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Just Business

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Tina shuffled her papers together and slid them into her bag. She had a new tutoring client, an unusual one, and she was interested in seeing how the session would go. She ran her tutoring business herself and distinguished it by tutoring one-on-one at clients’ homes. Since most of her students were in middle school or high school, the parents appreciated not having to drive their kids to one more activity. The idea worked well and she was able to make quite a lot of money just from tutoring on weekday afternoons and Sundays.

But this new client was different. A week ago she had been posting a flier at the local library and a man had come up and asked her with a arrogant grin if she did any non-traditional tutoring. She assumed it was a pick-up line and had given him a nasty look and told him firmly that she only tutored students in math, science, and standardized testing skills.

He had laughed gently and explained that he was getting ready to take the LSAT–the law school entrance exam–and he was looking for someone to give him some guidance and assistance. It had been quite a while since he had taken that kind of test and he figured a little structure and some studying techniques might be helpful. So they had chatted a few minutes and had finally agreed to meet at his office building on Thursday morning and see what they could work out.

Now it was Thursday morning and she was preparing to go meet him. Scott was his name, she recalled, and he had a business in the city. She stacked together the LSAT materials she had collected and walked to her bedroom to finish getting ready. Usually she dressed fairly casually for tutoring because she didn’t want the students to feel intimidated. But she figured a business-like outfit was more appropriate for this particular client.

She was wearing a deep crimson, sleeveless, V-neck top and a dark gray business skirt. The matching jacket was lying on the bed next to her briefcase. She checked her reflection to make sure there weren’t any spots or hanging strings. The red of the top contrasted nicely with her honey-toned skin. Was it too tight? she wondered. With her particular proportions, it was often difficult to find tops that didn’t emphasize the large size of her breasts. It’ll have to do, she thought, she didn’t have time to change. Besides, the jacket would help cover her up a little.

She pulled a brush through her long, dark hair and tried to decide what to do with it. Finally she pulled it back and twisted it up into a black clip-casual, but out of her face, she thought. She outlined her deep, brown eyes with dark eyeliner and smoothed some subtle, red gloss over her full lips. She added a pair of gold-toned hoops at her ears and her watch and then slipped on the suit jacket. Not bad, she thought, as she picked up her case and headed for the door.


It was an impressive building, she thought when she pulled up to the address Scott had given her. Elegant and classy. Her first impression was confirmed when she walked into the foyer of the building and noted the plush carpeting, the subtle wood tones, and the efficient, but friendly receptionist who pointed her towards the elevator with instructions to get off at the seventh floor.

When she reached the seventh floor she realized that it was devoted entirely to Scott’s graphic design business. Again impressed, she crossed to the receptionist and left her name and then sat in one of the richly upholstered chairs to wait. She was early–as always. But before she’d even settled back in the chair, Scott was walking up to the reception desk, engaged in conversation with another man. He shot her a quick smile, but continued talking with the man he had walked out with. Tina took advantage of the chance to check him out more carefully.

He was clearly a very attractive man. He was tall, probably six-two, with strong-looking shoulders and an athletic build. He was wearing a navy suit and a light blue shirt, which he had left unbuttoned at the collar. She noticed that he had magnificent-looking hands–smooth, strong, large. He glanced over and when she realized that he had noticed that she was staring so intently at his hands, she blushed. He shot her one of his smug smiles but kept talking to his client. His hair was dark and casually styled. His eyes were deep green and very intriguing. His lips were firm and looked smooth and soft. She wondered how they would feel against hers.

She realized then that he had stopped talking to the other man and was smiling at her. He had caught her staring again. He said good-bye to the man and walked over to her and held out a hand. She stood and held hers out to be caught in a firm handshake. “Ms. Hudson,” he said. “How delightful to see you again. I apologize for keeping you waiting.”

She took a quick breath to calm the nerves and desire that had begun stirring inside of her and was able to give him what she hoped was a casual, professional smile. “Not at all, Mr. Griffin. I have a tendency to run a little early, so I didn’t expect you to be ready.”

“Well, I’m ready now. Shall we have a seat in my conference room?” He motioned to the left and she brushed by him to walk in the direction he indicated.

He took the opportunity to enjoy her delightful figure as she walked in front of him. He loved the way she walked–efficient, but sexy, with a nice sway to those wonderful hips. Her hair was bundled up at the back of her neck and his hands itched to pull out the clip and run his fingers through the dark wonder of it.

“It’s the second door on the right,” he said as they walked down the corridor. He reached in front of her when they got there and pulled the handle of the heavy, oak door to hold it open for her. She smelled like exotic flowers, strong and sweet.

“Thank you, Mr. Griffin.” Tina set her bag down on the large table and crossed to the window. “Wow, what a magnificent view! You have a beautiful office here,” she said as she turned back to him. He was staring at her with a very satisfied look in his eye. It made her nervous.

“Thank you,” he said as he motioned for her to sit. “But please, call me Scott. ‘Mr. Griffin’ makes me feel old.” He laughed as he pulled out a chair for her.

“Whatever you prefer,” she said with a smile as she sat.

He watched her sit and cross her shapely legs and he noticed that when she leaned over the desk her shirt pulled down a little and exposed the top of her breasts. He felt his blood heat as he imagined what it would be like to pull it down further and take a little taste of her. He wondered if her skin would taste as soft and sweet as it looked.

“May I call you Tina,” he asked, “or do you prefer Ms. Hudson?” He sat in the seat to her right.

“Tina’s fine, of course.” She smoothed her skirt down and tried to ignore the way her pulse jumped when his leg brushed against hers. She pulled out some papers and started sorting them. “I collected some materials on the LSAT for you.” She pushed them in his direction, careful to avoid direct eye-contact. “The test doesn’t seem to be too difficult. I’m not sure you need a tutor. Probably some vocabulary flashcards and a couple of practice tests would be all the help you would need.”

