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Jay Days (and Nights)

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“Shut up and suck!” That’s what Jay would say from time to time if I temporarily quit my oral ministrations to his cock to interrupt his viewing of “Jesus Christ Superstar,” by talking. The constant sucking and caressing of his magnificent member was no distraction; indeed it added to his overall pleasure in lying back with a beer and watching the movie. I of course couldn’t really see the movie. My field of vision was filled with the lower part of his belly and pubic hair, just as my mouth was filled to more than capacity with his more than ample allotment of cock.

I could of course hear the sound of the movie but my attention was literally fully engaged (engorged) with the task at hand, and in my mouth. I was lying on my belly between his legs, naked except for some black nylons, while he reclined against a pile of pillows luxuriating in comfort and my attentions. I could have writhed and sucked all night. Come to think of it I did. 

Maybe I should explain; Jay possesses the equivalent of the Matterhorn, Mount Rushmore and the Eiffel Tower of cocks. If they had a registry of National Monument Penii, his would be in the top ten. I haven’t seen every cock in the world but I’ve seen a few and a few of them were standing proud at full attention. I would take his over pretty much any I’ve known or as the main course and dessert, if I were lucky enough to be at a feast of more than one. I was going to refer to it as little JAY, but that is really inappropriate. Not only is it very long but seems thicker than my wrist. It works so well that sometimes when he hasn’t been particularly in the mood it will betray him and respond with vigor if I can get at it and tease and cajole ever so little.

He doesn’t necessarily come every time we play, but that is no big deal. The biggest fun is in the doing and it only becomes frustrating if nobody ever comes, which certainly isn’t the case. He didn’t come the night referred to just above, but we both had a very pleasurable evening all the same. Sometimes it is almost a shame if somebody comes right away, although that has its own charm as well. 

Jay’s cock like most, if not all, that I’ve had the pleasure to know is covered with incredibly smooth skin. It may be an acquired taste but there is something magical about the texture of a cock against the tongue and lips. I think many women would gain power if they developed that awareness, most men are a real sucker for being sucked; so if a woman actually learns to enjoy doing it she has a certain power at her disposal and all the pleasure to look forward to that she would want. 

Under that silken skin visible to the eye and apprehensible to the tactile senses of the fingertips and tongue are massive veins like small twisting branches. That really isn’t surprising as a lot of blood has to move in to make such a massive organ stand taut; and stand taut it does, until it seems almost like a branch of oak, a thick bar of steel or a length of baseball bat. Perhaps a baseball bat is the best analogy with the corona like the lip at the end of the handle. Often I like to put the whole thing into my mouth while it is at its smallest state. Sometimes I try to get a testicle or two at the same time but that isn’t easy even at his most relaxed. Once Jay begins to become aroused though – forget any attempt to include a ball. Indeed, soon enough it becomes almost impossible to even swallow the whole cock. The near impossibility doesn’t stop me from trying though. When my lips actually touch the pubic hair at the base of his belly, I feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that is worth any amount of gagging that it may cause. It is impossible to describe the feeling of that rigid yet soft and warm object way down my throat seemingly halfway to my belly. Knowing it feels good to him too only adds to my pleasure and satisfaction.

As great as it is to have my nose squashed into his belly and his pubic hair tickling my lips while the tip of his cock seems halfway to my asshole, I prefer it if he doesn’t come right then. If he does that’s okay and I can understand how it feels from his end with his cock so entirely swallowed and buried in my mouth and throat. However I barely get to experience his essence, his cum. I can tell he has climaxed by the pulsing and throbs; also he might make some sounds of climax and release. 

I would rather though that he pull back a bit so the end of his cock is in my mouth again so that I can taste his sperm and swirl it around in my mouth to enjoy the texture; or even far enough back if he has lots so some winds up on my face and I have to wipe it off with my fingers and lick them clean. Of course if any should wind up getting on him I have to lick him perfectly clean. It is the least that I can do to make sure that none of his sperm is left anywhere to make a mess and become sticky. I must say though I’m pretty good at getting it all into my mouth unless I want some elsewhere like on my face. 

