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Katrina and Mama Ch. 02

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We must have lain there for about 2 hours sleeping in each other’s arms. When I awoke, for a minute, I thought it had all been a dream. My head was a little foggy between the nap and the mental exertion from the whole day. I opened my eyes and ran my hands over a firm naked back. I smiled when I looked down at the sleeping beauty that I had in my arms. She was nuzzled in between my tits and resting her head on my right one.

I breathed in deeply and watched as her head rose with my lungs inflating just beneath her. She opened one of her eyes and looked directly at my erect nipple right next to her. She smiled and then leaned up and looked at me. I glanced at the clock on the other side of the room and was amazed that it was only 9:30 pm. We had the whole night ahead of us and she had a look in her eye that told me that she was ready to start being the dominatrix of her dreams.

“Did my sex slave have a nice little nap?” she asked me.

“Yes Mistress, that nap was enough to energize me for quite a few more hours. I am here to be at your beck and call, Miss and I will not disappoint.” I looked into her lust filled eyes and she grinned at me. It was the same kind of grin that the Cheshire cat had on his face in the story.

“Go ahead and get up while I go and get a few things from my room. Why don’t you pour us another glass of wine? It seems to have quite an affect on you. I need you primed and ready for my little experiment. I am not quite sure how to go about all of this dominating stuff but I know what I want to do to you. I hope you’re up for it.”

She got off of being on top of me and walked up the stairs to her loft. I got off of the couch and poured us some more wine. My cunt was still wet from earlier and it had a charge to it now. I couldn’t wait to see what she had in store for me. I walked back into the living room as she was coming down the stairs with a bag in her hand. She looked pleased with herself and with me at the same time.

“Well, you have done well so far. Let’s see how you respond to this.” She took a riding crop out of her bag and whacked my ass with it, hard. I didn’t flinch and I didn’t even slosh the wine that I was holding. “That’s exactly how I hoped you would respond. I knew you could take a hit like that and not even flinch. I remember hearing the strength in the slaps on the ass that Uncle Dirk would give you in the middle of your orgasm. If I’m not mistaken, I saw a riding crop very similar to this one in your room at one time or another. It made me hot and wet just seeing it lie on the side of the bed. Now, let’s get back into your bedroom. I figure that with your submissive attitude that you probably already have some props in place. I knew about the eyebolts that you had back home in your bedroom. So I figure that you probably have some sort of restraining system in your bedroom now. Is that right?”

“Yes, Mistress, that is correct. That was the first thing that Dirk did for us when we moved into this house was to set up some things for our fuck sessions. Wait until you see the outbuilding that we have in the back with all of the amenities that you would ever think of needing for an orgy.”

“Oh, you will have to show me that tomorrow. I want to know everything about you and what you like when it comes to fucking. I want to turn you into my submissive little fuck slave. How does that sound to you, bitch?”

“That sounds absolutely wonderful Mistress. I will be yours for as long as you’ll have me. I promise to show you the building tomorrow and maybe give you some ideas of what I like and what you have to work with. Thank you Mistress.”

“You are welcome, my little whore. Now, let’s go into your bedroom and see what I’ve got to work with. I have a few different items for use tonight and I want to see which ones I will have to go with depending on the system you have set up in there.”

I led the way to the back bedroom and into what I knew was going to be a very erotic adventure. I could not wait to share with Dirk when I next talked to him. With every step that we took, she brought that riding crop down on my ass cheek. She alternated cheeks and severity of hits. She had it stinging pretty damn good and I was creaming my pussy, once again. When we got to the bedroom, she slapped me on the ass rapidly and without hesitation. I cried out just a little bit at the intensity of her slaps and then looked back at her quickly. Yeah, she had heard it. She slapped my ass harder and faster and mentally dared me to cry out again. I bit my tongue and took it well. She momentarily stopped and rubbed my cheeks, gently.

“Well, now we know how I feel about you making a sound when I beat your ass. I didn’t even know that until you did it. Apparently, you must be silent until told to do something or say something. Apparently, you will be punished for disobeying me in that aspect. You see with your reaction to my beating, my cunt is dripping wet. It made me completely hot beating your ass like that. That will become a daily function if I have anything to say about it. You are one hot little slut to take that and not scream out.”

She turned me around and planted a passionate kiss on my lips and forced her tongue into my mouth. I sucked on her tongue like I would suck on a cock. She tasted so good. There were still remnants of me on her lips and I licked and sucked what I could off. She made me hot and wet. My cunt was dripping down my thighs and she hadn’t really started yet. Man this was going to be hot!

She grabbed the back of my head and pulled my hair so that she pulled my face away from hers. She looked me in the eye and said, “Now, where are your restraints? And what do you have this bedroom equipped with? Don’t hold anything back because if I find out that you didn’t reveal something to me, I will punish you severely once Uncle Dirk comes back. Do you understand me?”

I gazed toward the floor and said, “Yes Mistress, I will tell you all that we have in here. I will not deceive you.” She yanked on my hair and tilted my head back so that I was looking at her again. “I promise, Mistress.”

“Good girl, now go ahead and walk me through.”

She let go of my hair and I straightened up. I turned toward the bed and she followed my every move. “Okay, we have eyebolts but they are not as noticeable as when we had them back home. They are over here on the inside of the bed frame, at all four posts. I have ankle and wrist cuffs in the closet, very easily accessible. There is a compartment in the top of the bed that has a spreader bar hooked to a pulley system for you to be able to spread my legs as far apart as you want and raise my legs up and down at ease. We have a variety of restraining devices in the drawer underneath the bed. Would you like to see the drawer or the closet first?”

She was very interested in seeing what kind of devices and toys that I had. “Let’s look into the drawer first.”

I led her over to the side of the bed closest to the bathroom. This was Dirk’s side of the bed and very convenient for when we wanted to get kinky. He always dominated me, never the other way around. He had such a knack for telling me what to do that I was always submissive to him. No matter what role we were playing out, I never dominated him. I loved being his little sex toy to do with what he pleases. Same goes for little Katrina. I will always submit to her unless she requests otherwise. I kneeled down and pulled the drawer open. It was very neatly organized and everything clearly had a place. It was divided into sections with each section clearly marked. Her mouth dropped open.

I looked at her and smiled. “Why Mistress, is there a problem?”

“No, no, there is no problem. I just can’t believe the collection you have here. I think that I know what everything is, but I have only read about such items and seen them on the internet. I have never seen most of these items in the flesh before.”

“Would you like for me to explain all that’s in here?”

“No, that’s fine. If I don’t know what something is, I will ask. Now, let me see your closet.”

I closed the drawer and got up to walk toward the closet. I felt the riding crop come down on my ass and I lunged forward slightly. Damn it, she caught me again and she wailed on my ass for a few minutes. “You stupid cunt, you are not to move when I smack you, ever. Do you understand me, bitch?”

“Yes, Mistress, I apologize for my actions. Please, Mistress, don’t be upset with me. It would break my heart if I knew that I had caused you any grief. I won’t flinch again, I promise.”

“You had better not. I will not stand for it from you. I hope you understand completely because next time I will not be merciful.”

We walked into the closet and I turned on my spotlight on the section that Dirk built special for my toys and accessories. Her eyes grew wide. “Wow that is amazingly awesome. I have never seen anything like it before in my life. You have everything that I can imagine. And you have some things that I would have never thought of. Alright, I know what I want to do with you. Everything that I need right now is out in the drawer. Let’s get back out here and get you set up. I’ve got big plans for you this evening.”

She lead me back out into the bedroom and sat me down on the bed. She opened the drawer and pulled out my pink leather wrist and ankle cuffs and attached them to my arms and legs. She pulled out a pink blindfold and put it over my head. She leaned down to kiss me and look me into the eyes one more time.

“You are absolutely the most amazing woman that I have ever known. You turn me on to submit to me like this. To trust me so much means a great deal to me. Let’s see about getting you locked up where you can’t move so I can fuck the hell out of you. Scoot up on the bed and spread your arms apart.” She pulled some small lengths of rope out of the drawer and crawled up on top of me. I could feel the heat coming from her cunt onto my stomach. She reached up and pulled the rope through the eyebolt and then through the loop on my wrist cuff. She pulled it tight and tied it professionally. I couldn’t move my right arm for anything in the world. She repeated the process with my left arm and there was no slack whatsoever. I pulled on them and they were tight.

“There that should do you for a little while. You are here for my pleasure and I am about to use you like a fucking whore. The only difference will be that you won’t get paid at the end of the night. That’s what it is about, being a sex slave. I have read many books on the subject and masturbate often to the thought of dominating another woman. Now, I will get the spreader bar down and get that hooked up. And then I am going to have me a little fun with my newest sex toy.”

She stood up on the bed and found the door into our secret compartment, immediately. She pulled the bar out and released it to the bed. She knelt down and hooked my ankle cuffs to it. Widening the bar slowly, she watched my expression until my discomfort was shown. Then she added three more inches and I bit my tongue. My legs were spread farther apart than I have ever have had them spread apart. She stood back up on the bed and began raising my legs upward. It was a very erotic sight and I was thrilled to be a part of it. She raised them up just high enough to lift my ass off the bed. I was completely immobile and she was going to be able to do anything that she wanted to do to me and there was not a damn thing I could do about it. She saw that the track, that the pulley was attached to, was mobile as well. Mistress then pushed my legs back so that they were even with my stomach and my cunt was wide open for her. I was getting wet just lying there watching her get me ready.

“That should do nicely for what I have planned for you. Now, we will pull that blindfold down over your eyes and I will begin.” She did just that and I could not see a thing. “You are one hot little whore to submit to me like this. To trust me this much must be kind of weird for you, huh?”

“Not at all Mistress, I trust you with my life. I have known you longer than I haven’t known you. You are my other third that I have been searching for and if you want to do something to me, then so be it. I am yours to take Mistress.”

She moved over to the side of me and I could feel her presence nearing my face. I felt her lips brush against mine and then lock onto my lips and give me a kiss that had my juices flowing down the crack of my ass. She reached up and began twisting my nipples and making them stand up on end. I could feel them growing and getting harder with every twist and pinch that she gave me. Then I felt the clamp latch onto my nipple and she just kept getting it tighter. I squirmed a tad when she got it as tight as she wanted. She repeated the process for my right nipple and I could feel that they were attached by a chain. My cunt was soaked. In the short time that we have been lovers, I have found that she listens well and takes heed to what I have to say. She definitely did concerning my nipples and the lack of sensitivity. The nerves in my nipples were being tested and failing miserably. They were tingling and with every tug of the chain that she gave, my breath caught in my throat.

“I love doing this to you, my little sex slave. Now that I have your nipples’ attention, I am going to get busy on the rest of you. God you look hot, I wish I had a camera to capture this picture. It is incredible.”