“Thanks,” he said, as he began looking through the papers. “But, to be honest, I am very poor at disciplining myself about this sort of thing. I was hoping we could work out a regular schedule and that you could keep me on track and make me study.” She met his glance with an amused twinkle in her eye. “Ahh,” she said knowingly. “So you need a babysitter.” He grinned back at her. “I suppose so. It sounds like this won’t be the first time you’ve been hired to baby-sit one of your students.” She laughed lightly. “Nope. Not the first time. Actually, being a babysitter for a student is a lot easier than being their punishment, which happens just as often.” He leaned towards her and locked her gaze with his. “Trust me, Tina. I am definitely not thinking of you as a punishment.”

Her laughter faded and she forced herself to take a deep breath. She felt trapped in those sharp, green eyes. She cleared her throat. “Um… well.” She pulled her eyes away from his face. Her heart was pounding in her chest. “So, uh… When were you planning to take the test?” She had to get a grip on herself. She was acting like a teenager.

His tone was light and casual when he spoke, and disguised the longing that was building inside him. “I was thinking about the August test, two months from now. Does that give you enough time to whip me into shape?” That image appealed to him, although he thought it might be even more fun to whip her into shape.

She smiled again and forced herself to relax. “My guess is that’s plenty of time. But why don’t I give you this practice test and we can see where we’re starting from.” She held out a packet of papers. “It will take you about three hours to take, and I strongly suggest you do it all at once and time yourself, so we can get a feel for how the real test will go.” He nodded. “OK,” he said. “I could probably do that tomorrow afternoon. Could we get together again on Saturday to go over it?” He glanced up to meet her eyes with his and imagined peeling her out of that professional suit and feasting on those glorious breasts.

“Um, I don’t usually tutor on Saturdays. I give myself that one day off.” Tina cleared her throat again and pulled out her calendar. “We could try for Sunday, if you want. I have an appointment at 10am and one at 4pm, but we could meet at 1pm or so if you wanted.”

“Hmmm… Sunday’s bad for me. I’m driving out-of-town to visit my sister and won’t be getting back till Wednesday night. I don’t suppose you could make an exception to your Saturday rule this one time, could you?” Tina considered for a moment, but decided that it would be unprofessional to bend her rules just because he was so attractive. “I’m sorry. I can’t. Umm… I suppose we could get together tomorrow evening if you wanted. Are you available then?”

“As a matter of fact, I am.” He smiled and began to enter the date into his Palm Pilot. “Could we say 6:00? I could probably take the test after my lunch meeting, so that should give me enough time.”

“OK,” she agreed. “I’ll meet you here at 6:00 tomorrow.” She began to gather her things.

“Actually, if we could meet at my house, that would be great. If I try to take the test here, I’ll never get it done. Besides, I usually work from home on Friday afternoons.” He glanced up at her. “Is that a problem?”

A problem? Tina thought. The two of them alone together at his house? Yes! It was a problem. But she had already told him no about Saturday and she was feeling guilty about forcing him to meet with her on his afternoon off. “I guess that would be OK,” she said reluctantly. “I’ll just need the address.”

He scribbled it down on a piece of paper and handed it to her. “I’m looking forward to it,” he said, and gave her another one of his arrogant grins.


As she climbed into her car in the parking lot outside his building, she started to wonder what she was getting herself into. She sat in the car for a moment, while the air conditioning worked at top speed to push the hot air out of the car. His house? I must be crazy, she thought. I could barely handle being in the same room with him. She took a deep breath. It was just business. Just business, she kept telling herself as she pulled out of the lot.


She was still chanting that in her head the next evening as she drove towards his home. Just business, just business, just business. She had dressed carefully, not wanting to give off the wrong impression. She was wearing a skirt suit again, black this time, with a more conservatively cut jacket. The buttons came practically to her neck. The skirt hit below her knee, so even if she sat and crossed her legs, they would still be fairly well covered.

Underneath the suit her clothes were somewhat less conservative. Expensive, sexy lingerie was her secret vice. She smiled to herself as she thought of the lacy, low-cut camisole top that was the color of violets, and the matching panties and garter belt. The garter was actually practical, she assured herself, since it was a hot day and it was nice to have on thigh-high stockings instead of pantyhose. The lingerie she wore today and every day was for her own satisfaction. She just felt sexier and more confident when she had on pretty things, even if she was the only one who knew it. And she had a feeling she would need all her self-confidence to get through the next couple of hours.

His home was beautiful, nestled at the top of a little hill in the midst of a grove of trees. She parked her car behind his and walked briskly to the door. He opened it a moment after her knock. “Welcome, come on in.” He smiled and took her hand to draw her inside with him. Her skin was as soft as silk.

She smiled warily at him as she walked through the door. He was wearing khaki shorts and a navy polo shirt. She felt overdressed and a little ridiculous in her conservative black suit. “Hello,” she said politely. She tried to keep her tone professional even though her hand was tingling in his. She pulled it gently away. “How are you doing?”

“I’m great. What a fun test you had me take.” He laughed as he gestured towards what looked to be the kitchen on the left. “My favorite way to spend a sunny Friday afternoon.”

“It was good for you, I’m sure,” she said with a smile as she followed him into a beautiful kitchen and breakfast nook that faced out to the trees.

He smiled back. She was captivating. There was something about her. All that efficiency, and yet an underlying shyness that he didn’t quite understand. She was beautiful; surely she had men hitting on her right and left. But he sensed that he made her nervous, and he hadn’t even made a move on her–yet.

“Can I get you some lemonade or something?” he said as he turned towards the fridge. “I’d offer you a glass of wine, but I have a feeling you’re a strict teacher and you would frown on that.” She did frown a little when he said that. But just a little. “Lemonade would be nice,” she said. “And alcohol probably isn’t the best path to acing this test.” She grinned when he turned to her.

