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Just Her And The Guys

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His fingers stroked her clit maddeningly. “You like the idea of that, don’t you?” he whispered into her ear. “You like the idea of getting fucked by my friends, of being our whore.”

She moaned, her fingers gripping his arm tightly.

Kitsune’s panties were looped around one ankle. She’d just come home from St. Mary’s Catholic School, where she was a senior, and she was still in her school uniform.

However, her pleated skirt was hiked up around her waist, her white button-down shirt was wide open, and her front-closure bra hung loosely, revealing two perky tits that bobbed with each movement of his hand.

Dimitri gripped her left tit, squeezing hard. “Which one is it you want? Alan? Tom? Is it Mark that gets you hot? Or…” and he shoved two fingers into her as he said the next, “is it all four of us at once you want?”

She came, then, spasming in his arms, crying out. They were in the office and he was sure his friends could hear but he didn’t really care. In fact, the exhibitionism turned him on, especially since his coworkers were the aforementioned Tom, Mark, and Alan.

He stood abruptly and lifted her off his lap. He swept the few papers off his desk. Standing her up, he put his hand on the small of her back and pushed gently. “Bend over,” he ordered gruffly.

She bent over the desk, her nipples pressing against the wood of the desk, and spread her legs. Dimitri lifted her skirt and flipped it over her young firm ass, and groaned at the sight that was revealed. Kitsune’s sweet pussy lay open to him, wet and swollen and ready for him.

He pressed the head of his cock against her opening and felt her push back against him. He chuckled softly and leaned over her to whisper in her ear.

“You want it?”

“Please,” her voice was soft and plaintive.

“First – tell me, does the thought of all four of us fucking you at once make you hot?”

She nodded, blushing. He pushed himself into her about an inch and she moaned.

“Do you want all four of us at once?”

She hesitated. He slid back out and she cried out in protest. “Yes! Yes, I do!’

“Tell me what you want.” He slid back into her, halfway.

“I want all four of you to fuck me at once! I want to be your little slut! I want to be used. Please, fuck me!”

He grinned, thinking of those guys hearing all this, and slammed into her fully and began fucking her with long, slow strokes, pounding in and out of her. His whole body was involved…but a small part of his mind was making plans.

Dimitri made sure to talk to her again once more later that night, when they were alone, and asked her again if she really was sure. He wasn’t surprised when she admitted she was indeed. After all, it had been said now, and thus of course there had been at least some desire in her heart.

Dimitri was some years older than Kitsune. She was 18, and he 24, and they had known each other for a few years. She and Dimitri had always got along well. He’d had an eye on her for quite some time now, as she showed every intention of growing up to be absolutely gorgeous. And she had.

She was just a little over five feet tall and cute as a button, with dusky skin and long limbs. Although her name was Japanese, her parents were actually from the isles of French Polynesia and she had inherited the gorgeous all-over coppery skin. Her breasts were high and proud, and her hair black as night.

Dimitri himself had been considered to be quite the catch. Blond hair which fell over his eyes just so, blue eyes, and a certain laid-back style had always made him popular with the ladies. But now that Kitsune was finally 18 he could admit it to himself – he’d just been biding his time, waiting for her to grow up. He thought he might be in love with her, and thought she might be with him as well. For now, the past eight months had been a journey into sexual exploration for both of them, him teaching and her learning.

He ran his own business in Miami, a private investigative agency. With him worked his three best friends from high school: Matt Brooks, Tom Spears, and Alan Rickman. The business had really been taking off in the last year and it looked like he was in Miami to stay.

About a week later Dimitri called Kitsune on a Friday. “Hey, do you want to go camping this weekend? I’ve got a cabin out in the swamps and I think it’ll be pretty cool.”

“Sure, I’d love to!”

‘”Ok, I’ll pick you up around 8 o’clock. Pack a bunch of stuff.” He started to hang up, then added as an afterthought. “By the way, the guys are going to be there, too. Do you mind?”

Her heart thrilled at what he might have in store for her. She thought all of his friends were absolutely gorgeous. They were all around the same age as him, too. But she couldn’t help but wonder why they would be interested in her and figured they must just be there for camping. He couldn’t really have meant what he had said earlier, could he?

