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Primal Fishing

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This is for all my fans out there who just love my vision of blow jobs!


Jamie zipped his bag shut with a flourish, “There! All packed.”

Lisa, who had been watching him with her hands on her hips said, “That can’t possibly be all your taking! You’re going for 3 nights!” She walked over to his dresser and began pulling out socks and underwear.

Jamie didn’t see her as he said, “Well, no, I don’t have the cooler packed yet. I sti….What are you doing?” He saw her coming with half the contents of his drawer in her hand and said, “Hey! Stop that.” He took the items from her and put them back in his drawer. “I’m not 5 years old going to Grandma’s over night, you don’t need to pack for me.”

She dropped her hands and sighed. “I’m sorry, I don’t know why I’m acting like this. It’s not like we’ve never been apart before. I did spend two weekends away from you just recently.”

Jamie chuckled, “This isn’t exactly the same thing you know. We’re going fishing for 3 days in the middle of the wilderness. You have a right to be worried.” He smiled and cupped her face in his hands. Looking into her eyes he smiled then kissed her all over her face. She smiled back.

Stepping away from him to walk into the kitchen she said, “Who are you going with again? Refresh my memory.”

Jamie thought for a moment, “Greg, Syd and Jason. From the rugby team. Remember?” He leered at her.

She giggled, “Hoo yeah! I remember.” After thinking for a moment she said, “I wonder whatever happened to the other Greg. You know the one who got to break the strap-on’s virginity.”

Jamie shrugged, “I don’t know. He was fun but apparently he doesn’t think much of us. Oh well, we don’t need him, do we my love?”

Lisa slid her arms around his waist again and pressed her breasts to his chest. She shook her head and raised her lips to him. A long passionate kiss moved into hands roaming and buttons undoing. A moment later, a horn honked outside. “Damn,” Jamie murmured, “just when I was about to say goodbye properly.”

Lisa groaned and stepped away from him, “Go Honey, we’ll pick up where we left off when you get back.” He grabbed his bag and walked out to Syd’s truck.

Lisa followed him and waved to the guys, “Hello boys! How are ya?”

They all whistled and one yelled, “Always better when we see you Babe!” She laughed and shook her ‘ta-tas’ at them. They hooted again and drove off, leaving her laughing on the back porch.

Chapter Two

Syd got out of the truck to check in with the park staff. Jason looked around from the back seat and said, “This is exactly what I was looking for guys.”

The other guys shrugged, “Wait for Syd to come back.” When he did come back he handed Greg a map of the park. “Follow the red line, tell me where to go.” The other guys laughed, joking that they’d tell him exactly where to go. Laughter rang through the park as they drove to their site by the water.

Syd told them that he had arranged a private site by the water. “I hope everybody brought their poles! Some of the biggest fish live in this lake. There’s a pier near our site and we can walk right into the water from the shore at our site.”

Jason, Greg and Jamie nodded approvingly and Jamie swatted Jason in the back of the head. “I told you Syd wouldn’t let us down!!” Jason groaned in mock pain and hit Jamie back. They wrestled for a bit as they arrived at the site. Jamie could feel his cock start to swell and hoped no one noticed.

They trooped out of the truck and set about setting up the campsite. It was a good thing that Syd’s truck could hold a heck of a lot of stuff. Three coolers, two tents, 4 sleeping bags, 4 poles and tackle boxes, gym bags full of the minimum amount of clothing took up a lot of space. Greg’s bag also held a box of condoms and a tube of KY but no one knew that.

Jamie had been thinking that maybe this weekend could turn out like one of the stories he had read on He was hoping so, he’d love to get his mouth on these guys. It made blood rush to his groin just contemplating it.

Unlikely though it may seem, Jason had been wondering something along those lines himself. He wanted to know if they would end up having a circle jerk. He figured that since they had all fucked Jamie’s wife, there should be no problem getting down and dirty in their conversations.

All Syd could think about when they had started planning this trip was Greg’s hand spreading KY all over his cock when he was going to fuck Lisa’s ass. He hadn’t forgotten the feel of Greg’s big strong hand stroking him.

Greg suspected these things, he was a smart cookie. He was also bi, but had kept it well hidden. He had known the time would come. Thankfully, they had come up with the trip. He mentally rubbed his hands together with glee. He couldn’t wait.

They got the stuff out of the truck and set things up. They threw up the tents and decided that Jason and Syd would be sharing one and Greg and Jamie the other. Greg stared speculatively at Jamie. He thought there was something about him that Greg couldn’t put his finger on. He thought that maybe Jamie was bi.

Jamie’s eyes followed Greg as he got his fishing gear together. He wanted him, bad. He wondered if he could get him to at least swap hand jobs. Perhaps if he could get him talking about the times with Lisa…..

