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Joe’s Recovery

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6’4″ Joe, met Kate in the real-estate office when buying his home several years ago. She and her husband became close friends over time. He and Robert had gone hunting and fishing together and in some of the harder times, helped each other out. Just like now, as Joe was recovering from a serious virus, which had put him in the hospital for five days, Vicky, (their daughter), would stop by and help Joe out with some of the chores around the house. Vicky is 19 years old and lives with her boy friend in town.

Because of his age, 62, Joe had taken a while to get back on his feet and during this time he and Vicky had become very close. They often talked about their problems, any and all of their problems. During one of these discussions, Vicky ask, “Why don’t you find a nice lady and get married again?”

Joe replied that he was too ornery and set in his ways for most of the women he met, and then add jokingly, “besides, it’s been so long since my last affair, I’ve forgotten how.”

“Yeah I bet,” Vicky said with a wry smile. Then the dryer dinged and she went to fold the clothes. “I’ve got one more load to do, is there anything you want to put in it?” she shouted from the laundry room.

“Just these that I’m wearing,” answered Joe.

“OK. Take them off and I’ll come and get them in a minute.” She answered. A few minutes later, she came into the living room for the clothes and found Joe sitting in his recliner with a blanket covering the lower half of his body. Vicky gathered up the clothes and returned to thee laundry room with out a word.

After a few minutes, Joe heard the washing machine start up and then Vicky’s foot steps as she returned. Her arms were full of folded clothes as she headed for the bed room. And then Joe noticed that she had on one of his xxl t-shirts, with her naked legs wiggling below it. Oh yes, Joe had noticed what a good looking girl she was the first time he had met her, but this was a first for him.

When she came back into the room, she sat across from Joe and crossed her legs, with the ankle of one leg resting on the knee of the other. The only thing that was revealed was the tender insides of her thighs as they joined and disappeared under the t-shirt. But it still created a yearning to see more of her young body. When his eyes did finally meet hers, he noticed something different about them, but didn’t quite know what it was.

With that same cute smile on her face, she said, “I hope you don’t mind, I threw my clothes in too, and barrowed this t-shirt so I wouldn’t be running around here naked.”

“Oh that’s all right,” said a slightly embarrassed Joe. “But maybe naked would be good for my blood pressure,” he snickered.

“I’m not sure your blood pressure could handle it Joe,” laughed Vicky.

“Hey, I’m old, not dead,” chided Joe.

“Well then how many girls have you made love to lately?” Vicky asks with a smile.

“None lately, besides I don’t kiss and tell,” says Joe. “And just how many young pups have you jumped on lately?”

“Well why don’t I fix us some sandwiches and I’ll tell you while I’m in the kitchen,” suggested Vicky as she rose from the sofa and turned to go into the kitchen. As she left, Joe noticed that the t-shirt was riding up on her butt allowing her butt cheeks to be seen. HE thought that it was on purpose because of how much her little butt was wiggling and the fact that she didn’t do anything to cover it up.

“My boy friend and I go to some trading parties,” started Vicky, “where you can have or be had by anybody invited. It’s a lot of fun and you get to experience many different ways of making love.”

“Gee, aren’t you afraid that you will catch some kind of diseases?” ask Joe.

“It’s all safe sex Joe,” said Vicky. “I always wash up and make sure that I’m clean between partners. Besides, these people aren’t a bunch of low life’s, they are business owners and many of them are a lot older than I am. It’s a lot of fun and sometimes you get to have someone that you have had before and enjoyed a great deal. After all Joe, it is just sex you know, not a lasting relationship or something.”

“So you think that there is a difference between sex and making love then?” asks Joe.

“Of course,” states Vicky. “Don’t you think so too Joe?”

“Yes I do. Sex is just another form of physical fitness,” says Joe, “and making love is an art form that should be reserved for a very special place in your heart. Any body can have sex, but very few people ever learn how to make love.”

“Well I don’t see the difference myself,” states Vicky. “It is all the same thing to me, sucking or fucking, either way you get off and feel better because of it.”

“One of these days you will meet a man that makes love to you and your eyes will be opened to an entirely new world of passion,” warns Joe. “You’ll find yourself soaring through the stars without a care in the world, not ever wanting to come down to earth again. Then you will want this fantastic feeling to happen again and again for the rest of your life. That’s when you are truly in love.”

When she brought the sandwich in to Joe, she had a strange look on her face, kind of a questioning look on her face. Like her mind was lost in some deep thought. “So Joe, have you ever had that kind of love before?” she ask slowly.

“Several times,” admits Joe. “That’s why I’ve been married four times.”

“You mean it can happen with more than one partner?” she asks.

“And why not?” says Joe. “There is no special way to make love, no special steps or moves to make, it’s in your mind that it starts and then you put those thoughts into physical motion with your lover.”

