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I was about to leave work Thursday last week when Jessica, one of my colleagues stopped me.

“Would your guest cabin be available next weekend?” She asked.

Checking the calendar on my Blackberry it was.

“It’s available. Hot Weekend?” I quizzed.

“Just for me. Mom said she’d take the two brats for the weekend, I just need some personal time and don’t want to stay at my apartment.”

“Well then, it’ll be all yours!”

We left the office together and I got ready for the hour drive home. I called Carl and told him that Jessica wanted to use the cabin.

“Do I know her?” He asked.

“You maybe met her at the Christmas Party. Tall redhead?” I replied.

“I guess. You on your way home?”

“Be there in an hour!”

When I got home I told Carl the story that she just wanted to get out of Dodge for the weekend and that her mom had her two kids.

“I’ll make sure it’s in order before she gets here tomorrow. Stock the refrigerator?”

“A bottle of wine and some fruit would be a nice touch.”


I knew it would be perfect for her getaway.

Jessica and I met in the parking lot the next morning.

“My bag is in the car and I can’t wait to get out of here!” she almost whined.

“Nine hours more and then you have the whole weekend!”

Time passed quickly because Fridays are always crazy. It seemed like no time passed before we were out the door.

As she got in her car, she yelled “I’ll follow you!”

I laughed and hollered back “Good luck!” as I left the lot.

I had to drive slower the usual to allow her to keep up. It took and extra fifteen minutes to get home. Carl was sitting on the front porch when we drove in.

“Anyone for a cocktail?” he asked with a big grin.

Jessica and I both readily accepted.

“Want to check out your accommodations while he makes us a drink”

“Absolutely! I can’t wait to see it”

“I made some pasta and plan to put something on the grill soon…if you’d like to join us.” Carl asked as he popped his head out the door.

“Love to!” Jessica chimed.

We walked to the cabin and as we turned the corner of the deck she saw the hot tub.

“I know where I’ll start my weekend out!”

“No better way to forget the week!” I said.

As we entered the cabin she just gawked at everything. Her eyes went from floor to ceiling and she broke into a huge grin.

“I could get into this!” she bubbled. “This is so cool!”

After showing her where everything was, we made the short walk back home. Carl had drinks waiting for us, and after finishing the first we adjourned to the back deck and he brought us supper. As always, it was delicious.

“Can I take him home with me?” Jessica asked.

“I have to keep him here because I can’t cook!”

We all laughed and began clearing the table, taking the dishes back inside.

“If you don’t mind, I think I’ll retire to my little nest!” she said with a little wink.

“We understand!” I replied, winking back. “If you need anything, just holler.”

As she walked down the steps, she turned and mouthed a great big “Thank You”.

I returned to the kitchen where Carl was just finishing cleaning up.

“Don’t forget….It’s slave night, and you’re the slave!” I told him as I gave his crotch a squeeze.

“I knew you wouldn’t let me forget!”

I went into the bedroom and changed into my black leather teddy with that nasty 8 inch cock attached. I slipped a robe on over it, leaving the cock hanging out as I walked into the living room.

“See anything you’d like to eat?” I asked coyly.

He wasted no time getting to his knees and enveloped my phallus with his eager mouth. He had already put on a DVD for me and I pressed play as he began stroking me, sucking as he sucked. As “Strap-on Rugmunchers” began playing, I just sat back in the chair, enjoying the pressure his hand action pressing back against my mound. I found the syringe of collected cum he had placed on the table. Attaching it to the tubing that ran up the inside of my fully functional cock, I depressed the plunger just a bit, allowing a little dribble to be released from the time.

A muffled moan escaped his lips as he swallowed the tiny droplet.

“That’s enough for now!” I whispered. “I don’t want to cum yet.”

I knew it was not going to take long anyway, as ready as I was while we had waited for Jessica to leave. I stuck a finger inside the leg of my teddy and felt the wetness of my well-lubricated pussy.

I brought the finger to my lips and sucked it gently. It was very sticky and almost sweet. Dipping back in, I then offered it to Carl, sliding my finger along my dick and into his mouth.

Another moan escaped him as he sucked both. I rewarded him with another little squirt for the rubber cock. This caused him to begin to suck me harder as he jacked me off into his mouth.

“Cum in my mouth!” he gurgled over and over. “Cum in my mouth! puleeeeze!”

