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Jessica’s Fantasy

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I looked at my watch and saw that it was getting almost time for our fantasies to begin. Jessica, had come to meet me and after we had made love a few times already, it was time to get ready to go out on our quest for excitement.

The first thing we had planned was a lovely dinner, then after that, we would just see what would progress from there. She didn’t know it but I had rented a limo because I knew she had a fantasy that included that.

Jessica is about 5-5, 130 pounds and looked good when she was dressed in her short skirt and thigh high stockings. Tonight, she had picked a lacy set of red panties and matching bra to wear under her black skirt and silk blouse. Knowing how I love silk blouses without a bra, I convinced her to just wear her panties and a garter belt. With heels on, Jessica was stunning.

It was 7 PM and time for the limo to get here so we walked, arm in arm to the elevator then rode it down to the lobby. She didn’t know about the limo so she was all excited and gave me a big hug and kiss when she saw it.

The driver was a nice looking young man and that didn’t go without notice from Jessica. He opened the back door and as Jessica got in, she wasn’t too careful and showed a lot of thigh. The driver didn’t mind looking either.

I had reservations at one of the best Italian Restaurants around. The atmosphere was fantastic. Candle light at each individual table but not too dark to where people couldn’t see each other.

Our waitress was very nice looking in her own right. She had shoulder length red hair and had piercing green eyes and a beautiful smile. Her apparel wasn’t that great but then it was the uniform of the waitstaff.

Even that, you could see that she had a nice body.

We ordered some of their best wine and it set the stage for our romantic evening. I could tell that Jessica was enjoying the wine and it was showing some effects on her. She moved closer to me and I could feel her body pressing against me.

After a while, she excused herself and went to the powder room. When she returned, all eyes were watching her as her breasts moved under the silky material and she seemed to show a glow on her face. Little did I know that her purpose of going to the powder room was to remove her panties.

I stood up and let her slide into the seat next to me and as she did, her skirt started riding up her thighs, exposing her garter belt. I looked down at her and smiled at her then moved in beside her.

Jessica didn’t do anything to cover what she had exposed. I poured her some more wine and as we drank it, the mood seemed to change because I know she was thinking about one of her fantasies. She reached over and got my hand and placed it at the top of her stockings. I leaned over and whispered in her ear, “Hmmmm, you look like you have something very naughty in mind, don’t you baby.”

With that, she opened her legs and pulled my hand up higher until my fingers were brushing silky smooth lips of your pussy. She knows how I love it when she shaves her pussy so I wasn’t disappointed to say the least.

As I slide my finger through the lips of her pussy, the waitress appeared out of nowhere and asked if we were ready to order our meal.

I didn’t move my hand away and the waitress happened to glance down and saw where my hand was. A blush came over her face as did Jessica’s. I casually ordered our meals and the waitress brought the order to the back.

My finger found Jessica’s opening and I started letting it slide through the length of her cunt valley, feeling the wetness that had formed. Her silky walls clutching my finger as her legs moved slightly wider.

It was amazing but you normally don’t see the waitress too much under normal circumstances but this time was different. She came over for every little thing and it was obvious that watching me working on Jessica’s pussy was getting to her.

I glanced around the room and there was only one man that had noticed that something a little different was going on under our table. My fingers start rubbing up and down on Jessica’s clit and her eyes closed and leaned over on my shoulder.

“You are being very naughty sweetheart,” I told her. All I heard was a slight moan but could feel the urgency building between her legs as her juices started flowing freely over my fingers.

I glanced over at our waitress that was standing with some other co-workers but her eyes were focused on Jessica’s face as it was obvious that she was soon going to explode against my prying fingers.

Jessica’s hips were now thrashing under the table as her climax was getting nearer. A couple of more people noticed something going on under our table and they began watching more intently. One guy in particular was obviously rubbing his bulge in his pants as soft moans started emitting from Jessica’s mouth.

Just as the waitress brought over our meals, Jessica started biting her lip as her body started trembling. The waitress fumbled through her words in asking if we needed anything else. Her eyes never met mine as she was focused on my fingers fucking Jessica. Finally, Jessica’s dam burst. She started jerking and whimpering as her climax took over her body. The waitress’s face became flush as she stood motionless.

