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Journey Towards Love Ch. 04

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I awoke with the sun shining through the undraped bedroom window. During the first few moments of semi-consciousness, I had forgotten where I was and what had happened just a few hours before. My hand glided over my pelvis when I repositioned and it was at that moment, when I felt the absence of hair that the memory of last night sprung into my head.

I lay there and let my fingers explore my freshly shaven sex. It tingled a little to the touch but felt so wonderful nonetheless. Then I turned my head and saw my love lying next to me. Carol was on her back with one arm resting on her pillow above her head. The sheets were down to just above her waist leaving her upper torso exposed and bare.

I turned and faced the beauty next to me. A smile came to my face when I realized just how much I truly loved her. She had shown me so much in the last several months. More than I could ever have imagined. I knew true love and it was in the company of another woman. If you were to have asked me what I was going to do over the summer, beginning a lesbian relationship would not have been on my list. But I was so happy it was.

I propped myself up on my elbow and leaned over and kissed her very gently on her cheek. She stirred but didn’t waken. I snuggled up next to her and lay my head on her shoulder and draped my arm across her belly. I tried to fall back to sleep but my mind was too active now. Thoughts of everything that had transpired between us were buzzing about and kept me far from sleep.

I looked up at her sleeping face and kissed her cheek once again. The kiss was so slight I could hardly tell if I even touched her. My mind was churning up a storm of thoughts, fantasies, hopes and curiosities. Without thinking, I moved my hand up to one of her bare breasts and cupped it ever so softly. Her skin was warm and gave way to the gentle pressure. I cradled it from below then slowly circled my way around until I was tracing my way around her areola. I watched as her nipple awoke and began to harden. The darkened skin around it began to contract and shrink, becoming bumpy and tight.

I listened as she took a deep breath and let a quiet moan out while she continued to dream away. The thought that I was doing such things without her being awake excited me. With the absence of hair between my legs, I now could feel my arousal much sooner than before. I was amazed at how erotic just feeling her breast while she slept was. I turned my attention to the breast closer to me. Moving my hand to that one, I subjected it to the same treatment as the other. The nipple and areola on this one though was already partly erect when my fingers began to trace around it. It did not take long to make this as hard as the other.

I felt her body start to fidget. It was subtle at first, much like when one dreams. She would make little position adjustments, and let out more gentle moans, but remained asleep. The rush was too much. I wanted more. I carefully shuffled my way down so that my face was more in line with her breast. When I got into position, I lay quietly for a moment to ensure she was not disturbed.

Moistening my lips, I slowly and softly took her left nipple into my mouth. My lips formed an enclosure around it and I used my tongue to stroke her inside my mouth. She moaned and her body lifted instinctively, pressing more of her against my inviting mouth.

The thought that I was doing this to her while she slept was so arousing. Once I had a good suction established about her breast, my hand went down between my legs and I massaged the puffy pedals of my rose. My breathing was as deep as hers and I knew the sound of the air going in and out of my nose would surely wake her if my nursing didn’t.

The arm that was once above her head now was resting on my back and pulling me closer. Her hand started to pet my head, which led to her fingers combing through my hair. I continued to suckle on her and dabble down below on myself when she let out a sweet coo. I turned my head to look at her face.

She was now awake. Gazing at me with a smile that could warm a frozen day. She said nothing. I said nothing. Breaking the suction I had I let my tongue dance about her now fully erect nipple, letting her see what I was doing to her. A string of saliva stretched its way from the peak of the hardened nub to the tip of my tongue. Seeing her pleased response, I giggled briefly and returned my focus on her breast.

She continued to comb my hair, petting me if you will while I took an even larger mouthful of her breast into my mouth. Not wanting to make the other breast feel left out, I sat up and bridged over her body with one hand on either side of her. I leaned over and took her right breast between my lips. Much the same way I began on the first, I enclosed it and stroked the nipple inside my mouth with my tongue.

The hand that was once petting my head was now stroking my back. Her fingers felt so good on my skin. She had such a soft, gentle touch, never forceful but always commanding appreciation. After a few moments, I was getting uncomfortable in this twisted position. My legs were still laying parallel to hers and my torso was spun around so that my left hand was across her and my right was down by my hip.

