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Kansas City Weekend

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My husband and I had decided to take a long weekend in Kansas City. Why Kansas City? He had some business there and we figured, why not let the company pay for some of the trip, and besides we’d never been there before.

We did some research on the Internet and selected a quaint hotel in one of the many “neighborhood” areas that had been updated and brought back to life.

We flew in Thursday night late; the hotel suite was beautiful and had a huge whirlpool tub that you could hold a small orgy in. He got his business out of the way on Friday and by mid-afternoon we were sitting in a neat microbrewery starting our weekend.

Friday night was uneventful, other than we walked out of one of the local casinos several hundred dollars ahead, which is always a pleasant experience. Our lovemaking that night was long and slow and we drifted off to sleep perfectly content with spending the weekend together.

Saturday we were greeted with miserable weather; cold, misty and windy. Never deterred we made our way to the Country Club Plaza area of town and started cruising all of the wonderful shops there. Our purchases were mounting and the day was getting worse when we decided to go into a lady’s intimate apparel store, which will remain nameless, but I bet you can guess, to find me a new garter for the evening, which we planned to spend dining and then returning to the casino with me wearing a short skirt, boots and nothing underneath so I could tease if I wanted to. As we made our way through the store we were approached by a sales clerk whose name badge identified her as Sara. Sara showed me where the garters were hidden and I selected a couple I thought would work and was getting ready to try them on when Sara asked if I’d ever been fitted for one of their bras. I hadn’t and she said she would be happy to fit me since I was going to be trying on the garters anyhow. My husband just shrugged his shoulders and I said, “Why not?”

Sara led me to the dressing room area and we entered one of the biggest, nicest dressing rooms I had ever seen in a retail store. It had to be about 8 x 8 with full- length mirrors covering the walls on three sides, and an overstuffed chair in one corner. Sara asked if I would like a glass of wine and I was more than happy to accept since we’d been shopping for over four hours by now. Sara came back with a glass of a great merlot. I took a sip and complimented her on the wine. She took some measurements, asked some questions about what type of materials I liked in bras and said she’d be back in a jiffy.

Sara’s image was fresh in my mind. She was 5-6 or so, I was guessing 36C, under 120, the bluest eyes you’d ever seen, short blonde hair and an impish grin that made her shine. Lovely and at the same time sultry.

I sipped some more wine, stripped totally and was trying on the garter belts when there was a soft knock on the door. I opened the door, hiding behind it and Sara walked in with several bras for me to try on. She gasped a little bit when she saw me standing there with just a garter on, my 34B tits and pink nipples standing at full erection and my trimmed pussy there for her full view.

She blushed and started to leave and I said, “Don’t leave honey, it doesn’t bother me if you stay here while I try these, besides I may need some help adjusting the straps.”

“You have a lovely body for a….” she said and then stopped in mid-sentence.

“For an older lady,” I finished the sentence for her.

She blushed again, “No, no…it doesn’t matter what your age is, you’re lovely.”

“Thank you, not bad for 45 if I do say so myself,” I said as I turned to look directly into one of the mirrors and subconsciously started to run my hands over my breasts and then my stomach stopping just short of my pussy. I could see Sara watching me, barely breathing.

I turned around and said, “Let’s try on the bras.”

I tried on one and then another. The third one I really liked, black, some type of lace that was so soft to the touch. I turned to look into the mirror and asked Sara to take the straps up just a little. She walked up behind me, so close I could feel her breath on the back of my neck and I inadvertently shuddered when her fingers touched me as she adjusted the straps. I could feel the wetness oozing from my naked pussy and the sexual tension in the room could be cut with a knife.

“Do you have this in other colors,” I asked.

“Yes, white, beige and pink, I believe,” Sara said still standing close behind me.

I turned suddenly, causing Sara to start and said, “I will take one in each color.”

