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Keeping It Close to Home

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I guess this all started out of sheer boredom in our sex life. My wife and I have been married for 18 years, and for the first few years, we made love like animals in heat, going at it often up to three or four times a day. Though my wife is pretty straight-laced, she would let down occasionally, and we managed to fuck in every position imaginable. We even pulled out the video camera once in while.

Kate is about 5’3″, 125 lbs., with brown hair, an ass that’s perfect, and tits that are absolutely gorgeous (they are very firm for a 45 year old with 3 kids). I have loved her big nipples and extra large aureoles since the first night I laid eyes on them. One thing she does well and that is pleasuring herself. I particularly love to watch her masturbate with her vibrator, or even better, her assortment of dildos. She usually prefers to suck my dick while she’s doing this, and I suspect, though she would never admit it openly, that this would be a fantasy she would like to experience, if she could only push her puritan instincts aside for awhile. Having perfected her masturbation routine, she can become very wet in quick fashion, and I love to eat her soaked pussy once she puts down her vibrator.

Recently, though, with the task of raising three kids, our sex life has become extremely routine. I have tried to spice things up during our lovemaking by playing porn videos, and bringing in “fantasy” lovers. My favorite fantasy is to have her fuck another man while I join in, or just watch. If it’s not a complete stranger in her fantasy, it’s usually my older brother David, which is fine with me. As kids, my brother (we’re about 2 years apart in age) and I sucked each other’s dicks a few times, and at the time, it was a pleasant experience, though my desire for this kind of activity ended there. My brother has a distinct bend in his dick, and we have kidded him openly about it in the past, and based on Kate’s comments during our “fantasy” lovemaking sessions, I think she is secretly attracted to this curiosity.

I never thought that this game we played would ever go beyond the fantasy that it was, but a couple of weeks ago, it did just that. David’s company relocated him and his family to a neighboring state, but occasionally, business would bring him back home for a day or two at a time. I was at work one Friday afternoon, when he called me at my desk from his car phone, and asked if he could stay over at our house for the night, since the conference he was attending wouldn’t conclude until that evening. I knew that it would be just Kate and I that night, as our kids had planned to spend the night with friends, as they often do. I told him that he would be welcome, as nights alone with Kate recently had been less than sensational, due to all the distractions present in our life. I called Kate and told her of the evening plans, and she was fine with it. We decided we would grill some steaks and hang around the house and visit with David.

David turned into the driveway just as I was pulling the steaks off of the grill, so we greeted each other and went in the house, and, along with Kate, enjoyed a nice quiet dinner and a bottle of wine. By the time we finished dinner and cleaned the dishes, it was almost 9:00 p.m., so rather than watch another night of boring television, we decided to open another bottle of wine and break out the playing cards. Kate and I used to play Gin Rummy all the time, before the kids came along, and she would usually beat the hell out of me at it. We played a few hands, and pretty soon the wine had disappeared. Kate’s tolerance for alcohol has always been extremely low. It had always been a running joke between her and I, that, after one wine cooler, she was “good for the weekend”. That Friday night, the wine had loosened her inhibitions quite substantially, as she started joining in with mine and David’s sexually oriented jokes and comments. We kept up the sexual banter, and had a lot of fun. I didn’t give it a second thought, as I knew this was where Kate always drew the line. When David jokingly suggested we play strip poker, and Kate agreed, I was caught off guard. I must admit, I was skeptical of her intentions, as I knew she would never follow through with it, especially since she didn’t know much about poker to begin with. With that, Kate snatched up the cards and began shuffling the deck. As she dealt, I continued to watch her, looking for clues about her intentions. “Five card, deuces wild” she said, as she laid down the remaining deck. David and I were still watching her to see what would happen next.

Things began to happen from there. Due to Kate’s intolerance of wine and inexperience in the game of poker, David and I naturally took advantage of the situation. David had lost each shoe, one sock, and his shirt (Kate had cried foul when he attempted to remove his other sock), and I, having been shoeless to begin with, was down to my pants and shirt only. The great thing was, Kate was down to only her bra (which I don’t like to begin with, because it hides too much of her tits) and jeans. I won the next hand, and just had to get rid of that bra. I must admit, as I watched David admire Kate’s newly displayed tits, that I was very proud of my wife’s attributes. David won the next hand, and in the spirit of brotherhood, had Kate remove her pants. Luckily, Kate had put on her nylon bikini panties (which I truly love) that morning, so she looked sexier than ever, especially given the circumstances. I could tell that David was extremely turned on at the sight of my wife in only her panties.

At this point, I figured things could only escalate from here, so, being the next dealer, I changed the rules to give the winner of the hand the privilege of issuing instructions to the “losers”. With a little “dirty” dealing, I was able to win the hand, and already knew what I wanted them to do. “Kate, get up and sit in David’s lap and kiss him”, I said. I knew that her inhibitions were gone when Kate gave me a “watch this” look and went over and plopped in David’s lap and began to kiss him feverishly. She would continually drive her tongue deep in to his mouth, as he would return the favor in kind. David, being the smart guy that he is, took advantage of the situation, and began to fondle Kate’s beautiful tits. He would roll her nipple between his fingertips as he continued to kiss her. This apparently struck a hot button with her, and she began to moan and writhe in his lap. At that point, I suggested we go to the den to continue this adventure. Kate and David reluctantly broke their embrace and followed me, where we spread a few blankets on the floor and lit some candles, to create the atmosphere that we always preferred when the kids weren’t home and we had run of the house.

