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Joann & Karina

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As I walked through the front door of the radio station I work for, our secretary, Joann, didn’t even bother with the pretense of a smile. I gave her a smile anyway, knowing today would be yet another day of using her as my personal whore.

For the last few weeks, I’ve fucked Joann every way imaginable. It’s amazing what you can make someone do when you hold the threat of prison over his or her head. Joann had made two mistakes. The first was embezzling money from the company.

The second (and much bigger) was leaving enough of a trail for someone like me to discover what she’d done. I had wanted to fuck Joann from the moment I met her three years ago and now I had the opportunity. Sure, I would have preferred that she let me into her pussy willingly, but if the only way I could get in was through blackmail, I could live with that. Willing or not, I was still fucking the hell out of her and that’s all I wanted.

To make things more interesting, I made Joann an offer after I finished fucking her last night. All she had to do to get out of our arrangement was to get Karina (our 18 year old intern) to come into my office and blow me. I knew Joann would never do it, but it would be fun to make her squirm over the decision. I’ve always had a weakness for Mexican women and I thought Joann was the perfect example of how good a Mexican woman could be, but that was before Karina came to work for us almost two months ago.

Karina is a real sweetheart. She’s always smiling, always has a kind word. Her 5′ 8″ frame makes her two inches taller than Joann. Every body part is just a little bigger and more perfect. And considering how fantastic Joann is, I was in complete disbelief the first time I saw Karina. I guess you could call her quiet, but not particularly shy. I’ve seen a few different boys hovering around her, at her beck and call. She doesn’t seem to have any difficulty in getting them to do whatever she wants. She doesn’t abuse them, but she definitely seems to enjoy the attention. I’ve even been able to get her to flirt with me from time to time. But there’s a big difference between flirting and getting a girl nearly half my age to spread her legs for me. I never tried to fool myself into thinking I had a shot with her.

Even if Karina seemed unattainable, I still had Joann. Since no one else was around, I walked behind Joann’s desk and grabbed a fistful of her luxurious black hair that flowed a few inches past her shoulders. Pulling her head back, I leaned in and proceeded to jam my tongue down her throat. “Good morning, Joann.” I said after breaking our kiss. “You’re looking particularly fuckable this morning. Have you thought any more about my offer?” She shook her head ‘no’ weakly. “But it’s your chance to end this. I get Karina and you get out of our arrangement. Sounds like a hell of a deal to me.”

In a voice full of resignation, Joann mustered, “Leave Karina alone. You’ve already got me, why do you want to hurt someone else?”

“Hurt someone?” I asked incredulously. I leaned on her desk to face her. “I’m not hurting anyone. Despite your protests, it’s obvious you love being fucked like a whore.” I placed my hand on her knee, and then ran my hand up her thigh, under her skirt. She shifted her weight slightly, but didn’t try to fight me off. She knew better. I was pleased to discover she was wearing black thigh highs, not pantyhose, with her burgundy skirt suit. I continued to caress her soft, warm thigh as I spoke. “I think the reason you won’t get Karina into my office is because you’re afraid. Not afraid that poor little Karina will get hurt, but afraid that I might actually stop fucking you. You don’t just love being fucked like a whore, you need to be fucked like that. I’m guessing that before you got married, you fucked everyone you could. When you got married, you stopped being a whore. Until I got to you, that is. Now that I own you, you remember how much you loved being screwed four or five times a day and you don’t want to give that up. Am I right?”

Joann looked at me uneasily. “I’m not a whore. You’re delusional.”

I sighed. “Look Joann, you fuck like a pro. At some time you must have spread those pretty legs for any guy who smiled at you. You didn’t learn how to be such a great fuck by being a good girl. And you sure as hell didn’t learn it from that limp dick you call a husband. You learned how to be an incredible fuck by giving it up to every guy you knew, as often as possible. It’s simple. If you want to prove me wrong, one blowjob from Karina gets you out of this.” With on last squeeze of her thigh, I took my hand out from under her skirt and stood up to leave. “Just think about it, Joann.”

