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Shattered Secret

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She found the DVD by accident. She hadn’t been snooping; she’d been searching for her mother’s blue sweater, but her rummaging through the drawers of her parents’ bedroom led to an exciting discovery.

Francesca held the plastic case, transfixed by the printed images on the cover. She experienced a tremor of some deep, terrible, taboo in the pit of her stomach, as though a nerve had been touched. She knew about porn of course, although previously it held no interest for her, but the discovery of a secret stash stirred feelings within her and the spark of lust ignited with hot vehemence between her legs.

Surprised by the heat in her pussy as it began to melt and throb, Francesca suddenly yearned to touch herself. The expressions of pleasure on the young models’ faces captured her imagination and she fantasised over how it feel be to be in their position. How would she feel to be fucked on film and for money?

A few minutes passed and Francesca loaded the disc into her father’s computer. The scenes came to life, causing her to groan with frustration at the relentless itch in her sodden pussy. She slid her jeans down and stepped out pf her underwear before settling in the chair. As the film lewdly progressed and her frustration grew unbearable, Francesca lifted her feet to the edge of the desk and spread her legs. Her slick labia pouted and honey sluiced from her opening when she diddled at her clitoris in the first moments of sweet masturbation. The fact that the film belonged to her parents gave the whole situation a furtive, clandestine edge and the forbidden aspect only heightened the girl’s sudden feelings. She sighed and gave full reign to the glorious waves of pleasure as she touched herself.


Ted parked outside his business partner’s house. As expected the place was dark, it looked empty, nobody at home. Derek, his partner was away. Marie, Derek’s wife would be working her shift as a nurse at the District Hospital, and Francesca was probably out socialising, as you’d expect her to. Derek had phoned and mentioned a letter he’d left for Ted, it was on his study desk and Ted should call round to collect it. The situation wasn’t unusual; Ted held a key to the front door for just such an eventuality. He had collected letters from Derek’s house on previous occasions, just as Derek had from his. They had been in business together for nearly thirty years, been friends before that, they trusted each other.

Since the house appeared empty, Ted let himself in. He made his way straight to his partner’s study on the ground floor. He noticed nothing untoward in the few moments it took to find his way from the front door to the study, everything in the house appeared normal – Then Ted stepped into the room and saw her.


The first inkling Francesca had that something was amiss was when she sensed a presence. It may have been a flicker of a shadow seen from the corner of her eye, the sound of his sharp intake of breath, or maybe a creak of floorboards. No matter, the jolt of seeing a man in the doorway of the study stunned her and her world slewed as her brain struggled to cope with the reality of discovery. Her immediate thought had been, ‘Daddy!’ Her father had caught her in such a flagrant act of self-abuse. . . Then, the realisation of who the man actually was hit her. She automatically clasped an arm across her breasts while her thighs clamped tight around her wrist, trapping her hand in situ, her fingers still mushed into the wet of her pussy.

“Oh my, God!” she blurted, not even realising she’d spoken, she was so shocked.

“Jesus!” Ted blasphemed. “Francesca. . . I’m. . . Oh shit. . .”

Ted boggled at the girl, his wits unable to assimilate the true nature of what he was seeing. In his mind, he wasn’t seeing a beautiful, teenage girl caught in the act of wild, lusty masturbation; he only felt the shock at his blundering upon what was such a personal, private act.

The two stared at each other while the sounds of the cinematic fucking grew louder and more abandoned. The squeals and groans went unheeded as both Francesca and Ted fought to make sense of the scene in which they so abruptly found themselves the main players.

“Francesca,” Ted spluttered, still unable to comprehend. “I. . . Oh fuck. . .” His embarrassment flamed. “I’m sorry. . . So sorry.”

He turned and fled, there was no other course of action available according to his stunned brain. He slammed the front door to the house on his way out, revved the car engine and sped into the night.

“Shit!” Francesca hissed when the door banged shut. “Shit, shit, shit”. He’d caught her, her father’s friend. . . “Shit.” Her mortification caused her to groan. How could she have been so stupid? Wanking in front of the computer – It was madness – And now? Ted. He’d caught her. Francesca groaned again, “Oh my fucking God.” Her eyes closed tight with chagrin. She imagined how she must have looked, legs wide, fingers squelching at her sex, her tee shirt pulled up and her titties all bare. . . “Fuck!” Francesca willed herself away, far away where she would never have to face the man again. Her face burned with the humiliation.


Francesca’s stomach gave a greasy slide when she heard her father’s voice downstairs. It was a moment she had been dreading. If Ted had told her father of the scene he’d stumbled across, Francesca doubted that she could live with the shame of her parents knowing the sordid secret between her and her father’s business partner. Her father was her idol and she knew she was the apple of his eye, his only child, his darling daughter. For him to think badly of her, for him to know her dirty, sordid secret – Francesca squirmed at the thought. She waited for the axe to fall.

There was nothing that night. Her father was his usual, loving self towards her, but the girl remained convinced that it was only a matter of time. Perhaps Ted was waiting to see her father in person. The subject was hardly one casually broached over the phone. Yes, that was it, she was sure, Ted would be waiting for a quiet moment to inform her father about her filthy little game.

Three days passed, and then it was a week. Nothing, not a word, every evening she expected the worst, but everything remained the same. Francesca’s stomach flipped and her face burned whenever she called to mind the image of Ted standing there, shocked, gape-mouthed, and her, with her body exposed in the most vulnerable way imaginable… Finally, a full three weeks after the incident, just as the shame had begun to wane she came face-to-face with him.

It had proven impossible for her to dodge the event. It was her parents’ anniversary, with the inevitable celebrations, Ted included. Francesca had squirmed and fretted, but in the end, there was just no way to avoid him. To her immense relief, he had kept his distance all through the evening, but eventually their paths had crossed.

“Evening, Francesca.” His manner was aloof, indifferent. Any embarrassment he felt remained well concealed.

“Hello, Mr Bryant.” Francesca’s eyes darted, anything rather than look at him. She felt the heat of her blush and cursed inwardly.

Then, he showed the first hint of awkwardness. “Uhm… Francesca?” His voice wavered a little. “Do you think we could…? I mean… I’d like to talk to you – In private.”

She looked into his face for the first time that evening. “Please,” she murmured, her stomach turned. “I don’t want to talk about…” She faltered, struggling to find her voice, “…it,” she finished. “I don’t want to talk about that night.”

