and law, we have to fight politics as well. You have to eat, sleep and live this case until the verdict is in. I have more than a dozen federal cases on my plate, so you will have to bend to my schedule. Will that be a problem?”

“Uh, no… no not at all.” He said, reality sinking deep into his bones.

Frederick was a little late meeting the boys that night, but as he settled into his seat and sipped his beer, he ignored the jokes from his colleagues about his new boss.

“But you see fellas”, he said, finally, a wide smile on his face, “you can talk all the mess you want, none of that matters when you’re sitting second chair.”

Mouths fell open. “Bullshit.” James said.

“You’re serious?” Rodney, another associate asked. “She asked you to second chair?”

“Nah man, she doesn’t ask anybody for a damn thing. She told me I was second chair, period.”

“This is bad”, James said shaking his head.

“What the hell are you talking about man?” Rodney said, “the man said he’s second chair.”

“I am telling you, this is no good!” James insisted. “Think about it man, she likes your work, right? She can keep you in that tiny ass office working under her for the rest of your life.”

“First of all the office is not that small, and second of all, if we win this case, that’s it for me, that’s my legal reputation cast in platinum baby! I’m made!”

James knew that he was right. “Well spill the dirt, shit, what’s she really like?”

It had been four months since the day she called him into her office, and Frederick had learned one thing about K, she was the consummate professional; the only thing she ever discussed, was work. If it didn’t have to do with a case, she wasn’t talking about it, it was that simple. They were starting to pull 18 hour days, and even then it seemed that nothing could get under her skin, no matter the task, she was up to it. The boys often teased Frederick that he was learning a lot of secrets through the female grape vine, with K’s otherwise all female staff, but the reality was, since the boss was all about business, so was everyone else. There was no gossip, no long lunches spent shopping or at the spa- it was all about work, and it created an environment that enabled him to get a lot done.

On this particular Thursday, it was near eight in the evening when Frederick flipped off the lights to his office and stepped out. It was then that he noticed the outer door to K’s office was slightly cracked; he thought she was out of the building for the day, but walked over, pushed the door open and stepped inside, his eyes adjusting to the darkness. He didn’t see her at first, but as he looked a bit longer he noticed her at the very far end of the room, sunk in a chair, her back to him. He crossed the room and stood behind her, but she didn’t move.

“Everything alright?” he asked.

She was startled by him, “I didn’t hear you come in.”

“I didn’t think you were here.” Still she faced the window, so he stepped around and crouched in front of her.

“Are you alright?” he asked.

She waived her hand and forced a smile, “long day.”

“Do you need anything?” he asked gently. Her guard was down and that she was at a loss for words, struggling with emotion, and instinctively put his hand on her knee.

She looked at his hand, surprised, and then into his eyes, “I’m alright, just tired.”

He squeezed her knee before dropping his hand. Her eyes were red and he could tell she had been crying. He had never seen her this emotional before. She was always cool, always in control.

“Did something happen?” he asked.

She laughed bitterly and shook her head, looking down at her hands. “You don’t want to hear about my problems.”

“That’s not really the point. The point is I’m here to listen if you want to talk.”

She took a deep breath. “I’ve very recently ended a relationship.” “Oh,” he said, taken aback. He knew about this guy, Tom Reynolds, a lawyer of course, in a rival firm. Frederick had never cared for him, never felt he had a conscience about how he practiced law, and the Pennsylvania State Bar seemed to agree, having sanctioned him on more than one occasion.

“I’m sorry,” he said, unable to come up with anything else.

She shrugged. “he was unfaithful…I’d suspected…” her voice trailed off momentarily before she said, “well, my suspicions have been confirmed so…that’s over. I’m not so much upset about that as I am…it wasn’t true love, really, and it could have never been. It was just…comfort. I wasn’t alone.”

“You’re not alone.” He said.

“I shouldn’t be talking to you about this, you must think I’m crazy.”

“Of course not. I think you’re human, that’s all. And, he’s a fool for treating you that way, and for not appreciating you. You’re a good woman.”

“How would you know?”

“Because. You remind me of my grandmother. She was a good woman too. You’re virtuous, I can tell.”

She blushed and looked away, biting her lower lip slightly.

