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Jade Eyes

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On this particular night I had decided to step inside a café. Not one of those trendy ones with surly employees and background music more suitable for night-clubs, but one with a warm and friendly, relaxed atmosphere that smelled of cinnamon. Just the kind I like. Sometimes I almost felt like one of them, sitting there and sharing that warmth. It was a soothing feeling but it always faded quickly. I am not of their kind, and I don’t have much in common with most of my own kind, either. It’s lonely. I didn’t like it, but I didn’t complain either. I’d gotten used to it.

I had a cup of tea in front of me (Darjeeling), and some type of vanilla tasting bun sprinkled with sticky sugar. I took small bites, carefully measured; I can eat if I want to, but I have to do it slowly and chew thoroughly, or else it just comes right back up. After all, my body is not used to solids. I had a book in my hand but I wasn’t reading. Instead, I looked around at the people there, observing them and listening to their conversations. This is pastime I never tire of. Humans never cease to interest me. Perhaps they spark memories of the time I was human myself.

The café wasn’t busy that night. In a corner was a trio of chatty girls with shopping bags drinking smoothies and comparing their finds, occasionally looking in my direction with whispers and giggles. A middle aged couple sat close to the window, comfortable small talk flowing between them. At the table next to mine was what looked like a young man, but I couldn’t quite make out his face; he was hunched low over the table behind a stack of library books, deeply immersed in reading. Only two staffmembers were present at the moment: a young girl in a ponytail and an older, red-haired woman, casually talking while waiting for more customers. The reading young man suddenly sat upright, stretching. Glancing at him, my eyes met his.

He was just a boy, no different from normal human boys, but somehow he was still more beautiful than anyone I’ve ever seen. His hair was a shiny golden blonde, and his eyes were green like jade, innocent and expressive. A blush appeared on his heart shaped face when he looked at me, which I found so irresistible that I smiled at him. He smiled shyly back. Before I could stop myself, I opened my lips and a “hi” came out.


The boy’s smile widened and he seemed pleased that I had spoken to him. 

“What are you reading?”

“Uhm… ‘David Copperfield’.”

“You like Charles Dickens?”

He nodded enthusiastically.

“He’s my favorite.” He noticed the object in my hands. “What book is that?”

It was ‘One flew over the cuckoo’s nest’. I showed it to him.

“Oh!” he exclaimed interestedly and took it to look at the cover. “I haven’t read this yet, I’ve only seen the movie.” He handed it back. “Is the book as good as the movie?”

“Better,” I said. “The movie is outstanding, but the book is definitely better. This is the third time I’m reading it.”

I extended my hand.

“I’m Aidan.”


When his hand took mine, I could feel a sensation inside me that I hadn’t felt in ages. The sensation of butterflies in my stomach. It seemed as thought he felt the same, as he was blushing again. Reluctantly, I let go of his hand. We were both silent for a moment, and then I asked him about his other books.

Toby really loved books. Once he started talking about them, his forgot all about his shyness. I have always loved reading myself and it was a rare treat for me to sit there with Toby and discuss our favorites. Toby didn’t talk much about himself. All he said was that he was eighteen and lived with his father.

At about nine o’clock, Toby sighed.

“I should go home.”

As we took our things and left the café, I noticed Toby seemed very worried about something.

“I hope I haven’t caused problems for you.” 

“No, no,” he said shaking his head. “I’ll be fine. It’s no big deal. So…” he fidgeted a little. “It was nice meeting you.”

I tried to force myself to just say goodbye and walk away, but it was useless.

“Can I see you again?”

His smile almost blinded me.

“Yes! I mean… I’d love to.”

“Here, tomorrow at seven?”


After exchanging cell phone numbers, I took his hand and gave it a light squeeze.

“See you tomorrow, then.”

“See you… Aidan.”

We parted and went our separate ways, but I only walked a few feet before I turned around and began following Toby. I knew I shouldn’t, but I had to make sure he got home safe. And there was something about his expression before that had made me worried. Toby was hurrying, sometimes almost running, and I followed swiftly and silently. 

