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Just Another Day in the Life

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He stretches himself out, the sheets rustling as he flexes his muscles and lets out a long yawn. Nick smiles at the smooth, warm form resting at his side. Glancing over, he sees her red hair spilling across her face and pillow, her creamy white skin exposed to the air. She moans and moves closer to him, one arm draped across his chest while one leg slides up along his own.

Nick runs one hand along her tone back and along her shapely bottom, bringing forth a slight giggle.

“Nick…it tickles.” One of her dark eyes peaks out from under her red tresses and Nick stirs at it. He turns towards her, pushing back her hair to look at her sweet face with its rosy lips, and kisses her fiercely. Her body pushes up against him, her full breasts sliding against his muscled chest, her stiff nipples against his sparse black chest hair. One of his hands finds the gentle curve of her bottom and moves in between her thighs to find her moist lips. Her own gentle hands move down his chest to find his stiff member, running her fingers along his thick length, all the way up to his tip and the metal ring piercing it. She works him with a profound expertise, bringing a healthy growl to Nick’s throat.

“Uh, Carly, your hands are magic.” She pulls back as well, moaning with her forehead in his chest. “Nick…your fingers…more.” She lets out the briefest of gasps as Nick pushes three fingers deep into her wet pussy.

They work each other with their hands with well-versed expertise, playing each other’s bodies like instruments. Eventually, Carly twists about finding his engorged cock with her mouth. Nick grunts in satisfaction, as he is ever amazed at her ability to take him deep into her mouth. He looks down his hardened form to see his big, thick organ disappear down her throat. He looks back up and finds her spread before him. He peeks the little strip of red hair that always makes him smile and her little ring piercing her erect clit. He finds her wetness with his tongue, delving into her as he begins to work her with the same urgency that she attends him.

After some time, Carly whips her head back and groans, “Nick…come on! I have class… Stop teeeaaaasing me.” Her hands wrap around his cock, each barely able to wrap around his girth as they work up and down his length with room to spare. With a dancer’s grace and flexibility, she twists about, swinging her legs around to easily straddle Nick’s legs with his member resting against her pubis.

Nick smiles at the red-haired beauty in front of him, always amazed how fresh and sensual she was, morning to evening. She smiles down at him and winks. Her face makes a slight pout. “Don’t you want to give me this big cock, Nick?” He growls and grasps her tight waist pulling her forward, his cock sliding between her lips until its ringed head rests at her entrance.

Carly’s eyes widen, then scowl as he keeps her poised, just on the edge. She smiles, then twists and forces herself down, her eyes rolling back in her head as she impales herself upon him. In moments she is riding him as his hands run along her body, her perky full breasts and her nipples. At one point, as her breathing increases and her cheeks grow flush, Nick grabs her and twists her, moving on top as he begins to thrust into her, her legs wrapping around his waist. Their breathing becomes stronger and their groans increase in tempo until they both reach their peak. Nick grunts as his cock becomes iron hard and erupts deep within her tight pussy which contracts in her own climax. Eventually he pulls back, his wet cock pulling from her now very wet sex and they lay on the rumpled bed together.

Eventually Carly sits up on one elbow and looks at Nick, a sheen of light sweat covering her naked, curved body. She shakes her head when she sees the gleam in Nick’s eye. “You are so bad. I have to get to class!” He reaches for her sides, but she yelps and leaps from the bed, her rounded, perfect little bottom causing Nick to pause and enjoy her little dance into the bathroom.

Nick lays back and listens to the shower, Carly’s voice carrying through the door as she gets ready for her early morning college class. The bedroom is decidedly hers, girly and smelling of perfumes, incense, and of her, his fianc‚e. He tries to imagine when the semester is done, she will have graduated and they would finally be free to move out to the west coast and start their new life together.

His reverie is interrupted as Carly comes out of the bathroom wearing a red lacy bra and a pair of red-laced boy shorts that hugged her exquisite ass to perfection.

“So I have classes until 2, then study session with Carol and Martin,” she pauses, her summer dress having just been pulled down across her body, just barely blue enough to keep those red underthings from showing through. She gives Nick a quick faux dirty look, “Come on, don’t roll your eyes. Martin is a nice guy.”

Nick chuckles, “A nice guy who wants to get into your panties.”

She smiles and tosses her skirt just enough to flash a hint of her red shorts, “These? But really, then I’m having dinner with Samantha and then I’ve got work tonight.”

Nick smiles, “You know Violet and Peter have been asking us to hang out with them before we leave.”

Carly winks at Nick and grabs her backpack and slides to the bedroom door.

“See you at the club tonight!” Nick shouts. Carly gives him a hard look. “Shhhh! You’ll wake her!” She blows him a kiss and leaves.

Nick takes a moment to relax, then pulls himself out of bed and goes through his morning routine, which consists of about 20 minutes of yoga, then another 20 minutes each of sit-ups and pull-ups on his doorframe gym. He starts the shower and washes his face. Just a hair over six feet with dark brown hair shaved close to his skull and a slight stubble that Carly initially disliked but now insists he keep. “I like how it tickles my thighs!” she likes to say. Nick is lean but muscular, more so than he was a year ago thanks in part to the yoga . His pectoral muscles and abdominals are pronounced and tight with a dusting of dark hair on his chest and stomach. Nick never really thought much about his appearance growing up. It wasn’t a priority. If anything, he always tried to keep a low profile. His first real girlfriend, Kira, used to give him a hard time, but she was so exotic and pretty herself, he sort of got lost in her attitude and appearance. But if anything these past two years has taught him, it was that girls seemed to like what they saw, and in this Nick had gained confidence. Carly often made fun of him that it had grown past confidence into overconfidence.

Finally he jumps in the shower, beginning to clean himself and thinking about the coming day…he never hears the door open. So he is pleasantly surprised when the shower curtain pulls aside, revealing the eighteen-year-old blonde teen in a purple t-shirt with a black-winged fairy on the front. Pushing the pink and purple streaked hair behind her ear, Cassie’s mischievous blue eyes shamelessly look Nick’s wet form up and down before she licks her lips and says, “Good morning, Nick.”

Nick smiles and continues to soap himself, taking care to run his hand down his half-erect penis, much to his visitor’s enjoyment. “Cassie, can I help you with something?”

Cassie smirks and turns around to look into the mirror, bending over slightly as she talks, knowingly revealing her tight ass that slides out from under her t-shirt. Her bare young lips peeking through.

“I was having a wonderful dream and then I heard this moaning. At first I thought it was in my dream…” she glances over her shoulder and winks, “I was getting fucked up against a wall, you see, and it was soooo good.” She looks back in the mirror and splashes some water on her face, “But it turns out that it was you and Carly. Dirty morning sex.” She turns around and sits up on the counter a bit, the shirt once more rising up to reveal the hint of her shaved mons…but only a hint.

Cassie’s mom, Elizabeth, was a close friend of Nick’s father years ago. Very close friend, as it had become apparent. His path had crossed with theirs a couple years ago and while his parents had been gone for years, it was good to meet someone who knew them years ago. Cassie had gone from a sarcastic, precious teen to a…sarcastic, precocious 18 year-old. Her mother had taken a job in California but had asked if Cassie could stay with Nick and Carly to finish her last year of high school.

Cassie interrupts his thoughts as she pulls off her shirt and tosses it aside, entering the shower and pulling the curtain shut. She slides in, pale and lean with breasts that have filled out nicely in the past year. Never subtle, Cassie moves into Nick and puts both hands on his now rock hard cock. Her delicate fingers slide up and down his soapy member with loving care as she leans in and kisses Nick. She pulls on Nick’s manhood, taking him out from the direct stream of water and begins to rub her naked, nubile body against Nick’s, soaping herself as Nick moves his hand along her body, soaping up her perky breasts and lean, tight bottom. His fingers roam down on either side of her body, some of them sliding across her smoothly shaved pussy, dipping into her wetness as his other fingers slide in between her ass cheeks, running along her tight ring before finding those smooth lips from behind. Cassie shudders and gives a throaty laugh, “Oh yeah, I knew my dream would come true.” Nick turns her around and luxuriates in rubbing his member along her tight ass and in between her cheeks. “Hell yeah, Nick…rub it.” Cassie arches her back so that she can let his thick cock rub along and in between her lips. “Come on, Nick…” Nick punctuates her whines with a slow, steady push into her incredibly tight pussy, bringing a series of joyful moans.

