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Jamaican Vacation

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This trip was to be our honeymoon since we were still in school when we were married two years ago. Probably the getting away for just a week was a honeymoon enough.

When people asks us about our honey room we smile and say, we had it two years before we were married living together.

Flying out of Miami over the beautiful blue waters on Air Jamaica I began to relax.

I was so looking forward to spa treatments, sunning and swimming the warm waters of the Caribbean. My husband was looking forward to golfing and not the spa.

We were soon in our room, mid-afternoon looking at the sea, and listening to the waves crashing on the beautiful white sandy beach.

My husband was standing behind me. His hands drifted to my boobs that were encased in a flowered bikini top. The nipples soon hardened as well as his cock.

We ended up in bed enjoying our first away from home love making. He was on top of me and I said, “Roll us over, I want to look you in the eyes and enjoy being stuffed with a cock with no schedule calling us to do something else.”

We just soft lip kissed and talked about how much we needed the vacation from the hectic pace we were living.

Jack was 24 and I was 22. We met in college at a frat party and never did date anyone after that. The answer is ‘No” for those of you wondering if he was my first. Between high school and first year of college, I had one every time I needed one.

When we had disconnected after his cock softened, I mentioned I was going to the pool, lounge a little, and get started on my sunning.

When I arrived at poolside there was an open lounge in the sun area and two ladies were sunning topless in the adjacent lounges. They had perfect breasts, those kind that guys would kill for to get their hands and mouth on.

They appeared asleep so I tried to be quite as I made myself comfortable and into one of the zines, I had brought along.

About thirty minutes into the sunning, the lady on my right woke up, saw me there and said, “Hi I’m Heather. I did not hear you place yourself. No need to be so quite. Are you here for vacation or a honeymoon?”

I replied, “Delayed honeymoon combination vacation and honeymoon.”

“I see. Well it is a lovely spot. My sister Jill next to you there and I come here three to four times a year. By the way what is your name?”

“I’m sorry it is Tanya.”

“Well Tanya, we have been coming here for eight years. If you have any questions we can probably answer them better than the staff with their turn over.”

“Thanks Heather, I will keep that in mind.”

“Be sure to use the spa and massage services. It will rejuvenate you so that you think you are 18 again after a session.”

Looking at Heather and figuring she was late twenties, I was wondering what she did to be so exhausted to be rejuvenated so often.

We talked in generalities.

In the meantime, her sister woke up, I was introduced and heard, “Well hon, time for our rejuvenation session at the spa. I hope we can chat more during your stay.”

“May I walk with you to the spa to become oriented with what it offers?”

“Oh by all means come along, you are most welcome. Your husband must love to show you off to people as gorgeous looking as you are.”

“To be honest we have not had the free time. By the way are you and Jill married, Heather?”

“Yes we are Tanya, we married brothers. They have a construction company and are always busy either building or bidding jobs.”

“Here we are at the spa which in our opinion is the best on the planet. Let me introduce you to Sharon and we will be on our way and hope we can chat again.”

“Thanks and see you later.”

I heard, “Sharon be sure to show her the special package offer also.”

Sharon showed me all the different packages available.

Then she showed me pictures of the masseuses that were available. There most have been 75 or more, both male and female, both black and white. She then reached under the counter and brought out another book.

She handed me a piece of paper with typing on it and asked me to read it and then make a decision.

I took it and it read, “What is available for viewing is for mature adults that are not offended by nudity. By signing this document, you agree that you are not offended by such adult material and will not take action that might embarrass the staff or management. You are acknowledging that you are doing this feely with no pressure from any employee of this organization.”

My eyes were wide open reading it. Sharon had a pen in her hand, smiling as she handed it to me.

I took the pen, signed the document, and handed both to her. She handed me the book and said, “Tanya over there is a private room for you to view this. Lock the door. It will say occupied on the outside like the one there now. In the room are tissues and panty liners. Please take your time today. There is no rush to go through the entire book in one visit. Stop by and look often. The pictures you will be looking at will be masseuses that are willing to give you a massage with them being naked at that time.”

By then I was already wet in anticipation of what I might see. Sharon smiled as I took the book and headed for one of the five available rooms to view the book.

I locked the door. I opened the front hard cover of the book after sitting down in a comfortable leather chair and saw, “Dear guests. This book is divided for your convenience. The first group is white guys listed from oldest to youngest, the second part is white ladies listed from oldest to youngest, the third part is black ladies listed oldest to youngest and the fourth is black males listed from oldest to youngest. Just remember the older have more experience in providing you with the ultimate pleasure you are seeking. Enjoy your stay and hope you come often.”

My heart was palpitating and I was leaking. Next to the chair was a stack of folded towels with a sign, “For you convenience.”

I opened the book and my heart skipped several beats and then I was getting warm looking at a guy maybe 45 with an erection that looked like a miniature Eiffel Tower. I took my time flipping from him to the others. I felt myself soaking my bikini and the chair was getting wet. I then took my bikini bottom off, placed a towel down, took a tissue and patted myself then went flipping through the book fast. There were so many hot looking white guys as well as ladies both black and white. When I reached the black males, my heart was beating faster and my mouth was dry. I noticed bottled water with a sign, “Help Yourself.”

I was taking my time looking at the pictures. My nipples were so hard and my pussy was craving for what I was looking at. I began to masturbate as I was flipping pages. I would cool a little then heat up, depending on the guy and his equipment. Then I came to one that made me freeze. He was a black god in all aspects of his physique. My mind focused on him fucking me. I closed my eyes and continued picturing him as I brought myself to an orgasm.

I was panting hard and in shock at how hard I had cum with him in my brain. I never in my life up to that point thought much about a black guy doing me. I closed my eyes and tried to clear him out of it but it would not work. Oh god, was I going to have him in my brain the entire week knowing he was so close? All I needed to do was make an appointment for his hands to touch me.

As I flipped over the other pages to clear him from my brain, I saw others that had similar affects. Therefore, my mind was running in circles.

I decided I should leave, get calmed down, and then look more the next day. I put my bikini back on after patting myself dry. Placed things where the signs suggested and returned to the counter to return the book. Sharon smiled and asked, “Shall I arrange an appointment with your choice or do you need additional time?”

“I will need more time Sharon. I have only a week so need to study a little harder.”

“I understand. If you have questions about any one in the book I can give you comments I have heard but also some of my personal experience with some of the ladies and guys.”

I was blushing and said, “Thanks I might do that and see you later.”

I rushed off before my fresh leakage started to show.

When I returned to the room, Jack was dozing. While I showered, I fingered myself to another cum picturing all those hot looking black guys doing me in every position I had ever seen in porn.

When I came out of the shower, Jack was awake and I asked what where the plans for dinner.

“Well I do not know about dinner but I think I will have you for dessert.”

I managed to smile and said, “I suppose you will be my dessert then.”

We decided to go to the buffet and then walk the beach afterwards

I started to do something that shocked even me. I looked at the crotches of the male employees in their white, mid-thigh shorts and wondered if I saw them in the book.

It was dark by the time we walked the beach. It was beginning to feel like a honeymoon except for the flashes of black cock in my brain from time to time. Occasionally there was a well-endowed white guy from time to time that flashed also.

When we returned to the room, my hands were all over Jack and I said, “I’m ready for my dessert.”

He looked at me and said, “This sea air sure has you horny. Maybe we should relocate.”

“Do you like me this way?”

“Yes, but I would like it even better if you would let me cum in your mouth instead of wasting my jizz on your tits.”

“Maybe someday I will get comfortable to do it. Now it is revolting to me knowing that pee comes from the same place.”

“Come on let’s have dessert.”

I fell asleep ashamed because the cum was the best in a long time. The black cock in my brain was fucking me.

Jack decided to go golfing and I went to sun but stopped by the spa to look at the book. A girl by the name of Ginger was working the desk. She handed me the book after the preliminary paper work. After an hour, I decided I would try Jerome, the guy that has been in my brain a lot from the day before. When I returned the book and requested a massage from Jerome. She looked up the schedule and then gave me the options. She also said, “Tanya, he gives awesome massages.”

Just then Heather appeared and said, “Good morning Tanya. Here to make an appointment or just looking still?”

“Good morning Heather. I thought I’d make an appointment with Jerome.”