That did it! As my vagina began rhythmically contracting, I began intermittently pushing the plunger on the syringe, squirting jet after jet of cum into Carl’s sucking mouth. I pushed my cock as hard into his face as I went over the edge, fantasizing it was a real cock as I pulsed into his face.

No sooner had I unloaded about four cocks worth of semen down his throat, but the doorbell rang. We both nearly came unglued. He looked at me as I hurried to put on my robe, detaching the cock and putting it in my pocket. Carl slipped his pants back on and turned off the DVD.

I went to the door and there stood Jessica. I opened it and she came in.

“I hate to bother you, but I wanted to get a PPV movie and it wouldn’t let me.” She said with a sheepish grin.

“We have to order then from our TV.” I said. “Come on in!”

“I’m not bothering you, am I?”

“Not at all. We were just watching TV!” I said with total sincerity.

She followed me into the living room where Carl was now watching regular programming.

“Want a Cosmo?”

“Twist my arm!” she laughed.

“Be a good boy and make us one, while I order Jessica a movie!”

Carl left to go to the bar to make us a drink and Jessica joined me on the couch.

I went to the PPV screen and asked. “What’s your pleasure?”

With a little hesitation she said in a whisper, “It’s the block on the adult channels, four hours, and seven channels.” She now turned a very deep shade of red.

“Been a while?”

“Forever! I need some good visual stimulation and I thought I might watch a little skin!” she blushed again.

“You’ll see more than a little skin!” I said “That’s hardcore!”

“Well, I’ve never seen any, but how bad can it be?”

“It’s not bad, just explicit!”

Carl walked back in the room with our drinks and we accepted them greedily. He sat back down in his chair with a glass of wine and flipped the TV back on the channel he was watching.

“Since Jessica had admitted she was in the mood for a little self –loving I decided to see where I might be able to lead her.

“Want to see a preview?”

I thought she would spill her Cosmo. She blushed again and just nodded a faint “yes’.

“Please put the movie back on.”

Carl looked at me with a little grin and pushed play. The movie began where we left it, with one young lady kneeling in front of another, impaling her mouth on the strap-on harnessed to the other. Jessica’s eyes widened as she stared at the screen. She took a sip of her Cosmo, and licked her lips a little.

“Was that what you had in mind?” I asked.

She squirmed a little and, taking another drink, said “That’s a bit of an overload, but, it’ll work!”

I could tell she was enjoying the action on the screen and decided to take a risk. I took my rubber cock out of my robe and attached it to my teddy while she was still staring at the screen.

I then stood up and asked, would you like some of this?” as I opened the robe.

Her eyes widened and she nearly choked on her drink.

“You don’t have to go back to the cabin, if you’d like to join us here.” I said with a smile.

She hesitated a moment, then merely slipped off the couch and fell to her knees in front of me, grabbing the cock and impaling her mouth with it in one move. She fervently sucked it, running her hand up and down the shaft as she engulfed it.

She moaned loudly as she continued to desperately suck my rubber cock. Carl got out of his chair and went to the kitchen. I knew what he was going after. I had a surprise for him!

As I pulled my cock from Jessica’s mouth, she whined a little. I sat back down on the couch and left her kneeling on the floor. Her eyes went back to the movie on the screen, then back to my cock sticking straight out from my teddy.

I removed my robe and let her have a look at the way it covered my taught body, my nipples hard and nearly poking through the material covering my breasts.

“Watch the movie; I have some business to take care of!” I told her sweetly.

She tried to sit down on the floor, but I pulled her back up to her knees in front of me. I slid my hands up the backside of her little sundress and exposed her white cotton panties. The material was tight against her lips and a wet spot had formed. I lightly rubbed my finger against it, pushing the material a little tighter against her lips.

Another deep moan escaped her as I began rubbing her slit slowly from top to bottom and back. She pushed back a little and I forced my fingers and her panties a little deeper into her causing a noticeable expansion of the wet spot.

Enough teasing I thought, and reached down and pulled her panties down to her knees. Looking down at them, the crotch was covered with her lubrication. I brought my fingers back to her now exposed nether region. Her auburn bush was full and a sticky glistening wetness was everywhere. I slowly ran a finger up her slit, gently parting her darkened lips exposing her vaginal canal. She pushed back against my finger and I slipped three of them easily inside.

I twirled them around a bit, deep inside her and then slowly slid them back out. Long strands of her juices clung to my fingers as I extracted them from her. She was really wet!