When Jessica finished jerking I removed my fingers from her cunt and motioned to the waitress that she come closer. When she lowered her head next to mine, I moved my fingers to her mouth which opened instinctively and I pushed my cum covered fingers into her mouth which she hungrily sucked on them. The people that had been watching almost fell out of their chair when the waitress sucked and licked my fingers clean.

Realizing what she was now doing, the waitress left the table and was obviously shaken.

Jessica ate our meal and when we finished I called for the check. The waitress, which was named Susan, brought it and asked if there was anything else she could get us. I told her no, I think that was it.

When Susan handed the check, she handed it face down and I noticed there was a message written on the back and it simply said, “I will be off at 10:00 PM.” Jessica looked up at her after reading the note and Susan winked at her. A big smile came across Jessica’s face. We left at that point.

I noticed that Jessica had a little more bounce in her step as she glided towards the limo. The driver, named Tom, opened the door and she slide inside. Her dress hiked up even higher than before and he noticed that she wasn’t wearing any panties now. I looked at Tom and smiled, then crawled in beside Jessica.

Jessica was still rather hot from her ordeal in the restaurant. She was all over me, kissing, rubbing her hand up the inside of my leg, feeling the obvious bulge in my pants.

Tom asked us where we wanted to go and I told him after looking at my watch, “Just drive around for about an hour and then come back to the restaurant because someone will be joining us.” Jessica looked at me and realized that Susan would be going out with us and smiled.

Jessica’ positioned herself beside me and moved her legs until they were opened wide. She started sliding her hand up and down her inner thigh and coming awfully close to her puffy lips. She reached with her other hand and caught my zipper and started pushing it down and snaked her hand inside of my pants and pulled my cock free. With her hand firmly on me, she glanced up front and found that Tom was watching intently. She blushes momentarily then moves her fingers to her clit and started stroking not only me but her as well.

Tom had moved his rear view mirror where it was focused between Jessica’s legs. I lean over and whisper in her ear, “I think Tom is enjoying the view. I also think that you are enjoying your performance as well.” A big grin comes on her face.

I moved my idle hand up to her breasts and slowly unbuttoned each button.

As her shirt gaped open, I slide my hand inside and found some very hard nipples. I pinched and rolled them around between my thumb and forefinger.

Her fingers found her core and she started fucking herself with them while Tom watched. Finally, I told Tom to either pull over or start watching the road. He opted to pull over into a parking lot and stopped.

Jessica pulled her fingers out of her throbbing cunt and pulled my pants completely off and leaned over and took the head of my cock into her mouth.

Her tongue licked the knob and then up and down my shaft until I was hard as a rock. She pulled her head up from my cock and then raised her head and looked at Tom. She sees he is still watching and this visibly excited her.

She then crawled over my legs and straddled me. She had her back to me so Tom could see how hot she was while fucking me. She raised up and held my cock as she started lowering herself onto it. She slides my cock head through her cunt valley and then started moving down on me, steering my cock into her steamy hole.

Once Jessica had me where she wanted me, her attention turned to Tom. As she started moving up and down on my cock, she took her blouse off and started clutching her breasts as if offering her breasts for Tom to play with. He wasn’t sure what to do until I told him to touch her. He moved his hands to her breasts and started playing with her nipples while she concentrated on fucking me. Her hips bounced up and down, plunging her soaking cunt down to the base of my cock.

Her fingers moved to her clit and started mauling it while I slid easily into her steamy cunt. Lust showed on Jessica’s face as she fucked me. I leaned to her ear and whispered, “You are enjoying this aren’t you baby?”

As her breathing increases, she says, “Fuck yes I’m enjoying it.”

Tom had obviously taken his cock out and was stroking it. Jessica’ noticed that she picked up the pace of fucking me. Before I realized it Jessica’ leaned forward and reached her hand over the seat and found his fleshy pole.