“Take the book again and let’s look at it together. I can point out better.”

As we entered the room and locked the door Heather said, “Jerome is hot to look at but his performance is not that good. Let’s sit down, go through them, and make a list if you have the time.”

“Sure Heather, I appreciate you guiding me.”

“Well I know where my favorites are so we will list them and then you go through and ask me about others if there are some that I missed.”

She started with the white guys, through the white and black girls and then the black guys.

I was surprised her interest and mine were similar. Since my interest was black, I looked through that part and found three more that I asked about. Heather said, “Tanya they will not disappoint you if you feel you and them have some chemistry. The chemistry of feeling free with them was not there when they massaged me.”

“So now develop a list from 1st choice to last. Since this your first time, and if you can find the time, take one from each of the four groups so you can go home experiencing them all and not be sitting at home wondering.”

“Heather why have you not selected any from the group that does not do massages in the nude?”

“Well hon, I feel if I am naked they can be also. Just that simple so I don’t bother.”

“Thanks, good point.”

“Oh by the way Tanya, both my sister and I give great massages and it will be free. We do it all the time at home. Having so many here we learned the technique. Drop by if interested. Here is my room number.”

I made the list, Heather agreed a nice selection from each group and before departing the room she embraced me and gave me a cheek kiss, then saying, “I hope you give me the pleasure of showing you my skills before you leave the island Tanya. Oh by the way take, a two hour session for ultimate relaxation, Tanya.”

We returned the book and I made an appointment with Charles for 10:30 AM. Jack would not be back until 2PM or later so it would be fine.

I returned at 10:20 AM for my appointment. Ginger took me to a room and said, “Place your personal things in the locker, and put on the robe that is in there. Then lock it and place the key on your wrist or ankles so it is not lost. It is best if you potty before the session then there are no interruptions and the session will flow so much smoother. When you are all set, push this button to let Charles know you are ready; have fun and enjoy.”

I did as Ginger suggested and was looking at all the different lotions, standing in a mid-thigh length, pink terry cloth robe when Charles knocked and entered. He was hot in his white muscle shirt, white shorts fitting tightly to his frame and making sure his cock was evident along with knee length white socks and sandals.

He smiled and those perfect white teeth made him look so appealing. Charles was more to the dark brown color than black, with short curly hair, standing at 6 foot, give or take a tad, and maybe 185 pounds at most, with not an ounce of fat; just pure muscle at looking 30 plus in age.

He asked my preference for what he should use, showing me powder, scented oils, and scented creams.

I suggested he make the choice since this would be my first ever massage. He suggested the scented oil mentioning it would shower off with less lingering scent, followed with cream then powder.

I heard, “Tanya for you comfort and to be at ease, place this virtual head mounted display on. You will be able to see everything I am doing if that is your desire.” I did as he suggested.

He then took a sheet and said, “Take your robe off while I hold this sheet up, lie stomach down with your face comfortable on the head rest. I will cover you then.” Again I did as he suggested and was shocked to see me doing as he suggested in the head set he provided. It had to be a camera mounted somewhere to capture the room and transmit it to the head mounted device. It was as if I was watching Charles going to massage someone other than myself. It was weird.

He covered me and then said, “I am going to cover you with wet hot packs. They will relax your muscles. I will the strip per your request.” He loaded me down with those wet hot packs. If someone would have shouted fire, I would not have been able to move. My body was wilting from the moisture and heat.

I watched him strip and my pussy twitched at seeing a soft cock twice as long as Jack’s when he is erect.

Charles removed a little section of the table so my feet were off the table now and my toes pointed to the floor.

He removed the hot pack off my left leg, lifted the sheet, squeezed oil from my knee to my foot, spread it all over and my skin warmed again as if the pack was there.

He started at my toes, massaged every one of them, my foot, ankle, and back and front of my calf.

He repeated that for the right leg.

He then removed the hot pack from me right thigh, oiled it and massaged back and front. I had closed my eyes and was drifting somewhere so pleasant from the oil warmth, his hands, and fingers working and digging.

He then moved to the left side to do the same.

He then did my fingers, arms, shoulders, and back. All that remained covered with a hot pack was my butt. I was warm all over. I was so relaxed that drool was falling to the towel on the floor from my mouth. When he was at my shoulders and neck, I was in a state of constant moans.

He returned to the foot of the table, removed some sections, so he could stand between my legs but they remained supported. He removed the hot pack from my butt cheeks, spread oil and quickly spread it over the cheeks so they returned to that warm state.

I was now uncovered but yet toasty. I heard some soft music coming from somewhere. It sounded classical.

As he massaged my cheeks, one thumb worked closer to my butt crack and then into it. When he was near my anal opening, he avoided it. The state I was in I wanted him to massage it. Never before in my life would I have desired a finger to touch me. Here I was with a black stranger and I wanted to feel the sensation. As he moved lower to the inside my thighs, his thumbs where getting closer to my pussy opening. I wanted him to thrust them in. I was in need of something in me.

He then stopped and walked to the head and whispered, I am going to help you roll onto your back Tanya so I can do your front.

I was socked he covered my tits with a strip of cloth and covered my bare mound with a piece of cloth. He dribbled oil all over me and spread it quickly to keep me in the warm cocoon he had me in.

As he massaged my front, he started at the top of my mound. I looked into the viewer to see which direction his hands might move. I was hoping he would massage the mound and then maybe do more with his fingers.

His hands moved in the opposite direction. As he was massaging my abdomen, I glanced from his hands to his cock in the viewer.

I was in a stupor not being able to get myself more conscious but noticed his cock was slowly rising. I focused on it. As his hands moved upwards, I knew they were headed to the breast. He went under the strip of cloth, massaged them, and squeezed them but he never touched a nipple. By now, I wanted him to eat me and to fuck me.

He moved his body so that he was now at my head, massaging my breast from that position. I could see the black steel pole in the viewer, so hard and erect and I knew it was so close.

He slid his hands from under the cloth cover that was over my breast and removed the viewer. As he was doing that he asked, “Is there anything else I can do for Tanya? That completed the formal massage?”

“Charles I am so horny. Do you ever, you know…”

“Know what Tanya? There are many things. What specifically are you asking about?”

“Oh God Charles, I’m so horny but if you say no, I will be devastated besides frustrated.”

“Tanya do you desire for me to eat you to a cum?”

“Yes, God yes.”

“Tanya do you want me to fuck you to a cum?”

“Please Charles please.”

“Tanya do you want me to ravish your asshole with my fingers?”

“God yes, Charles; I want you to rape me.”

“Well for that we need to barter. I’m horny and desire to cum a couple of times myself.”

“May I fuck your lovely mouth after I eat you to a cum, Tanya?”

“God yes, Charles if you promise then to fuck me to another cum.”

“We have a deal Tanya. Play with your tits while I give you what you so desperately desire.”

I went under the strip of cloth and being so horny attacked my nipples, massaged my breast as I felt Charles wrap his arms around my legs, open my lips, and began flicking my clit as he knelt on the floor. He had me so strung out from the massage and horny I must have cum in less than two minutes. I arched and screamed, “I, I, I, Oh shit, Oh no, Oh, oh, oh, oh, my god,” as my hips humped his tongue.

He let me recover with easy licks. Then as I was still settling he was making some modifications to the table and I felt a belt tighten over my abdomen. He did something at the head and then he said, “Tanya, I am going to remove the head rest and lower your head gradually so you can enjoy my cock. I will place a support at the edge of the table and then tilt the table at a slight angle. It will be pleasurable for you.”

I found myself face to face with the first black cock of my life and wanted to have it fuck my mouth. I promised Charles he could do it after he ate me.

The position was neat. I could take it with no straining. He was tad larger in girth than Jack was. That made me hornier knowing I would feel him more when he was fucking me later. I wrapped a hand around his cock, opened my mouth, guided the meat that was pulsating with his heart beating and managed to get the head in.

He started with slow thrust and gradually picked up his tempo. His hands went to my breast and nipples. My mind went to him fucking my pussy.