“Hey, you still there?”

She came out of her reverie with a start. “Oh yeah, sorry. No, I don’t mind if the guys are there – it’ll be fun!”

Pick her up at 8 he did, pulling up in his recently-purchased Jaguar.

“Come on, babe. Let’s get moving,” he said, effortlessly tossing her sleeping bag into the car. He glanced approvingly at her bags; she knew how to pack light and only had a duffle bag and a backpack.

They drove to the campsite, chatting and laughing the whole way. Despite their age difference they had always gotten along well and the hour-long trip flew by.

Upon arriving, they found Tom & Mark were already there. They glanced appraisingly and appreciatively at Kitsune, who was wearing short shorts, a tank top, and sandals. A gold chain around her neck glinted in the last of the sunlight.

Kitsune thought she saw a meaningful glance pass between the two men and Dimitri, but she wasn’t sure.

A half an hour later, late as always, Alan showed up. The differences between the three men were profound.

Alan and Mark were so diametrically opposite that sometimes she wondered why they were friends. Mark was always dressed stylishly. He wore suits and sports coats that hung elegantly on a long, dignified frame. His hair and eyes were dark, and he often wore a pair of very expensive sunglasses. His hair and clothes were always impeccably kept. He was the responsible one, and always prompt and reliable.

Alan on the other hand was late to work every day. He was a hard worker when something motivated him, but he could also be lazy like no one’s business. While he was always clean, she didn’t think he ever ran a comb through his hair and wore things like sports coats with t-shirts underneath. Still, while there was something devastating about Mark, Alan had his own boyish charm as well.

Somewhere in the middle lay Tom. Tom was a photographer by trade. His hair was curly and kept short, and he dressed neatly but was just a little soft around the middle, though he tried to keep up with it. He was Dimitri’s best friend and generally his partner when they went out on cases.

And of course Dimitri was the one she knew best. Dimitri had a flat belly, muscles in his arms and legs, a wonderfully tight ass, and a cock that made her swoon. 8 inches of pure pleasure. She knew he had had girls swarming over him but in the past eight months he hadn’t looked at anyone else the way he looked at her. She was totally in love with him and would have done anything for him…but there was still something about his friends. She’d only ever been with Dimitri and wondered what other guys were like. When he had said something one day about her staring at Mark something in her face had given away her feelings, and since then he had used the knowledge ruthlessly to set her body on fire when they made love.

They quickly set up the cabin, making the fire and setting the sleeping bags out. She blushed to realize it was just a one-room cabin and they would all be sleeping on the floor in front of the fire.

After dinner, they decided to sit in the blankets, all facing each other, and shoot the breeze. She sat in his lap, his arm firmly around her waist. In his hand he held a glass of wine and would occasionally let her sip from it.

Alan was the first to speak. “So, Kitsune, how’s Dimitri treating you? You know, you still have time to reconsider and pick one of us.” This had been a running joke with them ever since Dimitri had stopped going out with other girls.

She laughed and cuddled up to Dimitri. As she did so he let his hand slide under the blankets, and right into the front of her shorts. She sat upright. “Um, he treats me really well.” His hand continued its journey, while he watched her with a slight smile on his face.

“Of course,” chuckled Matt. “How you got a girl like her I’ll never know, Dimitri.”

Dimitri shrugged and offered her a sip of wine. She could feel his cock pressing against her thigh, and his hand slipped inside her panties and began to stroke her clit. Her feet were leaning between Alan & Mark’s legs, and she felt the heat from them.

Suddenly she felt Alan grasp her foot and gently begin to massage it. The guys had certainly done things like that before but of course it felt different tonight. Here they were, miles from civilization, with just her and four young guys, and suddenly Mark was massaging her other foot.

“Hey, Kitsune?” It was Tom. “Yes?” she said, aware of Alan lifting her foot into his lap and continuing his massage.

“Can I ask you a question? It’s kind of personal.”

“You mean, another question?” she said teasingly, and stuck her tongue out. He laughed. “Yes, another question.”

“Sure, have at it.” Mark lifted her foot into his lap now. She was aware her legs were apart now, giving Dimitri more room as he continued stroking her. She was growing moist, and wondered if they would be able to smell her.