I brought my hand to my face and inhaled her womanly aroma and moaned a little before sucking them into my mouth, tasting her for the first time. Her tangy sweet goo stuck to my palate as I savored her. As I was sucking my fingers, she turned toward me and her eyes seemed to roll back as she lost any inhibition she might have had.

“Fuck me!” she pleaded.

Not wanting to make her wait any longer, I got down behind her and placed the tip of my rubber cock at her entrance. She pushed back against me and her vagina inhaled me. I slowly began stroking into her, withdrawing all the way out before sliding back into her hole. My cock glistened with her juices each time I pulled back. I began a slow rhythm and she went along with it, as she continued to watch the two girls going at it on the big screen.

Carl snuck in a brought another syringe for me to attach to the cock. Once it was attached, I just had to wait for Jessica.

I did not have long to wait. She began bucking harder against me, forcing me deeper into her as I plunged that rubber cock to the balls. Her sundress was soaked on the back with sweat as she began to lose control.

“Cum with me, cum with me, cum with me!” she moaned over and over.

So I did. First a small squirt, then another and another until I had emptied the syringe inside her. She shook violently and pushed back tighter against me as she went over the edge in what could only be described as an explosion.

I held her tightly against me, still buried inside her as she slowly regained her senses.

She began to laugh a little and just shook her head and giggled a little “I needed that! Badly!” She still had not turned around to face me.

When she finally did, she just grinned a little and asked, “Did you…..?” I didn’t let her finish but just laughed and said “Filled you up!”

A puzzled look spread across her face. “What do you mean?”

“Filled you up with cum!” I replied, showing her the empty syringe.

“Oh my God! I thought I felt that cock squirting in me!”

“Don’t worry! Carl will clean you up!”

That brought another quizzed look from Jessica.

“This is slave night, and it’s Carl’s turn to be my slave! Now he’s our slave!” I announced. “He has to service us with whatever we need…..or want! Right now, I want him to clean you up!”

Carl got down on the floor under me, where I was still buried deep in Jessica. I slowly withdrew from her, and allowed my cock to drop into his mouth. He sucked it clean and I then got back onto the couch to watch.

“Force a little cum out….just a little!”

I could see Jessica squeeze her abs slightly and a dribble of cum dropped from her parted lips and into Carl’s mouth.

She looked over at me with a “how’s that” look.

“He’s all yours!”

She reached back and inserted a finger in her dripping gash and forced a little more out. Closing her eyes, she began to slide her finger deep inside and forced more into Carl’s waiting mouth. She was now dripping in a steady stream, globs of cum dropped onto Carl’s tongue and he swallowed it as it fell, mouth open and begging for more.

From the look on Jessica’s face, I could tell she was going to have another orgasm soon. She stopped fingering her hole, and began rubbing her clit. Her butt swaying rhythmically to her swirling finger. She soon stiffened and squeezed her clit between her lips using her thumb and index finger. A large glob of cum escaped her and dropped on Carl’s tongue as she went over into the throws of orgasm. Her butt spasmed and she shook as she emptied her vagina of the remainder of the cum. Carl raised his head up a little and gave her slit a long lick, causing her to shudder once more as she finished.

“Jesus, that was fucking great,” was all she could mutter.

“Sure looked hot!” I commented.

Carl slid out from under her and went to take his place in the chair.

“All these Cosmos……..” I said with a sly grin, “I have to pee!”

“Me too!” Jessica said.

Carl got back out of his chair and lay down on the floor again. He knew what to do.

“I pulled aside the crotch of my teddy, exposing myself completely and stood over him.

I looked at Jessica and knelt down over Carl’s face and gave her a wink. Spreading my labia apart with my fingers, I held myself over his open mouth and strained down a little, allowing a squirt to shoot out. Carl’s mouth was position perfectly to catch it and so I began forcefully releasing a golden stream into it. I emptied my bladder as Carl’s swallowed everything I had to offer. When I was finished he gave my slit a long lick as if to tell me he was done.

Jessica was still sitting there, deer-in-the-headlights look, not sure if she had just seen what I had done.

“Your turn!” I told her.

“I couldn’t!” she said as if a little embarrassed.

“Sure you can, he loves it! Matter-of-fact, so do I!” I added. “Just a little salt water! But……so hot!”

“I really don’t think I can!” she pleaded.

“Let me help!” I said.

I got down on the floor next to her and pulled her dress over her head. Her breasts were topped with large nipples that stood out quite proudly. I leaned over and sucked one into my mouth, nursing her while I fondled the other with my hand, tweaking her nipple each time my fingers passed over it.