I was brought back to reality as he fired his cock. The force was so strong that his sperm went down my throat. The next one did the same. I swallowed it quickly. I removed my hand from his cock to push him off. Instead I found my nose his sack. It happened so fast. I was snorting for air as he fired more of his man juice down into my stomach. On the last volley, he let out with a load, “UUuuuuugggghhhh,” as he grabbed my head with both hands and held it until he no longer was flexing.

Somehow I was breathing okay through my nose and felt him way in my throat but was not chocking or gagging. I could not believe I had taken a black cock deep throat. I never let my husband fire his sperm into my mouth. What was happening to me?

I was warming up with the knowledge that I did something with a black guy I had not done with my husband and was feeling good about it and it was not nasty. The longer we remained in this position the more I was enjoying it. He seemed to regain his air and he said, “Open wide, and I will pull out fast so you do not get the gag sensation. Just breathe a lot of air and on three, open; one, two, three.”

The piece of black meat was out in a flash. I nearly died seeing how much was in my throat. He was still hard.

I felt the table go back into the horizontal position. He walked to the foot, took my legs, lifted them and placed them over his shoulders, placed the cock at my steaming pussy and slowly shoved it in. My eyes bugged open at the awesome feeling my pussy was experiencing. I closed my yes when I felt Charles encase my breast in his warm black hands. He started slow with his thrusting and increased the tempo as he did in my throat. I lasted this time and built with him. He was actually grunting a little on the in shove.

His tempo was picking up and his cock was waking feelings I did not know exist in my pussy. I went for my orgasm faster than I wanted from the feelings his cock was generating.

“Charles cum in me now, I’m ready.”

I went into my orgasm, felt his hands clenching my tits harder, heard him start to groan as he stiffened and buried cock so his balls hit my butt. I was humping it fast and hard as I was cumming. My head was thrashing side to side and I was in a constant moan of, “Oh, Oh, Oh…” as the waves of cumming rolled over me.

Some time after his last fire, he lowered my legs and rested on top of me.

After we had recovered our needed air he said, “Let’s shower. I will get that oil off.”

After the shower where we did not mess I said, “Thanks Charles for an awesome massage. I will never forget it or you.”

“I hope you select me again before leaving. Thank you for a lovely mouth to fuck and a very tight pussy for my cock to enjoy.”

It was 1:00 PM and as I was walking back to my room in a very weak condition, I heard, “Tanya, Tanya, so sit and tell me. Make me jealous,” as she was laughing.

I sat and explained the whole scene. I heard, “That is why my sister and I come here. Our husbands cannot take care of our needs like these studs. They get off and want to sleep. These guys go for hours.”

“Here you are, Tanya.”

I jumped out of my skin hearing Jack’s voice. I made introductions. I lied about many things when he started to ask what I did while he golfed.

I told Heather I would chat with her later as Jack and I went to lunch. Over lunch, he was all talk about his game. Did I dare talk about a black cock in two of my three holes? So, he made bogies and eagles with his white balls, so what?

I had problems concentrating on his chatting while thinking about the black semen leaking out of me. God what did I do? I not only cheated but also let the guy do something I have not let Jack ever do.

We went back to the unit. Jack said he was going to take a nap. I said, “I will sit in the Jacuzzi in our unit to just relax more.” If he only knew, it was to take out a little of the soreness that I was feeling.

While in the Jacuzzi, it occurred to me that maybe we could watch a porn movie that had a couple doing 69’ing and then say to Jack, “Honey it is our honeymoon. Let’s do that and I will try to drink all of your love juice knowing how much it means to you.”

As Jack was sleeping after my much needed and welcomed pussy soak, I scanned the movies available and found several containing 69 action.

After a nice late dinner, we sat in the Jacuzzi on the balcony, listened to the waves, sipped wine, wishing we could afford to do this more often. Jack began messing with my nipples with his arms around me. I said, “Jack, I saw a porn movie listed that I think we should watch it before we get carried away.” I would like to do everything to you that the girl does to the person in the porn.

He looked at me as if something might have possessed me but could not figure it out.

I mimicked the girl in the porn. Jack was humping his cock into my mouth. I just had the head in as per our usual way while holding the cock with one hand. When he stiffened and inhaled, I jerked my hand away, opened my mouth further, and let my head fall until my nose was in his nuts. By then the first shot had already landed at the back of my throat and the others following were being fired down my throat.

Jack growled loudly into my pussy as he was clamping me tighter to him than he ever had in the past as his body was experiencing its best cum ever.

I had a nice cum as well and was ready to have my brains fucked out by the guy whose fantasy came true.

I turned and went to kiss him. He turned his head away from me. I was devastated. I just did for him what he had desired for four years and that was the thank you.

I lifted myself from his body, went into the shower and bawled. I went onto the balcony in a robe and looked off into space with a crushed heart.

I decided I needed to talk with someone and wondered if Heather was still awake. I dialed her room from the bedroom. She answered and I could her other voices in the room so I knew she was awake. However, my heart sunk thinking I would not get to go talk with her. I apologized for calling and told her I desired to chat in private and it sounded like another time would be better. She said, “Nonsense, please come to my room.”

I dressed in shorts with no panties underneath and a halter-top and combed my wet hair. When I arrived at her room and after she had answered the door, I realized it was the TV.

Heather had a mid-thigh rob on and was all smiles in greeting me. I was sulky and tears began streaming down my cheeks as she approached me to give me a cheek peck.

Instead of following through with the cheek kiss, she wrapped her arms around me and said, “Let it all out and then we will talk about it.” Our faces rested on each other shoulders.

As I was shaking from tearing, Heather’s hands began to rub my back. I placed my hands on her back holding her close. My tearing slowed down when she was rubbing my butt cheeks and pulling me tighter to her. Her hands then lifted to the center of my back and by then I had settled a lot. She lifted away from me and with a sad look on her face began to gently wipe my tears way and softly stroke the side of my face, pushing my hair back. Her eyes were all over my face. Her right hand index finger came to my lips and lightly moved over them and I heard, “You are so beautiful, Tanya.” She then leaned in to kiss me on the lips

I returned the kiss. We broke the kissing and looked deep into each other’s eyes. I could see the desire she was having for me and I needed to be wanted at that point in time.

I leaned into her to kiss her. It had been six years since I did that with a girlfriend in high school and I had buried the feelings that I had from those encounters. They all came to the surface in those few seconds.

Heather’s lips were moist and delicate. I loved the sensation as blood was rushing to fill out my lower lips.

I opened my mouth to accept Heather’s tongue as it desired to play with mine.

We immediately got into a tongue duel.

Our hands went groping for each others breasts. I opened Heather’s robe as she was lowering my halter top all the while we were tongue dueling.

When our hands felt skin, we broke the kiss and inhaled and let out with, “Ohooo,” from the pleasure. We both felt each other gently as we laid our chins on each others shoulders and worked ourselves up to desiring more than breasts play. My shorts were being soaked from my leaking juices.

We then began to pinch each others nipples, sending erotic feelings from our nipples to our pussies. We were both moaning the feelings we were giving each other.

Heather lowered her mouth, dragging a tongue across my skin to a hard nipple. When she reached it I pulled her tight to me. Her right hand went flat on my stomach and she directed the fingers to my mound. With her tongue and mouth working a nipple and her hand going inside of my shorts and panties I was building to an orgasm knowing as soon as her finger touched the clit, I would erupt.

It happened as I was expecting. I wrapped my arms around her to stabilize myself as my body convulsed on her finger flicking the hard knob. I knew I was gushing a lot. Heather’s hands were gliding all over my mound with ease from the pussy lubricant.

When I had settled, she used both hands to slide my shorts and panties down. She broke the nipple attack and dragged her tongue over my skin as it worked its way to the pleasure point. I placed my hands on the side of her head knowing it soon would happen again. She took her time with the tip of her tongue causing me to build more and more the closer she got to the trigger.

As she was nearing it at the top of the slit, she placed both hands on my cheeks and was pulling me tight to her. I could feel the hot lips and warm saliva approaching the nub.

“Ahhhhhhhhaaaaaa,” came out of my mouth, not expecting such a jolt of pleasure as the orgasm took over. I grabbed her head tight, she gripped my cheeks tight as she sucked the nub into her warm, wet mouth and flick it continuously. The waves of pleasure kept rolling over me.

Heather then relented, when I was panting and begging, “Please no more, please let me eat you, please Heather.”