“I know you’ve been with Dimitri for a while now.” Tom continued. “I was just wondering – have you ever kissed anyone else?”

She blushed, slightly, and looked down. “Um. No….no, no one else.”

Tom looked surprised. “Really? But you’re gorgeous.”

She looked up. “Really? I mean, you really think so?”

“Yeah, absolutely.”


“I mean it. So…do you ever think about it? I mean, kissing someone else?”

She was flustered, and looked around and then up at Dimitri. He had ceased stroking her and was just cupping her warm sex now, holding it affectionately. He nodded. “It’s OK, I won’t be mad or anything.”

“You sure?”

He kissed the tip of her nose. “Go for it. It’s just the guys anyway.”

She smiled fondly at him, and turned back to Tom. “Well…yeah. Sure. Who hasn’t?

Alan cut in. “If this guy wasn’t so jealous, I might offer just so you could at least see how it felt.”

She felt a thrill run through her, but shook her head. “Oh no. I mean, it’s not that I wouldn’t want to kiss you! I mean…” she stopped, thoroughly flustered. Behind her, Dimitri drained the rest of his wine and set the glass down on a nearby table.

“Why not?” he said.

“What?” said Kitsune.

“What?” said Tom.

“What?” said Mark.

“Ok.” said Alan, grinning.

Dimitri patted Kitsune between the legs and then carefully removed his hand. He kissed her upturned mouth. “Hey, I don’t want you to think I’ve deprived you. At least if you have to kiss someone else you can kiss someone whose ass I can kick if I have to.” He grinned.

She was openmouthed but she couldn’t deny it, she was excited. “Are… you sure? Dimitri, I don’t want to hurt your feelings.”

He smiled ruefully. “Kitsune.” He shook his head and cupped her face. “If you – ok, I haven’t told you. It’s hard for me to say, and I didn’t expect to say it here. But…

“If you don’t know I love you yet, then you’re not as bright as I thought.”

Her eyes widened. “Oh! Really?”

He nodded. “Really really.” She threw her arms around his neck and kissed him. “Oh, Dimitri, I love you too.”

He laughed and said, “I know,” causing her to pout.

“But,” he continued, “I don’t want you to think later on, I never kissed anybody else, I wonder what it’s like. So if you want to kiss Alan,” and here he produced from his duffel bag an egg timer. “We’ll use this. I’ll set it to one minute. You kiss him for one minute, right? And then you’ll know what it’s like.”

He looked up and met Alan’s eyes, and a moment passed between them, Alan questioning with his eyes, and Dimitri giving assent. Dimitri lifted Kitsune and bodily handed her over to Alan, who settled her gently on his lap.

“Ok, you have to stop when the buzzer goes off, OK?” Alan nodded.

Dimitri turned the dial and set it for one minute. Kitsune looked bashfully up into Alan’s face, aware of the ticking of the clock, aware of the others’ eyes on her, aware that for the first time in her life she was sitting in another man’s arms.

Alan lowered his face to hers and his mouth met her mouth. Dimitri had first kissed her on her sixteenth birthday so she was no stranger to kisses, but Alan’s was somehow different. As his tongue slid into her mouth and explored it she was aware of a different scent and taste. His hands were different, on the back of her head and around her back, and she felt the scruff on his chin against her own smooth skin.

His tongue was velvety soft and he kissed with boyish eagerness, opening her mouth, sliding his tongue inside, mischievously touching the tip of his tongue to hers and then darting away.

The seconds ticked by and she barely noticed, until he sucked on her lower lip, gently pulling it away from her mouth, and slowly released it. Just then the egg timer went – ting!

She exhaled. She had to admit it had been one hell of a thrill, and made even more erotic by the fact that Dimitri was watching her. Dimitri! She quickly looked back at him, wondering if he was mad, but he was smiling. His eyes were fond, but there was a certain look around his jaw that reminded her of how he looked sometimes when she looked particularly sexy.

She crawled off Alan’s lap and right into Dimitri’s arms. They immediately wrapped around her. “You’re not mad, are you?”

He stroked her back. “Not at all, baby. How are you feeling?” He lifted her chin.