She tilted her head back and gave a long sigh. “Mmmmm that feels good!” she moaned.

I soon turned my attention to another area, sliding my hand down her belly to her mound. I began to massage it gently, causing another moan to escape her lips. She pushed forward into my hand and I parted her lips with two fingers, allowing her pink inside to show. I began to stroke her labia up and down, causing friction against her now swollen clit, making her lubricate profusely. Below me I could see Carl’s head, mouth open, waiting for her to release a flood into his mouth.

I brought my face to her head and whispered in her ear, “Pee for me Jessica. Pee in his mouth! You can do it! Pee for me!”

A long low moan escaped her lips as I felt her pelvic floor tighten. Carl’s mouth came up and locked to her labia as she released down his throat. I felt her tense up and then grind down against him, filling him with her hot nectar.

“Oh jeez!” She whimpered, “I’m gonna cum again!”

I felt every muscle in her body tense as she spasmed in a tremendous orgasm. Sweat seemed to pour from her as she grabbed Carl’s head and held it tightly against her crotch.

When she finally released her grip on him, she was spent. She nearly collapsed on the floor, but caught herself with one hand before she went all the way over.

She gave me a look of disbelief and laughed.

“So how was it?” I asked, full knowing the answer.

“I’ve never had an orgasm like that in my life! Not even close!”

“Well, mine was good, but it left me wanting more!” I stated. “Anyone interested in a little girl-on-girl sixty-nine?” I added looking at Jessica sitting on the floor.

Another shocked look on her face told me she had never experienced that before either. I decided to take the matter into my own hands. I stood up and slowly stripped my teddy off, revealing my entire body to her. Standing in front of her, I slowly inserted two fingers into my sopping vagina. The sticky lubrication from deep within me glistened on my fingers as I brought them to my mouth and proceeded to suck them clean.

The whole time, I watched her for a reaction. Her eyes were glued to my naked mound and she licked her lips a little and swallowed as I felt a little trickle of moisture escape my now slightly gaping hole. I moved closer and held my exposed sex inches from her face. Inserting my fingers once again, feeling the copious lubrication inside, I withdrew them slowly, and then offered them to her.

Jessica tentatively licked the end of one finger, then without any further hesitation, sucked my gooey digits into her mouth, licking and sucking all my woman fluids from them.

I got down on the floor in front of her and pushed her onto her back. I swung around so that my steamy slit was over her face as I lowered my head to her hairy mound. Not even using my fingers, I parted her lips with my tongue and gave her a long lick. A continuous stream of lubrication flowed from deep within her vault.

She arched her pelvis forcing my tongue deeper inside. I continued to lick her gently as I forced my tongue ever further into her canal. Still keeping my crotch a good distance from her face, I slowly gyrated my hips as if I were grinding into her mouth. I could faintly hear little mews as she now began humping harder against my mouth, now enveloping her labia. My tongue continued to swirl inside her, swabbing the walls of her vagina in my attempt to bring her off. Since I knew she had never done this before, I thought she could decide when she was ready to taste me firsthand.

I was already close to orgasm, just sucking her, that I knew the moment she touched me with her tongue, I would explode.

She began bucking harder still against my face and I could feel her muscles tighten as she approached another orgasm. Suddenly she pulled me down to her face and drove her tongue deep inside me. Her vaginal walls began a rhythmic contraction and she pressed tight up against my face, spasming into my mouth. That was all it took for me, too, and I ground myself down tight against her face as I spasmed over and over. I lost track of how many times I came with my pussy glued to her mouth, but she was doing the same to me.

When her vagina finally stopped contracting, I released my lips from her and slowly slid my face to the floor. I just lay there panting, my tongue still licking her thigh, as we both relaxed.

I slowing got to my feet and handed Carl my martini glass.

With another evil smile, I said, “You’ve been a good boy, so you may fill my glass!”

He got up from the chair and stood next to me, his purple cock, standing out in front of him. Jessica got up on one elbow and turned to watch us.

I held the glass below his cock as he stroked himself slowly. A big drop of pre-cum glistened on the tip. With my free hand I lubricated a finger in my still dripping vagina and then slowly slid it into his ass.

Winking at Jessica I said slyly “Watch closely!”

She got up a little closer and I watched as I began to massage Carl’s prostate. Fluid began running from the tip of his throbbing cock almost immediately. The milky fluid began to collect and slowly began to form a pool in the bottom of the glass.