“There is a camera fully charged in the top drawer of the nightstand. Your uncle Dirk and I love to take pictures of our sexual adventures. I wasn’t sure how you would feel about photographs so I haven’t brought it up. You are more than welcome to take any pictures you would like.”

I heard her get off of the bed and open the drawer. I heard the camera turn on and she started snapping pictures left and right. “God, you are HOT! This is a wonderful idea. That way Dirk can share in the good times. Think we could send him some to keep him in the loop?”

“He would love that. He loves porn and really loves it when he is looking at people he loves and lusts after. Go ahead and take all you want and we will send him some in the morning.”

The camera started flashing and whirring and I could hear her walking around the room getting different angles of my being spread wide open. I felt her get on the bed between my legs and, still taking pictures, she lubed up my ass with her middle finger. It felt so good to have her finger slide in and out of my tight hole. I started moaning with pleasure as she got my ass lubed up well. She took her finger out and I moaned with disappointment and she smacked my ass with her wet hand.

“I will say what and when you have something in one of your many fuck holes. You are not deciding anything here so chill out and lay there and relax bitch!” Then, without warning, she shoved an anal plug deep into my ass. It hurt but then it felt awesome.

“Oh god that feels good! Thank you, Mistress, for thinking about me when choosing toys. I love having my ass filled. It is such a turn on.”

She moved out from between my legs and over to the side of my head. She tweaked my nipples and I groaned. They were about a hundred times more sensitive than they usually are. I squealed out when she touched them and she smacked my face. It stung and my cunt started flowing like a stream out with my pussy juices. I needed to do something else to get smacked in the face again. That was erotic as hell. She grabbed onto my tits like she was hanging on for dear life and squeezed them with a vengeance. It hurt like hell and then I couldn’t take anymore and I screamed out. She reached over and slapped my face even harder.

“Shut the fuck up, you fucking whore. If I want to squeeze your tits, I will squeeze your tits. Or maybe you just like to have your face smacked. I knew about the ass but I didn’t know about your face. That’s hot on so many different levels! Let’s see what it has done to your cunt.”

She crawled around between my legs and shoved three of her fingers deep inside of my tight wet cunt. She stroked in and out deeply and harshly. I was soaked enough to cover her fingers and let them slide all the way in. “Oh man, are you soaked? You are so fucking wet I could fuck you with a ten inch cock and have no problem sliding it inside you. I think you really liked the being slapped in the face routine. I can accommodate that. It turns me on to slap you either on the ass or on the face. I like having that kind of control over you. I’ll bet you would like to have your clit slapped too, wouldn’t you? Let’s see what we can do about that.”

She took her fingers out of my cunt and began slapping the shit out of my clit. It stung and it was electrifying and it made me cum in about 30 seconds. I was so worked up and hot over her that I couldn’t stand it anymore. If I had to wait for her to tell me to cum, I was surely in trouble. I didn’t care, the release was intense and wet and I could hear the splashing of juices with every slap of her fingers.

“Oh that’s it, bitch, cum for me. I love when you cum for me. That tells me that I have turned you on until you couldn’t stand it. I love feeling your juices exploding from your cunt. I love the heat that comes from your cunt. You are such a nasty slut to want to be slapped and restrained like a whore. I love using your body to make you cum! I love you!”

She moved around me and straddled my face. I could smell her juices flowing as she lowered her cunt to just within reach of my tongue. I licked out and she raised her hips but lowered her body over mine. She smashed my tits against her body and took my clit into her mouth as she lowered her cunt to my tongue. She was thrusting her hips over top of my tongue and I just stuck my entire tongue out and let her hump my tongue. She was sucking the fuck out of my clit and had me up on the edge again in no time. I could feel her thrusts on my tongue getting faster and she was bearing down harder onto my face. I wanted to suck every drop of her juices down my throat. She was getting close and was about on the same track that I was with our orgasmic planes. Her mouth felt so good sucking on my hard little clit.

I could feel the flow of her juices change and I planted myself on her clit and sucked like my life depended on it. She moaned into my clit and started bucking her hips against my sucking. We climaxed at the same time and I sucked every drop that I could from this delicious little cunt. I can’t believe my lucky stars with having this pussy to eat anytime I want. That made me even hotter, thinking about never having to give this pussy up. She took advantage of my body’s reaction to my thoughts. She reached down and stuck two fingers from each hand into my cunt and just started slamming my fuck hole like a whore.

“That is amazing, you fucking slut! I can’t believe how tight you are with all of the fucking that we have been doing. I love having my fingers inside of you. Your cunt feels so fucking good wrapped around my fingers. I will never give this cunt up. Even if I don’t live here for a long time, I will always come back and visit. I will not be able to live long without this hot cunt in my life. But as of right now, I don’t plan on leaving. I feel that I have found the place that I need to be. I want to be in your cunt, always. Now, let’s see if I can get you off one more time. I have something planned for you that is turning me on so bad with the visions that I have in my head. I need to make it happen before I explode.”

She turned up the speed a notch or two and started fucking my cunt with a purpose. She leaned down and took my clit into her mouth and sucked while she fucked me. All I could do was tongue fuck her pussy and every once in while she would put her hips down close enough for me to lick her asshole a little bit. I would love to tongue fuck her asshole. Damn, what was she doing down there? It felt so awesome. Her fingers were wiggling inside my cunt and her tongue was sliding over my clit, back and forth real hard. I was going to explode in the next two strokes!

I screamed out and flooded her mouth and fingers with my constant outburst of ejaculation. It was pumping as fast and as hard as her fingers in and out of my cunt. I couldn’t stop cumming. She was not letting up anytime soon. She took her tongue off of my clit and replaced it with both of her thumbs. She had a thumb on either side of my clit and they were rubbing to the rhythm of her fingers fucking me hot wet cunt. It was absolutely a submissive’s wet dream. I couldn’t get over how she was making me feel. I don’t think in all of my experiences with women, have I ever had someone do this exact thing to me. She was getting closer on top of my face. Her hips were fucking my face as if I had a cock attached to my nose. I was getting wetter as she was fucking my face. She tented her thumbs over my clit and rubbed the top of it until I couldn’t stand it anymore.

“Oh GOD!” I screamed. I took my mouth off of her clit for a moment to scream into her pussy. “That feels so fucking good. I have never had anyone do this to me. Make me cum like a whore, please, Mistress?”

“Oh, you’re going to cum for sure, you nasty whore. I want one more, big orgasm so that I can finish what I have started. Now, cum for me, bitch!” She turned up the heat and the rhythm and fucked me harder than she has all day long. It was phenomenal. I started to cum in buckets. My juices trailing down toward my plug filled ass. My juices were all over the place and the entire bed was getting soaked. She was not going to let me down. In fact, she sped up even faster. I came harder and squirted even more. I didn’t think my entire body had that much liquid inside me. It just kept coming out in pint sized squirts. It was like a fucking waterfall.

“That should do for what I want to do next. You have performed well and I am about to reward you for your cooperativeness. You have done well, my cunt. Lie there and catch your breath for a minute or two while I get ready.”

She slipped off the bed and went over to her bag. My legs were still suspended and I could feel the juices trailing down to my asshole. My nipples were numb by now and I was still stretched out and waiting for her surprise. I licked my lips and smiled as I tasted her essence all over my face. I tried to do a Scooby-Doo and lick my entire face clean but my tongue would only reach so far. She tasted wonderful. She has the absolute best tasting pussy that I have ever eaten. And I have eaten a lot of pussy over the years of being bi-sexual. I could never live without her pussy. She must stay here forever.

I heard her walk over to the bed. I also heard the camera turn back on. She snapped quite a few pictures and then climbed up on the bed, between my legs. She grabbed the anal plug and started stroking it in and out. It was huge and had stretched me pretty well with all of the orgasms. I heard the camera clicking picture after picture. Then she slid the anal plug from my ass and I moaned in disappointment.

“Oh yeah, that reminds me about something else that I forgot that I bought. Hold that thought and let me get that for you.” She got off the bed and ran over to her bag across the room. I heard her pick up the bag and move it closer to the bed. I felt her get up on the side of the bed and move toward my head. She leaned over and planted a kiss on my awaiting lips. She tasted like me and that turned me on all over again. Then she abruptly stopped kissing me and with my mouth wide open, she shoved a ball gag into my mouth. It was flavored with her pussy juice and she strapped it to the back of my head, very tightly.

“Now I don’t have to hear your belly aching. You can scream out all you want behind that ball gag; I won’t give two shits about it. Now, where was I?”

She moved back between my legs and reached up and twisted my clamped nipple. Okay, maybe they weren’t completely numb. That hurt like a bitch. I screamed behind the ball gag and she just laughed. “That’s it you little whore, scream your bloody head off. No one is going to hear you up here, you know that. And I love the muffled sound that the ball gag gives your screams. It is erotic as hell and we will be using this gag often. Now I want to finish what I started a few minutes ago.”

She got back between my legs and rubbed her fingers through my wet slit. “I think you like being bound and gagged and blindfolded. You are absolutely soaked and getting wetter with every stroke. You are my kind of woman for sure. This is a perfect set up for two individuals like us. I want to dominate you for the long term. I want you to be my sex slave for years to come. Do you think that Uncle Dirk is going to mind me staying here with you all?”

I mumbled a negative response to her question. “Well, as long as you’re sure, I will stay. I want to hear it straight from Uncle Dirk’s mouth, though before we move any of my stuff down here to the mountains.” I mumbled a positive response and she moved closer to my pussy. I heard the camera start up again and her start snapping pictures. “You are so fucking photogenic. These pics are going to be HOT as hell! I can’t wait for you to see them.”

She moved closer to me and stuck her fingers inside my cunt. She was right, I was completely soaked. I heard juice flow out when she stuck her fingers inside me. I heard the camera going again and knew that she was taking a picture of her fingers sliding in and out of my cunt. That is awesome. I love to have wet finger pictures. Then she moved her pussy soaked fingers out of my cunt and down toward my asshole. She covered the outer edge and just inside the ring with my own pussy juice. Then I felt her hips shift toward my holes. I felt the head of a cock at the opening to my cunt and another, smaller one at the entrance to my asshole. Oh my god, she was going to double penetrate me with a strap-on dildo. I love this woman!