Heather released her hold on me and stood. Our mouth’s connected and I tasted my juices on her lips.

I lowered my mouth to a nipple and tortured it as Heather did mine and then dragged my tongue over her skin as she had done to me. I smelled her aroused sex and felt the warmth of her pussy lifting to my face.

When I reached her gash I made a pointed tongue and started at the top and dragged it down across her trigger as she grabbed my head to hold it at the point of most pleasure. I used my tongue to spread her pussy lips further apart. It was so wet from her leakage. The taste brought back pleasant memories from so many years ago.

I continued the licking of her gash as she was shaking in her orgasm. He clit was as hard as a peanut.

I then sucked the hard little knob in to my mouth, flicked it with my tongue then made the decision to insert two fingers into her wet, steaming love canal.

I searched deep inside of Heather’s pussy with my fingers to find the magic g-spot. Heather moaned as a finger moved over it.

I massage the area with interest, flicked her clit faster and harder causing her to pull me tighter to her as she erupted with her orgasm oozing juices from her pussy with her pussy walls gripping and squeezing my fingers. I heard, “Oh my god, Tanya, you can eat me anytime you want. This is awesome, oh my god babe. Hold on sweetie, I, I, I’m Ohhhhhoooo god yeah.”

By then her juices were running down my hand, over the wrist on their way to my elbow. I was feeling good knowing I could yet turn a person of my gender on so much.

When Heather had settled, I stood and we kissed along with pressing our sensitive nipples into each other.

When we broke the kiss we looked each other in the eyes, went wow, and giggled. Heather said, “Isn’t cumming the greatest thing mother-nature invented?”

Heather then asked me why I desired to chat. I began to bawl again but not as hard as my tale came out. She was brushing my hair all the time I was talking.

I heard, “Jill”s’s husband is the same way. Guys are strange animals. I read some place over 50% of the guys do not like to taste their own cum but they all want us to swallow. Weird isn’t it?”

I nodded my head and then said, “Wow so my guy is in that group that won’t. I thought all guys would love to kiss afterwards to show their affection and appreciation. Heather you are a godsend in many ways. I just wished you had a cock to take care of another need I have.”

“I might be able to assist you there Tanya.”

Heather disappeared into the bathroom and reappeared with a black cock in a harness. My eyes bugged out at it looking so real like.

She walked to the bed, smiled at me, and then asked, “Interested?”

“I, I, Oh God yes, it is so life like.”

“Get into doggy hon, place a pillow under you tummy, and then after I have it in, lower yourself.”

I did as Heather suggested. She began with long and slow movements. I was startled by awesome feelings I had never experienced. “My God Tanya a real cock has never given me these feelings; they are awesome.” I was humping my hips for more action.

“I know hon, close your eyes and picture one of the guys from the book doing you. Just focus on a black guy fucking your brains out.”

I followed Heather’s suggestion and the result was one of the better cums of my life, and definitely better than Jack has ever done recently for me.

Heather was lying next to me when I opened my eyes with the biggest grin. The dildo was still in me. I pictured in my brain what I must look like with my ass in the air and black dildo partly impaled in me. I started to laugh, the toy flew out and she roared harder.

She started to stroke my hair again and said, “Drop by anytime hon. Jill and I both would like to get it on together with you. If that does not interest you, maybe you and I could play some more before you go home. Oh and if you want me and a black guy at the same time come back and we can select the guy together and have fun here in the unit anytime the guy is available. ”

“These guys don’t get paid much in wages but do good in tips and lots of pussy; same with the girls.

“Get a girl for Jack and a guy for you and have a foursome in your unit. Tanya, once in awhile some of these girls will get a guy off in their pussy making sure he is on his back, and then go to a 69 so he has to look at her leaking hole. She will clean his cock and get him hard again. Many times, he cannot hold out and cleans her up then lapping his nut juice and her cum from the playpen. Think about it. I would be happy to do that if you think it might work but to be honest many of the black girls in the book are better at it. Now you have some options.”

I lunged into Heather, kissed her and said, “I’d better get back and we will definitely play and talk more. Thanks for everything.”

I dressed; we kissed deep and felt each other’s crotch before I went feeling good back to the room. Jack was still sprawled out where I had left him.

I woke with Jack humping my butt with his morning problem.

I turned to him, “Good morning.”

“Hi love. Can I get take care of my hard-on by fucking your tits?”

“Sure hon.”

This was not an unusual request. I closed my eyes since his semen can go all over, depending.

He grunted and I felt the warm stuff between my boobs. He collapsed on top of me as usual with my arms around his back.

When he recovered, he lifted to his knees, scooted down, and started to lick my navel. I opened my eyes then as he was dragging his tongue towards the semen. The closer he got the more my eyes opened. He dragged his tongue through it, took it into his mouth and repeated the move starting at my navel. Blood was rushing to my pussy and my nips were getting hard. Was he going to repeat it? He did and my hands went to my nipples to pinch them. On the third pass, he stopped at the semen, licked it all up, and with his eyes closed lowered himself to my lips. Instead of me turning my head as he did on me, I grabbed his head, we smashed our mouths together and tongued dueled until we were out of breath.

He was rock hard again. I whispered, “Fuck me doggy please Jack.”

He moved off, I knelt, he shoved in, I grabbed a pillow and placed it under me, lowered my belly to it, closed my eyes and waited. As soon as he started to fuck me, the feelings that Heather had given me were there. I grabbed the sheets, made a fist as the feeling of a horrendous cum was building. When it hit I screamed and my pussy clamped tight on Jack’s cock, intensify the feeling setting off another wave. I never heard such a loud growl emit from his mouth.

He collapsed and was soaking wet with perspiration and panting as if he had done a marathon. I was so content and my pussy was still having spasms on his cock.

When he recovered, he turned his face to me and said, “Tanya last night that was the best cum for me ever. It took all the power out of me. I am sorry I did not take care of you. I promise it will not happen again. We should have taken a honeymoon when we were married. Things are happening that are taking me by surprise. I love you.”

“I love you to Jack,” as I went in to kiss him.

No way was I going to tell him about my last twenty-four hours.

We showered, had some brunch and then sat and were sipping coffee on the veranda when I noticed Jack taking many looks at a black girl in a bikini raking up the fallen leaves. She had a model’s body. I did not fault him from looking.

He excused himself to go for another round of golf. I mentioned I would sip on more coffee. I was now picturing eating the girl raking the leaves. I jumped out of my skin hearing, “Hi hon. Are things looking better?”

I smiled back and said, “Yes very much. Doesn’t she have a beautiful body?”

“Yes she does Tanya. Her name is Janet. Would you like to get to know her?”

“My God yes Heather but…”

“Leave it to me sweetie. How about coming to my unit at 1:30PM? I am sure she will be available.”

“Heather you sure know your way around this place. I am wet thinking of us together already.”

“Good hon, I was hoping we could play some more. I am so comfy around you not to mention you taste delicious also. Tanya shall I invite a black guy and you can watch him do Janet and me to get you warmed up?”

“My God Heather, that would be better than porn.”

“Now you see why we come here often.”

“Jill has a new girlfriend also. I will ask her if she would like to bring her to the party.”

A word that Heather said got my attention and that was, “Girlfriend.”

Was I Heather’s girlfriend?

“Awesome Heather, I have never been to an orgy before. You know, I caught Jack taking quick glances at Janet. I was thinking about what you had suggested. I need to figure something out to see if he would do a foursome.”

“Let’s put our brains together. I think we can manage something. See you later, hon.”

“Bye Heather.”

I sipped my coffee and watched Heather walk over to Janet. I saw Janet look at me. I nearly died. Janet smiled and shook her head up and down. When Heather left, Janet would take quick glances at me and smile. I needed to leave. I was soaking myself.

I went to my room, put on a bikini and went to the balcony to sit in the Jacuzzi trying to develop a plan where Janet and Jack would be getting it on.

It dawned on me. I would host a party. Making sure Janet was here to get Jack horny I guess I would need to talk with Heather about her having guy that Jack would see me with flirting with.

It was time to go to Heather’s unit. Janet was there all smiles as well as Jill and her girlfriend Rebecca when I arrived.