Nick grunts as he pumps into Cassie, pushing her into the shower wall causing her tits to press against the wet tile and her hands to splay out, bracing herself and pushing back against each thrust. “Ugh….ugh…ugh…” Nick’s balls tickle her clit and innermost thighs as he fucks her hard. Cassie laughs and thrusts backwards as one of her hands reaches between her legs to massage her clit even more.

“Oh…Ohhh….Ohhhhh!!!!” Nick grimaces with a hint of a smile as he feels her contract on him like a vice. He slows his pace until he completes several long, leisurely thrusts. Cassie reaches behind her and grasps the base of his cock, sliding it from her wet lips then up, shivering as she feels his metal ring rub against her tight asshole. She looks back at Nick from between wet strands of hair and makes a surprised ‘oh’ face as she pushes the plum head of his erection ever so slowly into her ass. Then, just as the fat head clears her tight sphincter, she pulls it back out spins around and drops to a squat in the shower. Looking up at Nick, she begins to work the head of his cock, full and sensitive from plunging into her earlier. Her tongue and lips make their way along his veiny length, eventually finding his big balls, cleanly shaved and in her mouth in moments. Cassie’s hunger for his cock is intense. She sucks on him hard…vigorous…animalistic. One hands rests on his incredibly firm and ripped stomach while the other slides along his shaft.

Nick feels the pressure build and he hardens in her mouth. Smiling around him, she pops him from her mouth and tongues his cock piercing until he unleashes a torrent of cum in her face. Several streams lay thick, white fluid on her cheeks and nose, across her lips and chin. She opens her mouth and takes his head into it, letting the following ejaculations fill her mouth. Spent, Nick pulls back to see her cute little face streaked with his seed as she wantonly shows him the hard-earned mouthful of cum before swallowing it.

“Geez Nick, I don’t think I’ll need any breakfast this morning.” She pops up and begins to wash her face, playfully shoving Nick out of the way to command the primary part of the shower. Nick leans against the wall and watches her clean herself off. Cassie finishes and smiles at Nick. “Thanks for the shower. You can go ahead and finish now.” She hops out of the shower, briefly drying with a towel before walking naked into the other room. “And hurry up, Nick! I have school you know!”

Nick sighs and gets back to cleaning himself…again.


Nick drops Cassie off at her high school and does his best to ignore her as she flirtily flips her black goth skirt to clearly show her black thong and the tops of her white thigh-high socks.

Letting the images sit in the back of his mind, he arrives at the New Age shop where he works. Or rather, the smallish room in the back where he teaches yoga. Nick smiles at the various women getting ready for the class, all of them flashing their brightest smile back at him. Nick started the class working with the young college student, Tori, who worked in the shop and taught yoga on the side. Initially Tori liked the idea of having Nick around for herself, but eventually…as her class size kept growing she realized that her would-be boy toy had become an entirely new draw.

For his part, Nick really enjoyed his work. After the initial novelty, he began to really feel the benefits of the breathing techniques and stretching exercises. It provided a balance and calmness that he found comforting. The added stamina and muscle tone weren’t bad either.

Gazing across the room at the women getting ready for class…young and middle-aged women, wearing tight-fitting yoga pants and sports bras…he admits that there was certainly other perks. He kicks the class off and begins to walk them through the routines. Nick moves about them, gently touching and holding as needed to adjust their position.

He gets to one student, a leggy blonde with blue eyes and a full, rounded chest as she bends over in an awkward manner, almost exaggerated. Nick smiles and places a hand on her taunt stomach as he murmurs, “Evelyn, remember to keep your torso straight.” She smiles wickedly and slides back, only to move her hips such that Nick’s hand slides between her legs, his fingers along her warm mons. Nick smiles back and presses hard between her legs, enough for her to react to him. Cruelly, he pulls away and moves on to his next student.

Evelyn was not the only one in the room that liked to tease him. A couple of his students, Alex and Penny, were especially fond of messing with him. But none of his regular students could stir him like Evelyn. As the class progresses, Evelyn manages to cup his cock twice, presses her large breasts against his stomach, and bite his tight buttocks.

By the end, his penis was nice and full underneath his spandex thigh-length shorts. This did not go unnoticed by his attentive (and appreciative) pupils. Tori liked to refer to the effect as his “lure.” Nick was sure there was a fishing reference in there somewhere. But then again, Tori had told him this while bent over the bench in the changing room as Nick’s cock was hilt deep in her wet sex, her rich coffee skin and tightly curled hair laid before him.

So she was likely less then impartial about her attitude.

Nick walks into the store portion, giving a nod to the owner, Xander, as he gets ready to leave. A woman’s voice says, “You know, there is certainly a lot of crystal crap in this place. Do you buy into it?” Nick turns to Evelyn and shrugs, “You would be surprised how effective some of this stuff is.” Evelyn raises an eyebrow at Nick and he smiles back, “Yes…but there seems to be a lot of crystal rocks.”

Evelyn laughs and follows Nick as he leaves the store. “I’ve worked up quite an appetite, thanks to you. We’re having lunch…on me.” Nick smiles back at Evelyn and nods, but then adds, “I can’t linger though, I have a private appointment this afternoon.”

Evelyn pouts, guiding him to her elegant black BMW. “But Nick, that’s hardly fair.”

“I know Evelyn, but I do have other clients.”

Nick slides into the passenger seat as Evelyn slides behind the wheel. “Why of course you have other clients, but do they let you put that big cock of yours into every hole they have?”

Nick glances at Evelyn and sees the desire in her eyes, the ever present desire. As she drives, she works the manual stick of her car like it was something entirely different and Nick cannot help but feel a twinge.

They arrive at Patrice’s, an elegant but relaxed caf‚ and find themselves in one of their usual booths. Soon they are eating and drinking.

“You know, Nick. I don’t know what I’m going to do once you move out to California.”

Nick shrugs, “Easy enough, come visit Chastity at school. You can drop on by.”

Evelyn nods, sipping her wine, then replies, “Oh, you can count on that young man.” She pauses and smirks, “I am sure you’ll be seeing enough of Chastity as well.”

Nick’s cheeks color a bit at the mention of Evelyn’s daughter. A younger version of Evelyn with seemingly endless sexual appetite, Nick…and Carly…had missed her presence for a while and talked about seeing her again once they moved out to the coast. Smart as a whip and drop-dead gorgeous like a model out of Sports Illustrated, Chastity was nothing like her namesake and Nick was starting to heat up thinking about her.

He could feel his cock growing hard at the thought of her perfect, large breasts with the tiny golden hoop piercing their nipples and her long blonde hair that tickled her pert round ass. Legs that went on forever and a shaved pussy and tight little asshole that he had tongued dozens of times before she had gone away to college…and during her occasional visits home.

He is so hard that he can feel the wet pre-cum leaking from his cock. That is when he realizes that Evelyn’s hand was working him through his spandex, driving his length up to the point that the tip slides above his waistband.

Evelyn leans in and whispers, “Let me take you home and fuck you.”

Nick groans and mutters, “I have an appointment…”

Evelyn sighs, “Fine, then let me take you into the bathroom and help tame this beast.”

Nick raises an eyebrow then nods in his inevitable concession to her will.

Getting to the bathroom was awkward with Nick’s mammoth bulge and they have to pick the men’s room…the women’s bathroom simply had too much traffic.

Evelyn flicks the lock on the door and looks around. “Reasonably clean, but I am not touching anything in this place.”

She then drops with the agility and flexibility that demonstrates her commitment to yoga. She yanks his spandex down to pull out Nick’s thick cock and promptly wraps her mouth around it. Evelyn inhales him, taking it down her throat with a skill and ease that only his Carly could match. Her tongue works his shaft, even finding his balls she has him so deep.