“You just need to forget about him for a while.”

“That’s why I came here, to work it off.”

No, no, that’s not what I mean. Work is stress, and you don’t need anymore of that. You need to relax.”

As he stood, his hand moved up her arm, and his fingers pushed into her shoulders; he was behind her again, one hand on each side of her neck, and he began massaging firmly.

Her mind raced as she tensed in response– ordinarily she would smack a man’s hands away, but, for some reason she didn’t want to this time…it felt good.

Frederick took care with his touch. Her muscles were tight and he worked slowly, focused on his task, pressing all of his energy into her. Neither of them spoke, and gradually, he could feel her relaxing under his hands, her breathing even and calm. His hands were warm against her, easily penetrating the thin satin blouse.

He was thinking about her body, and touching her, rubbing her, didn’t help. Whether he was crazy or just plain stupid remained to be seen, but his hands moved to the front of her neck and he unbuttoned the first three buttons of her blouse, slipping his hands under the collar to knead her skin. Touching her brought exhilaration and he fought to keep himself calm; he had gotten himself into this, now he just had to maintain his composure until the massage was finished.

K felt spellbound by his touch, and the voice inside of her that was screaming at her, demanding that she stop this clearly unprofessional behavior was quieted.

Frederick pushed the straps to her bra off of her shoulders and continued his work, and was very aware that his shaft was rising under his slacks. Her skin felt like cream. Every so often she would moan at his touch and shift her weight, and that nearly drove him crazy. His fingers slid momentary down onto her chest, not too far, but far enough to make her heart jump. She shifted in the chair again, and again, he let his fingers drop down her front, pressing into her skin.

Her heart was pounding under the tenderness of his touch.

Frederick stopped thinking about right and wrong. Instead his only focus was pleasure. Before he knew it, his hands moved down her collar, his palms pressed into her breasts. It started with a slow, firm touch, until she could feel each of his fingers, enticing her as her breasts grew taught. Her lips parted but she couldn’t speak. She gasped slightly as he knelt down behind her, and with patience, touched his lips to her neck, opening two more buttons on her blouse. His lips moved to her shoulder and he savored the taste of her skin on his tongue. She was addicting and the taste of her only prompted him to want more.

“What are you doing?” She finally whispered.

“Making you feel good,” he said, “is that okay?”

K was at a loss for words. His lips were at her ear, “is that okay?”


He stood, and this time pulled her gently to her feet and into his arms, their chests pressed together. He kissed her passionately, his tongue slipping between her lips. He undid the rest of the buttons on her blouse and pushed it off of her shoulders, kissing her again. He unbuttoned his own shirt and tossed it aside.

The lust pouring from him was almost more than she could take. He unclasped her bra and it dropped, and then slid his hands around her waist to the zipper on her skirt; it too fell effortlessly to the floor. They moved together towards the couch and fell onto it quickly, his body above hers. She was absolutely breathtaking, and he wanted nothing more than to ravish her. His lips found her breasts and slowly, deliberately covered them with moist kisses, his tongue playing with each nipple, until she was overtaken with desire.

One hand moved down her body and between her thighs, and he felt the distinct wetness through her panties. He slipped two fingers under the fabric and over her swollen cunt, back and forth, feeling the moisture coat his fingers.

There lips met again, and he could feel her desire, could see it in her eyes when she looked at him.

With great deliberation he pulled the panties down her thighs, past her knees and off of her feet. He traced his fingers down her legs, and kissed her knees, nudging them apart. His mouth found her drenched, peach-like flesh, and he took her between his lips, his tongue exploring her decadent flesh.

“Oh god,” she cried, “oh, Frederick, yes…yes…that feels so good.” Her body was trembling, and she came quickly, and then came again. He finally pulled away, licking his lips, undid his belt, pushed off his pants and lay against her. She kissed him, tasting herself on his lips, his tongue. She could feel his cock against the inside of her thigh, and longed to feel him inside of her.

He kissed around her face, and her lips again, before whispering “What is your name?”

“What?” She said, taken aback. “You know my name.”

He shook his head and smiled. “K is not a name, it’s a letter in the alphabet. I want to know what it stands for.”