He smiled. “Yes, ma’am.” He got a pitcher of lemonade from the fridge and pulled two tall glasses from the cupboard. “I thought we could work in here, since it’s the coolest room in the house. I’m afraid my AC is on the fritz,” he said apologetically as he handed her a glass. He looked over her outfit and said, “I’m sorry. I should have called to let you know.” He grinned again. He imagined ripping that prim suit off of her and pulling her to the ground. “Do you want to borrow something cooler to wear?”

She cleared her throat and set her glass down at the table. “I’ll be fine, thanks.” Already she could feel drops of sweat sliding down her back under the jacket. This was going to be a long evening. She sat down and tried to stop thinking about his lips and how they would feel on her skin. “Are you sure?” He asked. “That jacket must be hot.” She smiled at him. “Yes, I’m positive. But thanks for asking.”

Scott shrugged and sat next to her at the table. He gestured to the test that was sitting there. “Well, let’s see how I did.” She got out the answer key and started marking the test. He had done fairly well, but it was clear they would have to drill with vocabulary and probably review a few math concepts. “You did well,” she said and looked up. Scott had scooted his chair closer while she was grading and when she lifted her head, it almost bumped against his. “I’m sorry,” she said quickly as she pulled back.

“It’s OK,” he said and smiled. Yes, he definitely made her nervous. “So, how’d I do?”

“You did really well. There are a few areas we should work on. That is, unless you’ve decided you’d rather work on it yourself, in which case I can leave some study materials with you.” She picked up her glass and took a long drink of lemonade. The heat was beginning to feel unbearable, and she had a feeling it wasn’t all because of the weather.

“Not at all,” he said. “I definitely want to work closely with you on this.” Very closely, he thought.

She gulped. “Hmmm, OK. Well, why don’t we go over a few of the ones you missed?” She indicated the test and kept chanting to herself: just business, just business.

“Sounds good,” he said. He reached across her and his arm brushed up against her breast. She looked up at him with wide eyes, startled by the touch. “My pencil,” he said with a smile as he held it out.

She was humiliating herself, she thought. This was a STUDENT. She needed to focus. It was the heat that was making her head spin and her vision blur. It was hot and stuffy. She blinked her eyes and forced herself to focus. “OK, let’s look at this one.” She started to review a math problem with him. He began to rework the problem on the paper and she reached over with her own pencil to add something he forgot.

“You smell fantastic,” he said softly. She quickly pulled back from him.

“Are you OK?” he asked.

“Yes, yes. Uh… where is the bathroom?” she asked as she stood up. If she could just take a minute to herself to calm down, she thought to herself, maybe she would stop being so jumpy.

“Down that hall,” he pointed. “First door on the left.”

“Thanks, I’ll be right back.” She hurried to the bathroom and pulled the door closed behind her. She locked it and then stripped off her coat. Leaning against the counter, she turned on the cold water and bent over to splash some on her face. There was a little stool in the corner and she plopped down on it to catch her breath.

What was wrong with her? She was acting like a fool. He had paid her an innocent compliment and she had jumped up and run away like a scared rabbit. She rolled her eyes at herself in the mirror. She almost never dated, and certainly not a man as attractive as Scott. She was just imagining that he was interested, there was no way he really was. It was her own repressed desires that were causing her to feel this way. She was a professional and she was damn well going to act like one. After another moment, she stood up, dried her face, and pulled her jacket back on.

Scott stood in the kitchen wondering if he should check on her. She had looked kind of pale. If she would be reasonable and take off that jacket, maybe she wouldn’t be so uncomfortable. In fact, he grinned to himself, he would be happy to relieve her of it, and that skirt as well. He wondered what she wore beneath.

She walked back into the kitchen to find him leaning against the island in the middle of the room. She remained standing and leaned against one of the side counters. “I’m sorry,” she said. “I guess the heat is getting to me a little.”

He walked slowly over to her and watched her eyes turn wary. “Why don’t you take off your jacket?” he said, and stood directly in front of her.

“Uh… That’s OK. I feel better now.” She tried to move past him to return to the table, but he lifted an arm to grasp the counter behind her and blocked her way. She looked at him questioningly.

“Look, don’t be silly,” he said with exasperation. “If you’re feeling warm, just take off the stupid jacket.”

“Excuse me?” she said primly. “I said I was fine.” She tried again to move past him, but he didn’t budge. “Maybe I should leave,” she said coolly.

“I don’t think so,” he closed a hand around each of her wrists, pressed her body back against the counter with his own, and brought his mouth within a breath of hers. He watched as panic and desire clouded her eyes.

“Let go of me,” she said weakly, trying to twist her arms to get out of his hold. His hands were like clamps on her wrists. He squeezed tighter and she winced a little from the pain. His mouth was close to hers and she could feel her heart pounding in her chest.

“I’ll let go of you when I’m ready,” he said, and then crushed his mouth down on hers.

His mouth assaulted hers. His lips were hard and demanding. The sensations spun through her, mixing desire with panic and confusion. She had to make him stop, she thought. Then his tongue parted her lips and slipped into her mouth and she felt the heat inside her build. Just a another moment, then I’ll make him stop, she told herself. She gave herself over to the kiss, surrendering herself to his assault. His body pressed harder against hers and the counter cut sharply into her back. The pain brought her senses back and she realized what she was letting him do. She started to struggle again.

He pulled his lips from hers and listened to her ragged breathing. Her chest was moving up and down with each breath, pushing those glorious breasts up against his body. He wanted nothing more than to pull her clothes off and take her there on the kitchen counter.

“Please,” she said on a choked sob. “Let me go.”

He released her wrists, but kept her body trapped between him and the counter. He could see the fear and panic swirling in her eyes. But he could also see the repressed desire. “Don’t tell me that you didn’t want this,” he said sharply. “You were kissing me back. You wanted this as much as I did.” She bit back tears and tried unsuccessfully to steady her voice. “Please, Scott. Let me go. I need to go home now.” Tears welled up in her eyes and she tried to blink them back.

