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Gordon Fields sipped his Scotch and leaned back in his comfortable chair. Despite his occupation, he wasn’t a “tough guy” or a “man of the streets”. He had grown up in a nice home and he enjoyed the finer things in life. Now that he was off for a while, he had time to enjoy those things. He could indulge in good food and a fine Cuban cigar. He could have a drink or two and enjoy the company of a beautiful woman without the concern of how it would affect his performance.

Gordon wasn’t a “bar person”, he was surrounded by crowds most of the time, so when he had down time, he chose to spend it in an environment slightly more conducive to his own pleasure. He enjoyed “Chances”, it was a cocktail lounge he had frequented many times in the past. Gordon liked everything about the place. The prices were reasonable, the servers were attractive, the food and drink was good and the music was never blaring. It was a good place to go when he wanted a couple of drinks, a good steak and some attractive companionship. It wasn’t a noisy bar with men and women on the prowl. It was the kind of place an attractive and intelligent woman might go after work for a drink or to socialize with friends. The lounge was not a pickup joint, Gordon didn’t like being in a meat-market environment. He enjoyed a certain type of woman and you just didn’t find those women hanging around in bars.

Not that he couldn’t have fared well in an establishment such as that. With his 6’4″, muscular frame and sizable income, he would likely have been able to line up any woman he chose and succeed in getting her into bed. Gordon had an intense, brooding look that drew women in and a rich, baritone voice. He had once given serious thought to becoming a broadcaster, like his late father and then he was lured away to the career he now enjoyed. Gordon had his eye on the prize and his manager said it was within his reach. He wanted to be the Heavyweight Champion of the World and then he could make life better for all of his family and friends. His father had made some mistakes along the way and Gordon’s mother, not yet 56, relied on his assistance. He was only too happy to provide it because his family had always stood by him. His late father, his mom and his sister Penny were his most strident supporters.

He downed the remainder of his Scotch and contemplated having another. Deciding it could wait, he thought about calling his mother and sister, but it was late. His plane had been delayed by several hours, so he hadn’t arrived when expected. He would call them tomorrow and take them out for dinner and drinks. Gordon felt pangs of regret that he hadn’t seen them in nearly 18 months, although he had kept in touch. The life of a prizefighter was a life spent on the road and in training. When Gordon was preparing for a fight, he focused solely on that. After solidly defeating his last opponent, he didn’t have any bouts for several months. Ben, his manager, could see that he needed some down time and had insisted that he go home and be with his family. “You’re only 28 Gord, you have plenty of time to win the title,” Ben had insisted. “Go home, see your family, have some fun, get laid.”

Gordon had laughed and promised the older man that he would do all of those things. Ben had been his manager and promoter since the beginning and was like a second father to him. Since his real father was no longer around, Gordon made sure to reward Ben’s continued loyalty. He had paid for several lavish vacations for Ben and his wife and family. The two men always performed better when both had some down time.

When in training, Gordon abstained from all of his vices. He wasn’t training now. He hadn’t been in a relationship in a while, so his sex life had been a bit lax, to say the least. Despite that, he wasn’t going to settle. Whoever it was who was going to be his next sex partner, she would have to possess the “wow factor”. She would have to be the kind of girl that stood out in a crowd. Gordon looked around for a server and when he didn’t see one close by, he went to the bar himself to order another drink. That’s when a tiny piece of serendipity bopped him on the head.

There was a woman seated at the expensive brass bar and she seemed to be engaged in deep conversation with the attractive female bartender. To Gordon’s eye, it even appeared as if they might be flirting. Several of the male customers in the lounge kept looking their way although the women were not looking back. The bar patron was exactly the type of woman Gordon had been thinking of. She had the “wow factor” and she had it in spades! Whoever she was, she possessed the right blend of clash and va-va-va-voom! An attractive beauty who appeared to be on the tall side, she kept smiling and touching the bartender’s hand as they talked. The young woman had waist-length auburn hair and a dynamite body. Gordon could see that, because the sexy beauty had it on full display. She was wearing a short black skirt and a tiny black thong was also visible. Her legs were long and shapely and she was wearing black, thigh-high boots with a shiny stiletto tip. An impressive pair of tits – he couldn’t tell if they were real or a super boob job – were encased in a lacy black top under a black satin jacket. Whoever this gorgeous young lady was, it was apparent that she liked to command attention. Gordon could only hope that the young lady was as into men as she appeared to be into the bartender.

