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The Hotel

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I’m standing at the registration desk of the hotel we agreed upon, a small bag in my hand. I didn’t pack much, as you requested. I don’t think I’ll need much else, this weekend, do you? The woman returns with my credit card and hands me a slip of paper. “You have a message, ma’am.” I open the paper and read:

“Here are your instructions: Leave a key to your room in an envelope with my name on it at the Front Desk. Get to your room. Shower quickly. Lay naked on the bed, legs spread WIDE, and wait for me. Do nothing else. Hurry.”

My stomach flips as I read your note. What have I got myself into? As I crumble the paper, mindlessly searching for a waste paper bin, I realise that my entire body is flushed, warm, tingling. It begins.

I quickly take the lift up to my room, drop my small bag on the floor and hop into the shower, remembering your words. I’m so aroused already that I’m tempted to linger a bit, but I don’t want you to catch me in here (God only knows what you would do if i disobeyed you), so I rinse off and grab a towel.

I dry myself quickly and lay on the bed. And I wait.

The room is cold and my nipples grow hard in no time. Five minutes. I’m thinking of what this weekend will bring. Ten. I wonder how far I’ll be able to go, can I withstand whatever you give me? Thirty. My stomach flips again, wondering where you are, knowing you’re making me wait purposely. Enjoying the fact that I’m completely naked, pussy open, waiting for you, not moving. Just that thought, knowing the control you have over me, gets me wet.

I’m lost in thought when I suddenly hear the door open. My heart starts to pound. My eyes grow wide, waiting for a glimpse of you, waiting for you to round the corner, waiting to see if I have pleased you.

Then there you are. You walk to the foot of the bed, not speaking. Your eyes are all over me. And you smile. You have a small bag in your hand as well, and you let it drop to the floor as you start to walk around the bed, your eyes never leaving my body.

I start to speak, and you raise your finger to your lips, hushing me.

You reach down and casually touch one nipple, barely, just brushing over it with your fingertip. I gasp softly, the electricity of your first touch waking my entire body. Your fingers trail softly down my body, my stomach. Your expression is intent, assessing my body like a fine piece of furniture you just purchased.

Your hand trails down between my legs, and quickly dips inside my pussy. I moan and raise my hips slightly. You look at me with eyebrows raised. I can tell you are surprised how wet I am already. You walk back to the foot of the bed, bringing your fingers to your mouth, tasting me.

Then you speak. “Open your legs wider, slut.” I hear your voice for the first time, strong, clear, demanding. My legs are already widely spread, but I open them a bit more, as much as I can. “More” you say. I try to spread them wider, but I can’t, and I start to panic. My heart is thudding in my chest, wondering what will happen, REALLY, if I can’t do as you ask. I stretch them open a bit more, but you’re still not pleased. You grab my knee and pull it back roughly. “Put your hand here. Pull your knees back. Good. Now do the same on the other knee…. Good…” Now I’m completely open to you, pulling my knees back and open, my pussy lips spread wide, pink, and wet. I’m certain you could see inside me if you looked.

You seem pleased and you walk around the bed again, tilting your head, looking at me. But it’s not right just yet — I can see that in your eyes. You stand at the foot of the bed, staring, and you say “Raise your arms over your head. Reach for the bedposts. But keep your knees where they are. I want that pussy wide open for me.” I raise my arms as instructed, and reach my hands for the bedposts, barely able to touch them with my fingertips.

“Good… That’s good” you murmur, smiling slightly. “Don’t move.”

I’m laying there, completely naked, contorted on the bed for you, as you reach for your bag. I hear you rustling around, looking for something, then pulling out a few items. My heart starts to pound again, wondering.

You walk to the head of the bed, smiling again. That smile, the look in your eyes, makes me shiver. I look down at your hands and see you holding two leather cuffs, and I swallow hard. This was what I wanted, I keep telling myself. This was what I NEEDED…

You put one cuff on the wrist closest to you, and tie it to the bedpost. You can’t reach my other wrist, so you climb up onto the bed, straddling my head, and put the other cuff on, tying it tight. I look up at you, your crotch in my face, unable to move my arms at all. I can smell your smell, feel your heat. You look down at me, meeting my eyes (reading my mind!) and grin. Then you climb off the bed.

