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Jenna and Joel

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Jenna woke to the aroma of coffee calling to her. She stumbled into the bathroom, resting her head on the vanity while she peed. She only stumbled once between the bathroom and the kitchen where Joel was shaved, dressed, and pouring her a cup of coffee. “I am so hung over,” she groaned, leaning her naked butt against the counter as she cradled her coffee cup with two hands.

“You were sexy as hell last night,” Joel said, his voice soft and low. She saw the way his eyes drifted across her body.

“Stop it, I look like shit.”

“Impossible,” he said, leaning close and kissing her cheek. “Wish I didn’t have to work today.”

“Yeah,” she mumbled, slurping at the coffee and dealing with slight burn from being impatient. “Next time, don’t let me get drunk.”

“Mm, next time…” he mused, leaning in for another kiss. She knew he wouldn’t try to kiss her mouth. Not this early, not before she had a chance to brush her teeth. He did caress her chest, his big hand slipping from one breast to the other. “You’re okay?”

“Still a blur. Talk later?” Words still required too much effort.

“Yeah. Sure. Love you.”

“Love you,” she said, giving his shoulder a kiss before Joel left for the day. A pang of guilt bubbled to the surface that she was glad to see him go, but she needed time. She wanted to wake up and piece together last night. Fuck, her head hurt! Jenna slid her coffee cup across the breakfast bar and kept one hand on the counter as she worked around it to sit in one of the tall backed stools. The wood seat felt cool beneath her ass. When she stretched, she felt lightheaded, waited for the sensation to pass, and sipped more coffee. She felt sore in places she forgot she had.

Her first memory was served as a picture of Dana’s lips wrapped around Pete’s prick. Jenna gasped at the raw, graphic nature of the mental image. She shoved the thought away. It was too soon, too early. She was too hung over. Pete’s prick would have tasted like Jenna. That’s where he had had it last, inside of her. Before she could stop herself, she remembered how intently Joel watching Dana. Had he really licked his lips before he smiled at her? What did that mean?

Blankness came over Jenna for the rest of her first cup of coffee. She stared blankly at her stove, robotically drank her coffee, and gave her body a chance to remember she was human. Feeling better, she made it back to the coffeemaker without holding on to the counter. It felt good to be naked. She wished Joel had still been naked. She liked seeing him naked. She wished he didn’t have to work this morning.

Back on her perch, another memory came back to her. Fuck him Joel had told her, cradling her face in his big hands as he kissed her lips. Pete had been laying on the floor, his hands on Jenna’s hips as she lowered herself on top of his dick. She had been straddling Pete, facing his feet. She remembered holding the dick that didn’t belong to her husband. The shape was wrong and the size was different. She worked Pete’s penis by feel, keeping her eyes on Joel’s eager face. Once she settled on top of Pete, he felt about the same as anyone else’s dick had ever felt inside of her. She felt filled with the throbbing warmth of a man’s penis and it felt good. The minor differences in size and length were lost to the moment. She was more focused on Joel holding her face, him kissing her, and his hard cock. Damn, he was hard! It felt strange feeling the extra pair of hands on her hips, strange in a good way. She lost track of who was touching where. It didn’t matter. What mattered was Joel, his thrill and passion fueled hers. Fuck him, he told her. What else had he said? Fuck that big prick. Fuck that cock. Fuck it, baby. Fuck it! That exactly what she was doing, but it had made her head buzz to hear him telling her to do it. She and Joel didn’t talk dirty in bed, well, not much. A few nasty words here or there, but this had been different. This was raw, primal. She remembered glancing down at Joel’s hard dick and seeing the tangle of legs. Hers were tucked behind her, because she was kneeling. But jutting out from between her thighs were Pete’s legs and straddling his hairy legs, her husband, kneeling over this other man without a care in the world beyond the heat of the moment.

Jenna felt her body reacting to her memories. Her nipples went stiff, inviting a caress she didn’t offer. There was a spot between her legs that was growing demanding, too. She squirmed, but that would have to be enough for her girl parts for now. As if coming to her rescue, her mind tossed up an image of Joel and Dana kissing, their first kiss. She knew it was their first kiss, because in her memory, they were both still dressed. The sudden pang of remembered jealousy numbed her thrill. They had kissed, really kissed, as if they had always wanted to do it. She remembered kissing Pete for the first time. It had happened after Joel and Dana had kissed. She remembered being determined to give Joel and Dana a taste of their own medicine. She threw herself into her kiss with Pete, allowing a soft moan, as if that kiss could mean more and feel better to her than it did.