Unable to handle the strain on my back, especially this early in the morning, I repositioned my legs under me and I got up on my knees. For a brief moment, I bridged across her and let our breasts press together. This not only gave my mouth a needed rest, but allowed me to stretch a little too. I could feel the wetness of my saliva left on her nipples as they rubbed against mine. I leaned down to put some added pressure on and gently pressed our breasts together more. I could feel her heart pounding.

Now in a little “T” position as I knelt beside her, I went back to suckling her breasts. She continued to rub my back and even went as far as caressing my buttocks. When I could I’d take one hand and gather up more of her breast and feed it to hungry mouth. This in turn would cause her to dig her fingers gently into whatever part of me her hand was at the time, including my butt cheek. I loved making her react.

After a while I let my left hand roam. Starting with her belly, it glided across her skin and I could feel her twitch to my touch. Soon it found its way under the sheets and began to explore the folds of her womanhood. She was very wet much to my pleasure. From just suckling her breasts I managed to get her quite aroused.

My middle finger tenderly split her labia right sown the center and as it traced its way along the edge, I could feel my finger slide past her lips and just touch the silkiness inside her. Her legs clasped together and held my there, not allowing me to move and pressing me firmly against her sex. In an act of control, I bent my finger and slipped it effortlessly inside her warmth. She squealed with delight and held me there even longer. The grip of her thighs was very tight making it impossible for me to move my hand, however, my finger was free to explore inside her, reaching deeply and causing her to arch her back. How I love it when I make her feel so good that her back arches. I know it’s silly but that’s a sign of accomplishment for me.

Letting my finger move about as best it could, though I was mostly immobilized by her grip on me, her body really began to fidget now. It was at this moment that yet another milestone would be attained.

I got up and pulled her legs apart at the knees, opening her grip and exposing her aroused sex to me. Resting on my left hand for a moment, I used my right to probe her silk. I found her clitoris and massaged it deliberately slow. She now lay there with her eyes closed anticipating a simple experience with my finger as I have done so many times already for her. But there was a new desire building inside me. A hunger that must be fed.

Without warning and with very little grace, I leaned over and let my tongue trace down the middle of my lover’s bloom, sampling for the first time the musky nectar with my own tongue. To this point only she had done this to me. I was hesitant to try before; partly out of nerves and partly out of fear I wouldn’t do it right and displease her. I have sampled her flavor before, but from my finger or hers. My tongue lapped up her juice. She responded with both pleasure and shock.

“Rose!” she exhaled. I had taken her by such surprise that she was unable to use her voice and all I heard was my name on her breath. Her hands grasped at the bed sheets and I could hear her nails digging in deep. I didn’t respond. I couldn’t! Like a predator after a hunt, I could only see my prey: Her beautiful, inviting and so delicious womanhood.

I had never tasted her by herself. When I sampled her from my own fingers, there was another flavor, that of my own body. This was all Carol. Nothing but my love’s own taste. I had no clue what I was doing, but I tried to do everything I had felt her do to me. I knew what felt good when she dined on my sex, so I did the same to her. Only I wasn’t as skilled.

Looking back, I recognize how clumsy I must have been. There was no grace, no patience. Again it was like a hungry predator devouring its prey. I couldn’t stop gobbling her up. I licked and sucked on her everywhere. My tongue darted in deeply, making her squeal and nearly puncture the sheets with her nails, then I would change to taking her engorged labia into my mouth and sucking on her entire mound.

I had never heard her so vocal. Her breathing was short and shallow. The whimpers and coos coming from her sounded like someone being tortured and yet she’d follow up with brief comments such as “oh yes” and “ohhhhhh mmmmmm”. I was enjoying this! Not only because it was the first time I had gone down on a woman but because I was making her react much in the same way I do when she’s in charge. I felt like I was as good as she.

Her body was gyrating with surges of pleasure. I couldn’t tell if she was having several little orgasms of if it just felt good. Regardless, I was relentless in my attack. The tide was about to turn on me though.

I believe the last jolt of her body was in fact an orgasm as she became one tense muscle and her breathing ceased for a moment. Holding her breath like she was about to burst, I actually felt her pussy gripping my tongue. That startled me a bit but it didn’t stop me. I slowed my tempo a bit and began kissing about her blushing mound when I felt her body relax.