By the time they got everything together and the fire roaring enough to throw the steaks onto it was about 8 in the evening. The shadows were getting long and they were all ready to settle down with the cooler of beer and their food. Being men they decided to get up with the dawn to start fishing. So they all went to their tents.

Jamie undressed to his jockeys and slipped into his sleeping bag. Greg undressed to his jockeys and lay down on top of his sleeping bag. He put his hands behind his head and sighed. Jaime jerked his head up at the sound, “Is something wrong Greg?”

Greg chuckled, “No Jimmy my boy, nothing’s wrong, I was just thinking bout the other boys.” Jamie sat up frowning, Greg knew he didn’t like that particular name, nothing was working out so far. Greg didn’t want to talk about Lisa, he wanted to talk about he other guys. Mentally he groaned and thought why not.

“What about them?” he asked

Greg was silent for a long moment. So long Jamie thought he wasn’t going to answer, he almost asked again when Greg spoke up. “I think Jason might be bi curious. He’s always looking at guys groins.”

Jamie shrugged, “What’s wrong with that?”

“Nothing nothing! As a matter of fact, I’M bi. Have been for years.”

Jamie stared at him open mouthed in shock, “YOU ARE!?”

Greg hurriedly sat up and said “Shhhhhh! I don’t want the guys to know!! Yet.”

“Good lord Greg! Why didn’t you tell me? We could have had so much more fun that night you were over with Lisa and I!” Jamie spoke quietly but urgently. “I’ve been wanting you since we first met.”

Greg looked at Jamie. Searched his eyes for the truth. He liked what he saw and leaned forward. Jamie, sensing what was to come, leaned forward too and their lips in the most passionate kiss either one of them had experienced.

Their worlds collided, melded, became one. Neither of them knew where the other began. Hands roamed, stroking chests, backs – anything they could reach. They stroked each other’s cocks, exploring balls, marveling in the texture of their skin.

Jamie broke the kiss and they stared at each other with their foreheads touching. Jamie breathed out with an explosion of breath. “I never knew it could be like that! Not even with Lisa has it ever been so intense. Lord, I’m so hard my cock aches.”

Greg laughed quietly, “I know exactly how you feel! I can’t wait to feel you better.” With that they started kissing again. Greg trailed his kisses down Jamie’s neck to his chest. He laved Jamie’s nipples, sucking on them and twirling his tongue over them. Jamie moaned and held Greg’s head closer to him.

Greg moved his mouth further down Jamie’s body, leaving a hot trail of kisses and saliva. He stopped momentarily to look into Jamie’s eyes and Jamie smiled at him. Greg wrapped his lips around Jamie’s cock and swallowed it in one motion.

Jamie groaned at the heat and the feel of Greg’s throat working on him. Greg slowly let Jamie slide out of his mouth then swallowed him quickly again. He did this over and over till Jamie was panting and begging him to stop. “Stop! Stop or I’m going to cum!! Let me at your fabulous bod first!”

Greg laughed and gave him one last slow suck as he let go. Jamie gritted his teeth in a supreme effort to keep from blowing his load. He lay there for a second after Greg let him go. Then he lunged. He forced Greg onto his back.

“Now for my revenge!” Jamie laughed evilly. He started in much the same way Greg did, kissing down his neck, paying attention to Greg’s ears. Greg moaned and tried to move. Jamie held his head and teased him mercilessly. Finally he moved on.

He lavished Greg’s chest with kisses and nursed at Greg’s nipples so long Greg started to hurt a little. He finally pushed him away. Again, Jamie laughed. He kissed his way down and licked all around Greg’s cock, teasing him further.

Finally, he enveloped Greg’s cock with his mouth. Jamie moaned, loving the taste of his best friend. He deep throated him, licking all he could. Then he bobbed his head up and down, enjoying the sounds of pleasure coming from Greg’s mouth.

He let Greg fall out of his mouth and moved his attention to Greg’s sac. He gently took one of Greg’s balls in his mouth and rolled it around, then he did the other. He pushed Greg’s knees up to his chest and began rimming him.

Greg gasped as Jamie’s hot tongue probed his ass hole. Jamie licked Greg’s crack, pushing his tongue in his hole, fucking him with his tongue. Soon he replaced his tongue with one very wet finger. He slowly began pumping that one finger in and out. Greg was soon begging for more. Jamie added one more then two more fingers as he went back to sucking Greg’s cock.

Greg could feel his balls start to churn as he came close to cumming. “God man! I’m going to cum!” Jamie sucked harder and finger fucked harder. He stroked Greg’s prostate with every thrust. Greg’s cum exploded into Jamie’s mouth and he choked on it a little. He quickly regained control and swallowed as each burst came.