“You two seem as if you’re having a good time,” Gordon commented as he approached the bar to order his drink.

The bartender, a pretty redhead, turned in the direction of Gordon’s voice. She recognized him from his previous visits. She also recalled that he could be a bit of a high roller, so she smiled sweetly. “We always do when we get together. What are you drinking?”

“Scotch,” Gordon ordered and flashed his own brilliant smile. “I’m …”

“Oh, I know who you are, everyone here does,” the redhead said, her voice dripping honey. “Congratulations on your last win, the drink is compliments of the house. I’m Gail and my friend over there is …”

“Roslyn,” the other girl said as she stood up and took a seat closer to Gordon. He could now see that her eyes were a dazzling emerald green and everything he had wondered about – was real. She gave off an aura of sex and if she wasn’t into men, she was doing a damned good impression of someone who was. The young beauty stared directly at Gordon as if appraising him. Gordon had worked hard to become the man he was, so he let her look. There was something familiar about this young stunner and he racked his brain to see if he had met her before. He was coming up short and that frustrated him, because she sure was the kind of girl you would not soon forget. Gail was lovely in her own way, but Roslyn was a knockout! Gordon did his best to make small talk with the two women, taking care not to ignore Gail. He had learned through experience that if you made friends with the friend, she would do some of your work for you and talk you up to the other one. Gordon had also been in a few threesomes in his time, so he always made sure to play it close to the vest. Sometimes if you were nice to both, you ended up with both.

“What brings you here tonight?” He asked Roslyn, making sure to pay attention to her every word and movement.

“I’ve had a rough few weeks and I came out tonight looking for some fun,” the girl answered in a honey and whiskey voice. “Do you know where a girl like me might find some?” From behind the bar, Gail grinned. She was watching as her friend played the game with the handsome fighter.

“I might have an idea,” Gordon said, enjoying the game playing. “I suppose it all depends on the kind of fun you’re talking about.”

Roslyn leaned in close and made sure that he got a good look at the entirety of her body. “I’m talking about the kind of fun that involves serious fucking,” she told him so that there was no mistaking her intentions. “You, me, Gail and a whole lot of sex.”

Gail shook her head. “Sorry beautiful, two of the other girls called in sick. I’m going to be here until way past closing time. I’ll ask for a rain check.”

Roslyn smiled and nodded in her friend’s direction. Gordon knew that she would be getting that rain check, if not from him, than it would be from Roslyn. She seemed like the type of woman who kept her word when it came to promises of a sexual nature. The two of them finished their drinks and then, Gordon hailed a cab. He wasn’t going to risk drinking and driving, he had too much self-respect for that and he didn’t want to be one of those athletes who were involved in a scandal.

Gordon watched Roslyn as she walked towards the waiting taxi. She had a very feminine walk with a sexy little sway. He realized that she was putting on a bit of a show for him and being a bit of a tease. That was perfectly okay because it indicated that she was into him. Once the two of them hit the sheets, all bets were off.

“I hate to use a cliché, but your place or mine?” Gordon questioned. An odd look came over Roslyn’s face, replaced by a grin.

“Your place, mine is a bit … messy,” she told him as she got into the cab. She flashed a generous amount of leg and thigh. “Should I assume that you’re staying at a hotel and not with friends or family?”

“Yeah, at the Plaza,” Gordon answered as he gave their driver instructions. “My plane got in really late and I didn’t want to disturb anyone. I haven’t seen my family in a really long time and I didn’t want to inconvenience anyone.”

“That’s very considerate of you,” Roslyn answered as they made the short journey to their hotel. Gordon was very glad that he had chosen a hotel with all the amenities. There was something about this sexy young woman that made him want to spoil her – not just use her for sexual pleasure. Her sexual aura was so overwhelming that had he not been in a taxi, he would likely have been all over her. He also got the impression that Roslyn wouldn’t have objected to that one bit.