As soon as I finished speaking, I grabbed her face and pull it to me, my hot lips seeking hers. My hot tongue was met with hers and we exchanged a passionate kiss that seemed to last forever, but was over too quick.

We broke the kiss and neither of us moved. I reached behind me and quickly unsnapped the bra and then shrugged it off my shoulders, exposing my breasts to her again.

“Do you want to touch them,” I asked.

She just stared into my eyes for a minute and then whispered, “Yes, oh yes I do.”

I took her hands and placed them on my tits and my fully erect nipples. She very tentatively started to massage them and I cupped my hands over hers and kissed her again. By this time my juices were starting to run down my legs. I took one of her hands and lowered it too my drenched pussy and whispered, “Feel what you’ve done to me.”

Sara started to run her finger up and down my wet clit when there was a knock on the door, “Sara is every thing alright in there,” the voice inquired.

“Oh yes maam, we’re just finishing up, be out in a second,” she replied startled.

“My boss,” she whispered.

“What time do you get off, honey,” I asked.

“At four, soon I think,” she said.

“Where can we meet and have a drink, and talk about what we both want more of.”

She told me there was a nice, quiet, Irish bar around the corner and she’d be there as soon as she could. I knew she would too.

We collected ourselves and Sara took the bras and garters with her and as she walked out the door, she said to be heard, “I will find the other bras you want and meet you at the counter.”

I was so weak with anticipation it was a task to slip back into my jeans and sweater. I skipped putting the bra and panties back on, using the panties to try and clean myself up. I had no idea how long we’d been in there and when I walked out I first noticed a scowl and then a knowing smile on my husband’s face. He knows me so well; he could take one look at my glow and knew I’d been up to something. I met Sara at the counter, paid for my purchases and slyly touched her hand and whispered, “Hurry.”

We walked out of the store in silence. When we were outside my husband grabbed my hand and said, “You’re so bad…and I love you for it.”

I tiptoed up and kissed him on the cheek, and whispered, “Let’s go get a drink, this could be a lovely night.”

We found the bar and a booth in a corner where I could see the front door. Sara had been right, the bar was perfect, dark, heavy earth tones, just plain sexy. I ordered a double Bushnell’s on the rocks and he raised an eyebrow, and said, “Oh this is going to be good.”

Our drinks came and I started to give him the story of what had transpired in the dressing room. As I talked, I could almost see him getting hard under the table. I couldn’t resist and slipped my hand down to his cock, which was rock hard.

As I finished the story, he said, “And…”

“And we’ll find out what happens next when Sara gets here.”

Sara came through the front door shortly after and stood there letting her eyes adjust to the darkness. I jumped up and almost ran to her, kissed her on the cheek and led her by the hand to our booth and let her slide in and I slid in beside her. I made the introductions and said how glad I was she came to join us. I could tell she was a little taken back with my husband there, but reassured her, “Honey, he knows I am bi and he can join us, watch us or go away…it’s entirely up to you.”

She seemed to relax as the waitress came to get her drink order.

The three of us sat and chatted and had a couple of drinks, my hand dropping down to her exposed knee and tickling her inner thigh and hers dropping between my blue jean clad lags and rubbing on my pussy. I could feel the jeans starting to get wet and was glad I had a jacket so I could walk out without the world seeing my condition. Paul was flirting with both of us and she was relaxing more and more and flirting back as well.

It was getting dark when he finally said, “Well ladies, are we going to stay here all night or go some where to have some fun?”

We giggled and said, “Fun” in unison.

I kissed Sara hard on the lips, by this time I could care less what anyone else at bar thought, and then asked, “Let’s go to our hotel.”

She nodded her head. Since we had two cars and Sara knew where we were going I rode with her as we headed back to our hotel.

“Patty, I’ve never had a threesome before, in fact I’ve only been with two other women before in my life, and that was several years ago in college,” she said as we drove. “And, the truth be known, I haven’t been with that many men either.”

So much for how she wanted to play, which pleased me since I wanted Paul to enjoy Sara and I as much as I knew we were going to enjoy each other.