That wasn’t fair. Pete was a good kisser. Maybe not as good as Joel, but she couldn’t be sure. Pete kissed differently than Joel and she hadn’t been kissed differently since getting serious with Joel. She supposed there was a time when Joel’s kisses felt different, too. Who had she dated before him? It was college, during her slutty years. Had it been Ben? Devon? Had she even cared that Pete’s kisses were different? She remember liking the way Joel kissed and preferring to kiss him (and more) than the either Ben or Devon. It was Ben, she decided. Devon had been first (not her first-first, just before Ben). There was an overlap between Devon and Ben, including a short fling with Devon while she had been officially dating Ben. And then she met Joel.

Her world didn’t stop when she met Joel; the tall, skinny guy with a great sense of humor. She hadn’t taken him seriously. She had liked him, was attracted to him, but she had been dating Ben. Then she was sort of dating both of them. She remembered being in denial about her relationship with Joel. “We’re just friends,” she would tell herself and her girlfriends. “We just hang out. We don’t do anything.” Until the night when they did do something. They kissed, forgot to stop, and she had felt horrible about it. She ignored Joel’s calls for a week as she tried to commit to Ben.

Holding a cold cup of coffee as her mind worked, she laughed. Joel was the reason she had her fling with Devon. She shook her head, slowly because of the hangover, but shook it just the same, dismayed at her youthful reasoning. She had been dating Ben and slipped up with Joel. After having fun with Joel, did that mean she wasn’t as attracted to Ben as she thought? It didn’t make sense to repeat her mistake with Joel, so she flirted with Devon, accepted his offer of a weekend away, and had a great time with him. Except hanging out with Joel had been more fun than hanging out with Ben or Devon. After a couple more weeks of trying to date Ben, she gave up and started dating Joel and never looked back.

Jenna loved Joel, of that she had no doubts. She loved everything they did together. Sure, they fought sometimes. Spouses always fight sometimes. But never about sex. They were animals in the bedroom. “I want us to stay perfect for each other,” Joel had told her when they were still dating. “I want to be your everything and I want you to be mine.” There wasn’t a hole they hadn’t explored together; not one on either of them. Their bedroom was a playroom. Hell, their entire home was. They fucked and sucked, poked and prodded every which way they could.

It wasn’t Joel doing all the driving, far from it. Jenna would tease him about bringing out her inner slut, but she knew better. Joel gave her a safe place to explore and experiment. His answer to everything was “Sure, let’s try that!” Along the way, they discovered new ways enjoy each other.

She had learned how to listen from him, too. Once, she mentioned, “It just turns me on so much to feel you coming inside of me.” Joel acted on her words. The next time they made love, as soon as his orgasm was finished, he dove between her legs, planting his mouth and tongue against her pussy, and bringing her to a new orgasmic height she didn’t realize was waiting for her. “It didn’t bother that you just came inside of me?” she asked later.

“I thought it tasted good,” he replied with a hint of a smile.

The next time she went down on him, she remembered his words. When he came inside her mouth, she didn’t swallow (which was difficult because she loved to swallow). Instead, she stood up, pulling him into her arms, kissing him deeply. When his tongue slipped inside her mouth, he found her surprise and he moaned before sucking on her tongue. “Cumslut,” she teased.

He laughed, kissed her again, and paid her back the next time they made love. After fucking her to an orgasm, he pulled out and fed her his prick. “Taste good?” he asked. She admitted that it did. It thrilled her to taste her pussy on his dick.

A year ago, she was teasing him when she said, “If there was another guy here, you could eat his cum from me before you fuck me and then do it again after you come.” That started a new round of play between them, refreshing a love-life that was already good.

“If we had another woman here, you could eat her pussy while I fucked her,” he said, feeding her his prick after fucking.

“You feel so much better than a toy,” she had told him one night during anal sex. That prompted them to laugh about having a guy over so he could it up the ass, too.