He moved back a few inches, but her tears spiked his temper. “Don’t you dare cry,” he commanded. “Look me in the eyes and tell me you don’t want me.” He fixed his gaze on hers.

She tried to open her mouth, to tell him that she didn’t want him and he should leave her alone. But the words caught in her throat and she couldn’t speak at all. Shame and confusion warred within her. She turned away from him and managed to push past him. She scooped up all her papers and shoved them in her bag. She wanted to make a run for the door, but her legs felt like cement and she couldn’t seem to move. All she could do was stand there and grip the back of the chair.

He came up behind her, grabbed her arm, and turned her towards him. “You’re not leaving,” he said.

She swallowed her tears and tried to push his hand away, but her strength was no match for his.

He swung her around and backed her up against the counter again. Then he reached up and unbuttoned the top button of her coat. She tried weakly to swat at his hands, but he just brushed her hands aside. He continued unbuttoning the coat and then used both hands to push it apart and off her shoulders. It slid down her arms to her elbows and trapped her arms against her sides.

“Please…” she pleaded.

“Please what?” Scott watched those marvelous breasts heave gently against the silky purple fabric of her camisole with each labored breath she took. He could imagine how they would feel in his hands, how they would taste when his mouth closed around them. He licked his lips and looked her in the eyes.

“Please stop…” she said softly. He was looking at her like he was going to gobble her up from head to toe. The thought made her knees feel weak. Here he was, forcing her like this, and she could feel herself getting turned on from his intense, suggestive stare. What was wrong with her?

“You don’t really want me to stop, do you?” he said as he grinned at her. He turned her around and held onto her arms from the back. “Walk,” he said and maneuvered her through the living room and down a hallway. He led them to his bedroom, where a huge king-size, four-poster bed was centered in the room and covered with an emerald green bedspread.

She swallowed when she saw that it was his bedroom. Was he really going to do this to her? Was he going to rape her? She couldn’t believe this. This couldn’t be happening.

He pulled her jacket off the rest of the way and pushed her towards the bed. “Sit,” he instructed firmly. “And behave. Trust me, you don’t want to piss me off.” He went back to the door and turned a key in the lock, then tucked the key into his pocket. He kept an eye on her as he walked over to draw the curtains shut. Then he sat down in a large, plush green chair that was facing the bed.

“Stand up,” he commanded, “and take off your skirt. I’ve been driving myself crazy wondering what you have on under that thing.”

She shivered at the look in his eye. “Please, Scott,” she pleaded one more time. “Please just let me go. We can forget this ever happened. I swear I’ll never breathe a word about it to anyone. Just let me go.” She stood and took a hesitant step forward.

“I said take off your damn skirt,” he said impatiently. She could see the angry spark in his eyes.

She took a deep breath and reached behind herself to undo the hook at the back of the skirt. She unzipped the skirt, and then slid it down and stepped out of it. She laid it on the bed and then shut her eyes against the indignity. How could this be happening? Things like this didn’t happen to her.

Scott’s eyes darkened with desire as she slipped out of the skirt. She had some sexy little secrets, didn’t she? A lacy purple garter belt was holding up sheer, black stockings. The little triangle of her panties didn’t leave much to the imagination. His mouth watered.

“Look at me,” he said. She forced herself to open her eyes. “You have a unique mix of styles, don’t you?” he commented. “I can’t help but think that since you wore this over here, you wanted to me to see it.” He leered at her. “I knew you wanted me. You can’t deny it any more.”

She shook her head and almost started to object, but she saw the temper starting to flare up in his eyes again. She swallowed her protests and looked down at the thick, beige carpet.

He stood up and crossed to her. She started to tremble, not knowing what he would do next. He used a finger to lift her chin and forced her to look him in the eyes. “Tell me how much you want me.” He ran his thumb over her lips.

She stared at him, but words wouldn’t come.

His hand circled around her throat and squeezed gently. “Tell me,” he said again. “Tell me how much you want me to fuck you.”

She nodded her head, hoping that would satisfy him. His hand squeezed harder around her throat and she gasped for breath.

“I want to hear you say it.” His other hand reached up to cup one of her large, heavy breasts. He ran his thumb over the nipple.

She was mortified when she felt the nipple harden and felt warmth and wetness collecting between her thighs.

“I want you,” she said, so softly he had to lean closer to hear her.

“Say it again.” His thumb and forefinger pulled at her nipple. “Tell me you want me to fuck you.”

She whimpered a little as the hand around her throat tightened. “I want you…” Her voice shook. “I want you to fuck me.” It came out as a whisper.

“That’s a good girl,” he said. “See, that wasn’t so hard, was it?” His fingers pulled busily at her nipple and she bit her lip to try to keep back a moan of pleasure that was welling up inside her. He looked into her eyes and grinned. “You like this, don’t you?” His other hand left her throat and he pulled on both nipples together. The moan escaped through her lips and she felt her knees weaken.

He laughed at her. “You’re such a naughty girl. I can’t believe you’re getting turned on when I’m forcing you to do this.” He continued to tug at her nipples, getting rougher and rougher with each pull.

She couldn’t believe how good it felt. She shook her head in denial, but there was no doubt that her body was betraying her. “Please, please,” she begged. “We shouldn’t be doing this.” She knew her panties were getting damp and she worried that he would discover how turned on she was becoming.

“Stop that,” he said roughly. “Stop whining. I know you want this. And even if you didn’t, I would still have to have you. You’re so damn hot. I’ve been wanting to slide myself into you since the first day we met.”

She groaned at the thought and felt her pussy start throbbing. Her panties were drenched and she knew that she wanted nothing more than for him to fuck her. But it was wrong… She had to stop it.

She gathered her strength and then pulled away and pushed towards the door. He caught her before she had gotten three steps from him and he shoved her back on the bed. He climbed on the bed and straddled her at the waist. He pinned her arms down with his hands. She kicked her legs, trying to move him off of her body.

