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Lasting Friends

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“I can’t believe that you two are leaving me next week. You guys are just the most horrible people in the world.”

“We know, its what adds to our charm.” Jason flashed his award winning smile.

“I’m serious, you two don’t know how much my life is going to suck after you guys move off to college.” Together, that’s the worst part Chelsea thought to herself.

The two boys, Blake and Jason, were sitting on the couch at her parents house as she sprawled across them her head in Blake’s lap. She stretched hoping the act of subterfuge would perish the thought of them leaving her behind out of her mind. Blake had dark blond hair that was longish and deep eyes. Jason had short brown hair, both were in great shape with tight trim bodies. Chelsea a short brunette, green eyes and legs to kill for. Not to mention a nice ‘rack’ as Blake always called it to spite her.

“Don’t worry, we won’t be far, it’s only a couple hours away, and there is always the telephone.” Blake tried reason to cheer her up.

“It’s not the same. I need you with me at all times after all we’re connected at the hip.”

“Well at the pelvis anyway.” Jason retorted. “You two are anyway. I haven’t had any since Greg and I broke up.” She tried to make light of it. She didn’t mind that her two best friends had sex together, she just wished they wouldn’t mention it so much.” So anyway, “she sat up between the two, “tell me about how you were almost caught by Blake’s homophobe brother. You never did finish the story.

“Well,” started Blake, “we told you about how we thought we had a few hours before anyone would be home at my place so Jason and I decided that we could do whatever we wanted whenever we wanted.”

“Right, we got that far, then what.” Chelsea loved hearing stories about Blake and Jason’s exploits. They were so outrageous sometimes. They would make love in the most obvious places and never get caught. Once Jason went down on Blake in a restaurant. He slipped under the table and sucked him off. No one noticed, not even the waiter who took Blake’s order. It was enough to make Chelsea almost forget her feelings for Blake. Blake was bisexual and Jason was a full fledged homosexual. Jason didn’t seem to concerned about Blake’s orientation, not like some who didn’t trust the fidelity of bisexuals on a whole. Jason trusted Blake which was a solid foundation for there relationship. It made her feel better that they were both happy and comfortable with each other, it made the three of them better friends.

“Okay, we had been chasing each other in the buff and ended up in Blake’s room,” Jason continued, “when we heard Brian walking upstairs. We had no idea that he had come home or what to do because we had to keep our suspicious actions from Brian’s prying eyes. Blake, in a stroke of genius, tears the sheets off the bed wraps us up in them like Greek gods and begins reciting ‘Antigone’.”

“And you said junior year Greek Lit was a waste of time.” Blake nudged Chelsea. She nudged him back. “Anyway, true to form, Brian comes barging in the room takes one looks at us and shakes his head.”

“After I recited about three lines of the opening piece he calls us nerds and leaves.”

“I can’t believe he didn’t notice your erection. I had been stroking you pretty hard and it the result was making a nice tent out of your toga.” Chelsea just laughed, Jason was blunt, you got used to it after awhile.

“You know, Brian is notorious for barging in on people when they’re trying to get it on. He almost did the same thing to us once.” Chelsea remembered.

“Boy that was awhile ago. Chelsea, I think that was the time we lost our virginity to each other.” Blake sat back looking into the mists of time. “After we hid in the shower. I surprised our echoes didn’t alert the whole neighborhood to what we were doing.”

Blake looked wistfully into her eyes, “You were my first.” Chelsea returned the gaze, “You were mine too.” They both sighed together with matching dopey smiles then broke into giggles.

“And here all this time I thought I was your first,” Jason broke in. “My first man and my only man.” Blake stretched behind Chelsea and gave Jason a deep meaningful kiss. Chelsea watched them for a moment then turned away. As good of friends as they were a pang of jealousy crept in once in a while still. The boys broke away and Jason noticed her staring at the floor.

“Hey, girl don’t you even start feeling left out.” He lifted her chin and gave her a quick kiss. She smiled at him. “You flirt. I would almost think you were as bi as Blake over here.” She patted Blake’s knee.