The rest of the morning crept by. I stayed in my office trying to plow though the less than exciting paperwork that was piled up on my desk. Radio can be fun, but even a fun job has a staggering amount of paperwork. It was tough to concentrate on the work at hand. My thoughts kept drifting to Karina. Karina on her knees looking up at me with those big dark eyes as my cock disappears into her mouth. Karina bent over my desk, moaning as I pound her pussy. Those thoughts were a hell of a lot more interesting than paperwork.

Fucking Karina may have seemed out of the question, but Joann’s ass belonged to me, so I headed out to her desk. I was thinking about how I was going to fuck her when I saw Karina had come in early. She was at the filing cabinets behind Joann’s desk. I stopped just out of their sight and admired their succulent bodies. Joann’s burgundy skirt suit was tight enough to show off her 36C breasts. Karina’s pink sweater was tight enough to show off breasts that I guessed were at least 38C. That’s when I noticed it. Joann was typing away on her computer as Karina put away folders. Karina would pause periodically and look at Joann. I didn’t think much of it at first until I realized she was doing that after each file. I’m not talking about a casual glance, either. Each look was a little longer and more lustful than the last. Holy crap! Karina was ogling Joann just like every man in the building does!

My head was spinning. Karina wanted Joann? No, couldn’t be. I must have been hallucinating. But there it was, right in front of me. I’ve seen Joann get those looks from plenty of guys. Hell, I’ve looked at her that way! But to see that look from Karina was almost too much for me to take. I stood, transfixed as Karina’s furtive glances became a lingering stare. Her dark eyes dragged over Joann’s body, drinking in every inch of her flesh.

Done with the files, Karina hovered behind Joann for a moment, licking her full lips. Finally, she pulled up chair and sat down next to her. Any closer and her big beautiful ass would have been in Joann’s lap. “The files are done.” She chirped. “What’s next?”

Joann gave her a broad smile. She gently squeezed Karina’s knee and said, “You’ve been such a big help to me. I’m glad you’re here.” Karina beamed. For a second, she seemed so excited I thought she might mount Joann. But she didn’t. Damn.

Karina tossed her long, lush hair to one side and gushed, “Thanks. I love being here. I’ve learned a lot from you and I want to learn more.” I thought, learn more? Oh, absolutely. How to eat pussy, how to use a two-headed dildo, you know, the important stuff.

They talked a little more, but I headed back to my office. If I had stood there any longer, I’d have cum running down my leg. As I was turning around to leave, Karina stood and headed for the fax machine that was near me. I quickly threw myself into a chair to conceal my raging hard on. Karina gave me a smile when she came around the corner and saw me sitting next to the fax machine. I smiled right back. A big, toothy grin.

Still smiling, she said, “What are you grinning about?”

“It’s tough to not stare, isn’t it? You see her luscious body and you just want to lick it.” Karina had a panic stricken look. “Take it easy. I won’t tell anyone about how I saw you staring at Joann. Except Joann, of course.”

“Oh God. I’m not like that. Really. I don’t know what came over me. Don’t tell Joann, I won’t do it again.”

In a soothing voice I told her, “Relax, it’s O.K. Look, you’re eighteen. You’ve probably had a couple of guys and they weren’t that good. Now you’re curious to see if a woman might be better. Joann has a certain sexuality that got your attention. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with those thoughts. I’m sure Joann would be flattered that such a stunningly beautiful young woman is attracted to her.” Karina smiled faintly at that. “If you want, I can have Joann meet you in my office. I bet she’d be happy to teach you a few things.”

Karina looked dumbfounded by that last comment. Her chest was heaving. God, I wanted those tits. She opened her mouth to speak, but closed it without a word. Finally, she said softly, “I’d like that.”

“Go to my office. I’ll get Joann.” She smiled and hurried into the office. I nearly fainted. Joann and Karina were about to go at each other in my office. Fucking Joann was easy. I owned her. But would Karina let me fuck her? I almost laughed out loud at that thought. She didn’t have a choice. I was about to become the proud owner of two of the hottest Mexican women on the planet.