“This is a lovely room,” Roslyn smiled as she looked around. “With a lovely, large bed – it would be a terrible shame to waste it,” she teased as she walked towards him and kissed him with an agile tongue that almost knocked his teeth out. “I don’t believe in wasting time,” Roslyn smiled as she sat on the bed and crossed her legs. Gordon could see that almost every move she made was designed to be provocative.

“Don’t worry, I think assertive women are sexy,” Gordon smiled as he removed his jacket. “You don’t mind that I’m ten years older than you are?”

“I can be very assertive when I see something I want,” Roslyn answered, her voice low and throaty. “Don’t sweat the age thing, ‘kay? I like older men – the guys my own age are assholes. To them, it’s all about the conquest.”

“I’ll admit, the chase and pursuit is part of the fun, but I treat women with respect,” Gordon told her. “I was raised in a household filled with strong, intelligent women, so I find them attractive and sexy.”

“Good to know,” Roslyn answered, although her face bore an odd expression when she said so. Had he inadvertently said something wrong? He pushed past it and remembered that he was hosting her.

“I don’t want to waste time, but I don’t want to rush you either,” Gordon said, deciding to be a bit chivalrous. “Shall I call Room Service and get us some food or coffee or some drinks?”

“Maybe later,” Roslyn said and adjusted her position to show off her assets. “I’m not hungry yet and I’ve had enough to drink for now. Perhaps later we can have something to eat. Right now, I’m in the mood to work up a hearty appetite.”

“You get straight to the point,” Gordon smiled and looked at her with obvious interest. “It’s very refreshing, I like it. Okay Roslyn, do you want to start things off?”

“Sure thing lover, I don’t mind stirring the pot,” Roslyn said as she stood up from the bed. She whisked her dress away and Gordon saw his assumption of the tiny thong was correct. Her tits were clad in only a sexy black lace quarter cup bra and while firm and standing proud on her chest, they were most spectacularly real. She kept the boots on and Roslyn walked well in heels, a lost art, Gordon knew. There was something about this sexy young woman that implied sex. Something about her demeanor that said she was no shy young naïf, despite her age, this was a woman that took no prisoners. Every move she made while undressing was slow and deliberate and designed to provoke. “If I’d known I was going home with such a stud, I’d have brought a larger purse and some sexy lingerie,” she told Gordon. “Next time.”

“Next time?”

“Sure lover,” Roslyn said as she placed her soft hands flat on his chest and kissed him sweetly. “If you’re as good a fuck as I’ve heard you are, I’ll want more of you.”

Gordon nodded. He wasn’t sure what was going on, although once again, Roslyn’s manner told him she wasn’t being needy or clingy. She was simply a hot young thing who was going after something she wanted – him! Roslyn was staking her claim for future erotic encounters.

With a surprising strength, she pulled him over to the bed and pushed him down. The naked young woman straddled him and began to work her wiles on him. She didn’t act in an impatient or impulsive manner, she did not rush getting him naked. What she did was make slow, deliberate, sensual moves that were almost torturous. Usually in situations such as these, it was Gordon who was the focal point. Roslyn was making it about her at the moment. It was evident that she wanted Gordon to be in a deep state of want when they finally had sex. She was the femme provocateur and Gordon was a very captive, yet willing, audience.

“Damn, but you’re a teasing little minx,” Gordon hissed as his shirt was tugged away from his torso and Roslyn kissed his chest.

“Call a spade a spade baby, I’m a hot little slut,” Roslyn purred. “I don’t mind the word, I know what I am. Sex empowers me, I use it to my advantage. I’ve got the body and the moves. So you might be the handsome stallion, but this mare is going to ride you until you cry `uncle’,” she informed him.

Gordon wasn’t sure if she was kidding or not because he thought she just might be able to do it. While he wasn’t really struggling to free himself, he doubted very much if he could have. The eager young beauty now had his pants down around his ankles and they were tugged away. Skilled fingers trailed over his skin and touched his many scars. “Occupational hazard,” he told Roslyn.