How did I come to be here nude and on my knees and belly slurping one of the finest cocks in the land. It all began many years ago, indeed this special movie presentation was a few years ago now, itself. It all began, with Jay anyway, when he came on to a friend of mine at a bar one night. My pal usually doesn’t go in for that sort of action [although he did one morning with me after we had been drinking for days and hashing the whole idea out philosophically — but that’s a tale for another time]. I don’t know if he had ever done anything like that before, and doubt if he has since but we both had a good time that morning and our friendship was none the worse for it – perhaps a little better. even. Anyway my pal pointed out the guy who had put the moves on him. He didn’t get nasty with the guy but told him firmly that he wasn’t interested in that kind of action. Meanwhile I took a good look at the fellow and figured I should talk to him sometime. 

A couple of nights later I saw the same guy and went over to him and asked him if he was the one who had come onto my friend, because if he was he had picked the wrong guy. Since my buddy and I were about the same size and build with the only difference being that I’m a little better looking (LOL), I thought I would offer him an opportunity to correct his mistake. As this was before Willy Wooden Shoes decided that no one should buy beer after eleven PM we grabbed a few beers and went up to the fellow’s mother’s house to engage in some Roman-Greco Rasslin with an emphasis on oral genital takedowns or go downs. The lad was Jay and when he removed his pants it was adoration at first sight. I couldn’t get enough of that big beautiful cock. I still haven’t got enough of it though lord knows I’ve tried and tried. I hope to try more too. In fact not that long ago I tried a whole lot one night and made him cum in my mouth in the morning but I still want more. 

I’m not sure why I love sucking cock, especially Jay’s, so much. It’s not that I don’t like women. I can’t get enough of them either. Perhaps I’m the one that is actually normal and most people are just hung up and don’t even have that successful of relationships with the opposite sex either. Sometimes I feel that anyone who is rigidly gay or hetero has a problem. I fail to see who’s being hurt when I’m on my knees with a mouthful of cock, certainly not the person whose cock is being lavished with loving attention. If they were being hurt they wouldn’t have to stand there. I’m having way too much fun myself, but I don’t really think that is a bad thing. I feel it’s a private matter as long as every one involved is a consenting adult. Anyone else has to neither participate nor watch. 


We managed to get together a time or two more; once spending the night in the back of my truck which was set up for camping. We had some enjoyable times but when we had parties nobody came. Then I left town for two or three years and went to the coast. Although he had grown up around here he had just come back from the coast himself shortly before we met. As a result of leaving I didn’t see him for however long I was gone. When I got back around here though we ran into each other one evening soon after my return. He invited me over to his new digs where he had the whole place to himself and I was more than happy to accept the invitation. 

Shortly after we arrived and opened a beer he allowed me to strip and crawl across the room and kneel in front of his chair. With trembling fingers I undid his fly and freed his cock from its confines. I wanted to look at it and lick it and kiss it and swallow it all at the same time. It was like seeing a good friend after a long absence. Eventually we went to bed and I fell asleep curled up between his legs with his cock in my mouth like a baby with his bottle. When I awoke in the night I would give his cock a kiss or lick it back to an erection and drift back to sleep with a hand cupping his balls and my tongue or lips on that exquisite silky manroot. As it grew light I came awake and got back to serious work. I was determined that JAY was going to cum in my mouth before I walked out the door if I had to suck for a week. I couldn’t think of anything better that I had to do that week. 

He would grow hard from totally soft and small and then start to really wake up and decide he wanted to sleep some more and turn over, thus depriving me of my reason to be alive.

I went out to the kitchen and started a pot of coffee and returned to the bedroom to harass him with my tender and erotic attentions. If I found him on his stomach I would lick the underside of his balls and up the crack of his ass until he couldn’t help but start to squirm and then his powerful member almost as if it had its own will would escape from under him like it was spring loaded by the power of his erection. Then my tongue would lave the tip or the underside of his cock; whatever part of his cock that was accessible would get the full attention of my lips, tongue and fingers.