“If we could find the right couple, I’d do it,” he said, throbbing inside of her.

“A couple?” she asked, rocking backwards against him. “Not just another guy?”

“Then you could find out how hot it is to eat pussy after a guy.”

“And you could help me do it?”

“You know it,” he said and their words failed as their passions increased. During her ass fucking, Jenna had shoved two fingers inside her pussy. It wasn’t a new gesture, but it made her wonder how it would feel to have a real man in both places. In the shower together afterwards, she admitted her extra fantasy. His answer surprised and thrilled her, “Let’s find a couple to party with.”

Dana and Pete were full swap swingers who had enjoyed “the lifestyle” for years. None of the lingo mattered to Jenna. In fact, the idea of being a swinger made Jenna feel sleazy. “Can we just have sex with them without being swingers?” she had asked Joel after the initial contact had gone well.

“I guess. What if we do some of the, um, other stuff. Can I do those things and not be gay? I don’t want to be gay.”

Jenna had kissed him. “You’ll still be my cumslut whether you do those other things are not, right?”

“You know it,” he had promised and they made love in the living room that night. After swapping explicit pictures and talking through details in emails and chat sessions, they had met. The first time, just for dinner where Jenna had found Dana and Pete a delightful couple who had looked as much in love with each other as she felt in love with Joel.

“They seem so normal,” Jenna remembered telling her husband on the drive home from that dinner.

Last night had been their first night together, the first time they had swapped partners and made love to each other. The women had never touched. Neither had the men. “Small steps first,” Dana had insisted.

Sitting naked at her breakfast counter, Jenna squirmed again with needs she wasn’t going to indulge as she remembered the thrill of getting naked in the same room as Dana and Pete. Dana’s long, blonde hair had reddish-brown tips at the end that reminded Jenna of corn silk. She remembered how sexy and free Dana had looked as she wiggled out of her low-cut jeans without shame, embarrassment, or second thoughts. Her thoughts of seeing Dana’s excited nipples riding high on her small breasts were replaced first by the thrill of seeing Pete kissing those nipples. That image was replaced by the strangeness she had felt when it was Joel’s turn to do the same thing. It made her want to take a turn. Had Joel felt the same way when she touched Pete’s prick? Was he as curious as she was?

Jenna was surprised they could still do it when they got home. Drunk on too much wine and so much sex, Jenna couldn’t wait to be back in their bed, in their bedroom, with just her Joel. He had ravished her sex drenched body. She did the same to him, smelling and tasting where Dana had just been. She knew Joel was experiencing the same thing. They had fallen asleep naked in each other’s arms.

Pouring a third cup of coffee, Jenna left it on the counter until she showered. Part of her didn’t want to wash the sex off her body. Standing in front of the mirrored doors of their closet, she considered her reflection. She touched her full breast, remembering how Pete had touched her. His touch was firmer than Joel’s. She pinched her nipple as he had done, remembering him. Celebrating him. Would Dana’s touch feel the same? She stopped before things got out of hand.

Dressed, Jenna wandered around their home in search of things to do. As a school teacher by trade, the first couple weeks of summer break always left her lost, especially after the kids had left for camp. She checked her email, surfed a few websites, and tidied up things that were already clean. Her mind wasn’t a million miles away, it was stuck on last night. She replayed seeing Joel fucking Dana on the couch. She had recognized how he moved. It was the same way he moved while fucking her. She knew how it felt when he rode her high like that, his hard prick raking across her clitoris, and it had turned her on. She watched his face and studied how the passion within his loins rose, surged, and finally overtook him. What was funny, even though he was fucking another woman, she felt her heart pouring to him. She was glad he was having an orgasm and felt blessed to be witnessing it from the opposite couch, even as Pete caressed her body.

She had an email from Dana. “Last night was so much fun for us! Hope it was for you, two! Call me!” Jenna knew it wasn’t a typo. Pete and Dana had preached their connection too strongly. She dialed Dana’s number and they talked for half an hour before deciding to meet for lunch.

Sitting in a booth at Panera Bread, across from the woman she had watched make love to her husband just last night, Jenna found herself smiling, laughing, and feeling something else. She kept noticing little things about Dana. She noticed the other woman’s full lips. They looked so kissable. She noticed her fingers and how short she kept her well manicured nails. She wondered how she masturbated. Was Dana a righty or a lefty?