When she got them both situated at the openings that they were designated for, she inserted both cocks at the same slow motion. Once the anal cock was inside, she started thrusting in and out of both holes at the same time. This was one of the most erotic couplings that I have ever had in my entire life. She was turning me on in so many ways that I couldn’t even count them anymore. She picked up the pace a little bit on her thrusts and then I felt the vibrations starting. She had a mini vibrator on top of the dildo that was strategically placed right above my clit. This was not going to take much time. I could almost guarantee that. To have both holes full of cock and a vibrator on my clit, I was going to hit the roof soon. She could feel my muscles start to resist against her thrusting and that made her fuck even harder. She grabbed my ass cheeks and smacked them as she fucked harder and faster. The additional smacks on the ass were all that I needed to take me over the edge. I couldn’t believe how good all of this felt. I wasn’t sure it had ever been like this with another woman. She had a power over me that had completely consumed me.

“Oh god, you are such a fucking slut. You are going to cum soon aren’t you?”

I heard the camera going again and I nodded a positive response and she reached up and tweaked my nipples. They were sore as hell but still gave me the sensation that was connected directly to my hard clit. She had leaned over me and grabbed both tits as she was fucking the hell out of me. She pulled and tugged on the chain connecting the nipple clamps. I squealed behind the ball gag shoved into my mouth. Then as she picked up her fucking pace, she pulled the clamps off of my nipples and all the blood rushed into them and sent me to the moon in an orgasmic bliss.

I screamed and tried to buck my hips to meet her every thrust. I was squirting all over the dildos that were being thrust into me like a piston. I thrashed in orgasm and was sent into a spiral of sexual bliss. I had cum so hard that I was soon on the edge of passing out from the ecstasy. She grabbed at my extremely sensitive nipples and gave them a hard twist as she plunged deeper and held it there with the vibrator against my clit. I hadn’t even come down from the previous orgasm yet and she was sending me over the edge into another intense climax. She knew what she was doing. She must have read a lot of books and watched a lot of movies because she was in no way an amateur. She may have never done this in real life, but she has been thinking about these sorts of actions quite a bit. I couldn’t breathe and I was convulsing so much that I was shaking the entire bed. That in of itself was HOT!

“Oh my god you little whore. I can’t stop fucking you. You are the love of my life and I can’t give you up ever. This is the most amazing thing that I have ever been through. You are my soul mate in the flesh. God you are so hot and so wet and so amazing of a fuck. You are going to have a problem if you ever want to try and get rid of me. You are like a drug to me and I am definitely addicted. I love you being a slutty little whore. Don’t ever change, baby. That’s it, cum one more time for me and we’ll get your legs down for a rest. C’mon you nasty bitch, you have a cock in both of your holes and a vibrator on your clit. I am pinching the shit out of your now sensitive nipples and you are squirming like a little tramp. Don’t hold it back, sweetheart, let it go. Give it to me! Oh yes…that is what I am talking about!”

I released liquid that I didn’t know I had left all over her and the cocks that were still planted in my holes. I was spasming and squirting and moaning behind the ball gag. I arched my back and gave one final squirt of the juices that were still abundant and I rolled my eyes back into my head and released all that I had. She had made me cum so hard that I had passed out. That was a hell of an accomplishment!

A few minutes later, she was on the side of my head and caressing my cheek softly. I opened my eyes and realized that my legs had been let down and out of the spreader bar. My thighs were quivering in after orgasmic shock. She had pulled the blindfold and ball gag off of me and was getting ready to unhook my hands when I opened my eyes. She looked at me and started crying.

“What’s wrong sweetheart? Why are you crying?”

“Oh Mama Veronica, I thought that I had hurt you. I was going through hell for the last five minutes. I was scared that I had hurt you and when you opened your eyes, I couldn’t hold the emotion back. I am sorry, I didn’t mean to outburst like that.”

“Oh sweetie, you were just so good that you made me pass out from the ecstasy. That is when there have been so many pheromones released in a single session that the body has to shut down before it releases any more. What you did to me, there have only been a handful of people to be able to do that to me. And never have I had something like this, this early in a relationship. You are amazing and I am never going to let you go either. Don’t untie my hands unless you are ready for me to be mobile, Mistress. Thank you for the ultimate orgasm. Thank you for making me putty in your hands. Your education is intriguing and I would love to find out more about how you have learned what you have learned about pleasing a woman. If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought you to be seasoned veteran in the bi-sexual world.”

“Well, thank you so much for the encouraging words. Now, let’s see what else we can get into. I think I would really like to take you out of those restraints. I think I need some relief and I want you to fist fuck me like a whore. You need your hands for that.” She leaned up over me with her tits very close to my mouth. I couldn’t help myself and opened my mouth and took her left nipple in between my teeth and bit down hard but quick. That got me a slap on the face and my cunt to start getting hotter again. She released my left hand and then my right. I brought my arms down to relax the muscles that had been stretched and strained against those restraints throughout the many orgasms that she had given me. It felt good to have them relaxed. She leaned back over to me and gave me a lip lock like no other. When she separated us for a necessary breath, she looked me dead in the eye.

“I want you to eat my pussy like you have never eaten another pussy before. I want you to see how many times you can make me cum while being between my legs eating my slutty little cunt. I want to fill you up with my cum. And don’t forget, I want you to fuck me with your fist. I want you to fill me up like I have never been filled up before. I want to feel every inch of your fist being inside me. I want to squirt juices all over you. Let’s see what you can do post orgasm.”

She lie back on the bed and brought me over top of her into a passion filled kiss. I got up on my wobbly knees and kissed her with the passion that I knew was completely for her. I kissed her lips and then down her neck. She moaned into my ears and I moved to take an earlobe into my mouth. I sucked on her lobe and then whispered into her ear.

“You complete me more than I ever thought imaginable. Dirk completed me in one way, but you have filled a hole that I didn’t even know I had. Thank you for sharing yourself with me. That is the ultimate gift and I will never take it for granted. Now, I am going to show you pleasure like you have never known but that I hope you get used to. Every time that you allow me to, I will please you beyond the heavens. It almost seems as if we have known each other, intimately, for a lot longer than a few hours. It seems that I have known you for three lifetimes. Now, lie back and relax and let me show you what words fail to do. Only actions and feelings will give this any justice.”

I moved down her neck and bit her shoulder on my way down to her luscious tits. I took a nipple into my mouth and sucked it like a baby suckles its mother. Her nipple grew harder with my tongue flicking over it. I reached up and grabbed the other nipple into my fingers and pinched it with the same intensity that I was using with my mouth. I switched nipples and sucked and pinched the opposite. She was moaning in ecstasy and squirming under my touch. I abruptly stopped and hopped down between her legs. I couldn’t stand it anymore; I had to have her pussy on my mouth. She spread her legs and lifted them up to her chest to give me easy access. I spread her lips open and saw the juicy canal that I wanted desperately to delve into.

“Your pussy is gorgeous. I can’t get enough of it!” I said in a whisper.

I leaned down and flicked my tongue across her clit and watched her shiver. She tried to pull my head into her cunt but I backed away so that she couldn’t. She slapped my face. I looked at her and she stated, “Just because I am allowing you to eat my pussy, that doesn’t mean that you are to disobey me. Do you understand, cunt?”

“Yes Mistress, forgive me, please. I got carried away. I apologize, profusely.”

“You are forgiven, my little whore. Now, get back to where we were before you pushed away from my yummy cunt.”

I did as I was told and got back to licking her clit. She pulled my head into her pussy and I gathered her hard little clit between my lips and began sucking on it like it was a tiny little cock. Her clit was not as big as mine, but it got just as hard, especially when I had it in between my lips and sucking. I brought my free hand up to her cunt as she was pulling me even harder into her. I inserted two fingers and she raised her hips to meet my strokes inside of her soaking wet cunt. I could feel her muscles clamping down on my fingers inside of her. She was enjoying what I was doing rather well. I quickly added another finger while I swished my tongue over her clit that was inside my mouth. My three fingers were stretching out her hole with just enough resistance to be hot from either side. Her cunt was rather tight and my fingers had filled her full with only three. It was going to be hot once I got my entire hand inside of her. She was pumping her hips to meet every one of my thrusts. She started pulling the hair on the back of my head to show me that she was still boss.

“Oh you fucking whore! That is so hot and I am so full. Fuck me harder with those magic fingers. Suck my clit you nasty little slut. I want to know that I am yours in every sense of the word. I want you to make me cum like the whore that I am. I want to feel your entire hand inside of very tight, very hot cunt. C’mon bitch, get your hand inside me, now!”

I did not want to disappoint. I slipped my pinky finger inside of her and got it all covered in juices. It slid in rather easily compared to how the first three went in. I was plunging into her juicy cunt with everything that I had. She was getting hotter and wetter with every stroke. I could feel the build up of the climax coming and I wanted to have my entire fist inside her when that happened. There is nothing like being inside of a juicy cunt like this when it came to a head. I continued to suck on her clit and had a death grip hold on that tiny little nub that gave her so much pleasure. I twisted my hand slightly and moved my thumb up under my palm and slid it inside of her. There was some resistance when the heel of my palm got to her opening. She helped with a thrust that sucked my entire hand deep inside of her. She was pumping hard and meeting every stroke inside of her. I leaned up from sucking on her clit for a minute and just concentrated on getting her fist fucked to her desire. Not every woman out there could take a fist inside her cunt, so this was a treat that I could accomplish this with her.

I loved the feeling of the walls of her cunt contracting around my fingers and squeezing my hand to let me know that it was building. All I had to do was take her clit back into my mouth and I think that she was going to hit the roof. Her cunt was responding nicely with a flow of juices that held nothing back. She was hot and tight and getting close to climax. I leaned my head back over and took her clit into my mouth and sucked like a vacuum cleaner. She screamed and grabbed the back of my head and pushed my face into her pussy.

“Oh god, yes, bitch. Eat my pussy, fist fuck my cunt and make me cum like a whore. I want to be yours forever because you make me feel so good. I can’t take much more. You are going to have me cumming in no time. Oh god!”

She began squeezing my hand even harder than before and then the juices started coming out in buckets. I fucked harder and sucked harder and made it worth her while. She bucked her hips and fucked me back and came even harder. Her juices were squirting out of her faster than I could swallow them down. It was hot as fuck! I loved having my hand inside of her during this time. It felt more erotic than I have ever experienced and I didn’t want it to stop. I turned my hand palm up and began wiggling the tips of my fingers against her g-spot. She went crazy. She planted her feet on the bed and raised her hips up to meet my thrusts and she was fucking my hand with a purpose.

“Don’t stop! You have got me right on the edge again and it’s not going to take much to bring me over. God you feel good inside of me, don’t ever stop! Fuck me like a whore! Fist me like a slut. Make me cum you fucking tramp!”