She went to move away but he reached and clasped her arm. “Please, Francesca,” he whispered urgently. “We can’t leave it like this. It’s so damned awkward.”

“Mr Bryant, please.” The well of quick, hot tears surprised her. “I’m just so embarrassed.”

“I understand,” Ted said softly. “That’s why we should talk. I want to put you at ease.”

Ted released her arm, to his relief Francesca stayed, her expression thoughtful, tears forgotten. After a few seconds of deliberation, she sniffed lightly but responded. “Okay, we can meet in the summerhouse in a few minutes. Is that all right?”

The summerhouse was more like a self-contained guesthouse. Set in the garden at the rear of the house, it had its own bedroom, kitchen, and living area, it would give them all the privacy they needed.

“Of course, I’ll meet you there.” Ted moved away.

Francesca left the room and after a decent interval, Ted followed the path out to the summerhouse. She was waiting in the neat living room. As he approached, Ted noticed how fine the girl actually was. The elegant dress accentuated her slim, athletic figure, showing her narrow waist and moulding to her tight breasts and slim hips.

He gave an involuntary lick of his lips as the recollection of her unguarded nudity flashed. He recalled the sweet curve of her breasts, with the nipples like pebbles set in the light coins of the areola. The memory of Francesca’s solitary pleasure, in the moment before she had realised his presence, stirred the man on a visceral level. How different she looked now, so demure and refined, so unlike the wanton figure he’d witnessed, her feet hooked on the desk, her hand moving quickly at the unseen point between her legs, and with the carnal images and sounds from the film she had been watching so avidly providing a soundtrack of depravity.

Francesca watched him approach with cautious expectancy in her narrowed eyes. Ted coughed uncertainly. “Thank you,” he began, “Thank you for meeting me. I know it must be so difficult.”

“Yes, Mr Bryant, it is.” Francesca closed her eyes to blank out the mortification she felt in his presence. “I’m so, so embarrassed.”

“Yes, well, erm… so am I.” Ted looked nervous and uncertain. He was on very unfamiliar ground.

The girl was nineteen for God’s sake! How did you deal with a teenager? Never married, childless, Ted had no experience of children, teenagers, or even a blossoming young woman such as Francesca. Not only was the situation entirely alien to him, there was the added awkwardness of her being his best friend’s daughter. In spite of his altruistic intention in putting Francesca at ease, Ted found he was floundering on the sea of uncertainty.

Francesca saw his discomfort and felt a pang of sympathy for him. He is just as fucked up as I am, she thought. The realisation of Ted’s torment sent her fears flying on wings of relief. Ted wasn’t going to tell her father anything!

“I didn’t realise,” Francesca murmured. “I didn’t think how you would feel.” Francesca laid her hand lightly on his sleeve.

He looked at her gratefully. “Me?” Ted blurted. “I was devastated. I felt such a fool. To blunder in at such a private moment – I was horrified – Jesus…” Ted pushed his fingers through his hair.

“I thought you’d tell, Dad. I thought you’d tell him what a… what a slut his daughter was.”

Ted stared at the girl, his jaw slack. His tone was incredulous when he recovered enough to reply. “Tell your father? Why would I tell your father? I may be a bastard in business, but what I so clumsily interrupted…” he paused, “Well that’s something we’ve all done, Francesca, so there’s nothing to tell.”

“Really?” Francesca said. “You don’t think I’m nasty and dirty?”

Ted sighed. How had he gotten embroiled in this conversation? He’d only meant to put her at ease, but now he was on the cusp of revealing masturbatory secrets to a girl thirty years his junior. He had to extract from this situation.

“No, you’re neither nasty nor dirty. You’re just a normal, healthy…” He was about to say ‘girl’, but thought better at the last moment. “…Woman,” he finished.

“Oh my God, thank you, Mr Bryant.” Francesca’s relief was almost palpable. “I was so embarrassed… Well, I still am, but…”

“Then we’ll say no more about it.” Ted felt it was time to end the matter. He’d achieved what he’d set out to do. “Now, shall we get back to the party? Or there could be real awkward questions being asked.” He smiled at Francesca and noted the relief in her face.


“Where have you been, darling?” Francesca’s mother swept towards her when Francesca re-entered the party.

“Uhm… I was just chatting to Mr Bryant.” Caught off guard by the sudden question, Francesca could think of no other reply.

“Ted?” Her mother questioned. “What have you been talking to him about?” Francesca felt her blush begin, but then calmed when she realised her mother had no real interest in the topic of conversation between her and Ted. She noticed the glaze in her mother’s eyes and decided that the woman was less than sober. “You have to watch Ted, dear,” her mother quipped. “He’s a bit of a rogue – Although you’re way too young for him.”

Her interest piqued by this indiscreet revelation, Francesca took the gamble and pressed her mother. “Rogue?” She asked conspiratorially. “What do you mean ‘rogue’?”

“Well,” her mother began in a low, gossipy tone, “In his time he’s had dozens of women – dozens.” Francesca was surprised to hear her mother confess: “And, if I hadn’t married your father… Well, let’s just say…” Her mother gave a slow, exaggerated wink. “Anyway, look at him.” She nodded in the direction of Ted who was now in earnest discussion with another guest. “He’s mature, wealthy, and he keeps fit. All my friends fancy him…No wonder the ladies flock… Yes, he’s quite a catch, quite a dish.”

Francesca stood, rooted to the spot with surprise at her mother’s inebriated gabble. The girl took an opportunity to study Ted properly when her mother wobbled uncertainly back to her husband. She had never really looked at him before, all through her life he’d just ‘been there’, but now she took a keen interest.

Her mother was right she decided – he was a bit cute in that distinguished way. He was confident – not smug or arrogant – but definitely confident. His easy manner, charming smile, urbane features, and athletic figure gave the man a certain, attractive air. His subtle style of dressing, tasteful but undoubtedly expensive suited him, his obvious wealth, coupled with his charisma… Yes, Francesca could see why women would be interested.

As the evening drew to a noisy, fragmented climax, Francesca engineered a farewell with Ted. “Thank you for making me feel so much better,” she murmured. “I’m still uncomfortable by what you saw, but I hope we can keep it between just us.”

“Of course.” Ted smiled down at the girl, his height giving him an uninterrupted view through her décolletage. The glimpse of those young breasts triggered the reel in his memory. He recalled with clarity how tight and pert they had appeared that evening, but somehow this time, only partially uncovered, their allure was more powerful.