“Stop that. Stop that right now.” His voice was strong and she was more scared than she’d ever been before. She stopped struggling beneath him and after a moment she was able to choke back her tears.

“That’s better.” He released her arms. “Are you going to behave now?” He eyed her suspiciously. She nodded weakly and took a deep breath to try to calm herself down.

He crawled off the bed and she almost sighed in relief. Maybe he would let her go now. She started to sit up, but he pushed her down again.

“Stay there.” He moved around the bed and removed one of her shoes, then the other. He reached for the strap on her garter and felt her muscles tense. “Just relax,” he said, in a surprisingly soothing voice.

She felt his fingers brushing her thighs. She was worried that he would touch her and realize how wet she was, and how turned on she must have been. But he simply unhooked one stocking, then the other, and pulled them off of her slowly.

“Lie diagonally across the bed,” he instructed.

She moved so that her head was at the top left corner of the bed and her feet were at the bottom right corner.

“Put your hands over your head.” He moved around the bed so that he was standing near her head. Slowly, she raised her arms over her head. The motion caused her breasts to push up and out and he felt himself getting hard thinking about fucking her between those beautiful tits. He took one of the stockings and tied it around her wrists. Then he looped it around the bedpost and tied it around her wrists again.

“There we go,” he said. “Now maybe you’ll behave a little better.”

She swallowed and nodded. He had tied her to the bed. The knots were tight–already they were cutting at her wrists. She was stuck there for now. She knew she would have to be careful not to make him angry again.

He climbed on the bed with her and began to play with her nipples again. “You have such gorgeous tits,” he said. “Now if we could just get this out of the way,” he said, indicating the camisole, which was stretched tightly over her breasts. He reached over and opened a drawer in the little table beside the bed. Tina felt panic claw at her throat when she saw that he was pulling out a small, sharp knife.

He smiled down at her as he recognized the fear in her eyes. “Don’t worry,” he said, “I’m not going to hurt you. I wouldn’t want to scar that lovely skin.” He examined the tip of the knife in the light from the bedside lamp. “But we do need to get rid of this, don’t we?”

He slid the tip of the knife under the edge of the camisole, by her belly button. He pressed the blade slowly upwards, catching just the fabric as he did.

Her heart was pounding and she tried not to breathe, worrying that the slightest movement might cause the knife to slip. He seemed to be enjoying her fear.

“Shall we do it quickly and get it over with?” he taunted. “Or do you want me to go slowly and draw out the process?” He lifted the knife higher and she could hear the fabric beginning to rip. “Might as well get it over with,” he said with a smile.

With one strong pull the camisole ripped down the middle and the knife lifted free of the fabric.

Tina let out a small cry of relief. Her body was shaking and her pulse was racing. She concentrated on forcing air in and out of her lungs.

Scott stood next to the bed with a delighted twinkle in his eye. “You weren’t worried, were you, darling?” He set the knife down on the table. “See, that wasn’t so bad.” She trembled.

“And look what we have now.” He pushed aside the pieces of fabric and feasted his eyes on her enormous, round breasts. He stroked a hand reverently over one and then over the other. He pulled roughly on a nipple and her hips arched involuntarily. He smiled. “You like to have your nipples pulled, don’t you?” He pulled harder at the nipple, twisting and pinching and causing her sigh heavily.

He lifted an eyebrow as he looked her in the eyes. “Can’t deny it now, can you?” he teased. His hand stroked over a breast, across her tummy, and down to her hips. “I bet you’re really wet.” He grinned. “Actually, I bet you’re soaked. And if you are, I’ll know the truth. I’ll know how bad you want me to fuck you.”

His hand moved slowly towards her pussy and he cupped her through her wet panties.

He smiled widely. “Well now, you seem to be a little damp down here.” He caressed her through her panties and enjoyed how she pushed her hips reluctantly against his hand. Then he grabbed hold of the panties and yanked.

She gasped as they tore off of her and he held them up in his hand.

“Want to feel how wet you were?” He pressed the wet panties against her cheek. “Are you going to try to tell me you want me to stop? ‘Cause it won’t work any more. I know what a naughty girl you are, getting all excited when I’m forcing you to strip and tying you to my bed. You want me,” he gloated. “And I’m going to make you beg me to fuck you.”

He straddled her body again, this time lower, across her thighs, preventing her from kicking. He leaned over and brought his mouth down close to hers. “Your lips are so soft,” he said gently. I can’t wait to feel them wrapped around my cock.” He grinned as he kissed her, preventing her protests.

Tina’s heart beat painfully in her chest. His lips pressed against hers firmly, not giving her a chance to catch her breath. He was going to make her suck on him, she thought desperately. She had never done that before, and she didn’t want to do it now. Her anticipation was building as she wondered what other things he would make her do. But it was so hard to think clearly when his lips were teasing hers so skillfully. Again, she felt herself giving in to him and kissing him back.

He felt her surrender to his kiss and was darkly delighted. He nibbled on her full lower lip and then nipped it with his teeth as he pulled back from the kiss. He sat up and ran his hands over her breasts. They were smooth and honey-colored like the rest of her skin. Large and firm, with pinkish areolas and rock-hard nipples that were twice as wide as pencil erasers. He lowered his mouth to her left breast and began to suckle.

Tina tried unsuccessfully to hold back her moan of delight. He was sucking the nipple up into his mouth, running over and over it with his tongue and nibbling at it with his teeth. She wanted to beg him to suck harder, and she was shocked with herself for even thinking about it. His mouth attacked her breast and she felt her hips rocking up against his body. He watched her close her eyes from the pleasure and he grinned to himself. He pulled back for a moment and replaced his mouth with his hand.