Every now and then I would go out to the other room and give him a breather. I would have a cup of coffee and a smoke and reaffirm my pledge to complete the joyful task that I had undertaken. I was naked my self and in a state of total excitement. Sometimes my own cock was practically vibrating from sexual tension. Eventually I would return to the bedroom and continue my siege by liking or sucking any sensitive part of his that was within my reach. 

If he was on his stomach my tongue would probe his anal regions, licking the length of his crack or probing the puckered little hole through which he passed his shit. Sometimes his position was more conducive to gently taking each ball individually into my mouth one after the other. Then the beautiful thing would appear from one side or the other so I could lick it bigger so that he couldn’t lay on top of it if he wanted to. At times his cock would be hard and pressed flat against the bed in between and parallel to his legs which couldn’t close because that big cock was in the way. That was my cue to begin at the underside of the tip and slowly and tantalizingly lick up the length to the scrotal sac and then on up his ass to tenderly probe his asshole before returning, licking all the same parts in reverse order. 

At times it seemed as if he would never get up, but that was fine with I was willing to keep licking and sucking him all day or all week. The only thing that would have wrecked my day would have been for him to get up, get dressed and leave. As long as he was lying around relaxed and naked I was going to be in bliss. 

Eventually though he did get up, but not to get dressed and go away. He came on out to the kitchen/dining area either nude or perhaps with a loose robe. I can’t remember for sure, but I could still serve him, in fact I could serve him even better in the new situation. I served him a cup of coffee and went to my knees in front of his chair and begged for some of his cream for my coffee. I remembered a trick that a girl had done to me once and filled my mouth with hot coffee. Then I let it cool enough so it wouldn’t burn his sensitive parts and then took as much of him into my warm mouthful of coffee as I possibly could. I guess he liked it because in a short time his cock began pulsing and spurted gob after gob of thick creamy cum into my hungry mouth. I clamped my lips to his cock as if my life depended on that moist and warm connection. I sucked like a starving calf until I was sure I had every last drop of his precious sperm and his cock had shrunk to its smallest state. I’ve always thought of that as the morning Jay personally put the cream in my coffee while my coffee was already in my mouth. 

Since that magical morning it has never been too hard to make Jay climax. Sometimes it takes a while and a lot of effort, but it is truly a labor of love. Other times he’s almost too horny and my efforts are rewarded with my serving of sperm so soon that I’m almost disappointed at not having, or getting to suck longer. Of course if he is really horny, then maybe after a smoke, it’s back to work for yours truly – the slut (as he often, much to my pleasure, calls me).


I didn’t see Jay very much for quite awhile after that morning. Part of the time I was away working and I had just spent a winter living with a woman whose attitude to cocksucking was very similiar to mine. The first night, after meeting her earlier in the evening, I awoke on a couch to the pleasant sensation of a moist warmth enveloping my cock. When I awoke enough to realize where I was and that she was vigorously going down on me, I suggested we adjourn to another room and get down to things. 

Sometime the next day after a night of very little sleep we went to her house where we pleased each other in every way we could think of for about three days. I wound up staying with her for the whole winter until it was time to return to the coast to work. By this time it had become apparent that in spite of our compatibility sexually we weren’t made to be together on a lifetime or daily basis. We are still friends though and I would be happy to spend some quality time in bed with her, but she would like to find Mr. Right to be her everything all at the same time. As a result she winds up with some real Mr. Wrongs, which is really too bad; but I digress. 

By mid-summer I had returned from the coast and was more or less holidaying. I was traveling and camping out of my truck and spending a lot time in the water swimming and kayaking. Downtown one afternoon I ran into Jay who was somewhat intoxicated and looking for a ride home. He invited me over to meet his room mate and to stay for dinner and the night if I wanted. His room mate proved to be a beautiful young native lad with long black hair and as I would eventually discover incredibly smooth, buttery, golden skin. 

After learning Robby (the roomie) played a bit of guitar I brought in my instruments and we played some tunes and had a few beers. Eventually we were all nude and they were both sitting with their legs spread on the couch and I was on my knees crawling from one to the other trying [and being successful] to insure that each of their cocks became and remained hard. 