You pull out two more leather straps, things I’ve never seen before (and can’t even imagine), and I start to get nervous again.

You wrap the strap under my knee, a little slack on each side, and attach a length of rope to it. You pull the rope tightly, back towards the head of the bed, and tie the rope to the headboard. You do the same to the other knee, and I realise that I cannot close my legs. The bonds pull my knees back and open, and I’m unable to cover myself. I suddenly feel very vulnerable, embarrassed. I start to panic a bit, testing my bonds, and I find that I can move my feet, and that I can wiggle my hips around a bit.

But that doesn’t last long.

You return to the bag, and pull out two more leather cuffs and more rope. I watch you, mesmerised, as you attach the cuffs to my ankles and pull the ropes tightly to the footboard of the bed.

You stand at the foot of the bed to admire your work. “Now, my pet, you are MINE.” And you grin. A horrible, evil grin that both horrifies me and arouses me at the same time.

You fix yourself a drink and slowly get undressed. You know that I’m yours, completely, for the weekend, and you are in no hurry. I watch you, my arousal becoming almost unbearable. I want to beg you to touch me, to fuck me, but I know better than to speak without permission. I pull at my bonds a bit, moaning softly at my own helplessness.

You walk over to the bed, holding your drink, and you sit on the edge of the bed, next to me. You dip your finger in the scotch and bring it to my lips. I suck your finger greedily, the scotch burning my mouth and throat. You dip your finger in the drink again and wet my nipples, watching them grow hard beneath your wet fingers. I moan and arch my back towards your hands, wanting you to grab me, ravage me! But you’re so controlled, so cool.

You start to pull at my nipples, squeezing, pinching. The louder I moan, the harder you pinch, until I think I can’t stand it anymore, and you lean down and whisper in my ear, “Tell me to stop and I will.” I look at you, unable to move or speak, and you smile, permission to continue.

You slide your hand down my stomach, your eyes on my face, enjoying my torment, until you reach my wet pussy. It’s completely open, aching, and you start to stroke me. I raise my hips to you, desperately, rubbing against your hand. You stroke my clit, and slide your fingers inside me once, teasing. I raise my hips again, begging you to touch me. You laugh at me and get up from the bed, walking to the phone. You smile at me as you dial a number. I hear you on the phone, but I can’t make out what you’re saying.

You lean over the bed and take a nipple into your mouth, sucking it roughly, biting it. I gasp as your teeth sink in, sending fingers of pain and pleasure through my body. My back arches into your mouth, my hips rising rhythmatically towards you, so desperate. You pull away and dip into my pussy again, wetter now, smiling as I press against your hand so hungrily.

Suddenly, I hear a knock at the door. You look up, then smile at me, telling me you’ll be right back. My stomach flips again, wondering again what I’ve gotten myself into.

You walk back in the room with a beautiful tall woman, dressed completely in black. She smiles at me, and complements you on the fine job you did of binding me. You nod gracefully and turn to me. “Slut, this is your Mistress for the evening. You will serve her as you serve me. Understood?”

I look at you in horror. This is NOT what we talked about. I’ve never been with another woman and have no intention of starting now. “No, Master. This is NOT something I want to do. Let me go. I want to leave NOW.” I’m amazed at the strength in my voice as I ask for my release.

You smile and sit on the bed next to me, stroking my stomach, my chest. “I will release you, my pet, if that’s what you REALLY want. Think carefully about this, my treasure. If you leave, you will never see me again.” Your fingers tease my nipples, hardening them again, then slowly down my body, between my legs. You stroke my wet pussy, slowly and softly, while you wait for my decision.

You sense my confusion, my growing arousal, and use it against me. The Mistress stands at the foot of the bed, watching, amused. It’s so obvious to her. She wonders how I don’t know what you’re doing.