She blushed scarlet but was honest with him as always. “I liked it.” Her voice was barely above a whisper.

“Good. Did you want to try it again?”

Her mouth opened in surprise, and she glanced over her shoulder at Alan, and back at Dimitri. But he was shaking his head in amusement. “I didn’t say with Alan.” Her eyes widened, and she looked deep into his eyes….then nodded.

Dimitri looked over at Mark. “Well, if she’s kissed Alan, she should kiss someone who actually has some finesse. So I guess it’s your turn.” Mark chuckled and Alan said “Hey! Quit it!”

“I’d love to,” said Mark, and reached his arms out. Dimitri lifted her and this time Mark took her from his arms. He leaned down to kiss her.

“Uh-uh,” Dimitri said. They both looked over and saw he was holding up the egg timer. “One minute. That’s only fair.”

Mark laughed. “Sure.”

She could almost still taste Alan on her lips but Mark’s gentle kiss on her mouth drove thoughts of anyone else away quickly enough. There was no boyish enthusiasm here, but a loving, tender mouth on hers, which slowly encouraged and cajoled hers into opening, tipping her head back, leaning her whole weight in his arms. She felt light as a feather and he set all her limbs a-tremble.

Mark kissed her right until the timer went off. Her sex was wet just from his kisses and she shivered, wondering what his kisses would be like all the time. She couldn’t help it, and leaned against his shoulder, grateful for the warmth.

“Looks like Mark made an impression.” Tom chuckled. “Kitsune, if Dimitri doesn’t mind, I hope you’ll let me have a chance, too.”

She looked at Dimitri questioningly, who shrugged. “You’ve already kissed the other two, why not?”

And so it was she found herself being lifted directly from Mark’s arms into Tom’s. She had to admit there was something delicious about being passed from guy to guy like this, and also decidedly erotic. She heard Dimitri reset the timer, and Tom grinned at her as he tipped her way back in his arms. “I guess somehow I have to outshine Mark, huh?” He kissed her, and there was very little tenderness. But she didn’t want any anyway, and her arms wound around his neck as he kissed her fiercely, his tongue warring with hers, she even biting his mouth a little. When the buzzer went off they hardly noticed until she felt Dimitri slide his hand down her back, laughing. “Easy, sweetheart. Come here to me.”

She detached from Tom, a little sheepish. She was breathing heavy, and saw through her lashes that Tom was as well. She went willingly enough to Dimitri and he kissed her. His kiss set the familiar fire coursing through her veins, and it was with surprise she heard the timer go off. She looked around to three laughing faces. Alan was holding up the timer. “Only fair, you know.”

She laughed with them.

Then Dimitri spoke up. “I say if we’re interested, and if Kitsune’s up for it, we play a game.”

‘I’m up for it.” She answered before thinking, and blushed. But no one laughed, only they smiled at her fondly.

Dimitri thought for a moment. “Well. Since Kitsune hasn’t ever been with another guy, and seems to be curious, and we seem to have three other guys here, why not take advantage of the situation?” Kitsune started to protest and he held up a hand. “I’m not finished yet.”

“There has to be rules in a game like this.” He held up the egg timer. “This thing sets to five minutes. First of all, I think every guy should get only five minutes – at a time.”

“Next, if Kitsune tells you or signals you not to touch her somewhere, you must absolutely comply. Right?”

“Of course!” chorused the three guys. They weren’t bad guys, and had no interest in hurting her.

“And lastly, no touching under clothes. It’s Kitsune’s decision if she wants to take anything off, and if she doesn’t, that’s up to her.”

He looked at Kitsune. “How does that sound, love?” Her heart soared at the term of affection, and she probably would have done anything for him that moment. It didn’t hurt that she was really excited at the prospect of the game. She wasn’t stupid, and knew he had probably thought of it before and planned this weekend around it. But did that bother her?

Not one bit.

“It sounds nice.” She whispered.

“All right. Oh, and one last thing – if we take turns, Kitsune, would you like me to start or finish each turn?”

She blushed but thought about it seriously. “Um…finish, I think.”

“All right, then. Why don’t we keep it in the order we just had it? Fair, guys?”

All three guys nodded, and Mark suggested, “We should sit in a circle then.”