Moans escaped Carl’s lips as I continued my massage. I looked at Jessica and asked, “How much should I collect?”

“How much can you?”

“About twenty cc’s if I keep massaging him! Sure is a lot more than the three or so in a cum shot. Make him cum without cumming!”

“That’s not funny!” Carl added.

“Are you complaining?” I asked evilly.

“Not at all!”

“I thought not!”

Jessica laughed a little and said, “He’s definitely enjoying it!”

I kept massing him until I was satisfied with my effort. The glass was about one-quarter full. The sticky white semen coated the sides and formed a large pool on the bottom. I slowly withdrew my finger from Carl’s ass, causing him to release a little moan. His cock was still engorged and purple. He was going to have to wait until we were completely satisfied before he would get his release. He knew the drill.

I told Carl to mix us two more Cosmo’s while we decided what to do with the partially filled glass of semen in my hand. He dutifully left the room and went to mix us each another drink.

“Swirling the glass I asked, “What should we do with this?”

“You’re going to make him drink it, aren’t you?” Jessica questioned.

“No….you are!”

As I handed her the glass, Carl reentered the living room, a Cosmo in each hand.

“Drinks are served!” he said, handing us each one.

“Yes they are!” Jessica said as she swirled her glass of semen. “Yes they are!”

Carl got a slight smile on his face as he anticipated what she would request.

“May I have mine?” he asked.

“I haven’t decided yet how I want you to consume it!” she said coyly.

She set the glass on the floor and stuck her finger in it, stirring the contents as both Carl and I watched. She then brought the finger to her left breast and circled her nipple, leaving a trail around it before dotting her now rock hard nipple with a drop. Dipping her finger back in she traced the other nipple the same way and then looked down at them to admire her handiwork. She then took a drink of her Cosmo and set it down on the floor.

Looking straight into Carl’s gaze, she hoisted a breast to her mouth and swirled her tongue around a nipple before sucking it into her mouth. She no longer seemed to have any inhibitions about our little party games.

I watched as Carl’s cock twitched a little as she sucked her other nipple, licking any traces of semen that had dried to her breasts.

“Would you like some?” she asked him with an evil smile.

She then poured a pool of the sticky mess into her navel.

“It’s all yours!” she laughed.

Carl knelt down and placed his mouth over her belly. In one suck he had cleaned all the semen out of her belly button.

Raising his head, he gave her that “more?” look.

Jessica then poured the remainder onto her pubic hair and rubbed it around, causing her already dampened bush to get even wetter. Carl lowered his head once more and began sucking the glistened mess from her thick pubes. She grabbed his head and held him tightly against her, forcing him to suck her sticky hair nearly dry.

Satisfied he had done his work; she released her hold on him and let him up.

“On your back!” she ordered. “I’ve got to pee again!” Then she added to me “I can’t believe I just said that!”

Carl did as he was told, and Jessica got up and squatted over his face. Holding her labia apart, she began dribbling her urine into Carl’s open mouth. She watched closely and began forcefully peeing into it when she was satisfied she was on target.

I watched intently as she drained herself down Carl’s throat. I knew I would be next.

When she was finished, she gave a little shudder and stood up, allowing Carl to get off his back.

Before I could get up and push him back down, she had taken his place.

She lay back and opened her mouth, then pointed at me and said “Your turn!”

A little shocked again that she would want me to do it, but then she was totally out of control.

Not one to pass up the opportunity, I knelt over her face and spread myself apart. I watched as she examined me closely and positioned her mouth below my urethra. She gave it a little lick as I began to squirt a little pee into her mouth. She swallowed hungrily, so I began to empty myself. She pulled me down onto her mouth as I let a forceful stream flow into her. She kept a steady suction on me until I was completely drained.

I nearly came from the force of her mouth covering me completely.

I slowly swung a leg over her head and moved off of her face.

“Next?” she questioned.

I looked at Carl with a puzzled look. I had never let him pee in my mouth, and he had never expressed an interest.

I just shrugged my shoulders and said “Go for it!”

Carl knelt over her chest and held is semi-erect cock in one hand. Jessica opened her mouth wide and pointed with a finger at it. Within a few moments a squirt of urine came out of the end of Carl’s cock, and began a steady stream. He kept it aimed into Jessica’s mouth and she gulped and swallowed, never closing her mouth, and not spilling a drop.