Of course they talked about last night, too. They took turns complimenting the skills of each other’s husband. “Joel has a great tongue,” Dana said, smiling as she remembered. “It was so cool how he went down on me again after doing me. I thought Pete was the only guy who did that.”

“Well, Joel IS my little cumslut,” Jenna said, laughing at how normal it felt to say that to this other woman.

“Oh-my- God! So is Pete!” Dana squealed. “One time, at this party, he kept wanting me to do these other guys just so he could go down on me afterwards.”

“I bet Joel would love that, except I’m not sure if I want to do that many strangers.”

“I only did two other guys. Guys we had partied with before. Still, it was hot.”

“So he’s okay watching other men with you?”

“Are you kidding? Pete loves it, but not as much as I love watching him with another woman. It’s so hot to see him doing his thing, you know?”

“I do now,” Jenna said with a big smile. “I thought Joel looked really hot when he was doing you.”

With her mouth full, Dana could only nod until she finished chewing. “It’s so cool to see, isn’t it? It’s like he’s doing you, but not at the same time. Does that make sense?”

“Perfect sense,” Jenna said, excited that someone could understand. It made sense that person would be Dana. “You know we have some other… fantasies, right?” Of course Dana did. She was sitting right next to Pete when Joel had talked about them.

Dana lit up. “And I can’t wait to be with you.” Jenna felt herself blush.

Ten long days passed before their schedules matched up. Jenna and Joel spent those days (and nights) teasing each other about what might happen. They talked through different combinations. They considered asking if they could borrow either Dana or Pete for a threeway before doing anything else as a quartet. In the end, they decided to just go for it and invited Dana and Pete to their house.

There was wine, soft candle light, and softer music. Walking back into the living room, Jenna was glad she had listened to Joel about the number of candles. “Let’s cut down on the candles and turn on a lamp in the corner.” Before then, the living room had looked like a set in a gothic movie. Laughter and flirting filled the room before being replaced with kissing, whispers, and naughty giggles between the couples and their spouses. Jenna’s heart was racing as Joel pressed his lips against hers and his hand found the front of her blouse. His experienced hand found her nipple through her blouse and bra and he caressed her in the ways he knew she liked best. Jenna looked up from their kissing in time to see a topless blonde moving towards them. When had Dana lost her top? It didn’t matter, it entertained her. She stared at Dana’s breasts.

“Mind if I cut in?” Dana asked, sitting next to Jenna. She cupped Jenna’s face, turning her head, and pressed her lips against hers. Jenna felt her heart catch before remembering how to beat again. This wasn’t how it was supposed to go. She thought they were going to do stuff, as couples, before crossing any lines. She inhaled deeply, sucking in the scent of Dana’s hair and perfume. The lips against hers were the lips of another woman. There was no stubble on her cheek, only softness and the flowery scent of a woman. The tongue that slipped between her lips felt different, too. Jenna applied her tongue to Dana’s and they caressed each other in that intimate oral way.

“So hot,” Joel said, making a move to leave the couch, but Dana stopped him.

“No, stay,” she said, smiling at him. “She’ll want you next to her the first time she tastes me.”

Jenna had read romance novels where a character either swooned or felt like swooning. She could never imagine it until it happened to her. She felt her head go light as darkness threatened to overtake her vision. She rocked once in a circle before catching herself. She giggled. Nothing had happened and she already felt like swooning! She pressed her lips against Dana’s for a second taste.

It was during their second kiss that Dana guided Jenna’s hand to her chest. Jenna caressed her bare breasts, feeling as if her mind was going to burst from the flood of new information. She felt the warm of Dana’s flesh, its softness, and its lack of any hair. She discovered Dana’s nipples, stiff, firm, and proud. As she caressed another woman’s nipple for the first time, she felt an empathetic reaction in her own nipples, as if she was attached to the other woman by something more than mere gender. Her registered the foreignness of what she was doing. These were NOT her breasts she was touching. These were NOT her nipples she was tweaking. She pressed her lips harder against Dana’s lips, sucking on her tongue.