As she stroked him, she fucked harder on my cock until she couldn’t hold it any longer. Her body started trembling and her cunt opened up and flooded the base of my cock. She had never fucked anyone and stroked another cock before and it excited her very much. Her orgasm caused her cunt to tighten around me and I lost control and began cumming deep in her hot throbbing cunt. Finally she stopped cumming but didn’t stop stroking Tom’s cock until he came. She felt him lose control and held on until he had finished cumming. With her hand coated with Tom’s creamy juices, she brought her hand to her mouth and licked his cum from them. Tom had made a mess in the front seat but that didn’t bother anyone. I was surprised when she licked the cum from her fingers but what I had just witnessed was priceless.

Finally, Tom started moving again and I looked at my watch. We needed to be at the restaurant in about 10 minutes. I told Tom where to go and he took us back to there. I instructed that he needed to go to the front door and wait until Susan came out. Since he didn’t know what she looked like…he had to ask someone to go get her. She came out of the door and looked surprised when he told her to come with us. Hesitant at first, she reluctantly walked to the limo and when she looked inside she saw Jessica and myself and her face broke out into a smile and climbed in.

Susan says, “I didn’t think that I would see you guys again, but I was hoping.” Well Susan I say, “After I saw your reaction at the restaurant, I knew that you’d like to join us in a little fun.” She agreed.

When Tom got to the hotel I told him to find a place to park the car and to come up to room 802. He said ok and did just that. When he knocked on the door, he was greeted by Jessica.

Jessica was kind of confused as to what these two people were doing here so she asked me and my response was for her to just be patient and she’ll see.

We had a few drinks from the wet bar in the hotel room and then after things started loosening up, I stood up and motioned for Jessica to come to me. She smiled and moved over to me and fell moved into my arms. I kissed her and moved my hands around her and moved to her ass. I pulled her against the bulge in my pants and she started grinding her pussy against me. I happen to glance over at Susan and with my fingers, I inched her skirt up until her ass was in full view. Susan smiled as she saw how hot Jessica’ was getting. I motioned to Susan with my head for her to come over to where we were. When she got close, I moved back and told Jessica’ that Susan was going to undress her. Jessica’ blushed, but excitement raced throughout her body.

Susan moved right in front of Jessica’ and her tiny fingers started unbuttoning the blouse. Once undone, she eased it off of Jessica’s shoulder and it fell to the floor.

I glanced over at Tom and his hand was busy rubbing his cock. Mine was even getting hard in anticipation of what was going to happen later.

Susan let her hand trail from Jessica’s shoulder down over her ample breasts and let the back of her hand move over the erect nipples. Susan licked her lips and almost looked like she was going to kiss them, but she moved her hands over Jessica’s stomach and to the hook on the side of the skirt. Unhooking the skirt, and pulling down the zipper, Susan starts easing the skirt down Jessica’s long legs.

Jessica, was biting her lower lip while the woman painstakingly slow in her mind, eased the skirt to the floor.

Susan’s fingers were trembling now as the woman she was undressing was almost naked. I move back over to them and tell Susan that’s enough because I want the garter belt and stockings left alone.

Jessica’s hand moved up to her breasts and started pinching and pulling on her nipples until they were extended a lot longer than normal. As she played with her nipples, her eyes became focused on Tom and the large lump in his pants. She had already stroked his cock, but now wished that she could feel it where she needed it most. She showed excitement on her face thinking that she will get her wish.

I move behind her and reached in the nightstand and pulled out a scarf. I placed it over her eyes and once I was convinced that she couldn’t see, I led her over to the bed.

“What are you doing baby,” she asks. “We are going to play a little game and you are going to be the center of attention,” I tell her. “Now lay down and stretch your hands up above your head,” I tell her and she complied. I reached in the night stand and took out a pair of cuffs and clasped her hands to the bed post. “What are you doing baby,” she asks. “Just be patient,” I tell her.

Jessica wasn’t sure what was happening but there was a sense of excitement knowing that something was going to happen that has never happened before.

I didn’t say anything but motioned for Tom and Susan to remove their clothes and they quickly did so. I removed mine and crawled up on the bed.