Thinking that we were done, I was about to get up when I felt her take hold of my right leg and swing it over her body placing it on the opposite side of her head. I was now straddling her. Just as I realized what she was about to do, I felt her ambush my defenseless sex with reckless abandon.

Immediately I felt her tongue plunge as deep as I have ever felt it go before making me lunge forward, burying my face in her crotch and screaming out with shock and overwhelming ecstasy. She then placed both hand on the top of my ass and pressed me down onto her face. I knew she couldn’t breath but that wasn’t the point. It was payback time! We had officially entered the sex wars and she was going for a quick kill.

Up to that point, most of our lovemaking was tender, loving and very romantic. This was turning out to be quite the opposite. When she did break and come up for air, I was able to compose myself, reposition and resume my own assault. I did the same as she had just done to me and planted my tongue deep within the silky walls of her pussy forming a barrier around her labia with my mouth and moaning while I devoured her.

The vibration of my moans must have added to her pleasure as I felt her body react to the sensation. I moaned purposefully and made sure she knew it. She withdrew her tongue from me and gasped for air following it with a grunt. Taking another breath she plunged back inside me and moaned for my amusement. I was right – the sensation it produced was most overwhelming. I myself had to break and gasp for additional air.

She then changed her strategy and went from impaling my pussy with her tongue and directed her attention to my clitty. My over sensitized rosebud didn’t stand a chance. She pursed her lips into a circle, surrounded the nub and with her tongue sucked it into her mouth. Oh my god that was incredible! I could feel her reach my very soul as she now had the upper hand in this battle.

She didn’t let up either. Again her intent was for a fast kill. I admit I didn’t last long after this new approach. She had sucked my clitty into her mouth and with a combination of suckling and teasing it directly with the tip of her tongue, I felt my legs begin to shake and that familiar burning started to grow within. I felt the rapture building. My breathing was desperate now. Struggling to maintain cognitive consciousness, I fought to return fire. No use. I was about to burst and she knew it.

When the zenith came, it came with a vengeance! My legs weakened and were barely able to support my weight. I could feel the sudden drain of energy, that moment of nothingness that occurs just before the waves begin to crash. In mere seconds, I was exploding with all the force of an atom bomb!

Screaming would be an understatement to describe the cries coming from my deepest soul. I was sure that my parents would here me from my house several doors down. But I didn’t care! I let Carol know exactly how she was affecting me. My body began to gyrate and convulse on top of hers. Her mouth still firmly attached to my clit prolonged the surge of ecstasy I was living.

Quite unconsciously, I began to grind on her – burying her face with the vigor of my sex. I couldn’t control it. It was euphoric! The most lustful orgasm I have had.

From where the energy much less the control came from, I’ll never know, but as my own bliss was still sending tremors through my body, I returned to giving my own erotic torture to Carol. She wasn’t expecting that either. When my mouth recaptured her nub and began its relentless suckling, her body stiffened once again and I could hear her cry out.

She couldn’t believe that I was back for more. She tried to muster up the strength to attempt another assault on me; however, I wanted to win this time. I moved from my position straddling her body and quickly moved to the end of the bed and back between her legs. I remember what she had done to me in the pool house and I used the same techniques on her.

(recall Pool house) I remembered how she massaged me there with her fingers, surrounding my mound with her hands and gathering me up into a fleshy mound.

I could feel Carol’s body tremble. The build up of a fantastic orgasm by my own mouth was ensuing. Her breathing was frantic, almost panic like. Her hands were desperately trying to find something to fondle or hold on to. Her whimpers and cries became more childlike, as if impending danger was near. And all I could hear her exhale out was my name.

“Rose” she said nearly inaudible. It wasn’t her typical tone. I peered up without ceasing to look at her but she was gone again. She never spoke another word, never finished the line she started to speak. The look on her face seemed to be a combination of concentration, pain, disbelief and anticipation. This would have confused and worried me if I was of sound mind at the time, but my thoughts were of conquest. I am to this day amazed how one can loose all sense of reality when entangled in passion’s web.

