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Janie’s Goodbye Gift

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“So, what’s with the hair?” Traci asked, a concerned look on her face. She had just noticed my bright pink locks.

“I’m taking that job in Alaska. It’s to celebrate my decision.”


“I’m just too young to be stuck in this office, Traci,” I whined.

“Janie, this is a good job.” I hated it when she got that motherly tone with me. True she was twelve years older than me, but she didn’t need to be so condescending.

I sighed, “I know but it’s not the field I want to be in. I went to school for Marine Biology, not Medical Bureaucracy. Besides, it’s a great opportunity to travel the Alaskan wilderness.”

“What about your car, your apartment, and your boyfriend? What does HE think about all this?”

“Well…he’s dealing. The position goes for seven months, so he’s not happy.”

She chuckled, “I bet. No sex for seven months; I wouldn’t be happy either.”

“We’re going to do the ‘open relationship’ while I’m gone. I told him he must be crazy if he thinks I’m going seven months without nookie.”

Traci’s eyes widened. “Just be careful. The ratio of men to women up there is like ten to one.”

“I’ve heard,” I said with a mischievous smile.

It was going to be difficult to say goodbye to Traci. She had been such a huge help and great friend since I’d been living in San Diego. And she didn’t look 36. She was short and had a juvenile face. I think she barely stood 5′. Her hair was long and curly, almost touching her cute little bubble butt. My only issue with her appearance was that she wore entirely too much make-up. However, most of the women in San Diego wear too much of everything. Traci looked good today though: big earrings, hair slicked into a tight ponytail cascading down her back, tight little scrubs.

“Well, before you leave us here to meet some hot fishermen, come over for dinner Friday night?” she asked with a gorgeous smile. How could I say no?

“Should I bring Greg?”

“If he won’t get mad at Max hitting on you all night,” she giggled.

Max was Traci’s third husband. He was tall, muscular, shaved head, motorcycle-type, with a goatee. But he had kind blue eyes and adorable dimples. Max was only a few years older than me, and we always joked about their age difference. Max was loud and had no inhibitions. Once he got to know me, the sexual innuendo quickly followed. He made it obvious that he loved my 38D tits. His jokes were harmless though, and neither Traci nor I minded.

“Actually, I think Greg has to go into work early that night.” Greg worked the grave-yard shift.

“Ok, so just bring yourself,” Traci smiled broadly. I had a feeling she was up to something.

The week went by quickly, mostly because I was interviewing so many candidates to replace me. Apparently, a whole bunch of people wanted my job.

I was easily distracted though, as thoughts of Traci and Max would pop into my head frequently. I had socialized with them plenty of times in the past: holiday parties, before and after carpooling, I dog-sat for them a few times, etc. I had always felt electricity in the air when all three of us were alone. But when it was just Traci and I, those feelings were not as intense. What confused me about Max’s behavior was that Traci never seemed jealous or disapproving. She would just laugh and wink at me.

Friday night rolled around and I found myself really primping in the mirror. I did my make-up seductively, wore a casual but sexy black cotton dress that showed ample cleavage, and even matched my undergarments. I put my hair into a French twist with a pretty black barrette; it looked very modern with the outrageous pink color of my locks.

“Out on a hot date without me, huh?” Greg teased. He kissed me lightly on the cheek before leaving for work.

As I finished getting ready, my pussy started to ache. Damn, I should have fucked Greg before he left. I tried to ignore the pulsing between my legs. What had gotten into me? Finally at the point of frustration, I lifted my dress over my waist and worked two fingers under my sheer black G-string panties. My pussy was positively sopping and I wondered if I should change my underwear before heading over to Traci’s for dinner. I tasted myself quickly before moving my fingertips back to my clit. My little bud was already engorged and it took but a few strokes to bring myself off. I did not feel completely satisfied, but I didn’t want to keep Traci and Max waiting. My heart fluttered when I realized it was the thought of the two of them that had made me orgasm so quickly.