“You see first you have to want to make your lover to feel truly loved, that’s the mind set, that you will do anything that it takes to get them to soaring in the stars. Then you have to listen to their body as it responds to your actions, and find out what they want you to do to get them up there in the stars. Everybody is different and you’ll find many pleasant surprises as you go through life making true love instead of just sex. Don’t get me wrong, sex is great, but making love is oh so much better.”

“I thought that the guy was supposed to take charge and lead the way,” says Vicky. “How am I supposed to tell him what to do?”

“You don’t tell him by speaking to him, you tell him by your reaction to his touch,” says Joe, “with moans when you feel like it, screams when you feel like it, even with your touch or movements. He’ll know when he is doing something that you like in this way, and if he’s not a dead head, he will let Mother Nature lead him and you to the stars.”

“I’ve seen several rockets go off already,” says Vicky.

“Yes but one of these days you will help someone help you to ride a rocket,” joked Joe. “Sorry about the pun.”

“I’ve ridden a few rockets, But they all seem to fizzle out too soon, and just become a bang,” laughed Vicky, “pardon the pun.”

” Oh shit, there goes the dryer again, be right back.”

“I’ll be right here when you get back,” smiled Joe as she left the room. Then he leaned back in his chair and started remembering some of the wonderful times that he had made mad passionate love in the past. He realized that he had been truly blessed by having so many great experiences with women of his past. And he realized that each one was special in their own way, with no two of them even near the same. He regretted learning too late in life that it took a variety of spices to keep, what you so rarely find, cruising through the stars. Then to find out that it is not a chore, but a delight to keep it in the stars.

“The last load is in the dryer now,” said Vicky as she came through the room again with a pile of folded clothes. This time not wearing anything but a smile. Joe’s mouth dropped as he watched every little move she made. Then he wondered what she was up to with this bold display.

When she came back into the room she came over to Joe and picked up his empty plate and took it to the kitchen with hers. When she leaned down, her firm breasts were right in front of Joe and he couldn’t help but look at them. This caused him to begin to get rigid under the blanket, and a little pink in the face. He could see that her nipples were hard and he noticed her perfume for the first time that day.

“I like your new attire Vicky,” said Joe. “It’s kind of revealing isn’t it.”

“This is the way I run around my house every day, “says Vicky. “If it bothers you, I’ll put the shirt back on.”

“What ever makes you feel the best,” said Joe. “But this might cause me to pinch your ass or something else, ah maybe. You’re making some of my wrinkles disappear you know.”

“Oh yeah, which ones are gone?” she asks.

“If you need to ask, you are in real trouble,” laughed Joe.

“Oh, those wrinkles,” giggled Vicky.

“Yeah, you’ll know you’re in trouble when I loose all the wrinkles in my face,” joked Joe.

“How can I tell, your whiskers are covering them up,” giggled Vicky.

“You’ll know by the deep growl I let out just before attacking,” smiled Jim.

“Well I don’t believe you,” stated Vicky as she sat on the arm of his chair. “I want to see for my self,” she said as she began to stroke his thigh, then she moved up to his rigid cock. Even through the blanket, she could tell that he was aroused, and it was for her too. As she pulled the blanket gently down to expose it she wet her lips with her tongue, and as it became totally exposed she said, “I knew that you wore a size 14 boot Joe but this is something else. I’ve never seen anything as big as this before,” she added as she gently took it in her hands and began to lightly stroke it.

“Hey now,” said Joe, “what is your mother going to say when she finds out that you’ve been stroking my cock?’

“And who is going to tell her?” ask Vicky. “Do you mean to say that you and her haven’t ever done the deed?”

“I’ll never tell if we have or not,” said Joe. “But you know how it is in a small town; there are no secrets, and then what?”

“Hell they only talk because they can’t get any.” laughed Vicky. “Let them eat their hearts out. Oh how I want to sit down on that and feel every little bit of it slide into me. All the way deep inside of me.” Then she rose and turned to kneel between his legs, taking his cock in her hands she began to stroke it with her tongue, slow and with desire.

Joe was enjoying the attention but knew that this was just physical attraction and a desire for sex. He reached down and pulled her up and sat her on his lap with both legs lying over one arm of the chair. “No, now that isn’t the way it is going to be Vicky,” he told her. “If you want me to make love to you, then that is another thing, but we aren’t going to just have sex.”

“Ooooh, now just what do you mean?” she ask with a smirk on her face, “like you’ve been talking about maybe?”

“You come with me and find out,” warned Joe as he eased her to the floor and then got up too. He led her into the bath room and started the shower then invited her in with him. They took turns getting wet and then he started to apply the soap to her body, not missing any part of her, large or small. He could tell that she was beginning to enjoy this tender attention to every part of her body. His soft stroke was made easier by the soap and water, as his hands gently moved from one part of her to another. When his hands slipped across her breasts and he let her nipple slip across all of his fingers, it took her breath away for a moment. And as he was washing here breasts from behind she could feel that rock hard cock against her back as he moved. While the other hand was washing her breasts, he reached down and put his hand between her butt cheeks and moved all the way down to her pussy and back. This caused her too gasp again, and caused a few goose bumps to form all over and a slight moan escaped her lips. Joe could feel her body begin to relax into his hands, and felt a little tremble in her leg muscles as he washed the inside of her thighs.

