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Krissy Takes A Holiday In The East

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This story was inspired by something I saw while on holiday at this very hotel. I’d not really thought about older women being attractive to me, but couldn’t get this couple out of my mind, unable to figure out their relationship. I swapped glances with the older one – if only she knew what I was fantasising about!


It had been a long hard year at work. Krissy’s business was going great guns and she decided she needed a break. She decided to ask Julia to accompany her, knowing fine well that her young girlfriend would accept and provide suitable ‘entertainment’ to satisfy Krissy’s developing sexual tastes.

A couple of weeks later they found themselves poolside at the fabulous old school Bangkok Oriental Hotel, undoubtedly one of the best hotels in the Far East. They had got over the jetlag in the first day or two and taken in a few sights with the aid of a very pretty local guide, a student who worked as a tour guide to fund her studies.

The guide was obviously confused as to Krissy and Julia’s relationship, close and touchy like sisters, but physically obviously not. They must be friends, but the way they were with each other was not like the other tourists she met. Typically Thai, she was far too polite to ask. Krissy enjoyed teasing her and making her blush and wondered what it would be like to corrupt this innocent young girl with the small boyish frame. She and Julia made love that night after speculating about the guide’s tiny tits and whether or not she would have a shaved pussy or a soft black bush.

Day three and the girls decided just to chill out by the pool and enjoy the hazy sunshine. The pool was a standard 1920’s type, long and rectangular, rather than the resort type which curves and is laid out to provide privacy to sunbathers. Here you sat out on the bed and could see everyone else lying facing the pool. Hidden behind sunglasses Krissy was able to watch the wealthy patrons of the Oriental enjoying the fruits of their labours. Mostly it was couples or wives on their own, but fortunately no kids – it just wasn’t that kind of hotel thank God.

One couple confused Krissy. In fact they didn’t look like a couple at all, mother and daughter perhaps? One was a slim brunette, about 19 years old, beautifully tanned and resplendent in a small bright red bikini. It wasn’t just her imagination that the girl was capturing the attention of most of the men around the pool, but also her own lover, Julia.

The girl was holidaying with an older woman, early forties, but well kept. She was still toned, though curvaceous with it, her tits at least a D cup and her ass well rounded, but not flabby. The thing that struck Krissy was that the older woman showed no signs of previous pregnancy, any stretch marks or scars, and there was just a little similarity between her and the younger one. Their relationship was clearly not like Krissy’s own with her young partner. She vowed to find out.

It wasn’t hard to do. After lunch she waited to see where the couple set themselves down to catch the afternoon sun. Krissy positioned Julia and herself on the bed next to them. There would be no objection from Julia who was clearly captivated by the slim brunette. When the young girl headed for the pool, Krissy suggested with a knowing look that Julia might like a swim too.

Even in this Krissy had been naughty, getting Julia to wear a white bikini that when wet showed her fantastic nipples in all their glory, the dark circles visible through the wet material and Julia’s erect nipples utterly obvious against the material. Once in the pool, it didn’t take Julia long to strike up a conversation with the girl. Stood against the wall in the shallow end, Julia’s breasts were just above the waterline, and Krissy could see that the brunette was having difficulty in not obviously ogling them.

Both devoid of their young accomplices, it was an easy matter for Krissy to strike up a conversation with the older woman. Soon she learnt that her name was Maggie and the girl, her niece, was Sara. Maggie was a wealthy single woman who had never married and had no family of her own, so had offered to take her sister’s daughter Sara away during her university holidays in England. Her parents were delighted that Maggie would be there to show Sara a bit of the world and look after her.

‘Is she a bit of a handful’ enquired Krissy.

‘Not really, but she is a bit more mature than I give her credit for in some ways’ replied Maggie. ‘I see the way she turns the guys’ heads here – oh how I wish I could still do that so easily…’ she joked.

‘I am sure they are looking when you walk past as well’ complimented Krissy. ‘You have nothing to be ashamed of!’ Krissy wondered if the inference had been understood, but despite Maggie’s blushes, she thought not.

At that moment they were interrupted by the two younger girls returning and towelling themselves down. Did Krissy just clock Maggie taking in Julia’s fabulous tits? After brief introductions, Sara spoke.

‘Maggie, Julia is going to show me the suite that she is staying in – it sounds awesome. We’ll probably be down for a drink soon. See ya!’

Krissy looked at Julia and smiled – she knew what was happening. ‘Have a great time the two of you and if there is anything you want, just charge it to the room. I’ll send out the search parties if you aren’t back by supper time’. Laughing and chatting they headed off leaving Krissy and Maggie to talk.