As I approached their house, I found myself getting slightly nervous. Would I be over-dressed? What if Traci got annoyed at my low-cut dress? How could I explain the spot on my dress if my pussy didn’t stop leaking juice?

I licked my lips before I rang the doorbell; however, my finger barely touched the button when the door swung open. Traci smiled up at me beneath an explosion of thick tendrils of hair. Her up-do and make-up looked lovely. She was wearing a diamond necklace and matching earrings. A red sweater-dress barely covered her ass, and knee-high black boots showed off her tan legs. I couldn’t stop staring at her delectable bubble butt.

“Wow, Honey, your hair looks great!” she gushed. We exchanged a few compliments before I noticed Max standing in the entry-way to the kitchen.

“Just so you know, I cooked this whole meal by myself,” Max laughed. “While she gets her hair and nails done, I am slaving away in the kitchen!”

“It smells nice,” I commented.

“Wait until you taste it, Janie, it will just melt in your sweet mouth.” I just blushed at his words. Traci winked at me in her usual way.

I looked around the house for Caitlin, Traci’s 11-year old daughter from her first marriage. They explained that she was spending the night at her father’s place in Carlsbad. My stomach did a little flop when I realized the three of us were truly alone for the evening.

Dinner was excellent. Max served us first and I couldn’t help but notice he leaned over me longer than necessary to serve my food. My pussy was so wet at the thought of this married couple ogling me. The electricity was in the air again.

I went to take my first bite, when Max asked me if he could feed it to me.

“Wha…?” I asked slightly confused, my eyebrows rose.

“The first bite is my favorite part, I like to study the expression on the person’s face,” he explained.

Max seemed so excited about it, and Traci just nodded at me, “He’s crazy but he is a cooking genius.” So, I agreed.

Max kneeled before me, put one hand on my knee, and with the other hand gathered up a perfect portion of shrimp, potato, and scallion onto my fork. He looked straight into my eyes as I opened my mouth for him. There was an explosion of flavor against my tongue. I closed me eyes and hummed in appreciation. When I opened my eyes, Max was looking at me as if he wanted to kiss me. I wanted him to; it was the closest thing to orgasm my body had experienced in a non-sexual situation.

“…um, it’s absolutely perfect,” I stuttered. I could feel Traci’s eyes on us.

“It looked even better being eaten by such a gorgeous mouth. I’d never thought I’d be jealous of one of my own creations,” he admitted.

I giggled. Traci poured the wine and we continued our evening. Sexual banter was passed back and forth. I shifted in my seat, fearing a wet spot on my dress would be obvious. Traci ate very slowly and seductively. For instance, she stroked the neck of her wine glass as if it were a cock. She licked her fingers a lot.

There were candles lit and soft jazz playing in the background. I couldn’t help but wonder if they were seducing me.

“Now, you’re welcome to use my nice napkins on your fingers, but if you spill anything on your chest, I get to clean it off,” Max joked.

I laughed along with Traci. But when dessert came, cheesecake with raspberry sauce, that’s exactly what happened. One drop of the maroon-colored sauce landed on my right breast, near my cleavage valley. In an instant, Max was by my side. He looked at me as if to ask permission, but when I said nothing, he lowered his index finger to my bosom and wiped the mess up. Then he offered his raspberry-coated finger to me to suck clean. I glanced over at Traci who was smiling sweetly but her chest was heaving as she breathed.

I took his thick finger into my mouth and swirled my tongue around it. He watched me intently. I sucked gently on his finger and closed my eyes. Without a word he lowered his face to my cleavage and licked the sticky spot that was left on my upper-tit.

Things moved quickly after that. I felt Max scoop me up and lay me on the table. He scattered flat wear and plates to make room for me. His face stayed close to my chest and he breathed heavily. Traci was by his side loosening his white shirt. My dress was pushed up to my waist and both Traci and Max smiled when they saw my black panties were soaking wet. My tan breasts were hiked up over my bra by Max, and he sucked greedily.