Aware of time and clearly wanting his thick member somewhere else, Nick pulls her up and kisses her hard, his hands pushing under her sports bra to massage her round tits and hard nipples.

“You want to fuck my tits, Nick?” Nick groans and pushes them together, only to have her laugh and pull away. “Nope, sorry! Come home with me and you can push that big cock of yours between then and cum all over my face. Maybe turn around and fuck them while I lick your ass?” She pulls at her yoga pants, sliding them down to her knees to expose her neatly trimmed blonde pussy.

Nick’s fingers find themselves in between her lips and finds her so very wet. Evelyn strokes him with one hand while enjoying his fingers exploring her depths and stroking her clit on occasion. Finally she turns around to face the counter and mirror, bending slightly as Nick rubs his piercing against her lips. Evelyn looks up at Nick in the mirror through her blonde tresses and mouths, “Fuck me.”

Nick works his heavy cock into her easily, her wetness accommodating him handily. Knowing she liked it hard, Nick does not mess around. In just a minute, Nick is pounding Evelyn from behind as Evelyn bites her lip to keep from crying out. Her big breasts, pulled out of her sports bra, heave about with his thrusts and Nick relishes watching them in the mirror as he fucks her hard.

Evelyn reaches back and Nick feels her hand find her own asshole and dip two fingers into her own ass. Nick knows her ass well and knew that if he had gone home with her that afternoon, he would have spent half the afternoon ravaging that ass. As it was, Evelyn’s fingers work herself vigorously. Between that, Nick’s relentless thrusting, and her own excited state it’s only a matter of time before her body spasms in orgasm.

Nick keeps thrusting through her climax and Evelyn eventually smiles when she hears him growl, “I’m going to fill you with my cum.” Evelyn nods and gasps, “Oh yeah Nick. Fill me up you big nasty stud. Lube me up so Ben can fuck me nice and easy when he gets home tonight!” The thought of Ben, her husband, sliding his cock into her already cum-filled pussy is enough to send him over the edge. Nick unloads again and again into Evelyn’s pussy. When he pulls out, Evelyn leans over to suck him clean. Then, in an act of pure tease, plunges her two fingers in between her lips to pull them out, sticky with his semen, and suck them dry. She then leans against him and says with a tone of seriousness. “Nick, I really am going to miss you when you move.”

Nick smiles and gives her a brief hug, then the both of them get themselves collected. They sneak back into their booth, pay the bill, and make their way home. Evelyn drops Nick off at his car, but says before he leaves, “Next class, you’re mine…you know that right?”

Nick puts up both hands, “Yield…yes, absolutely.”

Evelyn’s eyes twinkle and she adds, “We’re going to have a party to send you and Carly off. You know that, right?”

Nick winks, “Hell yes you are.”

Evelyn laughs and drives off, leaving Nick to gather himself and make his way to his next appointment.


The house is a very nice one, typical for the neighborhood. Two stories with relatively large yard lots, everything well manicured and maintained, a large pool in the back. Nick adjusts his yoga mats and duffel bag as he rings the doorbell.

The woman who answers is another middle-aged woman with long black hair, tanned skin that makes Nick think of someone of Persian descent, and dark eyes. Short but shapely, she wears yoga pants that hug her hips but hang loose at the legs. She has a cut-off shirt that is also a bit loose and if she moves the right way, reveals the heavy breasts beneath.

“Nick! Running a little late, are we?” She opens the door and allows Nick into the house.

Nick nods and comes in. “Sorry Miranda. Had some hold over needs from my morning class.”

Miranda laughs, “This is why I like the private sessions. So, how are you doing?”

They chat and banter as Nick sets up his mat and gets his other equipment ready. Once done, Nick looks at Miranda and asks, “So, what do you want to work today?”

Miranda grins and looks a bit embarrassed. “Well, I was thinking since it’s summer…” And then she pulls off her shirt to reveal her nice, full breasts with long nipple and dark areolas. Nick gives her a wink and pulls off his own tight-fitting shirt to reveal his muscular chest. Miranda marvels at him for a bit, forgetting to be self-conscious. Then she glances down, involuntarily, as Nick continues to pull his spandex pants off. Miranda sighs as she looks at Nick’s swinging cock and she pulls her own pants down revealing muscled legs with a reasonably tone stomach and a trimmed but full black mounds of pubic hair.

Nick claps his hands together, catching her attention, and says, “Alright, starting pose.”

The first time Nick suggested “naked yoga”, he felt like a complete tool. He was even more surprised when one of his first clients, Rachel, jumped on the concept. Rachel, a wealthy divorcee, turned out to be far more adventurous than Nick ever thought, with a penchant for young women and a taste for domination. The proverbial Cougar, she was the one who gave Nick the confidence to suggest it to some of his other liberal-minded pupils.

Nick takes Miranda through her poses, just like he would in class. But his touches are enhanced by their mutual nakedness. Brushing her breasts, her ass, her lips…all served to excite Miranda. For his part, Nick’s own member begins to grow as the lesson progresses. His cock brushes her body as he moves to adjust her. He chooses a couple of poses knowing they would position his member so teasingly close to her face. He can feel her warm breathe on him, occasionally she even snakes a tongue to lick him. By the end of the session, his member is firm, hard, and thrusting out.

Miranda stretches, her eyes never leaving his cock, and then murmurs, “So…a massage?”

Nick smiles slyly, grabs his mat and takes it to her bedroom. Miranda lays down on her back to start with, unusual but not surprising given Miranda’s preference. Nick oils up his hands and begins with her feet. Initially, Nick’s commitment to massage was cursory, but he has quickly honed his craft. Carly saw to that…the girl LOVES massages. So Nick works silently up Miranda’s legs and thighs and really pulls and pushes on her muscle groups. He knows Miranda has a stressful job and he tries hard to knead that pressure away. He teases her a bit once he gets higher on her thighs, just the barest touch to her wet lips, before moving up her stomach, then her nice, round breasts. He ends with her shoulders and arms, then her neck. Miranda’s eyes are closed in pure ecstasy, but they flutter open as he moves back down. This time he moves down over her body, slowly pushing to the dark patch between her legs. His fingers work around her lips, eventually sliding into her wetness. His own thick cock dangles down enough that Nick can feel Miranda’s lips on his shaft.

Nick pushes apart her thighs and leans in to tongue her pussy as Miranda’s mouth brings his head into her mouth, sucking him slowly. They spend a few minutes working one another before Nick pulls back and turns Miranda over. This time, he oils his hand and a few inches of his throbbing member, then begins to work Miranda’s upper thigh and rounded bottom. He slowly inches his hands together until they finally meet at the wet lips of her sex. His fingers slide into her, drawing forth moans of pleasure as he works her, hooking his fingers to rub and explore her wet pussy, occasionally pulling out to delicately tease her clit. His thumbs start to creep up, resting on her tight ring. Over time, this pressure increases until one of them slides past her tightness and into her anal canal.

“Oh yeah….that’s where I keep all my tension,” Miranda barks and arcs her ass up slightly. Still using his fingers to stroke her sex, Nick renews his probing of her ass with his thumbs. At one point, he is alternating deep thrusts of either thumb into her ass, before bringing forth a grunt as both thumbs enter her at once. He hooks her and spread his thumbs apart, revealing a slightly gaping asshole.

Nick finally pulls his hands back, then smoothly moves forward and begins to work her upper shoulders. Miranda begins to protest that Nick was going in the wrong direction, until she recognizes that his cock is now wedged along her slit and ass. Oiled, thick, and unrelentingly hard, Nick begins to slide his cock back and forth; both Miranda and Nick enjoy the sensation of intimately stroking one another without any penetration.