“S’cool,” Roslyn smiled at him as her fingers trailed along one long scar. “I happen to think some scars on a man are sexy, very masculine. Oh God baby, what a fuckin’ nice cock you’ve got,” she said as her fingers wrapped around his turgid pole. “I’m going to have a nice time with this beauty. You sir, are one beautiful man.”

Gordon snorted. “Men aren’t beautiful, women are beautiful. Thanks for the compliment, though.”

Roslyn shook her head and sighed. “Have it your own way stud, I happen to think you’re beautiful.” After that, she couldn’t say very much. She had a mouth full of cock and Gordon himself wasn’t too coherent for a while. His brain was trying to deal with the concept of this hot, gorgeous babe sucking him off like her life depended on it. Women had given him head before, but Roslyn sucked like a cross between a vacuum cleaner and a black coal. His poor cock didn’t stand a chance and he emptied his load into her waiting mouth. Roslyn didn’t even give the well-hung fighter a chance to go flaccid, she swung her lithe young body around and demanded equal time. That was just fine with Gordon, she had a gorgeous, neatly-trimmed pussy and her skin was as soft as silk. Gordon decided to work her over with as much vigor as he could muster and she would yelp and gasp every so often between sucking him off. He and Roslyn seemed to be well matched.

Roslyn groaned and let herself surrender to climax. Once again, she swung her body around and dismounted. “That was a terrific warm-up, now it’s time for the main event,” she said to him. He nodded and let the younger woman call the shots. He had no macho hang-ups about being in charge.

Roslyn got on all fours and presented herself to him. “Usually when I fuck a guy for the first time, I like to do cowgirl or reverse cowgirl, so I can make sure he doesn’t go too fast or hurt me. Not this time Gordon, I can trust you. Fuck me baby, you can be a little rough. I’m a pretty fit gal, I can take a bit of a pounding.”

Gordon heard her and when he grabbed her hips, he swatted her ass to let her know that he had been listening. She laughed and squealed, although that stopped when he slid his cock inside of her and started fucking. She was the tightest pussy he had ever fucked and the most responsive. Everything he did to her, she responded perfectly. As he entered her deeply, her hips rolled back at him to allow deeper penetration. Gordon was almost ready to let go, yet he summoned up once last ounce of strength to finish Roslyn off. The girl screamed out loud and strong and let her next orgasm wash through her. That was when Gordon finally allowed himself to cum. It was one of the most satisfying orgasms he had experienced in several years.

“I think now I could eat a little something,” Roslyn said as he moved away from her. “Coffee too – we’ll need to be awake for what we’re going to do once we get our strength back.”

Gordon called down for some food and once they had eaten, Roslyn proved to be as good as her word. She let herself be screwed in every way possible and seemed to enjoy herself. Her body took a savage fucking and yet, she wanted more. She even let him fuck her ass and she loved all of it. She fucked him back with an intensity someone so young should not have had. Gordon thanked God he didn’t have a fight scheduled soon. He would have lost.

He offered her breakfast the next morning, but she declined. “Can I see you again?” Gordon asked Roslyn. She smiled and nodded, although she didn’t offer a phone number.

“I’ll see you again, I promise that I’ll be in touch,” she told him as she walked away with a sexy strut. He didn’t know how she would accomplish that without his phone number or address, but it wasn’t something he intended to worry about. It was time for him to get his ass over to his mom’s house and reconnect with the family.

His mother was thrilled to see him and offered him much-needed coffee. He was surprised to see that she had lost a fair bit of weight and looked terrific, much younger than her years. Penny, his sister, was also living with their mother, her marriage in disarray. His blonde older sister looked good as she always did and Gordon noted that the women in his family always had been attractive. When he remembered that, he realized that there was one woman missing.

“Where’s the beanpole?” He asked his sister, referring to her daughter, his niece. Penny laughed and his mother answered his question.

“She isn’t a beanpole anymore,” Christine told her son. “She’s changed a lot since the last time you saw her.”

“Really – Rose has? Our Rosie?”

“She doesn’t go by Rose anymore, Gordon,” Penny told her younger brother. “She’s calling herself Roslyn now,” she said to Gordon.

“Did someone mention my name?”

Gordon spun around to see the evil grin on the face of the vibrant, sexy young woman he had spent the previous night fucking.

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