She swallowed and cleared her throat. “Korina,” she said, nervously, “but no one ever calls me that anymore.”

“Korina”, he breathed, and kissed her. He smiled and said it again, “Korina”.

“Is this something we really need to talk about right now?”

“Of course it is,” he said quietly, and then bent his head and suckled each breast slowly, deliberately dragging his teeth across her nipples. “You are so beautiful…and you taste so incredibly good…the least I can do is know your name…I should know the name of this perfect woman who I’m about to make love to.”

With that, his cock penetrated her, and he thrust himself as deep as he could, and she closed her eyes as her legs wrapped around his.

“You feel so good,” he whispered, his shaft stroking in and out of her, slow at first, but then quicker, sharper, their lips quickly entwined. He put an arm tightly around her waist, pulling her back off of the couch, the head of his cock high inside her cunt. They held on, riding each other hard, swept up in the simple pleasure that two bodies could create when they became one.

Frederick’s actions were out of his control, it was so natural in fact that he knew he wouldn’t be able to stop; all he needed was this, all he needed was to make love to her. As his shaft thickened with anticipation, he focused everything on the feel of her pussy, and when he finally exploded, he gripped the couch around her and forced himself even higher inside of her, until tears silently slipped from the corner of her eyes. He collapsed onto her, and could feel her heart beating desperately.

Finally, he pulled a blanket from the back of the couch and covered their bodies. She moved comfortably into his arms, her head against his chest, and they lapsed into silence.

“I don’t know what to say,” she finally exhaled.

“Well, then don’t say anything.

“I just—I can’t believe we…”

“Don’t over think it.” He kissed her neck softly.

“Well, but what are we supposed to do now?”

He chuckled. “Whatever you want to do. We can stay right where we are, we can go back to my place, I can get up and leave—”

“No,” she interjected, “I don’t want you to go.”

He kissed her lips. “I can make love to you again,” he said quietly, looking her in her eyes.

“Stop it,” she said, blushing.

He nuzzled closer. “So you’ve never thought about it? This was just a fluke? You’ve never thought about me before?” He was doing it again, looking her in the eye. “You’ve never noticed the way that I look at you?”


“I’m just asking. Be honest.”

He was too good looking to look at as far as she was concerned, with eyes that bore into her. His frame was perfectly muscular, and the five o’clock shadow across his chiseled face gave him a look that was irresistible.

“It’s not something that I paid attention to.”

“So, you did notice.”

She sighed, “yes, I did. But I keep my professional life separate from my personal one, so I ignored it, and after I while, I just forgot about it.”

“I’ve never forgotten it.”


“Yes. I think about how beautiful you are every morning you walk into this office.”

“You don’t have to flatter me.”

“I know that, it’s not flattery. You’re by far the smartest, and most beautiful woman I have ever met.”

“You never once attempted to ask me out.”

“And why would I do something like that? You wouldn’t have ever said yes; I’ve worked with you long enough to know that.”

“So I’m not approachable.”

“I’m sure some men might think so, but it’s not what I meant. I just meant, I know you keep your professional separate form your personal, and I respect that.”

“Yes well, we just crossed that line, didn’t we?”

“We did,” he affirmed, “and I hope, more than anything, it brought you pleasure.” She smiled and he kissed her, pulling their bodies together again.

“It did,” she said softly, “you did.”

He moved back suddenly, breathing heavily, and sat on the couch.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

He shook his head and smiled, “nothing. I don’t want to smother you.”

Korina sat up next to him, and the blanket slipped to her waist, revealing her perfect breasts. She pulled herself onto her knees, and straddled his lap. She slowly lowered herself onto his legs.

“You’re not smothering me,” she said. Frederick took a deep breath and his hands roamed over her body, touching every inch of her. One hand moved across her pussy and ever so gently touched her clit, rubbing it just hard enough so that she finally raised her hips and came back down again on his throbbing, hot cock. He kissed her heavily, unable to stop. He was thrusting his shaft in and out and she moved in an entrancing rhythm on top of him. His fingers played with her breasts and she moved faster, and he thrust harder, deeper. Her arms were around his neck, and his around her waist, and the passion continued to climb until it finally crashed down on them both, and he gripped her shuddering frame as her pussy convulsed all around his cock.