The girl noticed his eyes flick to the neckline of her dress. She felt a surge of something undefined when she realised he was looking at her tits. The feeling was very like the quickening she’d experienced at the discovery of her father’s porn, a thrill of illicit possibilities, and her body responded. “It could be our secret,” she whispered finally.

Ted noticed a thickness to her voice, there had been a subtle shift in her manner and it unnerved him. He was no longer the supremely confident, urbane, business executive, the girl had changed, the change was almost imperceptible, but he noticed. “Our secret?” He shifted uncomfortably.

“Sure, our secret.” Francesca was suddenly enjoying herself. She was pushing her limits, using instinct as her guide. There was neither rhyme nor reason for her flirtatious attitude; she merely felt a rush of euphoric confidence. Ted was an attractive man, she saw that plainly now. Her mother’s comments and his attraction sparked her feminine interest. She was sub-consciously testing him, was she capable of arousing his curiosity? He was a lordly man-of-the-world, with God only knew how many conquests under his belt. What interest would he have in a nineteen-year-old girl? Francesca decided to find out.

Ted stared at her as she walked away. He watched her move with that feminine sway of her hips, the hint of her round buttocks under the dress energised him and he swallowed heavily. Whatever had just happened, and he was unsure what exactly had transpired, whatever, it excited him.


The weeks following the party were disturbing for Ted. Mystified by Francesca’s unexpected transition from discomfited teenager to flirtatious young woman he racked his brain trying to find a reason. What had happened?

Then there was Francesca’s demeanour when he next saw her. She flaunted herself, no doubt about it. Francesca had prior knowledge of Ted’s appointment with her father, he knew because she had taken the message over the phone. Therefore, when she strolled into the kitchen dressed only a tee shirt and knickers, and then feigned surprise, Ted could only wonder at what she was thinking.

“Whoops, sorry, Mr Bryant.” Her eyes widened in mock horror, but she made no move to leave. “You’re always catching me out,” she added. “I’m beginning to think you do it on purpose.”

Ted was speechless. What response could he give? Nevertheless, despite his surprise, he still managed to find enough brainpower to give Francesca’s figure a quick appraisal. She was pleasant indeed, very easy on the eye.

Francesca didn’t linger in the kitchen. She took a glass of water and left quickly before her father returned and caught her, but she made sure that she gave the flabbergasted Ted a good view of her backside as she walked away.

“Jesus,” Ted sighed when she’d gone. “What a sensational little thing she is.”

He pushed the illicit thoughts of Francesca from his mind when her father shuffled back in with the documents he’d gone to find. However, the images came back to haunt him in bed at night.

“You like that, you little cocktease?” Ted yanked his cock while imagining how he would punish Francesca for her audacity. In his mind, he had her on his bed, spread wide with her tight, pink pussy exposed and vulnerable. He pictured her expression, fearful yet anticipating the sensation of his thick cock as he slid into her sweet, juicy opening. “Shit,” he grimaced when his climax threatened. “What a hot little bitch…” How tight would she be? How sweet would she taste?” Cum surged, arcing high with the force of his desire before spattering in a heavy rain onto his belly and chest. “Nineteen,” he whispered. “A hot little teenager to fuck senseless, she wouldn’t know what hit her.” Ted grimaced and groaned in the midst of sordid fantasy, he had no idea that Francesca was masturbating over a very similar scene nearly every night.

“Oh Mr Bryant…” She whispered into the dark. Francesca used her fingers to tease her sticky kitty. “Please, be careful… I’m so tight… and you’re so big.” She imagined Ted’s cock nudging at her, pushing into her body and filling her with throbbing power while she played the little girl to his big bad wolf. “Am I good enough for you, Mr Bryant? I am as good as your other women?” The use of the formal ‘Mr’ aroused Francesca. It seemed so bad, so nasty, as though he were a teacher or something. The use of the title made her feel so wicked; it was the taboo, forbidden feeling again, just like her Daddy’s porn. Francesca had looked for more films when she was alone in the house. The scenarios in the films thrilled her however unlikely some of them were. The dialogue aroused her as well and she used what she’d heard in the films to pour fuel over the fire of her own fantasies. “Stick that thing into my tight, teenage cunt…” She grunted, pushing her fingers deep. Francesca adored the obscenity, its evil sound thrilled her – It was just so bad – The word was just so shocking.

Another word she loved to use was ‘cum’. It fit perfectly – Cum in me. Spray me with cum. Fill me with cum. The thought of having a man do all that made her pussy clench with anticipation. Her nipples and clitty stiffened and throbbed when she imagined the sensation of having her body sprayed with a man’s excitement.

“Fuck,” Francesca groaned. “Do it, Mr Bryant, fill my nasty cunt with cum.” Her climax ripped through her body with an intensity that astounded her. Francesca rolled in the chaos of her bed covers, the fingers of one hand stuffed into her opening while the other hand swirled around her excited clitty.

Her orgasm was so intense that she decided to attempt to live out the fantasy in real-life. The idea thrilled and appalled her simultaneously. The excitement of what could happen caused the syrup to slide from her body, but the possibility for it to go wrong was huge, as was the potential fall-out, but she had to try. Despite the potential pitfalls she had to live it, the frustration of her unreleased desires was mounting, and soon it would be unbearable. Very soon the need to seduce Mr Bryant grew to occupy most of her waking thoughts and she made her plan.


Ted’s phone rang, he checked the number, it was Derek’s office line calling.

“Ted Bryant,” he answered.

There was a pause and then a hesitant, “Mr Bryant?”

“Speaking,” he thought he recognised the voice. “Is that you Francesca?”

Another long pause. “Yes, yes it is, Mr Bryant.”

“Is something wrong?” She had never called him before, the need had never arisen and Ted’s immediate reaction was that there was a problem, some business related matter that Derek had passed to the girl to help with.

“Nothing’s wrong, Mr Bryant.”

The girl sounded strange, Ted grew concerned. Was she in some kind of trouble? Drink or drugs perhaps? He decided to play it cool. “What can I do for you, Francesca?”

“Uhm…” Her hesitancy was apparent. “Well, there’s something here for you, Mr Bryant. Something at the house – Are you busy?”

“No, I’m not busy. What is it? Is it business?” He was taken aback by what sounded like a moan.