When Carl was finished, Jessica just wiped her lips a little and let out a small belch.

“I’m full or now!” she laughed.

“Let’s get in the hot tub!” I suggested. “We all need a little soak!”

I got up and they both followed me out to the tub and climbed in.

After relaxing for several minutes, Jessica finally spoke. “That was incredible! I’ve done more sexually in the last few hours, than my entire life!”

“Want to do more?” was my response.

She laughed a little and said “Try and stop me!”

“Well, the first thing we need to do is get rid of that bush of yours! You have such a pretty pussy; it’s a shame not to be able to see it better.”

“Well….if you insist!”

“Let’s go do it, no razor involved! I’ve got some stuff that will take it all off. No irritation, and totally smooth.”

We got out of the tub and went back in the house. I stopped by the bathroom and got my supplies. I mixed up enough to do the job and returned to the living room, towel in hand.

“Lie down and spread your legs!” I ordered. “This won’t hurt a bit!”

I spread the remover over her mound with my finger and soon had all her hair covered.

“Seven minutes and I’ll scrape it off!”

Carl brought me a credit card and seven minutes later I began scraping her clean. She gave a little shudder as I ran the card across her labia. Her insides were very pink and glistening as she continued to lubricate.

I used the warm wet towel to clean her up completely and asked Carl “What do you think?”

“Nice!” was his only comment.

“Want to see?” I asked Jessica, as I handed her a small mirror.

She gazed into the mirror and a little giggles escaped her lips.

“Looks different!” she mused. “But definitely sexy!”

She ran her hand over her now clean mound and smiled a bit “Smooth as a baby’s bottom!”

Sliding a finger inside, she commented “And very wet!”

“Masturbate for us!” I suggested.

She didn’t hesitate, but went right to work on her new toy. She slid a couple of fingers inside, and then removed them, spreading her glistening juices over her labia and clit. Dipping the fingers back inside, she began to rhythmically stoke deep into her vaginal canal, nearly withdrawing her fingers before plunging them back into the depths.

Both Carl and I watched closely as her sticky lubrication coated her fingers each time she withdrew them. Her eyes closed and her breathing quickened as she picked up the pace of finger-fucking herself.

She arched her back and raised her hips off the floor as she shuddered to a major climax. Her breathing stopped momentarily as she came, letting out a guttural growl when she went over. She left her fingers buried within as she collected herself.

When she finally opened her eyes and began to withdraw her sticky fingers, I took her hand and guided the coated digits to my mouth. I sucked them in and licked them completely clean while never breaking my gaze into her eyes. She closed her eyes once again and let out a little moan.

Taking a hint, I crawled up between her splayed legs and lowered my face to her leaking womanhood. I parted her labia with two fingers and inserted my tongue as far as I could into her vaginal canal. This brought her hips back off the floor again and she began to hump against my mouth. The feeling of her now hairless mound against my nose and cheeks was really getting me going again, too.

I withdrew my tongue from deep with her and replace it with several fingers. I began stroking slowing in and out of her, licking my fingers each time I withdrew. I ran my tongue down into the crack of her backside and slowly snaked it in to her puckered little hole. Another moan escaped her, and she bucked harder against my fingers and face.

I could feel sweat from her thighs began dampening my hair as she became hotter and hotter with my probing. Rather than change my tactics, I continued plunging my fingers in her vagina as my tongue kept time probing her butt.

She began to stiffen and clamped her thighs tight against my head. I could hear her screaming but was unable to understand what was coming out of her mouth. She began shuddering violently over and over as I buried my tongue deep into her little puckered hole. I felt her vagina clamp down tightly on my fingers and her sphincter spasm in a rapidly contracting orgasm, which seemed to last forever.

She finally collapsed back to the floor and released her vise-like thighs from my head.

Uncontrolled laughter followed.

When she finally regained her composure she said, still struggling to breathe “You don’t have any idea how great that was! No idea!”

I just smiled at her and said “I believe I do!”

As we lay there on the floor, Carl got up from his chair and stood over us. His cock was very swollen and purple; standing at complete attention as he slowly stroked it for our gaze.

“Anybody want some?” he finally asked.