I let my hand touch Jessica in roam over her body as I put my face up next to hers. I let my finger slide down her stomach and find her waiting folds. The anticipation had already showed some affect on Jessica because I instantly felt moisture accumulating. Jessica loves it when I let my finger slide just inside her folds, and glide across her puddling juices. I move closer to her ear and whispered, “Just relax baby and your wildest dreams will be met. You will feel three sets of hands caressing your body and before the night is over, you will be used by everyone here. I feel you want this as bad as we all do but if you want to stop now, we’ll get dressed and send them on their way.” After a brief moment to think about it, she bit her bottom lip and then said with a trembling tone of voice, “Noooooo, I want everything,” she says.

When I heard her desires, I slid my finger into her pussy and she instantly gasped and shoved her hips against my prying hand. I told the other two to join me and in an instant, Jessica was brought to a fever pitch when the other hands started caressing her breasts and rubbing her inner thighs.

Susan leaned over and her lips covered Jessica’s in a heated kiss. Their tongues explored every minute detail of their mouths.

Tom used his thick fingers to pinch and pull on Jessica’s nipples.

Jessica’s breathing became labored as her hips started fucking my fingers.

“Take these cuffs of, please,” she begged but it was on deafened ears.

Her pussy was flooding now and coating my fingers. I pulled them out of her pussy and moved my hand up to her mouth and I began wiping her creamy juices over her lips and on her cheeks and chin. Jessica’s tongue started stabbing at my fingers but I wouldn’t let her reach her objective. When I moved my hand away, Susan began licking Jessica’s face and lips, tasting the sweet nectar of a highly excited woman.

I eased off of the bed and went around to the night stand and got her favorite dildo and then I moved back on the bed and moved next to her body.

Tom, in the mean time had begun sucking on her tits. He took her hardening nipples between his teeth and while gently biting the hard nobs, his tongue circled them. He then moved lower, down her stomach and stopping at her navel in which he started twirling his tongue in it.

Jessica’s hips started pushing up, enticing Tom to go lower. Little moans started emitting from her mouth. She was visibly trembling now as her first orgasm builds up within her body.

Tom finally went lower and drug his tongue through her cunt folds, tasting and feeling the creamy juices that have built up inside of Jessica’. She gasped and pulled against the cuffs to raise her hips harder against his prying tongue.

Susan finished licking the juices from Jessica’s face and then moved up and placed her legs on either side of Jessica’s face.

Jessica’ felt the legs against her face and smelled the womanly fragrance only inches away. Her head raised and she stabbed in the air, trying to find the one thing that she openly confessed to me her curiosity about.She had never tasted a woman, but one of her fantasies was to do just that.

Finally Susan lowered her pussy until her folds brushed against Jessica’s searching tongue. Lower yet, Susan pushed her cunt down and sucked Jessica’s tongue inside of her. She started grinding her pussy against Jessica’s mouth while Tom’s tongue licked her wet silky walls.

This was too much for Jessica to handle and quickly lost control of her body. Her pussy exploded, coating Tom’s tongue and prying fingers. Her hips jerked and her body started trembling as she began cumming.

I was getting worked up watching my baby’s body lose control. I stood on the bed and moved over to Susan and turned her face towards me and her mouth was just inches away from my hard cock. She leaned over and her tongue found my swollen cock and she started licking the pre-cum that had formed in my tiny slit. She opened her mouth and inhaled my throbbing cock while her clit was grinding against Jessica’s tongue

Tom raised Jessica’s hips and pushed her legs back and open more. His slick finger started rubbing from her cunt down through the sensitive area between her pussy and her ass. He worked his way to Jessica’s tiny little star and he began pushing his thick finger inside of her. Hear moans started to change to groans as a little pain formed in the opening of her ass.

Each time Jessica’ groaned, it caused a vibration against Susan’s throbbing clit. Susan’s hips worked faster as she continued sucking my cock. Her hand moved under me and found my balls and she started massaging them.

With my balls filling with cum, I ran my hand behind Susan’s head and held it still while my hips started thrusting my cock in and out of her talented mouth.

Jessica’s hips started coming to life as her ass muscles loosen and Tom’s finger started fucking her. Tom leaned down and found her protruding clit and his lips encircled it and he started sucking hard while his finger moved all the way in her ass. She groaned as another wave of cum flowed through her body. Susan, being fucked in the mouth by me and Jessica’s vibrating groans cause her to lose control and she began flooding onto Jessica’s tongue and face.