Heather had invited a black guy by the name of Leroy to let me watch him do her. It was awesome being so close and smelling a room filled with odors of pure raw sex. Particularly after Leroy made his deposit into Heather and as it leaked from her. Leroy asked me if I was interested in cleaning him up after making his deposit into Heather. I knelt in front of his lady pleasure, cleaned him and in the process it expanded. He then used it on Jill.

Heather and I 69’Ed after Leroy left his calling card in Heather to make her feel good. I masturbated watching Leroy fucking Heather so had a lot of nectar leaking from me.

We all sampled each other and had a great afternoon.

I then asked Heather about my idea of a party. She said that would be a good way for people to feel relaxed and with a Jacuzzi on the deck to show lots of skin. She said for me to introduce us as friends I met at the pool sunning the last couple of days. She also suggested the next night so there would be lots of time to connect in the next few days. She indicated she would check with Jill to see if see wanted to bring a guy or gal or come alone or not at all and would get back to me.

I went back to the unit feeling light as a feather after having four cums from four different girls.

I was dressed hot looking for Jack to keep his hormones awake. During dinner, which we ordered in by the way, I mentioned to him that I was going to host a little cocktail party and I invited girls I met sunning and asked them to bring along dates so that we could continue the friendship after we left, maybe to hook up again in the future.

He was more interested to talk the awesome course and greens. I did not push anything but asked him to try to be back by 4:30 PM

He went to watch TV and I decided to walk to Heather’s and offer another suggestion. She was delighted to see me when she opened the door.

“What a pleasant surprise Tanya.”

“Heather can you get Janet a date so it will not look so obvious she is alone?”

“Yes of course I can.”

“Also then these guys will know not to make a scene because of jealousy, right?”

“No problem Tanya. They do this often and are good at it.”

“I’d better get back. Thanks for helping me out.”

“Do you need to leave? I was hoping you would stay and play.”

“I am out of power after this afternoon. That was awesome. I am wet just thinking about Jack looking into Janet’s wet pussy after he makes a deposit to see what he does.”

“Me too; I wonder if he will talk you into swinging or if he will cheat.”

“That is why I am going back to see if I can drop subtle hints to swing. Maybe I should mention that we have been invited to a swinger’s party to see how he reacts.

“Splendid approach Tanya. We can get that going quickly then. Let me know his reaction as soon as you can.”

“On second thought I will wait until after the cocktail party. He will be more receptive then. His hormones will be doing the thinking for him by then.”

“Does that mean we can play?”

“I’d better get back and just get into lighter topics like asking him if he noticed the girl raking leaves.”

We kissed and groped a little before I left.

Jack was into golf on the TV.

“Hon did you notice the black girl raking the leaves this morning?”

“Ah-huh, a little.”

“I think she has an awesome body. Don’t you?”


“Did you want to get it on with her?”


“Can I watch you getting it on with her?”


I sat there smiling at him not even aware of his answers.

“Want to take a walk on the beach with me.”


I looked out towards the beach and there were people walking it, some swimming and others who appeared to be lovers looking into each other’s eyes on a blanket.

“See you later Jack.”


Fifteen minutes into the walk, half the time my feet in water and half not with the small waves, I was startled by a voice that said, “Hey babe you are walking like your mind is miles from here. Where’s your boyfriend?”

I looked in the direction of the voice and two black males were working on a fishing net. Since they were in uniform and killing time I walked over to them and said, “Husband is watching TV and by now probably asleep.”

“Too bad you are married. We would invite you to town later and show you a good time. First time here for you?”


“Many couples return; seems like island air attracts people.”

“Yes, it has some magnet powers it seems. Are you fishing for the resort or personal?”

“Personal. We will sell these little fishies to the fisherman for bait in the morning.”

“By the way I am Paul and this is my brother Rick, and you are?”


“Well Tanya have you ever seen people use this kind of net to fish.”

“No Paul, may I watch?”

“Sure and if you don’t mind holding fish you can help us get them into these coolers then as fast as we can after pulling the net so they have a better chance of surviving.”

“Okay. I am not afraid of fish.”

I watched them go into the water and toss something. I asked what it was it that they tossed and they said, “Cat food. It brings the fish in. They eat. We toss the net over them.”

I helped them pick up the fish after the shook them out of the net. They asked me if I minded tossing the food saying it would save them time. They told me every time they tossed the net, I should toss food either up or down from them about two picnic tables in length away from them.

We were getting into a pattern and Rick said, “Babe you are bringing us fantastic catches. They must love the smell of your hands on that food. We will be done in no time tonight. Hope you drop by again to bless us with you looks, charm, good nature, and that lucky charm.”

Paul said, “Tanya would you be interested in learning how to toss the net? We have our quota and have time to teach you. If you get it down we will bring an extra net just in case you bless us again with your presence.”

“Yeah, that would be awesome. I will be the only one in my circle of friends that can do that then.”

“Well stand here and watch Rick. He will make a couple of tosses then I will. Then we will let you practice and guide you in the refinements.”

I watched intently as they both demonstrated gathering the net, holding it with your teeth, making the swing so the net opens and holding onto the rope to pull it back.

On my first try, they almost did everything. They stepped back and said, “Fling it.”

I forgot to open my mouth and the weight pulled me face first in the water.

I felt my breast being cupped and being lifted up out of the water, spitting and coughing.

When I was okay but all wet, I heard, “That would have been a perfect toss if you had opened your mouth.”

It was Rick standing behind me, so assumed it was he that used his hands on my breasts to pull me up. I started to look at these guys differently. I notice Paul taking quick glances at my chest and then I realized being wet my nipples were showing nicely as the fabric clung to my skin.

“Okay try again.”

After my third attempt with at least getting my mouth to open in time, Rick stepped in behind me right before I prepared to wind up to toss, placed his hands on my arms and his cock into my butt, and said, “I will guide you through this toss. Get the feel of the weight of the net wanting to leave your hand, and make you arc higher. I will say now when to open your mouth and fingers at the same time and will make sure your arms are moving to make a nice arc.

I had problems concentrating feeling his cock in the crack of my butt but managed. It was a perfect cast. He then told me to bring the net back and to do it again and Paul would do the same.

Well everything was the same even the cock in my butt.

“Okay my turn,” came from Rick. When he placed his hands on mine he asked, “Ever date a black guy, Tanya?”

I froze, my nips got hard, blood rushed to my pussy, my heart started to beat fast and I was speechless.

Rick broke the spell by saying, “If not you should try us before leaving the island.”

His cock in my butt crack and his aftershave and the soft voice and hands were melting me.

“Charles gave me a massage this morning in the spa.”

“I bet you are ready for another massage now. Am I right Tanya? Let’s us three go over there behind the tree line and let Paul and I give you that massage you are in desperate need of”

I wanted to run and not. Here was my chance for two black cocks from two good-looking guys. Let’s make this a good cast Tanya and then we will send you home feeling better than this morning.

I went through the motion but my brain was on black cock.

I know longer felt guilty about cheating. The days to get black cock were fewer.

We walked back into the trees where there was a sandy spot. They picked up a blanket on our way in. They spread it and then four hands and two mouths were all over me. My brain was overwhelmed from all the pleasure points being turned on simultaneously by their hands and mouths. I was a pawn in there hands, uttered soft moans.

I felt them stripping me and fingers and mouths were all over my body.

Paul stood behind me and fed his cock into my love canal, placed his hands on my breast reaching around to my front while Rick knelt to suck and flick my clit. I went sailing with the tongue action and breasts mauling.

I heard from Paul, “Cum for us babe; make yourself feel good all over.”

I soon had my cum.

When I recovered Paul and Rick switched places and it was repeated. Rick was saying, “Awesome tits babe just awesome and that pussy is so tight. You should sell it. Let me market it.”

Rick was fucking me hard then and massaging my breasts. Picturing two black guys making me feel good at the same time sent me over the edge.

They had me lie on my back after my second cum. They then each laid aside of me, each sucking a breast and each having a finger in my pussy, fucking me in unison. I was cumming in no time.

I heard, “Rick you take bottom,” from Paul.”

“I was half out of it when Paul said, “Tanya, get up and face Rick. Straddle his body. Slip back and I will feed his cock into your pussy.”

I did as Paul suggested. I heard again from Paul, “Fuck Rick slow Tanya, nice and slow. Enjoy that black meat. Don’t get him too excited where he wants to fire.”

