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Kissing Contest

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For the past several years I’ve played in a co-ed soccer league, something I said I’d never do in my younger days. But I’ve discovered over the years that playing sports with girls can be a lot of fun, and recently that fun level hit a new gear.

The team had just won an intense match on a hot day and several of us decided to go to a local watering hole to celebrate the win.

But when we got there, we discovered the bar had a water main break and had to close for the afternoon. One of the girls, a short haired brunette named Kris, suggested we just go over to her place for a beer, and she gave the group quick directions. It was a little out of the way, and as fate would have it, only myself and a blonde named Kayla actually made it to the house. I wasn’t complaining, Kris and Kayla were definitely the two hottest girls on the team, pretty, cool, athletic and fun to be around.

Kris had a nice private back patio with a hot tub, and to my great joy Kayla suggested we cool off in the water. The heater wasn’t on so the water would no doubt feel incredible on our hot sweaty bodies. We cracked open some cold beers and walked out onto the patio. I stripped off my sweaty jersey and hopped in with my soccer shorts on. Kayla and Kris looked at each other and shared an odd smile, and then both stripped down to their soccer shorts and sports bras and hopped in with me. They sat on one side of the tub and I was on the other, which was nice because I had on my sunglasses and I could check them out. They looked quite awesome in their wet sports bras.

The lukewarm water felt great and the beer was going down good, and I was having a great time recounting the game. It was just like my younger years, when the guys would sit around talking about the game, except that I sitting in a tub with two half-dressed smokin’ hot girls. As the cold beers went down the discussion became livelier and more boisterous, and I couldn’t help but note that the girls were getting a little giddy. Eventually the conversation led to a discussion about two of our fellow players who had been dating but had recently broken up. I hadn’t heard the inside scoop, but apparently he broke up with her because she was a terrible kisser.

“It seems like he could’ve helped teach her how to kiss better,”said Kris, laughing. “It’s not that hard to learn.”

“No, I disagree,” said Kayla. “You either have it or you don’t, kissing is not something that you can learn.”

“Oh, like you would know, your last boyfriend told me you kissed like a fish,” Kris teased.

“Don’t go there, girl — nobody kisses better than I do, I’ve got multiple degrees in the art of kissing,” Kayla shot back.

Kris was not to be outdone. “I could kiss better than you with two hands tied behind my back,” she laughed. “I’d take you any day.”

“Well I’ll bet money I’m better,” said Kayla laughing.

“You’d have to prove that,” said Kris.

There was a short quite pause in the tub.

“I’ll tell you what,” said Kayla, “you kiss Bill and then I’ll kiss Bill and we’ll let him be the judge.”

The cold beer had put up a bit of a haze on my immediate comprehension, but as the visuals of such a contest began to come into focus I was suddenly aware that something very good was happening. Kayla and Kris moved across the tub to come up on either side of me. My arms were drapped over the side of the tub and they came up close on either side of me, almost touching, and the tub suddenly seemed warmer.

“You first,” said Kayla smiling.

I turned over to look at Kris, who was giggling. She collected herself long enough to lean over and give me a warm, wet kiss.

“Is that all you got?” said Kayla. She turned my head toward her and her lips came open and for the next five seconds I was treated to an incredibly long, hot kiss. My head was swimming, and my shorts had suddenly started bulging.

“Hey, that isn’t fair, I thought it was just a standard kiss, not a make-out kiss,” said Kris. “That’s not an equal comparison.”

They were both giggling and laughing and arguing over the top of me, as I leaned back against the tub wearing a shit eating grin behind my shades. Finally I collected myself enough to suggest that Kris be given another shot.

This time, Kris got serious about it. Her wet lips met mine and her tongue shot out hard and deep into my mouth, and I heard and felt her moan as her head moved seductively from side to side. Underneath the water, I felt her hand come up, probably sub-consciously, to rest on my stomach, and I couldn’t help but bring my hand behind her to rest on her shoulder. Finally she pulled back, and we both let out a collective sigh.

Now it was Kayla’s turn again. She pulled my sunglasses off and her hands came up into my hair and I was once again treated to a fabulously passionate wet kiss.

By the time I was finished I was so overwhelmed I couldn’t open my eyes, and I sat back for a moment. When I opened them back up, they were both looking at me smiling.

“Well who won?” they both said.

I could barely think enough to communicate. I took a long swig of beer.

“I’d have to say….” I paused for effect. “Kris won that time.”

Kris was hooting and Kayla was laughing and shaking her head in protest.

“Why was she better?” asked Kayla.

I thought about it a minute.

“I think it was the hand on the stomach move that did it,” I said.

Immediately there was a heated debate over whether or not the alleged contact had been within the rules of the contest. Athletic girls are always very competitive.

After much discussion and laughing and splashing, it was determined that the contest was tied at 1-1, so there would need to be a round three.

“Round three?” I said. “What am I getting paid for all this judging?”

After I received the expected splashing and jostling between the two girls, we set up for round three. This time it was determined that Kayla would go first.

