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Monica & Me

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I was living this apartment building. It was a pretty nice complex. A lot of lawyers were living in it for some reason. I guess you could say that it was a luxury apartment complex. My mom was also a lawyer (no surprise). She was always out of the house and was basically with me in the evening for supper. She was divorced for 3 years and had no time to see anyone else.

It was pretty cool living with my mom. It was just she and I. In the daytime, I could do anything I wanted to, since my mom was not there. I usually called over my friends or went out. I guess you could say I was a bit spoiled. I always got my way… well most of the time anyways.

My name is Sarah. I am about 5’7 with lovely emerald green eyes and long, straight brunette hair. I have 32c breasts. Some of my friends have described my breasts as fat but I really don’t know how that could be. I guess the better word to use would be fleshy. I am still in high school.

The apartment beside us was empty for quite a while and when I found out that someone had moved in I decided to see who it was and say hello. I knocked on the door and a lady opened the door. She was quite attractive. She had black, shoulder-length hair, brown eyes, smooth milk white skin, and pretty nice breasts. I would say they were around 34-36c. She was wearing a baby blue, sleeve-less shirt with embroidery on the neck and around the arms, and nice fairly tight black pants. She looked to be around 26 or 27 years of age.


“Hi, can I help you?”

“My name is Sarah, I live in the apartment right next to yours. I just dropped by to say hi and welcome you to the complex.”

She smiled and said, “Hello Sarah! Why thank you dear! Yeah, I love this complex a lot. It’s so nice here. And the people look polite as well. Do you want to come in and have something to drink? Well. If your not busy at all.”

“No, no, I’d love to, I’m not busy at all.”

“Great! Come inside then.”

I walked inside the apartment and I was stunned. It was such a nice place. There was a balcony in sight just as you walked into the apartment with a breathtaking view. The furniture looked very expensive. There was a huge leather sofa and loveseat situated at an angel along the walls, a beautiful centre table with matching side tables. The dinette set was just incredible with a beautiful hutch sitting right next to a statue of Alexander The Great. There was a huge TV sitting in the living room with a DVD sitting just under it. The walls were a nice soothing peach colour. The kitchen looked to be a girl’s dream kitchen, all new appliances, expensive looking cook wear, everything; the works. It was a gorgeous place to live.

“I just love your apartment!”

“Oh thank you! I decorated it all myself. Sit down, have a seat. What would you like to drink?”

“I’ll just have some pop, thanks.”

“Do you want some tea as well? It’s almost done.”

No, I’ll just have the pop. I’m not much of a tea drinker.”

“Oh don’t be ridicules, have some tea, its good.”

I laughed. “Well, ok then.”

After a few moments she brought me the tea and we sat down and started talking.

I asked, “ So what is your name?”

“Oh, I thought I already told you. My name is Monica Lewinsky. Sorry, but I didn’t catch your last name.”

“Its Jennison, Sarah Jennison.”


Well, we got to talking and all and she sounded like a really interesting person. She had a real sense of style and I loved her soft voice. It actually sounded kind of sexy. After we talked for an hour or so, she asked me to drop by some other time and the two of us would do something. I said sure and left.

Over the month the two of us got to know each other pretty good. We talked about everything; from boys to fashion. I think it would be safe to say that we were pretty close.

She had a great sense of humour and was really smart. It turns out that designed handbags and was making a lot of money from them. Every now and then she would show me what she wanted to do next with the handbags and ask for my opinion and insight. Monica even got me a job at her company. It was great. I was really starting to enjoy her company. Sometime she would come over to my place and sometimes I would go over to her place. My mom really liked her too. The two of us got so close that she started hugging and kissing me on the check. I didn’t really mind that. In fact, I like it when she hugged me. Her breasts rubbing and touching up against mine, it was a pretty good feeling. Not that I was turned on by that, it just felt really good. Then something happened that completely changed me forever.

It was a pretty hot summer afternoon when she asked me to come over because she wanted some company. I was kind of bored as well and jumped at the chance. I knocked at the door and there was Monica standing there with is cotton, summer dress. It was a piece with little roses printed all over it. It was very tight on her. The neck was pretty low cut with four buttons going down the centre of the dress. Two of the buttons were un-done. It looked like she was wearing a push up bra but I could see her nipples very clearly sticking out of the dress. It was a very revealing dress. I could see a good part of her breasts, almost everything except the nipples. The dress went down to just above her knees. She looked pretty sexy if you asked me.

“Wow Monica! Was your boyfriend over or something?!”