My balls tightened and I thrust my cock down Susan’s throat and I started blasting. Steams of my hot cum filled Susan’s mouth because she couldn’t swallow fast enough.

Susan ground her clit against Jessica’s tongue as another wave of cum started to flow as she felt the cum coating her mouth from my cock.

Tom had slid a second finger inside of Jessica’s ass and started fucking her harder while sucking on Jessica’s erect clit.

Jessica’s groans turned to screams as her cunt explodes once again.


Once we stopped, I moved up and took off her blind fold but left the cuffs on. “Please let my hands go baby, she looked up at me and said.” “Not just yet baby, that will come later.” I said.

I had intended to use the dildo on Jessica’ but that thought went away when I realized that Tom hadn’t cum yet and his cock was fire red and hot as a poker. I told Tom that Jessica’ needed to be fucked and he gladly moved in between her widespread legs. She raised her head, and eyeballed his big cock. She bit her lower lip as Tom took it in his hand and began stroking it. He moved closer to her pussy and with his cock in his hand, he thumps her clit with it. She flinches a bit and then tells Tom, “Put it in me Tom, fuck me with that beautiful cock.”

Tom pushed the head just inside of her folds and braced himself on his arms and hunched his hips forward, driving his cock about half way in with the first push. Jessica’ gasped and lifted her hips, pushing her pussy against his invading cock.

Finally, after several pushes into her tight pussy, Tom started a slow but deliberate rhythm in her tight cunt.

As I lay on the bed and watch Tom fucking my lady, Susan moved over and her hand grasped my half hard cock and instantly took it in her mouth. With her expert manipulations, I started getting hard again and this was to Susan’s delight.

Susan needed more than the tongue that had been in her pussy so she released my cock and straddled me. Her hand holding me still as she guides my cock to her opening. Her eyes glazed over as she finally felt meat slipping through her folds and with no warning, she dropped down on my hard cock and sank down to the base of it. I closed my eyes and moaned as her slick pussy started clutching around my cock.

Tom had made his way all the way inside of Jessica’ and he started fucking her hard. Jessica, torn between watching me being fucked by Susan and the satisfying cock that was now pounding against her womb. She opted to concentrate on the meat that filled her tight pussy so well.

As Susan bounced up and down on my cock, her breasts were heaving in unison. I brought my hands up and cupped each breast and her hands quickly covered mine as she kept fucking me. Her hips started pushing down and grinding her engorged clit against my pubic area. “Ohhh God, I’m going to cum. Fuck me harder. I need to cum so bad,” she says through clenched teeth. Her breathing labored. Her head thrown back and with intermittent jerks, she started cumming all over my cock. I grabbed her hips and started driving my cock prolonging her climax. She finally stops and rolls off of me.

Tom’s cock explodes as he hears Susan groaning through her climax. He drives deep inside of Jessica’ and lets loose a barrage of hot thick cum.

When Jessica feels the warm liquid coating her womb, she starts cumming herself, lifting her hips as her pussy clutches Tom’s hot cock. Finally, all motion stops as tired bodies lay across the bed.

I muster enough energy to get up and walk over the nightstand and get the keys for the cuffs on Jessica’s wrists. When they are released, a soft moan escapes her lips as her hands were now free.

After everyone goes to the bathroom and fixes themselves a drink, we lay around and relax for the next session.

Susan was the first one to make a move. She lay back on the bed and picks up the dildo that hadn’t been used and as she opens her legs and looks at everyone as she slides the rubber phallus through her folds and into her cavern. Her itch still lingered in her throbbing cunt and she let her voyeurism take over. As she pushed the rubber dick into her, her expression changes from a smile to one of pleasure.

Jessica’ finished sipping on her drink and after watching Susan, her hand moved down her own stomach and in between her opened legs. Her middle finger starts sliding over her clit and she gets that glazed look once again.

I watched the two women and my cock started stirring again. I wrapped my hand around it and gave it a few strokes until I felt it hard again. I moved onto the bed alongside Jessica’ and pulled her closer to me. Her hand slide against my face as she started kissing me. She wrapped her leg around mine and I felt the dampness of your dripping cunt. I pulled her over on top of me and her legs automatically straddled me with her cuntal valley pressed against the underside of my cock as it lay on my stomach.