I quickly found Joann at her desk. Pulling up the chair Karina had been sitting in, I started to tell Joann what was going to happen. “You can stop worrying about getting Karina to blow me. It seems our sweet little intern has a fascination with pussy. Yours in particular.” Joann’s mouth fell open. “She’s waiting for us in my office. When we get in there, I don’t want any trouble from you. You’ll do everything she wants and everything I want. And you’ll do it eagerly. If you don’t, I’ll get my friends together and we’ll gang bang you every night for a month. Are we clear?” She nodded. “Good. Let’s go get us some teenage pussy!”

Pushing Joann in front of me, we headed to my office. Karina jumped up out the chair she was sitting in as we entered. She looked nervous, but her eyes never left Joann. Joann seemed completely at ease, which surprised me. She usually put up a token fight to pretend she didn’t want to be my whore, but this time she looked she’d wanted this for some time.

Joann spoke first. “He tells me you’d like to get to know me better.” Karina just stared. “I want to hear it from you. I won’t touch you if you don’t want me to.”

Gathering her courage, Karina said hesitantly, “I want…I want…I want to kiss you.”

Joann’s smile seemed to make Karina’s nervousness vanish. “That’s all I wanted to hear. You’re a beautiful girl. I’d like to kiss you, too.”

I stood on increasingly wobbly legs as Joann pulled Karina against her. She slowly traced Karina’s lips with her tongue before she kissed her passionately. Joann’s left hand quickly worked its way inside Karina’s sweater to play with her breasts. Karina, in turn, began kneading Joann’s ass. Moans escaped their lips as nipples were tweaked and asses were pinched. They were so lost in one another, they were completely oblivious of me.

Joann purred, “Let’s get you out of these clothes.” With that, Karina kicked off her shoes and yanked off her jeans. As Joann fumbled with the buttons on Karina’s sweater, I gaped at her legs. Karina always wore fairly loose fitting jeans, so it was impossible to know if she had good legs. Now with the jeans gone, I was staring at dancer’s legs. Long, perfectly toned and curved legs. They were thick and strong, not the typical skinny, awkward legs you see on most eighteen year olds. My eyes worked their way up all that spectacular brown skin, first to a pair of pink panties, then to a smooth, perfectly flat stomach and then to a lacy pink bra, that confined two bulging breasts. Joann had removed Karina’s sweater and was now removing her bra. Out popped the most awe-inspiring breasts I’ve ever seen. Had I said earlier I thought Karina was a 38C? I was wrong. She was at least 38D. Stunning. Even Joann gasped at the sight of them. “Oh my! You’re a big girl. Much bigger than me.”

“I bet you’re perfect!” Karina squealed. “Let me see your body.”

Off came Joann’s burgundy skirt suit one piece at a time. As each piece came off, Karina groaned her approval. The last thing to come off was her bra and she made Karina whimper by doing it slowly. Holy crap! I was in the middle of a porn move come to life! Karina stood before me only wearing a pair of pink panties and Joann was down to her black thigh highs and pumps.

Now it was Joann’s turn to moan. Karina took hold of Joann’s breasts and began sucking. As her tongue played with her nipples, Joann backed Karina against my desk, forcing her to sit on the edge. In a breathy moan, Joann said, “Lay back on the desk. I want to lick your pussy.”

Karina immediately threw herself down on the desk, scattering various office supplies to the floor. Joann grabbed a chair, sitting herself directly in front of the wet pussy she was about to devour. Karina placed a foot on each arm of the chair as Joann went to work pealing of her panties. She loudly slurped up the juice from Karina’s pussy, making Karina’s hips buck with each touch from her tongue. To keep Joann’s head from bouncing with each hip thrust, Karina held Joann’s head firmly against her pussy. With Joann attacking Karina’s clit, Karina started a continuous low wail. She also began to bounce on the desk as Joann’s probing tongue became more frantic.