“No, not business, just something waiting for you.”

The penny dropped. It was the moan and the thick, treacly sound of her voice. No! He thought. She couldn’t mean… Ted steered into a petrol station forecourt. “Is it something like…?” He heard the timbre of his own voice as he spoke; it sounded heavy and rich, the same tone as hers, the voice of lust. “Is it something like last time…? Like our secret?”

The pause stretched into long seconds. The gap seemed interminable and Ted thought the girl had hung up, perhaps too scared to venture any further along the dark avenue of the game. He was just about to blurt her name when she replied in a whisper, “Yes… Just like our secret.”

Ted closed his eyes and squeezed the steering wheel. Jesus fucking Christ! His penis stiffened swiftly and savagely, and the heavy warmth of arousal spread through the pit of his stomach and clamped his balls. What was she suggesting? Ha, he knew what she was suggesting… What could he do?

“Waiting for me?” He murmured. “Are you sure? Are you really sure, Francesca?”

“Waiting for you,” she confirmed and sighed. “I’m scared though, Mr Bryant. I know you could tell my father… I don’t think you would, but here I am…Waiting… And I’m just the same as before…”

Ted knew that he should turn her down. Reason and morality demanded it. She was only a girl, his best friend’s daughter, it would be madness to pursue the course she’d set. He knew that guilt and anxiety would follow in the wake of an illicit liaison, and there would be the risk of business calamity as well if Derek ever discovered the unthinkable.

The refusal formed in his mind. He had made his decision in the split second following her invitation. However, the words that came out contradicted the judgement. “Give me ten minutes,” he growled, “I’ll let myself in.”


The phone went dead and Francesca stared at the handset. What had she just done? He was coming. Francesca’s fingers crept down between her legs and swirled in lazy circles. Her labia felt slippery and her clitty throbbed. Every nerve ending in her nipples and clitoris tingled with expectancy. Her tummy felt leaden with anticipation. He was coming… What events had she set in motion?

She had known all along that she would make the call. She’d kidded herself that she wouldn’t, but when she put the DVD in the drawer and pressed play, she’d known that she would call him.

It hadn’t been easy though. She had picked up the phone half a dozen times but bottled at the last second. Then, in an agony of desire, she had pressed send, a few rings later and he’d answered. It was too late to back out now.

Francesca teased her nipples and gloried in the delicious sparks of electricity that fired through her body as she played. She ran her hands over the smooth skin of her breasts, down over her flat, soft stomach to the heat of her pussy. She could barely contain her excitement when she thought of how it would very soon be Mr Bryant’s hands running across her body.

“Hello, Francesca.”

Her head snapped round at the sound of his voice. She hadn’t heard him arrive this time, but there he was, staring at her with a look she’d never seen in his eyes before. He looked different, something about his eyes, his expression.

He wants me, Francesca thought. That’s what’s strange about him. He’s horny. “Hello Mr Bryant…” Emboldened by the illicit thrill and the ardour in his expression, she swivelled in the chair and let her legs fall open. “You’ve really come. I’ve been thinking about you for ages… I didn’t know what to do… So I called.”

His attention focussed on that place between her thighs. Fuck, she’s a sweet, hot young thing. Look at that pussy. Then he spoke, “When you told me you were like the last time, all bare… Well, I couldn’t keep away, Francesca. You’re such a beautiful young woman… Any man would struggle to say no.”

“Do you really think I’m beautiful?” Francesca stood and walked to him. “You must have been with so many women. I didn’t think I could compare. I’m only nineteen.”

The reminder of their comparative ages twisted through Ted’s stomach with a wrench of desire. Nineteen, he thought, dear God she’s nineteen and doesn’t think she’s good enough! He pulled her naked form to his clothed body and kissed her mouth. His tongue pushed between her lips and, after a moment of hesitation, Francesca returned the kiss. His hands worked over her body, just as she’d imagined a few minutes earlier. She felt his fingers kneading her buttocks and his palms sliding up over the small of her back before he clamped his hands tightly around her ribcage, his thumbs below her breasts.

“You’re gorgeous,” he moaned and kissed her again. “Feel me, feel my cock.” He pulled Francesca’s hand to the ridge in his trousers. His actions were growing more urgent as his passion flared. He unzipped his flies and roughly guided the girl’s fingers inside.

“Mr Bryant, you’re so hard. Fuck… I’ve never felt one so hard.”

Francesca tugged the angry phallus out into the open and she stared down at it, eyes wide. With great presence of mind, she undid his belt and allowed his trousers and underwear to fall to an undignified crumple around his knees.

“Do you like my cock?” He wanted her to say she loved it. He wanted her to worship it. To have such a nubile example of sweet beauty, of such near innocence glorying over his manhood would make him feel like some supreme being. He was desperate for her to utter the words.

“It… It’s gorgeous, Mr Bryant.” She looked into his lust-glazed eyes and recalled her porn dialogue. “I want you to fuck me with it,” she purred and licked his face. “I want you to fuck my hot kitty with it. Would you like to stick that thing in my teenage pussy?”

“Jesus, Francesca!” Astounded by her vulgarity, he inwardly considered just how many lovers she had known. “You’re so bad,” he growled. “Who taught you that stuff?”

Francesca giggled, but didn’t answer. Instead, she knelt in front of him, held the root of his shaft and examined his cock.

“I think I’ll have to suck you, Mr Bryant. Would you like me to lick your big, fucking cock?”

Ted groaned when the underside of her tongue swirled around the head of his penis. She licked at the big dome for a few moments and then sucked at it, taking just the tip between her lips. Her cheeks sank into a concavity a she sucked at him, the tip of her tongue probing into the slit at his apex. Then, as she’d seen in the films, she spat onto the glans and smeared the gooey mix of saliva and pre-cum around her cheeks.

Ted’s hips jerked as he fucked into her mouth with tight, involuntary jerks. The girl was too hot for him. Her face coated with the residue of debauchery thrilled him. He had no idea that the demure Francesca he’d known for so long would behave like such a slut.

“How many?” he grunted through gritted teeth. “How many men have you fucked?”

She looked up at him from the carpet. His cock slid from her lips.

“Why?” she asked, “Why do you want to know?”

“What you say… What you do… You’re nineteen and yet you talk and act like a woman with so much experience.”