All the time Paul was talking he was reaching around to my clit, massaging it a little, and collecting juices and running his hands up and down the crack of my butt, making sure he was going over the anal ring. I wanted him to shove a finger into it. My humping was picking up. I then felt Paul’s thumb at my anal ring. “Yes Paul shove it in.”

A hand went over my mouth as I arched to let out a scream. It was not his thumb it was his cock.

No one moved until I made the first move. I felt so stuffed and slutty at the same time. I watched this in porn. The girls seemed to enjoy it and I decided I would give it a try. I began slow movements and discovered I liked it after the initial pain wore off.

They both delivered their stringy, sticky baby making stuff deep into me. I sailed with the pleasure of being desired as the guys moaned and groaned as they stiffened to unload their stuff.

Paul pulled out of me slowly and said, “You sure have a sweet ass Tanya. You stay that way so Rick and I can switch. You are broken in now. This next ride will take you to places you have never been before.

He was right. All sense of pain was gone and I was being used as a black guy’s sperm receptacle. My moans of pleasure had to be turning them on as their tempo increased. Rick fired first, pulling me tight to him pushing his balls into my thighs as he stiffened and fired, flexing his cock with each delivery of hot sperm deep into my dark tunnel.

Paul fired next, nearly pulling my nipples from my breasts as he stiffened and made his delivery deep into my cervix.

When I had settled the guys actually dressed me. They were moving me around like a wet rag.

They said, “We will walk with you in the water and hold onto you. We will get into water so it gets to your navel and it will clean you up as you walk along. Then you walk on the beach and we will walk in the knee-deep water. Then before going to your unit get wet all over and use the excuse you forgot you swim suit.

When we reached the path to the unit I heard, “Hope you will go fishing with us again. We hope you enjoyed our massage and desire more.”

As I entered the unit, Jack was snoring right where he was when I left. I went to the bathroom to soak in the tub and clear the fog of what had hit me so fast and hard.

The phone rang. I picked it up quick so it would not wake Jack. It was Heather. I told Heather about my on the beach encounter after she told me, Janet would bring a date and Jill would bring her girlfriend. She laughed and said, “Tanya you are lucky there was not three of them. You would still be there and every orifice would have a cock. Try it before going home.”

We talked in generalities until I heard Jack calling for me. I yelled to him I was in the tub relaxing. He said, “Night hon, I am, going to hit the sack.”

I laid back and brought myself to a cum, picturing what Heather had said.

I woke up at 10AM the day of the cocktail party. Jack was not in bed. I went to the kitchen and on the refrigerator a big note, “Early Tee time so will be home by 2PM for the cocktail party. I arranged with the resort to send food for eight people for 4:30PM with an assortment of liquors and mixes.

Jack made it by 2:30PM and I filled him in on the people coming. I told him Heather asked if she could bring Janet and her date because they had already made plans for later. “Janet is the girl that was raking leaves yesterday; the one that you would not mind getting into the sack.”

“Why did you make that statement?’

“Well you told me that last night. You also told me she had a hot body. You also told me I could watch you getting it on with her if I wanted. Are you going to deny it now?”

He stood looking dazed and then said, “Did I talk in my sleep?”

“No sweetie, you were on the couch last night telling me.”

“I swear no more golfing. The sun must be frying my brain”

“Well now are you going to stand there and tell me if the opportunity presented itself and it was okay be me you would not take her to bed after what you said last night.”

“Damn Tanya let’s drop the subject. It won’t happen and yes I like to look at beautiful bodies.”

“Would you get mad if I flirted with a black guy?”

“Jeez Tanya let’s get ready and forget this.”

“One of the girls at school told me her husband gets turned on watching a black guy doing her. Would you? I know when we are watching porn you get extra hard seeing a white chick getting black meat.”

“Yes Tanya it is a real turn on for most guys but in reality most white girls are not into it.”

“Maybe we should experiment Jack for the heck of it so we can laugh about it when we reminisce about our honeymoon. I wonder how many other white couple can say they tried. But I would only agree to the experiment if we both are in the same room and it was happening at the same time.”

“Tanya the sun has gotten to your brain also. I think we should stay out of it for a day or so.”

“Are you suggesting we spend the time in bed together and you replace my body with Janet as you are fucking me and I should think about one of these black studs doing me?”

Just then, the buzzer rang. The food and liquor was arriving.

Nothing more was said as we looked everything over before signing the bill.

People began arriving and I made the introductions. We girls did the cheek-to-cheek kiss. The guys paired up and we girls paired up talking about future vacations, plans and trips. Janet asked if it was okay to us the Jacuzzi on the deck. I winked and said of course, escorted her to the bedroom to place her clothes and to get a towel. Before leaving the bedroom, we held each other and got hot with some tonguing. I then said, “Good luck firing up his hormones.” Janet was hot in the thong and top that covered her nipples only. All the guys’ eyes followed her to the Jacuzzi. We other girls grinned.

It became very obvious early that Jack was having difficulties staying focused with chatting with the guys as his head drifted to Janet.

Janet’s escort Henry walked to get some additional food and a drink and joined us ladies by sitting next to me. Henry was thirty maybe, lean at his six feet and one-hundred and seventy pounds and a smile that relaxed a person instantly. He showed a lot of self-confidence but not arrogant.

Heather’s escort Frank then did the same soon after. He was equally handsome. Heather had good taste in selecting the guys unless Janet chose hers.

Jack followed Frank to the food but turned and headed to the bedroom, soon coming out in boxer-type, swim trunks.

We kept up our conversation but we all knew Jack was taking the bait.

Jack sat opposite of Janet. I was sandwiched between two gods. Jill decided to go ask the two in the Jacuzzi if they wanted any food or drinks. She came back grinning and prepared a little tray and drinks and took it to them.

When I wanted to refresh my drink and take a peek at my husband, Frank said he would take a look and fill me in. He came back grinning and said, “I’d bet a million her foot has him steel hard. His face is showing signs of grimacing. She might even get him off. She just loves that power she has. Tanya just to warn you there is not another woman that we are aware of, on the island that can give head like her.”

Jill and her girlfriend gave us hugs, kisses and thanked us for the invitation but ignored the lovebirds in the Jacuzzi so as not to interrupt a good thing going maybe as they left.

The sex talk amongst the rest of us about happenings at swinger parties had me soaked. The guys both hinted at me sampling them in the spa and mentioned that I could have up to three with me. Heather was grinning and agreeing it was a very good massage.

Janet was the first to come in from the Jacuzzi. She must have given some sign to Heather that she had succeeded in her efforts.

Heather said, “Be careful Tanya. Jack will ride you hard tonight picturing doing Janet. It will be your chance to bring him to swinging.”

Soon Janet was joining us and since Jack had not appeared yet said, “Mold him right tonight Tanya. He will never be more pliable.”

We grinned and I said, “Thanks Janet.”

Jack joined us and had a difficult time staying focused on anything but Janet.

It was 6:30PM and they stood up to leave for dinner. The double cheek kissed Jack received from Janet was hilarious. Jack had a tent forming.

When we were alone Jack said, “Awesome friends you made by the pool Tanya and they have awesome friends.”

“Yeah I agree with you. Janet sure has a perfect figure doesn’t she?”

“She sure has Tanya. Girls desire to have a body like hers and guys desire to put a cock into them.”

“Would you like to put your cock into Janet Jack?”

“Yes Tanya she has a Playgirl body. I guess Mother Nature has something going for it by beauty attracting attention.”

“Well what about dinner, in or out?”

“Let’s order in.”

“Okay, I will get the menu and place and order.”

When I hung up the phone, Jack asked, “Either one of those guys get you horny? They were sitting close to you I noticed.”

“As a matter of fact they did Jack. I was soaked from listening to them. They both hinted that we should swing to add spice to our sex life.”

“Of the two who would be your first pick?”

“For me it would be a toss up as far as being sweet guys for a fuck. Now if I could find out the size of the pussy pleaser they have, then that would narrow the field.”

“Yeah but a big one doesn’t say he is good.”

“I know that is why we date isn’t it?”


The buzzer rang announcing the food arrival. We ate in silence indulging in our own thoughts. Mine was would I go netting tonight.