It all moved so fast; they were like animals on me. Traci unbuttoned Max’s fly and kneeled in front of him, removing his large member. She sucked on him like a starved woman hungry for meat. Max moved his hands all over my body, stopping at my mound. He cupped it; then stretched the panty fabric to the side, exposing my pink folds. Traci was very interested in viewing my nakedness; she quickly stood and placed her perfectly manicured fingertips on my womanhood. Both of their hands massaged my pubic region.

I felt very much like a piece of meat at a lion feeding-frenzy. Traci pinched my clit lightly, making me gasp. Max finally slotted a finger up my hole while he continued to ravish my tits. I groaned loudly as his finger entered me. I was so wet, there was no resistance.

Max righted himself and placed my legs over his large shoulders. He tugged my body close to the edge of the table and moved his body forward. Traci continued to work my pussy lips, but then held them open as Max leaned forward into me. He entered me with one thrust.

“Yeah, fuck her Baby.”

“Oh, what a sweet cunt she has.”

I loved how they talked to each other as if I wasn’t there. I loved Max’s large dick inside me as well! He used smooth, sure strokes. His large hands grasped my legs behind my knees.

“Is she nice and tight?”


I just moaned as Max worked me deeper. Then I felt Traci’s tongue slide over my stomach, between my breasts, and to each puckered nipple. Her little tongue felt delicious and gave me goose bumps. She licked me like how a kitten laps milk. She moved back down my body and stopped at my pubic hair.

I almost came when I realized what she was about to do. With her thumb and index finger she spread my upper lips apart totally exposing my erect clit. Traci stuck out her tongue and made contact. She lapped slowly, teasingly, until I wailed for her to suck my clit.

Traci sucked my swollen nub into her mouth and placed it between her tongue and upper teeth. She gradually sucked harder until my head was thrashing from side to side. Max had slowed his pace to allow Traci unlimited access to my clit. And she sucked it good. Max barely held the head of his dick inside me.

“How does she taste?”


Hearing them comment about me in such a way put me over the edge. I frantically grabbed Traci’s curls and pushed her head into my crotch, humping hard against her face. Max had pulled out but was fascinated by the display in front of him. I squealed and shook, my breasts rocking around on my chest.

“Suck me, suck me!” I chanted before exploding all over Traci’s mouth. She sucked most of my fluid right up, and when she came up for air, her lips were coated in cream. With sheer lust in her dark eyes, she climbed up onto the table on top of me and kissed me deeply. I tasted my juices on her lips and we kissed passionately. Her tongue worked its way into my mouth and I slurped on it.

Max was impatient so he eased his prick back inside me. I moaned into Traci’s mouth. Max pushed Traci’s dress above her waist and admired her tanned round butt. She wasn’t wearing any panties so he worked a digit into her excited cunt. She was sopping wet. He pulled out of me, stood on his tip-toes, and pushed his cock into her hungry twat. She sighed into my mouth.

The two of us were content to make out while Max alternated between fucking our pussies. When he entered his wife again, I ground my clit up into hers, hoping she would come. It worked. Traci ground her clit in little circles against my own and then started biting my lower lip. She held her breath for a second and when she got her voice back it was a continuous wail of delight.

After her orgasm subsided and she was sane enough to stand, Traci climbed off me and removed all of her clothes except her sexy boots. Her body was amazing. She was very tan, no bikini lines, and had a small red rose tattoo on her lower back. Her ass was big, perfect and round. She shaved her muff into a strip like mine but her pubes had a hint of red, just like the curls on her head. Her breasts were small and sagged ever-so-slightly, but the nipples were puffy and pointed straight out. She also helped Max undress fully, and I was impressed with his muscular physique. His arms were covered in sleeves of tattoos, a combination of military and biker themes.

I tried to sit up but Max held me down, pulled up a chair, and sat down in front of me.