She laughed. “No, no! You like it? It’s a few years old but it’s really hot here today.”

“Yeah, it is pretty hot. But that dress, it’s something else!”

She laughed and said,” Thanks Sarah. Well, come on in.”

I walked into the beautiful apartment. Monica trailed right behind me. At this point I should mention to everyone that I was not into girls, it never crossed my mind at all.

This visit was very weird. It seemed that Monica was looking deep into my eyes every time she talked to me and looked at me in a kind of sexy way. And when we talked she sat very close to me and kind of stuck out her chest as if to say, “Look at my breasts.” When we were in the kitchen, sitting on the stools, she sat with her legs spread wide apart with her dress hiked up to her thighs. I knew something wasn’t right but thought it was just me or the really hot weather outside.

She bent over a lot that day too. I mean like when she went to pick up the dishes off the table, for example, she would bend over and reveal her cleavage to me. Then she would give me that sexy look. Its not like I could ignore them or anything because they were like, right in my face. Actually I was kind of tempted to touch them. They looked really smooth and soft and well, touchable. It was clear that she was not wearing a bra. Her breasts were moving and jiggling all over the place.

I later noticed that she was looking at my breasts and ass awful lot as well. That day I was wearing a blue cotton button up shirt, which was pretty tight. I mean you could see the outline of my bra perfectly when I wore it. Along with that I was wearing these right black pants, kind of stretchy. They made my ass look big and plump. The shirt didn’t cover my ass either so it was pretty noticeable. You could also see the outline of my panties in those pants. I thought I looked pretty good in that combination.

We were sitting on the couch chatting.

Monica said,” you know what Sarah? You are really pretty.” She ran her finger down my check. I thought nothing of it. Girls say that I’m pretty all the time.

I laughed and said,” Oh thank you Monica. Your very beautiful yourself.”

“Really? You think so? Thank you Sarah!” She stood up and hugged me and I hugged her back. But this hug was different. I could feel her nipples against by breasts. They felt very hard. And her hug was pretty tight too. Now that I think about it, her nipples felt really good against my breasts.

As she was hugging me, her hands were going up and down my back. It was like she was hugging her spouse or something. I could feel her hands going lower and lower down my back. Then it happened. She started rubbing my ass; Her warm hand grabbing my plump ass, the other feeling my back. Then both hands started exploring the area. Her hands going up and down, over and about, lifting my ass up and letting it fall down, jiggling as it fell. For some reason I didn’t protest. Maybe because I was nervous or something but I just didn’t say anything. I heard a little, quiet moan out of her. She broke off the hug.

“You smell really nice today Sarah,” she said to me. Monica looked deep into my eyes, her face moving closer and closer to mine. All I could do was stare into her brown eyes. Her face came closer, closer, and closer until our lips touched. Her warm, soft, pink lips touching mine. She opened her mouth and started sucking slowly on my mouth. Her eyes were closed while mine were still open. In shock, I didn’t know what was going on. I couldn’t believe that my neighbour was actually kissing me.

I gave in and opened my mouth finally. Her tongue quickly rushed into my mouth, frantically trying to find mine. Her hands, which were at first placed on my arms, were now behind my head, feeling my hair, and on my ass, rubbing it hard and exploring it. She was beginning to breath hard and kissing me more frantically. I didn’t know if it was turned on or what but the feeing was like ecstasy. After some time Monica broke off the kiss. She was breathing hard as I was. She looked down at her breasts. Her nipples were out like they never were before. It seemed that her breasts grew; her dress was tighter than ever. It looked as if the bottom button was going to pop off anytime now. Her hair was over her eyes.

“God Sarah, where did you learn to kiss like that?” I was speechless. I still couldn’t figure out if it was a dream or what or weather I was turned on or not. But the feeling was ecstasy. “I need you Sarah, I really need you right now. If I don’t have you right now, I’ll explode. Please Sarah, I need you.” I looked into her eyes. I knew she wanted me bad. I kept thinking to myself, she’s a girl. But the more I thought about it the more I wanted to say yes. Plus, how could I ever say no to those luscious, sexy brown eyes of hers.

“Ok Monica.” I lightly kissed her check, brushing my breasts against hers.

She took me into her bedroom. It was gorgeous. There was a huge queen sized bed, with two matching side tables at either end with light blue lamps on top. The wallpaper was just amazing, with an elegant trim along the top part of the walls. A huge, beautiful dresser lay upon a soft, brown carpet.