“Oh god,” she sighed as their bodies slowed. She leaned into him and he kissed her neck.

“Did I hurt you?” he asked.

“No,” she said, “you certainly didn’t do that.”

He lifted his back from the couch and kissed her lips. “We need to get out of here,” he said.

Frederick lived on the other side of downtown Philly towards the industrial area, which was now booming in real estate. He’d opted to purchase a penthouse in what looked like an old, cement building. He liked the contrast of the industrial exterior and the modern interior.

“Please,” he said, “come in,” and stepped back from the entryway.

She hesitated for just a moment and then accepted his invitation.

“Amazing.” He heard her breathe and turned to find her slowly turning, taking in his space, “this place is stunning, really.” She said.

“Thanks.” He said, as he scooped her into his arms and kissed her passionately. He was devilishly handsome, and his hazel eyes bore right into her; she felt she could hide nothing. He touched her face, and gently kissed her forehead, then her right cheek, then carefully her left. Before she could think to object, he turned and kissed her lips, softly at first, and then he felt himself lean into her, his tongue slipped in and played with hers. The kiss deepened, and she felt a shiver through her body.

“Now what?” she breathed, gripping his shirt.

“Now I’m going to take you to my bed, and I am going to do every thing I can possibly think of to make you cum.” He pushed her gently against the wall behind her, his muscular frame against hers.

“First,” he said kissing her, “I’m going to make love to you, and second, “we’re going to have great sex,” he kissed her again, this time pushing his tongue devilishly between her soft, warm lips. “And then,” he said, wrapping his arms around her waist and lifting her off the ground as his pelvis pushed her thighs open, “I’m going to fuck you, and you’re going to like it.”

They moved down the hall and into his room, and he focused on nothing but her; he pushed off her jacket, unbuttoned her blouse, pushed down her skirt, and she too pulled his clothes off until they stood, naked, in front of each other. Her wide, deep brown eyes seemed to search his as she drew her arms into her chest. He smiled, bent towards her again, and hesitated right before he pressed his lips into hers. Finally she put her arms around his neck as they moved together to the bed.

He kissed her neck and each perfect breast, taking his time as his tongue played with one, and then the other. He could hear her breathing, hear her gasp, hear her whisper his name. As they pushed closer to each other suddenly his hardened cock rested between her thighs, just against her sex. Their lips tangled together, he slid his shaft slowly, steadily into her hot, wet pussy, until it could go no further. He could feel her silken flesh spasm all around him, and she dug her fingers into his shoulders, nearly climaxing at the very start. Fredrick was still, and kissed her face slowly until the ecstasy she felt subsided, and their bodies moved together once more.

“Korina”, he exhaled as he kissed her ear. She shuddered at the sensation, and his stroke quickened, and then after a time, it quickened again. She pressed her legs around his, and laced her fingers through his as finally, they came together, the climax lasting for an eternity. He held her in his arms and they lay in silence. Within minutes they both drifted to sleep.

He pulled the sheet down to her waist and rubbed each breast, played with each nipple. Frederick bent his head and sucked gently. She moaned, and twisted her body in his direction. He wanted to play with her, to find out what gave her body pleasure. His lips and fingers roamed eagerly over her nipples, and she awoke, startled, gasping, her body turning this way and that. He kissed her deeply, taking in her tongue and enjoying its taste, while his hand traced circles down her body and back up again. His tongue found her nipples again as he cupped a hand firmly against her. The feel of his hand between her thighs was enough. It was hardly a whisper when she said, “I want to feel you.”

Her pussy was throbbing as his fingers barely toyed with the wet, soft flesh. He dragged his fingers across her clit as her hands gripped the bed. Still his tongue remained on her breasts, occasionally finding her lips for a deep, playful kiss. Unable to contain his desires or thoughts, he slowly pressed his fingers inside of her. Her legs shook slightly and he took a deep breath, placed his thumb on her clit and again she pressed towards him and he pushed the fingers, pulled, pushed and pulled until he had found a good rhythm. He pulled his lips from her body and watched her face, her eyes squeezed closed as his fingers surged in, out, in, out. He could feel her pussy getting wetter and knew that she was enjoying his touch. He rolled his thumb around her clit and this seemed to nearly drive her over the edge, her mouth opened, but only gasps emerged.