I heard a big sigh then, “Tanya I would love to see a black guy doing you but they have reputations that I know I cannot compete with. I’m afraid that I will never be able to satisfy your needs. Where will that take us?”

“Jack the guys warned me to keep Janet away from you. They say she gives the best head on the island. Where will that take us?”

“Well I guess I can always say I had the best head in Jamaica and you can say you had the best fuck.”

“Jack, I think sex is sex and love is love. I think one could live with out sex but not love. If we stay focused and not get them mixed up, we should be all right. Sex and love between the right people is like a hand and glove two individuals pieces but can be one when joined. From what I have heard, good sex will not hold a marriage together if everything else is rotten.”

“Jack look, if we go through with this temptation, let’s promise not to ask for details. Let’s not make comparison. Let’s agree that we will be happy knowing that the one we love, we helped make happy for maybe a few hours at most with a stranger.”

“Tanya, can we sleep on it?”

“Well if mean fuck, then no, because in your mind you will have substituted me for Janet and that probably will be until we are off the island and maybe even after we are home you will be wondering how would it have been. If you mean, sleep, then yes, sure. ”

“Tanya you drive a hard bargain.”

“It seems like you have a hard-on for an island chick.”

“It seems you are leaking, thinking of a black cock stuffing you.”

“Okay let’s swing with no questions but promise each other a good romp when we have recovered our energy in appreciation of our openness.”

I got up from my chair. I went and knelt in Jack chair, kissed him and said, “I love you.”

I heard, “I love you to babe,” as he pulled me tight to him.

I snuggled there in the chair with him and lost interest in going netting for that night.

The phone ringing startled us. I went to answer it. It was Heather.

I heard, “How’s the molding going?”

“It’s over and done.”

“Your way, completely?”


“Fantastic Tanya, congratulations, I hope this means that we can plan on planning our next vacation together some place exotic. I will let you go and talk with you tomorrow on the next step then, Good night sweetie.”

“Good night Heather.”

“Anything important?”

“Nah, just Heather wishing me a good night.”

“You seem to have gotten close to her.”

“I think so Jack. She sure has a lot of worldly experience for a person her age. It’s too bad her husband works so hard so she comes here with her sister for vacation occasionally.”

“Don’t get mad at me but I think she is a hot chick also. I can understand the attraction.”

“Are you now telling me you would like to sample her?”

“Well I’d probably like to sample every beautiful and pretty lady but my endurance would not permit it.”

“First things first. I need to find a black guy. You have Janet. Jeez are we going to invite them to dinner and then say we want to fuck?”

“Well that would be one way but not very subtle.”

“Maybe we invite them to a Jacuzzi party and take it from there.”

“That should work Tanya. Hot tubs are great places to get acquainted.”

I did not follow up on that remark. Was it a slip of the tongue or just a statement of fact?

In the morning, Jack was humping my thigh. When I stirred, his mouth went to an exposed breast. It led to the usual orgasm for both of us. We showered and went for breakfast. At breakfast, he asked if I had any idea of how to invite those we wanted I mentioned that since Janet was an employee the front desk should help and I that I would ask Heather to offer a suggestion on the guy.

“Well sweetie, on your way to golfing you follow up on Janet and then I will ask Heather and when you get back we should be in a position to extend an invitation.”

“See you later, Tanya.”

I did not need to talk to Heather. I just placed a call to the spa and asked for Charles. “Hold please,” was the response. Soon I heard, “This is Charles. How may I be of service?”

“Hi Charles this is Tanya. I have a question and needed a confirmation on something I heard.”

“What did you hear, Tanya.”

“I heard I could have three people massage me in a single session. Is that fact?”

“Yes it is fact, Tanya. It can be three girls or three guys or a combination of any.”

“Wow that made me horny.”

“Drop over and make a selection and if you desire some assistance I can make some recommendations.”

“Charles I will think on that but I have another topic I need to chat about and it involves my husband, an employee by the name of Janet…”

After my long tale, he accepted my invitation to a Jacuzzi party.

I heard, “Tanya getting back to the original topic, think on this. Many ladies like to have a cock in their ass with their back on the chest of a guy. They like a girl to be eating them and using fingers, dildo, or nothing in their pussy. Ladies claim another lady can eat them better than guys. Some ladies also desire a cock in their mouths. I have heard so many times they like the slut feeling but can keep it private.”

“My God Charles, I have yet to see that in porn.”

“Sleep on it.”

“Sleep? How can one sleep with that scene in their brain?”

“Well come do it and you will sleep like a baby. By the way it is better to do it in your unit so you can sleep. You will have had so many cums that it will take hours to recover. It is about a four hour orgy. You will be screaming to be fucked and sucked because of all the hands and mouths working you over as they massage you to prepare you for the ultimate orgasm of you life.”

A study stream of fluid had soaked me and was running down the insides of my thigh, recalling how just a few minutes the other night on the beach took me to a new place.

“My god Charles, I need to go. I will call after lunch when Jack lets me know the availability of Janet and remember we do not know each other in front of Jack, later Charles.”

“Bye babe.”

I hung up the phone rushed to the shower, stripped and used both hands to get myself off. As the orgasm hit me picturing all these people on me and pleasing me, my body slid down the wall of the shower as fingers were jabbing and the clit being rubbed.

After recovering, drying, dressing, I inserted a liner knowing I would be leaking until I experienced the threesome as Charles has described it.

I went looking for Heather and brought her up to speed as she was sunning per her usual schedule. I mentioned to her that Jack thought she was hot. She smiled and said, “Honey if you have no objections he can make a deposit. I just love stirring up the hormones of married men.”

“Do it and we can talk about it. I know he cannot do you what the black can but it has always pleased me.”

I saw Jack approaching from his golf, grinning. When he looked at Heather in her skimpy outfit, his eyes focused on her boobs. Heather said, “It was nice meeting you yesterday Jack. Your beautiful wife is fortunate to be married to a stud like you. I wish I was. Don’t be shy if you see me sunning here. At least drop by to say, ‘Hello'”

“I will do that Heather and yes it was a pleasure meeting you also.”

As we walked back to the unit, Jack informed me he had Janet’s phone number. He then asked how we should approach asking them.

I said, “Heather told me to be up front and tell them that we were into swinging and ask if they would be interested in a foursome.”

“I guess that probably is a good approach. Everyone will know where things will end up.”

“So shall we make the calls?”

“Yes, babe let’s do it and see where it all leads.”

We made the calls and the Jacuzzi party was to begin at 7:30PM.

Since it was a Jacuzzi party, I put on the skimpiest suit I had and then a robe to wait for the guests.

Janet arrived first and smiled as our eyes met. She gave me those sweet cheeks kisses and then said, “Nice to see you so soon Tanya. This invitation was a real surprise.”

“Yes Janet, it came about unexpectedly.”

She walked over to Jack and said, “Well babe since this is a swingers party I assume this is okay?”

Janet placed one hand on the back of his head, pulled his mouth to hers and her other hand went to his crotch. His eyed bugged open to see what my expression was and all he saw was a smile.

The buzzer rang again and it was Charles. After closing the door while he was making his smooth introduction he gave me a hug. When the hug was over, I placed a hand on the back of his head, pulled him in for a lip kiss and the tongue dueling started. We broke our kissing after we needed air.

We offered them wine and harder stuff and they both took wine.

There were some left over appetizers from the day before but they declined them.

We pointed them to the bedroom so they could place their clothes and that we would meet them in the Jacuzzi.

Jack and I never said a word to each other while we waited for them. When they were climbing into the tub I told Charles I would sit on his lap and face him. “Charles, Jack had promised me to let me watch him do Janet so when they leave to get it on we will go also. I had to agree to let him watch you do me.”

“Awesome Tanya, I get so much harder knowing that the husband is watching me open his wife pussy more than it ever has been, begging for black meat. It either turns them on or off. If on, they start beating their meat and have the hardest cum ever by their own fist.”

Charles and I were grinning knowing Jack heard what he had just said. Jack could not see my smile.

I began to her Janet moan so Jack must have found a pleasure spot or two on her body. I started also to moan as Charles mouth found a few on me.