“Wow. I love your bedroom, Monica.”

“Thank you.”

She looked at me and put my hands on her big breasts and rubbed them up and down. She closed her eyes and started moaning softly.

“Oh God baby, God that feels soooo good. Uuuooooooooooo… ”

Then she started unbuttoning my shirt.

“Let me take off your shirt. It looks really tight; don’t you feel uncomfortable in it? You poor thing… There you go.”

She took off my shit and placed it on the bed. There was me, in my push up bra, standing there; Monica looking at my chest.

“Oh my God. Sarah… your breasts… they’re so beautiful. God.”

She unhooked my bra. My breasts bounced into their natural position. My nipples were so hard they were hurting a bit. She looked and me and then looked at my breasts and placed her hands on them. Rubbing them, up and down, sideways. Her hands were so soft, it felt so good, I can’t even explain to you. Then she kissed me again, her tongue invading my mouth. I don’t know what it was but I was starting to get turned on by this whole thing. Her kisses were incredible and I wanted more of her.

She broke of the kiss and smiled at me. She undid her last button on her dress and slowly took it off. Her body was beautiful. Her breasts were big; her nipples were just the right size. She had her pussy saved completely. Her skin looked very soft and touchable. She was beautiful.

“Monica. You have a lovely body.”

“Thank you.”

She looked at me and smiled. The she took one of my breasts in her soft, warm hands and started massaging it. She kept telling me how good it felt and how soft they were. Then she got my to hold one of her breasts. They were just beautiful. Her nipple was erect. Her skin was smooth and soft. After a bit she and I got up. She got my to look in the mirror. I was standing in front of her, my hands to my side, still not believing what was happening. She then came up behind me, right up to my ass. I could feel her pelvis against my ass, her breasts and nipples against my back. She looked at me from the mirror, came from behind, cupped my breasts with both hands and rubbed them up and down, massaged them, felt them up, sort of hugging me at the same time. I let out a big sigh of pleasure while her eyes closed and her tongue and lips explored my neck and back. I got Goosebumps all over my body in a matter of seconds. Her hands started scrolling down my stomach, legs pussy and ass. It was a feeling I’ll never forget.

She laid me down on the bed. My heart was beating a million times a second. She climbed up, her knees spread and lay down on top of me and started kissing me once again. This time she was moaning as she did. Her breasts squeezed up against mine. She kissed me lower and lower, on my chest, breasts, and stomach pelvis and then came my pussy.

Her nice, big, sexy ass was in the air. Her breasts hanging down. Her mouth right around my pussy. It was a feeling like no other. Her tongue licking and flicking my clit around, her hot saliva running through me. She was sucking on my pussy like she was sucking on a Popsicle and licking ice cream. The more she licked, the better it felt. Her hair was bouncing off my pelvis, which made the experience more enjoyable. It’s hard to describe the feeling but those of you who have experienced this, know what I mean. It was ecstasy. I couldn’t do anything except moan and rub my breasts. She started sucking me faster and faster. Her ass was rhythmically moving up and down in the air. I began to moan faster and faster.

“Uuuhhoooo… Uuuhhooo… God Oh God… Uuhhhh… Moooonnniiiicaaaaa… Uuhhhhhh… Uuuhhhhhhhh… Ouuhhhh Monnnnica… Ahhh… Ahhhhhhh… Ahhhoooooooo… Im… Immm… Ohhhh Fuck Im Cumm… Ooohhhhhhh… Ahhhhhhhhhh… Ohhhh Goodddd… Oh… Ahhhhhhhh… AhhhooooooooooooAaaahhhhhhhhh… Ohhh God… Oh Monica… Fuck oh… fuck… Ooohhhh… ommmmmmm… ho god… haaaaaaaaooo god… Ohhhh… ooohhh God… Monica… Oohohh Monica… ooohhhhhhhhh God…

This was by far the best orgasm that I had. I had some good orgasms while masturbating or fucking guys, but this one was different… more powerful than any of the others. My body spasm like never before. I was jolting and shaking, moaning, screaming and all that other stuff at the same time. I’m surprised that Monica managed to hang on to my pussy with her mouth for that whole time. I felt the juices; the hot sweet juices leave my body, and enter hot, wet mouth. It was an amazing feeling. She sucked me dry, every little bit she sucked up. I was breathing hard. I looked into the mirror and saw that Monica’s ass was still in the air, and I could see her pussy glistening with cum.

