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Deena Ch. 02

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Sometimes you just feel safe with someone, even when they’re a stranger. That’s the way I felt about Kristen. She wasn’t a total stranger. She was the R.A. on my floor, but we rarely spoke to one another, except when it was in groups. She carried herself like a real grown-up. I thought she was really beautiful. She looked like the kind of girls in my school that I had secret crushes on. She looked like she’d spent a lot of time out of doors and rode horses.

She was tall, with long brown hair, fair skin. My parents would’ve called her WASP-y, which she was. She wore boots a lot; knee length black boots over jeans and this really cool suede jacket. I wanted to be her friend, but I was also attracted to her. It was something I couldn’t fight anymore, my attraction to girls, especially after I hooked up with this girl in my high school right after graduation. We worked at this really lame clothing store in our town and even though we barely knew each other at school. We bonded over our hatred of our jobs and our bitchy manager.

Jill’s parents were psychologists and they were never home. We would go to her place after work and drink cocktails (her parents had a well-stocked liquor cabinet and they were the type to trust their daughter with anything). One night, when her parents her away, Jill just came right out and said that she was attracted to me. I always thought she was hot. She always wore these short mini-skirts to work that showed off her legs. And she had beautiful wavy brown hair that went down to her shoulders. She was a really sweet girl, but never in my wildest dreams did I think that something could happen between us. She told me that she’d been with a couple of girls before. We started making out in the living room after having a couple of Vodka tonics. Then we made out in her bed and then took a shower together. Then we got naked under the covers and kissed and explored each other for hours. She had the most beautiful breasts and it felt so hot when I caressed them and kissed them and sucked on them. It was heaven. Finally, I got up the courage to finger her pussy. She was so wet down there and within a couple of minutes she was coming. Then she did me. It felt so amazing. I didn’t want it to stop. And it felt so nice to sleep in the same bed with her. We cuddled up together, waking up and making out and falling asleep again. We had sex again in the morning and was even hotter than the first time.

But the summer was almost over. Jill was going to a small college in the Midwest and I was going to a school upstate, so we didn’t have much time left. We hooked up only one more time before she left. We spent the day at her parent’s summer home at the beach over Labor Day. And her parents were always around that weekend. It was driving us crazy. Finally after dinner on the last night, we took a walk along the beach and put down a blanket in a dune where no one could see us and had sex for the second and last time. We promised to email and call each other, but by the end of the first semester of school, we were talking and writing less and less. And I started dating this guy who was nice, but he was too immature. I couldn’t stand his friends. Then I saw Jill during the Winter break and she told me that she had a girlfriend at school. It wasn’t like I was going to see much of her anyway; she and her family went to Europe every year over the holidays. So I felt very lonely when I got back to school after the break. And I resolved to meet someone, or at least make friends with someone cool. So I set my sights on Kristen.

The semester was going by very fast. I spent a lot of time with my roommate and made a lot of new friends. I was happy, but I felt that my crush was slipping away. I would see her in the hallway every other day, but I was shy around her, even though she always said “Hello,” and gave me a warm smile. Her smile killed me. It was so warm and made me feel so good; that if I was her friend, I would be safe in a way that I wasn’t, and if I became her lover, I would know happiness. I began to walk past her door every chance I got, which wasn’t often, since I lived on the opposite wing of the floor. I usually went by at night, sometimes wearing nothing more than a baby T-shirt and men’s boxer shorts or sweats. I loved to walk barefoot or in sandals, even when it was cold out and I noticed that she did as well. One night, really late, I saw a really tall, beautiful blonde girl leave her room. It was about 1:30 in the morning, I’d been up studying and I needed some caffeine. I walked past her room, with no expectation of actually seeing her. When I saw this girl open the door and leave, I immediately sensed that something was up. The girl walked past me and smiled, her hair was a little messed, like she had bed head, and she was wearing fresh makeup. She was really sexy, and she walked with a spring in her step as she’d just had an amazing time with someone. I knew immediately that she and Kristen were lovers. Somehow everything made sense at that moment. So the next day, when I walked into the study lounge at the other side of the floor and saw Kristen in there, that I had to act.

She was lying on a couch with her feet up when I entered the room. I sat down and started reading a book. She seemed completely oblivious to my presence in the room. She didn’t take her eyes off the book, but then she put the book down and sat up. And that’s when she noticed me and smiled. “Hi,” she said.

