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Jennifer Starts Her First Assignment

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Jennifer opened the door to her hotel room. She looked like she was almost ready to go to the office. She had on a lovely royal blue blouse and a snug, but not too snug, black skirt that came to a couple of inches above the top of her knees. No shoes yet, but fiddling with her earrings.

“Hi Jennifer, you look nice,” I said, taking in her beautiful curves and nicely done hair.

“Hi there, I’ll just be a few more minutes,” she said as I walked in and closed the door. She had on a lovely perfume that I picked up after I closed the door. The aroma, which lingered in the air, was heady and intoxicating.

“I asked the front desk to send up some coffee and tea,” I said.

“But we don’t have time, Dave,” she said.

I let her comment linger and decided to not say anything. I made myself comfortable in a lounge chair and checked email messages on my phone while she put on her make-up in the bathroom. Soon there was a knock at the door and I told Jennifer I’d get it.

I had put her up in a suite in a downtown hotel that had recently opened. The hotel was just a few minutes from my office building and wasn’t too pricy. Formerly a turn of the century office building, the rooms were spacious and nicely decorated in retro art deco. The suite included a separate bedroom, bathroom, and sitting area furnished with a desk, loveseat, lounge chair, a sideboard with a stocked fridge, and a couple of tables. Tastefully decorated but not over the top.

Jennifer and I work for the same company, but in different offices. We had hooked up during the annual company meeting the previous fall. We had chatted on the phone quite a bit since then, which helped us continue developing our relationship. She is the company librarian and an information management specialist, and I am a client service manager that handles several hi-tech companies. I had asked her to come to my office for a week to help me organize literally hundreds of documents for a current project for a very large client. At work, Jennifer is efficient, business-like, and not overly chatty. She is really good at what she does.

I tipped the fellow from room service and laid the tray on the sideboard next to the loveseat. The tray held pots of coffee and hot water, a nice assortment of teas, a small pot of cream, and several sweeteners. Since I had forgotten to ask for ice, I grabbed the bucket, propped open her door a bit, and quickly found the ice machine.

Upon returning to the room, I poured myself a cup of coffee and went into the bathroom, stood over Jennifer’s shoulder, and watched her work on finishing up her eyes and painting her lips. Her scent was intoxicating. I found the whole make-up thing intriguing, and arousing — the way she did her eyes to accentuate the hazel color, evening out her complexion but not concealing it, the color to the brows, the paint on the lips.

“The coffee is good. Do you want a cup?” I offered.

“We don’t have time. It’s after eight and we need to get to the office,” she replied, slightly irritated.

“Why the rush?” I asked innocently. “No one knows you’re coming to the office and I more or less set my own schedule,” I said.

She gave me a long knowing look in the mirror and then resumed her work.

I set my coffee cup down on the vanity and wrapped my arms around her from behind. I felt her flinch a bit.

“Dave, no,” she said, squirming. “We need to get to the office. You’re going to wrinkle my blouse,” she gently snapped at me.

Her perfume and the scent of her hair made me dizzy. I placed my hands on her breasts and gently kneaded them. Inhaling deeply, I pressed myself into her backside.

“Dave, don’t. Quit it. Please,” she said as she tried to squirm out of my embrace.

Her plea hung in the air as I leaned into her and kissed and nuzzled her neck. I tugged on her earlobe with my teeth and I could feel her nipples harden. She was trying not to, but I could feel her body betraying her and giving way to my advances as I gently blew into her ear and whispered how attractive she was and how the skirt showed off her beautiful behind.

“Dave, please don’t,” she said softly as she put down the brush. “Oh, God,” she whispered as she leaned back into me and held me.

In the mirror I saw her close her eyes and lower her head a bit. I felt her shoulders relax into my advances.

She was melting into my arms. I turned her around, bent my head down, and kissed her gorgeous painted lips. I held the gentle kiss, tangling one hand in her hair. Electricity sparked, our lips parted, and our tongues tangled gently as she wrapped her arms around my neck. One of my hands slipped to the top of her skirt and I started tugging her blouse out of her skirt.

“My clothes. They’re going to get wrinkled,” she murmured between kisses.

I eased back a little and starting with the top button, began unbuttoning her blouse. Her eyes were closed and her head hung down a little bit. After undoing the last button, I told her to turn around and look in the mirror. Watching her watch me, I slid her blouse off and laid it on the toilet seat. She was flush as her breathing became shallow and her nipples hardened.