Francesca stood and studied his face. Should she tell him the truth? She’d known two men – well boys really, compared to him, fumbling boys.

“Two, I’ve fucked two boys.” She used ‘boys’ deliberately. “I don’t want to talk about them now,” she added. “I want to know what a real man’s like. I want you to show me how good it can be.”

The sensation of Francesca’s hand around his shaft banished all thoughts of her previous lovers. This time she moved forward for the kiss, moaning as she jerked and squeezed his dick.

Ted pushed the girl away roughly. “Sit in the chair,” he commanded. “I’m going to taste you. I want to lick your pussy.”

Francesca complied and slid a finger between her labia, watching while Ted struggled out of his clothes. Naked and with his erection waggling in front of him, he advanced on the waiting girl. He knelt at her feet and, at a touch of his hand, Francesca eagerly spread her thighs, hooking the backs of her knees over the armrests and shuffling her buttocks forward.

Ted groaned when he saw the smooth mound of her mons, plump and bare except for the precise, minute triangle of hair at the top of her crease.

“What a peachy little pussy.” He peeled the sticky lips of her sex apart and whispered the words, an intense look of concentration on his face. “So soft, so juicy, I bet you taste sweet.”

Francesca arched her back and thrust herself onto his mouth when Ted’s lips first brushed against her body.

“Yes,” she sighed. “Lick me, lick me there.

Ted called on his considerable experience, swiftly taking the girl to the pinnacle of her pleasure. She squirmed and groaned as his deft tongue slithered. He seemed to touch all the right places at the right time. He was neither too rough nor too soft. He applied pressure when her body’s subtle signals guided him, and eased back when he sensed she was close. He tongued at her clit and even probed into her with his fingers, massaging her g-spot so that Francesca squealed with delight at, what was for her, a new sensation.

“Oh, that’s good. So… Fucking…Good.” Francesca moved her torso forward and brought Ted’s face up to hers as she held his cheeks in her palms. “Kiss me, let me taste myself.”

Ted let the girl suck at his tongue for a few moments before he gently guided her back into position and renewed his efforts between her thighs. He wanted her to climax on his tongue. He wanted to hear the girl cry out in pleasure as she came, then he would use his cock to bring them both to the peak. Ted sucked the folds of Francesca’s flaps into his mouth and tongued at her opening. Francesca squealed and grunted as she rushed headlong towards her climax. She pushed her fingers through Ted’s hair and pulled his face closer and harder against her body.

“I’m going to do it. I’m so close.” She was panting, breathless, her eyes gleaming.

Ted lapped at her clit and used his fingers inside to give the girl as much stimulation as he could. He heard her groan and lifted his face from her sex so he could see the results of his efforts. Francesca’s hips bucked rhythmically as she fucked down onto his fingers. Ted saw the rosy flush spread from Francesca’s chest up along her throat as her climax rolled. He watched her stomach tighten as her whole body convulsed. He was thrilled to see the stiff, excited points of her nipples, thick and distended with desire, and he couldn’t resist sucking at each for a few seconds, massaging her tight breasts at the same time.

“I’m coming,” Francesca whined, the word rolling on and on, the desperate urgency obvious in the tone. “Yes, oh yes, oh yes.” Francesca’s expression of delight was bright as she smiled, caught in the vortex of pleasure that swirled through her consciousness. Her mouth was a wide O of delight, her eyes wide as though in awe at the sensations that surged and boiled in her.

Ted slid the underside of his shaft along Francesca’s slit. She gasped at the bump of his cock against her sensitive clitoris. Ted was aiming his cock head at Francesca’s opening, “I’m going to fuck you with this thing now, baby. I’m going to see how tight your lovely little pussy is.”

“Wait.” Francesca’s tone was strident and Ted checked his forward thrust. “We need protection. I’m not on the pill. You could get me pregnant.”

“Shit,” Ted grunted in frustration. “What do you mean? How come you led me this far only to stop me now?”

Francesca stood and moved quickly. She called over her shoulder as she left the room. “Come on, come to my room. I have condoms in there.”

Ted padded after the girl. She held the packet to him when he walked into her bedroom. Impatiently he ripped at the foil and hurriedly rolled the rubber sheath over his penis. Francesca eyed him from her position on her bed.

“Now,” Ted growled as he settled between Francesca’s legs. He held her knees wide and slid his covered cock along her cleft again. Francesca used her elbows as support, watching along her body as Ted prepared to enter her. “I’m going to fuck you, baby. Are you ready for me to put it in?”

“Yes please,” Francesca sighed, “put it in. I’ve waited so long. Put it in me.”

Still on his knees, Ted pushed the bulb against her. There was a brief resistance until he slid past her labia, and then he felt the slick slide as her body accepted his intrusion.

“Fuck,” Ted grunted, half his length buried in the girl.

Francesca looked up into her lover’s eyes. She swallowed heavily and then looked down to where, unbelievably, Ted’s cock was invading her.

“I can’t believe it. You’re fucking me. You’re really fucking me. Oh shit…” Francesca fell back and spread her thighs wider, bending her knees so that Ted could push even deeper.

Ted began to move rhythmically, sliding in and out of Francesca, building the tempo and force of his strokes as his lust burned brighter. He angled his cock into her, eliciting sharp yelps and deep groans as the different sensations rocked Francesca’s senses. He watched her small breasts roll with scarcely a ripple as he fucked into her harder and harder.

Damn she’s an athletic little thing, he thought silently. So fit, what a body. His eyes roved over every superb inch of her. He looked at her face, creased in a rictus of delirious pleasure. The abandoned look of desire that he saw in her pained expression sent an arterial burst of lust through him and he knew he wouldn’t last long at their first coupling. He watched with a weird sense of detachment as the lips of her sex clung greedily to the smeared, rubber-coated shaft of his cock and he marvelled at how responsive she was to him.

“Francesca,” he grunted. “I’m sorry… I’m going to come.” The detachment melted and Ted grimaced, gritting his teeth in a futile attempt to hold his ejaculation in check. It was no use and semen spurted from his cock to fill the teat of the condom with gooey, thick spunk.

“You’re coming for me?” Francesca cried when Ted’s grunts sounded. The knowledge that he was coming for her, that she had excited him so much that he couldn’t hold back thrilled her and she pulled his mouth to hers as his cock swelled and pumped, buried to the hilt in her body.