I wiggled my fingers faster and bit down on her clit that was still in my mouth. That was what she needed. She screamed out in ecstasy and came in pints all over my arm and mouth. Her juices tasted so good that it was going to be hard to suck another pussy. She had an essence about her that made me crave her juices. Her pussy tasted like nothing I had ever eaten before. It was sweet and salty and musky tasting but it had a hint of something so erotic that it made my cunt quiver. I needed to fuck this little girl like a whore every time. It seemed that hint that I couldn’t put my finger on only happened when she was at a height of climax like she was now. It was hot and made me want to fuck her harder and with more passion. When she finally had squirted everything that she had at that moment out, she put her ass back on the bed and scooted away from me reach. My hand was still planted inside of her cunt but my lips were no longer wrapped around her clit.

“Oh god, Mistress, you are so tasty. I can’t seem to get enough of your taste in my mouth. Your cunt is so hot that my fingers are burning inside of you. I feel the heat all the way up my arm. You are fucking amazing and I really need to fuck you. Please, Mistress, let me fuck you like a whore. Let me put my strap-on dildo on and fuck you like crazy?”

“Yes, please. Get the biggest dildo that you have for me. I want to feel like a whore stuffed like a turkey. I want you to be so deep inside me that it feels like you’re going to come out my throat.”

As I got off of the bed to go and retrieve the dildo that I wanted to use on her, she began stroking her clit. I hurried into the closet and grabbed the double headed dildo with an anal attachment. I did not have one like my Mistress had that had two cocks to give double penetration but I had an attachment that Dirk used on me often with his own cock. When I returned to the bedroom, I saw a sight that I would never forget. She had re-clamped her nipples and had the chain in her mouth tugging at it. She had one hand rubbing her clit while the other was pumping in and out of her sopping wet cunt. I went to the nightstand and watched every move she made. She did not even realize that I was right next to her. I attached the dildo to the harness and attached the anal cock to my twelve inch dildo. This dildo was huge and I hoped she liked it. It was huge on both sides, but only about 8 inches on the side that inserted into my cunt. If she could handle this cock then we would have lots of fun as this was my favorite and not every woman that I had encountered over the years could handle it. It was about five inches around and was flesh colored, full with veins bulging and a monstrous head.

She stirred from the sensations that she was giving herself. She began moaning and thrashing about on the bed. She was getting close and I needed to be ready for her release. As soon as she started cumming, I wanted to be in a position to fuck her full and hard. I climbed up on the bed and got between her legs. She opened her eyes and looked at me and continued to fuck her cunt hard and rub her clit even harder. She looked down between my legs and saw what I had adorned my pussy with. Her eyes grew wide as she sped up her frigging. Her cunt was so soaked that she had juices flowing down to her asshole. I grabbed a bottle of lube and lubed up the anal attachment. I hoped she liked this.

“Yes, that’s it Mistress. Make yourself cum like a whore. You need to be hot and ready for my cock. C’mon I need you to squirt one more, big load all over your pussy so that I can fuck you like you deserve to be fucked. God, you are hot when you are playing with yourself. That’s it, make it feel good bitch!”

She moaned and squealed out. “Oh fuck, that feels good. Are you ready? I am going to cum any second now. You turn me on to no end, Mama. OH…FUCK…I…AM…CUMMING…IT’S…SO…HOT…AND…WET!”

She squirted all over her hands and the bed. She was cumming in streams and when I thought she was close to her peak, I removed her hands from her pussy and slammed both cocks into her holes at the same time. She screamed and raised her hips up to meet my thrusting. I was giving her no mercy. Every time that I slammed into her, the cock inside me went deeper and hit a special spot that my loving husband had found. It happened every time I used this dildo, probably one of the reasons I loved this dildo so much. It made my cunt quiver on every stroke. I was pounding into her cunt when I felt something crack my ass. I had been lost in the moment and didn’t realize that she had picked up her riding crop.

“That’s it whore, fuck your Mistress. Fuck me like you like to be fucked. Hard and rough is the way that you like it and I want you to fuck me hard and rough! I love having both of my holes filled with your thrusts. Fuck me!”

She continued to crack my ass with that leather crop and to the same rhythm that I was fucking her cunt and ass. This was hotter than I had imagined and I was getting closer than I thought would be possible. The build up with her words and the stinging on my ass was more than I could handle. I began to slam into her ass and cunt with a vengeance. Katrina started hitting my ass harder like she was punishing me for something. The stinging was making me react in a slutty manner. I couldn’t get deep enough into her cunt. I wanted all twelve inches inside of her. I reached down and tweaked her clamped nipples and sent her into a stream of orgasms that was absolutely beautiful. The harder I squeezed her nipples, the harder she squirted all over my cocks. I twisted and fucked and panted into my own orgasm.

“Oh god, Mistress, I am cumming. It feels so good to fuck you and pinch your nipples. Spank my ass harder, now, please? I want to feel my ass scream in pain for you. I need you to do this for me. I need to know that you are always in control of me and my whole world. I love your cunt and your ass and your tits. I love everything about making love to you and I want you around always. God, it feels so good to be inside you and you fucking me back like a whore! Give it to me Mistress. Spank my ass harder!”

She did pick up the pace and the strength that she poured into the strikes on my ass was amazing. I came hard all over the cock that was inside of me and with the orgasm that I was having, I fucked her cunt and ass even harder. I wanted to bring her up to the same level of intense orgasm that I was achieving. It was the most erotic fuck that I have ever been a part of. She was amazing and I needed to go just a little higher before I came down. I lifted her legs up over my shoulders and began plunging into her in this position. The cocks were hitting in a little different position inside of her and she began crying out. I fucked harder and when I started into my next peak of climax, I took her with me. We were both screaming out and crying with intensity. There were no verbal words, just grunts and moans and screams. I don’t even think that we could have formed words, it was that intense. I was on an orgasmic high that I had not been on in a very long time.

When we finally exhausted our energy, I fell onto her and kissed her lips. My cocks were still in her holes and I could feel the muscles clinching even as we lay breathless. My cunt was still spasming and my ass was still stinging. I swore that I could feel every separate place that she had hit. It was erotic as hell and I was definitely going to have marks on my ass from that beating. I felt like a hot nasty whore when I had bruises from a sexual escapade. She had marked my body for the first time in our relationship. I had a feeling that she was marking her territory. She had done a lot of research on being a dominatrix. I was thrilled that she had taken the time to learn so much about it. And that was what a lot of dominatrix do, put marks on their submissive’s body to prove they are owned by someone.

She rubbed my back softly and moved her hands down over my ass cheeks. I flinched, a little, as my ass was still stinging pretty bad. She smacked me bare handed full and hard.

“You would have thought that I had taught you something the last time you flinched. Apparently, you are going to have to be taught in a different way. Get off of me, cunt. I am going to teach you a lesson that you will not soon forget.” She pushed me off of her and rolled me over on my stomach. The cock was still inside me and the other end was stuck underneath my stomach. It was locked there with the weight of my body on top of it. Mistress got up, quickly, and began smacking my ass with her bare hands. Both cheeks with the same force and man did it hurt. I couldn’t help squealing out. The more that I squealed, the harder she hit me. Then came the words. “I told you that I didn’t want a peep out of you or a movement when I spank your ass. I meant that, you fucking cunt. I am going to spank you until you become quiet and motionless. The longer you take to get that way, the harder I will beat your ass. Do you understand me, young lady?”

“Yes, Mistress, I will be quiet, I promise. Thank you for punishing me, Mistress. I know that I deserve everything that you are dishing out. I thank you for being a wonderful Mistress to your sex slave. I’ll behave from now on.”

She continued to beat my ass until I did not move and had not made a sound. When she finally stopped, I could feel my ass like it was on fire. It burned like hell. She brushed her hands over my cheeks lightly and I wanted to flinch but all I could do was to hold my breath and bite my tongue and endure this torture. Every time I went to let the breath out, she brushed a little harder and brought the sensations closer to the surface. She moved her hands up to my back and began caressing lightly and in a loving manner. I could hear her breathing calming down and I turned my head over to look at her.

What I saw in her eyes at that moment, was something that I will never forget. I am not sure if it was gratitude or relief or lust. It might have been a combination of all three. She leaned down and kissed my lips and the electricity that I felt when she touched her lips to mine, was incredible. My cunt grabbed onto the cock that was deep inside me and I squeezed some of the juices from my cunt. She released my lips and turned me over on my side. She lay down in my arms and sighed in contentment.

“Mistress, may I remove my strap-on?”

“Yes my dear and then lie down so that I can snuggle into your arms.”

I got up quickly and removed the cum-soaked cock from my cunt. It was still dripping with Katrina’s juices on the other end. I took off my cum-soaked crotch-less panties and threw them across the room. I crawled back into bed and opened my arms for her to snuggle into me. I noticed that her nipple clamps were still on and being afraid of falling asleep in this after orgasm bliss, I said to her, “Why don’t you let me take those clamps off of your nipples. If we fall asleep, you do not want to have them on there throughout the night. Trust me on this, it is very painful.”

“You are right sweetie. Thank you for that warning.” She sat up on the bed and faced me and winked. “I know you want to do this to get me going again.”

“Oh Mistress, I was not thinking that at all. I think that I am spent after that spanking you gave me. Did you know that you gave me an orgasm with your beating?”

“No, I could not even tell that you were orgasming. That is amazing. I want to work on that and perfect that. That could come in handy if we are in a public place and I want to give you an orgasm. Only you and I would know what is going on under that table. I love you, Mama.”

“Oh, I love you too sweetheart. This is the most amazing sex that I have had in quite a while. The newness combined with the whole taboo of it all, is taking it to a different level. Now, let’s get those clamps off quickly. Before you have a chance to feel anything, I want you to take deep breaths, evenly and quickly while I release your nipples. As soon as I get them unclamped, I am going to rub your nipples fast and hard. As the blood flows back into them, I will be working them to get it evenly distributed in a quicker fashion. Go ahead and start breathing as I told you.”

She took deep even breaths quickly in and out of her lungs. When she got a good rhythm going, I nodded my head. I put my hands on the clamps and went to slide the lock out of place on both of them at the same time. I held the pressure on the clamps until I was able to get them both loose. I quickly let them off of her nipples and began rubbing her nipples with the palms of my hands.

“Oh god, that is amazing. Yes! My nipples are so sensitive now. God, it feels good!”

I slowed my palms down to softly circling her hard as a rock, nipples. My cunt was flowing again with these wonderful tits at my finger tips again. I squeezed both breasts in a passionate loving sort of way. She opened her eyes and looked into mine. She didn’t have to say a word. We both knew what we wanted. It was like a never ending energy source when she looked at me like that. Her look made me shiver in anticipation. We were definitely not going to sleep just yet. She reached over and began kneading my breasts and paying attention to my nipples. She mimicked my actions stroke for stroke. It was getting warmer in here again and I knew that this was going to be intense.