They shifted to do so, and Alan lifted Kitsune onto his lap. “I think, Dimitri, that you could probably just pass the timer on, too, each time, as long as Kitsune wishes to keep playing.”

“Right then. Shall we?”

And Dimitri started the timer.

Alan was the first to have her, of course. He kissed her mouth first, again, and then stroked her face with his hand, letting his finger run across her lips, her cheek, over her eyelids, nose, and then over her hair. She had to admit it was soothing and eased some of her nervousness.

Her lips were soft, her gorgeous caramel skin was warm, and he wondered if she would let him have her. Her black hair fell around her shoulders like a curtain.

After a few seconds he let his mouth follow his fingers. She felt his warm breath across her face, over her soft skin…sliding across to her ear, where he took her earlobe into his mouth and gently sucked on it. She gasped.

His other hand was resting lightly on her back and it began to rub up and down, stroking her skin softly, making her shiver. There was nothing but silence in the room.

Five minutes passed all too quickly and she sighed deeply as he withdrew his mouth. He smiled at her. “Mark’s turn,” he said, and passed her on.

Mark looked down into her eyes. “You Ok? Still want to go on?” She hesitated, then nodded, and he in turn nodded at Alan, who had the timer now. Alan reset it and before Mark had time to do anything she unconsciously lifted her lips for another of those kisses. He chuckled, and obliged. Once again his kiss made her toes curl, but this time, she felt his hand sliding over her bare thigh, stroking the soft brown skin, then sliding back down again. Her legs were partially open but he made no attempt to go higher than her shorts hem. This was quite high already though, and she felt him squeeze her inner thigh at one point.

Next it was Tom. To her surprise –for she had always taken him as the more polite of the three – he was the first one to slide a hand over her breast – through her tank top, of course – and feel the shape, and rub her hard nipple, poking through, making her gasp.

As she went to Dimitri, she opened her legs and straddled his lap. She realized she was enormously aroused, and rubbed against him boldly. He was obviously just as worked up watching her make out with other men, for his cock was enormous in his jeans. He kissed her hard and started to slide his hands up her shirt. She playfully stopped him, enjoying the look of surprise on his face.

“You’re breaking your own rule, you know. No touching under clothes until I say it’s OK and take something off.” Shed took a deep breath, and then committed herself, and lifted her own tank top off. She heard the audible gasps behind her as her perfect breasts came into view, dark as the rest of her body, firm and high. Her nipples were brown with just the slightest hint of rose in the center. Her belly was flat and silky smooth, sloping down to the top of her shorts. She pressed her nipple against Dimitri’s mouth.

Kitsune was aware of everyone watching her as Dimitri suckled on first one rock hard nipple, then another. She turned her head shyly, to see the three guys admiring her dusky skin and she felt beautiful.

When the five minutes were up, she moved Dimitri’s head away and kissed him softly on the lips. She felt totally in control as she shifted into Alan’s lap and drew his hands up to her tits. He inhaled sharply and immediately began to squeeze them. He tried to push them together and put both nipples in his mouth at once, and found himself unable to do so. Instead he suckled on each nipple, groaning. “God, Kitsune, you’re beautiful.” He seemed unable to tear his eyes off her perky breasts.

When Mark took her this time he took her directly from Alan, not turning her around, and he seated her so her back was against his chest. He placed both hands on her tits and began to tweak her nipples and stroke them, causing her to squirm against him, and moan in his arms. He kissed her neck and her shoulders, and she opened her eyes to see Dimitri directly across from her with a hungry look in his eyes, watching the show. He nodded, slowly.

Next was Tom, and she realized he had taken his shirt off as well. He rolled her onto her back in the blankets, and lay on top of her, and kissed her passionately. Her nipples rubbed against his bare chest and her legs fell open almost unconsciously begging; he rubbed his hard cock against her, through his pants and her shorts, and her breath came in short little gasps. His hands were pale against her dark skin. She faintly heard the timer ticking but him rubbing against her was maddening. She began to buck her hips under him and rub against him in turn. They both groaned and panted together, and suddenly the whole situation and the intense feelings shooting through her were too much and she came in her shorts, her mouth open wide, crying out, her hands gripping his arms tightly.