This teasing goes on for a time, but Nick senses the growing tension and pure NEED in Miranda and in a sudden move, slides back farther on one of his thrusts and buries himself between those puffy, oiled lips. Miranda begins to moan evenly as Nick keeps her held down with his upper body, his hands working her back and shoulders as his cock stretches and massages her interior. He keeps his pace slow and steady, enough to satisfy but less than Miranda’s body seems to want. Bringing her to the edge of orgasm…and himself for that matter…Nick pulls out and resumes rubbing his thick erection between her ass cheeks. He continues this for a time, keeping the friction almost completely between his shaft and her puckered, oh-so-inviting asshole.

After a few more minutes of teasing, Nick pulls back and rests his thick head at the slightly open ring that he had worked so hard just a short while ago. However, when Miranda feels the pressure of his tool at her backdoor versus his thumbs, her eyes widen and a smile comes to her face. Because while the sensation of Nick’s fingers working her is fine and good, the feeling of his long, wide rigid cock sliding deep into her bowels was something completely different.

Nick drives himself relentlessly until all of his length is buried in her ass, then slides out in a slow, steady pace, only to push back in. Much like when he was fucking her before, Nick maintains the slow rhythm that seems to be Miranda’s preference. She likes to feel every inch of him, the slow tease and build-up of tension is more satisfying to this cougar than a hard-n-fast fucking.

For Nick, this was painful. He wants desperately to start thrusting harder, driving deeper under his powerful muscles and weight. But Miranda is his client and so he restrains himself, enjoying the silky sensation and trying not to cum.

Miranda’s body bucks briefly and she shouts out in pleasure as her climax comes upon her quickly and violently. Always surprised at how she can go from relaxed to the throes of passion so quickly, Nick takes advantage of it and thrusts deeper and harder into her ass. Without warning, Nick groans and cums deep in her ass, flooding her with his milky seed.

When he pulls out her ass gapes back at him, thick white fluid sliding out before him. Miranda turns onto her back and, once more, stares at Nick’s thick, swinging member, still engorged from their sexual activity.

“Brilliant Nick. Just as amazing as ever!”

Miranda gets a towel to clean herself off briefly and Nick does the same. She leaves to go get the money for their yoga session (with a substantial tip for other services rendered) and finds Nick checking a text on his phone, a smile on his face.

“I am going to take a shower…care to join?” Miranda asks hopefully.

Normally Nick would stay and get cleaned up. Between the oil, the cum, and Miranda’s abundant juices on his penis and thighs, he needs one. But the text belayed some sense of urgency.

“Would love to Miranda, but just got a text from a couple friends of mine. They want me to come to the gym for a workout. If I took a shower, I’d just have to take another one. They’re pretty crazy about their workouts.”

Miranda nods, looks Nick’s muscled form over once more, then smiles and says, “Well, by all means. You probably don’t keep that body just with yoga alone.”

Nick gets dressed and heads to his car, setting out to answer the text he just received. He just hoped that his body would respond to the call.

The high school was not too far from Miranda’s house. It stood largely empty as it was still summer. The only students and administrators at the building were those tied to sporting teams and the band. Nick parks along the side of the building and makes his way towards the main gym. He receives another message on his phone…the sixth since he had finished his session with Miranda. Nick shakes his head and mutters, “Patience” to no one in particular.

He enters the side door and moves through the hallways, trying not to draw attention to himself. Another buzz…another message. He finally finds himself in a locker room and he starts to say, “Mila, where the hell are you?”

A small shadow bounds out of the banks of lockers…Nick catches a blur of white, blue, and gold cheerleader outfit out of the corner of his eye before the lithe, tanned form presses against him. The little cheerleader raises the eyebrow of one of her hauntingly dark eyes, while bringing an exaggerated pout to her exotically beautiful face. “Hey Nick, took you long enough…” She swishes her eyelashes at him and goes up on her tip toes to kiss him hard on the lips while her hands slide down to cup his cock and balls through his spandex yoga pants.

Nick’s hands move down, slide up and under the short skirt to grasp her upper thighs before moving up, eventually cupping her tight, smooth ass. Mila smiles mid-kiss and whispers, “Like my photos?” She squeezes his big bulge and then yelps as Nick responds by squeezing her ass, letting his fingers creep between her bare ass cheeks.

Mila smiles, “Panties just get in the way.” She looks around then murmurs, “Ah, we should probably not do this out in the locker room.” She pulls back and bounces away from Nick, turning just enough to give him her come hither look before snaking back around the lockers again.

Nick follows her until they get to a door labeled “Equipment Room.” Nick opens the door and hears Mila say playfully, “Lock it!” and Nick quickly flips the deadbolt.

Nick turns around and sees Mila perched on a table, her white skirt riding up to show her silky thighs and rounded ass. Her knees bouncing back and forth, giving Nick a glimpse of her shaved little pussy.

Just then, Nick’s eyes adjust to the faint lighting revealing two more figures in tantalizing cheerleader outfits. One of them is a tall, pale girl with long black hair in a tight ponytail sitting nervously on a chair. Her dark eyes widen as she looks over Nick, her chest heaves in anticipation drawing Nick’s eyes to her large breasts as they strain against her top.

Standing next to her is an Asian girl with long, loose black hair, who smiles slyly as she props one of her long legs up on a chair. The propped leg causes her short skirt to slide up drawing Nick’s eyes away from her surprisingly ample breasts…to the landing strip of black hair leading to her exposed pussy. Her dark eyes drink in Nick as she works two fingers into her obviously moist sex.

Mila speaks up, “So I was talking to Whitney and Darcy and since you’re going to be leaving…” she makes a pouty face, “we thought you should give us our graduation gifts early. So Nick, think you and your big dick can take on three 18-year old cheerleaders?”

Nick shakes his head. “Aren’t you supposed to save the crazy sexual stuff for college?”

Darcy looks a bit sheepish and squirms on her chair, “Well, I’m probably going to be too busy studying.”

Mila chuckles and says to Darcy, “You know, you have to let it go every once in a while, girl.”

Whitney, who is still fingering her pussy without a hint of embarrassment, smirks and snarls, “Fuck, I want the AP credit.” She pulls her fingers out, licks them suggestively, and then pulls her top off to reveal her perky, compact breasts with tiny nipples. Whitney hooks her thumbs on her skirt, but Nick speaks up and says firmly, “No…keep the skirts on.”

Mila laughs and says, “Kinky. You know, Ginny and Chastity said you had a fetish for cheerleaders but damn…” She then pulls off her own top and hops off the table, her tight, firm tits barely moving, her dark nipples stiff and excited.

Darcy looks around then shyly pulls off her top, revealing her large breasts that defy gravity with their youth yet sway with her every movement.

Whitney looks at Nick and barks, “Alright then…strip.”

Nick peels off his shirt and then slides down his spandex pants. All three girls take in his body. Darcy’s face goes red, Whitney licks her lips, and Mila inhales deeply. Whitney then moves forward first, dropping into a squat and taking his thick cock into her mouth. Mila drops down beside her and the next thing Nick knows, both of them are languishing his member with their lips and tongues…working his shaft, playing with his piercing, and sucking on his heavy balls. On occasion, their lips would meet over and around his cock, their tongues intertwining in wet, sloppy kisses.

Whitney pauses and remarks, “You know, I could swear this cock tastes like you’ve been fucking someone else…recently.” Mila frowns, than agrees, “Yeah Nick…tastes like some girl’s wet pussy to me. That and just a hint of something else…” Nick replies by pushing his cock down her throat, practically gagging her.

Darcy watches for a bit, then gets up and comes over to Nick as he stands with two hot cheerleaders sucking his cock with total abandon. Nick’s hands slide through their silky loose hair until Darcy leans into his left side to kiss him, which Nick returns with passion. She pushes close, her large breasts pressing against his arm and chest as Nick’s hand finds its way to her beautiful, shapely bottom. Nick leans down to take her nipples into his mouth, sucking them and fondling her heavy breasts.

Whitney comes back up, grasping his thickness in her hand, and says, “Get on the mat, Nick. We are going to fuck you now.”