She let go of my pussy and crawled up next beside me putting her arm around me and putting my head on her tender breast. She looked at me and smiled through the mirror while fondling one of my breasts in her hand.

“Monica… that was amazing. I’ve never had a feeling like that before. I’m still shaking.”

She laughed and smiled. “I could tell, you looked like you were in heaven.”

We lied there on the bed for a few minutes, she letting me recover from that incredible orgasm. She sucked on my breasts and rubbed her hands all over my body, paying close attention to my ass. I couldn’t resist buy kiss her and rub her ass and breasts. I let her climb up on top of me because wanted better access to my lips. Her breasts touching mine; her lips touching mine; her stomach touching mine… at this point I wanted her so bad I didn’t know what to do. All I could do was hug her real tight and feel up her body. I loved her ass. It was so soft, round and smooth. Her legs were the same, long soft, smooth. I loved the way her hair was bouncing off my shoulders and face. It tickled.

As I was feeling her ass, my fingers caressed her pussy. I noticed that it was getting wet, and a few seconds later I made my decision.

“Umm… Monica?”

“Yes dear?”

“Do you want my to suck your pussy?”

“Oh dear, that would be lovely!”

She got into position, laying her head on the pillow and putting her knees up, spreading her legs. I made my way to her pussy. It was pink, so pink it looked like it was swollen. But I knew it wasn’t, she was just turned on. There was not one bit of hair on her pussy. It was smooth. I could smell her sweet fragrance coming towards me, which turned me on even more. Then, I descended down to her pussy. This was my first time ever sucking on another girl’s pussy and I was never to forget this moment.

I started licking her cunt at first. Up and down, letting my tongue enter her pussy from time to time. I could here Monica moan and say “yes” and “more.” After some time I started actually sucking on her, like I was kissing someone. Then she started getting really excited. I sucked and flicked my tongue all around her pussy. I couldn’t get enough of the sweet scent that kept coming from her. She cummed.

“Ohhhh… Ohhhh… Ahhhaaa… Aaahhhhh… Oh fuck, God, ohhhhhhhhhh… OOOHHHHH… AAAAAHHHHHHHH… FFFUUUUCCKK… HHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH… OOOOHhhhhhhhh… OOOOHHHHHHH yea… Ohhhhh yea… Ahhhhoooooooooo… OOOHHHHH GOD… OOOOOHHHH SARAHHHHHHH… AAAAAAAAOOOOO… OOOhhhhhhh… oh god… ahhhoooo… aaahhhhhh… god

Her body jumped and jolted up and down. I looked up at her and her breasts were giggling up and down rapidly. I felt her juices come into my mouth. She just kept flowing and flowing. I felt the scent from her stronger than ever. She was breathing hard like she just finished running a marathon. After she was finished cumming, I climbed up on her and kissed her.

She smiled at me and said, “Sarah, that was amazing. Where did you learn to suck like that?”

“I just did it. I really didn’t learn. I just tried to do what you did to me.”

“Well, it was incredible!”

We laid there, naked, for at least an hour or so just hugging, kissing and fondling each other. Later she told me that she was attracted to me from the minute she saw me. It was quite flattering to tell you the truth. After that we both got dressed (I had to go to the washroom and clean up.)

That night I couldn’t stop thinking about her. I was still shaking from the orgasm that I had. I had to masturbate just so I could fall asleep and stop thinking about her.

* * * * *

Part 2:

My mom woke me up at around 6:30 in the morning telling me that she was leaving for work and she might be back late because of a meeting. It was hard on her. Many of our weekends were spent alone. She would have to go to work or something and I would be left alone at home to do whatever. I was starting to miss her. I fell back asleep and woke up at around 10, took a shower and ate breakfast. By 12 I was completely bored. All of my friends where either out or at work. I decided to give Monica a call at home but I got forwarded to her work. I asked her if she could come over and she said that after a short meeting, she would drop by. I said ok. In the mean time, while I had nothing else to do I did some housework to keep myself busy.

After about two hours I heard the door knock. It was Monica.

“Hey you!”

“Hello Sarah! How are you doing?” She gave me a hug.

“Im doing fine, come on in.”

She came in and took off her jacket. Underneath it she was wearing a blue silk dress shirt, button up, the business kind, tucked in some black business pants. I guess you wouldn’t notice it with the jacket on but you could see a lot of her bra outlined in that shirt. She looked very sexy.

She put down her bags and cupped my face with her hands and gave me a long kiss on my lips. I completely melted by that, along with her Chenel perfume. All I could do was moan.