“I’m going for seconds,” he chuckled and lowered his face to my pussy. He ate me with long slow strokes of his tongue, really savoring my flavor.

“MMM, the sweetest dessert…” he said between licks. The more he licked the messier I got until I soaked a spot on the red tablecloth. I begged for him to suck on my clit but he made me wait. I was dizzy with lust and only half-aware that Traci had disappeared.

“Sit on me,” Max demanded. I stood up and straddled his lap, lowering my gaping wet sex onto his manhood. He entered me to the hilt and I yelped when he hit the back of my pussy. I started bouncing on top of him, my breasts dangling in his face.

His cock was amazing. It was extremely thick but what really impressed me was the size of his cockhead. I could actually feel the curve of the head move inside me. His balls slapped against my little asshole. He held my ass and started to fuck me hard, pulling my body down with each thrust.

Just when I thought he would fuck me into oblivion, Max stood and carried me, still wrapped around his waist, into the bedroom.

“I think my wife has a few surprises for you in here.”

He plopped me down on their king-sized bed and stroked himself as Traci took me by the hand.

“I want to use something on you, but I want to ask permission first,” she admitted. She produced a large double-ended dildo from her night stand drawer. My eyes widened as she showed me the 18″ pink shaft. I smiled at her in awe and nodded with excitement.

“Bend over then.”

I complied and waited to be filled up. Sure enough the smooth toy sank inside me, a bit cold, but still firm and lovely. Traci worked it in and out of my hole expertly, spitting on the shaft and cooing at me. I arched my back and pleaded for her to push it in deeper. She did and my eyes rolled into the back of my head.

Max moved to the side of the bed and offered me his cock to suck. It tasted salty and tangy, like my pussy. I sucked him deep into my throat and milked the base with my hand. He groaned and watched me swallow his length.

Traci moved so that we were both in doggie-style position, asses touching, and eased her end of the dildo into herself. We pushed back into each other, squealing and moaning. Max moved so he could see the connection. The toy was equally stuffed up our holes, with only about 2 inches of it exposed bewteen us.

Max grabbed the exposed section of the toy and humped it back and forth between us. We went wild. Both of us were stroking our clits and our legs were entwined. Amazingly, we fit most of that double-ended dildo up our pussies. Our asses touched every so often, and Max had a fun time rubbing our thick butts and smacking them lightly. He started talking dirty to us, calling us sluts and telling us to come on the big plastic toy.

“Oh, I’m gonna come!” Traci shrieked. I too was on the edge.

“Come with me!”

“Oh, yeah!”

“Oh, God!”

Then wave after wave shook through us. I humped back into her as hard as I could, and I felt that toy damn near touch my stomach. Traci’s juices flooded out and drenched my feet. What a squirter! I saw a bright light behind my clenched eyes, and gasped for air. My cunt felt like it was on fire! We rode out the climax for another 30 seconds before collapsing in a heap on the huge wet spot Traci had created.

When I gathered my senses, I glanced over at Max, who was frantically jacking off, a look of pure lust on his face. I motioned to Traci to move over with me, and we crouched beneath him. Our tongues darted out at him like a couple of sexy snakes until he announced he was about to pop.

“Oh fuck!” he groaned. He jacked his cock right into our faces and unloaded the biggest mass of cum I have ever seen in one setting. Three huge ribbons pumped against my chin, cheek, and open mouth. Traci then caught two white spurts in her mouth and across her nose. We Frenched each other around his cockhead and licked cum from each others’ lips. Max convulsed with pleasure and watched in amazement as we cleaned him up. I swallowed a mouthful, but Traci spit her mouthful back into my mouth so that I had the belly full o’ semen.

All three of us sighed and collapsed on the bed, giddy, and exhausted. I spent the night curled between Traci and Max, and we fucked throughout the night between fits of sleep. I woke and showered quickly before sneaking home to my own bed before Greg’s shift ended.

He couldn’t figure out why I was so tired the next day.

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