Krissy suggested that they might enjoy a cocktail or two while they chatted and sure enough this seemed to really relax Maggie, the conversation flowing ever easier. Krissy had pulled their beds closer together and from behind her sunny’s was able to fully appreciate the physical charms of her new friend. Maggie’s tits were huge, a fabulous cleavage encased in a pale blue bikini. The fact that she could easily get away with this style showed that time and nature had been kind to her.

Maggie had long brown hair which she repeatedly brushed over her head in an incredibly unconscious but sexy way. Her full lips looked good enough to eat and it was all Krissy could do not to kiss her there and then. This was truly the first time that Krissy had looked at an older woman in this way.

A couple of hours had passed and there was no sign of Julia and Sara, not that they were missed. Krissy thought that Julia would probably be getting to know Sara very well by now…

Inevitably the conversation came round to relationships. Krissy asked why Maggie was not married and got the straightforward response of career had come first and it was all probably a bit late to worry about now. Maggie was bursting to ask the same question back, but could not have banked on the answer she would receive.

‘Never quite met the right chap – anyway I’m now having far too much fun as a single girl. I get to play with who I want when I want…’ Krissy left the last comment hanging.

Maggie fell into the trap laid. ‘So who is Julia then? Is she your niece or something?’

‘Er no, nothing like that…’ smiled Krissy as she prepared to drop the bombshell ‘…she is my lover. I have been fucking her for a few months now – amongst others, men and girls’.

Maggie’s face was a picture. ‘You mean you actually sleep together’ she said rhetorically. Krissy nodded. Maggie was struggling to regain her composure and stammered a couple of comments along the lines of her not looking like a lesbian. Eventually a mix of the cocktails and curiosity took over. ‘So why, how, what do you do?’

Krissy began gently with a straightforward admission that making love to a woman was pretty straightforward and utterly pleasurable, before letting Maggie know that she could tell her some more extreme stories if she wished.

‘I’m not sure Krissy – I’ve never really thought about this before…’ However curiosity was clearly getting the better of her. ‘I suppose it would be interesting to know though…’ she said, blushing at her own forwardness, then again not thinking for a second that Krissy would be as graphic as she was.

Krissy told her almost everything. She continued as she could see that Maggie was riveted to her every word, hands and fingers idly touching her body, though never overtly sexually, Krissy knew that the conversation was turning her new friend on.

Suddenly it was dawning on Maggie that her niece was upstairs with a girl who liked to sleep with girls. ‘Oh my god, will they being doing those things?’ she spluttered. Krissy simply took her hand and said to follow.

Up in the suite, Krissy opened one door that lead through into what was a lounge area. Her suite had two bedrooms, but one of them was obviously in use from the moans and purring that were emanating from it. Krissy raised her finger to Maggie’s lips, warning her to be quiet. As instructed, Julia had left the door open a little – Krissy had wanted at least a glimpse of that fabulous slim brunette body, her tiny tits a perfect opposite to Julia’s.

And what a view it was. Sara was flat on her back, eyes screwed closed crying out obscenities and instructions to Julia, who in turn was diving into Sara’s trimmed bush with all of her newly gained skills. It was quite likely that a finger was rammed up inside Sara’s ass, judging from their positions and the appreciative noises coming from her lover.

Maggie was transfixed – she was watching a fabulous young woman feasting on her own niece, who herself was undeniably beautiful. Faced with her niece’s nakedness, Maggie was forced to admit to herself that she had always somewhat more than admired the young relative’s body, but never had she dreamt she would see it in action this way.

After watching spellbound for a few minutes, Krissy eased Maggie away from the door and led her out of the suite by the hand. ‘Let’s go to your room and talk about this eh?’ said Krissy with a smile on her face. Talking was the last thing she had on her mind…

Once in side the room Krissy began her seduction proper without delay. She could tell how turned on Maggie was and knew she would take very little persuading. ‘Pretty horny sight wasn’t it?’ she enquired rhetorically, and at the same time reaching out and stroking Maggie’s face.

‘I…I…never thought…god, I can’t believe I was watching all that’ she stammered looking at Krissy in a way that demanded acceptance that this was okay to feel.

Krissy came in for the kill – ‘Of course watching is rarely as much fun as doing’ at which point she eased forward and kissed Maggie full on the lips for a few moments longer than polite. ‘Nobody need ever know if you are worried, but I suggest you take the holiday spirit and just go with it. It looks like Sara won’t be missing you for a while yet’.