“Puh-leese. You are the one and only woman I will kiss.” They giggled. “Hey! Where’s mine.” She turned and kissed Blake. Their kiss lasted a few moments longer. She slipped her tongue between his lips and quickly darted it around the tip of his own before ending it. She took a breath and pushed back feelings that were starting to well up. “Okay, whoa boys. Keep this up and it could go places.”

“Chelsea I love you but…no.” He said it with all humor, but did she detect a small hint of real hesitation? Or was she just horny? They all sat back and were silent for a while. Blake and Jason were going to the University next week and Chelsea was staying put at the small community college. They both got academic scholarships, Blake to be an English major and Jason looking into Political Science, Chelsea was going into Veterinary Sciences. The boys were both excited to be going to the university(and by some quirk of fate, the same dorm room) and she was happy for them but it still made her a bit sad. They had been friends for so long, Blake and her had grown up together, Jason came along their freshman year. They all been close from the start. Just before they met Jason, Chelsea and Blake were dating. They were afraid that by dating it would change their friendship but after they agreed to lose their virginity to each other they realized that nothing could separate them as friends. They used to have marathon sessions of sex, sucking and fucking for hours until they had to get cleaned up so not to get caught by parents or siblings.

After they met Jason, Blake decided that he just wanted to maintain a friendship. Chelsea always wondered if it was because of Jason, but Blake insisted that it wasn’t. She had to admit that she did miss the physical even these few years later. She had yet to meet anyone who could eat pussy like he could. But she loved them both no matter what and they loved her. But there was always something nagging at her. One last issue that needed addressed.

“Since you guys are leaving me stuck here in this hellish place on Monday, I have a request to make.” She tried to sound confident but she in reality she couldn’t believe what she was about to ask. It was something that she always fantasized about and this was her last chance to see it for real.

“Sure, anything you want.” Jason sat up.

She was quiet for a moment, “Now you two can’t laugh. I want to watch you two make out.” The boys looked at each other, shocked. Blake went red. “I want to see you guys make out. Don’t ask why, I watch you both kiss and stuff all the time but I want to see more.”

“Um, well,” Blake stammered. He looked to Jason who just shrugged, “Sure, I guess.” She smiled and kissed them both quickly on the lips and jumped up from the couch. She sat on the floor, legs crossed, a few feet from them. She looked up at them eagerly. The boys looked at her then each other. They shrugged and giggled and started kissing. Just when it would start to turn passionate one would open an eye and see Chelsea’s eager face and giggle. Then the other would do it. They were used to doing all sorts of obscene acts in public, but they weren’t used to an attentive audience. Especially one as attentive as Chelsea. She watched them closely and studied them as if she were observing a species in it’s natural habitat. But soon they were able to forget about her and concentrate on each others lips, tongues, ears, and necks.

Blake nibbled on Jason’s soft earlobe as Jason kissed and sucked at his neck. Jason slipped a hand up Blake’s T-shirt and pinched his nipples. Blake moaned in Jason’s ear as his sensitive nipple was rolled and pinched. Blake attacked Jason’s mouth, his tongue dancing around, teasing the tip of Jason’s tongue. Blake kneaded Jason’s crotch as he continued to kiss his boyfriend deep. Jason pulled away and pushed Blake roughly down. They attacked each other’s mouths again. Jason ran his fingers through Blake’s dark blond hair and in response Blake grabbed at Jason’s tight ass.

Both boys were writhing and moaning on the couch when Blake suddenly stopped and looked over at Chelsea. She was still sitting cross-legged with the same eager expression that seemed permanently affixed to her face. Jason looked at her and grinned his killer smile at her, it was then that she realized what she was doing. She looked down at the crotch of her jeans, they were damp and her hand had yet to stop rubbing at it.

“How far do you want us to go?” Blake asked.

“All the way,” She croaked. The boys smiled at each other. “You heard what the lady said,” Blake grinned at Jason a second before he grabbed Jason’s ass again and pulled him to his waiting mouth. Jason pulled away as Blake ripped his shirt up past his muscular pecs and sucked at Jason’s champagne-colored nubs. Jason moaned as his head went back. He started rubbing Blake’s crotch, outlining the raging hard-on his jeans contained. Blake switched nipples and was working it over when Jason pushed him down. He moved back and let Blake sit up then pulled Blake’s shirt over his head, but before Blake could get it over his head compeletly Jason pushed him back down against the couch and nibbled at his hard stomach. Blake laughed as he struggled to get his shirt off during the onslaught of kisses and soft bites.