Dana’s hands were far from idle. She unbuttoned Jenna’s blouse, pulled it open, and had slipped it from her shoulders. Joel had helped with that part, as he had finished the job when Dana’s fingers fumbled with Jenna’s bra. Their kiss had yet to end before Jenna was topless, too. She knew the men were watching them. She assumed they were thrilling at what they saw. But the thought of being watched was like an extra teaspoon of sugar inside an already sweet drink – nice, but not needed and difficult to appreciate. She embraced Dana, pulling their naked torsos together and feeling the mix of their breasts battling for space between their hot bodies.

When Dana imagined her first time with another woman, she had imagined they would already be naked. She guessed those first touches would be stolen while other things were happening. She had imagined touching Dana’s breasts as Dana kissed or made love to Joel or Pete. She assumed something like that would be happening to her the first time she felt Dana’s touch. She briefly considered (and dismissed) the idea of starting with their clothes on and kissing first. In her fantasy, it felt too contrived, too mushy and too slow to get to the good parts. Yet, that’s where she found herself and it didn’t feel mushy or slow when she felt Dana tugging at her pants. Jenna broke their kiss and both women stood, giggling as they scrambled out of their jeans and panties.

“Want to go first?” Dana asked as they sat back down on the couch.

“Yes,” Jenna said, leaning in to pull a stiff nipple between her lips. She knew Dana’s pussy was waiting for her and she wanted it. She wanted to be there, to touch and caress her with both her hands and mouth, but she resisted her urges. Instead, as she suckled the other woman, she moved her hand over and around Dana’s pussy. She caressed the other woman’s smooth, hairless thighs, the underside of her legs, and slipped her hand across Dana’s flat stomach until Dana tried to guide Jenna’s hand between her legs. “No,” Jenna said, keeping her hand away. “Not yet.”

Dana’s surprised look was quickly replaced with a knowing smile. Jenna had never done what she was about to do, but she knew how she want to do it. Slipping off the couch, she moved between Dana’s parted legs, looking up at the woman as her hands kept moving over neutral zones. “You are so beautiful,” she told Dana. Reaching for Joel, she pulled him to the floor, too. He knelt next to and a little behind her, watching over her shoulder. Turning her head, she gave him a quick kiss on the lips followed by a smile.

Running her fingers through Jenna’s hair, Dana smiled. “Eat me.”

Dana’s pussy was shaved smooth. Jenna could see how puffy her labia looked. The poor woman was in need, a need Jenna shared. She had never licked another woman’s pussy before, but she had seen enough movies and understood the anatomy well enough, she wasn’t concerned. There was nothing left for her to do except to do it. With hesitating or lingering to admire Dana’s pussy for another moment, Jenna leaned forward, pressed her tongue against Dana’s pussy, and tasted a woman, and only a woman, for the first time in her life.

Joel was right next to her, leaning over, watching. His eyes reflected his smile. “My wife is now a lesbian,” he said. She slapped him and hoped he saw the smile in her eyes.

Jenna used her tongue to sightsee, tracing the contours of Dana’s womanhood with her tongue. Dana’s clit was stiff and easy to find. Jenna experimented with different ways to caress her friend. Up and down seemed to have the best effect. Dana tasted wonderful. She smelled and tasted like a woman and again Jenna’s body reacted in sympathy to what she was doing. She knew how it felt to have an eager tongue pressed against her clit and her body appreciated what she was doing. She snaked a finger beneath her chin, pressing inside Dana with great effect. Dana squirmed and moaned before she clutched at Jenna’s head, pulling her closer, tighter, as if she was afraid Jenna might stop and leave her wanting. Jenna looked up, watching as Dana came. The feeling of accomplishment that soared through her was the same as when Jenna brought a man off inside her mouth.

“My turn,” Dana said, pulled Jenna up as she traded places with her. Laying her hand against the bend where Jenna’s thigh became torso, Dana applied her thumb to Jenna’s clit. She looked at Joel, who was still on the floor. “I’m going to eat your wife’s pussy now,” she said. “She may never be the same.”

“Go for it,” Joel said, laughing.