The mere mention of Sara’s name inflamed both of their passions, Krissy just the pure lust for a fit young women, Maggie’s an altogether deeper stimulus. They kissed again and Krissy pushed Maggie towards the bed. Before they tumbled backwards Krissy flicked open the catch on the older woman’s bikini top. A small step back and a gaze at the breasts she had been dying to see revealed something different to the other girls Krissy had fucked. Maggie’s tits were big and round, the nipples just starting to point slightly downwards, already semi erect despite the warmth. Krissy’s hands could do nothing but brush across them from bottom to top, tracing the lines and shape of them as she resumed her passionate kissing.

Maggie was a passenger now, her head a swirl of images of her gasping niece, Julia’s anus and pussy so rudely displayed and now of her own body being taken by this gorgeous slim blonde. She had never really thought of women so sexually before and yet here she was with her mind full of pussy and breasts, assholes and smooth soft skin. She was realising how much she wanted to be taken, no more than that, be fucked remorselessly, abandoning all previous notions of what was right and wrong.

She reached behind Krissy and undid her top. ‘Let me see you naked’ she whispered to her lover. Krissy smiled a knowing smile and dropped her top, stood up to let Maggie see her tiny A-cup chest certain that the contrast with Maggie’s large soft breasts would turn Maggie on. Sure enough the gasp and the tentative outreaching hand confirmed her idea.

Not wishing to lose momentum and hugely turned on herself she quickly removed her G-string bottoms to reveal her tiny tuft of blonde pubic hair above an otherwise baby smooth pussy. ‘And you’ Krissy whispered as she reached over and slid down Maggie’s bottoms. Delightfully she was well groomed but had a full pussy, and an aroused one at that judging from the aroma that told the blonde that her partner was ready.

Not wishing to tempt embarrassment at their nakedness, Krissy tumbled them to the bed. Kissing was quickly followed by hands squeezing and stroking breasts, bums, legs, stomachs and hair as both women found their way around each other. Eventually Krissy decided to get serious with their loving and slid a finger right through the middle of Maggie’s pussy causing her partner to nearly explode there and then.

She pushed on relentlessly, soon two, then three fingers twisting in and out of the soaking slit, thumb brushing clit, mouth ducking to breasts and neck. Maggie was powerless to resist as Krissy slid down the bed to the holy grail of concession from Maggie. As if to confirm what she was about to do Krissy offered a couple of fingers, freshly covered her lovers’ own juices to Maggie, who in turn eagerly tasted herself on them.

For Maggie this was all a blur, her mind unable to keep up with the pace of the events unfolding with her body and mind, these gorgeous strangers who seemed to be uncovering a side to her personality that even she didn’t know existed. Of course she had tasted herself before, but always on her own fingers or the cock of some man friend pushing himself into her mouth after sex. She now knew that she really did enjoy cleaning all those cocks that had cum inside her…

Krissy knew that the older woman was hers. Maggie eagerly sucked her fingers clean, a confirmation in Krissy’s mind that she was ready to be taken in mind as well as body. Positioned between the beautiful thighs of her new friend, Krissy allowed herself a rye and knowing smile before gently descending toward the dark lush haired pussy in front of her. Maggie bit her bottom lip, held her breath and the back of Krissy’s head and awaited the experienced touch of Krissy to continue. It came first with little kisses to the deep inner thighs, held and gently sucking, teasing ever closer to the soaking slit. Then it came, the long firm rasping tongue ploughing from the hole to the clit, the back again and again.

Maggie’s back arched, her eyes screwed closed at the incredible sensations. Krissy brought a finger into the equation and gently pressed it against Maggie’s back passage. So wet was the opening that the tip of the finger made easy progress. This was a virgin orifice for the business woman, but this interference felt so right, gentle and caring.

Krissy was desperately turned on herself. She dry humped the bed slowly, trying to give herself some relief though with little success. Her attention would have to be concentrated on Maggie for now and so it was. The groan and whimpers from above her told Krissy that this first orgasm would not take long to arrive. She began to speed up the licks, apply just that little more pressure for a minute or two than slow again and lighten the touch. The finger at the anus delved slightly deeper, then her other hand reach up and began to stroke and squeeze the large breasts of her lover. Krissy delighted in their feel, something new a different to Julia’s biggish breasts, which were younger and firmer.

Maggie was almost at the point of no return and gave in willingly, loudly and certainly, forcing Krissy’s face hard into her cunt. Krissy felt the liquid cum running from the dark pussy and lifted her face back to stare at her handiwork. Maggie was slumped back into the bed her legs lewdly spread, the dark pubic hair matted with copious juice and saliva. Krissy couldn’t resist pushing a couple of fingers slowly into Maggie, then added another and yet another with ease.