Once again, Kayla came in with her tongue ablaze, and her moaning kiss would’ve been enough to win any competition on its own merit, but halfway through the kiss I became aware that her hand had come to rest on my upper thigh and was stroking my leg from the outside to the inside, coming tantalizing close to my balls. When she finished her kiss, she backed off slowly looking at me with a mischievous smile, and her hand moved up to brush the front of my shorts lightly, an action which Kris could clearly witness.

I turned to face Kris. “You,” I said slowly, “are in trouble.”

We all laughed, realizing that Kris would have to come up with something special.

“Not me,” she said smiling coyly. “You.”

She moved her body close to me and her tongue came out to touch my lips, moving slowly around the outside of my mouth again and again, screwing down like a corkscrew until she plunged it in, completing one of the most sexually provocative kisses I’d ever even imagined. Meanwhile, her hand went on an underwater exploration voyage, tickling me lightly on the chest and dropping down through my stomach, and just like Kayla, running her fingers lightly over the front of my shorts, which by this time was trying to contain a rather massive erection. By the time it ended I had decided I must be dreaming, and I dug my toenail into my other leg to verify that I was awake. I was.

Once again, these two beautiful and very competitive young ladies sat in rapt attention to determine who was the winner.

“After a long, hard deliberation,” I began, illiciting more giggles, “I have decided that… it’s a tie.”

The tub burst into a howling splash fest and I was deemed the world’s worst judge by both girls.

“There’s only one way to settle this,” laughed Kayla. She looked at me, and I was in full anticipation of another stellar round. “Since he can’t decide, we’ll have to kiss each other.”

Kris’s eyes popped open and for a minute I thought she would not go for it. Then she started laughing hysterically.

Somehow this proposal seemed to make complete sense — it certainly made complete sense to me — so the girls tried to settle their giggles as they moved into position on either side of me.

What happened next is burned into my long term, never-ever-going-to-forget memory. Leaning over me, within a breath of me, Kayla and Kris came together in a long erotic kiss, and I could see tongues coming in and out. I could also feel both of them using a hand to steady themselves, Kris on my stomach and Kayla on my thigh. After what seemed liked several minutes, they pulled apart, smiling but no longer giggling. After a long, silent pause, they both blurted out “IT’S A TIE!” and started laughing again.

After more splashing and laughing and beer drinking, Kris got a funny look on her face. “I know how we can break the tie,” she said, coming up onto her knees. She reached under my arm and said, “you have to stand up though…”

I was a little self conscious about the fact that I will still sporting a boner that was impossible to hide, but I stood up with my back to the edge of the tub. Before I knew what was happening, Kris had pulled my shorts down, and there I was, standing buck naked in a hot tub with two gorgeous girls.

“For this round, we’re going to kiss something besides lips,” said Kris. This time it was Kayla’s turn to have a jaw dropped look on her face, but I also couldn’t help notice that she wasn’t closing her eyes either.

I suddenly started feeling dizzy, in a very good way. Kris came up to the edge of the tub and she looked up at me and smiled, and then slowly, her lips moved in until they had found the tip of my cock, and I felt a soft warm kiss. Then another, and another, and then her mouth came over it and I felt her tongue french kissing my warm wet cock. She had no sooner finished than Kayla jumped in, running her tongue up and down my hard shaft and taking in the tip for yet another wet french kiss.

It had been sometime since I had taken a breath, and when she finally backed off I let out a long, slow sigh. The mood of the tub had suddenly become much less giggly and much more erotic. They were both still kneeling in front of me, smiling, their mouths very close, looking up at me, waiting for a judgement. A judgement that was impossible to give. I was forced to lean back on the edge of the tub to collect myself.

“Maybe…,” I said slowly, “it would be easier to judge if you were both kissing it at the same time…”

Kris and Kayla looked at each other and smiled, and then their mouths came forward to fulfill the request, all pretensions of a kissing competition a forgotten memory. Their tongues became intertwined with each other as they licked and kissed my cock, and I leaned back to watch them, still in disbelief that this was happening. Their tongues moved wildly, kissing each other while at the same time kissing me. They moved in closer to me, and their hands began to caress each other, both above and below the water, and I could tell that they were really enjoying themselves. I was clearly enjoying myself.

I sat mesmerized watching the show, thankful I was now leaning instead of standing. Two beautiful women, kneeling in front of me, passionately sharing my rock hard erection, kissing me, fondling me with their hands, kissing each other in between. If it wasn’t the top male fantasy ever, it had to be in the top 2.