“Hi,” I said.

She put her feet up on the table. They looked nice and strong.

“You have pretty feet,” I said.

She smiled again. “Thank you,” she said. “So do you.”

We went back to what we were doing and then she said that she was going into town to the cafe and invited me. I said yes, of course, and we spent the rest of the afternoon getting to know each other. At the cafe I told her about my ex-boyfriends. She seemed very interested, but I was afraid to tell her about Jill I didn’t know how she’d react, even though I knew that she slept with girls. I didn’t think that she had a girlfriend, but I wasn’t sure. I figured that it was best to wait and see.

The next few weeks were a blur. We saw so much of each other. One day, when I was in the gym, about to go on a treadmill, I saw her go downstairs to the pool. The next day I bought a new bathing suit and joined her. She was a really good swimmer. It was a turn on to see her in the pool. She had a great, athletic body. The best part was after we swam. We sat on the lounge chairs and talked and flirted. Then we’d get a drink or some coffee before running to class. I kept waiting for the moment to tell how I really felt about her. By that time Spring Break was approaching and I was going to Florida with my parents. I wanted to say something to her before I left.

A couple of days before the break, we went swimming and had a drink and were walking back. It was freezing out and I noticed that she didn’t have any gloves on. We took a shortcut up a hill across from the gym and Kristen put her arm around me and squeezed. I put my arm around her and when we reached the top of the hill my heart was beating really fast. We stopped walking and I rubbed her freezing hands. She told me that it felt good. Then she told me that she was going to miss me over the break. She seemed as nervous as I was. She said I seemed distracted She asked me if there was anything my mind. So I asked her.

“I was just curious,” I said.

“About what?” She asked

“You never asked me if I’d kissed a girl.”

“Well, I wanted to ask you”

“Have you?”

I got really nervous at that moment. I thought I had just blown it.

“Yes,” she said.

“That girl?”

“What girl?”

“That really pretty blonde girl.


We kept on walking without saying anything. But I had to know. I wanted to her tell me everything.

“Did you…?” I asked.

She was blushing now. “What?” She asked.

“You know…”

“Yes, but it’s over now.”

I felt so relieved when she said that. I knew she was telling me the truth and felt guilty that I hadn’t said anything about Jill, but I couldn’t figure out how to bring it up. Then Kristen took my hand and we walked behind the library, towards the dorms. Then we stopped again and she looked at me and smiled. She put her arms around me and we hugged. She kissed my forehead. I looked up at her and she kissed me on the lips. Then we sat on a bench and kissed again. I felt so happy. I opened my mouth and let her tongue touch mine. She was a really good kisser. Before long we were making out; she kissed my neck and tongued my ear, making me really hot, even thought I was so cold on that bench. I wanted to go back to the dorms and have sex with her, but I don’t think that she was ready. She told me that I was a good kisser. That made me happy. I told that she was a great one. Then we stood up and walked around to the front of the library. I knew it was a good idea to go study, even though I knew that I would be almost impossible to concentrate, and she seemed intent on going to class.

It was better to wait.

The next morning she came to say good-bye. I hadn’t really slept; thinking about her made me so horny, that I’d made myself come twice during the night. My roommate was around when she knocked, so when I opened the door she seemed a little distant. She smiled and we said our good-byes. I think that we both wanted more, but I was nervous. The best idea seemed to be to wait until after the break, when we could see each other again and talk. She’d given me her email address and I said that I’d email her from Florida. I watched her walk back down the hall in her jeans and boots and a feeling of lust came over me that was hard to shake when I closed the door and faced my roommate.

The week in Florida was mostly boring and annoying. My parents were in a lousy mood. I couldn’t stop thinking about her. I went back to my room every chance I got and masturbated. My parents sensed that I was distant, but they let me do my own thing. After we spent two days with my grandparents I think we were all ready to leave. I knew that Kristen was staying at school that week to finish a paper. After four days I couldn’t take it anymore and I emailed Kristen that I was coming back to the dorms early, on Saturday night. I knew no one would be back yet, so it would be the perfect time for us to get together. She emailed me back almost immediately; saying that she’d be there and that she’d be waiting for me. After I read that, I couldn’t get back to school fast enough.