“Oh God…”

“Tell me baby”, he whispered to her.

“Frederick.” She mumbled as one hand gripped the bed sheets.

Finally she opened her eyes and he brought his face close to hers.

He loved the sound of her panting, the look in her eyes, and the utter desire across her face made his dick as hard as it had ever been.

He quickened his pace a bit; fingers moving faster, the thumb against her clit pressed harder still.

“I…I-“, she gasped.

He understood and obliged with a kiss just as she climaxed. He pulled his lips away to enjoy the sound of her moaning as she came, and pressed his fingers even deeper.

Frederick was on his stomach, lower and lower he went, until finally she felt his breath against her, and pressed his face down into her soft cunt, licking and sucking until she was panting out of control.

“That feels so good,” she whispered, “so good, oh God Frederick, don’t stop, don’t stop.” Korina settled into the pleasure, and after some time, she felt a warmth rising in her chest. She was moaning now, and the sound was enough to make him moan, which vibrated against her pussy and made her gasp out his name a few times. He gripped her hips and spread her legs even wider and gently pulled at her cunt, causing her clit to push out even further. He seized it between his lips. He could feel her hips beginning to shudder and knew that soon she would not be able to control it.

“That’s it,” she finally squealed, panting heavily, “that’s it…right there…don’t stop, oh, oh, oh! Please, baby, please, oh God please don’t stop.” She was thrashing about and he held her hips, until finally she screamed as she came. He stayed there a few moments more, making certain that she was undone, and then finally, he kissed his way back up her stomach to her breasts and teased each nipple again, not willing to give her a moment to catch her breath.

Their lips met again and she put her arms around his broad shoulders; he pulled her closer, and as their tongues mingled he rolled to his back, taking her with him. He ran his hands slowly down her back and over her tight, soft ass, his cock between them. She straddled him; as he continued exploring with his hands, now her tight crevice was exposed, and each time his hands came to her ass he pressed his middle finger gently but firmly over its split. She responded with a deep, passionate kiss, and then lifted herself on her knees, and reached between them to his hardened shaft. The feel of her warm hand around his cock made him exhale. She gripped the pillows on either side of his head and gently lowed herself closer. He could not stop himself from penetrating and held his breath as the sensations enveloped him. For a moment, neither moved, both enjoying how perfectly their bodies fit together.

He ran his fingers through her hair, and she bent her head to kiss him again; his cock was pulsing inside of her and they could both feel the sensation. Frederick began to slowly move his hips back and forth, and she immediately responded. After a few minutes he thrust harder and she gasped, one hand now firmly against his chest as she raised herself a bit. He looked up at her, the curls falling over her eyes as she bit her lower lip slightly. Finally her other hand met his chest and she braced herself as she pushed and pulled her pelvis over his.

“Korina,” he whispered. He grabbed her ass and pressed his finger into her tight split again; slowly steadily, he pushed it further, so that just the tip of his finger had penetrated her. She threw her head back and her hands moved off his chest. She was sitting up now, pushing her ass into his finger, moving on his cock in a extraordinarily divine rhythm; he took his free hand, licked his fingers and began caressing her breasts, playing with each nipple, and as he did.

“Can you make yourself cum?” he whispered. Her hands moved lower, her fingers rubbing her pussy as she moved faster, as his finger pressed in deeper, his cock swelling inside of her silken, warm flesh.

He repositioned himself so that he was sitting up, and with his face now closer to hers, he took full advantage and kissed her, running his tongue around each lip, then pushing it between them and into hers. After a few minutes he felt his cock get hot, and began grunting with each thrust. She was panting again—god he loved that sound, a shallow, quick breath—and they stayed there, enjoying the feel of each other.

He felt her body begin to shake and instinctively wrapped an arm around her waist. Her cunt began to tighten around his shaft and her head fell back, they moved faster and he suddenly felt her cum, and she cried out in pleasure. She collapsed into him and he pulled her down, they rolled to one side and he gripped her, thrusting his cock again and again. Her legs wrapped around his, her arms back around his shoulder, and she held onto him as he fucked her until he came. It took some minutes for their bodies to finally be still, and they lay together, breathing hard, holding each other tightly.