“You naughty girl,” he said sharply. Her eyes flew open. “You love this.” He pulled hard on her nipple, squeezing it tight and twisting it between his fingers. Traces of pain mixed with the pleasure that was overwhelming her. “Admit it,” he demanded. “Tell me how bad you want this.” His hands switched to her other breast and she moaned in appreciation.

“I want it,” she whimpered, as her body betrayed her yet again.

“How much?” he asked.

“I want it very much,” she said between gasping breaths.

“Beg me not to stop.” He pulled hard on both nipples now, assaulting them with quick, strong fingers. She could feel that her pussy was soaking wet and she felt like she might come just from the sensations from her nipples.

“Please, don’t stop,” she said softly.

He stopped and she groaned. “Do better than that.”

“Please, Scott, please,” she begged. “Don’t stop. Please don’t ever stop pulling on my nipples.” She bucked her body beneath him and wished she wasn’t tied up so that she could pull his head down to her breasts.

“That’s my girl.” He bent his head down and attacked her breasts with his teeth and tongue. His lips wrapped around one nipple then the other, driving her crazy and bringing her closer and closer to a climax. At the peak of the frenzy, he stopped and crawled off the bed.

“No!” she cried. “Don’t stop. Please don’t stop.” She looked at him with urgent eyes. “I need you, don’t leave me like this.” He just laughed. “I’m going to go get a beer.” He crossed to the door and unlocked it with the key from his pocket. “Now, don’t you go anywhere,” he laughed to himself as he looked at her–spread-eagled and tied down, nipples red and swollen. He closed the door behind himself and she heard the lock click as he turned the key from the outside.


Tina lay in the dark of the bedroom. She wasn’t sure how long Scott had been gone. It seemed like hours.

She had rolled on her side in an attempt to relieve the pain of having her arms tied above her head. It hadn’t helped much. She continued wriggling her fingers, trying to keep the blood circulating to her hands. She had tried several times to get loose, with no success. She listened carefully for any sign that Scott was returning.

Then she heard it, the sound of the key in the door. She scooted quickly back into the position he had left her in. The door swung open slowly, and light poured in from the hallway. She squinted her eyes against the brightness and heard him enter the room and pull the door closed. He locked it again. When he crossed the room and switched on a lamp on the dresser, soft light filled the bedroom. She eyed him warily, but kept her mouth shut. Panic and desire were building inside her again as she wondered what he would do to her now.

Scott had spent a quiet hour watching TV, eating dinner, and enjoying a couple of beers. He felt good. He liked knowing that she was in his room, tied to his bed, waiting for his command. If he had felt a few twinges of guilt in the last hour, the beer had washed them away. He crossed the room and stood next to the bed, looking straight down into her eyes. “So, how are you, my naughty little girl?” He asked, tracing a finger down her cheek.

She eyed him cautiously. “I’m fine,” she lied, but the break in her voice revealed the truth. He sat on the edge of the bed and took his shirt off. “Are you ready to have some more fun?” She nodded and stared at his chest. It was strong and smooth. His shoulders were broad and his body was well shaped and sturdy. Much to her dismay, she felt drawn to his body and couldn’t help imagining what it would feel like to run her hands over his shoulders and softly kiss his chest and stomach. She sighed quietly, thinking there was no way she was going to escape this encounter with any dignity left.

He watched the expressions flit over her face. Fear, embarrassment, longing. He stood and unbuttoned his pants. Her eyes darted down to his crotch and then back up to stare at the ceiling. He unzipped and then removed his shorts and tossed them across the room to land on the dresser. She couldn’t stop herself from looking.

He was wearing navy briefs that clung to his body. She could see the bulge in them and her gaze flicked quickly up to his face to see that he was watching for her reaction. She didn’t know what to say or what to do, so she lay there, staring at him as he stared at her. She waited for him to remove his briefs and climb on top of her, hoping that it would be over soon and that he would let her go home.

But instead he sat next to her on the bed and lowered his mouth to hers. He kissed her firmly, slid a hand behind her head, and sucked on her sore lip. Warmth and desire spread through her. Confused and ashamed, she admitted to herself that she didn’t want the assault to stop. He tilted her head back slightly and nibbled on her jaw, then trailed his mouth down to her neck. He fastened his teeth there and sucked hard, knowing he would leave a mark on her smooth skin. Her body heated and she groaned softly.

He tilted her head up and ran his hand over her thick braid of hair. When he reached the end, he gently pulled out the rubber band that was holding it in place. He began to unwind her thick, dark hair, combing it softly with his fingers as he did. Her eyes drifted closed at his touch. When the braid was undone, he ran his fingers all the way through it, reveling in the silky softness. She sighed contently. His hand stroked gently down her body to her breasts. She cried out softly when he touched her sensitive nipples. She didn’t understand what he wanted from her.

He wasn’t sure himself. He had thought that he just wanted to use her, to take her fast and hard and knock her off that prim little pedestal she seemed to have put herself on. He had seen the desire in her eyes from the first time they met. He had sensed that she wanted him as much as he wanted her. And when she had refused his advances, he had gotten angry and wanted to punish her for denying them both the pleasure of hot, hungry sex.

Part of him wanted to let her go and let her decide for herself. But his need for her was so huge–he didn’t think he could survive the night without having her. And he could tell she had enjoyed much of what he had done. He had seen the longing in her eyes, and pleasure had been mixed with fear when he had been fondling and suckling her breasts. It was what they both wanted, he decided. It was for her own good.

He stood up and began to stroke himself lightly through his briefs. She watched, fascinated, unable to turn away. “Have you ever sucked a cock before?” He watched as her eyes filled with uneasiness and then grinned down at her. “I’ll take that as a no,” he said. He reached up to her wrists and began to untie her.

Her hands were free. She lowered her arms and circled her wrists, trying to enjoy the sensation of freedom even as she anticipated his next demands. She lay there and watched as he pulled down his briefs and exposed his quickly hardening cock.