He got it off just in time to see Jason unbuttoning his 501’s. His breath caught in anticipation as Jason pulled them apart to reveal the large bulge in his Jockey’s. He looked over at Chelsea and was surprised, she had taken her pants off and her sopping panties were in a ball in front of her as she rubbed at her swollen pussy. Wow, he thought to himself, I didn’t realize how hot this made her. She licked her lips as her eyes never left the dome at his crotch. Jason also had the same wanton expression as he licked his lips. It was a peculiar feeling having two people want his cock that bad at the same time but he didn’t mind it at all. Blake hooked his thumbs into the band of his underwear and slowly began to slide them down. At first the thick round head of his cock poked out then the fat smooth shaft revealed itself. Jason looked over at Chelsea and she shook her head furiously, somebody had to suck that cock and do it now.

Jason yanked Blake’s underwear down below his balls and took his 8 inch member into his warm wet mouth. Blake gasped as Jason wrapped his long tongue around the head. Jason licked and sucked at the head until Blake could stand it no longer, he put his hands on the back of Jason’s head and guided it down to the root. Blake’s back arched as Jason kept his lip lock on the base of his cock.

Chelsea could not believe how hot this was making her. She was rubbing at her pussy like a mad woman but it was doing no good, she still felt like she was going to explode. She watched the movements of Jason’s jaw and tongue as he kept Blake’s rod deep in his mouth. She wished she could be doing the same thing but she hated to miss watching this amazing spectacle. Here were her best friends, one of whom she used to screw regularly, they were going at it like animals in heat. And she wanted to join in. Was she wrong to want to do this? Did she care? No.

Jason finally came up for air and Blake finally took a breath himself. Both boys lay there panting until Jason started licking at his scrotum. He traced them seam of it then took each testicle in his mouth and gently sucked at it. He sucked at them some more then went up to the throbbing shaft again. It glistened with his spit still as he started blowing Blake in earnest. Blake started moaning. Then Chelsea started moaning. Her right hand was nothing but a blur as it flew over her clit, her left hand was buried up her shirt as she pinched and squeezed at her large breast. Jason looked up at her and came off Blake’s cock. “Oh, for god sakes Blake, give that woman some satisfaction before she explodes.” Chelsea turned even redder than she was but didn’t stop rubbing. “C’mere babe.” Blake beckoned her over. Slowly she crawled over to him. Juices ran down her thighs as she kneeled by him. He lifted up her shirt and started to suck on her large breasts as she began to moan again. He knew that she loved to have her breasts sucked on and he was always more than happy to do it for her. He nibbled and licked at her angry red nipples just as Jason was doing down at his cock.

He had moved over to the other breast when she stopped him. “You are the best tit sucker I know, hon, but that isn’t what needs attention.” With that she stood on shaky legs and mounted his face. Her aroma was deep and musky as her wet snatch lowered on his face. Jason was giving such a beautiful blow job he tried to transfer it all into eating her hungry pussy. He licked at the lips and just barely flicked her engorged clit when she screamed and pulled his head up to it. He attacked full bore, both because she demanded it and Jason was driving him wild on his cock, and she let out an ear-piercing scream and suddenly came in a huge gush.

Blake felt juices run down the side of his face and it triggered the beginnings of a massive orgasm, it started at the base of his spine and was quickly working it’s way up. He tried to signal Jason, but Chelsea still had his head buried in her brown bush. Jason was going up and down on his shaft like a jack hammer but sprung off it with a pop. With one hand he jacked it up and down as he massaged his shrinking balls with the other. Within moments Blake moaned in Chelsea’s crotch and erupted in huge spurts that seemed never ending. After a moment it stopped and Jason liked some off his hand. Chelsea was resting against the back of the couch panting, she turned as Jason reached around her and gave Blake some of his own cum.

