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Just What The Doctor Ordered

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Tina and Doug looked like the ideal couple. A petite, cute, good looking woman and a tall muscular man, they have been married for four years and each was twenty-nine. As attractive as they were, their sex seemed to fizzle out. There were no extramarital affairs or anything. They loved each other very much. It was just that sex had become rote, almost programmed, boring.

The sex hadn’t been bad — Tina was passionate and Doug’s stamina was such that he could go and go and not cum for a good long time. But they wanted the fire back. They each wanted the other to feel satisfied and pleasured during their sex.

This is why they found themselves in the waiting room of sex therapist Dr. Ingrid Janssen. It was a reluctant decision on Tina and Doug’s part to see a sex therapist, but they eventually thought they’d give it a try. They sat waiting nervously, not knowing quite what to expect. They figured they would have to discuss intimate details about their sex life and felt embarrassed at the thought. However, it would be a small sacrifice in order to find their sexual passion once more.

It was 10 am. Doug and Tina looked around and noticed they were the only people in the waiting room. Doug asked the receptionist, Tori, if this was usually a busy office and Tori told them that they were the only appointment that day. The couple looked at each other, puzzled. They were also a bit puzzled as to why Tori had to ‘buzz’ them in when they entered, rather than just being able to open the door themselves.

A few minutes passed and then Tori got up and ushered them into the doctor’s office and left them there. The couple found themselves in a room with dark décor and lights that could have been a bit brighter. They sat in two chairs in front of the desk. There was a bar on one side of the room and on the other, a big black leather couch that was folded out like a king sized sofa bed; only it did not have a mattress, but an extension of the black leather seat cushions. There was some track lighting over the couch. Against the far wall were a giant TV and a cabinet with stacks of videotapes. Doug and Tina wondered what they had gotten themselves into.

About 5 minutes later, Dr. Ingrid Janssen entered the room. She made quite an impression. She definitely had Scandinavian looks. She was statuesque, about as tall as Doug, with straight natural light blond hair, pulled back tightly with a clip at the back of her head, nicely shaped dark green eyes, thin nose and fine chin. Her hair did not have any streaks; it was all one color. She had such a beautifully feminine face. She was not skinny, but shapely, and in all the right places. She was a perfect thirty-two year old hourglass with natural 36 DDs, a gorgeous behind and sculpted legs. Her skin was smooth and slightly tanned with no imperfections. Ingrid wore a white button down blouse and black knee length skirt with no stockings and black pumps. She wore eyeglasses with light blue frames, the large kind, but not overpowering at all. They matched her face perfectly. There was nothing smutty about her; she was very sophisticated and well groomed. She carried a clipboard and pen.

Ingrid greeted them both with a handshake, offered them a drink, which they both politely declined and sat behind the desk. She made them feel very comfortable with her soothing voice and told them not to be afraid to open up. Everything would be held in the strictest confidence. Ingrid put them very much at ease. Tina and Doug began to feel like they had known her for years. They related their dilemma while Ingrid listened intently. They did not get very specific with regard to their sexual activity, and expected Ingrid to draw some more out of them, but Ingrid kept listening, smiling, asking a few non-intrusive questions, jotting down notes and nodding.

‘OK, why don’t we move over to the couch where we can get more comfortable and see if we can apply the right therapy to get your situation corrected’, Ingrid said as she rose from her chair and walked to the couch, sitting down on the edge of the huge leather surface and motioning for Tina to sit next to her and Doug next to Tina.

‘Are we going to watch a movie?’ Doug asked.

‘Sometimes watching a movie is suggested as therapy for certain cases, but in my professional opinion, your case requires the interactive approach, which is what I am recommending,’ Ingrid answered. ‘Now try and relax. You can help yourselves to a drink if you wish. I want you to show me how you normally begin your sex routine. Remember, I’m your therapist. You can do anything you would normally do. I also will be your interactive surrogate, sort of a participating observer. Feel free to do with me as you would do with one another. Think of me as a stimulant of your interest.’

Doug and Tina looked at Ingrid, then at each other quizzically. They felt reluctant to continue. They spoke low to each other for a minute or two, and then agreed that it would be best for them to continue with this therapy, for the sake of their sexual relationship. Besides, Ingrid had made them feel so welcome. Doug and Tina got up, walked to the bar, poured themselves a shot of grappa each, slammed it back and sat back down on the couch in the same positions. Ingrid sat waiting patiently and did not say a word.