Finally, after 5 or 6 bursts of cum Greg was drained. He lay there panting for a moment as Jamie backed off a little. He looked at Jamie and said “You haven’t cum yet. I want you to fuck me. Fuck me hard.”

Jamie stared at him, “Are you sure?” Greg reached into his nearby bag and pulled out the condoms and the tube of KY. He gave them to Jamie. Jamie quickly rolled a condom on and squeezed some lube onto his hand. He stroked his cock, rubbing the KY in. He lubed Greg’s asshole with it, he made sure he was slick and positioned his cock at the edge of Greg’s sphincter.

Greg pulled his knees up tight and craned his head to watch as Jamie’s cock slowly disappeared inside his ass. Jamie moaned with the tight feeling enveloping his cock. He slipped past Greg’s ring easily, letting him know he wasn’t the first. He buried himself in Greg’s ass all the way to the hilt, his balls resting Greg’s ass.

They stared at each other for another moment, then Greg squeezed Jamie with his fuck tunnel and Jamie started stroking. Slowly, deeply he fucked Greg, making love to him with all the lust he’s felt for him for so long.

Greg watched the pleasure dance across Jamie’s face, happy that they were in this place. His cock started to harden again and he began to beg Jamie to fuck him harder. Jamie complied, pounding into him, balls slapping against him. Jamie moaned as he quickly felt his cum start to rise.

“I’m not going to last long Babe! It’s starting to happen! I’m going to cum soon.”

Greg nodded, “Give me all you got! I’m ready!” He squeezed Jamie harder with his internal muscles. Jamie grunted and slammed into Greg, and as he did he blew his load.

Greg could feel Jamie’s cum pumping into him and he loved every second. He moaned as he felt himself start to cum again. He blew all over his chest as Jamie collapsed on top of him. They lay there panting as Jamie’s cock softened and slipped out of Greg’s ass.

Jamie chuckled, “Well, I can’t flush this condom down the toilet. I certainly hope no one is outside!” Greg laughed in agreement and handed Jamie a Kleenex.

Jamie stood up on wobbly knees and headed out of the tent. He was pulling the condom off when he bumped into Jason. Startled, he looked up and saw the expression on Jason’s face. Jason turned away.

“Jason! Wait!” Jamie went after Jason as he started to walk away, “Wait! I know what you’re thinking!”

Jason whirled around, “I doubt that VERY much Jamie! You have no idea what I’m thinking.”

Jamie looked at him curiously, “So why don’t you tell me?”

Jason’s eyes welled up with tears, surprising Jamie. “If I had known you were interested in men I would have said something. Long ago. I fell for you ages ago, but I thought you weren’t interested in men so I said nothing. It was YOU I wanted, not Lisa that day. Although she’s a pretty hot little number, but I couldn’t say anything because the others were there. Now I know that Greg wouldn’t have said anything. I’ve been listening outside the tent for the last hour.”

Jamie was stunned, he had to sit down. He looked around and sat on the picnic table. He stared at Jason in shock. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He shook his head and realized he was still carrying the condom. He threw it into the fire pit. Now that every one knew what he and Greg had been up to it didn’t matter. Surely Syd was listening in his tent. No walls around here to promote a private conversation.

Greg came out of the tent with a pair of shorts for Jamie and Jamie gratefully put them on. Greg looked at Jason. He still had tears on his face and Greg gently wiped them off. “I suspected this about you Jas, but it’s hard to say something when you’re not 100% sure, isn’t’ it.” Jason nodded in agreement.

“Jason,” Jamie stood and walked toward him with his arms open, “I had no idea, Lisa says I’m somewhat dense, I guess this proves it, eh?”

Jason chuckled in spite of himself and stepped into Jamie’s embrace. “Yeah, it does. mmmm This is nice.” He squeezed Jamie tight or a moment then let him go. “Let’s talk about this tomorrow. The fish will be waiting to jump on our hooks early, let’s get some sleep.” Jamie and Greg nodded and both kissed Jason on the lips lingeringly. They walked towards their tent and stood outside till Jason went into his.

Greg and Jamie slept the night away cuddled in each other’s arms.

Chapter 3

The next morning Syd was unusually quiet but the others joked around. They picked on each other, laughed and generally scared the fish away. Syd grumbled a couple of times but didn’t do anything about it.

After supper they sat around drinking beer and telling tall tales. The anticipation between Greg and Jamie could be felt, Jason was experiencing some tension too. Finally Syd could take it no more. He set his beer down and stood up.

“Alright punks. You guys think you’re so tough and so macho. Well, I have a challenge for you.” He crossed his arms and waited.