Goose bumps raised her skin as I gently slid my nails up and down her back, watching the trails take on a rosy hue. I took her shoulders in my strong hands and then gently kneaded them as I kissed gently all over her upper back and upper arms, taking in the scent of her hair.

“Move your hair to the side,” I breathed into her ear.

She pulled her shimmering hair over her left shoulder. I continued kissing her — feeling her gently shiver, listening to her soft moans — then moved up to her neck, kissing and biting gently, running my tongue behind her ear and kissing her ear.

“Oh, Dave,” she moaned softly. “Keep kissing me … don’t stop.”

I moved to her ear and whispered, “It’s nice to be with my dirty girl again. I can’t tell you how much I’ve missed you.” Sliding my hands down and reaching around her, I unclasped her bra, took her breasts in my hands, and gently massaged them as I blew gently into her ear and kissed her. I could feel her grinding her ass into me. As I kissed her neck I watched her in the mirror, holding her breasts, gently rolling her hard nipples, hearing her gently moaning and gasping as I tugged and rolled them a little more firmly. She opened her eyes, looking at me, and I could see lust filling them up.

“Why don’t you go sit down while I get out of my skirt,” she said huskily.

I walked over to the armchair and sat down, flush with excitement and anticipation, my cock straining at my trousers, wondering what was to come. I watched her toss her bra onto the bed and, with her back to me, she slid the zipper of her skirt down, turned her head and looked at me, then stepped out of her skirt, and laid it on the bed. Her gorgeous heart-shaped ass was as beautiful as I remembered from last fall at the annual meeting.

Our hook-up at the company meeting was one of the most erotic times of my life, if not the most erotic. I had come to learn the type of women that I like—the type that fill me with lust and determination and make my heart beat with passion and urgency. And Jennifer was one such woman. She was my muse.

She turned to face me and asked, “Is this what you want?” as she slid her panties down and stepped out of them. She held them in one hand as silence overtook us, watching me as I took in her radiance. Each and every nerve in my body was overwhelmed by lust. I was transfixed by her and singularly focused on her sensuousness. She stood there, looking into my eyes, wearing nothing but a soft smile and gently stroking her chest with her fingers.

She walked over to me and with a subtle but sly smile on her face — I’m not sure if there was a smirk somewhere — dropped her panties into my lap.

She got down onto her knees in between my legs and rubbed my thighs. Looking up at me, she said “So, Dave, you brought me to your office. Now tell me about my first assignment.”

I was momentarily speechless and before I could venture an answer, she slipped my loafers off my feet then reached up to unbuckle my belt and unclasp and unzip my trousers.

“Stand up,” she said firmly.

I stood up and she pulled my trousers down and I stepped out of them.

“Hmmmm, what do we have here poking out?” she playfully asked as she pulled my underwear down.

She looked up and asked, “So what’s my assignment?” “Tell me.”

Before I could get a word out of my mouth, she playfully said, with a certain sense of confidence, “I think I know what it is,” as she slid her mouth over my cock.

Bolts of pleasure raced through me as her warm mouth engulfed my hard cock, my knees buckling a little.

“Oh, God,” I muttered. “Suck me, baby.”

She held my hard cock with one hand and slid her mouth up and down as I unbuttoned my shirt and tossed it aside. I watched with delight as she sucked me and sucked me harder. She took her mouth off my cock, looked up at me, and asked, “Are you enjoying yourself?” Then she dribbled some saliva onto the head of my cock and started stroking it with her hand. Looking down at her, it was evident she was quite proud of herself. Then, with no warning, she deep throated my cock and hit that deeply sensitive portion of it against the back of her throat. Slowly she started sucking me, deeply each time, hitting that wonderful spot.

I ran my hands through her hair as I watched her slide her beautiful painted lips back and forth on my cock, then held her head gently and slowly fucked her mouth. “You’re a dirty, nasty girl. Suck my fucking cock,” I told her as I continued to fuck her dirty mouth.

Taking her mouth off me, holding my hard cock in her fist, she said, “You’d better sit down.”

I sat down in the chair and she scooted forward and began slowly sucking me again, then stopped, looked at me, and said “Dave, I’m really thirsty, can you please get me some ice and a bottle of water?”

“I’m sure there are bottles of cold water in the fridge,” I said.

“No, I want ice.”


Seemingly in a trance, I got out of the chair, stepped over to the sideboard, retrieved a glass, filled it with ice, and then grabbed a bottle of cold water from the fridge and set them on the side table. Jennifer poured some water into the glass and then drank it down.

