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Floor Show

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I’m in your living room with another couple. He’s broad and muscular, she is blonde and petite. They’re both aged about 21, and you have no idea why I’ve brought them here — but you have promised to do exactly as you are asked, without question.

I’ve asked you to get changed upstairs, and come back into the living room when you’re ready. You come into the room wearing a short summer dress, with only white socks on your feet.

You sit down on the sofa, next to me, and look uncertainly across to the others. She wears a black skirt and top, with knee-high boots. Through the sheer material of her top you can see a hint of lace bra, and as she uncrosses her legs, you can make out that she’s wearing lace hold-ups. He wears a simple white tee-shirt and jeans.

When I’m sure that they’re both paying you their full attention, I begin to kiss and nibble your neck and ears. I’m positioned slightly behind you, so they can clearly see what I’m doing. I reach across and begin to caress your bare right knee, my fingertips making lazy circles across your skin — and you sigh, and close your eyes, as my gentle touch moves to your inner thigh. Making ever larger circles, I ease the hem of your dress up. Your breath catches slightly, and you part your knees — just an inch or so, but enough to make room for my hand as it begins to wander higher.

As I reach the edge of your tiny white knickers, your legs part just a little more, and your breathing deepens. You want me to touch you. And I do. I run my fingertips very lightly over the thin white fabric, occasionally letting a fingernail drag over the areas where I know you’re most sensitive. Your body goes rigid, you’re unsure what I have in mind, but this feels too good for you to stop me just yet.

You risk opening your eyes, and you see that they are both staring openly at us. I reach around behind you with my left hand, and pull the hem of your dress completely up around your waist, then gently pull your left thigh further up onto the sofa. You lean slightly back, and put your left foot against the arm of the sofa. Letting your left knee drop, your legs are now spread wider — and you don’t resist at all when I ease your knickers to one side and begin to stroke you. You’re soaking wet, and I know that you must be loving this — to be touched like this in front of strangers.

You lean back a little further, and hook your right knee over my lap. Your legs are completely open, and you know that two complete strangers can see clearly what I’m doing as I softly push my middle finger into you. You close your eyes again, and begin to rock slightly as my finger moves slowly in and out, urging me to push a little deeper each time, to move my finger around inside you. Your own hands, idle until now, begin to move over your tummy, pinching at the fabric of your dress. You reach down with your left hand, and move your knickers further to one side – to give me better access? Or is it so that our new friends can see you more clearly?

Bringing my finger out of you, I move my hand up to your mouth, which is slightly open. You sense the movement, and open your eyes to see what’s happening. As you do, I push my finger between your lips, urging you to suck, to lick, to taste yourself. You look across to the others while you do this, and you see that she has her skirt pulled up too, and that he is stroking between her parted legs while she sucks her fingertip in perfect time with your own sucking. He is staring at your mouth, but she is looking straight into your eyes.

“Show them” I whisper, and you nod very slightly. Moving both hands to your crotch, your left holds your knickers to the side while you move the middle finger of your right hand over your wetness. Teasing yourself slightly, you move your finger away, and then back, two or three times before plunging it deep inside yourself. You gasp, and buck your hips up from the sofa, trying to force your own finger deeper, harder.

At the same time, she moans loudly, and spreads her legs wide — biting her lip as he fucks her with his finger, in perfect time with your own hand movements. And he’s looking straight at you when he does it.

I beckon to them both to move on to the floor in front of the sofa, as I want them to get the best possible view. As if reading my mind, you swing your legs round so your feet are on the sofa, wide apart, with your knees raised. He sits on the floor cross-legged right in front of you, and she moves beside him, but kneeling down. They’re both still watching you, as you fuck yourself a little bit harder, a little bit faster — but now she is touching herself. She takes off her top, and pinches her nipple through the thin lace of her bra – her other hand not to be seen, but obviously up her skirt, and quite rapidly fingering herself.

You sound close to coming now, and I don’t want you to — not just yet, anyway. I take your right hand, and offer it to him. He sucks and licks at your fingertips, tasting you, drinking you in — she’s watching closely, and now begins to lick her own fingertips, tasting herself just as he tastes you. You’ve just brought yourself to the brink of climax in front of two strangers, and now one of them is sucking the finger you’ve just fucked yourself with.

I reach across, and push your dress straps down, exposing your braless tits and sucking gently on your nipple. You reluctantly take your finger from the young man’s mouth to expose your other nipple, squeezing and caressing it in time with my now very eager sucking. The sight of your hot, wet cunt, and of you playing with your stiff nipple, is too much for him. He stands up and begins to remove his tee-shirt. At the same time, the young woman unzips his jeans, and pulls out his long, thick cock. She tugs it very gently, urging it to full hardness. She pushes his jeans down his muscular legs, and he steps out of them. A naked stranger stands before you, fully-hard, and clearly enjoying the sight of you baring your tits and cunt.

“Suck him” I whisper, and I see you blush — I’ve no idea whether through embarrassment or lust. You slowly shuffle to the edge of the sofa, still playing with your nipples, then lean forward towards his crotch. The young woman is still stroking him, and she also leans forward, guiding his hard cock towards your slowly-opening mouth. She lets go only as you begin to swallow the head, your cheeks puffing out slightly as you try to accommodate this much cock in your mouth. She sits on the floor between my knees, and we watch you suck nervously at first, then more confidently as you hear the young man moan.

