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Just Good Friends Ch. 02

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In the morning, Mel and I didn’t mention what had happened between us. It didn’t feel awkward, but something was definitely different. We were both acting coy, almost like we were daring each other to mention something, or make a move, or whatever. It felt like foreplay.

Mel went home after breakfast as usual, and I was left on my own to remember how it naughty it had felt to spend the night making each other cum while my parents had no idea what we were up to.

The next few weeks were kind of quiet between Mel and I. It hadn’t been weird between us, we’d carried on hanging out as usual, but neither of us had mentioned anything about that night. Although it was laid back, I secretly couldn’t wait for something – anything – more to happen. I found myself getting myself off way more than usual, imagining all the possibilities of what might happen between us in future. I was dying to do more to Mel – but one thing in particular kept flashing into my mind every time I masturbated: going down on Mel. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t gotten to taste her pussy that night, and I could just imagine the way she’d moan and gasp if I just buried my head between her legs and ate her until she couldn’t take any more. After about three weeks, I got my chance.

I had stayed at Mel’s, and slept in her bed as usual, but nothing had happened during the night. It was in the morning that I finally got what I wanted. I woke up to find Mel and I practically entangled – our arms were flung over each other and our legs were entwined, almost exactly in the position we’d been tribbing in all those nights ago. Her boobs were almost falling out of the little vest top she slept in and I couldn’t help but glance down to see if her nipples were hard. They were, and my clit twinged in excitement. She was breathing quietly, still asleep, and I couldn’t help but gently rub against her, getting closer still, as though I was also just moving around in my sleep. My 34D boobs softly pressed against hers, our nipples so close to rubbing against each other. I sensed her stir a little and quickly shut my eyes in case she was waking up. Whether or not she actually opened her eyes and saw what was happening I don’t know, but the dirty bitch did exactly the same as I had – moved a little closer and ever so slightly rubbed against me, even letting her hand drop slightly and graze my ass. I loved it, and tried my hardest to hide a smile.

We continued this ‘we’re-still-sleeping-innocently’ charade for a little while until I finally felt Mel’s lips meet mine and we just started making out, hot and heavy, our hands roaming everywhere. We rolled over so Mel was on top of me, and she carefully eased my vest down a little, exposing my hard nipples. Lightly she pressed her tongue on one as she fondled the other breast, and started to suck it gently until I couldn’t stand it anymore and broke the silence.

‘You dirty girl,’ I whispered, aware that Mel’s bedroom door was open and her mother could walk in at any time.

‘Don’t act like you don’t love it,’ Mel giggled, keeping eye contact as she swirled her tongue around my nipple.

‘Yeah, ok,’ I admitted.

‘I just can’t get enough of your tits,’ Mel said, squeezing them together and flicking her tongue over both my nipples in turn. I was moaning a little and Mel had to cover my mouth with her hand. I cupped her delicious ass as she played with my tits and wondered if she was as wet as I was.

‘Can we have some more playtime, please?’ Mel practically begged, and I nodded enthusiastically.

‘What if your mom walks in?’ I asked.

‘She won’t! At least, I hope she won’t,’ Mel said. She jumped out of bed and, after checking the coast was clear, shut the door and climbed back into bed, taking off her vest in the process. I threw off my t-shirt as she straddled me and lay down on my chest, pressing tits against tits, as we started making out and rubbing against each other. My pussy was soaked already, made even wetter by Mel’s roaming fingers as she slid a couple beneath my panties and between my pussy lips, instinctively finding my clit and stroking it slowly.

‘Mm, I don’t know what it is about this that makes me so horny,’ she said as we paused the kissing, ‘but doing this stuff with you always gets me so wet compared to when I do it with guys!’

‘I know what you mean,’ I said as we leisurely rubbed against each other, ‘there’s something so much naughtier about this.’

Mel agreed and then threw the covers over herself, gradually moving down my body beneath the sheets until she was level with my hips. My whole body hummed with excitement as I realised what she was up to. I felt her fingers slide under the waistband of my wet panties and I lifted my ass as she tugged them down.

‘I’ve been dying to do this,’ I heard her say, although her voice was muffled by the sheets.

‘Oh god, me too,’ I breathed, ‘I’ve been fantasizing about licking your pussy so much.’

‘Me too,’ Mel said, her head reappearing from beneath the sheets. ‘I can’t believe we didn’t do this the other night. Or since then, for the record, I’ve jacked off to the thought of it like twice a day since!’ We giggled and Mel’s head disappeared again. ‘I don’t really know what I’m doing though, so tell me if it’s okay,’ she said. I could feel her hot breath on my pussy as her mouth got closer.