Between the beer and the dual blow job I lost the ability to even sit up straight, and I had to lay back on the deck of the hot tub. I closed my eyes and lost myself in the intense passion I was feeling. The next time I opened my eyes and looked up, the sports bras were gone and they had my hard cock pointed straight up, and Kayla and Kris’s tongues were battling it out like they were sharing an ice cream cone. I felt my legs go completely numb as an overwhelming orgasm welled up and exploded all over me and them. I may have screamed, I wouldn’t have heard it. I was so overwhelmed all I could do was lay there on my back with my eyes closed. By the time I had gotten myself back together enough to open my eyes, Kris was straddling Kayla on the side of the hot tub and her mouth was all over Kayla’s breasts, which were just above the waterline. It was the first time I had been able to get a good look at both of them naked, and they did not disappoint. They were hotter naked than I even expected. They had pretty much forgotten that I was there, so I could sit back in the tub and just enjoy the show. It was a fabulous show, two hot, soaking wet girls, completely naked, kissing each other all over and running their hands all over each other. Eventually Kayla had worked her way into a seated position on the edge of the tub, and Kris had settled in between her legs and was giving the kind of expert head that only a woman can give. I could tell because Kayla was obviously in heaven, leaning back with her back arched. Her eyes were closed and her body writhed with passion. Kris’s head was moving in and out, and her hands were tight on Kayla’s waist as she pulled her close to her. I could only watch, mesmerized by the exhibition.

At some point I became aware that Kayla had opened her eyes and was smiling over at me, and I regained enough consciousness to realize what she was smiling about. I hadn’t even realized it, but I had become aroused again and I was stroking myself as I watched them. I could only blush and laugh at myself.

I’m never one to waste a good erection, so I moved into position behind Kris, who was so into giving Kayla head she didn’t notice me behind her. But I had no sooner gotten close enough to touch her when she immediately spread her legs, and opened herself up to me. I got the sense that she was very motivated to have me inside her. The water of the tub had warmed up some, and when I slipped inside her it was quick and deep, and she gasped at the suddenness of it, and had to temporarily pause her enthusiastic tonguing of Kayla, who seemed to be enjoying the sight of the two of us. I could sense that Kris was going crazy feeling me moving inside her and it seemed to elevate her passion at pleasuring Kayla. Kayla’s hands had come up to the sides of Kris’s head and she was pulling her in close as she moaned softly.

I was keeping it slow and easy as I came in and out of Kris, because the last thing I wanted to do was come too soon. This was too much fun.

I could sense the passion level increasing further still, and both girls were writhing hard and moaning loudly. Just as I started worrying that the neighbors might complain, both girls peaked at the same time, giving me an incredible show. I’d never seen two women orgasm at the same time, it was beautiful to watch.

All three of us eased back into the tub to catch our breath, laughing, kissing, lightly fondling each other. It had become relaxed, and I for one was really enjoying the interlude — my heart needed a rest. We drank another beer, smoked a joint, and then Kris suggested we move the party to the bedroom. No one objected. I was last to get out of the tub, because I was treated to yet another erotic show as Kayla and Kris took turns drying each other with towels, moving slowly around each other to rub the towel on every square inch. They were dry by the time I got out, so they double teamed me with towels.

I was dry in no time. Kris had dark blinds over the windows, so despite the fact that it was still in the mid-afternoon, the bedroom was quite dark. She lit some candles around the big bed, and it felt like night time. The girls looked even more fabulous in the warm candlelight, and we climbed onto the bed and started a threeway make out. Hands moved around freely and kisses moved in every direction, it felt like a perfect fit frolicking around on the bed. Pretty soon I found myself laying down on my back, with Kris sitting on my face and Kayla going down passionately on me. It was an incredible feeling to be going down on one girl and having another go down on me at the same time. After awhile Kayla moved into position over my cock and eased down onto me, and I could feel the two of them above me making out with each other, and by their soft moans and gyrations I could tell they were quite enjoying it. I heard them make the decision to switch places, and we all shifted around on the bed. My head was now buried in Kayla, and Kris was writhing around happily on my cock for a while, and then she slid back down to take me back in her mouth. I felt Kayla move down into the 69 position, so that now I was going down on her while Kayla licked the top of my cock and Kris licked on the bottom.

Just when I was thinking that it absolutely couldn’t get any better, I heard Kris say that we needed one more cock in the bed, and before I knew what was happening she had slipped on a strap on dildo. Kayla seemed quite enamored with the new tool, and I was treated to a fabulous show, watching Kayla mount Kris as I moved in and out, kissing and fondling wherever seemed appropriate. After a time it was so intense that I sat up by the headboard just to relax and watch the two girls switching the strap on back and forth and fucking each other in what seemed like every position in the book. They knew I was loving the show, and I could tell they were loving putting it on.

After Kayla had worn the strap on for a while it came back to Kris, and after she put it back on she came over to me.

“It’s always been my fantasy,” she said, “to screw while being screwed.”

She turned her back to me and mounted my cock, and then Kayla straddled her and mounted the dildo. Hands moved around freely in amorous caresses, and Kayla moved in close enough to kiss me as we both squeezed Kris tight between us. We fell into a steady rhythm, grinding together. I could feel the passion rising, and I could sense the two of them were on the same page. I could feel myself starting to come about the same time I heard both of them letting out a soft moan, and we had a three way kiss as all three of us exploded in an intense three way orgasm.

Three intensely satisfied bodies fell haphazardly onto the bed in various positions of bliss, and we shared a few more warm kisses as the late afternoon came to a close.

“I’ve decided on a winner,” I said slowly, breaking the warm silence. “It was me.”

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