“Oh.. fuck, yes…” he groans, and takes a half-step back to get his balance. You don’t want to let go of him, so you sink to the floor and kneel right in front of him. What an unbelievable sight — your dress is round your waist, your tits are flushed pink, and your nipples rock hard. You don’t even know the man in front of you, but you’re sucking his hard cock and squeezing your nipples as hard as you can bear. I move behind you, and pull you up onto your knees, so you’re now sucking down on to his cockhead. You hold on to his hips, as he grabs you by the hair with both hands. I disrobe, fully naked now, and begin to rub the tip of my cock against your wetness. You moan loudly, and begin to suck harder still. He’s really pulling your hair now, his hips moving in and out very slightly as he starts to fuck your face.

Tired of teasing, I ram my cock into you up to the hilt — forcing you on to his cock. I’m fucking you brutally, and hard, the way you like when you’re really turned on. She moves right next to you, her left hand on my arse pushing me into you, her right hand on his arse, digging in her nails. You’re almost choking on his cock now, and he looks about ready to come. I sense that you’re close too, and begin to speed up — jerking you forward with every stroke. I reach down with my right hand and begin to squeeze your throat, then slide my left thumb gently up your hot arse.

“Aaaaaahhh” you moan as you climax, opening your lips wider for breath just as he comes right into your waiting mouth. You both come hard, each of your shudders matched by his spurts. You suck and suck until you’re sure he’s dry, then flop onto your elbows. Meanwhile, the young woman has been furiously fingering herself, licking her lips as she watches you drinking the young man’s juice.

As I pull out of you, you sigh — content because you’ve come, but disappointed that I’ve stopped. Without a word, the young woman leans over and begins to suck me.

“Mmmmmm” she moans, and hungrily licks and sucks your juices from me. The young man sits on the floor again, and pulls you on to his lap, so that you’re both facing towards me — watching this young woman suck your juices from my cock. The young man strokes you gently as you watch, keeping you aroused, keeping you wet. This girl clearly likes the way you taste, as I have to push her head away from me with both hands.

I turn her around on her hands and knees so that her face is only inches from yours. I push her skirt back up over her hips, and keep eye-contact with you as I move her tiny black lace knickers to one side and push my finger in. She is absolutely soaked, and her cunt is hot and tight, like yours. The young man begins to finger you, very softly, and you place your hand over his to keep his rhythm slow and steady. The girl has her eyes closed, biting her lip — but opens them suddenly and looks right into your eyes as I shove my cock into her in one slow thrust.

I fuck her steadily and deeply, slowly, so she can enjoy the sensation of a strange new cock inside her. Almost instinctively, as my firm thrusts push her towards you, her lips touch yours. You aren’t shocked or upset, and the young man clearly has you very aroused, so you respond kissing her in return as her face moves back toward you. You feel the young man getting hard again as he watching the two of you kissing, so I push gently on her hips, moving her forward so that your kisses can be longer, more continuous. And deeper. You close your eyes, enjoying this unexpected pleasure, and your tongues begin to twist around one another’s — heightening your desire. She moves her lips to your neck and shoulders, sometimes kissing, sometimes playfully licking. This is too much for the young man behind you, who is now fully hard again. His strong arms raise you up and you straddle him, still facing away from him, and sink slowly onto his thick cock. You’re slightly higher up now, and the young woman begins to lick and kiss your nipples. You moan, from the combination of feeling so full of cock, and of having your sensitive nipples so gently played with.

I continue my slow strokes into her, but your man has other ideas for you. He begins to thrust up into you, and you respond by bucking back against him, grinding your arse into his lap. He cups your tits, and pulls you back against his chest, biting and sucking at your neck and ears. Gaining courage from your loud moans, he brings his right hand up to throat and gently strokes it, then more firmly, finally squeezing and releasing just long enough for your to snatch a ragged breath. You’re on the edge again, this gentle strangling making you hotter than you can remember — you want this young man’s come inside you, to be stretched by his thick cock.

As the young man pulled you back, the girl’s face is brought almost between your legs. She stares in fascination as she watches the young man’s cock slipping in and out of your tight hole. Tentatively at first, she licks you. You weren’t expecting this, and maybe you didn’t think about it, but now it’s happening… and you’re so turned on, that far from pushing her away, you take hold of her hair and pull her in towards you.

I’ve never seen anything so hot. You’re pushing down and back against his thick cock — then up and forward at her willing tongue, and you’re going to come again soon, and very hard indeed. The girl licks eagerly, and is clearly enjoying it very much — her breath comes in gasps, and I know she’s going to come soon.

With a shove, and a deep grunt, the young man comes inside you. It’s hard to believe that he has any more left in him, but you feel jerk after jerk as he fills you up. As his cock slips out of you, the girl briefly licks along it, then begins to lap his come out of you. The sensation of her tiny eager tongue flicking around inside you, his come smearing her cheeks and lips, is too much for both of us — and we come together. You clutch her face and buck against her mouth as you come, and I push her toward you with one final thrust as I fill her with my come.

“Uuuuhhhh, aahhh” she moans indistinctly — climaxing loudly, but with her mouth covered by your cunt. Then you lay back against the reclining figure of the young man behind you, and I lay flat behind the exhausted girl in front of me, and we’re done. Now just four figures sprawled on a floor.

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