You lean down and whisper in my ear as you rub my warm wet pussy. Telling me how much you know I want you, that I NEED you… that I NEED what only you can give me. Your words never stop, a constant litany, as you continue to arouse me. I start to moan and move my hips slightly and you smile. You know that you own me now and you ask me again, whispering in my ear “It’s your choice, my precious. Do you want to leave now or do you want to stay?” My eyes are half closed as I raise my head to look at you. “Answer me Slave. I need to hear you say it or we cannot continue.” I open my mouth and whisper the words… “Don’t stop Master.”

You smile and motion for to the Mistress to begin.

The first thing I feel is her hands on my legs, stroking me lightly. I’m nervous, so I jump a bit at first. I take a deep breath and close my eyes, imagining that it’s your hands, not hers, trying my hardest to enjoy this. You’re still laying at my side, up on one elbow, so you can watch my reaction as she touches me.

Her hands slide up my legs and I feel her long fingernails lightly scratching the soft skin on my inner thighs. I hear a soft moan, surprised when I realize that it was me. I open my eyes and lift my head a bit to look at her. She’s stunningly beautiful. Pale ivory skin, long black hair with short bangs. Red, red lips. I have to wonder how you found her. I also wonder if you’ve ever fucked her, and I find myself a bit jealous at that thought.

She smiles at me, a secret smile, as if she knows what I’m thinking, and runs a finger slowly up my wet slit, asshole to clit. The intense feeling takes me by surprise, and I gasp and shove my hips towards her. You lean into me again, your mouth on my ear. I can feel your hot breath on me, and you whisper “Oh you like this, don’t you, you little slut. Don’t you? Hmmmm?” You keep repeating those words in my ear as she continues to slowly stroke my swollen pussy, and I start to whisper back, my head spinning: “yes… yes… ”

She slides her finger inside me, and starts to fuck me slowly with it. My hips move against her hand, matching her thrusts. My eyes are half closed as I feel her lips on my stomach, and I groan. I don’t really want her to do this. I want her to stop. I don’t want to enjoy this. I can’t stop thinking about what that would mean, what that would say about me. But I don’t say a word. I turn my head to look at you, and see you looking at me, your eyes wild with heat. I see what this is doing to you, and my heart skips a beat.

I keep my eyes on you as I feel her tongue parting the lips of my pussy, then barely touching my clit. I gasp in pleasure as she starts to suck my clit into her mouth, crying out as she bites it, her fingers digging into the soft flesh of my thighs. She slips her tongue deep inside me, and starts to fuck me with it. I’m gasping, thrusting my hips uncontrollably towards her. You start to whisper in my ear again: “That’s it, my precious. Give it to it. Feel how good a woman’s mouth can feel. You love it don’t you. You need it. You don’t want her to stop, do you? Do you? TELL ME.” I’m shaking my head back and forth, groaning, whispering “no… don’t stop…. please don’t stop…”

“Don’t tell me,” you say. “Tell the Mistress. Beg her.”

I look from your face to hers and ask her quietly not to stop, my face turning red with shame. You roughly grab my chin, forcing me to look at you. “I said BEG her, you little slut. You want her to eat you, don’t you? You said it felt good, didn’t you? Or were you LYING to me? Now, BEG HER NOT TO STOP. And you BETTER make me BELIEVE IT!”

I start to tremble, the look in your eyes, the tone of your voice frightening me. I know I can stop this, all of this, with one simple word, but I don’t. I’m terrified and aroused, all at the same time. And I don’t want it to stop. Yet.

So I start to beg. “Mistress… please, Mistress… please don’t stop!” I beg her more and more desperately, shouting and moaning, until I start to believe it myself. Just then, she dives down between my legs and buries her face in my wet cunt, licking and sucking so hard that my hips are forced back. I gasp and scream and moan and pant. I feel my release coming, and I welcome it. I know it will be like no other orgasm I have EVER had, a release yet unknown.