“mmmmmmmmmm… ”

I could feel her nipples getting hard under her shirt and I’m sure she could feel mine as well. All of a sudden I started to feel horny, like I was about to have sex for the first time in my life. The sweet kiss was fast turning into a lustful kiss. Soon my hands were running all around her back and ass. Her breathing started to increase. After about a minute she broke off the kiss and looked deep into my eyes with those sexy eyes of her.

I turned her back to me and came up behind her cupped her big, beautiful breasts and started rubbing them slowly. Up and down, left, right and together I moved her breasts as I licked and kissed her neck and ears. I loved the way the silk was feeling against her smooth breasts. My pelvis rubbed against her soft, round ass. I could feel her body becoming warmer by the second.

“ohhhhhhh Saaarrrrraaahhhhhhh… oohhhhh… ”

She tilted her head back just enough so I could barley kiss her lips. While one of my hands remained on her breast, the other made it’s way down to her pussy. I took my two fingers and started to work at it, petting and rubbing it while she moaned with pleasure.

We made our way to the couch. I sat down and Monica climbed in top of me, pulled of my shirt and threw it on to the floor. Next she undid my bra and revealed my breasts. My nipples were hard and fully erect. They were so hard that they hurt. But I was paid no attention to that. I was so horny my breasts were swelled. She dug right into them. Sucking, licking, squeezing, doing whatever she could to them. Her hair bounced off my chest. All I could do was hold her head, feel her hair and moan.

“ooooohhhhhhhhhh… aaaaaahhhhh… yyyyesssss… yyyeessssss… oohhhh yessss… god… oooohhhhhhhhh… feels soooooo goodddd… ”

It was an incredible feeling. Her wet tongue manoeuvring all over my breasts, stomach and lips, it was a feeling that was ecstasy. I could feel her body getting hotter and hotter, which made me feel hotter and hornier. My pussy was getting wetter by the second. I could start to smell myself at this point.

Monica stopped kissing me. She looked at me and gave me that sexy, lustful smile of hers. She slowly started to unbutton her blouse. She did it on purpose, she knew that I was horny but she took her time with every button. I wanted to rip off her shirt but surprisingly I managed to control myself there. Finally she unbuttoned her shirt and revealed a lovely red lace bra. The bra looked as if it was barely covering the region above her nipples. It looked like her breasts were going to explode out of it. It was very sexy.

I reached out to touch the side of her breasts. They felt so nice, so soft, so warm… and very bouncy. Every time she moved, they moved. They even jiggled when she walked. She reached behind to undo her bra and let it slowly, softly slip off her. Monica stood up on her knees and stuffed her lovely breasts into my face.

I couldn’t get enough of them. I kneed, licked, sucked, even slightly bit her breasts. She pressed against my face. I could tell that she couldn’t get enough of my tongue on her breasts, she wanted more.

Monica said, “There’s no room here, lets go to your mother’s room, on the big bed, it that ok?”

“No no, that’s fine, lets go there.”

Monica picked up her blouse, my shirt and our two bras and put them neatly on the couch and said she needed to go to the washroom to pee but she will meet me in the bedroom. I said sure.

I made my way to the bedroom. It wasn’t that big of a bedroom but it was a fairly good size. The bed was a comfy queen sized bed. I removed the blanket and under blanket just in case we made a big mess. I climbed on the bed and lied there. I closed my eyes and pictured Monica in my head and started to squeeze my nipples and fondle my breasts. That always gave me an erotic, sexy feeling. That wasn’t satisfying my horny feelings so I reached down to my pussy and started to rub my wet clit. I let out a little moan. “When was she coming back?” I thought.

Finally about five minutes later I heard a knock at the bedroom door. There she was standing at the door, naked and looking her sexy self. She made her way to the bed. Her beautiful breasts jiggled with every step she took.

“Sorry I took so long,” she said with a soft voice and a smile.

I smiled back. “Its ok, its worth it.”

She climbed up the bed and crawled to me, her ass sticking out and her breasts hanging and swinging around, as she crawled me my hot horny body. I lifted my head off the pillow, got up and started to kiss her madly. The lustful kiss was incredible. Our lips could not get enough of each other. We both were breathing heavily and moaning. Our breasts squeezed together like two water filled balloons or as if the four pieces of flesh were wrestling each other. We managed to lie down, I being on top. After a bit more of the lustful kiss I made my way down to her breasts. I loved her breasts. They were so soft and felt very nice. They looked as if they were begging to be played with. Sucking, licking and slightly biting her nipples caused Monica to moan out loud.