Nick moves to the wrestling mats on the floor, dropping down and half sitting, half laying back. Whitney straddles him and pushes his erection along her lips before impaling herself on it with a grunt. Mila pushes Nick back, only to straddle his face with her very wet, very shaved pussy. Nick inhales her musty scent and begins to work his tongue inside Mila, delving deep into her moist sex while occasionally sucking on her erect clit. Whitney starts bouncing up and down on Nick, one hand reaching out to touch Mila’s breasts while her other hand reaches behind her to alternately work on Nick’s balls or finger her own ass with great ferocity.

Nick loses track of what is going on around him. He occasionally gets glimpses of Mila and Whitney kissing and of Darcy sitting back and fingering herself while watching them. Whitney comes once on Nick’s big tool, but keeps going, insatiable in her need to take him deeper. Finally, she pulls off and Mila does the same. Nick makes a move to get up, but Whitney growls, “Not so fast,” pushing him back down and straddling his face with her sopping cunt. Mila takes Whitney’s place and Nick feels his head pierce her lips and eventually sink into her tight, tight pussy. Whitney rubs herself on Nick’s face aggressively and Nick, knowing how filthy Whitney can be, pulls her forward and sinks his tongue into her tight asshole. Whitney lies across his chest and he can feel her perky nipples against her chest hair. He hears Mila’s groans increase and peeks to see Whitney tongue her clit. Occasionally she slides her tongue along his cock, all the way until it disappears into Mila’s tight snatch. Nick tongues Whitney’s asshole then begins to work his fingers into her ass as well. Mila bumps and grinds on him, crying out in pleasure as she cums, squeezing him so hard. They continue on for a while, but eventually both girls pull off of him.

Nick glances to Darcy, rubbing her clit with her lower lip tucked between her teeth. “Alright you two…Darcy’s turn. Go entertain yourselves for a bit.” Mila and Whitney smile and drop back on the mat. Nick gets up on his knees and motions Darcy towards him. Darcy, shy and demure Darcy, slides down on the map onto all fours, stalks up to Nick and takes his still wet cock into her mouth. She cannot take it as deep as the other two, but she gives it her all. Nick runs his hands down her back to fondle her ass, spreading her cheeks before finally fingering her wet lips. Darcy is a virgin and Nick has strict rules about virgins. It’s not that he dislikes them; he just doesn’t want to be “the one” and be responsible for all the emotional sensitivity. Besides, Darcy is saving herself for her future husband, but she had clearly been willing to take Nick in other ways in the past. Thinking about those times, Nick runs his fingers along her asshole, teasing her.

Nick pulls back and maneuvers Darcy on top of him, pulling her mouth back onto his cock while his tongue slips between her lips. Darcy gets noticeably wetter now, the pure naughtiness of the 69 position running through her head. Eventually Nick finds his way further up, his tongue running along her tight ring, slowly working her ass until he can push his tongue into her which brings forth a moan from her stuffed mouth. Nick works her slowly, but with increasing intensity as he diligently works her ass open with his tongue and fingers. Say what you will about Darcy, uptight and outwardly repressed, the girl loved anal. Loved it with a passion that almost equaled Carly in intensity. Almost.

Nick slides out, bringing a groan of frustration from Darcy until he spins her around, getting up on his knees behind her. Darcy arches her back, pushing her ass up in the air and dropping her head down. Nick glances over to see Whitney and Mila locked in their own 69, fervently licking each other’s pussies. Nick takes his stiff cock and rubs it briefly across her lips before sliding it along the cleft of her ass. Nick teases her ring with his wide, pierced head before pushing it forward. The resistance is firm to begin with, but as he pushes past the ring and feels her tight, warm ass envelope him, Nick gets greedy and pushes harder. Darcy grunts and pushes back until all of Nick’s long, thick cock is buried in her ass. He then begins to pull out and slide it back in, increasing in speed over time. One hand reaches out and grasps Darcy’s ponytail while the other grasps her waist. His balls slap against her pussy as he pounds her. Both Whitney and Mila disengage and come over to watch.

“Holy shit, Darcy. Take that up your ass, girl!” Mila’s eyes are wide with jealousy. Whitney smiles and looks at Nick. “Pull it out, Nick.” Nick pulls free and looks at Darcy’s gaping asshole. Whitney leans in and sucks his wet cock, warm from Darcy’s ass. Mila leans in and helps her as well. Nick then pulls free and slides smoothly back into Darcy’s ass.

Nick spends a good amount of time driving his thick organ into Darcy’s bowels, occasionally pulling it out to let Mila and Whitney suck it clean. Once, Mila leaned down and instead of helping work his cock, she tongued Darcy’s ass for a time before going back to Nick’s balls. Darcy’s moans increase and eventually she screams out in pure pleasure as she cums…hard. Her ass grips his cock like a vice and Nick almost winces. She eventually slides forward, his massive tool popping free of her ass. She slides back and leans against a set of shelves next to the mat. Sweat pooled on her face, her skin flush with excitement, Darcy looks both completely satisfied and somewhat self-conscious of her acts.

For his part, Nick leans back on his knees and looks down at his hard cock. He feels like it’s as hard as steel and his balls felt like they could explode any minute. Whitney and Mila crawl up and begin to stroke him with their hands. “Come on, Nick…fuck our asses like you did Darcy? Please!”

Nick sighs, “Girls, I’m going to explode soon…I don’t think I could take both of you at the moment.”

They frown and huddle for a second, then turn around on their hands and knees, their pert bottoms facing him. They each begin to use one of their own hands to finger their own rectums while their other hand glides along each other’s ass…and ultimately pushing into each other’s ass as well. Tempted by these two displays of wanton sexuality, Nick moves in and pushes the fingers away from Whitney’s ass and pushes his member into her sphincter. Whitney takes his cock like a pro, easily accommodating his length and girth after some initial adjustments. Mila settles down in front of Whitney and Nick gets to enjoy seeing Whitney tongue Mila’s pussy and ass. Nick pounds Whitney, one hand grasping a fistful of hair while the other works Whitney’s clit until she comes hard.

Wasting no time, Nick pulls from her ass and moves forward, grasping Mila’s waist and slowly pushing his cock into her ass as well. Wet from Whitney’s intense licking, Nick relishes Mila’s tighter ass. Not satisfied with his angle, Nick rolls Mila back so that she lies back against his chest with his cock hilt deep in her ass. Mila adapts with the dexterity of a gymnast, using her legs to bounce up and down on his shaft. Whitney, not to be outdone, dives in between her legs and begins to eat Mila out as she gets ass-fucked. It is more than Mila can stand as she cums again, riding his monster tool.

At this point, Nick cannot hold it anymore. He erupts in her ass, jets of cum filling her. He pulls out briefly and sends long streams up into the air, catching Whitney’s face and hair, before plunging back and emptying his balls into Mila’s ass. Mila pulls free, exclaiming, “Oh my God, Nick. There is so much fucking cum in my ass!” Whitney slides forward pulling Mila’s gaping asshole to her mouth and begins to lick and suck the cum straight from Mila’s ass. Mila is surprised and Darcy gasps in shock, but Nick just smiles. Whitney had a filthy streak a mile long. He had seen her do things that would make both of her two friends go pale.

When Whitney finally finishes sucking her friend dry, she turns and shows Nick her epic mouthful of cum. Before she can finish getting up to move towards Mila, Darcy jumps up, grabs her head, and forces Whitney into a kiss. Before they knew it, Darcy had forced Whitney to drop all of the cum into her own waiting mouth. Showing it to Nick, Darcy then swallows the whole load.

Everyone pauses and Darcy’s eyes go wide. “Oh…oh my. I…I… what did I just do?”

Mila and Whitney fall apart laughing and Nick smiles. Nick looks at the group, sweaty and tired, and says, “So, how about a shower?”

They get cleaned up and Nick volunteers to give Mila a ride home before heading back to his house.

Mila goes inside where her mom has dinner waiting for her. She plops down on the dining room chair and winces a bit.

“What’s wrong honey?” Her mom comes over.

Mila shrugs. “Nothing, just fell funny in practice and hurt my bottom.”