“Thank you,” she said, as she reached up and resumed stroking my cock. Looking at me, she said, “I was really thirsty.” Then she lowered her head and took me back into her mouth as I started to melt into the chair. She pumped her mouth slowly up and down, sliding her grip on my cock in unison with her mouth.

She paused and raised her head, looked at me, and asked, “Did I ever tell you how much I like sucking cock?”

“Why should that come as a surprise, dirty girl?” I responded as I closed my eyes and laid my head back, enjoying the pleasure rippling through me. As she pumped her mouth slowly up and down on my rock-hard cock, my shoulders, legs, and arms relaxed. I was in another world and didn’t really notice when she took her mouth off me, dripped some saliva on my cock, then continued fisting my cock.

As she was pumping my cock, she quietly filled up her mouth with ice cubes and then, after a short duration, leaned down, with my cock firmly in her hand, slid it into her ice cold mouth, sucking me as the ice cubes melted in her mouth.

When the cold blast hit me, I just about jumped out of my skin as the vast ice-cold sensation reverberated through me, my balls and sphincter contracting. “Oh, fuck!” I blurted out. “Jesus, baby. Oh, my God. What are you doing?” I cried out.

I don’t know how or even if my cock stayed hard, but she sucked me and sucked me until the ice melted. She took her mouth off me to swallow the water, then continued sucking me, the cold subsiding and morphing into the familiar warm wetness. As I finally started to relax, she took my cock out of her mouth and coyfully asked “Did you like that? I hope the cold wasn’t too much for you.” She sat there slowly stroking my cock, looking at me with a feline look-what-I-caught look on her face.

She said, “Do you mind if we take a quick break, I think I’d like some tea,” as she stood up, stepped over to the sideboard, poured hot water into a cup, took out a tea bag and dropped it into the steaming water.

Looking at me, she asked “Enjoying yourself?” taking the tea bag out, laying it in a spoon, wrapping the string around it, and squeezing out the tea. I was watching her intently, slowly stroking my hard cock that was pointing due north, but I was mute. She set the cup on the table next to me and sank back to her knees. She took a nice long sip, then another, letting the tea linger in her mouth.

Then before I knew it, she engulfed my prick in her mouth. The heat enveloped me as new sensations washed over me. I was almost dizzy as I thought I was going to go out of my mind as she passionately sucked my cock. I laid my head back, closed my eyes, and took in every pang of pleasure. She slowed down, reached for the bottle of cold water, took a big mouthful, swallowed it and then plunged back onto my cock.

“Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck. Do you know what you’re doing to me?” I gasped.

She slowly lifted up, my cock sliding out of her mouth, her face awash in pride. “Are you enjoying yourself, Dave? So how am I doing on my first assignment?” she playfully asked as she stroked my turgid meat.

“So, do you like it hot or cold? Or hot and cold?” she playfully asked.

“Or perhaps with some cream?” she asked as she took the container of creamer and poured some of it on the top of my cock as she stroked me, working my cock into a frothy, hugely erotic sight. It was though she was masturbating me with a handful of cum.

My cock was as hard as blue steel, veins popping out, and the bulbous head seemingly ready to explode. I was wracked with tension as she lowered her mouth and started sucking me with vigor. She had brought me to the edge several times, but now I could feel the knowing tingling down beneath my balls. I sensed she was going to take me over the edge and gripped the arms of the chair tightly as her head bobbed up and down like a runaway sewing machine, my thighs tightening up and my toes curling.

“I’m going to cum, baby. Keep going. Keep going,” I moaned.

I felt the moaning start from the very recess of my soul, louder and louder, and bolts of tension gripped me as I began to cum.

“I’m cumming!!!!!!” I cried loudly, feeling jet after jet of seed blast into her mouth. She kept sucking and sucking, and just as I couldn’t take it anymore, she slowed down, lifted her head, looked into my eyes, and swallowed my load.

“Oh, my fucking God, baby. Holy shit!” I proclaimed, trying to catch my breath, shaking from the aftershocks of my orgasm.

“Well, I certainly think my first assignment went well, don’t you? But now don’t you think we should get to the office?” she playfully asked as she smiled at me.

Laying back in the chair, I said “I think I’m paralyzed.” She gave me a little shit-eating grin.

She was quite the sight: her mascara had ran, her lipstick was smeared, and her hair was mussed up. “Why don’t you relax for a few minutes while I fix my make-up and get cleaned up?” she asked.