As Dana had done, Jenna watched the other woman going down on her. It felt so strange to see the pretty blonde with blue eyes gazing up at her while her clitoris thrilled at the sensations of being licked. Seeing Joel watching made it better and worse. Jenna’s mind did flips. This was wrong. Good girls don’t do this to each other. Especially school teacher good girls. And not while their husbands watched! The combination of shame and thrill pushed her higher and higher until there was nothing left for her to do except experience an orgasm that felt new to her. She gasped, panted, and wanted nothing more than to kiss Dana again. They kissed and hugged for a long time, the magic between them refusing to fade.

When Dana said, “I want to see you fuck my husband,” Jenna felt a lustful jolt. There was a line they still had to cross and that wasn’t it, but it was a good place to start. Pete and Joel had gotten undressed while Jenna was hugging and kissing Dana after her orgasm.

Pete sat on the loveseat, wearing an eager grin as he stroked his big prick. His eyes worked to take in every bit of Jenna at once. “Looks like you had fun,” he said.

“Mm, I did,” Jenna purred, sitting next to him and replacing his hand with hers. “Can you still taste her on me?” She kissed him, feeling his swollen cock throbbing beneath her touch. He touched her body, too, his hand openly roaming across the swells of her breasts, down her stomach, and landing between her legs to caress her sex. Across from her, Joel and Dana did much the same thing. When she saw them kiss, she smiled, knowing precisely their lips felt and tasted. She knew the terrain Joel’s hand traced as he groped the blonde haired woman. Jenna wasn’t expecting it, but she came against Pete’s hand. She kissed him, basking in the glow of the unexpected orgasm. It amazed her how quickly their play had slid from racy and daring to natural and hot.

Jenna wanted to fuck. She wanted to feel more than fingers or tongues against her pussy. She wanted a hard cock inside her pussy. Facing away from Pete, she sat in his lap, straddling his legs and putting his prick inside her pussy. Joel stared at her, his eyes between her legs, watching this other man fucking her while Dana caressed him. “She looks sexy doing that, doesn’t she?” Dana asked him. Joel nodded and Dana added, “You like seeing her riding that big dick, don’t you?” Another nod. “Does she look like a lesbian right now?”

“Not even close,” Joel laughed.

“In theory, he’s going to taste like her now,” she said. Joel nodded. “But there’s only one way to know for sure.”

Joel looked at Dana for a moment before his eyes returned to watch the joining of Jenna and Pete’s bodies. “I know,” he said. His voice was soft and quiet, but Jenna could see the reaction of his body. Joel’s prick throbbed up and down with need as Dana’s small hand caressed his balls.

“Will tasting your wife make you gay?”

“If I do it off his dick.” Joel gave a nervous laugh.

“Then go gay for us,” Dana said, moving to the floor. Joel followed. They perched on opposite sides of Jenna and Pete, watching them fuck. “She’s your wife. Go ahead and touch her pussy.” He did, laying his hand on her thigh and rubbing her clitoris with his thumb. Jenna’s body purred with delight. It felt so raw for the center of her being the center of attention. She felt exposed and explored, without feeling sluttish or whorish. Dana pulled her husband’s big prick from Jenna’s pussy, leaving her empty, needful, and turned on. Dana stroked her husband’s dick as Joel watched. Pete’s cock glistened wet. “Use this on her clit instead of your thumb.”

Joel nodded, grabbed the other man’s hard dick, and pressed the smooth head against the seam of Jenna’s pussy, working it directly over her clitoris. Jenna thrilled at the feeling, but it was seeing her husband holding another man’s dick that pushed her closer to another orgasm.

“Stroke him, too,” Dana instructed as Joel’s touch became less about Jenna and more about crossing that sacred line between men. Dana looked past Jenna, asking her husband, “You’re close, aren’t you?”

“Yes,” Pete confirmed, his voice a low growl.

“Make him cum,” Dana told Joel. “Make him cum on your wife’s pussy.” Joel nodded and caressed the prick in his hand. He held it against Jenna as he did it, teasing her at the same time. Behind her, Jenna heard Pete’s breathing change as he orgasm neared. His breath was warm on her neck when he pulled her against his chest, groping her chest and watching over her shoulder.

“Oh yeah,” he moaned. “Fuck yeah.” He gave a sharp intake of breath that caught inside his chest before his orgasm arrived and he came, pumping his semen in warm spurts over Jenna’s pussy.