“oooohhhhhhhh yyyyeeeessssss… aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh… oooohhhhhhhhh godddd yyyyeeeeesssss… ”

I could start to detect the sent of both our sexes. It was a mesmerizing scent. It smelt like nothing I had ever smelt before. Both our pussys were getting wet. We changed positions so that now Monica was on top of me now, fondling my breasts, kissing me and occasionally licking my clit. Then she did something that I found highly erotic. She lifted my leg up and climbed in between my pussy so that both our clits were touching each other. Then she stared to move back and forth, sideways, rubbing both our clits together. I closed my eyes. It was an incredible feeling. With in the first few seconds I let out a loud moan, it was feeling so good. Slowly started to grind my pussy up against hers.

I opened my eyes to see what Monica looked like. Her hair was everywhere, over her eyes, in her mouth and it looked as if she was sweating slightly. Her eyes opened and closed from time to time. Her breasts were bouncing with every grind and sometimes I could her them slapping her flesh. It was quite clear that she was enjoying herself.

My hand made its way to her leg then slowly up to her sexy ass. Her back was straight out which caused her love handles to be visible. I had nothing else to grasp so I held onto her ass and love handles. In time, we started grinding our pussys against each other harder and harder. Sounds of our juices mixing together, like someone putting oil or lotion on their skin, filled the room. The sex began to get more intense. My breasts as well as hers were starting to jiggle and bounce even more. Monica’s moans were beginning to get louder.

“Oooooooohhhhhhhhh Sarahhhhhh… Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh god… aaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwww… ooooohhhhh Sarah… hhhhhaaaaaaaaaa… oooooooohhh… ”

My moans were quickly turning into screams.

“Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh… Ooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… Oooooohhhhhhhhhhhh… Mmmoooooonnnniiiccccaaaaaaaa… Aaaahhhhhhhhhoooooooo… ”

The pussy fuck then turned up a notch. Our grinds started to go faster and harder. Both of us were screaming with pleasure. We gasped for breath as were running out of it. I could hear Monica’s Breasts slapping each other harder and feel her body temperature go through the roof. Our pussy juices were now sounding like clothes being washed in a washing machine minus the sound of the motor.

“Oooooooohhhhhh ggggooodddddddd… Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhooooooooooooo Gooooooodddddddd… Fuck… Fuck… Oh Fuck me Sarah… Ooooohhhhhaaaaaaaa Fuck… ”

“Haaaaarrrrderr… Ohhhhhh Fuck… Harder… Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh… Oooooohhhhhhhhh Fuck Harder… ”

I felt my juices starting to get ready to come out.

“Ooooaaaa… Aaaaaahhh… Immmm… Immm going… to cummmmm… Ohhhhhhh… Im gonna cummmmmmm… Oooooohhhh Monica Im going to cumm… ”

“Ahhhh… Ahhhhhh… Ahhhhhhhhhh… Immmm… Cumming toooo… Ahhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaa.Oooooohhhhhhhhhhh… Ooooooooooaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh…

“Ooooohhhhhhhh… Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… aoooooooooohhh… Ooooooooooo… God… Yes… Oooooaaaaaahhhhhhh… ”

We both came at the same time. It was incredible. We both screamed with pleasure to the top of our lungs. This was by far the most incredible, most violent orgasm I had ever had. My body shook and jittered all over the place as did hers. It took about a minute or so for both our orgasms to finish. There was juice everywhere. Up and down my leg, down her leg some on the bed and the rest on our pussies. We were both out of breath.

Monica got off me and came and lay beside me on the bed. I was still rattled by what I had just experienced. I looked at Monica and she tried to catch her breath, her breasts heaving up and down, her body slightly covered in sweat, her hair over top of her eyes.

“Wow… Oohh my god. That was incredible,” said Monica as she breathed heavy.

“That was the best feeling I have ever had. Where did you learn to do that?”

“Just don’t ask and questions dear,” said with a smile.

After resting and catching our breaths we snuggled together and played with each other, fondling and kissing, stuff like that. After about an hour and half or so we both put on our clothes and talked for quite a while, drinking tea and whatnot.

Monica and I continued to have a relationship after that. It was mostly based on sex, well not all of it but most of it. And let me tell you, it was a great relationship. The sex was absolutely great and the friendship, even more so. Although she was a bit older than me, age really did not matter with her and I. Although I was really surprised that she did not try to seduce my mother. Or maybe she did and I just don’t know about it…

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