My beautiful new lover leaned in to give me a kiss and she winked just before she closed her eyes and our lips met. I loved kissing this woman. She loved to have my tongue inside of her mouth swirling around her own. Then she would stick her tongue into my mouth and let me suck on it passionately. She began pinching and twisting my nipples with a purpose. I returned the favor as I entered my tongue into her mouth once again. She broke from our kiss to give us a chance to breathe. We were getting heated up quickly considering how much energy was put into the last orgasm that we shared. Then the orgasm that I had while she was beating my ass took so much energy to not reveal to her that I was climaxing. It was erotic and we would definitely repeat that in the future.

I could smell her pheromones rising as we continued to play with each other’s tits. She leaned over and began sucking on my neck. She was sucking hard and strong and I knew she was going to leave a huge hickey on my neck. It felt so good that I couldn’t resist. The harder she sucked on my neck, the wetter my cunt got. I reached one of my hands down to her pussy and slipped my middle finger into her slit. She was just as wet as I was and she followed my lead. She moved over to the other side of my neck and began leaving her mark on that side as well. I was not going to be able to go into town for a few days. Everyone in town knew that Dirk traveled and if I showed up with hickeys all over my body, they would think that I was cheating on my husband. I had a good reputation in town right now and I didn’t want to put a hindering on that.

I started to scoot back out of her reach and she reached up and smacked me in the face. It was hard and it stung and she looked me in the eye and said, “If I want to leave my mark on you, I will leave my mark on you. Do not try to resist when it comes to me beating you or giving you a bruise that says, ‘you’re mine’. I will not stand for that. Now, where was I?”

She leaned back to the spot that she had started sucking and began sucking even harder. I could feel the blood vessels breaking and the blood rushing to the spot she was sucking. It turned me on even hotter and she must have sensed that because she reached down between my lips and started circling my clit. My cunt was flowing like mad and I ached to be touched by her again. My cunt wanted to have her fist fuck me into oblivion. I wanted to cum hard for her and I wanted to return the favor. I wanted to make her feel as good as she made me feel. I couldn’t get enough of this woman. I loved her taste and her smell and her touch. I couldn’t wait to show Dirk what I meant on the phone. She was intoxicating to me. She was my new drug of choice.

She stopped sucking on my neck and pulled back to look me in the eye. She made me so wet with the way that she was looking at me. I had chills running up and down my back for what seemed like and eternity. “I love the way that you respond to me when I touch you. It’s like we were made for each other. I want to make love to you one more time before we collapse into dreamland. I want to make you feel so good that you will never want to let me go. I want to be irreplaceable to you.”

“You already are, Mistress. I am never going to let you go. You are mine, for forever.”

She laid me back onto the bed and climbed on top of me. She gave me a kiss filled with passion and lust and moved down my neck to my nipples. I was caressing her back and rubbing it lightly as she moved down to my hard nipples. She flicked one with her tongue while pinching the other one. My nipples were still pretty sensitive from them being clamped earlier. I reached down and started fondling her tits with each of my hands. She looked up at me from sucking on my left nipple and smiled with my nipple between her teeth, right before she bit down, hard. I bit my tongue as she dared me to flinch or cry out. It hurt like hell, but was erotic as all get out. My cunt was flowing like a river before she moved over the other nipple to do the same thing. She had straddled my left leg and had spread her legs enough for me to feel the heat and wetness coming from her fuck hole.

While she had her teeth bitten into my nipple, she swung her legs up over my head and then released her teeth from my nipple. She straddled my head and lowered her cunt down to my face. My arms were not restrained now and I could give her a good finger fucking from this position. I reached up and spread her lips for me to get a strong whiff of her musky scent. She smelled wonderful and it made me wetter as I stuck my tongue out and brought her hips down to my face. All the while that I adored her cunt, she was getting into position to eat my pussy while she was sitting on top of my face. She spread my lips apart and touched her tongue to my clit at the same time that I touched hers with my tongue.

There was a spark that happened there, one that both of us felt rack our bodies in the same instant. She had her way on my pussy with her tongue and I dug into a wonderful lesbian feast. I shoved two fingers inside her tight, wet fuck hole, right above my nose and they slid in like they had never left. She was so tight and I loved feeling her insides when they were so slick with her juices and hot to the touch. I quickly added a third finger and felt her overwhelming sense of gratification. Her pussy started producing juices at an electrifying rate. The more I fucked, the wetter she got and the more I wanted to please her. She had three fingers inside me and her mouth locked onto my clit. She had all of the suction of a vacuum cleaner and she was using it to the full advantage.

I flicked my tongue across her clit and sucked it into my mouth as I added a fourth finger to the cunt right above my face. I could see my fingers disappear into her hot little hole and come back out covered in her juices. This turned me on to no end and she must have felt it. She added another finger to my soaking wet fuck hole and began fucking me like a whore. There was no advance warning, she just added the fourth finger and began slamming my cunt. She had fierceness about her and the domineering side of her came out in full force. She reached up under me and started fingering my ass with two of her fingers. It felt awesome and I wondered if she wanted me to follow suit. I reached up and rubbed her ass cheeks while I was giving her clit some head. She seemed to sway at my touch and I thought I would move closer to her anal opening and see what her reaction was going to be with that. I did so, gingerly, and got the response that I had anticipated. I reached down and stuck my middle finger into her cunt, in between strokes and got it covered in her juices.

When I entered her asshole, she squirmed and met my thrust immediately. She was definitely in the mood for an ass fucking. And I was in the mood to give her one. She was sliding her fingers in and out of me at alternate thrusts and I was meeting stroke for stroke in each of her holes. I added another finger to her ass and felt her get comfortable with the added intrusion. Once she was good with it, she fucked me back just as hard as I was fucking her. My mouth was planted on her clit and sucking and flicking it with my tongue. I could feel her body getting closer the harder that I fucked and sucked her. I raised my hips up to meet her thrusts and could feel my own body coming closer to climax.

We were like one being, one hugely sexual being. We were both intoxicated with the other and couldn’t keep our hands off of each other. The closer I came to orgasm, the closer I wanted her to be. I kept increasing my intensity and my speed and hoped that we could climax together. The room was spinning with eroticism and I couldn’t hold back any longer. I exploded all over her hands and face as she about drowned me with her juices that were emitting from her cunt. I felt all of the muscles in her ass and cunt contract together around my fingers, planted deep inside of her. I felt every bit of her orgasm rack through her body. In the midst of our climactic orgasm, I flipped her over onto her back and followed on top of her without breaking contact. She loved it! She began speeding up and wiggling her fingers inside of me and sucking on my clit even harder. It was amazing! I continued with her in the same fashion and we were both soon back on top of that orgasmic plane, panting and squirting and cumming all over the place.

I loved this euphoric feeling that I received from her. This is what making love is supposed to be like, completely and utterly gratifying. I was pretty sure that she was feeling the same way that I was feeling. I felt like she was the missing piece to a puzzle, you never quite feel complete until that emptiness is filled. And everyone knows how satisfying it is to put that last piece in place and realize that the project is complete. This is the way that Katrina made me feel. I collapsed on top her, completely out of breath. My fingers were still in her holes, but not moving. She was the same way underneath me. I slowly pulled my fingers out of her ass and then from her cunt. A stream of her juices followed my fingers out of her little hole and made me smile. She followed my lead and pulled her fingers from my orifices. I felt empty for a couple of seconds and then I rolled off of her onto the bed.

We lie next to each other for quite awhile, silent and allowing our breathing to return to normal. I had a grin on my face that said everything. I glanced over at her and she seemed to have the same telltale sign. She sat up and looked at me with those big brown eyes. “Mama, I love you. That was truly amazing but I am finally exhausted and needing to get some rest. Let’s get naked and snuggle up here and fall asleep in each other’s arms. I like being dressed up for a while, but I so prefer to be nude and comfortable.”

“Oh thank you, sweetheart, I completely agree with you and am glad that we have had today together to explore.” I got off the bed and was taking off my lingerie as I was speaking and watching her strip out of her lingerie. “I cannot wait until in the morning when I can show you Dirk’s haven. This is something that we have had in our minds from day one and when we moved down here, that was his second project. This place is a wet dream for any dominatrix. Dirk took his time and was patient in stocking this place, but he did a fantastic job. We have had many friends over and played in that room. We have our black out parties in there and we often go out there just for the two of us.”

“Excuse me Mama, but what is a ‘black out’ party?” she asked innocently.

“Well, this is something that Dirk brought to our relationship. Why don’t we turn down the lights, open the windows to get a nice breeze in here and lie down and I will explain to you what a black out party is.” I walked over to the light switch and turned it down to barely being on at all. Just enough to light the room once our eyes were adjusted. She opened the windows across from the bed and a nice breeze wafted in from the mountains outside. I took a deep breath in and remembered why we have moved to this part of the country.

We lie down next to each other and she snuggled up into my arms. “You see, a lot of people don’t know where Dirk and I actually met. All know that it was a party in the city, but only a select few know what kind of party it was. Well, it was a swingers’ party and we were both there and found one another and fucked each other’s brains out in a room of five, all night. We were in lust at first sight. Neither one of us will ever deny that. Anyway, one of the first things I found out about him was about these black out parties. This is where you black out the windows, preferable with something like foil or the like. You get about 12-20 people in that blackened out room and have everyone naked and ready. You explain to everyone that this is a free for all. However, ‘no means no’ and that means you should just move on to something else or someone else. It is a hot and erotic time and at any one time you can have 10-14 hands touching your body at once.”

“That sounds like a tremendous amount of fun. I would love to try that sometime, if you don’t mind Mama Veronica. I think it would be hot to be a part of something like that. Do you think you could get one set up for this weekend?”

“Well, it’s funny you should ask that question. We had already had a get-together planned for this Saturday night. I think your first group experience should be in the light. I have to add a few people on to the guest list with you being here though. We’ll see what we can do tomorrow morning. Remind me and we’ll get it going. Dirk is going to be thrilled. He loves hosting these things. Alright, let’s get some sleep and we will continue this discussion over coffee and eggs in the morning. Sweet dreams my lover, sweet dreams I give to you.” I leaned down and lifted her chin and gave her a good night kiss that would enter her dreams shortly. I pulled back and said, “Good night Katrina, I am glad that you are here! Extremely glad! Love you baby.”

We zonked out in a heartbeat and slept peacefully in each other’s arms.

I am not sure what time it was when we finally fell asleep, but I woke up at my normal time of 5:30 am. The sky was getting brighter as the day was about to begin. I could hear the birds singing in the trees and I could feel the warm body lying next to me. I was surely in some sort of Heaven. I slowly slipped out from underneath Katrina’s arm and scooted over to the bathroom. I took a hot morning shower and felt energized to begin the day with open arms. When I got out of the shower and had dried off, I walked back into the bedroom. She was still lying on her side and had not moved. I thought I would try and get some writing in before she awoke. I was used to getting up this early, whereas she might not have been. I wanted her to get enough rest to be a good Mistress today. I pulled the blinds to so that she would not be blinded by the sun as it rose over the mountains and filled our bedroom with sunshine.