Her mom nods and sits down, wincing a bit herself. Mila looks at her and frowns, “What happened to you?”

Her mom laughs and replies, “I had an intense yoga sessions today. I think I pulled something.”

Miranda and Mila continued to eat dinner in silence, both lost in introspective reflection.


Nick eventually gets home and takes a long shower, washing the late morning and afternoon’s activity from his body. Cassie left a note that she was going out with her girlfriend to a party and he had just gotten a text from Carly that she was catching dinner with Harley before they headed into the club.

Nick makes himself a quick meal, heavy on the fruit, and then relaxes in front of the TV. In no time, his eyes get heavy and he feels himself drift into sleep.

Nick snaps up, waking up when he hears his phone buzzing with a message. He checks it and realizes that it was already into the evening. The text was from Carly, letting him know that Violet was at the club tonight. Nick smiles and hauls himself up. He gets ready to go out, pulling on a dark blue button up make of Italian silk and a pair of loose, dark cotton slacks. No underwear….Carly liked to be able to reach in and grab him when she wants to.

Reasonably presentable, Nick finally heads out to the club.

Nick enters and is greeted by several of the bouncers and the girls manning the front desk. They all knew him and knew his relationship with Carly.

The music was in full swing as Nick enters the main floor. Several waitresses smile and chime in with their own greetings. Two of the dancers walk by, Satin and Cara, their large breasts barely contained by the bikini tops bounce as they walk by. “Hey Nick…” they say in unison. Satin pushes her fake platinum blonde hair from her eyes and asks, “So, you here for the evening or just stopping in?”

Nick shrugs, “I’m here till Carly’s shift finishes.”

Satin leans in and says quietly, “Then I’ll be coming to find you later, big boy.” She and Cara move off to the main floor, their rounded asses flashing him, just a thin strip of their lycra g-strings visible.

Nick finds a good spot where he can see the main stage and settles in, ordering a few drinks and chatting with a few girls he knows that stop by. He also enjoys a steady stream of young dancers sliding into his lap.

But the announcer finally gets his attention as they finally announce Scarlet to the main stage. Nick smiles and watches as Carly…or “Scarlet” moves onto stage. She is wearing a red lacy bra and a red g-string. Her body is lean but curvy due to her nicely sized breasts and her rounded bottom. She moves to the music naturally as she dances, every thrust and arch of her back in time with the music. Most of the girls had a consistent routine, but Carly liked to just let herself go with the music.

Like most dancers claim, Carly is going to school…just about to finish her business degree actually. A degree she is earning despite essentially being thrown out of her home by her dad four years ago. Nick is proud of her…just 22 and about to graduate on her own. A small rental house. Her own car. All earned on her own. Nick had never finished high school, much less college and he was only a year older than her. He had worked to get Carly back in touch with her parents and while her dad wasn’t too thrilled with her new fianc‚e, Nick could tell they were proud of what she had accomplished on her own.

Granted, they did not know anything about her current occupation. But as Nick watches Carly move on the stage, eventually pulling off her top and finishing her set, he admits that Carly was a natural at it. They had met at this club. He had gotten a private dance with Scarlet and another dancer named Destiny. Destiny was a short-haired brunette with large, fake breasts and had invited him back to her place after her shift ended. Nick managed to convince her to invite Scarlet along. In the end, while the sex with Destiny was fine, his infatuation with Scarlet…or Carly, blossomed.

Over the next few hours, Nick entertains some more dancers but Scarlet never comes by. Just as he starts to get slightly irritated, a blonde girl bounces in his lap.

“Nick! Big dick Nick…how the hell are you?” Candy straddles his lap, her lands moving up his chest. She is a model of a stereotypical dancer…long yellow-blonde hair with exotic lavender eyes thanks to contact and nice, well-rounded, full breasts that have been augmented a bit too much for her small frame. Candy is especially handsy, grasping and working his cock through his pants leg.

“You looking for your little redhead?”

“Yeah, actually. She has not come by at all since her dance on the main stage.” Nick’s hands move along her smooth bottom.

“She did such a good job, she caught the eye of a high dollar brother. Some rapper and his crew. They are tossing lots of cash around and she’s milking him.” Candy emphasizes her last statement as she pulls on his cock a bit.

“And you’re not with them?”

Candy laughs. “Oh, I was…and will be again. But I gots to come see Nicky. You want to come to the private rooms?”

Nick smirks and flexes his member to Candy’s delight. “Maybe…”

Candy leans in, “Would it help you to know that Scarlet just went back there a few minutes ago with the rapper?”

Nick raises an eyebrow, then sits up and slides Candy off of him. She bounces around and takes him by the hand, towards the private rooms.

The private rooms in this club consisted of booths behind a curtained area. The booths extend down each of two narrow hallways on either side of the curtain. The booths allow reasonable privacy, but you can definitely see some of the activity going on if you are in an adjacent booth. Candy leads Nick to the second hallway and turns left. The most secluded sets of booths, the row only has one other occupant and Nick sees Scarlet moving on the lap of some other man. It appears he is dressed in some sort of track suit (Nick internally rolls his eyes) and is leaning back so Nick cannot see any more of him.

Candy pushes Nick onto the bench and begins to move and dance in front of him, very carefully to make sure some part of her body is touching his groin or inner thigh at any given time. Nick leans forward, glancing towards Scarlet and finds her bent away from her customer and grinding backwards, clearly working his crotch. Her breasts are free now and she glances towards Nick and seeing him, smiles and blows him a kiss.

Candy pops off her top, letting her high, heavy breasts free for Nick to touch, then pushes them into his face to lick and tongue her pert nipples. Nick begins to engage Candy more directly, his hands moving along her smooth thighs and ass, eventually sliding his fingers under her barest of g-strings to stroke her shaved mons. Candy moves with the music, putting on the appearance of a lap dance, but she fervently unzips his pants and pulls his cock out to stroke it. They continue to tease one another with their fingers for some time.

Candy pulls him forward at one point and motions him to look back down the hallway. Nick glances and sees that the other customer is now sitting back so far that his legs and lower half seem to be pushed out farther. Scarlet straddles him, facing away from him as she pushes her ass back and forth. Her hands are down and Nick can see that a big black cock has been pulled from the track suit pants. She is working it, even rubbing it against the thin material of her g-string as she slides forward. Scarlet sees him and Candy and pushes her ass way, way back and drapes her long red hair across her customer’s waist. She takes the hard black cock in her mouth and drives to its base in one motion. The legs of her customer tense in surprise and Nick chuckles. Carly could take Nick down her throat with ease, almost casually. While the rapper has a reasonably impressive member, it was not Nick’s thick, long cock which Scarlet handles easily.

Nick’s attention returns to Candy as he feels her own mouth on his cock, the barbell piercing in her tongue running along his length. Candy is infinitely inventive in her ability to move around Nick’s body in her “dancing” while sucking his cock and balls with such vigor. For his part, Nick’s hands tweak her nipples and eventually plunge into her slick, wet pussy.

Finally, Candy cannot take it anymore. “I want your cock in me, Nick.” Spinning and sitting in his lap, she pushes aside her g-string and quickly wedges his wide head in-between her lips, engulfing his member and sliding back into his lap. At this point, Candy just grinds back into his lap in the same way she did in the main area…just with his thick cock pushing into her with every thrust. Nick grasps her breasts from behind and leans forward. This allows him to bite her shoulder and get a better angle on her big tits, and see more of what Scarlet was doing.

Scarlet was on her knees working the black cock with her hands and mouth. All pretense of dancing gone, she was sucking and tonguing him with all of the skill and artistry that Nick knew quite well. Scarlet works him harder and soon enough the cock in her mouth pulses as the customer cums in her mouth. Milking him hard, she pulls back and opens her mouth to her customer, then closes it and swallows.

Candy grunts and leans back, pushing Nick away from being able to see and spins around…while keeping Nick’s cock in her…and pulls him into a kiss. Candy begins to ride him vigorously, grinding her clit until she cums, hard, on top of him. She then slides off and onto her knees, pushing her big tits together and sliding his cock between them as she takes his tip and a few more inches into her mouth with each thrust.