‘Right now, anything you do could make me cum,’ I told her, spreading my legs further. She started playing with my pussy with her fingers, and spread my lips wide open to expose my clit fully to her. I felt her lips touch it, and I groaned happily. This was going to be good. She teased me for a while, kissing parts of my pussy and sliding her fingers up inside me as I writhed in pleasure, longing to feel her hot tongue on my slit.

‘Oh god, lick me,’ I begged eventually, and she obliged immediately, running her tongue up the length of my pussy up to my clit, flicking it quickly back and forth over it. ‘It feels so good,’ I murmured, my hands on the back of her head, stroking her silky brown hair.


‘Yeah, just keep licking me like that, with your whole tongue. Jesus Christ!’ I yelped as she wiggled her tongue directly on my clit.

‘You have to do me after this,’ she paused to say.

‘Fuck it, I want to do you now,’ I said, ‘turn round and get on top of me.’

‘Seriously? I’m worried I’ll crush your face or something,’ Mel said, her face appearing from underneath the covers.

‘Shut up, don’t be silly. Don’t you want your turn?’ I said.

‘Ok!’ Mel agreed. She came out from under the covers and swung her leg over my shoulder, positioning her pussy above my face. I hitched down her thong as she gently lowered her ass down towards me, and I could tell that licking me had been making her wet too. We threw the sheets back over us – for some reason it felt naughtier like that, being hidden – and I finally got my first taste of pussy. I spread her apart with my fingers and found her clit, which was swollen and huge, and pursed my lips around it, sucking gently, before my tongue started lapping at her slit. I had no idea what to do, but I figured I could just do what I thought would feel good, and hopefully she’d agree with me, so my tongue went all over and I lavished attention on her pulsing clit. She was sweet and juicy like a peach, and it didn’t take either of us long to cum as we played with each other. Like the first time we’d fucked though, one orgasm wasn’t enough for either of us, and we stayed like that, 69-ing, each of us with our tongues and lips buried in each other’s pussies for what felt like hours. We were always like that I guess – cum-hungry, some would say – we’d greedily make each other cum as quick as possible to satisfy ourselves to begin with and then take time to prolong our pleasure afterwards. It was amazing. We finger-fucked each other as well, and the more and more times we came, the more fingers we fit inside. I wished I had a cock because the inside of Mel’s pussy was so tight I only managed three fingers, and she the same with me.

Eventually, Mel rolled off me and turned around again so we could kiss and rub our slick pussies together. ‘Is it just me, or do you feel like we wasted a lot of time not doing this kind of stuff ever since we first met?’ Mel asked jokingly.

‘Well we’ll just have to make up for lost time,’ I said, climbing on top of her. I wanted to tease her like she’d teased me. Still cupping her perky tits, I slid down her body until I was level with her pussy, and threw the sheets over me so she couldn’t see what I was doing. She stroked my hair. ‘Hey, hands above your head!’ I told her.

‘Okay, okay,’ she said in mock indignation and I was left to my own devices with her sweet pussy. I spread her legs apart further and lay between them, running my fingertips up her thighs and near her pussy, but not actually touching it. From this angle I really got a good view. Her pussy was shiny with juice and a delicious shade of rosy pink, and was completely bald from her regular waxes. ‘You’re mean,’ I heard Mel say after teasing her like that for a while. I ignored her and carried on, but used my tongue instead. I ran it up her pussy lips, one at a time, and around her warm, wet hole, but didn’t put it inside. She whimpered and I felt her hands in my hair again, but I pushed them back up out of the covers.

‘I’ll stop!’ I threatened, and she didn’t need to be told again. Finally, when her sexy moaning got too much for me, I began to give her what she really wanted. I started by planting my whole mouth over her clit and licking and sucking as I pumped a couple of fingers in and out of her. I curled them round in search of her g-spot, and after a while and a particularly loud ‘OH!’ from Mel, I knew I’d found it. As I continued to finger-fuck her, I lapped at her pussy with my tongue wide and flat, like a dog lapping up water. I kept licking like that, spreading her thighs a little further, as Mel murmured, ‘Just like that, yeah, don’t stop.’ I stiffened my tongue and pushed it into her hole, rubbing her clit with my thumb. ‘Ohh God!’ she squealed as I tongue-fucked her, switching between that and sucking her clit. ‘God, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum!’ she gasped, and when I felt her pussy pulsing as she came, I rubbed her pussy with my whole palm to make sure she felt that warm pressure until every last second of her orgasm was over. I guess I’ve got pretty good timing, because it was at that moment that Mel’s mom knocked on her door asking if were planning on getting up at all that day. It was really tempting to say no.

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disJÃ:seº, ainda não conhecia seu trabalho, nem sabia que você tinha esse espaço. Muito legal! Adorei a maneira como você fala das coisas. Um cheiro bem grande, saudades.