Toby lived three blocks away from the café in a rather boring apartment-building. I had placed myself in a shadowy corner and was looking at the windows wondering which one was Toby’s, when I heard an angry voice drift through an open window on the second floor:

“If you don’t watch it, I’ll throw you out into the street like the useless sack of shit you are! You little punk!”

A door slammed, and Toby’s tear-streaked face appeared in the window, closing it and lowering the blinds.

I stood motionless. Immense feelings of sadness and anger over what I had just witnessed were raging inside me like a violent storm. It took a long time for me to snap out of it. Finally, I shook myself and slowly began to make my way home, thinking of Toby’s glowing smile at the café, and his pained expression just now.

“I swear… Somehow, I’ll show him happiness,” I thought to myself. “Whatever it takes.”

When I got home, my apartment somehow seemed larger and colder than usual. I suddenly felt very tired. I went to the hallway mirror and studied the face that sadly looked back at me (yes, I do have a reflection). The hair was short, brown and thick; the eyes an unusually deep blue color. The skin was very pale, and the lips pink: classic vampire characteristics. I sighed, and took a glass of blood before going to bed. Toby never left my mind, and as I thought of an idea of something I could do for him to make him at least a little happier, I relaxed completely and drifted off to sleep.


I showed up at the café early. I was a little nervous, thinking Toby might not show up. I hadn’t been nervous for more than fifty years. I waited outside, taking deep breaths of cold winter air. When finally I saw a smiling and waving Toby hurrying towards me, I felt a sense of relief so overwhelming that, as Toby came up to me, I embraced him without even thinking about it.

I heard Toby gasp softly, and then he just sort of melted into my arms and slipped his own around me. I held him close, savoring the moment and the sensation of his breath against my ear… his scent filling my nostrils. I suddenly became aware that I was becoming aroused, and reluctantly let go. I had planned to treat him to something inside the café, but now I wanted privacy with Toby.

“Would you like to come home with me? I have something I would like to give you. A gift.”

He didn’t speak, just smiled and nodded. I hailed a cab and we rode in silence. When we arrived at my home and I had paid the driver, Toby looked up at the old, impressive building with a gaping mouth.

“What is it you do for a living…?”

“Oh, I’m not working at all right now,” I replied and Toby looked at me questioningly. “Old money,” I shrugged. “Now and then I make some investments, otherwise I just do what I want.”

I took his hand and led him inside taking the elevator to the top floor. As I opened the door to my apartment and let him in, Toby gasped.


I was pretty certain that his admiration wasn’t of the spacious apartment or the elegant yet comfortable, inviting furniture, but the many books on shelves and in bookcases all around the apartment. 

“I have more books in here,” I said and opened the door to a room. My apartment had four bedrooms. One I used myself and two were guest rooms (hardly ever used), but this one was completely filled with my books.

“Now I know what you do with all your spare time,” Toby said and walked around looking at the books, fascinated. “This is… amazing.”

“You can borrow as many as you like. But I have something special for you. Something I want you to have.”

I took Toby to the living room and had him sit down on the couch. I took a book from one of the shelves and gave it to him, almost shivering with anticipation, hoping to see his wonderful smile again. But he didn’t smile. His perfect mouth just fell open in shock.

“Oh God,” he croaked. He traced the guilded letters on the cover with a small, trembling finger. “Oliver Twist…”

“First edition, in excellent condition,” I said, sitting down next to him. Given to me by the author personally, no less, but needless to say, I kept that part to myself.

“I can’t take this.”

“Why?” I asked. I was starting to worry that maybe he’d gotten the wrong idea by this gift. “Don’t you like it?”

“I love it. But… this is too much. I can’t…” 

“Toby…” I placed a hand on his shoulder and he tore his eyes away from the book in his hands. “You would make me very happy if you accepted it.”

Finally, he smiled and a warm sensation spread throughout my body. I watched, both amused and moved when Toby reverently opened the book and lightly caressed the pages and even held it up to his nose, inhaling deeply.

“Old books have a very special smell that I’ve always loved.” Carefully, he placed the book on the coffee table, his smile fading a little. “Could I… could I keep it here for a while? My father…” he sighed. “My father hates books but… well, he would know that this is valuable just by looking at it, and I’m afraid he might sell it if he found it.”