It is during this that Scarlet comes through the hallway with her customer in-tow. Her top back on, she gives Nick a wink and keeps walking. Mr. Track Suit appears to be a muscular black man with a big gold chain, sunglasses, and a shaved head. The guy pauses when he passes Nick’s both, pushes the sunglasses to the tip of his nose, and says, “Damn man…get some, son!” He flashes a gold-toothed smile then continues to leave.

Candy, bless her heart, never stops and Nick feels the build-up in his balls until he erupts in her mouth and in-between Candy’s big tits. Candy licks and swallows his cum eagerly, eventually leaning back when Nick finishes and plays with the cum on her tits. “Fuck Nick…you are such a firehose.”

She stands up and they both get themselves situated before going back into the club. Candy gives him a pat on the ass then heads right over to the entourage of the rapper. Scarlet is nowhere to be seen until Nick feels a tug on his arms. He turns and finds Scarlet/Carly standing in her red attire, next to her is a tall woman with dark hair and eyes, their friend Violet. She has nice, big breasts…augmented…and is wearing a black teddy top and a pair of lacy boy shorts which accent her long legs and torso.

“Hey baby, I’m about to wrap up for the night. Violet and Peter wanted us to come over tonight to play. You still up for it?”

“Up for it? I’ve been waiting all night!”

Violet winks at Nick and replies, “Well then…let’s get going.” The two sashay off to the dressing rooms while Nick makes his way outside, saying goodbye to various waiters, dancers, and bouncers as he leaves.

Nick waits for Carly to get into his car. She is dressed casually, a tight t-shirt and a pair of cut-off denim shorts with her duffel bag and book bag. They kiss hard, lingering for some time, before Carly leans back and murmurs, “So good to see you. And I am so horny…I got worked up tonight for some reason.” She gives him a sly look, “Possibly because of all the pics I got earlier today.”

Nick frowns, getting the car on the road. “What pics?”

“Oh, you and three cheerleaders fucking like there was no tomorrow….”

Nick grunts then sighs. “Sent from my phone? God, those girls!”

Carly laughs. “Come on, Nick. You love it! And when are you going to bring Darcy by! And you only brought Mila over once. I could totally fuck either of those two…hard!”

Nick smiles. “Darcy is shy about girls…but Mila. Yeah, I could probably arrange something.”

Nick then spends the rest of the drive describing his day. Carly squirms in her seat, peppering him with questions and details. She seems to be disappointed that he did not have more pics from his phone, but overall by the time they arrive at Violet and Peter’s house, she is wet and ready for anything.

And knowing Violet and Peter, that was just what they were going to get.


The door opens and it’s Peter who greets them. Attractive with short black hair, dark eyes, and pale skin, Peter has an average build with pretty boy looks and an air of charisma about him that many girls found enchanting.

“Hey you too! Come on in. How is it going?” Nick and Carly enter and walk past Peter into the living room only to notice that Peter wears only a pair of black boxer briefs.

“Violet’s taking a shower to wash off the club but we can head downstairs.”

Carly perks up, “Actually, that sounds like a good idea. I’m going to go join her. You two go downstairs and get ready.” She kisses Nick and then slides her hand along Peter’s groin before heading off to the master bedroom.

Nick and Peter chat as they head downstairs into the couple’s game room. Mostly about Nick’s wedding planning and their impending move to the west coast.

Nick reflects on how the “game room” in the basement keeps getting more elaborate. Nick has to admire Nick and Violet’s dedication to their pastime. In the center of the room is a large, king-sized bed with four posts and a mirror on the ceiling. Off to the side are a couple of curved, plush-covered seats designed to optimize sexual positions. A massive bean-bag like super chair of red plush material that was surprising firm yet yielding and that allowed Nick to get a really good angle when he was fucking Violet from behind. On the wall across from the foot of the bed was a very…very large flat screen television mounted on the wall. Peter goes and slides on the edge of the bed, pulling a universal remote from one of the nightstands. Nick happened to know that most of the nightstands were filled with various sexual toys, lubricants, and other novelty items.

Peter has a big smile on his face as the TV screen pops up. “Nick, check this out.” Nick glances at the screen and sees a variety of images on the screen. Color images of various rooms in Violet and Peter’s house and backyard, including the room they are in. But Nick’s attention is quickly drawn to the shower in the bathroom as a very naked Violet and Carly seemed to be actively rubbing each other with soapy hands. The image expands from a small portion of the screen into a full size image.

Nick steps back and begins to undress while Peter slides back on the bed, slipping out of his own boxer briefs and relaxing against the pillows at the head of the bed. Nick remains at the foot, naked as he idly fondles his thickening member.

Carly has one of Violet’s nipples in her mouth, working the perky bud with her tongue as Violet’s hand probes in-between Carly’s legs, fingering her cunt with vigor. Carly and Violet alternate between long kisses then sucking each other nipples. Nick can tell how much Carly was enjoying Violet’s big, round tits. Carly had good handfuls of her own, pert and high, but she really did like large breasts on other girls, fake or otherwise. Eventually, Carly makes the first move south, sliding down Violet’s long torso and legs until her tongue can slip between Violet’s lips, lapping her cunt with ferocity. One of Violet’s hands wraps in Carly’s red hair while the other runs along her tits and stomach.

At this point, Nick’s cock is full and rigid, his fingers moving up and down his thick length. Violet reaches a crescendo, her body arching her back as Carly’s tongue works her into orgasm. Carly pulls back, laughing and kissing Violet, wrapping her arms around Violet’s wet shoulders. Violet pulls back and turns Carly around, forcibly bending her over as she drops and begins to return the favor, tonguing Carly’s wet sex and pierced clit, alternating between her pussy and straying to Carly’s tight hole. Violet knows Carly likes to get her ass eaten and is giving her all Carly can stand. Carly’s legs widen, allowing Violet better access. Carly grinds back, hard, and Nick sees the building explosion in her a few minutes before her hips buck in pleasure into Violet’s face.

The girls rinse off and then towel each other off before leaving the bathroom. The image blinks out and Peter murmurs, “I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for those two to come back down.”

Nick smiles and grunts, “You know it.” He sees Peter is nice and hard, his fist working his sizeable cock with his own hand. In a matter of minutes, the two wet and completely naked women come downstairs and slide onto the bed.

Carly comes to Nick and gives him a kiss and he can taste Violet’s juices on her tongue. “You two were amazing.” Carly laughs. “You saw us? Where?” Nick nods to the TV and Carly’s face beams, looking back at Peter and Violet. Violet lies next to Peter, one hand working his cock as she chews on his ear. “There was a camera in there?”

Carly does not wait for a response, she just laughs and says, “Wow! That is so fucking awesome!” Carly moves quickly across the bed and slides forward between Peter’s legs. Her face inches from Peter’s cock, she quickly licks him and then slides his cock into her mouth while Violet’s hand strokes his base. Peter smiles in pleasure at Carly’s effort and his eyes roll back under her incredible mouth. Nick moves in, sliding next to Carly but moving between Violet’s legs to find her shaved sex, diving in to tongue her deeply.

Peter and Violet enjoy their guests’ oral ministrations for some time before Carly slips Peter’s member from her mouth and crawls atop him, letting his cock slide between her breasts, along her taunt stomach, then across her piercing until it pops up between her thighs. She kisses Peter hard, one hand grasping his tip from behind.

Nick flicks Violet’s clit once with his tongue then moves up as well. Nick, however, moves farther up, straddling her chest enough to rub his heavy cock and balls between Violet’s pronounced chest. Violet pushes her tits together and Nick pushes his cock between them. Violet leans forward and lets his head slide into her mouth as he deftly fucks her tits.

Carly teases Peter’s tip along her soft lips for a bit, but eventually she pushes back and lets his hard cock push into her warm, wet hole. She starts slowly, gently riding him up and down as she watches Nick fuck Violet’s face and tits like a mad bull. As she rides Peter, her tongue and hands playing with her own nipples and breasts, she cannot help but lean over to take her own licks along Nick’s length, eventually taking one of his big balls in her mouth sucking and pulling on it.