The only word to describe Robby accurately, is “beautiful.” With his slim, but not skinny, build, burnished golden skin and flowing black hair, he was the male equivalent of a beautiful Indian maiden. There was nothing maidenlike about his cock though. His wasn’t as huge as Jay’s, but he was still much more than adequately endowed. I spent much of the night virtually in heaven, doing my very best to please close to a foot and a half of cock. I would reach over and gently caress one with my hand while my lips and tongue did their utmost to please the one in my mouth. 

All good things must come to an end though and eventually we all slept. In the morning I coaxed a healthy shot of cum from Jay, who had retreated to his bedroom to sleep, and then had a shower and went back to the lake to kayak. My only regret that afternoon was that I hadn’t brought Robby with me kayaking, so we could have spent some time on a secluded beach. Of course there I could have caressed that velvety skin and sucked his young hard cock in the warm sun. 

Chapter IV 

Even though Jay and I have had a physical relationship now for longer than perhaps most marriages, we never laid any kind of possessive or expectation laden trip on each other. We have always just had our own lives, but are friends and spend time together when it suits us both. I wasn’t offended or hurt when he lived with the beautiful young native in a carnal relationship, indeed, I was a beneficiary in that I too had the pleasure of being with his sweetie also. In fact we’ve often had wonderful times that included more than the two of us. 

I had a lover of the female variety who not only had a body that was the definition of the female form-extremely large yet shapely breasts with a tiny waist and legs to die for; but also an attitude that totally accepted, no, more like admired my proclivities regarding boys. That may have been because since, though she certainly was into sex with men, she also liked women and therefore could understand my bisexual nature. Anyway she also knew and liked Jay on a personal level and was quite into the idea of a threesome. For me a threesome is special however you slice it. I love to be with two men, a man and a woman or two women. They all have their special charm to me. Anyway one night we three decided we wanted to get together so we went to Jay’s place and proceeded to disrobe and play. At one point her and I were taking turns sucking his magnificent member. As I sucked, she would cup his testicles in her hand or lean over and let one of her nipples rub his lips until he would be sucking also. Then it would be her turn to suck and I would lick his balls while she ran her lips up and down as much of his length as she could handle. JAY had never had much to do with women but with her and I both helping in any way we could he filled her cunt with that cock of the gods while I licked them both from below as they fucked doggy style. 

On another occasion her and I both woke up at his place, after another evening of intimate play and found there was yet a fourth, a native who woke up to her playing with his cock and trying to put it inside of herself. She didn’t realize that he hadn’t really been with women and wasn’t sure if he wanted to be. But I woke to see her on top of him and having sex, which was a beautiful sight. Her beautiful shapely white body,straddling his darkness was the stuff of erotic fantasy. Then I looked over my shoulder to see Jay on his back with his cock standing at full attention. Of course I had to interrupt my viewing pleasure for the cock of Jay was calling so my duty was clear. I was able eventually position myself in such a way that I could both give Jay’s cock the attention it deserved yet watch the M/F action at the same time.

After a while she grew tired of trying to screw a guy who wasn’t sure he wanted to, and left, with the other fellow still horny. I felt that I now had even more responsibility and more duties to perform. After all she was my girlfriend and she got him all stimulated. I kissed Jay’s cock and told it and him I would be right back and went over to relieve the other cock. Actually I went back and forth from one cock to the other a number of times trying to keep both of them horny and hard. I did a pretty good job, I think, and eventually the cock my girl had got going spurted its load of cum into my mouth. He then left and left Jay and I to our own devices and I could once again devote my full attention the cock I love so much, and I loved it so much that it finally filled my mouth with the reward of sperm that I had been sucking so hard to get. 

These were nice times, and only because Jay’s attitude is what it is could times like these happen. It is that attitude too that makes me like Jay as much as I do. I could like him just for his beautiful, big cock, (and I do) but that beauty is attached to a beautiful guy and that makes it ever so much more special to know him and have the privilege to share intimate moments with him.

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