After we’d cleaned up and got dressed, I was a bit wobbly as we walked to my office, chatting about the project she would be working on. We took the elevator up to my office, got out, and right before I was about to open the door for her she looked at me and quietly asked, “Did you enjoy yourself this morning?” and, after a short pause, said, “Now I have to work with soaking wet panties.”


I opened the door for her, signed her in and introduced her to the receptionist, then walked her down the hallway to introduce her to my boss. After all the pleasantries, we went to my office, I introduced her to my assistant, spent thirty minutes or so reviewing the project, and then discussed Jennifer’s recommendations for the database for managing the information.

I walked Jennifer to her work area and got her set up on the computer system. I asked my assistant to bring in a late lunch for us so we could keep working, and around 4 pm or so I stopped by to see how things were going. We had set up Jennifer in a cube, and her back was to the door.

“Knock, knock,” I said.

“Hey,” she said.

“How’s it going?” I asked.

“Well, not bad,” she said, as I leaned down next to her to look at the file on the PC. I leaned close to her left ear, listening as she explained how she was setting it up.

“Looks good,” I said, as I then gently blew into her ear.

Startled, but not surprised, she quietly said “It seems to be coming along pretty well, but I’ve had difficulty concentrating, so I’m sure I’ll have to go over it a few times to make sure everything is set up correctly.”

I quietly asked “And why have you had trouble concentrating? Something else on your mind?” I asked mischievously.

“Quit,” she said. After a long pause, she quietly said, “You’re going to get it.”

“Really? Perhaps I can get you a cup of coffee — or tea, hmmmmm? I asked.

“Stop,” she said.

I chuckled to myself as I left her cube to grab her a coffee. I quietly set it down next to her and asked, “Oh, do you take cream?”

“Not in my coffee,” she said.

Around 7 pm or so I decided to call it a day and phoned Jennifer to tell her that we could wrap things up for the day. “Can I take you to a quiet dinner?” I asked. “That would be very nice,” she replied.

On the way out I had suggested dining at the restaurant in her hotel. It had an unpretentious atmosphere and served American nouvelle with a French twist. It was a slow Monday evening and we were given a table along the window, so we could people watch as the streets had a bit of life to them.

After ordering and musing over our wine, she looked at me and said that after this morning, she had had a difficult time at the office. She looked into my eyes and told me “You know, I had to play with myself this afternoon.”

“Really, why is that?” I playfully asked.

“There’s something about sitting with wet panties on that is distracting.”

“Well, what are you going to do about it?” I asked.

“I guess we’ll find out,” she replied.

During dinner we casually chatted about many different subjects, but knowing she was in such distress turned me on immensely. I knew she was sitting there, barely able to suppress her squirming.

During dinner she had had two glasses of wine, and being a smaller woman, she seemed to have a nice buzz going.

After I settled with the waiter, she suggested that I walk her to her room. I didn’t know what she had in store as we rode the elevator. Once we got to her room, she swiped her card, opened the door, looked at me, and said, “You’re coming in.”

We went in, and once the door shut, she was all over me. Lips on mine, her hand in my crotch, her passion had overtaken her.

Her eyes were ablaze with lust and fever had set in. “Take your clothes off,” she commanded me. I began to disrobe, watching her shuck her clothes, pop off her bra, and slide her panties off.

“Come here, give me your hand,” she said, as she took my hand and pressed it into her soaking wet pussy, which aroused me even more. She smelled musky and intoxicating.

“See what you’ve done to me. I’ve been this way all day. You’re going to fuck me and fuck me and fuck me,” she said with determination.

“But don’t you need to check in with your family?” I asked her teasingly.

“I spoke to them before we left the office,” she said, as she held my hand, got up on the bed, pulling me up with her.

Her passion and determination were tremendously arousing. She laid back on the bed and said “Give it to me, baby. I want you to fill me up and ravage me.” She turned around and got on her hands and knees. I didn’t need any more instruction. I quickly shirked my clothes. I positioned myself behind her and fed her my hard cock, sliding into her velvety warmth, burying myself to the hilt in her soaking wet hot pussy, sliding in and out slowly and deliberately.

“Oh, God, fuck me, baby. That feels so fucking good,” she groaned loudly, her head buried in the pillow.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” she cried as I starting giving it to her, slapping against her ass, pulling out to the tip, then ramming back in. She was moaning and moaning as she braced herself against the headboard. I felt like I could fuck her forever, sliding in and out, reaching underneath her to hold and knead her breasts, tugging on her hard nipples.