She opened her eyes, panting slightly, and looked into his. He was looking at her tenderly, and he stroked her hair back from her face. He whispered, “You are stunning when you come, you know that?”

She opened her mouth to answer but then the timer went off. He grinned ruefully. “On to Dimitri. He really likes this, you know that, right?”

She hesitated, then slowly nodded.

He rolled off her then lifted her into Dimitri’s arms. He immediately wrapped one arm around her and lowered his mouth to her nipple, soothing her, and sucking on it the way she so liked after an orgasm, slowly beginning to build her back up. She entwined her fingers through his hair gratefully.

He didn’t try to do anything else, simply caressed her and soothed her and kissed her tenderly, taking care of her ever so gently. She loved him, and whispered it into his ear. He smiled at her and kissed her mouth. “Are you comfortable?”

She nodded yes, then shook her head.


“No.” And she stood up, and looked around at all of the guys.

All four of them had by now taken their shirts off. Dimitri had that slightly knowing look in his eyes that he sometimes got when he was both amused and turned on. Alan was grinning happily. Mark was not smiling but had an unabashedly admiring look on his face. Tom was laying on his back, and she could see the bulge of his hard cock through his pants and even a wet spot she realized she had left on his tan khakis.

Her hands fluttered in air before coming to rest on her belly. “Guys…if I do…something, you won’t think less of me, will you?”

They shook their heads but it was Tom who spoke. “We all know you belong to Dimitri and he belongs to you. But I think we all might love you a little bit, too, you know. Don’t we all take care of you? And watch out for you? We’ll always be there.”

She smiled. “Dimitri…are you sure it’s OK?” He ran his hand up her leg. “I love you, sweetheart, and I’m happy if you’re happy.”

She took a deep breath then, and slowly undid the top of her jean shorts.

She pulled them down, aware of all eyes on her. She revealed a slim waist, graceful curved hips, and – no panties. Her neatly trimmed mound came into view and she knew she was beautiful. She could smell her own arousal and was sure the guys could too.

Kitsune stepped out of her shorts and kicked them aside. She stood there naked in front of four men, only one of whom had seen her before. Strangely, she didn’t feel slutty or cheap. She felt wanted, loved, and cared-for.

Blushing, she slowly turned, letting the men see all sides of her. They had eyes for nothing but her, and she made a full circle. Then, finally feeling sheepish, she held her arms out for Dimitri.

He stood and gladly came to her. His arms encircled her, and he kissed her, and then next to her, his arm around her, his hand on her ass. He squeezed it reassuringly, and she held her other arm out to Tom.

Tom immediately stood up also. She found she was much shorter than both of them, so they lifted her and stood her on the hearth, which gave her another six inches or so. Wordlessly they each moved a mouth to a nipple.

She gasped as she felt two different mouths on her tits. When she looked down she saw two different heads there, and each one was stroking her belly and her sides tenderly.

She felt a hand loop gently around her ankle, and looked down to see Alan positioning himself between her legs. She moaned as his tongue began to snake up her thigh, licking her skin and gently spreading her legs apart.

Lastly Mark got up and walked to her. He smiled at her, and she looked up at him, mouth open, arousal in her face. He stepped on either side of Alan – the guys seemed to have no problem moving around each other, and she suspected they had done this before- and he kissed her.

She felt Tom and Dimitri’s teeth on her nipple, and felt Alan’s face press up between her legs. “Oh!” she cried out as she felt his tongue wrap around her clit. He wasted no time but immediately began flicking her clit, and sliding a tongue inside, and truthfully she needed no time wasted.

She was aroused beyond belief.

She was surprised when Tom left her breast, but soon enough it became clear what he was doing. He moved around behind her, kneeling on the hearth rug. He spread her ass cheeks and slid his tongue along the length of her crack.

She gasped, and jerked forward into Alan’s mouth. Dimitri had done this before, but she had never dreamed anyone else would want to do what Tom was doing, run his tongue around her asshole, and even penetrating her a tiny bit.