But then a flick of your hand, a quick motion, and she stops. I pop my eyes open, gasping for breath, looking at both of you, wondering why she stopped, so very desperate for her to continue, to finish me off, needing to cum like I have never needed to before. You see the look on my face, the confusion, the desperation, and you smile.

“Now you’re going to do something for me, my pet.” And you nod to the Mistress. She takes off her skirt (no panties, of course), climbs up on the bed, and kneels over my face, one knee on each side of my head. I look up and see her shaved pussy, spread wide above me. I can see the pink folds of her skin, wet and shiny.

I turn quickly to look at you, realizing suddenly what you want me to do, the horror in my eyes, and I can’t speak. I simply mouth the word “no.” Not a statement, but a question. Asking you please, with that one word, and the look in my eyes, to release me from this task. You smile and tell me to stick out my tongue. I stare at you for what seems like hours, then slowly turn my head back, facing the Mistress, and slide my tongue out of my mouth, eyes squeezed shut.

You move closer to me, your head next to mine. You want to watch. You want a good seat. You slide a hand to my breast and start to tease my nipple.

She lowers herself onto my face, and my tongue touches the smooth skin of her pussy lips. I instinctively pull back, turning my head, and I feel you pinching my nipple HARD. I cry out in surprise. “Don’t test me,” you hiss.

I slowly reach my tongue up again, and she feeds her pussy to my mouth. I run my tongue up and down a bit, just catching her clit, and I hear her groan. The sound of her pleasure starts to get me hot (to my shock), and I begin to let myself taste her, running my warm wet tongue in and out the folds of pink wet skin. Her clit is hard, throbbing, and when I lick it, she moans and shakes. I suck it between my lips, and she groans louder.

She presses her hips down on my face, and I’m covered with her wetness. Running my lips and tongue all over her hot cunt, eating her hungrily. She starts to grind her hips into me, and I have to move my head with her to keep pressure on her clit.

Just then, I notice that you are up on your knees next to her, looking down at me. Your cock is fully erect, the head almost purple. You push the Mistress over a bit, and slide your cock across my lips, wet with the Mistress’s pussy juice. I reach for your cock with my mouth, hungry to taste you, and you plunge it deep down my throat. A few quick strokes and you pull out. The Mistress pulls me back to her and I start to lick and suck at her pussy again. Then you. Back into my mouth for a few strokes. And back to the Mistress. I’m whipping my head side to side, trying to taste as much of both of you as I can.

The Mistress starts to buck against my face, starting to cum, and you let her have my mouth for the moment. Her wetness is pouring out of her, all over my cheeks, and I hungrily lick up as much as I can. She screams and moans and I lick deeper and faster. You watch me devour her cumming pussy and you slowly stroke your cock, waiting for your turn. I can feel the heat from your body.

Finally, she finishes, and collapses on the bed. I’m able to take 2, maybe 3, gasping breaths before you slide your hard cock back into my mouth. You start to pull and twist my nipples, pinching them with each stroke of your cock. I groan each time, each time a bit louder. The louder I groan, the more aroused you get, so you pinch them harder. I can see that look on your face. It’s almost evil, but it sets my body on fire.

You’re squeezing my nipple constantly now, continuing pressure, getting harder and harder. It’s seriously starting to hurt now, but it makes me suck you harder, groaning. Your hips are rocking against me, pounding your cock into me, fucking my mouth with wild abandon. The bed shakes as you take your pleasure from me. I hear you start to growl, a low deep sound in the back of your throat, and I know you’re getting ready to cum. I silently wish that my hands were free so that I could touch you.

You explode in my mouth. Hot cum pours down my throat and I swallow everything that I can, still pressing my full lips tightly around your hard dick, milking it for every sweet drop. It’s too much for me, I can’t swallow it all, and some leaks out of the corners of my mouth, and drips down my cheeks.

You pull out and collapse on the bed as well, gasping for breath, looking at me, my face slick with the cum of both sexes. You see the look on my face, the desperation in my eyes, and you smile, thinking of what you’ll do to me next…

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