“Now clean them,” Dana growled, forcing Joel’s head towards the mess. As Joel licked, it looked as if she was steering his head with her hand. She made him lick her husband, too, while telling Joel, “Eat it, you fag. Eat that cum!” Joel moaned as his tongue washed over both of them. Jenna came again, too. It was too much for her. There was no way she could resist nor a reason for her to do it.

“Kiss me,” she demanded, grabbing at her husband. He did and on his lips and tongue, she could taste her pussy and Pete’s orgasm. It made her lust for her husband in new ways. She clutched at him, amazed that anything new could happen between them.

When Joel pulled away, he looked down at his aching cock. It looked angry with need. He considered the trio in front of him. “So who wants this?”

“He does,” Dana said, nodding at her husband. Jenna moved, sitting next to Pete as Joel stood. His hard cock was throbbing. Jenna knew how it would feel. She recognized the thrill it represented. The shock was seeing Joel standing in front of another man.

Pete and his wife exchanged a glance before Pete wrapped his hand around Joel’s prick. He stroked Joel, studying his excited sex. Maybe he was admiring it? There was no way for Jenna to know, but she gasped when Pete opened his mouth and started sucking her man. She didn’t understand why it felt different seeing Pete sucking Joel, but it did. Maybe it was the angle or because neither woman served as a buffer, it didn’t matter. Jenna stared with wide eyes. It felt wrong, like a crime against nature, and it was the hottest damn thing she had ever witnessed. Just past them, she saw Dana watching, too.

Dana’s reaction was different. Seeing her husband sucking cock thrilled Dana. She clutched at her chest while rubbing her pussy. “Suck it,” she encouraged. “Make him cum in your mouth.” That’s when Jenna knew she wanted to see Joel doing the same thing – man to man, just as Pete had done.

“Come for him,” Jenna told her husband. Joel didn’t look as if he needed the help. Shortly after the demonstration began, it reached its logical conclusion. Joel tensed, groaned, and Jenna recognized his orgasm. She watched as he came and came, filling Pete’s mouth in a way Jenna knew. She knew the force of Joel’s orgasms against the roof of her mouth. She knew how he tasted. She felt a tiny stab of jealousy that Pete was getting something that usually belonged to her. It was a fleeting stab that couldn’t linger.

Pete didn’t share, he swallowed. Pulling away, he grinned up at Joel. “I’m not sure, but I think this makes one of us gay.”

“Gay my ass!” Dana screamed, laughing and giving her husband kiss after kiss.

“How was it?” Jenna asked her husband, cuddling with him on their couch.

He laughed. “Weird. Hot. Good. He knows what he’s doing, that’s for sure.”

“Why thank you,” Joel said, laughing. “It’s not as if it’s difficult. You just do what you like done.”

“How was it for you?”

“Hot as hell,” Jenna admitted, feeling herself blush. “I want to see you suck him.”

“What about…?”

“When I ate Dana?” she finished for him. She held her hand out to the other woman. “You tasted so good.”

“Careful, girls are like potato chips, no one can eat just one,” Dana said.

“No kidding. I want some of that,” Pete said as he kissed his way down his wife’s body until he was between her legs. When Joel made the same move, Jenna moved so she was closer to Dana. Leaning over the arms of the sofa and loveseat, she was able to kiss the other woman as their men pleased them. Once the guys were hard again, they fucked their wives. Midway through, they exchanged a knowing glance and switched. Moving from Joel’s familiar rhythm and feel to Pete’s differences thrilled Jenna into another orgasm. Spent from the sheer number of orgasms over such a short period, Jenna had to push Pete away before he could finish.

He gave her a big grin, a nod, and sat next to her to watch the action on the loveseat. His hard prick still in need. Jenna stroked him as she watched her husband fucking Dana. It was hot, but her body was too sensitive for her to touch. Watching Joel’s ass bobbing up and down gave her an idea. After making sure Pete was willing, she knelt next to Joel and Dana. After giving her husband a big kiss, she couldn’t resist giving Jana one, too. Then she asked her husband, “Ready to lose your cherry?”