A wicked thought entered her mind – could Maggie take a fist? She certainly wouldn’t be expecting it, but Krissy had the evil thought now and decided to try. ‘Maggie, you enjoyed that didn’t you?’ she probed rhetorically, ‘Now lie back and trust me to take you even higher…’

A thumb now began to slide in alongside the palm. Gently twisting her hand Krissy was easing Maggie’s cunt opening wider and wider. The low guttural moans told Krissy that permission was granted to continue with what she was doing and so she pressed on, firmly forcing her hand into Maggie’s opening.

‘Don’t you look and feel like such a horny slut now?’ Krissy goaded, adding ‘You see these pleasures are not just to be enjoyed by gorgeous young women like Sara’. It seemed that the mention of Sara electrified Maggie, Krissy sensing that a picture in Maggie’s mind may well have featured her own niece.

In turn Maggie’s own hand seemed to involuntarily slide down to her own clit, teasing it and adding to the pleasures she was taking. The other hand kneaded and squeezed her own breast, pulling hard at the nipple and making it swell and harden with the blood rushing to it.

There was no way she was going to avoid another orgasm now, fuller than she had ever been before. Sure enough her head was thrown back, her legs wide apart, both mind and body given over totally to her surprising new lover. Maggie’s cum was huge; her whole body convulsed on the bed, her cries desperate and breathless, her slit now rudely stretched but sopping wet with her juices.

‘God Krissy, I never… that was… I can’t believe I just came so hard. That was… unbelievable.’ She stammered her appreciation of Krissy’s technique. Thanks were all well and good, but now Krissy needed relief and she was going to extract it from Maggie this very minute.

She slid up the bed and once again thrust her fingers into Maggie’s mouth, forcing her to clean them off before descending onto her with a passionate and exploring kiss. Maggie could taste herself on Krissy and shivered as she pictured again the blonde licking her pussy.

The kiss lasted but a minute or two before Krissy suddenly knelt up on the bed and straddled Maggie’s face. For a moment, Maggie’s courage of the last couple of hours desserted her – ‘I don’t know if I can Krissy, I’ve never…’ – she was cut off in mid sentence by Krissy forcing herself on her.

Instinctively Maggie just did what she wanted to be done to her. Her reluctance was the last vestige of her old sexual being and it evaporated instantly. Here she was, a successful businesswoman, mature and sexually experienced, flat on her back drinking and licking at the sodden pussy of a near stranger, her own pussy gaping wide from the fucking it had just endured, and she loved it. Fingers joined tongue in exploring her partner, opening the pussy lips, seeking out Krissy’s now enormously swollen clit and at one point even tentatively introducing a finger tip to Krissy’s lubricated ass.

Krissy was getting close to her own cum, and began to drive down harder, at the same time making small rubbing motions up and down Maggie’s face. The thrusting soon brought its desired result, and she cried out loudly as she came, urging the older woman to continue her onslaught until she was totally spent.

Collapsing back down the two women held each other, this time more passionate and soft, kisses and caresses bringing them both security and affirmation. Then from the door of the room came a voice…

‘Aunt Maggie and Krissy, that was amazing to see – we clearly have made a discovery today!’ There at the door were Julia and Sara. Julia was smiling, seeing that her plan had come to such a perfect conclusion, Sara gazing in awe at the scene before her.

Krissy was the first to speak. ‘Sara, we saw you and Julia too – that looked equally as hot. Why don’t you show your Aunt your own technique as I think she is about ready to try again?’

Sara looked at her Aunt’s dark pussy, so different from her own and that of Julia, herself now urging Sara forward. Krissy stood and faced Sara. She wasn’t going to pass up the chance to at least hold this exquisite brunette. She held Sara’s face and kissed her full on, hands roaming across her body and a finger inserting itself into a soaking and readily open hole. Julia starred at the scene, her lover kissing her latest conquest, the older woman fixated on the kiss lying on the bed beginning to finger her own gaping hole, trying to regain some feeling in it.

Sara then showed her confident side. ‘Aunt, it looks like you like to be dominated and to be honest, I like the thought of fucking an older woman like you who will do whatever I demand.’ And with that she descended on Maggie’s pussy. She had seen the fisting take place and was intrigued to see the result close up. ‘I’m going to call you Maggie from now on, not Aunt, and I’m going to take a share of that soaking pussy in front of me’. With that she began to force her fingers into Maggie and rasp her tongue across the clit above.

Krissy and Julia kissed as lovers and slid down to join in. It would be some night that followed. Maggie was fucked and sucked, made to bring each of them to orgasm after orgasm and used in every conceivable way by the three younger women, who in turn enjoyed each other as well.

The combinations were endless, the sex fabulous -what a holiday it was for all of them.

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