“Don’t worry honey, we’ll go slow and easy, we have all night,” I said.

She smiled and giggled, “And I don’t have to work tomorrow.”

Paul called on his cell and said he was going to make a liquor store run and for us to go on to the hotel. Sara and I strolled through the lobby arm in arm giggling about nothing, like two girl friends with a secret from the world. Our suite was like ice when we walked in and I turned the heat up quickly. Sara and I embraced to keep each other warm and that turned into passionate kissing and soon hands were flying over each other’s body. We finally broke the kiss and I started to show her the suite. Her eyes got big as saucers when she saw the big whirlpool tub with mirrors on two sides and above, only a few feet away from a king-sized bed.

“Wow,” she exclaimed. “That is wonderful, I’ve never seen a hotel with a whirlpool like that.”

The room was almost dark so I switched on a lamp next to the bed and walked back over and kissed her again. Just kissing her had my heart pumping with anticipation.

“Shall we try it,” I asked as I pointed to the whirlpool.

She giggled and nodded her head.

I turned the water on, grabbed her hand and led her to a mirror in front of the bed.

“You have on way to much clothing dear,” I smiled.

I stood behind her, and reached around starting to pull the V-neck sweater she was wearing over her head. As I did, I got my first glimpse of her breasts; all but pouring out of the black lace bra she was wearing just like the one I had bought. I tossed the sweater unceremoniously onto the bed and reached behind her to unsnap the skirt she was wearing. It was soon lying on the floor and she stepped out of. There she stood before me in the bra and matching black bikini panties. I leaned over and kissed her neck and slowly ran my tongue down her spine and whispered in her ear. “You’re lovely.”

She smiled but didn’t say a word.

My hands came back around in front of her to undo the front snap bra, but not before caressing her beautiful breasts through the fabric first. Her eyes closed and she leaned back into me as I took them into my hands. I used one hand to unsnap the bra and her tits tumbled out of their confinement and into my hands. I was wrong, they were at least a D cup, with bright pink nipples that were long and instantly hard. I grabbed as much as I could with both hands and slowly massaged them. I took the nipples and started to pinch them softly and roll them between my fingers. As I did Sara pressed harder against me and moaned. I couldn’t stand it any longer and let go of those luscious nipples and got on my knees and started to pull down the bikinis. I stayed on my knees as she stepped out of them and softly kissed the cheeks of her firm butt and pulled her closer to me. My hand slipped down to her pussy that I could tell was slick as a baby’s and softly brushed the lips of her pussy and could feel her wetness.

Now I had too many clothes on. I stood up and said, “your turn, but you’ve already seen.”

We changed places and Sara literally yanked the sweater over my head and almost ripped my jeans off. Since the bra and panties had been discarded when I got dressed at the store, I stood before her totally nude. Once again, she caressed my breasts and my sensitive nipples. I couldn’t stand it for long and stopped her.

The tub was full so I said, “Shall we?”

We climbed in and were instantly next to each other and locked in another smoldering kiss, our naked bodies grinding against the other in the hot water bubbling around us.

I didn’t even know Paul was back in the suite until he said, “Cosmos ladies?”

I broke the kiss and looked over and there he stood with a pitcher of my favorite drink ready for us. We both took one as he surveyed the scene.

“Is this a private party or can I join,” he asked.

I watched Sara for her reaction and she looked at me. I said it was her choice. And then she whispered, “Oh yes, I want both of you.”

Paul sat his drink down and started to strip in front of us next to the bubbling hot tub. We leaned back and sipped our cold cosmos.

For a 40-something he has the body of a 25-year old. He stands 6-1, weighs 190, wears the same size pants he wore when he played college football with a rock hard stomach and the tightest, cutest ass a girl could ask for. He was down to his shorts and winked at me as he slid them to the floor and stood up straight. I heard Sara gasp when she saw him totally nude. He is not huge in length, about 7 inches, but he is so thick I can’t get my hand around him. Even semi-erect his cock is awesome.