As the hard liquor burned through their insides, they relaxed a bit. Smiling at one another, they began to kiss. One thing they did not notice in the room was the two-way mirror next to the TV screen. On the other side of the mirror was a small room housing a video camera on a tripod and a stool behind the camera. Tori had entered the booth through a door from the reception area just after Doug and Tina were brought to the room. Tori was now videotaping the scene that was about to unfold before her. She was an A-V major in college, so she had experience with panning and zooming, etc. There were microphones planted in the buttons of the seat back of the couch. Dr. Ingrid instructed Tori to videotape every session, which would explain the vast amount of tapes in the cabinet next to the giant TV.

Tina was becoming a bit giddy from the liquor and really started getting into the situation. She kissed Doug harder now. He moved down her neck and pushed her onto her back. He pushed her sundress up and kissed her thighs. He noticed a wet spot forming on Tina’s panty crotch. His tongue flicked around the material. He pushed the panty crotch to one side and began tonguing her pussy lips.

Unbeknownst to the loving pair, Ingrid had begun squirming. Sitting right next to them, her hands were rubbing the tops and insides of her bare thighs, hiking her skirt up while watching the two lovers. Her palms moved up her stomach and reached her bountiful breasts, which she kneaded once, then slid her hands back down to her thighs. The index fingers of both her hands reached in and found her pussy and she slowly caressed herself there.

Doug slid Tina’s panties off. He blew his warm breath through her light brown fur. His lips opened wide and closed around her wet pussy lips, sucking as he kissed them and repeated the process. ‘Mmmmm’ Tina moaned.

Ingrid was really heating up. She was fondling her tits through her blouse and bra; the outline of her protruding nipples could now be seen. She began unbuttoning her white blouse. Tina looked over and saw this. She put her hand on Ingrid’s left breast and squeezed gently. Doug saw Tina’s hand reach over and just now realized Ingrid’s condition. He stopped his work on Tina, and he and Tina sat on either side of Ingrid and assisted her in unbuttoning and taking off her blouse. They then unhooked the front clasp and removed Ingrid’s bra. Her incredible full mounds seemed to spring forth, freed from their imprisonment. Doug and Tina each took one in their hands and kneaded Ingrid’s tits. They were so firm and plentiful. Her large pinkish/tan nipples were popped way out. To Ingrid’s delight, Doug and Tina started sucking her tits. ‘Oh yes!’ she whispered. Their tongues and lips voraciously rolled and sucked those luscious nipples, with plenty of room left for their hands and fingers to massage those orbs. Dr. Ingrid was rubbing her hands on their backs, thoroughly enjoying having her tits doubly sucked by her patients.

Also enjoying herself was Tori. She had one hand on the camera controls and the other under her bra pulling her nipples while her tongue was licking her lips. She desperately fought off the urge to let out a moan, lest she give herself away. Her eyes were glued to the thoroughly erotic scene before her.

Tina and Doug’s hands began to wander over Ingrid’s goddess-like body. Their lips moved alternately to Ingrid’s mouth, kissing her deeply and passionately, then back to her saliva slicked breasts, rolling their tongues around and over her wet erect nipples. Their hands stroked down Ingrid’s flat abdomen and glided over her silky smooth thighs and calves. Ingrid was breathing slowly and deeply through her mouth, every now and then whispering ‘Ohhh’. The sensation of soft lips, wet tongues and warm hands on her naked skin felt absolutely dreamy. She was completely helpless and at their mercy.

After getting well acquainted with Ingrid’s upper body, Doug and Tina saw the look on Ingrid’s face. She was boiling-hot with desire and needed something more. All three got up and the married couple took their clothes off, Tina becoming completely nude and Doug stripping down to his boxers. Tina reached behind Ingrid and removed her skirt. Ingrid was wearing white panties, the kinds that ride high over the sides of the hips. The wet crotch gave away her excited state. Tina slipped her fingers behind the portions that rode over the hips and peeled the back of Ingrid’s panties down below her ass cheeks. She had Ingrid lie down on her back and slid her panties down her mile-long legs, over her shoes and off. Ingrid’s black pumps stayed on her feet, and would remain there throughout this sexual symphony. A subtle tan line was visible. Her legs were now bent at the knees and Tina gently separated them while Ingrid rested back on her own elbows. A blooming flower appeared between Ingrid’s thighs. Such an attractive pussy was Ingrid’s; light pink lips glistening with dew resulting from the rapturous foreplay; cleanly shaven except for a patch of closely cropped blond fleece above her hood; a beautiful pink rose lying on a sandy beach.