I had been patiently sitting on the couch just a few feet away with my pants around my ankles as I stroked my cock. I couldn’t wait any longer. It was time to fuck these Goddesses. I walked behind Joann and placing my hands on her hips, I pulled her to a standing position. She was bent at the waist, face buried in Karina’s pussy, hair spread across Karina’s hips and stomach. She spread her legs for better balance, giving me a great view of her sopping wet pussy. Karina seemed unaware that I was there. She was still twitching with each pass of Joann’s tongue, face contorted in ecstasy and partially covered with her hair. They finally acknowledged my presence when I slammed into Joann’s pussy. Joann let out a scream at my rough intrusion and Karina’s eyes shot open, locking on to mine.

“Your pussy was the only one getting attention, Karina.” I said. “Joann’s needed some attention, too. That’s only fair. But I fuck Joann all the time; you’re the one I really want. Would you like me to fuck your pretty body?” Joann had completely stopped eating Karina and was grunting urgently. She was close to cumming. “Tell her how good my cock is, Joann. Tell her she should beg me to fuck her.”

Joann spit out a few words between grunts and moans. “Fuck me…not her.”

I was as close to cumming as Joann was, so I slowed my pace. “She’s a greedy little bitch isn’t she, Karina? The more I fuck her, the more she wants. That’s the problem with whores. So, are you going to beg me to fuck you?”

Karina looked up at me, confused. “I just want Joann.”

“Watch her face, Karina.” I said. “This could be you.” I quickened my pace again. Joann’s moans were more urgent than ever. Her body began to quiver with the oncoming orgasm. “Watch her,” I growled. I held Joann’s head directly in front of Karina. Joann’s eyes were rolling back in her head and she was shaking violently. “Come on Karina, beg for your fucking.” Somehow I managed to keep from cumming as Joann thrashed under me.

Karina was still silent. As she watched Joann’s earth shattering orgasm, she looked more and more nervous. I guess she’d never experienced anything even close to the orgasm Joann was now having. Joann was trying to speak, but she could only make gurgling sounds as her body continued to writhe in ecstasy.

I was about to cum, so I quickly pulled out and spun Joann around, dropping her on the desk next to Karina. Now I was being stared at by the two most fuckable women I’ve ever seen. Joann was glassy eyed, still quivering from the aftershocks of her orgasm. “Don’t you want to cum like that?” I asked Karina as I lined up her pussy.

She offered up a weak, “No. You’re too big. You’ll hurt me.”

“I won’t hurt you, baby. Now get ready. I’m gonna give you the fuck of your life.” I plunged into Karina’s pussy. She began to shriek, but I don’t know for how long. As soon as I slid all the way in, I didn’t hear another sound. I was lost in her incredibly tight pussy. She had been fucked before, but to be this tight, it couldn’t have been more than once or twice. I continued my relentless pounding. My hands roamed over her body, enjoying her soft, hot brown flesh. Her breasts filled my large hands perfectly. I was in heaven. She was the best fuck I’ve ever had.

I started to hear the outside world again when I became aware of two female voices wailing in unison. My eyes refocused to see Karina quaking with each of my thrusts. Not only was she on the verge of cumming, but right next to her, Joann was as well. She was watching us and furiously fingering herself. The sight of those to perfect bodies covered in a thin sheen of sweat and so close to orgasm was too much for me. With one last thrust that lifted Karina off the desk about six inches, I came. Buckets. Gallons. I went on forever. Porn stars would have been proud. As I came, so did Karina. Then Joann. We were making so much noise, I’m surprised no one broke down the door to find out what the hell was going on.

Finally the never-ending stream of cum ended. I collapsed on top of Karina, too exhausted to move. I didn’t want to though considering her breasts were acting as a pillow for my head. Through a satisfied haze, I watched Joann start to clean herself up. I could see the guilt on her face. She couldn’t help herself. She loved being my whore. And what made her feel even guiltier (I’m guessing) was that she loved Karina’s pussy as much as I did. I didn’t care. Now, not only I could make Joann do whatever I wanted, I could get Karina involved too. Ah, what to do next with these two amazing Mexican Goddesses? I’ll let you know next time.

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