I clenched my fist but kept my anger in control and reassured Toby that he could keep it here as long as he wanted.

“And, like I said, you can come over whenever you want to borrow books.”

“Thank you, Aidan.” He looked at me, glowing. “You’re so kind to me.”

I couldn’t take it anymore. I put an arm around him and pulled him closer. I placed my hand on his neck, tracing his trembling lower lip with my thumb; the feeling his pulse under my palm fuelled my lust and I had to remind myself to be very careful with Toby. I lowered my head to his slowly, giving him an opportunity to resist, but instead he tilted head giving me better access. With a smile, I pressed my lips to his.

I lost myself in the kiss. All that mattered was the young man in my arms, the softness of his lips, his arms over my shoulders. His lips parted and I slipped my tongue inside, relishing the sweetness of his taste as I caressed his tongue with my own, coaxing it to dance, and as I did so a small “Mmm…” rose from Toby’s throat, going straight to my groin. I lowered him onto the couch, placing myself between his legs. I moved my lips away from his lips and placed them on his throat, kissing and licking as my fingers quickly undid the buttons on his shirt. I longed to bite down and taste his blood; I could do it without causing pain, but it wouldn’t be right. I contented myself with nibbling carefully at the skin, causing more enticing noises to spill from Toby’s kiss-bruised lips.

I raised myself a little, looking down at the angel beneath me; shirt open revealing creamy white skin and pink nipples on his heaving chest, his eyes large and burning. He was so beautiful I ached. Hungrily I dove down and fastened my lips around his nipple, feeling it harden in my mouth. I could feel Toby’s hands fastening in my hair.

“Aidan,” he whispered huskily.

“Does it feel good?” I asked, my own voice just as husky.


“I’ll make it even better, my angel.”

Returning to his nipples, switching between them to pleasure them with lips and tongue, my hands undid the button and zipper to his jeans. Reaching inside, my hand wrapped around his member, making Toby cry out and arch his back.


“That’s it,” I whispered, stroking him rhythmically. “Let me hear you. Let me hear your pleasure.”

“Ah… aah!”

I sped up my strokes; moving away from his nipples I kissed his collarbone, running my left hand over his hip, reaching down and squeezing one perfect, rounded cheek. His fingers gripped tighter at my hair, and I knew he was close. I ran my thumb over the head of his shaft, and with a shudder and a broken cry of my name he came. 

I withdrew my hand from Toby and looked and the warm semen that covered it. Greedily, I licked it up until there was nothing left. Wonderful. Ignoring my own throbbing erection, I laid down, gathering the small form in my arms.

“Toby… how lovely you are,” I whispered in his ear, kissing it. To my horror, Toby began sobbing and tears spilled from his eyes.

“Toby! My God, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing… I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. It’s just that… I’ve been alone for so long. I have no one. I’m always afraid of people… but not you. They way you are… so wonderful, so gentle… no one has ever been so kind to me before.”

I tightened my arms around him protectively, feeling a lump forming in my throat.

“I know what it’s like to be alone. Believe me, I know.” I sighed. “Toby… what’s it like for you at home? You seemed afraid to go home last night.”


“You mentioned your father.”

A small sob.

“He mistreats you, doesn’t he?”

Toby cried heartbreakingly at my shoulder.

“He hates me. He says so all the time. He was never kind to me when I was a kid, but when my mother died he became downright cruel. If he calls me a bastard punk he’s being unusually mild.”

I tilted Toby’s chin up, making him look me in the eye.

“Does he ever hit you?”

Toby didn’t say anything. He didn’t have to. I could see it in his eyes.

“That son of a bitch!”

Hate was burning inside me, like acid.

“I’ll have a little talk with him.”

“No!” Toby shook his head. “Please don’t — it won’t do any good.”

“Toby…” I took a deep breath. “Come live with me.”

A look of pure surprise spread across his face.


“You don’t have to decide now, I know we only just met. It’s just that… I want you to be safe and happy… with me. If you were willing to give me that chance. Just think about it. Okay?”

He nodded slowly.


I caressed his tear-stained cheek.

“Will you stay the night with me?” He looked at me nervously. “Just to sleep. I would never do anything you weren’t ready for.”