His shaft was still rock hard, buried deep inside of her, her leg draped over his thigh. He leaned down, resting his head on her, his mind racing, overtaken by the pleasure being with her made.

He realized that he was fantasizing about her in that moment, even as they lay motionless, he was thinking about fucking her, and unaware, his cock pulsed inside of her like electricity and she drew in a sharp breath. He raised his head and looked at her face and she bent and kissed him seductively. He longed to stay exactly where he was, and barely moved inside of her, their bodies remained pressed together as tightly as they could. The head of his cock was brushing against her g spot and Korina felt she could barely breathe, like her body was no longer under her control. She held onto him, her head as far back as it could go, and he enjoyed the taste of her breasts, her neck and her lips. Both of their bodies were piqued with excitement as he just barely thrust his dick high inside of her, every sound she made dripped of sex. As his mind continued to supplement what his body was experiencing Frederick felt his cock swelling, and he had to move faster, and found his hands gripping fistfuls of her hair, and again he moved faster and when his dick exploded in her already soaked pussy he was nearly shouting, and she came again, cunt in spasms that seemed to never end.

Before he could finish emptying himself into her, he pulled back, and turned her around, so that her ass was revealed to him as she sat on her knees. Unable to resist he bent and kissed each plump mound, and then pressed a finger into her tight crevice. He took his dick in his other hand and rubbed the head around her pussy, pushing it in, then pulling it all the way out, pushing the head in, and pulling it out, then pushing even deeper, and then pulling all the way out…the feeling, the sounds she made, the thoughts running through his mind, its no wonder cum randomly shot from his cock without warning every few minutes.

She moved from her hands and her knees to just her knees, now upright her back against his chest, he pushed his dick deep into her with all his power and she squealed with delight, grabbing the head board in front of her with both hands. He held her hips and plunged in and out of her, then, his hands slipped to her belly, down to her sex and his fingers found her engorged, wet clit and began to rub it heavily. She came almost instantly, but he didn’t stop, and she came again, and turned her head towards him, kissing him deeply. With one hand on her breast, one playing with her pussy and his cock digging into her at top speed, she came again, and this time so did he.

Finally he fell back, and she sunk to her stomach. The energy between them was palpable. He moved closer to her and kissed her face, her neck, the back of her shoulders, down her back, up again to her shoulders, her neck and her face. He ran his fingers down her back, over her ass, and in between her thighs to her pussy, rubbing softly. She moaned and pushed her own hands down her belly to her moist flesh. He watched her for a few minutes, listening to her as she got off, and grabbed his cock, he quietly pulled and pushed on it, until overcome with desire he pulled himself over her and straddled her body on his hands and knees, shaft still in hand, pressed against her ass and its tight slit. She raised her head and they shared another deep kiss, and he pushed his dick towards her ass again, and she seemed to trap his bottom lip, biting it gently. Her fingers were now beating against her clit and her eyes were nearly glossy with the rush that was swelling inside of her. The head of his cock found her crevice and pushed into it. Amazingly it gave, coated with slippery cum, and she jumped under him as he heard a distinct giggle, and she sucked on his lip. Frederick has never done something like this before, nor had he ever quite desired to, but at this moment getting in her ass was all he could think of. He pressed on slowly, gently, not wanting to overwhelm her, or hurt her, or break the spell they had both fallen under. The sensation was overwhelmingly tight, hot and wet, and for a moment he didn’t breathe. When he finally took in a cool breath its as if he lost control, her ass felt so good, she was repeatedly shuddering beneath him as she got herself off with her fingers between her legs. It lasted less than 5 minutes and he could hold back no more, and just as he pulled his cock from her it exploded, cum shooting out across her back as he gripped her shoulders. He collapsed next to her and she turned, laying her head on his chest as he draped his arms around her.

Frederick was stunned when he awoke the next morning and found that he was alone; Korina had left sometime in the night. He stared at the ceiling above his bed for an endless amount of time, until finally he threw the covers aside and got up, walked into the bathroom and flipped on the shower; he was suddenly eager to get to work.