“You want to feel that cock sweetie,” I asked.

“Oh yes, yes I do, that’s the biggest I’ve ever seen and it’s lovely,” was her half whispered, half moaned reply.

Paul walked over next to the hot tub where Sara had easy access to his sweet cock. She reached up tentatively and grasped it gently.

“Go ahead and grab it Sara, it’s not going to break and it won’t bite….yet,” I teased.

She tried to put her hand around his girth and couldn’t but slowly started to stroke it as she stared in what appeared to be amazement as it grew to its full length from her touch.

“And just think,” I said. “It’s ours to do with as you like.”

I kissed her and she moaned as she continued to stroke Paul. He broke it off and climbed in. Now he was on one side of Sara and I the other. Sara and I were still locked in a long hard kiss when he reached up to take one of her breasts in his hand and started to tweaking her eraser length nipples which brought on more moaning. I put one of my hands between her spread legs and went straight for her slit, dispensing with every thing but getting a finger in what I knew was her hot pussy. As my finger roughly entered her she gasped and then moaned and lay back further giving me more access to her bare pussy.

I broke the kiss with Sara and leaned over her to kiss Paul. I slipped another finger into Sara and started stroking her very slowly prompting more moans. Paul released her breasts and took her face into his hands and started kissing her. I felt her hand go to my tits and sensed the other going to his now hard cock. Paul and I alternated kissing her while I stroked her pussy with my fingers and he tweaked her breasts with his hands while she stroked his cock and played with my tits.

Sara’s breathing got quicker and I could feel her pussy tightening up on my fingers as she approached a climax and then she was screaming, “OHHHHHHHH, I am cummmmminnngggg” Her entire body shuddered and tensed up and she threw her head back and screamed. “OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” And then she was done. Her breathing was labored and she grabbed our hands, and pushed them away, saying, “Stop, oh please stop I can’t stand any more, please.”

Reluctantly we both stopped. I gave her a quick kiss and took a huge sip from my drink. Paul climbed out, retrieved his and lit a cigarette and rejoined us in the pool. Sara was lying back against the edge; her eyes closed still breathing hard. Paul leaned over and kissed me hard and then we laid back and enjoyed the hot water ourselves.

Sara finally started breathing normal, opened her eyes and downed half her drink and then smiled at us.

“What can I say,” she said. “That was the most awesome feeling I’ve ever had in my life.”

Neither of us said anything, just smiled. Finally I said, “And the night has just begun.”

I stood up and moved to where my pussy was right in front of Sara’s face and asked, “You want to eat that sweet pussy of mine, don’t you?”

Sara just nodded and I reached out with both hands and brought her face into my throbbing pussy and her tongue instantly started to pry my wet lips apart. As her tongue hit between the velvet folds the first time I gasped and my knees buckled and I pulled her closer, “Eat me baby, eat me.”

Sara’s tongue was hungrily devouring my pussy and licking my now exposed clit and I knew I wouldn’t last long and started to move my hips to fuck her tongue even harder. I heard her moan and then shudder and knew Paul was doing something to her but I was too far gone to look or care. Out of my deepest recesses I felt the climax start to build and my moans became louder and louder and I could feel Sara moaning into my pussy as she was experiencing pleasure from Paul.

And then it happened. I started to tremble from my toes up, my hands pushing Sara into my now flooding pussy and I was over the top, shaking so bad I knew I couldn’t stand up much longer. The torrents of pleasure rushed through me like an electric current producing a tingling feeling in every nerve in my body. I finally had to pull her face away and almost feel back down into the tub between her spread legs in time to watch her face as her climax approached from the fingering Paul had been giving her.

As I lay there trying to collect myself, Sara cried out, “Fuck me, oh please, please fuck me!”