Francesca grinned when Ted, with a frown of distaste, peeled the soggy prophylactic from his wilting cock. The man looked around comically with a perplexed expression.

“Uhm…?” He held up the offending wrinkle of rubber and shrugged.

“Put it in here.” Francesca offered a tissue that she plucked from a box. “Give it to me; I’ll get rid of it.” She smirked and rolled her eyes at Ted’s obvious embarrassment. “Get your things,” she continued, suddenly brisk and businesslike. “I want to go to the summerhouse. I want you to have me all night in there.”

Francesca spent the rest of the night with her new lover in the summerhouse as she wished. She lost count of the number of orgasms he induced as he took her at intervals throughout the night and early morning. He brought her to a noisy climax repeatedly using his tongue, fingers, and superb cock.

When Ted left the following morning, Francesca felt swollen and bruised between her legs. Her breasts were sore from both Ted’s and her own handling as she scaled the peaks of her desire time after time.

“I want you to fuck me again soon,” Francesca purred from under the covers as Ted dressed. “Do you want to see me again?”

Ted looked at her, unsure how he felt. Should he see her again? He felt guilty at having used his friend’s daughter in such a carnal way. He viewed their coupling as his weakness. He had succumbed to the call of her physical beauty and in so doing, betrayed his friend and business partner, her father.

“To be honest, Francesca, I need time to think. I’m sorry, but I’m a little confused at what we’ve done. You’re so young… And you’re Derek’s daughter…”

Naked, Francesca slid out from under the duvet. She pressed her body to him and hugged him. “I want to see you again though. It was so good last night. You were so good.” Her eyes implored him, “Please think about me, and think about how good we were together. I know you enjoyed it. I saw your face when you came…

“I’ll be in touch, I promise.”

Ted left the girl and drove home. He thought about the things they’d done together and how delicious she’d been, how she’d tasted and felt, the sounds she made when he moved in and out of her tight, young body.

“God,” he groaned. He knew he wouldn’t be able to resist her. He could make all the resolutions he wanted, but he knew in his heart of hearts that he would crack. She was just too damned sexy; he’d have to visit her again.


The lovers continued to meet. Ted was right, her allure was too strong and he couldn’t shake the images of her lithe body from his mind. He recalled the texture of her skin under his fingers and the scent of her body after their energetic night together. She smelled so clean and fresh whenever he went to her, but the unmistakable odour of their sex stirred him on some deeper level. She was an earthy animal, so youthful and invigorating and even tousled and soiled from fucking she looked beautiful in his eyes. The realisation that he was falling in love with Francesca jolted Ted. The strength of his emotion shook him and left him reeling; things had gotten way out of control.

Francesca continued to watch her films. She amassed a tidy collection of her own, buying them from an internet site. The films fired her imagination and she formed plans to live out some of the fantastic tales she saw enacted in such lewd and graphic detail.

“Take me to a hotel,” she demanded one afternoon. “There’s something I want to try.” Ted noticed the sly look on Francesca’s face but chose to ignore it. She had grown far more adventurous since their first encounter. Every meeting left her more emboldened, besides, Ted was besotted with her, he’d agree to nearly anything. “You book it, tell me the room number, and I’ll meet you there… Okay?”

Ted grinned at her. She was so enthusiastic. “Sure, whatever you say.”

Francesca knew she looked hot, she knew that people, well, men, were staring after her as she walked through the foyer of the hotel. The dress clung to her like a second skin. Moulded to her hips and breasts, superbly styled it fell to the point of near indecency at mid thigh. The dress could be sluttish or elegant, depending on the wearer and the opinion of the beholder, but Francesca carried it off with style.

“Fuck me,” a man whispered to himself and caught the eye of the grinning desk clerk. Both men knew what the other was thinking. The girl was a hottie.

Francesca stepped into the lift and then turned and stared at the men who immediately shifted their eyes. She felt a surge of confidence knowing she was desirable. Her pussy throbbed with anticipation when she thought of the game she was about to play. A trickle of arousal slid from her body and she felt the slip of juice against her thighs. The dress was so clingy that underwear was impossible and she smiled secretly when she imagined Ted’s face when he saw her.

He answered the door at her knock. She fell into role immediately.

“Mr Bryant?” Ted’s confused expression delighted her. “I’m Carla… Your escort, you phoned the agency.”

“Uhm…” Ted replied, confused.

Francesca slid into the room and hoped he would cotton on to the idea soon.

“What’s the matter? Don’t you like what you see?” Francesca posed for him and executed a slow pirouette. “I’m very good, Mr Bryant,” she teased, “Or should I say I’m very bad?” Ted stood with his back to the door, his mouth hanging open. “Come now, Mr Bryant,” Francesca purred. “You called for a girl and here I am. Are you going to enjoy me?”

“Fucking hell,” Ted whispered when Francesca, in her alter ego as Carla, lifted the hem of the dress, sat on the bed, and causally opened her thighs for him. “What…? I mean… What…?”

“It’s two hundred and fifty for ninety minutes… or thousand for the night.” Francesca blew the bemused man a kiss. “Do you want me for the night? Is a grand worth it for a whole night of fucking me?” She smoothed her hands over her body, slid her fingers through the cleft of her sex, and thrilled at the silky feel of her legs. “I’m nineteen, nineteen and such a dirty little slut. I’m worth every penny.”

“A thousand?” Ted clicked to her game. “Your fee, a thousand pounds for the entire night?” His cock was stiff at the sight of the girl so wantonly exhibiting herself.

“Yes,” she murmured. “And because you’re so nice looking, you look like a decent bloke, no dirty diseases, I’m even willing to let you fuck me bare – No condom.”

That was the pivotal moment as far as Ted was concerned. He knew that the real-life Francesca had begun to take the pill shortly after they’d begun their affair, but this would be the first time she had offered herself ‘sans prophylactic’.

What the hell, he thought. I can afford it. “I’d have to leave you for a few minutes.” His voice caught and he cleared his throat. “I’d have to get the… erm…cash together.”

“I’ll just get comfortable then. Maybe I’ll warm up a little.” Francesca fingered her opening. “Oops, I’m already a little bit gooey.” She giggled and flaunted her slick inner thighs.

“Give me Ten minutes,” Ted gulped and then hurried out.

“Thank you,” Francesca purred when Ted handed her the thick bundle when he returned. “That’s the vulgar part out of the way. Now, how do you want me? Do you want me to suck your cock, or are you going to lick my kitty?”