Dimitri was now playing with both her tits but still suckling on the same one. Mark was still kissing her deeply, and with Alan and Tom between her legs it didn’t take long for the inevitable result. Alan lifted one of her legs over his shoulder and repositioned himself so he was directly under her. He wrapped his mouth around her whole sex and began fucking her with his tongue, and suddenly, abruptly, she came in his mouth. She threw her head back and screamed as Dimitri bit her nipple, and Tom pushed a finger into her asshole.

She had never felt this much pleasure before and wondered that instead of feeling cheap as she would expect to she felt beautiful and the center of everyone’s attention. Tom slid his whole finger into her ass, and in turn Alan slid two fingers into her pussy. She was awash in feelings as they finger-fucked her, first gently, and then more and more roughly.

She came again, screaming into Mark’s mouth. She was breathless as both of the guys between her legs slid their fingers out.

Mark held her, tenderly, as Dimitri stepped back and began to undress. His familiar lean body came into view as he smiled at her. He lay on his back, cock erect, and waited.

Mark and Alan brought her forward. She didn’t protest at all as they lifted her and placed her onto Dimitri’s cock. She gasped as he slid into her tight wet pussy, and he groaned.

To her surprise he didn’t start fucking her right away. Instead he took her wrists and gently leaned her forward, onto his chest. She looked over her shoulder to see Tom naked also.

His cock jutted out beneath the slight curve of his belly. As he squatted behind her she felt it brush against her ass and whimpered as she realized what they were going to do.

Immediately Mark was soothing her. “It’s Ok, Kitsune. Say no and we’ll stop anytime you want.” He stroked her hair. “Do you want to stop?”

She shook her head. “I’m scared though,” she whispered.

“I know, sweetheart,” said Alan, and Tom said, “I’ll go slow, don’t worry.” Dimitri just kissed her tenderly.

Tom pressed up against her ass. Dimitri had fucked her back there so she wasn’t completely unfamiliar with it but she had obviously never had two guys. He was only a little smaller than Dimitri, though, and she winced as he began to enter her asshole.

Her asshole was tight as a vice and he grunted as he pushed. He went slow as promised but she still felt like she was being torn apart. His head popped in, and from there, though not easy, it went smoother until she felt his hips press against her ass.

Dimitri pulled her mouth down to his, and as he kissed her he began to fuck her, slowly. Tom held steady for the first few strokes, then began to match Dimitri’s rhythm. She felt incredibly full and although it started out uncomfortable it soon began to send shivers down her spine. She was being fucked by two men and it was unbelievably hot. She breathed deeply and felt each inch of each cock penetrate her, and she found she couldn’t help moaning.

Dimitri gently sat her up between the two of them. She saw Mark and Alan had also undressed, and both of their cocks were near her face.

Kitsune shivered, and finally threw decorum to the wind. She felt randy and wanted to be used by all four of them. She reached up and grabbed a cock in each hand and began to stroke. She engulfed Mark’s cock with her mouth; it was definitely bigger than either of the two cocks inside of her, and she was only able to swallow half way. She sucked on it, then switched her mouth to Alan’s. Meanwhile she continued stroking Mark’s.

She was already gasping as the two men in her increased their intensity, and began to moan and eagerly devoured the two cocks in her hands, first one, then the other. Her whole body was trembling and she could barely breathe.

Alan was the first to come. She’d had her mouth on Mark’s cock when he did, and he hit her right in the face. He yelled as he sprayed across her cheeks, across her hair and neck, and across her breasts. This set both Kitsune and Mark off. Mark came in Kitsune’s mouth, and suddenly her mouth was full of his come, and she came herself, gripping the two cocks inside her.

Dimitri cried her name out as he began to pump fluid into her. Tom was still going strong, and she felt him slamming into her ass rougher and rougher until finally he came, too. Their cries echoed throughout the tiny cabin until they all collapsed in a heap.

For a while, nothing was heard except for the sounds of their panting. Dimitri moved first, stroking her hair back and whispering soft soothing words to her. Finally she turned her head to look at Mark, who lay next to her. He smiled at her fondly.

“Are you ok, sweetheart?”

She nodded.

“You are unbelievably hot.” This was Tom, from behind her.

Alan kissed her arm. “The only thing I regret is not being inside of you.”

She inhaled, then exhaled deeply. Then looked him in the eye.

“Well, why don’t we?”

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