I had no clue of the impending rapture that I was just seconds away from delivering to my lover. I continued my attack and traded between piercing my tongue deep between her velvet lips and having it dance across her clitoris. I heard her cry out and the voice she used was not from this world!

Instinctually, I loosened the grips my hands had about her hips and found both of her hands at her side. We locked hands like a trapeze act does at the wrists and then – I felt it.

Her fingers wrapped tightly around my wrists, her body became one rigid muscle and her thighs grasped my head and didn’t allow me to move away. I then felt the pulsing of her pussy on my mouth and just as I began to hear her build up a large scream, I felt a gush of liquid evacuating from within her sex!

The first squirt took me quite by surprise and I had no idea what was happening. My mouth was down there and she managed to fill my mouth with her juice. Swallowing some but coughing out the rest, I barely time to think when her body jolted and another wave came rushing out and drenched my face.

The saltiness of the drink assured me she hadn’t peed on me. The musk flavor indicated that it was – for sure – pure female cocktail.

She released my head from the vice grip her thighs had on me as her body started to convulse violently. She was now hollering louder than I had ever heard before, and gyrating at the same time. Two smaller squirts followed before she suddenly became silent and limp, her legs falling to the mattress and her grip on my arms loosening.

I could see that she was still breathing – gasping actually. The look on her face was that of total exhaustion. I still wasn’t sure what had just happened. I was rather scared that I killed her or something. With my own nerves running on high, I began to cry uncontrollably while trying to climb up to her to see if she was all right.

What seemed an eternity slipped by and everything was in slow motion while I climbed and stumbled all over the place. The soaked silk sheets didn’t help much with my efforts to rescue my love.

Carol had regained enough consciences to see that I was panicking and mustered up what strength her body still possessed, to help me up on top of her. That’s as far as I got. I lay there for a second then rolled off her and began to whimper – crying out “are you all right?”

“Shhhhhhh sweet Rose” she whispered. Her angelic smile, though tattered, shown through and brought comfort to my soul. “It’s alright my love” she exhaled with her next breath. Still confused and oh so worried, I accepted her words and lay next to her. I cuddled up as close as I possibly could and melted into her arms. Her heart was still pounding but her breathing was slowing returning to a normal pace. She was covered with sweat. I was covered with her. Neither one noticed – Neither one cared.

I lay with her for quite some time before either of us spoke another word. Not knowing what to do or what to expect after an exhibition like that, I waited for her lead. It came in the way of her rolling over to face me. Her eyes were so sleepy looking but her smile so brilliant greeted the look of worry that still dominated my face.

“Oh my sweet lover” she cooed, “you don’t understand what just happened do you?” I shook my head no and listened intently for her explanation.

“Are you okay?” I asked. Her response was preceded by a deep, heavy sigh with a long exhale and one of the most radiant smiles I had ever seen grace her lips.

“Rose, I am so okay.” She said at the tail end of her sigh. “That was beautiful,” she added.

“Was that an orgasm Carol?” I blurted out not realizing how silly and naive I must have sounded at that moment.

“It was” she replied, “that and so much more.”

We spent the next several minutes in quiet conversation. She explained to me what that was and told me all about female ejaculation. I listened so intently and curiously.

“You mean you came like a guy?” I quipped.

“Sort of,” she returned with a little laugh. We continued to lie there and talk about it for a while longer. She told me how she had always wondered if she was one of the lucky women that could in fact reach this plateau. She revealed how she had tried to come like that with her ex as well as tried to self induce it. Her last girlfriend even spent hours trying to give her that pleasure but all attempts had failed. Failed until now.

I was the one! I was the lover who could take her over the edge. It was my lips, my tongue, and my passion that took her to that level.

“You gave me the sweetest gift today Rose” she commented.

I asked her how an unskilled lover like myself could accomplish this? How could I clumsily and awkwardly bring her to such heights? Her response brought me to sweet tears once again; “It wasn’t because I was with a skilled lover sweet Rose,” she said. “It was because I was with the one I truly love.”

I buried my face into her shoulder and wept uncontrollably but happily. She joined me in tears of joy as we lay there, in her bed, on that sunny morning during the summer of my journey towards love.

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