“Get on your knees on the bed and push that gorgeous arse at me.” Since he was paying for the privilege, Ted decided to play the part and take charge. “Go on stick that peachy rear into the air. Good girl.”

Ted lowered his face level with Francesca’s buttocks. He parted the firm cheeks and gasped at the molten gape of the girl’s sex. She was sodden and her labia pouted, thick and glistening with her arousal. He noticed the stain of her sphincter and quickly pushed his tongue into the hole.

“You filthy bastard,” Francesca groaned when she felt the insistent wriggle of his tongue. “Lick my arse, go on, wriggle your tongue in there, it’s fucking fantastic.”

Ted pushed his fingers into the girl’s pussy while he dabbed his tongue into the puckered dirty-hole, twisting and probing enough to bring a long, low groan from her, a groan of pleasure that burst from her mouth in one long, drawn out moan.

“Take the dress off,” he commanded. “I want you naked. Show me your hot body.”

Francesca hurriedly pulled the dress over her head and discarded it. She stood and posed provocatively wearing nothing but her impossible heels.

“Well, am I enough for you?” She smirked at Ted’s hungry expression. “Do you like your whore?”

“God yes.” Ted eased the girl to the bed and clambered between her thighs. He bumped his cock head at her opening. “I’m going in bareback,” he whispered. “I’m going to fuck the little bitch without a condom at last.” He eased into her body and felt the heat of her as her insides clenched at his shaft. “Fuck, you’re so hot in there. Baby, you’re gorgeous.”

“You like my pussy, baby?” Francesca bit her bottom lip and grimaced at her lover as he began a rhythmic slide in and out. “Fuck my whore’s cunt. Use me.” The dialogue from her smutty films was proving invaluable as part of her repertoire.

The pair moved together as Ted powered into Francesca’s eager pussy. She writhed and bucked beneath him and groaned her delight while Ted grunted like an animal above her. They switched positions, each new arrangement giving Ted an exciting new perspective of Francesca’s athletic, proportioned body.

He admired the sweeping curve at the point where her hips flared from her narrow waist. The heart shape of her backside thrilled him as he took her from behind, his hands clasped around her waist, pulling her onto his cock.

His climax boiled when she rode him enthusiastically, her head rolling in ecstasy, and her tight breasts moving to the rhythm of their fucking. Francesca’s eyes widened when the first strong spurts of his liquid splashed into her. She rolled forward and kissed him while he groaned and pawed at her body while more of the stuff poured from his cock.

Francesca slid from the cock and a thick gout of Ted’s cum dripped from her body and plopped in a thick mass on his belly. She slurped and licked at his shaft, eager to suck their combined goo, which she swallowed with exaggerated eagerness. Then, Francesca scooped more of the hot stuff from herself and sucked at her fingers, staring into Ted’s eyes as though daring him to comment.

That set the tone for the remainder of the evening and into the early hours. Ted was insatiable; the girl excited him so much. He came at her relentlessly like a rutting stag until, finally spent, he drifted into a deep sleep, Francesca held tight to his body, wrapped in his arms.

“I love you,” he mumbled in the final moment before sleep claimed him and wrapped him in its dark folds.


“No, I can’t see you tonight, I’m busy.”

It was the third time that Francesca had brushed him off. She had suddenly turned inexplicably cold, leaving Ted stung by her continued rebuttal. What had happened? Then there came more news, a looming, black cloud, it was a revelation that rocked Ted.

“I’m afraid it’s bad, he’s gotten away with thousands, hundreds of thousands.” The man paused as though it caused him physical pain. He sighed and continued, “Maybe as much as half a million.”

The words from his accountant stunned Ted. They sounded distant, unreal, and Ted experienced a sense of disconnection. This couldn’t be real. Not only had Francesca iced him, but it appeared as though her father had defrauded Ted out of a sizeable sum. Fingers of reality gripped him, twisting his guts, he felt sick with despair.

“How long?” Ted asked. His immediate thought was that Derek had discovered Ted’s affair with his daughter and was exacting his revenge.

“What?” The accountant responded.

“How long has he been at it?” Ted’s eyebrows lifted quizzically.

“Well, I’d say it’s been at least eighteen months maybe two, two and a half years”

So it wasn’t revenge, Ted thought. It was plain, old-fashioned greed. The man in the dark suit gave Ted a brief résumé of his findings.

“Thank you,” Ted sighed wearily. He shook hands with the dour-faced, yet sympathetic bookish accountant.

“Will you be alright?” There was genuine concern in his voice.

“Sure,” Ted replied. “It’s a shock to be sure, but I’ll be okay. Give me a few days.”

Ted left the man sitting behind his desk. He had a lot of thinking to do. He needed to pause and take stock. He needed to examine his emotions over Francesca, and he needed to consider what to do about Derek.


Although his business world was shattered, the uppermost concern for him was Francesca. He’d fallen for the girl, he was utterly besotted, and if he could salvage anything from this mire of emotion and lament he needed to speak to Francesca.

He wanted to tell her how he felt, face-to-face. He would ask her to marry him despite her father’s apparent duplicity. Francesca, if she accepted him, would be a balm to his wounds, he was certain.

He waited a short, discreet distance form the family home. There was no point in calling her; she would only freeze him out with monosyllabic replies. He couldn’t approach the house because her parents would be here and Ted certainly had no desire to see Derek. His only option, he decided, was to follow her and confront her in the open. It was a feeble plan, but he was such a mish-mash of confusion and angst he could see no other option.

He waited.

Finally, on the second night of observation, a taxi arrived. Ted’s tired body and sluggish mind reacted instantly. There she was! He came fully awake with a racing heart. Ted followed the car through the city streets. His desperation to see her, to talk to her, grew with every passing intersection and traffic light. The only subject on his mind was Francesca, overwhelming, all consuming.

The cab pulled up outside an expensive city-centre hotel and Francesca climbed out. She paid the driver and disappeared through the revolving door.

“Shit!” Ted lost valuable minutes finding somewhere to park. When he finally burst into the foyer, Francesca was nowhere in sight. “Have you seen a girl, very attractive, long dark hair…?”

The desk clerk looked blankly at him. “Girl, sir? Then, Ted saw the smirk pass quickly over the man’s face and the kernel of reluctant truth germinated deep in Ted’s knowing.