My nipples were hard and he was sucking them, alternating between them, through my little nipple covers on the bikini. The boob that his mouth was not on was cupped and being massaged by his other hand.

It was dark by know and we had the lights off by the Jacuzzi so it was very private.

I had my eyes closed and enjoying the sensation of Charles mouth and hands.

I then heard, “God Janet I need to get in the sack. My balls are killing me.”

Charles and I let them have a few minutes and he thanked me for the invite and asked me about the threesome. I told him I would see him in the morning and he could help me make the selection.

We headed to the bedroom. We saw Jack having Janet pinned to the bed with her knees nearly at her shoulders, his eyes closed and going like a rabbit.

Charles leaned into me and whispered, any second now he will blast. We just made it in time. No sooner had Charles said that and Jack let out with the loudest, “UUUUgggggghhhhhhh, uuuggghhh, Ugggghhhhh, I had heard in a long time from his mouth.”

Charles and I spread towels. He sat on the bed and I sat in front of him, leaned my back into his chest after having taken my top off.”

Jack was panting and collapsed on top of Janet. We then heard, “Okay stud, on your back so I can wake that awesome cook up.”

Jack rolled onto his back as Janet asked. Janet got up on her hands and knees, used her mouth to pick up his half-limp cock, lowered her pussy to Jacks mouth and started to mouth fuck him.

Jacks hands went to Janet’s butt as his face and mouth disappeared into the crack of her butt and pussy. Charles was rolling my nipples softly.

Janet pulled off Jack’s now hard cock and we heard, “Yes, Oh shit yes, there, there, yes, yes, yes, AAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Ohooooooo Jack, deeper, deeper, yes, yes, yes, Mmmmmmm.”

She lowered her head to pick up Jack’s cock again and was repeating her mouth fuck. She used her middle finger of her right hand and slowly inserted it into Jack’s asshole. When it was buried she started to fuck his hole with the finger, Jack’s cock was no where to be seen, Janet was not mouth fucking it and I saw Jack slam his head back onto the bed, away from her pussy, his arms went out to the sides of him, his butt came off the bed. All the while Janet’s head was not making a move but her fingers were twisting and turning in his hole.

Charles cupped my breasts and said, “Janet is giving his prostrate gland its first ever massage and her throat is trying to swallow his cock. He will never forget this one and there probably will never be another like it. He will be done for the night as far as having any fluid left in his balls. Janet will get ever last drop out of him.”

Get ready Tanya; watch your husband’s hands and his facial expression.

Jack gripped the sheets, made a fist with both hands arched as high as he could, took in a lot of air and then we heard, “UUUUGGGGHH,” as all of his air came out, with his body in convulsions and Janet’s nose still in his sack and fingers working like mad.

“My god, Charles that had to be some orgasm.”

“Babe he will want that many times again. I don’t think it will happen. I have had Janet do me a number of times and other women also but it seems like the first is the most tremendous. The others are good but never like the first and if Janet gives the first to a guy it is wicked.”

“We can mess or chat because it will be awhile before he recovers. He will come around wondering what ever hit him.”

Before I could answer, we heard, “Pssst, hey guys he will be out for awhile. I thought his asshole was going to cut my finger in half when it clamped so hard. The harder the clamp, the longer it takes them to come around. I wish I was a guy so I could sense it just once.

“Let me clean up a tad, then you and I can get it on Tanya. By then he will have come around and can watch Charles bury his meat in you. Do you want me to finger fuck your asshole while Charles fucks your pussy or do you want to eat me while Charles drills you in front of sleeping beauty when he is with us?”

“When you come back let me eat you. If you have cum by the time he stirs then finger fuck my asshole, if not Charles can start fucking me and I will continue eating you.”

“Sound like a plan.”

Charles and I got ready. I knelt and sucked on his cock until Janet returned. I then positioned myself doggy to eat Janet.

I started on Janet and arched as I felt Charles tongue eating me. I muffled a pleasure moan into Janet’s pussy and heard, “Yes, sweetie we are having a party. I was building to a cum from Charles tongue at my clit. This was causing my tongue to go faster on Janet. We both exploded and I had to swallow fast. The thought of the mix of my husbands cum and Janet’s kept me high. Charles tongue was now on my clit, asshole and in my pussy. All this lead to another cum for me but much harder as Charles jabbed several fingers into my asshole just as I reached the edge which pushed me over. Janet had another cum.

I felt my ass cheeks being opened and a cock at my pussy, shoving in. I knew Jack was with us. I was too weak to open my eyes. I heard, “Jack are my big balls blocking you from seeing this black meat that is fucking this sweet, hot, tight, wet, steamy, pink pussy of your wife that is begging for a black cock?”

I knew Jack had to see it going in and out slowly because of its length. Every time it went in I went, “Oh,” as Charles was pulling it out. Janet was making circles using my leaking juices around my anal ring.

I then heard Janet, “That’s it stud, beat it. Call for me when you are ready to fire. We cannot have any stud juice wasted.”

Charles cock was in me so good. I was in no rush to have a big cum and quit.

“I’m close Janet, please”

Since no fingers were at my asshole I knew she was doing Jack either with her pussy or mouth. We heard, “Oh shit, oh, oh,” from Jack and “Mmmmmmmm,” from Janet.

“Soon Janet was back at me. Charles said, “Babe your pussy is going to get what it has been begging for.”

He started to fuck me fast, deep and furious, pulling it almost out before reburying it. I felt his balls slapping my thighs, Janet returned to me and a finger was poised for the shove, and I was going, “Uuhhh…uuhhh…uuhhh,” until the orgasm hit causing me to scream one of the loudest Jack ever heard coming from my mouth.

In the background I heard Charles and Jack both moaning. Jack must have been using his hand for a second cum. As Charles cock kept flexing, as it was delivering his juice, it kept my cums rolling and rolling through me as my insides were warming up from it.

Janet withdrew her fingers ever so slowly as I was calming down and panting at the same time. Charles let me go forward to my stomach but left his cock buried in me.

When the room was quite and it seemed it was over we heard from Charles, “Jack do you want to clean my cock for me. Probably not but I bet your wife will.”

Charles withdrew and crawled up to my head. I rolled over onto my back. He placed his cock at my mouth. The thought crossed my mind that Jack was probably not expecting this to happen.

As the cock slide in and I was slurping we heard, “Oh shit babe, that is so fucking hot to see after watching it do your pussy.”

We heard Janet, “Well Jack it must be hot, look at that boner that you got going. Fuck your wife with it now. I will hold her legs up while you do here and she cleans Charles.”

As I the bed moving, felt my legs being lifted, and then a cock going into me.

Charles’s cock was getting harder and harder. Jack began his thrusting. Soon, I had a cum. I felt Jack’s cock stiffen and flex with muffled moans. Then Charles shoved his cock quickly all the way and growled as he fired his love juice down my throat, which triggered another cum in my pussy, being used by my husband and a black guy at the same time.

We all sooner or later got back to normal. Jack said, “I will go kill the lights and then let’s meet in the Jacuzzi.”

As Charles carried me past the TV, the clock on top indicated 11:30 PM.

We all just melted in the water.

The first person to say anything was Jack. “Babe, thanks for pushing me. This was an awesome experience. My cock is so raw and hurts so much doing you this last time but it was worth it. I must have beaten the living hell out of it.”

Janet replied, “You did Jack, you did.”

Janet continued, “We participate in a lot of first time swings. We have seen many bad first time experiences, many so-so, many good and not that many exceptional. I would have to give you guys and exceptional. Charles can speak for himself.”

“I agree with Janet and since we are not together that often for these, this one for me was one of the better.”

I went and faced Jack to sit in his lap and heard, “Careful sweetie, please easy.” We laughed.

I went easy, hugged him and had a long deep tongue kiss. I broke the kiss then and said, “How are we going to explain our honeymoon to the people back home?”

“We will worry about that later.”

Charles then said, “Shall I order a late night snack and then we can play some more or do you want to call it a night?”

I said, “Sure Charles it’s early. Let get some energy and play again.”

As Charles was placing the order, Jack said, “Babe my cock has had it.”

Janet said, “Your tongue is okay isn’t it?”

We laughed.

I excused myself to use the potty. When I returned, everyone was comfy and into idle chit-chat. Charles indicated the food would take fifteen minutes.

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