Lowering their heads, the therapy patients took one of the doctor’s legs each and meandered orally along her sumptuous thighs. Their two tongues met at the convergence of the lower extremities. They flicked the ends of their tongues together, simultaneously flicking their mentor’s outer labia. Ingrid let her head fall back, closed her eyes and glided her tongue along her upper lip while exhaling. Their saliva mixed with her honey as their wet tongues lashed at her slippery lips. The therapist shifted her weight to her right elbow, lifted her left breast with her left hand and licked her own nipple.

Tori struggled to keep the camera steady as she alternated close-ups between Ingrid’s shining pussy and her ecstatic face. She had been through this countless times, but this was an exceptionally erotic session. Tori had discovered early on that she took an extreme liking to voyeurism. She took great pleasure watching her boss engaged in acts of eroticism with strangers. It was getting hot inside the little hidden compartment she was in. Her pussy became wet sitting on the stool behind the camera. In fact, while the three lovers were removing their garments, Tori took the opportunity to strip down to only her thong. As she sat there probing herself she wondered what would happen next on the black leather sofa bed.

Doug stood up and took off his boxers, becoming completely nude. Ingrid stared at the most perfect eight-inch cunt penetrator she had ever seen. ‘Oh, my!’ she said with a breathy voice, with her wanton eyes fixed on Doug’s magnificent specimen. Doug got onto the sofa bed once more, knelt down and sat on his heels facing Ingrid’s face. Ingrid turned her upper body to the side toward Doug while her legs remained spread for Tina. Doug removed Ingrid’s eyeglasses. Ingrid took his cock into her hand and stroked its length. Her lips met the bulbous end of his tool and she began slowly slurping it. Soon, her head began slowly bobbing up and down his shaft. Tina was still slowly and softly orally pleasuring Ingrid’s cunt. Tina sank her index finger all the way into Ingrid’s soaking wet hole and held it there while her tongue danced around and over Ingrid’s clit. Tina could feel Ingrid squeeze her pussy around her finger, then release, then squeeze, then release. Ingrid was immensely enjoying sucking Doug’s cock while having her pussy played with. Her saliva covered Doug’s dick and she rubbed the wetness up and down it with her hand, and then proceeded to suck a little faster. Tina could feel Ingrid getting more excited and began finger fucking Ingrid’s twat, matching the rhythm of Ingrid’s mouth on Doug’s cock and synchronized to her tongue on Ingrid’s hard clit. Soon, Tina felt the telltale contractions around her finger as Ingrid, with Doug’s cock still in her mouth, let out a long, low ecstatic groan and came. A gob of thick honey oozed slowly from Ingrid’s hole as she unhurriedly bucked her hips. Tina removed her finger and placed it in her own mouth, her lips closing around her finger as she sucked off Ingrid’s cum.

Doug pulled away from Ingrid’s face. He lay down on his back. Tina went over and, with her back to his face, lowered her pussy onto his mouth while sitting up. Tina called Ingrid over with her beckoning finger and invited her to straddle Doug, whose rigid penis was pointing straight up. Ingrid crawled over to them, her black pumps still on her feet. She placed one knee on either side of Doug’s prone body and climbed onto him. Ingrid lowered herself onto Doug’s waiting cock. She slowly impaled herself on that delicious dick, letting out a long, silent breath. When she had him all the way inside her, she said happily, ‘Ohhh, this is exquisite!!’ Ingrid enjoyed the feel of Doug deep inside her. She kept him in deep and began rocking her hips back and forth. Ingrid and Tina faced each other, with one riding Doug’s cock and the other riding his face. Tina reached forward and put her hands on Ingrid’s shoulders, pulling her closer. Tina kissed Ingrid passionately on her mouth and Ingrid responded by thrusting her tongue deep into Tina’s mouth. When their embrace broke, Tina started fondling Ingrid’s globes, squeezing them and pinching her nipples. Ingrid arched backward, moaning ‘Hohhhhh yesssss!!’ Ingrid began lifting and dropping herself up and down on Doug, fucking his cock like it was going out of style.