“Get up,” he demanded. She moved as quickly as she could, fighting through the pain of stiff muscles. She stood next to him, still wearing her ripped camisole and garter belt. His hands reached up to remove the shreds of cloth and then pushed her gently back onto the bed. She sat there stiffly, trying not to stare at his cock. “Go ahead,” he teased. “I know you want to touch it.” She looked up at him hesitantly. “Touch it,” he said again.

She lifted one hand and gently stroked down his cock. It was smooth and hard. His crotch area was smooth as well and she wondered if he shaved it. There were only a few short hairs at the base of his cock and around his balls. She cautiously wrapped her hand around him, feeling his thickness. She wondered how he would feel inside her. Alarmed by her own thoughts, she pulled her hand away and her eyes shot up to meet his knowing stare.

“Get on your hands and knees,” he said as he joined her on the bed. She did as he said. He lay back and propped himself in a slightly raised position at the head of the bed. He spread his legs and his cock stood up between them. “Stroke it,” he ordered gently.

She sat between his legs and began to stroke him softly with one hand. “Harder,” he said, “and use both hands.” She stroked slowly up his cock with both hands and felt him hardening at her touch. She felt her heart begin to pound and her pulse begin to race. She was mortified when she realized that her pussy had begun to throb and heat.

“You like this, don’t you?” he teased. “You want to taste me?” He looked at her, awaiting her reply. She wanted to say no. She wanted to run and pound down the door. But she also wanted to know what it felt like to take his hard cock into her mouth. “I asked you a question,” he said. “Do you want to taste me?” She reluctantly nodded her head and he laughed. “Do it,” he said.

She lowered her head and took the tip of him into her mouth. She began to suck gently on him. He tasted slightly of sweat. He grabbed her head and pushed her further down on his cock. “Suck harder,” he pleaded as he held her head in place.

Reflex had her gagging, but she fought it and tried to relax and open her throat. It helped, but she still felt like she couldn’t breathe. He continued to hold her head in place. “You like that, don’t you?” he said. He pushed her head down a little further and grunted. “That’s it,” he said, “take it deep.”

She began to suck harder and discovered that if she moved her head up and down in a rhythm, it was easier to breathe. His cock felt hard and smooth in her mouth. She ran her tongue experimentally over the head of his shaft. He moaned softly. “That’s it, baby.” He rubbed her head gently. “See? You’re a natural.”

She couldn’t deny it. She was enjoying sucking him like this. He tasted good and she enjoyed the sensation of his cock on her tongue. Resigning herself to her feelings, she began to suck with more vigor. She moaned a little, and the vibrating sensations caused Scott to push his hips up against her mouth. “Yeah, baby,” he said on a groan. “That’s it. Work my dick.”

She turned her head while she sucked and stroked him with her tongue. Another moan escaped her and she began to rub herself against the bed. Her hands wrapped around the base of his cock and she took him deep into her throat. She was amazed at how good it felt.

He groaned as his cock entered deep into her hot, wet mouth. “Fuck, yeah,” he moaned. “Take it deep.” He loved watching as her lips wrapped around him and moved up and down his shaft. Her hair curtained around her face and brushed erotically against his thighs.

She sucked and licked with increasing fervor, not allowing herself to think about the fact that she was enjoying it. She knew her pussy was wet and hot and throbbing. She longed to have him slide into her.

He groaned loudly. “God, baby, you are so fucking hot.” He enjoyed the sensations caused by her busy tongue. “I’m going to cum in your mouth.” He felt her pause momentarily at his words. He moaned again, enjoying the opportunity to tease her, “I am going to cum hard and shoot down your tight little throat.”

Tina felt herself beginning to panic. She didn’t want him to cum in her mouth. What would it taste like? What would it feel like? Would he expect her to swallow it? She began to gag as her throat muscles tightened again. But even as the worry built inside her, she could feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter. She was throbbing for him and his taunts were exciting her and making her even hotter than before.

He felt the pressure beginning to mount. “Are you ready, baby? Cause I’m going to cum hard.” She continued to suck on him; unsure of what to do when he came. Was she supposed to stop? Was he really expecting her to swallow his cum? Her apprehension caused her to suck him even harder, driving him to the edge.

“Yeah, that’s it,” he moaned. “Yeah, baby. Look out, here I cum.” His body tensed as he began to release his hot load into her busy mouth. “Suck it out of me, baby,” he cried, his body quaking.

His sticky cum was pouring into her mouth. She panicked and tried to swallow what she could. He pumped himself into her and she continued to suck him as his cock trembled between her lips. Then he pulled out of her mouth and sighed contentedly.

After a moment he sat up and scooted next to her. Her eyes met his reluctantly. “You didn’t finish,” he said, and swiped a finger across her chin. He held it up to her mouth. “C’mon, baby, suck it off.” He pushed his finger through her lips and watched as she sucked it clean.

Scott smiled and then pulled her down to lie on the bed next to him, her back pressed against his chest. “You’re going to have to give me a chance to recover before I’m ready for more, baby,” he said. He wrapped his arms tightly around her body. “You don’t mind a little nap, do you?” he asked. She shook her head and laid still next to him. Her heart was still racing and she was confused by all the emotions that were swirling around inside of her.

After a few moments she felt his grip loosen and his breathing become more regular. She waited patiently until she was sure he was asleep. Then she slowly and gently tried to untangle herself from his hold. She was barely breathing, trying to slip off the bed without waking him. If she could just get out of the bed, she could get the key from his pants and let herself out.

She managed to move to the edge of the bed. She was afraid to sit up and stand because the motion might rock the bed. So instead she kind of rolled herself onto the floor. She bit back her sigh of relief when she silently touched the floor. She crawled, naked, on her hands and knees around to the end of the bed. She almost giggled when she slipped the key out of his pocket.