We left Florida the next day and then my parents drove me back to the dorms. They wanted to take me out to dinner, but I told them that I was tired and wanted to go to sleep. They understood and let me go. They helped me carry my stuff up to my room and when they left, I crawled into bed and took a nap. When I awoke, it was dark out, and for a minute I thought I had overslept and missed my chance to see her. I rushed to my phone and called her. She picked up immediately.

“Hi,” she said.

“I’m back,” I said.

“I was worried.”

“I’ve been back for a few hours, just hiding in my room. I guess I’m a little…”


“A little..”

“Don’t be.”


“Come over.”



“Okay,” I said.

I was so excited that I completely forgot that I was only wearing my T-shirt and boxers, and I was barefoot.

I went to her door and knocked. She told me to come in. I opened the door and went in. She gave me this look that I’ll never forget. I knew that she wanted me, and I felt like the most desirable woman in the world. It was so sexy! I pulled the band out of my ponytail and came toward her. Kristen stood up and I put my arms around her. We kissed and she held me tight. I was so excited to be with her at last. At that moment I knew that we were going to have sex and it was going to be incredible. We began kissing and she slid her hand down my back and squeezed my ass. She asked me what I wanted to do. Didn’t she know? We fell down on the bed and she took control, which is exactly how I pictured it when I was playing with my pussy every night during the past week. She grinded into me and I gasped. I could feel her mound grind into mine through our clothes. Then we took our shirts off and she kissed my breasts, then licking then and sucking them. I rubbed her crotch, which felt so hot. Then I kissed and sucked her beautiful breasts. I lay down on her bed and watched as she glided her tongue down my belly. I was breathing so hard and my heart was beating so fast. She kissed my already drenched pussy through my shorts and then pulled them off slowly. She asked me if I was okay and I nodded. “You have a beautiful pussy,” she said.

“Bikini wax,” I whispered.

She laughed and then she put her lips right over the hood of my clit. I’d never felt so hot as when she began to caress my clit with her tongue, gently licking the outside of my slit, gliding it down around my lips and coming back up again and sucking on me. Then she put her hands under my butt and I lost control, with seconds I was coming in her mouth, the juices flowing out of me as I writhed under her. It felt so good, that I thought I was passing out. Then she came into my arms and kissed me. “Are you okay?” She asked.

“Oh my God, ” I said. “you don’t even know how good that felt.”

We began kissing and holding each other on the bed. I wanted to make feel as good as I felt. I was a little scared. I had gone down on Jill at the beach but it was only for a minute. Now I was ready to go down on a woman and make her come with my mouth. First I pulled down her panties, which were soaking wet. Then we fell back on the bed. It felt so nice to be finally naked with her, and we explored each other, kissing and licking each other all over. I rubbed her pussy, taking her lips between my fingers and then gently caressing her clit. She told that it felt good. “I want to make you feel good,” I said. Then I put two of my fingers inside her and she lay back on her bed moaning as I went down on her, licking her clit, tasting her as I moved my fingers in and out of her. She moved my hair out of my face. “I want to see you,” she said.

I looked up and smiled and then took her clit into my mouth.

“That’s good,” she said. “Feels so good.”

I went slowly, licking and fucking her and I could feel her letting go, moaning softly as she came, her hips bucking. Then she took me into her arms and we kissed passionately, staring at each other for a moment when we stopped. “You’re mine now,” she said.

“And You’re mine,” I said.

She wrapped her strong legs around me and squeezed me. I’d never felt so in love and so safe with someone. Then we drifted off to sleep.

In the middle of the night, we woke up and were all over each other. I felt so hot and the sweat was pouring off me as we tangled our legs together and kissed. She sat up on the bed and I got on top of her, my legs wrapped around her waist. “I want to carry you into the shower and fuck you,” she said.

We got out of bed and she gave me a robe. We slipped out into the empty hallway and went into the shower room. Kristen turned on the water and we took off our robes and we made out all over the room. She picked me up and I wrapped my legs around her and she leaned against the wall, her strong arms holding me as we kissed. Then we got into the shower and she put me down and we soaped each other up. She began fucking me with her fingers. I lifted my leg and she went deeper and moved with her. “Fuck me, fuck me,” I whispered to her and as I came I held on to her and cried out. “I don’t want this to end,” she whispered.

“Neither do I,” I said.

We dried each other off, went back to her room and made love again.

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