David and I quickly removed our remaining clothes, and I looked up in time to see just a hint of reservation on Kate’s part. The look soon disappeared when she saw David’s “bend” for the first time. His dick, like mine, was about seven inches long, and fairly thick. As we pulled Kate down to the blankets, David immediately pick up where he left off, kissing her and fondling her tits. After about a minute of this, he broke the kiss and moved down and began sucking and licking her tits. At this point, my dick probably could have penetrated marble, as the scene before me had me about to shoot my load, and I had not even been touched. I had to sit back and watch for a little while, as I was very curious about how Kate would respond. She began to moan, then looked up at me and smiled. I knew things would only get better from here. As David moved further down her body, she beckoned me over and told me she wanted my dick in her mouth. By the time she had engulfed my dick, David was hungrily eating her pussy. He broke away just long enough to offer his amazement at how wet her pussy was. Kate writhed on the blanket, as David ate her pussy and she sucked my dick. Kate and I often experience simultaneous orgasms, and this time was no exception, as all of this soon proved too much for both of us. As I began to come in Kate’s mouth, she began to buck, slamming her pussy against David’s mouth. David didn’t miss a stroke, as he continued to lick her clit and stick his tongue up in her pussy. As she began to come down from her high, she gave me a look of satisfaction that I’ll never forget. One thing I can say about Kate, she has never been shy about swallowing my come, and this time was no different, though she did show it to me a few times before swallowing it. I have always though this display was extremely erotic.

Obviously, David was about to explode, so once Kate calmed down, he laid down next to her and began to kiss and fondle her softly. In order to recover, I moved aside and took up position as a spectator, as my brother continued to make love to my beautiful wife.

As they kissed, he began to explore her pussy with his fingers. Kate moaned with approval when he finally stuck a finger inside and began to move it around. Her pussy was apparently soaked, because I could hear smacking sounds as he moved his fingers around in her pussy. As David broke the kiss, Kate looked up at him with a dreamy look on her face and smiled. “Fuck me now” was all she said, and David was more than willing to comply. As he spread her legs, he teased her clit with the head of his dick, and then slipped it slightly. Kate immediately responded by thrusting her pussy upward, sinking David’s dick in to the hilt. At that point, she was so far along that she wrapped her legs around his back and began to fuck David like it was her first time. She immediately fell into the throes of another earth shattering orgasm as she bucked upward, meeting his every thrust head-on, and kissing him for all she was worth. This was all too much for David, and he began to moan, obviously experiencing an orgasm of his own. He began to pump her pussy harder and deeper, intent on coming inside her pussy, and she expecting it also. There was no danger of him doing otherwise, as her heels remained firmly embedded in his lower back. Aside from dick size, we apparently do not share much else in regards to our sexual plumbing. As he pulled out of Kate, I was shocked at the amount of come that was flowing out of her pussy. It must have been half a cupful.

What she did next, surprised even me. “I want you to eat all of his come out of my pussy”, she said. I had obviously never done this before, but in my heightened state of arousal, I was more than happy to oblige. As I laid down and began to lick my brother’s salty tasting come out of Kate’s pussy, she reached over and grabbed David’s dick, and pulled it up to her mouth. I must admit, licking and sucking Kate’s used pussy was an incredible turn-on for me. I ate every last bit of the come out of her sweet pussy, and enjoyed every minute of it. When I looked up at Kate again, she winked at me, and pulled David’s dick out of her mouth long enough to let me know that she wanted help with it. We had used this scenario before in our “fantasies”, and it seemed to be a turn-on for her, but I still wasn’t sure. What the hell, I thought, and moved up along side her. As we took turns licking and sucking his dick, and sometimes kissing with it between us, David began to build toward another orgasm. Here we go again, I thought. Kate’s excitement seemed to build along with David’s, so I couldn’t resist the temptation to fuck her as she and I sucked him to orgasm. As I slid my once again engorged cock into her pussy, it didn’t take long before we were all headed toward the sweet excitement of another orgasm. I heard David moan louder this time, as his body began to convulse. Kate and I started to increase the tempo of our fucking, as well as our attention to David’s cock, as he began to erupt, spilling his come first in Kate’s mouth, then in mine. Once again, David didn’t disappoint, unloading what seemed like another half cup of semen into our mouths and on our faces. While David pulled his cock away to rest a bit, I began to fuck Kate at a slower pace, as we began to kiss and savor the salty come between us. I was the wettest kiss I had ever experienced. All of this was too much for us to bear, as we both began to fuck harder and harder. I grabbed Kate’s feet and rolled her back until her pussy was pointed upward. I began to suck and lick her toes, as I slammed my cock in and out of her sweet pussy. Once again, we both experienced an earth shattering orgasm, kissing softly as we came back down.

I must say, the remainder of the night was no letdown. We continued to fuck and suck the night away. Kate surprised me even further later on, as she invited me to fuck her in the ass as she took David in her pussy. Anal sex is something Kate hasn’t allowed me to do in years. After a lubricating her ass generously with KY jelly, and careful insertion of my cock, she soon loosened up and began to match our thrusts. It was an incredible turn-on to feel my brother’s cock sawing in and out of her cunt, as I fucked her in the ass. It must have felt pretty good to him as well, because he and I both began to come hard. Our orgasms apparently sent Kate off, as she soon experienced an intense orgasm as well. As David and I pulled out, I watched as this incredible wife of mine lay back, with come flowing out of her pussy and ass, looking more satisfied than she ever has before. It’s something I will always remember.

We haven’t discussed a repeat performance yet, though I do look forward to the day. After all, my mission in our lovemaking is to always make sure Kate is totally satisfied, and she certainly did that night.

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