It was just over an hour later when he stepped from the elevator and walked down the hall to his office. The outer doors to Korina’s office were closed, as were the joint doors inside his office. He turned to her secretary.

“Is she-?”

“She’s in a meeting, you’ll have to wait, she was specific that she not be disturbed.”

Frederick sighed and walked back into his office and sat behind his desk. Twenty minutes passed, then thirty, then an hour. Finally, after another twenty minutes, he heart Korina’s office door open and he jumped up and rushed to the hall, nearly bumping into, not Korina as he’d hoped, but instead someone he never expected to see: Tom Reynolds.

“Whoa!” Tom said moving back.

“No it’s my fault,” Frederick said, “I’m sorry about that man, I wasn’t paying attention.”

“Not a problem,” Tom said.

Suddenly Korina was standing between them.

“Tom Reynolds,” Tom said, holding his hand out to Frederick.

“Frederick Montgomery”, he responded, shaking his hand.

“Of course, of course, K has told me all about you, says your dissection of law is brilliant.”

“Well thank you,” he said, “she’s pretty brilliant herself.”

“That she is”, Tom said smiling at Korina, “7:30 then?” he said to her.

She gave a curt nod and he turned to leave.

“Good to meet you Frederick”.

“You too Tom,” he replied, shaking his hand again.

“7:30?” He asked, turning towards her after he’d gone.

“I have a meeting with Benter,” she said, turning away and walking back into her office.

Ravenwood Manor was much too stuffy for Frederick, all very much about money and appearances, two things he cared little about. All the same, it made the clients feel important and none of them ever seemed to bring up the fact that it was ultimately their money that went to fund these extravagant events. The most influential people in all of Pennsylvania belonged to the club, and if they weren’t on the current client list, they had been clients at some point in the past. It was a good opportunity to rub elbows and network, and most importantly, bring in new money; everyone needs a lawyer at some point.

He had been there for over an hour before he caught sight of Korina in a tasteful black lace cocktail dress that went just below her knees. She stood with Tom Reynolds and Benter, where she remained for most of the night. ,He thought back to the night before, thought of her sweet smell, and the way her lips tasted…thought of the way her skin felt on his fingers. He took a deep breath and then drained his glass, setting it on the bar, signaling to the bartender.

“Yes Mr. Montgomery?”

He pulled out his credit card and handed it to him. “I’d like a room tonight if one is available.”

“I’m certain we can find you something, let me speak to the manager.”

He filled Frederick’s glass before walking away.

Just then James came over with a young, scantly clad woman on his arm.

“Frederick this is Kiki.” He said.

He smiled at James and shook the woman’s hand.

“So nice to meet you,” she said.


“Yes, Kiki has been temping at the firm this week, helping out the receptionist.”

“Ah, I see.”

“And what is going on with you man? Your woman is over there looking pretty nice.”

“She’s not my woman.”

“Technicalities,” James said, “you lack all smoothness man, every time I look at you, you’re looking at her, but I am not judging you.”


“Kiki and I are going now, we’ve had enough with the fuddy duddies, right Kik?”

“Yeah.” She said.

“You two have fun.” Frederick said.

“You do the same, please.”

As James walked out to the hall, the bartender returned and handed him his credit card and a room key.

“Sir you are one floor up in 232 overlooking the lake.” “Thank you.” He said, taking the key.

Benter was signaling to him and he crossed the room. He was standing with K, Tom, and a man he didn’t recognize.

“Frederick this is Henry Stewart, Henry this is the attorney I told you about, Frederick Montgomery.”

“Very nice to meet you,” Henry said, shaking his hand.

Benter nodded towards K, “these two are giving opening arguments next week on the Roles case, remember I told you about that?”

“Yes of course, good luck, I hear it will set precedent for generations to come.”

“It better.” K said.

“Come Henry, I need to introduce you to the other partners,” Benter said as the two men turned away.

“Who was that?” he asked.

“Old college friend.”

Tom cleared his throat loudly between them. “Good to see you again Frederick.”

“You too Tom, do you mind if I borrow K for a minute? Shop talk, you know how it is.”