Sweat was starting to glisten on her back as she took every inch of my hard prick. I slowed down and could hear her trying to catch her breath. I stopped altogether, leaned down, slowly ran my tongue from the top of her ass up her spine to her neck, then blew gently on the back of her neck.

“Oh, God,” she cried, shivering as I ran my tongue slowly down and then back up her spine.

“I want to get on top of you,” she said. I scooted around so I was sitting up against the headboard, and she took my hard cock in her hand, lifted one leg over me, then guided me into her molten pot as she sat down on me, groaning with pleasure. Her eyes closed, the intense pleasure rippling through her as she reached up to brace herself against the headboard as she slowly starting sliding back and forth on me, my cock sliding in and out as her clit rubbed against me.

Sounds I’d never heard emanated from her as she got herself off. She was breathing heavily and sweat had formed on her chest. I wrapped my arms around her, drew her close, and held her as she kept grinding on me, holding her tightly, hearing every breath as she got closer and closer. Her heat washed me in passion as I kept my hips in sync with hers as she fucked the ever life out of me. She was grinding against me, moaning and groaning, crying out, her arms tightly wrapped around me.

And then they hit her.

Waves of orgasms came. As they tore through her, she was crying gutturally, hours of sexual tension releasing into the heavy air. She continued sliding up and down as one, then another, and then another and another hit her, finally slowing down, melting in my arms. I held her tightly as her breathing slowed.

“Oh, Jesus,” she whispered. “That felt so good.”

She slid off me and snuggled up to me.

“You shouldn’t have done that to me this morning,” she said. I had a hard time working and keeping my mind out of the gutter.”

“I deserve everything I get,” I joked.

After another minute or so, she took my prick in her hand and said, “Hmmmmmm, your cock is perfect, you know that? Just the right size.”

“As I’ve said, it fits everywhere,” I replied, watching her stroke it slowly as it swelled up again. She got up on her knees and took me in my mouth, sucking it and licking it.

“Ummmm,” she said as she sucked me. Taking her mouth off my cock, she said, “And tastes like me. But now we need to take care of you — again.”

She turned around, got on her hands and knees, put her head down, and reached back to pull her cheeks apart, showing me her swollen pussy and beautiful pink asshole.

“See anything you like, you dirty devil?” she asked as she was rubbing her pussy. She then reached around to smear saliva all over her asshole. “Go ahead, baby, I know what you want,” she said.

I got on my knees, held my stiff prick in my hand, and smeared saliva on her ass and onto my prick as I took in her beautiful ass, knowing it was all mine.

Holding her ass open for me, I placed my swollen mast at the entrance and slowly started inching it into her tight, warm asshole. As I pushed in, she pushed back against me, and once I was buried balls deep in her ass, she said, “Just hold it there, baby, I want to enjoy being filled up.” Buried in her beautiful ass, lightly scratching her back, Jennifer then started moving too and fro, so I knew she was ready. Taking her hips in my hands, I started sliding in and out very slowly, savoring the warmth and snug fit.

That’s when something in her took over. As her breathing became heavier, she said “Fuck my ass, baby, give it to me.” “I’m your dirty slut. Fuck my dirty ass,” she moaned loudly. As I increased the tempo, she started to move in rhythm with me, and then she started pounding her ass back onto my cock as I drove it home time after time after time.

“Give it to me, baby. Cum for me!” she screamed. “Fill me up!” she cried out as my cock slammed against her ass.

I fucked her beautiful ass thoroughly as she moaned and swore like a dirty whore. Finally I felt my balls contracting and intense heat washing through me.

“I’m cumming, baby,” I moaned loudly. “Right into your dirty fucking ass!”

My load moans filled the air and tension tore into me as rope after rope of hot cream jettisoned into her warm, wet ass. I felt hot flashes and cold chills reverberating through me as I pumped her beautiful ass full of cum.

“Fill me up, baby. Yeah, that’s it. Cum for me!” she cried out.

My heart was pumping quickly and sweat was running down me as the spasms of my orgasm began to subside and I began to catch my breath, my cock still buried in her beautiful ass. As I finally caught my breath, I slowly pulled my spent cock out of her ass. I sat back a little and watched as she lifted her torso up a little, turned around to look at me, and reached down with her hand to catch my cum flowing out of her ass. I was simply speechless as she brought her hand to her mouth and licked it clean.

“Oh, you are such a dirty girl,” I said. Looking at me, she said “And you’re my dirty devil, and I don’t do dirty just for anyone.”

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