She turned to crawl towards the door, noting that her skirt and jacket were strewn across the floor on the way. She moved slowly and as silently as possible. Suddenly, she felt a hand close around her ankle and yank hard. Even as she collapsed onto her stomach she fought to use her hands to pull herself towards the door. He jerked her back by the leg and she pounded her fists weakly on the floor in defeat.

He flipped her over and grabbed her wrists in his hands before she could strike out at him. He pressed his body down onto hers. “Feisty, aren’t you?” He said with a smile as he held her down to the floor. He leaned his head down and pressed his mouth near her ear. “I like it when you fight back,” he whispered wickedly. “Can you feel how turned on I am?” He shifted his body and she could feel the hard length of his cock pressed against her thigh.

He stood and pulled her up with him. Then he pushed her back on the bed and held her there for a moment. “You’re not going to try to get up again, are you?” he asked warningly. She closed her eyes and shook her head slowly from side to side. “Good girl.” He climbed onto the bed between her spread legs.

His hands stroked down her stomach and then traced lightly along her hips. He skimmed his fingertips up and down her thighs and her body trembled slightly in response. He ran a finger down her slit, parting her full pussy lips. “My baby has such a beautiful pussy,” he said softly.

Tina lay there, trying desperately not to react to his touch. It was impossible to deny the sensations that were building inside her as he caressed her thighs. She wished that she could numb her mind so that she didn’t have to feel her body betraying her this way.

Scott ran his finger down her pussy lips again. She felt herself growing warm and wet. He parted her lips and stroked a finger over her clit. Her thighs quivered. “Is it my imagination, or are you getting a little wet?” he said teasingly. He rubbed his thumb back and forth over her clit and was pleased to feel her pussy heat. She tried to take a deep breath and relax. Then his finger slipped into her and she moaned.

He rubbed her clit harder and faster. She felt the heat and pressure building inside of her. She couldn’t stop herself from rocking her hips against him. His finger slipped in and out of her and she cried out softly. “You want more, baby?” He pushed the finger deeper inside of her pussy. She was incredibly tight and he felt his cock grow hard in anticipation. He slowly pumped his finger in and out of her hot cunt.

She whimpered as she tried frantically to stop herself from responding. His thumb was assaulting her clit and her body was surrendering. She began to struggle against him. She had to make him stop. She had to get out of there before she started begging him to fuck her. But it was too late.

He scooted down and positioned himself between her legs. He was extremely hard and aching to fuck her. He yanked her thighs apart and spread her pussy lips open with his fingers. Then he plunged. She screamed out as he filled her completely with one stroke. Her wet pussy wrapped around him like a velvet fist. He grunted with satisfaction.

He began to thrust into her, one hard stroke after another. She was unbelievably tight and hot. He had never had a pussy like this. Her whimpers and gasps excited him and he pumped harder and faster. He pounded into her and felt her clenching around him and getting wetter and wetter. Her body arched up beneath him. He groaned loudly as he felt her response. “You’re loving this, aren’t you, baby?” She whimpered as she felt herself beginning to approach an orgasm. Her hips pumped hard against his.

“Yes!” she cried out. Her body began to quiver. “Yes, yes, yes!” She pressed herself desperately against him. “Fuck me!” she screamed. “Oh, God, fuck me hard!!!” Her body arched and bucked against his as the orgasm ripped through her. She squirted hard, coating his cock with her juices. He continued to pound himself into her, thrilled that he had conquered her at last. Her body shook violently.

“You want more?” He began to increase his speed again. “You want me to fuck you some more, or should I stop?” His hands pulled at her breasts and he grinned down at her.

She felt the pressure building again already. “Don’t stop,” she pleaded. “Don’t stop, please don’t stop.” She rammed her hips against his, trying to pull him deeper and deeper inside her. She could feel every inch of his hard dick inside her and she felt her pussy tightening convulsively around him. He fucked her relentlessly, with no thought to her comfort or needs. He forced himself into her and she moaned out his name.

She felt the next orgasm beginning. “Fuck me,” she begged. “Oh, fuck me hard.” She lifted her hips from the bed and wrapped her legs around his waist. He pounded himself into her. He wanted to make her squirt all over him again. He knew he could cum if she did. She was so damn hot. He pulled hard at her nipples and thrust deep and hard and fast inside her. He watched as her eyes closed and her breathing quickened. Her hands gripped the bed. He felt her pussy tighten around him. He plunged into her again and again, and was darkly satisfied when he felt her body begin to quiver under his. He shifted so that he could reach deeper inside of her. He felt his balls slapping against her body.

She wondered if she was going out of her mind. She had never felt like this before. She kept trying to clear her head, to think about what was happening. But she couldn’t seem to string two thoughts together. All she could do was lie there and let the sensations wash over her body. He was driving into her hard and fast, and she knew she was going to cum again. The heat and pressure built up inside her, pushing her to the edge of reason.

He could feel her tighten around him and he knew he was going to cum with her this time. Her body continued to quiver as she got closer and closer to her climax. He felt her tighten and then her juices poured over him and her body reared up beneath him. He drove himself into her with one last stroke and then emptied himself deep inside of her.

He collapsed on top of her trembling body. His head lay cushioned between her breasts. He knew he should roll off of her, let her breathe. But she felt so good under him–soft and pliant. He lifted his head an inch and saw that her eyes were closed and she was beginning to breathe more regularly. He could feel her heartbeat gradually slowing against his chest.

After a moment he rolled gently off of her and onto the bed. “Are you OK?” he asked quietly. She nodded her head slowly. She was so confused. Her body felt warm and satisfied. She wondered what kind of person would feel so content and fulfilled after being forced to have sex. Apparently she was that kind of person.

Scott lifted a hand and stroked it down her hair. Then he lowered his lips to hers and captured her mouth in a long, tender kiss. She sighed and kissed him back. She was done fighting. She knew that she had enjoyed this experience and it was time to stop pretending she hadn’t. She wrapped her arms around him and thought to herself that this was one lesson she would never forget.

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