Paul pulled his fingers out of her red-hot pussy and moved her over to sit in his lap and gently slid her down the length of his hard cock. She screamed as his cock entered her under water, not given the natural lubrication she would normally have, “Oh fuck, it’s huge, I don’t know if I can take it.”

In one move, Paul pulled her down hard, ramming the entire length and width of that beautiful tool all the way into her. I watched as her mouth flew open, but no sound came out and her eyes were as wide as saucers as he used the natural buoyancy of the water to help move her up and down the length. She was leaning toward me and I reached over and grabbed one of her luscious tits with my hand and started to kiss and nipple on the nipple of the other.

As Paul was fucking her deep and I was sucking her tits her voice came back, “Oh fuck is this wonderful, oh damn it, this is too much, shit give me that beautiful cock, fill me up with it baby….oh suck my titties Patty, suck my titties….oh damn I am going to cum again, I am going to cum againnnnn….”

The screams that followed startled me and I was afraid might bring hotel security banging on our door as Sara started to climax and force herself down on Paul’s cock. riding it for all she was worth. She finally stopped screaming and fell into my arms. Spent, on the verge of passing out from the pleasure and the hot water, Paul picked her up and carried her over to the bed where he laid her down very gently. I brought her a glass of water and a cool cloth and wiped her brow.

She opened her eyes and tried to smile, “My God, that was incredible, that cock is so big…” and then she drifted off.

Paul was standing there next to me and I could see his raging hard on. Poor baby had fucked Sara cross-eyed but had no pleasure for himself.

I bent over the bed, spread my legs and looked back at him, “Fuck me baby, fuck my hot pussy, you deserve my hot, hot pussy.”

Almost before I could finish the sentence, Paul had filled me full of his cock. After all the years of our love making, he still took my breath away every time he put that massive thing inside of me and this time was no different.

We got into a steady rhythm as his cock dove deeper and deeper into my pussy, my wetness seeping down my legs. I was leaning just over Sara’s pussy and I could see her juices still flowing out of her redden slit. She opened her eyes and was watching me getting fucked hard. She moved around in the bed to where her face was next to mine and started to kiss me and then started to play with my tits that were bouncing from the pounding I was getting from behind. She broke the kiss and started to suck on one nipple and then the other and I knew I wouldn’t last long and didn’t as the first waves of orgasm started to rush over me and came in waves that seemed like they would never end. I was coming down from one of the massive climaxes when I felt Paul’s thick cock getting thicker and I knew he was getting ready to flood me with his hot cum and then I could feel him squirting buckets of his hot cum up into me and felt him trembling behind me. He continued to pound me until he was spent, pulled out and we both collapsed on the bed.

Instantly Sara was between his legs with his half limp cock in her mouth cleaning him up. When she had finished with Paul she went between my legs and started to lick his sweet cum and my juices as they seeped out of my slit. I closed my eyes and must have drifted off with pleasure.

I don’t know how long I was out but when I came to my senses, Sara was laying between Paul and I on the bed. I looked at her and smiled, “God she is beautiful” I thought “and so young and hot.”

Paul came too, leaned over Sara and kissed me hard.

“Think we should order some food,” he asked with a devilish smile. “I think we’re going to need our energy for the rest of the night.

I nodded and he got up and slipped on a robe from the bathroom.

“Why don’t you and Sara take a shower and I will order some steaks from room service.”

He left the room and I leaned over to kiss Sara and she began to come back to life.

“Oh Patty, this is incredible,” she whispered. “I’ve never come close to feeling like this. Please tell me it’s not over. Please.”

I kissed her hard again, and said, “No sweetie, it’s not over. The night is young. Paul is ordering some food. Let’s take a shower and get ready to eat…some steak and then we can get back to our pleasure.”

She stood up, took my hand and led me to the bathroom. As we stepped into the shower and Sara started to lather me with soap I thought, “Kansas City is going to be high on our list of places to visit from now on…or should we just take Sara home with us? Now that was a thought.”

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