I walked out into the kitchen and turned the coffee pot on. It was going to be a beautiful day and I couldn’t wait to get started. I fired up my laptop and pulled up my story. Like I said, I had two lines written, not very impressive from a renowned author like myself. I re-read those two lines and deleted them. I had a plot for a story that had been long to come. Once I got my teeth into it, it would take no time at all to finish it. I began typing away as the smell of coffee permeated the room. My senses were flowing and my hands were following my mind rather well. I finished a page in no time and headed over to the coffee pot. After pouring myself a cup and sitting back down at the computer, I continued on with my thought process. This was the best time of day for me to write, it always has been.

Around 7:30 I heard movement in the back room. I saved my draft and was pleased that I had completed ten pages in that hour and half. It was non-stop creativity flowing from my fingertips. Anyway, I heard the shower turn on and decided that I should have enough time to have a nice warm breakfast waiting for my new found lover. I whipped up a batch of pancakes and bacon and had everything on the table as she walked into the kitchen.

“Well, good morning sweetheart, how did you sleep?” I asked her as she was standing there naked and clean and fresh looking. I licked my lips as she walked over and gave me a good morning kiss.

“Oh my goodness, that was the best night’s sleep I have had in months. At home, I could not sleep when William was out of the house. My suspicions started about six months ago and all I have been able to do is lie in bed at night and think about him fucking another woman. I couldn’t sleep until I heard the garage door open and him walk into the house. It made for very long nights and very short ones at the same time. Thank you for everything. I appreciate all that you are doing for me. And this breakfast smells wonderful, thank you for that also.”

“It is the least that I could do for someone as special as you. Thank you for all that you have provided for me. Let’s eat our breakfast and plan our day. There are so many things that I want to show you today.” We sat down at the table and she noticed then that my laptop was open.

“I forgot all about your book, how are you progressing?”

“Well, up until this morning, I had two lines written. Now I am well into my tenth page. It seems that with you being here, my writer’s block has been cured. I am on a roll now and will be able to finish in no time. I will need a few hours a day to get my writing done but other than that, I am yours. How are your pancakes?”

“They are delicious and the bacon is wonderful. I am going to get a cup of coffee, do you want a refill?”

“Sure, if you want to freshen mine up a little, I would love that.”

“So, what is this one about, can I ask?”

“Well, you can ask all you want, but I don’t tell until it is finished. It is an old wives’ tale in the writing world that you will be jinxed if you tell your plot before it is done. People usually try and tell you their ideas about how the book should be written and how the story should go. No offense, or anything, but I like all of my ideas to come from my own head. I hope your understand.”

“Of course, I understand. I will wait patiently. I can’t wait to add this one to my Veronica Rutledge library. You know that I have every book that you have written, don’t you?”

“No, I did not know that. You didn’t buy them?”

“Of course, I did. You don’t get royalties from giving books away.”

“Katrina Michelle, you are family and I always give my books to my family. The publisher’s give me 100 books to start off the circulation. If I had known that you were a fan, I would have sent you the books early, before you can even buy them. Thank you for thinking about me in that way though. You are such a sweetheart.”

“So, what would you like to accomplish today?” she asked with a sneer.

“Well, the first stop is going to be our playhouse in the back. I want you to see that before we do anything else. Then we can figure out what you want to do and how you want to play. You have to see the shed first though, is that okay with you, Mistress?”

“Oh yes, my slave, that is fine with me. Let’s see what we can get into back there. I am looking forward to seeing this ‘playhouse’ that you have told me about.”

We finished up our breakfast and grabbed another cup of coffee for the walk back to the shed. I put our dishes away, quickly, and walked over to her. I pulled her up and into a hug. I pulled back a bit and leaned down to give her a kiss. We locked our lips into a very passionate and needy kiss. It was mutual on both sides and my pussy started flowing. I pulled away and grabbed her hand and went to walk out the sliding glass door and onto the deck.

“Aren’t we going to get clothes on? Or do we need anything from the house?” she asked with a bit of hesitation in her voice.

“No sweetie, we have everything that we need out here. C’mon, let me show you.”

“But we are going to walk out in your back yard as naked as a jaybird?”

“Yes my love, there is no one around us for miles. This is one of the umpteenth advantages of living up here in the mountains. It is very invigorating to walk outside in the buff. C’mon, let’s try it.”

I grabbed her hand and pulled her along, both of us carrying a cup of coffee. It was about 8:30 in the morning and there was still a light layer of fog that had not lifted. It was going to be a humid day. We walked down the hill toward the back of the yard where the tree line was located. The shed was about twenty feet inside the tree line to be out of site to anyone that might be in the back yard. It was down over the hill and out of site from the house. As soon as we got nearer to the tree line, she spotted it.

“Oh my god, that thing is huge. I can’t wait to see what you have in there.” It was a 75 feet long and about 20 feet wide. It was all made of wood and resembled the exterior of our house. We walked up to the door and I put the security code in the electronic door and opened the door that swung outwards. I stepped in and flipped the light switch on that lit up the entire out building. When she stepped in and looked around, her jaw dropped toward the floor. I followed her eyes as she took in everything to see.

The first thing that you see is a small kitchenette area equipped with a card table, chairs, refrigerator, microwave and a cabinet about 10 feet long. There was a small sink, similar to a camper and we had running water. Just to the right of the kitchenette is the bathroom. It is similar to my bathroom in the house with a smaller shower area. Toward the back of the building, behind the bathroom is a dungeon type set up of different devices with which to have submissive sex. Dirk and I designed this part of the building together. It was my fantasy room brought to life. I’ll describe that room later.

To the right of the door, after you walked in was a king size four post bed, complete with spreader bar over the top of the bed, connected to one of the crossbeams and attached to a pulley system on a track. The bed was equipped with restraints that we just kept in place. There has never been a time in this building that those were not used. There were drawers under this bed, as well, and they were full of toys and accessories.

Beyond the bed, before the dungeon, there was a sunken portion of the room. There were throw pillows all over the pit and the stereo system was inset into the wall with the controls being in the pit. Right above the pit was a wood fireplace for the cold winter evenings that we have hosted swinger functions out here. The building had no windows, but had a wonderful ventilation system that took all of the pollutants out of the air and recycled filtered air into the building. When we had parties, this place would be packed and with a lot of smokers. We kept the windows out so that we could perform black out parties in this place.

There was a heavy curtain that pulled all the way across in front of the dungeon area. We curtained this section off during black out parties. We didn’t want to have anyone hurt on any of the devices back there, in the dark.

Katrina started walking toward the back of the building into the last 30 feet of the building. Her jaw had not relaxed since we entered the building. I followed behind her and kept my eyes on the direction of hers. I wanted to experience this as she was, brand new and seeing it for the first time. There was a frame in the middle of the room that had numerous holes through out the entire frame. These were used to tie your victim up in endless positions. The platform was on wheels so that it could be moved anywhere in the building. To the left of the frame was a doctor’s office table, fully equipped with stirrups. There was a complete medical collection above that table on the wall. The entire back half of the building had pegboard on the walls and the accessories were almost endless.

In the corner, behind the doctor’s table was a chair. But it was like no ordinary chair. There were restraints on the legs of the chair to bind the victim’s legs spread widely apart. The seat was only for the ass and with the legs spread widely apart, you could get just about anything into either of the fuck holes. There was a bar on a track right in front of where the pussy would be and it had an attachment on the top of that bar to hold a dildo. It was like a microphone stand in which it could be raised and lowered at will. There were hooks in the top of the chair for you to hold your victim’s hands above her head. And like with the frame, there were numerous holes with which to tie your victim in a multitude of ways.

Across the back of the room there was an angled table that was padded and had belts all along the edges of this table. It was fashioned to where you could lie on your back or your stomach. There was just enough of a curve to it that it was not uncomfortable on the back. There were steel posts on tracks toward the head of this table that you could restrain hands and anything else that might need to be restrained. Dirk actually tied my nipples with kite string and tied them to the posts once. It was hot as hell.

Then there was also a post much like the one on the chair, but it was adjustable like a piano player’s microphone. It also had an attachment for dildos. While you are restrained on the table, someone can put a vibrator against any part of your pussy and just hold it there. You will be immobile so it won’t matter much to you.

To the right of the sex table, there was a stockade sort of bench. It had the head and arm holes just like in the old days. There was a seat in front of the head hole and there was a cushioned platform underneath the bench part that held the slave. There were padded knee rests with straps across where the ankles would go if someone was kneeling there. There were also holes in the bench for the victim to put their tits into. It was a very interesting contraption and I could tell by the look on Katrina’s face, that it fascinated her. I am sure that she would be using that over the next couple of days.

The last thing that was in this “dungeon” section of the room was an old pommel horse that we got from the local high school when we purchased some new gymnastic equipment for them. We wanted an old fashioned one made of superior quality. Dirk had it completely overhauled aesthetically. We kept the same frame of sturdy steel but completely redid the exterior of it. Dirk had it covered in soft black leather and had the handles made retractable. There were hooks on the opposite side that he had specifically put in to tie my pierced nipples to as I was leaning over the pommel horse, legs spread wide and attached to the legs of the horse. He also had eyebolts put in the ends to tie my arms spread apart and two more on the same side with my nipple hooks in case he wanted to have my arms hang over the edge. Dirk liked this restraint device and used it almost as often as the frame. Katrina seemed intrigued by the entire room.

She had not spoken a word since entering the building. I was waiting patiently for whatever reaction she might have to the whole scene. She turned to look at me and I just smiled. “This is the most incredible place that I have ever seen in my life. I haven’t seen this elaborate of a set up even in a porn movie. You went all out, didn’t you?”

“This has been one of my fantasies forever. Dirk and I had talked about this since we met. Especially when he found out how I loved to be submissive. We used to lie in bed and talk about all of the things that we would have in our ‘play house’. So, I take it that you approve?”

“Oh my yes, this place is poetic. Very functional, sexy and private and could be used for anything that you wanted. I’ll bet you two have had some wild parties out here.”

“We host at least one party a month out here. We have had as few as two couples and as many as twelve couples and a few singles. In the summer time, we usually have one huge fuck fest and invite all of the swingers we know. It is a blow out and is getting bigger every year that we are here.”

“I cannot wait until this weekend’s party. I am a little nervous of the group situation. Is there anything you can tell me to help me out?” she asked with reservation.

