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Just Try It Ch. 02

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Excerpt from Part l:

Mara was silent for a while as she sat watching me in my indecision. Finally she spoke.

“Jaz, I want to give you something. I want to show you a little of what it could be like with me. You intrigue me. The way you kissed me, I know inside you there is a woman waiting to love, to give and receive. I want to be that person.

If only to show you what can be. Let me show you one small thing and tonight I will leave. Before I go I will give you my phone number. You can call me when you have made a decision. I only ask that you do call me and tell me whether your answer is a yes or a no. Does that sound fair?”

“Yes, that sounds fair.”

Mara’s Story.

Mara couldn’t believe it when she had seen Jaz in the bar all alone. Who could resist those deer-in-the-headlight-eyes? She had seen and taken the opportunity before her. One reason being to ditch the guy her sister had set her up with. Her sister just didn’t understand and once again, the lecture would be heard tomorrow. But for now all Mara wanted to think about was Jaz.

Would she call? She had said she would. Touching Jaz was amazing! The way her body responded to Mara’s touch was special. Feeling her already tight pussy contract as her orgasm hit was incredible. Mara longed to touch herself, relive that moment, but there was no way she would do it in a taxi!

Finally the taxi arrived home and Mara paid the fare and hurried to the front door. By the time she had made it to the bedroom she could feel her pussy dripping from the core. Uncaring she stripped off her clothes and left them on the floor as he lay on her bed.

Mara relived touching Jaz’s breasts, touching her own and mimicking the same actions that she had done to Jaz. Her nipples began to harden as she squeezed her tits, all the while her hips were moving in concert with her hands. Mara used her saliva to wet her nipples and blew on them to make them even harder. One hand started to trail down to her pussy while the other was brushing over her tits.

One finger, two fingers and plunge! Oh yes! Her hand left her tits and moved down to her clit and her fingers started to move in hard fast circles. Once again her fingers plunged into her pussy, her hips were bucking. She could taste Jaz, smell her. The small piece of that perfect body was enough to make Mara want more. She wanted to watch her face as Mara drove her tongue deep inside Jaz’s pussy. She wanted to watch her writhe and beg for more. Desperately, it seemed, she wanted to hear Jaz scream Mara’s name as she came over and over again.

It was all too much for Mara and she came in waves, moaning and calling Jaz’s name, imagining that Jaz was the one finger fucking her right now. That Jaz was watching and looking at her pussy as she came. That it was Jaz’s fingers feeling her juices running down her hand.

It was an intense and powerful orgasm and it took a few moments before she could move again. When finally she roused enough she went into the bathroom to get ready for bed. She came back to her room, picked up her clothes off the floor and got into bed, smiling and drifted off.

The phone rang waking Mara from her deep sleep. Jaz!


“Hello, Mara?”

Well it wasn’t Jaz.

It was her sister, ringing to tell her off for how she behaved last night. When was she going to get it? Mara didn’t need her help. Lisa never could understand Mara. Still held out desperate hope that it was “just a phase” Mara was going through. Even though Mara had been open about it Lisa was sure she just hadn’t met the right man to end this silliness. Mara tried to speak. Opened her mouth, even got a sound out before it was over-ridden again by Lisa who had hit her stride and now was going to let Mara know how she felt.

Mara ended that by hanging up.

If Lisa couldn’t accept it, that was fine. She was done trying to do things to please others. Mara wasn’t interested in pretending to keep the family happy. Lisa was right about one thing. The silliness did have to end. From now on Mara would refuse all dates no matter how long Lisa went on and on about this nice man she thinks would be perfect for her.

The phone rang again and again Mara picked it up. It was Lisa.

“Don’t you hang up on me Mara; you know we all just want the best for you! We all agree that you should be married, have kids, set-“.

Mara hung up.

The phone rang again and this time Mara’s patience had come to an end. Angrily she picked up the phone and started talking instantly.

“Listen to me Lisa; I am done trying to make you all happy. I have told you and told you it is not a phase, a fad, a crisis I am going through. You, our parents, everyone needs to back off and accept that I am who I am and I don’t want to change! I met a beautiful woman last night and I want to continue to see her, if she will have me. At this point I care more for her opinion than I do yours! So if you haven’t rung to apologise for trying to run my life, then there is no reason to continue this conversation. I’m going now unless you can say something to make me change my mind!”


There it was that shy and lovely soft voice. The one Mara had dreamed of all night. At once she started shaking.

“Jaz” Mara breathed.

“Did you mean that Mara? Am I really beautiful? I think you are.”

“Are you trying to flirt with me Jaz?” Mara asked. Her sense of humour quickly returned as she tried to get her mind and body under control.

“No! Um, well err… you know” Jaz trailed off, before saying “I’m not very good at this am I?

“You’re doing fine babe, have you thought about us Jaz?

“Yes Mara, I didn’t sleep much last night, I just kept thinking and thinking. I’m scared. I have to admit it out right. I don’t know what to do, I won’t be very good at, well, you know.”

“Jaz we don’t have to do anything you don’t want. I’m just asking for the chance to show you what could be.”

“Oh I think you showed me that last night” Jaz giggled.

“You liked it huh?”

“Mara, I liked it, and I liked you.”

Mara couldn’t believe her ears. Her heart was beating so fast it felt like a time bomb about to explode.

“I did mean it Jaz, when I thought it was my sister on the phone. I would love to see you again. Will you have me?”

“Yes Mara, yes. I will have you. I want to try it.”

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