Tina needed to cum badly, and Doug’s tongue was seeing to that. He was tongue fucking her with increasing speed and she gyrated her pelvis as her wet pussy mashed against his mouth. Ingrid leaned forward and clutched Tina by her upper arms. Using this leverage, Ingrid moved up and down on Doug’s cock like a piston engine, causing her heavy tits to bounce. Tina held onto Ingrid and rode Doug’s face. The feeling in their pussies, plus the visual scene of one another fucking and nearing orgasm sent them both over the edge and they came, flooding Doug with their juices. Tina nearly fell off of Doug’s face as he lapped at her cumming pussy with his tongue. Ingrid rubbed her own clit as her drenched cunt spasmed around Doug’s colossal cock.

Sitting on the cum-soaked stool, Tori began catching her breath as she thought to herself what great footage she was capturing. The scene before her was incredibly stimulating. As she witnessed Dr. Ingrid energetically screwing her patient, Tori furiously pumped her finger in and out of her own fuck hole, bringing herself to a long, blissful orgasm. She loved her job.

Doug remained hard, as he had not climaxed yet. Ingrid lifted herself off him after she regained her senses. Tina was already lying on her back catching her breath. She motioned for Ingrid to come closer. Ingrid got on her hands and knees and stopped in front of Tina. Tina made a circular motion with her finger, signaling Ingrid to do an about face. Ingrid turned around and remained on all fours. Tina sat up and grabbing Ingrid’s thighs, pulled Ingrid back toward herself. Ingrid and Tina were now in a sixty-nine position. Ingrid was getting her first taste of Tina’s pussy and liked it. Tina felt Ingrid’s long pink tongue journey across her snatch with professional precision. Tina never had cunnilingus performed on her like this before. A woman’s touch was so much different than a man’s. She stared up at Ingrid’s perfect cunt and returned the favor. The two women lovers were lip locked; oral to genital, that is. Ingrid gently stroked the sides of Tina’s slit with her two thumbnails as she feasted with her lips and tongue.

Doug let the ladies enjoy themselves a bit, and then joined them. The sight of Ingrid’s unbelievable ass and upper legs while she was in the doggy position was enough to make a man cum just by looking at her. Doug couldn’t resist. He got on his knees and positioned himself behind her. He caressed her ass cheeks with his hands and looked at her striking pink pussy lips. Putting the head of his trophy against her, he plunged his cock effortlessly into her well-lubed tunnel with one long, slow thrust while holding her hips. Ingrid looked back and watched as his serpent disappeared between her ass cheeks. She enjoyed the full feeling she got as he entered her. She went back to work on Tina’s twat.

Doug began a slow withdrawal and thrust cycle, sliding nearly all the way out, and then all the way back in, and so on. Ingrid made oral sounds, muffled by Tina’s pussy. Tina had the best view in the house. She started to get extremely turned on watching Doug’s cock slip in and out of Ingrid’s sopping wet hole. The tip of her tongue lightly brushed Ingrid’s swollen clit. Getting hotter by the second, Ingrid placed her black pump-covered feet over Doug’s calves. She wanted all of this man inside her. Doug slightly increased his pace. A light slapping sound could now be heard as his abdomen thumped against Ingrid’s derriere. Ingrid raised her upper body a bit, resting on her elbows. Tina raised her head a little, looked toward her own pussy and saw Ingrid’s breasts swaying to the rhythm of Doug’s humping. Tina was in awe; a fucking cock above her, jiggling tits in front of her and an expert tongue on her pussy.