Jessica didn’t give me a chance to answer as she grabbed hold of him and pulled him to his knees over her chest. With one hand she pulled his cock into her mouth, forcing him to let go of himself and allow her to guide him. Her other hand reached around him and pulled him into her face. I just watched as she forced his full length into her mouth. Her cheeks hollowed a bit and she began sucking him greedily. She backed off him a little and began jacking him off in her mouth. She opened her mouth a bit and I watched his cock slid in and out. She was definitely consuming it. I knew that as long as Carl had waited, it would not be long until he had to cum.

He began to push back into her mouth and soon was engrossed in fucking her face. From experience, I know that when he starts that, it’s not very long until he shoots.

Jessica seemed to sense it to because she pulled him out of her mouth and almost growled “Cum in my mouth! Cum in my mouth!”

That was all it took. He forced himself back into her open mouth and her lips closed around his exploding cock. Her cheeks hollowed again and I could see her throat muscles began to contract as she swallowed his load.

“Swallow it!” Suck him dry!” I ordered as Carl went totally rigid, his cock buried to the hilt down her throat. He nearly screamed in orgasm as she kept her lips locked around his throbbing erection.

He went a little slack, and Jessica released her hold on him, allowing him to withdraw from her mouth. As he did, another small drop of semen leaked from the tip, which Jessica gently licked off with her tongue.

A big smile went across her face as she just licked her lips and purred “Yummm, that was tasty!”

We all needed to get in the hot tub after that. For thirty minutes we just sat and soaked. I relived what had just occurred and was certain that Carl and Jessica were doing the same.

Finally Jessica spoke up. “Time to party some more!”

This girl was not going to stop until morning!

“Go make us a couple more Cosmos!” I ordered. “We’ll be in shortly!”

Carl got out, leaving us to scheme in the tub.

“You want to fuck him in the ass or mouth” I asked with a devilish grin. “Your choice, I’ll take what’s left over!”

“Ass!” she proclaimed vehemently.

Now that we had a plan, we got out and headed to my closet to get her a harness. I picked it out of my toy box and said “See if this will fit!”

She pulled it up and I tightened the straps. Perfect. Since it was crotch less, she ran a finger into her still glistening slit.

“”Still wet!” she proclaimed, and sucked her finger clean.

I got my “Vixen” out and held it up.

Her eyes widened a bit as she asked “Is that what I think it is?”

I sucked it into my mouth and then pulled it back out. “Precisely!”

She gingerly took it from my hand and examined it. While she was doing that, I gave the bulb a couple of pumps and she felt the cock expand a little near the base.

She giggled a bit and said “Oh my god!”

“Want to use it?”

She nodded and I slid it through the ring.

“Now don’t pump it up until you bury it, and don’t pump it more than three or four times. But when you fuck him with it he’s going to go nuts!”

“I’ve got to go get mine and we’ll walk out together. That’ll get his attention fast!”

I left the bedroom and went back out to retrieve my teddy and tool. Carl had our drinks waiting on the bar. He had put on another movie and was sitting in his chair just slowly stroking himself.

“Back in a flash!” I said.

I went back and stopped in the kitchen where I had more medicine thawed and warmed a little. I picked it up and went back into the bedroom. Jessica was waiting, just slowly stroking her cock as she admired herself in the mirror.

This is so cool!” she said. “Where did you find it?”


“Looks real, doesn’t it?”

“A little too real!” she stated.

“I just laughed and said “You have no idea!”

I slid my teddy up and adjusted the tubing, taking a syringe and fastening it to the end. I gave the plunger a slow push and watched as cum ran down the tubing and into my cock.

“Want a little taste?”

Jessica knelt in front of me and opened her mouth. I gave the syringe another little push and a small squirt left the tip and shot onto her tongue.

She swallowed and then looked a little puzzled.

“What do you think?” I asked.

“Tastes a lot like cum!” she said.

“That’s because it is!”

I offered her my hand up and said “Now, let’s fill yours up!”

I attached another syringe to the extra tubing and filled the “Vixen” until it began to drip a little.

“You’re good to go. Cum in his ass or mouth, he won’t care!”

We left the bedroom and walked to the bar. We each picked up a Cosmo and walked between Carl and the TV.

“See anything you want?” I asked coyly.

He got out of the chair and immediately got on the floor on his hands and knees.

Looking back at us he smiled and said “Please Mistresses!”

Jessica and I both walked over to him, Cosmos in one hand and our strapons in the other. I gave her a little wink and then placed my fake cock near his face.

“I want to cum in your mouth!” I told him. “And………I want you to swallow it all!”