“Hey, don’t I get any?” She pouted. “You, dear, will have to get your own.” Jason replied. She smiled and dismounted his chest. Soon she was licking at and around his cock trying to get all of his salty-sweet stuff. She looked up at saw that Jason had his rod out and Blake was stroking it and giving it an occasional lick. It had to be a good inch or so bigger than Blake’s. “Isn’t it the most beautiful cock you have ever seen?” Blake asked her. “Too bad you get it all to yourself,” she joked back. Jason just rolled his eyes and smiled. Blake was coming back to attention so she started sucking him off as he began giving Jason an even better blow job that the one he just received. Blake licked and nibbled at the shaft for whole minutes, teasing him until Jason couldn’t stand it anymore, then he would engulf it deep into his throat. Jason would groan loudly each time. Blake continued to do this and massage his balls, Jason had to hold on to the couch to keep himself upright.

Chelsea continued to suck on Blake’s cock but she could feel the need within her crotch again. This time she needed something more than her fingers or a tongue, she needed him inside of her. Quickly she mounted him and slid her wet again pussy down on his throbbing pole. Blake moaned in surprise as she began riding him hard. Jason let out his own moaned as Blake was still blowing him like there was no tomorrow. Jason was fucking his face now and all Blake could do was hold on. The whole couch was shaking from Chelsea bouncing up and down on Blake and Jason furiously feeding him his member. Blake felt Jason’s sac tighten up and he knew he was in for a gusher. He clamped his lips a little tighter but Jason pulled out with a pop. “No,” he said panting, “I want to fuck you. I want to fuck you while you are fucking Chelsea.” This took both Blake and Chelsea by surprise. Chelsea had slowed to a gentle rhythm and smiled. The thought of Blake screwing her while Jason was doing him almost made her cum right there. Blake smiled up at him, gave a quick flick to his dick with his tongue and sat up.

Without coming out of Chelsea he was on top of her and gave her a deep kiss. He started going in and out of her and she was making soft whimpering sounds. He always knew which spots to hit. He stopped and she knew that Jason was trying to enter him.

Jason slowly slid the massive head into the tight warm hole. He stopped then slid a few more inches in. He stopped again, pulled out a little then slid in a couple more. Soon he was all the way in and gently moving in and out. Blake had a tight butt and every little movement heightened the pleasure. Soon they were all bucking back and forth. Jason couldn’t hold back any longer and was ramming in and out of his tight ass groaning.

Chelsea felt Blake start to shrink inside her and new that Jason was entering him. She moved her hips around slightly, occasionally he would hit her clit or the various spots inside her that sent pleasure up her spine. Her movements also kept him semi-hard. She felt Jason’s rhythm from behind Blake and felt him get hard again. She loved the feel of a growing cock in her snatch, soon he was fucking her again and she knew no other thing that was closer to heaven with the double pressure of both of her best friends pressing down on her.

They established a cadence with Jason in and out of Blake’s ass and Blake in and out of Chelsea’s pussy. Blake hadn’t felt anything like it before, pure ecstasy from in front and behind. He gave up trying to centralize it and just gave himself to it. The three of them were moaning loudly as they fucked each other, neither felt closer than that moment, both physically and emotionally. Blake felt Jason tense up, let out a moan, and release hot jizz to fill up his ass. Blake loved the feel of Jason’s cum in his ass. Before Jason had finished Chelsea let out another scream and began cumming like crazy, bucking her hips like there was no tomorrow. With Jason’s cum in his ass and Chelsea’s cum around his pole, he couldn’t stand it anymore, he needed to release. But who wanted it? “Guys I’m gonna cum, who wants it?” He managed to grunt. Both of them eagerly replied. Jason pulled out just as quick as Chelsea pulled off of him. They both kneeled at his crotch as they jerked him to the most mind shattering orgasm he had ever had, for a moment he thought he was going to black out. When he regained his sight he looked down and saw them both licking up the rivers and pools up cum that had landed on his crotch and their hands.

After they sat there catching their breath, naked and sweaty, they looked at each other and started laughing. They gave each other a long hug. When they parted Chelsea smiled at them, “Okay, you guys can go, but you have to promise that you will visit a lot. Okay?”

“Okay,” they agreed. “And,” she continued, “so we can do this more often.”

“No problem.”

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