“I know…” He toyed with a button on his shirt. “It’s not that I don’t want to… make love… it’s just that … it will be my first time.”

I pressed a soft kiss on his forehead.

“I can wait, love. Forever, if I have to.”

“I’d love to stay here tonight.” 

Toby sighed deeply, and I could sense he was already drifting off to sleep. I rose, scooped him up in my arms and carried him to the bedroom, placing him on my bed. I removed his clothes, leaving his underwear on and, after having undressed myself I laid down next to him and pulled him close, smiling to myself as he instinctively snuggled up against me. But still, my own stupidity was nagging at me. How could I suggest to Toby that he would come living with me? He didn’t know what I was. If I told him… he would be afraid of me. The thought of those jade eyes looking at me in fear made my heart ache. How could I ever tell him? But that father of his… I had to get Toby away from that bastard.

All the while Toby slept, I held him and stroked his silky hair. I racked my brain, trying desperately to figure and answer as to what to do. I came up with none.


It was early in the morning, sometime between three and four, that there was a loud knock on the door. That could, of course, only mean one thing. One of my kind. There were a few who I kept in touch with who sometimes visited me, but I knew them to be scattered around the world at the moment; it couldn’t be one of them. Carefully disentangling myself from the sleeping Toby, I donned a robe and hurried for the door. I took a look in the peephole; when I saw who it was outside I groaned. It was the last person I wanted to see right now.

“Oh no!”

Sighing deeply, I opened the door.

“How did you find me?”

Christian laughed melodically.

“Oh, it wasn’t easy. But, I had few people keep a lookout for you and… here we are.”

He looked wickedly good, as always. His hair fell over his shoulders in a straight, shiny curtain, one single strand dyed blood red. He was dressed in black pants and a long black high-collared coat, and his pale blue eyes were enhanced with black eyeliner. Once, he would have made my mouth water, but now all I felt was repulsion.

“I see you’ve gone goth,” I said. “It’s totally you.”

“Hey, I’m a vampire, so why not look like one?”

I folded my arms over my chest.

“So you had people scouting for me, huh?”

“Of course.” Christian smiled crookedly. “They said you were living like a monk, but it seems they were wrong.” He took a step closer to me, sniffing deeply. “You smell like human. Do you have a little lover in there? Or is it just a snack?”

I growled.

“You know I don’t….”

“…don’t feed on humans, yes, yes. What a broken record you are.”

I rubbed my forehead.

“What do you want, Christian?”

His smile disappeared.

“You know what I want.” He took a step closer, putting his hand on my arm. “We were great once.”

“Once and never again.”

“You can’t just break my heart and leave.”

“After what I saw you do, I’m positive you have no heart.”

He snorted in disgust.

“Humans are our natural food. Why shouldn’t I feed on them?”

“They were innocent children! And we were human once, too.”

“Don’t act like such a saint. I saw the look on your face when we offered you human blood. I saw how much you wanted it.”

Christian placed a hand on my cheek.

“My love, do yourself a favor. Go to that human you have in there and feast yourself. It will do you a world of g….”

My hand shot out a gripped his throat, lifting him off the ground and squeezing hard, making him choke.

“Don’t call me love! I can’t stand the sight of you. Your very presence sickens me. Just leave me alone, and never come near me again.”

I dropped him. He glared at me for a second, rubbing his throat. Then he stood up, straightened his clothing and turned away.

“As you wish, Aidan.”

I watched him walk down the hall, then I closed the door and went back to the bedroom. Toby was still asleep. I laid back down next to him and took him back in my arms. I held him like that until he woke up.


In the morning when Toby woke he needed to leave right away for school, which conveniently solved the problem of what to do about breakfast. All I had in my fridge were plastic bags filled with blood. I gave him some money to get a cab and made him promise to get something to eat on the way. Toby said he was unable to meet me later, since his father had asked him the day before to come straight home after school.

“Sometimes he couldn’t care less what I do, but when he tells me to do something it’s better for your health to just do it.”

“I’ll call you later tonight,” I said. “To make sure you’re allright. And… you’ll think about what I said?”