He just smiled and opened his mouth. I slid my cock past his lips and began slowly fucking his face. I was so horny again that I knew I would cum shortly. I finished my drink and handed it to Jessica. She set both of our glasses on the table and began to slowly stroke the “Vixen”. Watching her stroke it turned me on even more, reminding me of some other ladies who had done so in the past. I thought Jessica would mount him doggy style but she just continued to stoke herself, eyes closed, sweat beginning to bead on her face and neck. She was ready to get off, too.

I quickened by pace plunging into Carl’s mouth and grabbed hold of the plunger of the syringe. Depressing it just a bit, I released a little squirt.

He groaned a little and that was all it took for me to feel the orgasm boil up in my belly.

Driving my cock hard into his mouth, I shuddered and screamed. “I’m cummmming!”

Barely able to keep myself upright, I shuddered against his face and depressed the plunger several times, emptying the cum into his mouth.

He groaned and swallowed at the same time, keeping his lips wrapped around me sucking the rest of the fluid from my rubber cock. I finally stopped spasming and pulled back away from him a bit, my cock dangling in front of me, totally spent.

Jessica was now stroking her cock a little faster, as she had watched me pummel Carl and fill his mouth with the hot cum. I moved away and figured she had changed her mind about mounting him. She had!

“Take his place, Marsha!” she ordered. “And take off that teddy!”

A little shocked at her brashness, I could only do as I was told.

As I stripped off the teddy, Carl got back into his chair and began to slowly stroke himself. His cock was rigid and glistening from the pre-cum oozing from the tip. He smeared it on the head and shaft and continued to slowly stoke it as he watched Jessica get behind me.

“Are you ready?” she asked.

I turned my head around and gave her a big grin. “Fuck me!”

She slowly slid the long shaft of the “Vixen” past my labia and then into the depths of my saturated vagina. Slowly, she began to slide in and out of me, nearly withdrawing before slipping deeply back inside.

With a glazed look back at her I groaned “Tie with me!”

She grinned and grabbed the bulb and gave it a couple of pumps while she was at my entrance. I felt her push against me and the swelling of the “Vixen” passed my lips and seated in my canal.

I felt it as she gave a couple more pumps to seal me up. There is no way to describe the fullness you get from feeling it swell inside you. I let out a long groan and then a sigh as she began to slowly hump against my backside in short staccato strokes, pulling back just enough to feeling the swelling tugging at my opening. We were locked.

I could hear her breath quicken as she approached her climax.

“I’m gonna cum inside you! I’m gonna cum in your pussy, you bitch!”

“Yessss!” I screamed. “Cum in me!”

The first shot from her sent me over the edge and we both wailed together as she went off at the same time. He cock pulsing deep inside me, and sweat from her face and breasts now dripping onto my back.

Time seemed to stop as my vagina clamped down on that cock and I quivered internally in one orgasm after another.

Jessica finally relaxed a little and just knelt there behind me, still “tied” and seemed to be totally relaxed.

“When I had regained my composure and thought she might have regained hers I turn my head and smiled a little and said in a hoarse whisper “You made that mess, now you’ll have to clean it up!”

“I’d planned on it!” she said with an evil little grin.

I felt her deflate the cock a little and moved my butt a little higher in the air.

“Give me one of those empty glasses!” I told Carl.

He handed it to me in mid stroke and I placed it under my crotch. I tilted my butt back towed the floor as she withdrew from my soggy hole. The second the tip of the “Vixen” left me, I could feel the warm cum leak across my lips and toward the floor. Jessica just sort of watched it fall for a bit, then stuck her finger in my, scooping it from the recess of my canal. This caused me to give another involuntary shudder as she probed my depths. She then lowered her head to my gaping hole and sucked my lips, her tongue probing inside to see if she could drain any fluid left in me.

She slurped her lips as she broke away from my swollen labia and the growled “Piss in my mouth!”

She put her mouth back over my labia and began sucking again. I really had to pee anyway, so I let go a full stream down her throat. I could feel her tongue pounding my urethra as I emptied my bladder into her thirsty mouth.

When I was empty she took her face away, picked up the glass between my legs, and sat back on her heels.

Carl surprised me a little as he stood up and walked over to when Jessica was rocked back. Without any warning, he lowered his cock next to the waiting glass and shot several ropes of cum, adding to the contents.

Jessica just swirled the glass a bit, and with a smile on her face, quaffed it all in one gulp.

“That was fun! What’s next?”

“Bed! We’ll continue this tomorrow!” was all I could say!

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