Joel gave her a confused look, but Dana caught her meaning. “Oh fuck yeah!” she said, wiggling out from beneath Joel. His hard cock throbbed out how close he was to an orgasm as he looked from Dana to Jenna.

“Got get the lube. It’s time for you to go gay.” Jenna gave her husband another kiss that didn’t last long. Keeping her eyes open to see his reaction, she had to pull away when she started laughing at his wide eyed look.

Dana pulled Jenna next to her while Joel went to the bedroom for their lube. Seeing him walking around the house, naked and hard, was fun. Especially because Pete and Dana were there. It’s sort of funny how little things make lasting impressions.”He’s not really a virgin back there, is he?” Dana asked.

“Not even close, but only toys and fingers.”

Pete remained quiet as he stroked his prick and watched the women. Sitting side-by-side, Jenna and Dana couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

Joel returned a moment later with the tube of lube and a condom for Joel. “Nervous?” Jenna asked.

“Excited,” he replied, his bobbing prick adding emphasis.

“Oh your knees, fagboy,” Pete said, lubing his condom covered cock.

Jenna’s over sexed body decided it could handle more. She felt a sudden urge to clutch her pussy and came from doing it while nothing more was happening than her husband getting on his knees, leaning over the cushions of their couch, and poking his ass backwards for Pete.

As Pete explained later, fucking a guy up the ass isn’t any different than fucking a woman there. The same rules apply. Lots of lube. Take your time. Give your partner a chance to adjust. All steps that went quickly with Joel.

Jenna’s pussy required both hands to deal with the thrill surging through her as she watched Pete’s prick sliding in and out of her husband’s ass. She needed two fingers to finger-fuck her pussy while she jabbed at her swollen clit with her other hand. She was coming, over and over. Jenna had felt the pleasure from a wide variety of orgasms in her life, especially after she met Joel. She had known tiny orgasms that flickered to life, seized her, and passed almost as quickly. She was accustomed to deep, satisfying orgasms with Joel that seemed to fill her with love for him. Multiple orgasms had been few and interesting when they had happened. But this orgasm created a new definition for her.

Like her best orgasms, it was deep and full feeling, an orgasm that seemed to reach the very fiber of her being. The difference was how long it lasted. She came and didn’t stop. Filthy words flew from her mouth as she rode the waves and contractions of what she would later call The Never Ending Orgasm. “Fuck him, Pete!” she panted. “Fuck that ass! Take it, you fucking fag! Take that big dick! Take that dick up your ass, faggot!”

Later still, she would say there was something magical about the words fag and faggot. “There was something about how my mouth moved when I said it that felt so good. Like how saying fuck can feel so good sometimes. I couldn’t stop it.”

Pete came first, pushing deep inside of Joel and bellowing the arrival of his orgasm. A moment later, without any attention, Joel came, too. He sprayed his orgasm against the couch in long streaks exaggerated by the bobbing of his prick as he came.

When the guys stopped, falling into a sweaty, satiated heap, Jenna felt a stab of panic as her orgasm persisted a bit longer before ebbing and finally ending. She felt like Jello, aware of the glances she was getting from the other three, but unable to react to them. “Damn, baby,” Joel said. “I think that was better for you than it was for me.” Jenna managed a smile as Dana caressed her face.

“You okay?” Dana asked.

Jenna managed a curt nod as her body began responding to her commands again. “That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.”

“It’s even better when he’s inside of you for that orgasm. Did you see how hard he came?”

Jenna nodded, focused on breathing and how her world view had changed.

Jenna rubbed the bulge inside Joel’s pants as he turned down the street where Pete and Dana lived. “If you keep doing that, I’m going to walk in with a hard-on.”

“Good,” she said, giving his prick a squeeze. “And I hope every guy there notices.”

Joel shook his head and laughed. “Sometimes I think you like this too much.”

“Shut-up, cumslut,” she teased as they walked past three cars parked in front of Pete and Dana’s house. At the door, Jenna kissed her husband deeply. “I love you,” she said.

“I love you, too.”

“Now get in there and suck some dick,” she giggled as Dana opened the front door. Just past the foyer, Jenna saw the five men plus Pete who turned to see them. “Ooo!” Jenna said, laughing as she pulled Joel inside behind her. Tonight was going to fun!

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