“Why, of course, there is a great chance of that happening. All you have to do is to remember that we are all alike in the aspect of sex. None of our play couples are the jealous type. We get together to make everyone feel good. You have to make sure, as hosts, that all of your guests are being paid some attention. If you ever see someone not engaged in some sort of sexual activity, you need to try and include him or her. Are you nervous to be around other sexual beings, sweetheart?”

“Oh Mama, I know how it is with us because of our background with each other and the love that we have nurtured here last night. I am just not sure about other women when love is not involved. You do something to me that I have never found in another and I doubt will ever find it anywhere else. But yes, I would love to see what I can do with other women. I especially would like to see what I could do with Kelly and Grace from your sex shop. Kelly actually turned me on when she was helping me pick out my gear for the dominatrix outfit. She’s got great tits and a beautiful smile. I would love to see what her face looks like contorted in an orgasmic state.”

“Yeah, she’s a little hottie all right. Grace is phenomenal also. She was my first female playmate when we moved down here. She has been like a best friend to me and has taught me some things that I didn’t know. That is rare when someone can teach a slut like me something new in the sexual department. Well, I know that they are definitely interested in you.”

“And how do you know that?” she asked with a grin.

“Well, Grace is very blunt and told me so when we were checking my order. She asked me if there was going to be an opportunity for a party situation. I told her not this week as we were still getting to know one another. I did tell her that it was definitely a possibility. So, what do you say? Are you ready for the challenge set for Saturday night?”

“That sounds awesome Mama Veronica. I would love to. That means you have to show me a lot in the next four days.”

“That will not be a problem. Now, I need to know before I send out these invites do we need to have protected sex to overcome any pregnancy possibility? If we need to, then so be it. If not, then we all usually just play without any protection. Most that visit us here have either been fixed or are here to fuck me. I have been fixed so we can’t get pregnant. It’s hard to get pregnant when you don’t have the parts to carry a child any longer. I just want to know what you need. Anything for you is what I will do.”

“I am completely protected from having children at this moment. I take the shot that lasts for three months. Knowing you, these people are all clean, right? I want to experience everything I can. I want to see all that I have not seen in one room before. I want to see men with men and I want to be in the middle of two or three men. I also want to be a part of an all woman orgy. These are things that I have fantasized about all my life. You have opened my eyes to so many new things already and I want to experience it all. Let’s do it.”

“All right, we are going to have a rockin’ party on Saturday. I will send the added invites when we get back up to the house. For right now, is there anything in particular that you would like to try out right now?”

She glanced around the room and all of the many choices that she had. She gazed back and forth over the entire space a couple of times and smiled. Katrina looked me in the eye and said, “I don’t feel like being dominating right now, can we just make love on the bed?” There was innocence in her voice that I hadn’t heard since she had been here.

I looked right back at her and said, “I want to make you happy. If you want to make love on the bed, then we will make love on the bed.”

She ran over and jumped up on the bed and bounced a couple of times, making her tits bounce with her body. Oh to be 21 again and have things firm and perky. Although I am 45 years old, my tits are in pretty good shape after I had a reduction done and had things rearranged. Her firmness made me wet as I watched her hard nipples dance on the bed with her tits.

I followed her up on the bed and lay down next to her. She leaned over and embraced me into a kiss. The electricity flowed like a bolt of lightning. It was sharp, intense and concentrated on our tongues. I sucked her tasty tongue into my mouth and felt the response that I was expecting. She started darting her tongue in and out of my mouth. My mouth was watering to taste more of her. My pussy was getting wet with every stroke of her tongue inside my mouth. She reached down and started pinching my right nipple between her thumb and forefinger. She pulled at the piercing and twisted it until I responded. I groaned in ecstasy and she smiled into our kiss.

We separated our lips and she looked me in the eye. Her brown eyes were shining with lust and looking very serious. She spoke just a shade above a whisper, “I want you to restrain me on this bed with the spreader bar. I want you to take control of me and show me what it’s like to be dominated. I want you to teach me, please?”

“I would be honored to teach you all that I can. And do you want the full treatment with punishment and everything?”

“Yes, please. I want you to show me how it’s done.”

“Well, thank you sweetheart that shows me that you trust me as much as I do you. Let’s get started. From here on out, you will address me as Mistress or Ma’am. If you disobey me or don’t do something to my expectations, then I will punish you severely, understood?”

“Yes ma’am. I understand,” she said timidly.

I flipped her over on her back and had her right hand restrained in no time. I pulled her tight across the bed and repeated the same with the left hand. Her eyes were open wide and full of shock. I don’t think that I gave her enough time to process what was going to happen. I straddled her naked body and made sure that she could feel the heat from my pussy on her stomach.

“Now listen here you little bitch, we are going to do things a little bit different here this morning. I want to try a little orgasm therapy on you. I am going to give you as many orgasms in as little amount of time as possible. I am going to make you so weak in the knees that I will have to carry you to the house.”

I stood up on the bed and got the spreader bar down and attached her ankles to it. I took it out as far as I could until I saw her wince. She did not say a word. Once I felt and saw her wince, I added another three inches to the width. She was as far spread as possible without pulling a muscle. Then I stood up and began raising her legs off of the bed. I used the pulley to bring her ass off of the bed and then moved the pulley back on the track so that her legs were back behind her head. Her cunt itself was almost perpendicular to the bed frame and her ass was easily accessible.

I was so busy binding her up that I hadn’t noticed the look on her face. It was one of surprise mixed with lust. She was raised up on her shoulders and was looking straight up at me between her legs. I caught a whiff of her muskiness and couldn’t wait to get down there and lick some of that essence up. I was mesmerized by the look in her eye and got wet just looking at her in this position.

I jumped down off the bed and went to the drawer at the head of the bed. I pulled out the camera left in there for Kodak moments like these. I snapped quite a few shots from different positions around and on the bed. I got some scrumptious ones of her pussy filled with wetness. The pink inside of her pussy was absolutely shining with the moisture held there. It was a gorgeous sight and I could not wait to share this pic with Dirk. There was one more thing that I wanted to add to this before I got started on her.

I got off the bed and got back in the drawer and pulled out one of the pairs of nipple clamps that we had stored in there. This pair happened to be spring loaded and adjustable. I adjusted the space between the clamps to a bigger setting and attached them to her nipples. She almost squirmed but refrained. I was proud of her. I would punish her if she cried out. I tugged on the clamps to make sure they were snug, but not too tight. They were a little loose, so I screwed the adjustment a little tighter and watched the look in her eyes as I did so. She was weakening. Once I did what I was planning to do, she was going to break and I would get to spank her ass for a reason.

I stood up on the bed and unlatched a smaller chain that was attached to the pulley system. It had a leash like clip that I slipped the chain attached to the nipple clamps to so that it was extending her nipples upward. I just put the entire chain inside the clip so that it was mobile if she moved. She was grimacing at the sensation of her nipples being pulled upward as her legs were suspended over her head. My pussy was soaked at the sight of her. Now, I was going to take her over the edge of squirming. I stood up on the bed and got right up against her ass. I looked down at her and then back up the chain that was holding her clamped nipples up. My eyes went back to her face as I grabbed the chain and gave it a little tug. She bit her tongue, visibly. She was going to be harder to crack than I thought. So, I fought back. I grabbed onto the chain and pulled slowly and forcefully back toward her pussy. I could smell her aroma getting stronger as she got turned on. Her face was contorted in pain and lust. I pulled a little harder and she flinched. Yes!

I let go of the chain and smacked her ass with my bare hands. Both cheeks were turning bright red with every slap with my hands. She whimpered a little bit and I laid into her again. I beat her a little harder, making sure that my mark was going to be left on her ass. Then I moved up to her pussy and smacked her wide open snatch. She moaned in pure pleasure and I smacked her again a little harder and a little faster. She was getting off on it but I didn’t want her to cum right yet. My fingers were wet with her juices and I put them up to my mouth and licked them off.

“That’s what you get when you flinch around me for something that I am doing to you. Have I told you that I love the taste of your pussy, you little whore? I could eat you all day long. But for right now, we only have a few hours and I need to be showing you things to do. First things first…” I said as I leaned down and dipped my tongue into her hot hole. My tongue came out covered in her pussy juice and lapping up to her clit. I moved from her clit back down through her cunt and back down to her asshole. It was puckered and pink and looking like it wanted to be fucked. I stuck my tongue inside her tight hole and spit all over it for the fingers that I was about to shove deep into her ass. I reached up and inserted three fingers inside of her dripping wet cunt and finger fucked her for about 30 seconds. While still tonguing her ass, I brought those fingers down to her asshole and inserted the first one nice and slow. Once she got used to it, I added the other two fingers.

She about came off that bed right then and there. She howled in a lusty voice and began trying to meet every one of my thrusts. I moved my tongue back up to her clit and flicked it back and forth. She tasted awesome and was as hard as a rock. Once I got her interested in the licking, I pulled my right hand up and stuck two fingers inside her dripping wet hole. She was so hot. My fingers had no trouble slipping inside of her and finding her spot right off. I took my tongue off of her clit long enough to say, “Okay my little whore, here is what orgasm therapy is to me. Hold on!”

I went straight to her clit and started sucking while I was fucking her ass and cunt with both of my hands. I had her climbing in seconds and had a chance to add another finger to her cunt, effortlessly. She was so slick inside that I couldn’t stand it. The juices were pouring out of her and aiding in my efforts. Her ass was so tight and slick that I wanted a cock more than anything right now. I would love to have a cock and stick it in her ass so tight. I am sure that Dirk will tap that when he comes home. I could feel every muscle inside of her tensing up and climbing toward climax. She was incredible and this position was fascinating. Now I know why Dirk does this to me. The angle and the leverage that I was getting with her in this position were just awesome.

“Oh god, Mistress, that feels so good. I am not far from cumming like the whore that I am. Please don’t stop! I love the way that you make me feel with your fingers. I love the way that you forced your way into my ass. This is the hottest thing so far that we have tried. WOW! That’s it, make me cum, hard!”

I increased the sucking of her clit while getting my cunt fingers in deep and up to her spot. I started wiggling the tips of my fingers inside of her and pounding her ass with my other hand. When she released, she squirted all over me and both of my hands. I wasn’t going to let her stop at one, of course. She was so wet and so hot that I almost came with the sensations of her holes squeezing my fingers. It was a tremendously erotic scene to be a part of. Once she started calming down a bit, I took my mouth off of her clit and leaned over and grabbed the chain attached to her nipples and pulled it with my teeth. She screamed out in ecstasy.

“Oh god, that is wonderful. I never knew how wonderful my nipples could feel being yanked on. C’mon Mistress, make me cum again!”