Ingrid began meeting Doug’s thrusts by fucking him back, banging her ass against him. Tina knew Ingrid was getting close. She slid her index finger into Ingrid’s pussy and held it in, pressing it against Ingrid’s g-spot. She heard Ingrid inhale suddenly. Doug began drilling Ingrid now, fucking her hard and fast while gripping her waist with his hands. He felt Tina’s finger on the underside of his cock as he fucked. The slapping sound was very loud now and Ingrid’s ass cheeks shook with each pummel. Ingrid was breathing heavy and quickly. She was very near to another climax. Tina and Doug watched as Ingrid’s entire body began to quiver. Even her mouth was trembling. Doug did not cease pumping for a second. About ten or fifteen seconds after her tremors began, Ingrid began bucking and gyrating her hips uncontrollably and thrashing her head around. She gave way to a massive earth-shaking orgasm, crying out ‘Ooooh! oooh! oooh! AAAAHHHHHHH!! HAAAHHHH!!! AAAHHHHHHH!!! YESSSSSSSSS!!! Ohhhhhh!!!’ It seemed to last the better part of a minute. Her tidal wave of cum soaked Tina’s finger and Doug’s cock. Doug did not stop humping until Ingrid was calm again. He pulled out and Ingrid’s sap dripped down her thighs, which Tina was only too happy to lap up. While licking away, Tina’s finger, which was still inside of Ingrid, fucked Ingrid’s hole, causing tiny after-shocks of pleasure to ripple through Ingrid’s body.

To this point, Doug still had not shot his load, but he wanted to, and now was as good a time as any. He got off the sofa bed and stood up. The women followed and knelt before him on the carpeted floor, facing him. He offered his rigid cock, still drenched with Ingrid’s juices, to Ingrid. Placing her hands one in front of the other around his shaft, she tilted his slick cock down toward her and started pumping it with both hands. Ingrid turned her hands around his cock while simultaneously pumping the length of it. Tina brushed her cupped palm under Doug’s balls, which were heavy with cum. Ingrid was proceeding so enthusiastically it seemed she would pull Doug’s dick right off. The look on Doug’s face told Tina he was about ready to explode. His cock suddenly seemed to swell even more. Doug clenched his teeth and started making a fucking motion with his hips. With Ingrid’s hands still working their magic and Tina’s still rubbing his balls, a blast of hot jism flew out of Doug’s cock while he moaned loudly, splashing onto Ingrid’s chest and tits. The thumb of Ingrid’s top hand rubbed the underside of Doug’s cock head while the other hand continued stroking. More cum shot out of his cock in hard spurts. Doug sprayed Ingrid with copious amounts of thick hot cum in a seemingly never-ending orgasm. She was covered from her neck to her navel.

When Doug finally stopped shooting, Tina rubbed the warm white cum all over Ingrid’s wonderful breasts, kneading them at the same time. Tina then lowered her head and sucked Ingrid’s cum-covered tits, taking some of the cream into her mouth. Ingrid, meanwhile, was busily cleaning off Doug’s softening dick, licking the end and running her closed lips up and down his shaft. Both women turned to each other and pressed their lips together in deep passionate kisses with their tongues transferring cum from one mouth to the other and back again.

If this was therapy, they didn’t want to be well, Tina and Doug thought.

Tori lost count of the number of times she came in the video camera booth. She doesn’t remember ever seeing Dr. Ingrid climax the way she did during this session. Nor was she sure her boss had ever been so aroused before. She didn’t try to figure it out, but she also knew that she herself never got so excited filming a session before. Oh well, another day’s work done.

Later that night, Tina and Doug had the most intimate and passionate sex they’d had since they were first married. Amazing what one trip to the therapist can accomplish. They both admitted to one another they enjoyed the session immensely. They joked that maybe they should fake a problem next time just to go back and enjoy Dr. Ingrid again. They enjoyed it so much they wished they had a videotape of it. Tina and Doug looked over at their camcorder lying on the end table and wondered if Dr. Ingrid made house calls. Hmmm…

Also that night, back in Dr. Ingrid’s office, the video recorded earlier in the day was playing on the giant TV screen. Tori and the doctor were on the black leather sofa bed, taking turns fucking each other with strap-on dildos while the video played. Dr. Ingrid was on all fours facing the TV while Tori was humping her vigorously from behind. Dr. Ingrid watched the giant screen, which showed an image of her being fucked doggy-style by Doug with Tina below her. Watching the expression on her face on the TV screen as her video image climaxed, Dr. Ingrid came hard on Tori’s dildo. Dr. Ingrid knew her receptionist was talented, in more ways than one. What she didn’t know was that just before she and Tori entered the office to play with one another that night, Tori slipped into the video booth, placed a blank tape into the camera, turned the camera on and pressed the record button.

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