She started moving up and down on my cock, wetting it thoroughly and once she could take it no more, she leaned up and raised her hips and her hand grabbed my cock and she guided it to her opening. As wet as she was, I had little trouble easing inside of her. Downward she pushed until my entire cock was buried inside of her.

Once she was filled with my meat, she leaned her breasts down and they flattened on my chest. She looked over at Tom and tells him, “Fuck my ass Tom. I want to be fucked by both of you.” Who was Tom to argue with that.

He got up from the chair and crawled behind her.

Tom was not lubricated now and Jessica’ knew this so she tells me to wait just a second and pulls my cock out of her and she lifts her ass up in the air. Tom caught on to what she was doing so he guided his cock into her pussy to get it wet enough for her ass. After a few strokes, he pulls out and she quickly inserted my cock into her pussy.

Tom guided his head to her tiny star and he begins to push slowly in.

Jessica’ felt like she was going to split into while the head of Tom’s cock was pushing it’s way inside of her. “OHHHH, STOP, IT HURTS, PLEASE STOP,” Susan screams. Tom froze and started to pull away from her when she says, “No, don’t move, don’t take it out.” Tom was confused now.

“Ok Ok, try again Tom. Push it slower. We can do this,” Jessica says.

Tom shoved slower this time and he could feel it going in a little more.

Jessica’s breathing increased. She sucked in her breath and pushed back, feeling Tom’s cock head popping through her tight muscle ring. Once inside, Jessica’ let out her breath with a deep sigh.

Tom placed his hands on her shoulder and started pushing in deeper. I resumed my thrusting as the cock in her ass started moving in and out.

Jessica had never felt anything like this. She pushed back, feeling two hard spears piercing her body.

Susan, felt left out of the fun and decided to get off herself. It wouldn’t be long since she had Jessica taking two good sized cocks right in front of her. She started moving the dildo in and out of her pussy. Susan closed her eyes and let the moans coming from Jessica bring her to the peak she was looking for.

Jessica’s groans turned to moans as the feeling of all that meat sliding in and out of your two holes. The three of us found the right rhythm and the juices started flowing.

Susan peaked and her hips lifted up off of the bed and her body went into intermittent spasms. Her pussy was throbbing and she came all over the rubber dick. She arched her back and let out a yell as she bottomed out.

She finally tried to pull out the dildo but had to use a little force since it had created a vacuum in her cunt. She heard a noticeable pop when the dick finally cleared her folds.

The sounds of bodies moving together was interrupted by the wailing of Jessica, as she was getting the fucking of her life. “HOLY FUCK, I NEED TO CUM, FUCK ME HARDER YOU BASTARDS, MAKE ME CUM NOOOWWWWWWWWWWW,”She screams.

Tom was pistoning in and out of her tight ass while I was driving my cock into her womb. My balls almost burst as the cum filled them. I had to release them now, no waiting, now. I arched my back and yelled, “CUMMMMM, SHIT, FUCK, CUMMING NOW.” My balls exploded. My cum dam burst. I started shooting my hot cum into Jessica’s womb.

OOOOHHHHHHHH YEEEEESSSSSSSS,” Jessica’ screamed when she felt the streams of cum shooting into her womb. “I’M CUMMMMMMMIIIINNNNNGGGGG, OHHHH MYYYY GOD,” She screams again.

Tom’s knees got weak as his cock shoved deeper into her bowels and he exploded. His cock spewed his cum until he collapsed.

Bodies were laying all over the bed after one of the most intense fucking any of then had ever been involved with.

As Jessica laid on me, I put my arms around her and just held her against my chest. We were even too tired to kiss.

One by one, each of us got up and went to take a shower. Once our breathing turned to normal again, I instructed Tom to drive Susan wherever she wanted to go. Susan kissed me and then kissed Jessica and she and Tom left.

I laid down on the bed Jessica came and laid next to me. We were closer to each other now than we ever have been before. We kissed and both drifted off to sleep.

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