“Sure, sure, I was just heading to the bar. Get you anything?” he asked her. K shook her head and lifted her glass, reminding him she already had one, and he walked away.

“What’s going on?” he asked.

She shrugged, “One last, desperate attempt to salvage the unsalvageable, I suppose.”

Frederick wasted no time and pressed the card key discretely into her hand.

“What is this?” She asked, puzzled.

“232”, he said, “leave the door unlocked.” He moved back across the room to the bar, passing Tom, and watched her. She looked down at the key and then slipped it into her purse. After what seemed like an eternity she said something to Tom, crossed the room, handed her empty glass to a waiter, and walked out of the hall beyond his sight. He smiled to himself as he sipped his drink, and glanced at his watch.

Ten minutes later Frederick was climbing the stairs two at a time. He found room 232 at the end of the hall and knocked softly before opening the door. It was a spacious, richly furnished room. The lights were off and she was standing in front of the window. He closed the door and moved to her quickly, grabbing her hips and pulling her into him.

He kissed her passionately and then said, “I was worried about you when I woke up this morning.”

“I’m sorry.”

She pushed the jacket to his tux off of him and he opened his bow tie. His hands moved firmly down her back and over her plump, tight ass. He grabbed two fistfuls of her dress and pulled it up past her knees.

“I want you,” he said, her dress continuing to rise, “I want to feel you right now”, he gripped her lace panties and pulled them down.

Korina couldn’t speak, too overwhelmed, and instead kissed him, longingly.

There was a table close to them and he pushed a chair aside and backed her into it and unzipped her dress. It fell effortlessly to the floor and she kicked it aside. He ran his hands up her arms, over her breasts, rubbing her nipples as she shuddered. He kissed her lips, and then her neck. He unclasped her lace bra and ran his tongue over her warm skin, down her stomach to her nearly bare sex. She could feel his breath hot against her thighs and looked down just in time to see him kiss here there…first just once, and then again and again, until finally she could feel his tongue licking at her plump flesh. She moved her legs farther apart, and he grabbed one leg and guided it over his shoulder. She gripped the edge of the table as his lips wrapped around her swollen pearl.

“Oh god,” she cried, “oh Frederick…yes…yes, right there baby, right there…oh…mmmm, yes baby…” her head fell back as she continued to gasp, but before she could climax he pulled away and stood in front of her.

Frederick undid his belt and slacks and she heard them fall to the floor, and suddenly his shaft was pushing into her cunt and she cried out, clinging to his body. The feel of her around him took his breath away, she was absolutely dripping with desire, it felt warm, soft, wet, so good in fact that he wasted no time, pushing short, strong strokes high inside of her as her gasps got louder. He finally put a hand gently over her mouth as she peaked, pussy quivering around his shaft as cum shot from its head inside of her. He dropped his hand and she leaned into him, her eyes closed.

She was tense with excitement and whispered, “again.”

The word had barely left her lips and he pulled his cock from her, he turned her around, her back to him, and leaned into her as she bent over the table. She turned her head and kissed him desperately.

His hand was around his dick and he put his lips to her ear as he felt for her supple flesh.

She was pushing her ass against his cock, her hands against the table, “mmm…please…please,” she said as he pushed back into her wet cunt. He put an arm around her waist and held onto her as he moved inside of her, her hips shaking.

Frederick had no idea that this would feel so good, and he knew that much of the pleasure came from doing something they both knew they shouldn’t be doing at all…when he thought of where they were, thought of the people downstairs who had no idea what was happening, he felt like if he breathed, everyone would hear him. He plunged into her at a rapid pace, and she straightened, leaning into his chest, the back of her head on his shoulder. His fingers pulled at her nipples playfully and she could stave off the climax no more and gripped his arm as her body lost all control. He held onto her, his cock surging in and out.

“Harder!” She gasped.

He tightened his grip and piled into her until he eventually exploded, his chest heaving against her back as she climaxed again.

He pulled her across the room to the bed and they sunk onto the mattress together. He leaned his head on her shoulder and closed his eyes, “that was incredible,” he breathed. He pulled his body over hers, “do you want to go back to the party?”

“What party?” she whispered, kissing him seductively.

“What about Tom?”

“Tom who?”

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