The other guys looked at each other and shrugged. Greg said, “Ok PAL, what’s your challenge?” The other two made noises of agreement.

Syd began undoing his pants, “I haven’t had sex in a while. With a woman or a man. Let’s see which one of you can get me off first. Then we’ll see who can get me back up. You can’t touch me for the second part.”

The three men sat there in shock. Jason was the first to stutter out an answer, “W-w-what makes you think we would do that?” Syd laughed and skinned his boxers down to reveal his perfectly shaped 7 inch cut cock.

“Because, lover-boy, I heard you all last night. ESPECIALLY you two!” He pointed at Greg and Jamie They grinned sheepishly.

Greg spoke up, “Fine Syd, we accept. Isn’t that right gentlemen?” At their nodded consent he said, “Let’s get naked! Syd you sit down while we decide how best to do it. You won’t last long.” Syd laughed with disbelief and sat down. He removed his shirt and watched while the boys removed their clothes.

He tried to listen as they conferred. Frustrated that he could hear nothing, he closed his eyes and slowly stroked himself. He let his mind wander back to the day they were all with Lisa. That’s when he realized he couldn’t hide any more. He knew he was gay, and he intended to take advantage of it today. He was delighted that these guys were all in to men.

While he was thinking the guys decided what they were going to do – Greg was going to stick his dick in Syd’s mouth while Jason and Jamie sucked his cock. They told him to keep his eyes closed, move his hand and open his mouth. Syd cracked an eye open and was immediately scolded. He did what he was told.

Jamie and Jason pulled him deeper into a slouch in the chair so they could have easier access to him and so that his mouth was a Greg’s dick level. As Jamie wrapped his mouth around the head of Syd’s cock Jason began tonguing his balls and Greg shoved his cock in Syd’s open mouth.

Syd was in heaven. He had two mouths on his pleasure parts and one in his mouth. He sucked hungrily on Greg and Greg swayed a little. He moaned and grabbed the back of Syd’s chair.

Jamie bobbed his head up and down with tight suction as Jason swirled a testicle around in his mouth, savoring the flavor. Syd moaned, adding vibrations to the sensations driving Greg mad. He felt his balls swell as his body prepared to blast his spunk into Syd’s mouth.

Jamie pulled Jason’s mouth up to join his on Syd’s cock. The two of them licked him up and down like a Popsicle. Jason started at the top and Jamie started at the bottom, they kissed around the cock between them when they met in the middle. They licked him till he was begging for more.

“Please! Please let me cum! Oh GOD!” Syd groaned as he felt his cock swell more, harder than it’s ever been. He gripped their heads and sucked harder on Greg. Greg gasped and thrust into Syd’s mouth. He yelled as he came in buckets. Syd choked on the cum pouring down his throat then quickly straightened out. He swallowed Greg’s jism as quickly as it came, hot and sweet.

Jason wrapped his mouth around Syd’s cock and sucked for all he was worth. He dragged his head up and down, deep-throating him when he reached bottom and almost letting go when he reached the top. Jamie moved his head down to Jason cock and began sucking on his already rock hard member. It didn’t take long before he was moaning too.

Syd let go in a big way and poured hot salty cum down Jason’s eager throat. Jason swallowed and moaned as he quickly let go too. Jamie swallowed every last drop as it poured out of Jason.

Soon three out of the four men were gasping, trying to catch their breath after powerful orgasms. Jamie stood up, pointing his erection at all of them, “So. Now y’all are happy. What about me?” Greg burst out laughing. Syd and Jason looked at him in question.

“Well, look at the boy! He’s got his glory out for all of Mother Nature to see and we’re just lying around doin nothin about it. Ain’t it a beautiful cock?” He got up and walked over to Jamie, kneeling on the ground on one side of him.

Syd soon followed, “By golly sir, you are correct! That’s the most beautiful piece of meat I’s ever seen!” He kneeled down beside Greg. Jason crawled over from where he was and examined Jamie’s cock closely.

“Now, I haven’t seen many dicks besides my own, yet anyway, but I do declare it is prettyful!”

Jamie chuckled and tried to walk away. Greg grabbed him, “Where do you think you’re going buster? Did we say you could go anywhere?” The three of them pounced on him.

The car door slammed and Lisa rushed out the door to greet him. “How was your weekend darling?” She wrapped her arms around him and squeezed him tightly. She planted a kiss on him then turned to the rest of the gang, “Did you guys have a great time?”

She laughed as they all howled at her, “Too bad you didn’t CUM Lisa! It would have made it all better!”

Jamie said good bye to them all, laughing, as he led his wife into the house. “Let me tell you all about it, my honey, my baby, you’ll enjoy it almost as much as I did!”

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