I smiled at her with the chain in my mouth and added another finger to her cunt. After a couple of strokes, I added the last finger and wiggled until I couldn’t wiggle any more. She made a small waterfall with her juices. It was amazing. I had never seen anyone cum like that in a very long time. I let go of her chain with my mouth and concentrated on the fingers that I had in her fuck holes. I was going to get her off one more time before I let her legs down some. You can only have a woman with her legs up for so long before she goes numb.

Her hips were moving the slightest bit with my thrusts. She was thrusting back as she could. I felt her tense up again and I poured it on her. I slammed my right hand deep into her cunt and just wiggled my fingers against her spot while I added another finger to her ass. There were plenty enough juices to lubricate the added digit and aid in the serious fucking of her tight ass. She was as full as I could get her in this position and she loved it. Her muscles started quivering and her body started trembling. She was breathing hard and squeezing my fingers within her. It was coming to a head and I was enjoying myself tremendously. Knowing that I could do this to her and that she was enjoying herself was my main goal.

She screamed out in ecstasy and convulsed in orgasm. I just pounded harder through the beginning of her climax. I could feel every inch of her insides and at one point in time; she squeezed her cunt muscles so tight that my fingers were immobile. There were juices flying all over the place and splashing all over the front of my tits. It was HOT! Her breathing was labored and coming in short gasps. And that’s when she exploded! Man, am I glad that I turned on the recording equipment before we came down here. Dirk is never going to believe this and I would not be able to do it justice in describing the eroticism of it all.

“Oh…god…yes…fuck…me…like…a…whore…yessss!!! You are incredible. Fuck me harder. I want to cum like the slut that I am. You make me feel so fucking good. Ooohhh!!!”

I slowed down my rhythm but kept all eight digits inside her. I slowed to a crawl before I removed them from her completely. First I took my fingers out of her tight ass. I left my fingers in her cunt for a couple of seconds and kept wiggling for a few more. Her muscles were quivering and squeezing my fingers, a little more, slow with every wiggle of my fingers. Then I finally withdrew my hand from her dripping wet hole.

I immediately jumped up and let her nipples off the chain and her legs down on the bed. She was still breathing rather ragged and her heart was beating a million beats a minute. Her legs were completely relaxed as I took them out of the cuffs attached to the spreader bar. As soon as I got her ankles out, she closed her legs together some. I knew the relief that racked her body right then. I was nowhere close to being done with her but I think that she thought it was over. I took a few pictures of her in her post-orgasmic bliss. I got into the drawer at the foot of the bed and got out my strap on. This was actually my favorite outbuilding strap on dildo and was going to give her much pleasure.

She turned her head and looked at me as I strapped it on. It was similar to the one I had in the house with the double headed dildo for both of our pleasure. This one was pink and was more like a hard cock than a dildo. It was shaped just like a man’s dick, nothing fancy just very lifelike. Her eyes opened wide and I smiled. She was shocked at the girth of it. It was rather large in that area but no longer than 8 inches. After attaching the strap on to my pelvis, I walked around and released her arms. I got up on the bed and flipped her over and dragged her up on her knees. Her clamped nipples dragged across the bed as I got her up on all fours.

She winced a little bit and I knew what I was going to do. I smacked her ass cheeks for wincing. “You know what that was for, right bitch?”

“Yes, Mistress, I apologize. I wasn’t expecting that, please forgive me.”

“Oh, I’ll forgive you in my own way. For right now, we have to get back to our orgasm therapy!” I pulled her hips back and ran my dildo through her pussy lips. I made sure to rub it in circles around her clit, getting the head all nice and wet with her juices. As soon as the head was wet enough, and her clit was hard enough, I slammed the entire cock into her tight wet cunt, without warning.

She almost fell over on her face from the force of the thrust. I grabbed her hips and pumped my cock inside of her like my life depended on it. I could feel the resistance from her cunt muscles grabbing onto me as I pumped her like a whore. It felt so good to fuck this little girl of my fantasies. It was like every dream of her had come true or was going to come true in the future. We had finally gotten the one to complete our lives together.

“Oh god, Mistress, that feels so good. I can’t get over how real that cock feels inside of me. Fuck me harder, please Mistress?”

“Oh yes, my sweet sex slave, I will fuck you until your heart’s desire. I want to fuck you always and forever. I want this to last until it can’t last anymore. I need you, Katrina. I hope you understand that. I can’t live without you after having you. You are my dream come true in so many ways and on so many levels. I love being inside you like I am right now. Fucking you like a whore is a fantasy become reality. God you are HOT!”

I lifted her hips up to meet me and began fucking her to climax. She was getting wetter as I felt the cock slide in and out a little easier. She was going to cum soon. I wanted to do it right at the right time. Prematurely, and it would cause too much pain and prevent the release. If I did it exactly at the right time, it would take her into a realm of ecstasy that few have been to. She was breathing erratically and moaning with lust. Three more strokes…two more strokes…last stroke…and I leaned over and yanked off her nipple clamps sending her into a world of eroticism that is not easily achieved.

Her hips bucked and she squealed and juices flowed heavily and freely. I was soaked in a matter of seconds and wanted more. I threw the chain across the bed and grabbed onto her nipples and squeezed. I was thrusting like a mad woman and squeezing her tits like there was no tomorrow. I knew how tender they were and I also knew that if you played your cards right, you could make a woman cum ten times harder with nipple play once her nipples have been clamped through that many intense orgasms. Dirk had taught me that. It was intense and about the closest intimacy that a couple can achieve.

She wanted more and showed me by slamming back against me and meeting my every thrust. She was literally rocking back and forth on her hands and knees. I was using her tits as handles to pull her back even deeper. The constant thrusting on my cock, of course, thrust into me even deeper and about the time she was about to pop again, I was right there with her. We both came hard and long. It was a shower of ejaculated juices from both of us. The sounds alone were intoxicating. The wetness and the moisture emitted from our love holes were erotic as hell.

This orgasmic episode must have lasted five minutes long. I couldn’t stop and it seemed that she could not stop either. I was exhausted and wearing down. I finally slowed my thrusting to a complete stop while still inside of her. I could feel her muscles pulsing on my fake member and mine doing the same with the one inside of me. She collapsed onto her stomach and pulled off of my cock. I followed her down to the bed and rolled over and got the dildo off of me and threw it on the floor. She snuggled up to my chest and laid her head in the crook of my arm. We were both still breathing pretty hard and our heartbeats were beating a mile a minute. I caressed her back and felt her tingling underneath my touch. Every spot on her back that I touched had goose bumps popping up.

She lifted her head and looked into my eyes. “That was the most incredible fuck of my young life. I can’t believe how hard you made me cum. I don’t think that I could move if I wanted to. You didn’t have much more planned for today, did you?”

“Well, as a matter of fact, we have some things to do today and I have got to get some writing in. I loved every minute of the last couple of hours. This was so fucking incredible that I can’t think straight right now. I think we need a little energy nap, what do you say?”

“Most definitely, we need that more than anything at this time. Thank you Mama, you are one hot bitch!” She leaned over and kissed me and lay back down in my arm. After a few minutes of silence, I felt her fall asleep. I lay there watching her sleep for about a half an hour. I looked up toward the camera eye and winked and then fell asleep holding her.

That was the beginning of a four day adventure with my new found lover. We ended up trying every piece of equipment in that room throughout the rest of the week. Without describing, in detail, every single sex scene, let’s just suffice to say that we learned a lot from each other and still had more to learn. We had to introduce other people into our lifestyle and I was very anxious about this process. Dirk and I are avid swingers and do not have any desire to give that lifestyle up. I didn’t want jealousy or complications from this hot new lover. I didn’t think that I had anything to worry about. We had been back to the boutique a couple of times over the next few days and Katrina was able to invite the two girls, Kelly and Grace, face to face and full of flirtations.

Dirk was going to be home in the early evening tonight. Katrina was full of anxious energy. She had not had a real live cock in quite a long time. And now, this man that I loved was going to come home and insert his hard rigid cock in every one of her holes. He was anxious to get home and see what we’ve been up to, literally. I had left the recording equipment running the entire week. He had hours to see what we’ve been up to and critique. I guess we were all bundles of nerves. Friday evening could not get here any faster. This was going to be the night to consummate the agreement between the three of us.

We had sent out the invitations the day I showed her the outbuilding. We had some very quick responses saying they would be here. I had a boatload of people wanting to meet my new roommate. We had 10 couples coming over on Saturday night. There were five man/woman bi-sexual couples coming, along with three lesbian couples and two gay male couples. It was going to be a hot night. We were not throwing a black out party this weekend. I wanted everyone to have a chance to play on the adult game toys and get a little hammered and just let loose. Dirk was excited about the whole thing. Kelly and Grace accepted Katrina’s invitation smoothly but without hesitation. Apparently they had been having some thoughts to her and me all alone up in that cabin.

Grace had asked, when we were out of earshot of the other two young ones, “So, have you two gotten to know each other as well as I think you have over the last couple of days?”

“Of course, dear, we have done everything and anything possible this week. Grace, she is amazing. I can’t even get over my luck with her being here. I think that she is going to stay permanently. We have talked about it all week and I told her that I couldn’t let her go. Damn, she’s like a drug that I can’t get enough of. She is addicting and dangerous to my health. She is seriously going to give me heart failure.” I saw a questioning look on Grace’s face. “No, really, she is so damn intense when fucking me, I can hardly stop climaxing. We can’t wait to show you two what we have learned about each other. We can’t wait to get you two over there. You are staying the night, right?”

“Oh yes, we are getting hammered this weekend. We don’t plan on going anywhere except to our bedroom in your house. Hope you don’t mind.”

“Of course, I told you that this room is always yours, first and foremost.”

Thinking back on that conversation made me hot and wet while showering and shaving. Man, I couldn’t wait to have Dirk inside of me. I couldn’t wait to take pictures of him sliding between those gorgeous pink pussy lips of Katrina’s. I couldn’t wait to listen to their fuck sounds and watch them fuck like rabbits. Dirk had seen a couple of playmates this week on his trip, but he couldn’t get out of his mind that his wife was home fucking our fantasy teenager, at 21. Anyway, he hasn’t had any pussy in two days in anticipation of coming home and fucking the both of us until we can’t walk. As soon as we have our showers and get ready, we are heading to the airport to pick up Daddy Dirk. Oh yes, you didn’t think that a situation like this was going to be without some role playing did you?

Author’s Note: Thank you so much for the comments, private and public. I hope you know that the encouragement that you have given is the driving force to get this one done. I hope that it continues to be the quality that you are used to from my writing on here. Wait until you see what happens when this horny old man comes home to his two lovely bi-sexual lovers. It promises to be hot in my head, hope it comes out in the context.

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