When Joe had finished washing her body, she stepped into the stream of the shower and he began rinsing her off paying special attention to her pussy. Spreading her lips and letting the water run between them as he gently stroked her with his fingers. Vicky was holding onto him tightly to keep from falling, and his tender touch wasn’t helping the situation at all. With the shower now in her face, her eyes closed, totally engulfed in the tender touch of his hands, she felt his hands gently raise and let slip each breast as he twisted her nipples gently. Her knees began to feel weak, so she leaned back against his firm chest. The feeling of his muscles and that rock hard cock made her feel weaker but at least safe from falling. He gently wrapped his arms around her and turned her away from the shower and let her go saying, “it’s my turn now darling.”

“With pleasure,” she whispers as she begins to apply the soap to his body. She could tell by the feel of his muscles that he had once been a very well built man. His muscles may be sagging a little but she was still impressed with what she was feeling as she washed his back and tight butt. When he turned around she found that his chest was still hard and firm and his nipples were sensitive to her touch. He had hair growing over all of his body except on the top of his head, (the one on his shoulders), well the other one too. When she reached between his legs and pulled the washcloth back up onto his belly, she felt him twitch a bit, so she did it again. The third time she started to wash his balls and cock gently and repeatedly, causing him to groan a little and hold onto her shoulders to steady himself.

This was something new to her. She had taken showers with men before but she had never experienced the raw feelings that were running through her body right now. She knew that if she weren’t in the shower that her hot pussy would be dripping down her leg right now. Just as his cock was drooling in her hand as she thought about it. She was experiencing a feeling like electricity running through her whole body as she washed his cock.

This was something new for her and she wanted the feeling to last for ever. As she rested her head on his chest, she had her eyes closed, and could feel his chest tighten up every time she stroked across his head. He began to stroke her back as she washed him, and he could feel her muscles flexing with each stroke. All of a sudden he grabbed her shoulders tightly and threw his head back and gave out with a deep groan and came into the cloth and on her belly. The surprise on her face was priceless as he looked her in the eyes and said, “That’s just the first time darling. Now let me rinse off and we’ll go to the bed room and finish what you started.”

She was a little disappointed but dried off and followed him into the bedroom. After she lay down on the bed, he pulled her by the ankles until her legs dangled off the bed at the knees. Then he got in with her, but with his head the other way, and immediately rolled her on her side and began to lick the inside of her thighs. He was steadily moving toward her very hot and wet pussy, and the anticipation was getting to her. She began to wiggle around and push her pussy toward his mouth, but he just continued to move slowly and tenderly up her legs, closer and closer with each lick.

Then she realized that his cock was doing the same thing, moving up closer up to her mouth, between her breasts, and closer, leaving a wet trail as it got even closer. When she could finally take his balls into her mouth, she felt his tongue slip between her pussy lips and release some more of her juices, which almost caused her to bite his balls. Instead she decided to suck on them even harder as she rolled one of them around in here mouth, causing him to tightly grip her butt and pull her into his face even more. As his tongue began to dart into her pussy, she took his cock into her mouth, a little at a time, first the end and then the head, always licking and sucking as she massaged his balls with her other hand. She found herself reacting to the feelings she was sensing in his body and began to relax and really enjoy this great experience. It was all happening so naturally, and the feelings within her own body were new to her and seemed to continue to wash over her without stopping. She just got lost in all the passion that had taken her over and began to let her feelings take control and just enjoy the ride they took her on.

She had cum twice on Joes tongue and was nearing it again when he stopped and turned himself around and lay on his back and pulled her up to straddle his chest. This was the first time their eyes had met in a while and he could se that she was drifting amongst the stars, so he gently raised her up and sat her down on his cock. As she eased down onto him, her head was thrown back and a gentle moan slipped out of her mouth which lasted until she rested tight against his body again. Then she began to wiggle gently against him, front back, around and around, almost uncontrollably. Joe was twisting her nipples and gently massaging her breasts as she continued to grind against him. With her eyes closed, she began to get a rhythm going which Joe began to match, which caused her to begin to slip up and down on his cock. Joe could see that her teeth were clenched through the smile on her face as she began to move even more violently. She was digging her finger nails into his chest and hIS into her butt, as she moaned loudly and tensed her body rigidly and sat down hard on his cock as she came again, causing him to cum deep inside of her bringing still another moan from their throats as they both tried to hold onto that most fantastic feeling of being one with the other.

As they began to relax again, they just seemed to melt into each others arms and lay still while their hearts tried to catch up with them. With Vicky’s head lying on Joe’s chest, she says in a soft voice, “So that is how you make love. I knew I should have taken notes, now I’ll have to take that course again.”

“School is always open darling,” says Joe with a smile.

Joe never has said how far back in his recovery this experience had set him, but I don’t think it really hurt him.

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