“Yes,” Ted continued with a hint of uncertainty in his voice. “She just got out of a cab. She will have passed here a couple of minutes ago.”

Something in Ted’s expression or the tone of his voice caused the clerk to take notice. He felt sympathy for the man in front of him, so obviously bereft.

“She’s gone upstairs, sir,” he said quietly. “I wouldn’t normally give this information away, but…” He looked at Ted for a long moment, hesitating. “Well, let’s just say she’s here at least once a week. I can’t really tell you more. In fact, I’ve probably been indiscreet as it is.”

Even from the dark of the long tunnel, Ted dimly recognised the man’s kindness. “Thank you,” he mumbled absently and walked back to his car. He felt numb, but now he understood.


“I know what you do. I know about the hotels.” Ted gave the girl no time to hang up. He delivered his statement in a flat monotone. She paused, hesitated but didn’t put the phone down.

“So you know. So what?”

“Why?” Ted croaked. “You’re so beautiful. Why sell yourself?”

Another pause elongated and then popped. “Because it’s fun, it makes me feel so sexy. Those men pay me. I see how much they want me and I feel powerful.”

“Can I see you?” The desperation cracked in his voice. “I love you…”

He heard a snort from her. “You can see me if you pay me. I’ll even give you a discount, for old time’s sake, but love…? No, I don’t think so.” Then in a quiet voice, “Leave me alone, Ted. I’ve outgrown you. It was such fun to play, but now I’ve moved on. I suggest you do the same.”

The click told Ted she’d gone and his tears slid unchecked.

*** Two months later ***

Ted sipped his drink, not tasting it, his mind elsewhere. He eyed his phone, dormant on the table in front of him. Then, as though his stare had somehow activated the device’s electronic brain, the screen flashed blue.

“Ted Bryant.”

“It’s in place. Ten minutes.”

Ted paused, he could call it off, he still had control, and he could stop the wheels from turning even at this final moment. A brief flutter of love’s wings, wings broken by jealousy and hate. The man on the other end waited. The pause stretched… and then, “Do it,” Ted ordered curtly.

Ted flipped the phone closed; the wheels were set in motion. He sighed, sipped his drink, and watched the unrelenting urgency of Bangkok’s 2am nightlife as it surged in front of him in all its garish vulgarity. A few minutes longer, then he could be satisfied, the loose ends neatly tied. He ordered another drink from a ubiquitous waiter.

Ted stared, the unremitting panorama of sleaze whirled chaotically, unseen, as he tasted the bile-green curdle of unrequited love. Ted could have handled that, the rejection. As painful as it was he was capable of reconciling himself to the fact that the girl didn’t love him, but the idea of her surrendering herself to other men for money, and the cold, unfeeling way she’d dismissed him…That cut deep and twisted him.

The knowledge that other men were enjoying Francesca as he had done was like an open wound, a wound soon infected with a virulent jealousy. The love he felt for her withered and died, replaced by something vile that slithered in his guts and angered him whenever he thought of her.


Seven thousand miles and a seven-hour time difference away, Francesca lay on the hotel bed. Naked, securely tied to the bed head, her wrists securely bound with silk ribbons. Excited by the size of her client’s cock, she squirmed with anticipation and desperately squeezed her thighs together in a futile attempt to scratch the itch between her legs.

The excitement of the sex still thrilled her. The clandestine nature of her work aroused her more than the money ever could. The duplicity was her drug of choice. She was sweet, innocent Francesca to everyone who knew her, but at night, then she could throw off the wholesome girl image and wear the mask of her alter ego, Carla. Carla was wicked, so delightfully immoral, and Francesca loved playing the part.

“Stick that big fucker into me. Fuck my tight little pussy with it.” The filth poured from her mouth in a torrent of obscenity.

The man smirked at her. He gripped the thick shaft in his fist and pulled at it. “I’m gonna come all over that pretty face of yours first. Then we’re going to have a visitor. How does that sound?”

“A threesome?” Francesca groaned, “Another cock? That’ll be an extra five hundred.”

The man laughed, it wasn’t a nice sound and Francesca felt a squirt of fear, she suddenly needed to pee.

“We’ll see, baby,” he grunted. “We’ll see.”

“What do you mean?” Francesca struggled and writhed urgently, but the man ignored her and stroked his cock. He knew the bonds would hold.

His own movements became more urgent, his breath coming in pants as he coaxed and cajoled his climax. Finally, he grunted, “All over your face you little whore.”

Francesca felt the heavy spatter of the man’s semen against her face. She could feel the stuff as thick rivulets dribbled along her cheek. She knew that heavy strands of it were clinging to her hair, and in spite of her fear of a few moments ago, she experienced a dirty rush of renewed lust between her thighs.

“Maybe I’ll just let you off with the money,” she gurgled in an effort to placate the man, her voice hoarse with arousal. “Two of you fucking me, yes, that’d be great, I’ve never been fucked by two men before.” She watched bemused when the man began to dress, casually ignoring the cum stained girl on the bed. “Why are you dressing?” The alarm was evident in her voice. “What’s going on?”

“Right on time.” The man grinned at the sound of a knock at the door. “We’ve got a visitor.” He took a mobile phone from his pocket. “Smile bitch,” he grinned and took a picture of Francesca’s soiled face. He checked his handiwork and grinned. Then, he moved quickly and opened the door. “Come in,” he smiled dangerously at the man in the corridor. “The bitch is on the bed. I just knocked one out over her face. I would’ve loved to have fucked her, but the man wanted my jizz on her face.”

“What?” The man at the door was clearly at a loss as to what was going on. “I… This is the wrong room. I was supposed to meet someone here.”

“Oh no, this is the right room. Come in. But smile for the camera first.” The burly man took a second picture with his phone. He would send both images through the ether to his client in a few minutes. “Ted says hello by the way.” He reached out and pulled Derek into the room by his shirtfront. “I guess introductions aren’t necessary. You know the slut on the bed.” Contempt screwed his features. “The little whore wanted an extra five hundred quid for the threesome.” He grinned wolfishly, enjoying his work. “She thought you were a mate of mine coming to fuck her too. Then she offered it as a freebie.” He laughed with derision and continued. “Nice daughter you’ve got there, Derek, a grand a night prossie.” He pushed past the slack-jawed Derek, adding with faux pleasantness, “I think I’ll leave you to it. I guess you’ve got a lot to talk about.”

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