Violet breaks it off and moves out from under Nick, pulling on his cock as she goes. Violet gets behind Carly, dropping to her hands and knees before leaning in to tongue Peter’s cock and balls as it goes into Carly’s dripping pussy. Nick gets behind Violet’s tight, rounded ass and rubs his pierced head against Violet’s shaved lips, eventually pushing his big cock into her bringing forth a grunt from Violet. She growls out to Peter, “Oh baby, he just pushed that horse cock in me!”

Peter bites Carly’s left nipple lightly and both of his hands squeeze Carly’s ass before pulling her delicate cheeks apart. Violet takes the initiative and moves her tongue to prod at Carly’s asshole. Carly thrusts back harder, driving both Peter’s length and Violet’s agile tongue into her holes. Nick helps as his own thrusts into Violet’s sex begin to increase in speed and intensity. Each deep penetration drives Violet’s face into the wet, slapping junction between Carly and Peter.

Nick runs his thumbs along Violet’s own puckered anus, wet from the shower, and slowly wedges his own thumbs into her ass while he continues to fuck her from behind. He feels the tension building in Violet and he grabs her waist with one hand, drives his thumb up her ass with the other, and really slams his cock into her. Violet comes in no time, screaming in pleasure as her body rocks against Nick.

Nick slows down and eventually pulls his wet cock from Violet as she slides out of the way. Nick wastes no time at all, moving forward until his wide head bounces against Carly’s tight asshole. She looks over her shoulder as she moves up and down on Peter’s shaft and gives him a growl. Nick smiles and grabs her waist, pulling her to a stop…all the way down Peter’s pole…and then pushes his fat, hard cock into her ass. Carly’s ass was tight and gripped Nick expertly, but she also knew just how to relax it to let Nick hilt himself in her ass.

Carly moans and bites her lower lip as both men begin to thrust and move within her, both of their cocks penetrating her at once. Carly gives into it…they knew how to get a good rhythm and she gladly gave into their strong hands to control her body and give her exactly what she wanted.

Nick focuses as he pushes in and out of Carly’s ass. She is so full with both of them in her; the thin membrane separating Nick’s cock from Peter’s cock seems like tissue paper. Violet adds to the mix, standing and straddling Peter so that Carly’s mouth can find Violet’s wet slit. Nick and Peter begin to thrust harder, driving grunts and groans from Carly as their balls slap so hard they hit each other. After successive minutes of this, Carly’s body becomes flush with her impending orgasm.

“Oh! Oh! Fuck me! Fill me…fuck me!!!!” Carly screams as her body is wracked in pleasure and her orifices grip the two men. Unable to hold themselves back any further, both Nick and Peter cum deep inside her, flooding her pussy and ass with stream after stream of hot, wet cum.

Eventually they both pull out, the wet sucking sound of their big cocks sliding from her body driving Carly nuts. She collapses back into the bed, only to have Violet climb between her legs, licking the cum dripping from her pussy and ass.

In short time, Violet and Carly are kissing and touching each other slowly. Finally Violet looks back at the boys and says to Carly, “Come on, let’s get these guys back into action…because I want a shot at both of those cocks too.”

Carly pounces on Nick and engulfs his half-hard cock with her mouth while Violet lashes Peter’s softened member with her tongue as well. Nick’s erection is restored in short order and Carly drags him to the large love pillow, climbing up and letting Nick push into her very wet and slick cunt. In no time, Nick is fucking her hard against the pillow while Violet and Peter watch.

Nick and Carly proceed to rotate their positions on the various curved chairs around the room. Nick enjoys her mouth, pussy, and ass at will. Violet and Peter eventually begin to fuck on the bed at the same time and the two couples enjoy working each other while watching the others at the same time.

Nick lays Carly back on the love pillow, spreads her legs and plunges into her as her head rolls back so that her breasts bounce prominently as her drives into her. Peter comes up to her and seeing him, she opens her mouth so that Peter can drive his cock down her throat. The two men begin to fuck her hard, her body arcing across the pillow. The two men fuck her until she comes again, her screams muffled by Peter’s thick penis in her mouth.

Neither men cum themselves, eventually slipping out. That’s when Nick sees Violet on the bed. On her knees, her wrists have leather cuffs on them with thin chains that go to the ceiling. Her arms are held wide apart and high. Sprouting from her ass is a big, black butt plug with a long black trail of horse hair from it. The hair bounces as Violet squirms, having been forced to watch Nick and Peter bookend Carly without being able to touch herself.

Both men approach the bed, Nick slides underneath her teasing her pussy with his cock before lifting her slightly to drive his massive tool into her dripping cunt. Carly comes over as well and grabs the horse tail, slowly pulling the immense tool from her ass, then licking it clean in front of Violet as Peter drives his hard member into Violet’s gaping ass.

Violet relishes her double penetration and her two boys fuck her expertly. Carly teases her nipples, kissing her hard but always making sure Violet’s hands remain restrained from touching anyone. This goes on for some time until Carly stops them and helps Violet reposition slightly. Peter lies down allowing Violet to lean back so that she is sitting on Peter’s cock still buried in her ass. Nick then pushes into Violet’s pussy, driving her back into Peter and his stiff member. Peter’s strong arms and hands entwine Violet’s as he keeps them pulled back in a taut reverse cowgirl position. Carly spreads her attentions among everyone as they continue to fuck Violet, but she also knows what Violet really wants…

Carly leans in and pulls Nick’s cock from Violet’s pussy, dripping with her wet juice, and licks and sucks it fiercely. Then she moves to put it back in, but drops it lower. Nick smiles and proceeds to push his wide head against the edge of Violet’s asshole, already full of Peter’s length. Violet howls in pleasure as Nick pushes in and she feels both fat cocks stretching her tight anus.

Nick and Peter’s cocks rub each other and plunge into Violet repeatedly. Between the pure fullness and the ferocity of their thrusting, plus Carly’s tongue playing with her clit, Violet eventually comes hard and bucks against them. This is more than either of them can stand as they fill her ass with hot cum.

Both men pull themselves free and Carly moves in and eagerly tongues Violet’s ass, sucking and licking all of the cum from her ass. Some of it drips down her face and chin, but she does not stop until she feels all of it is in her mouth or on her face. Pulling back, she move up Violet’s body and they kiss, swapping sperm as Violet licks the cum from Carly’s face. After that is done, they both move to suck the men’s cocks clean as well. First Peter, then Nick, they work together with some efficiency and experience.

When the orgy of sucking and licking is complete, all four of them lie back on the bed and relax from their efforts. Eventually, Carly speaks up and says to no one in particular, “Yeah, gonna want a copy of that one.”

They all laugh.


Nick opens the door to their house as Carly giggles and pushes past him. She kisses him again then shushes him as if he were the one making all the noise. The living room and kitchen are dark and the two finally make their way to the bedroom and go inside. The two begin to strip each other of their clothing as soon as they enter the house, tossing pants, shirts, panties, and the like all over the dark front room.

Once in the bedroom, there is the soft light of one of the night-lights. In their bed is a very naked blonde girl. Cassie is leaning back on the headboard, her legs wide apart as she dips two fingers into her shaved pussy. The other glow in the room, the TV on the wall, shows three people in the middle of an energetic fuck session. Nick glances and sees it Ginny, Chastity, and Nick. He smiles to himself and remembers that night well.

Carly murmurs, “Well hello there…been waiting long?”

Cassie just moans. Carly chuckles and jumps on the bed to smoothly straddle Cassie’s face. The blonde 18-year old girl pushes her tongue into Carly’s still wet pussy and moans as she tastes cum and Carly’s own wetness.

Nick watches and feels the stirring in his own thickening member. He looks down, then back at his fianc‚e who glances over her shoulder, winks at Nick, and then gestures for Nick to come to her with one crooked finger.

Just another day in the life, but oh what a life it is. Nick joins them with a wide smile on his face.

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