I pulled him close and kissed him softly, and then he was out the door. He turned back, however, and kissed me again before making a run for it down the hall. Smiling to myself, I went back to the bedroom to take my rest.


It was about five p.m. when I woke, and I knew something was very, very wrong. Something was wrong with Toby. I just knew; I felt it in my gut like I’d been punched. I grabbed my phone and called his cell. No answer. Frantically I threw on some clothes and left my apartment. While outside, I hurried off in the direction of Toby’s home. I climbed the fire escape on a building and ran with all my might, jumping from roof to roof. I didn’t care if anyone saw me, all I cared about was getting to Toby. I didn’t take long, but it felt like I ran for hours. When I finally I landed at the roof of his house, I hurriedly lowered myself onto the fire escape and down to Toby’s window. The blinds were down, but there was a gap in them and I looked in. What I saw made my blood boil, and I felt my canines extend and my nails sharpen in my fury.

Toby was lying on his bed, his shirt was ripped apart and his lower body was completely naked. His cheeks were wet with tears, his eyes wide with fear. His hands were held down by a man, one of his legs were held by another man. A third man stood by the side of the bed, laughing and in the process of undressing.

I placed my hands on the sides of the window. It didn’t take much of me to make the wood crack into splinters, and the window fell away into floor of the room. I tore away the blinds and jumped in. The men who were restraining Toby stared in shock for a moment, then they quickly pulled guns out of their jackets. But they were no match for me. Roaring with rage, I disarmed one of them with a perfectly aimed kick. I dodged to the side and grabbed the arm of the other one, hardened my grip and broke it. He screamed in pain, and I threw him headfirst against the wall, knocking him unconscious. The other man took a swing at me but missed; I slammed my fist into his face, and he crumpled to the floor. The third one, still with his pants around his ankles, lunged for one of the guns, but I threw myself on top of him. I grabbed his head and banged it against the floor, over and over again, murder and vengeance on my mind…


The small, clear voice made me freeze, and I let the man’s head go. I rose and turned, painfully aware of how I must look. I stared down at my hands, looking at the animalistic claws. They were drawing back now, turning into normal nails again, but Toby had no doubt seen them as well as my fangs. I took a deep breath and looked at him. He was sitting up in his bed, tears still flowing from his eyes.


He said my name again, and to my amazement held out his arms to me. In one stride I was at the bed, holding his shaking body close.


“Take me away from here.”

I grabbed some clothes from the closet and helped Toby dress. When he was done we left as swiftly and quietly as possible and made our way back to my apartment.


We were sitting on the couch in my apartment. Toby was on my lap, I had my arms around him and he was resting his head on my shoulder, his fingers playing absent-mindedly with a strand of my hair.

“Why aren’t you afraid of me… now that you know what I am?”

“Because I know you would never hurt me. Because… I love you.”

I held him closer, burying my nose in his hair.

“I love you, my angel.”

We stayed still for a while, but then I had to ask.

“What happened? Who were they?” Toby stiffened. “It’s okay. You can tell me.”

“I came home and they were there, with my dad. I’d never seen them before. My dad was acting strange, being nice to me, giving me a coke and making me sit down in the living room with them. One of them was looking at me in a very… unfortable way, and I was beginning to feel like something was really wrong. And then the guy smiled and nodded to my dad, and my dad said to me: ‘Toby, we have a little problem here, but thankfully we’ve figured out a way to fix it. See, I borrowed some money from mr Bartlett here a while back, but I can’t pay him back. But, as it happens he loves young boys, and you’re just his type. So if you’ll just be nice to him and show him a good time, he’ll call off part of my debt.’ And that Bartlett-man said: ‘He’s so pretty I think I’ll call it all off.’ And dad just said ‘Great! Have fun’, and then he took his jacket and left me alone with them. And… and they took me to the bedroom and practically tore off my clothes… and you know the rest.”

Toby had begun crying quietly again during his tale, and I could feel my own tears beginning to fall.

“I’ll take care of you from now on, Toby. No one will ever hurt you again. Not if I can help it.”

I pressed a soft kiss on his cheek, and wiped away the tears with my hand.

“Aidan… I have to know: Do you… kill people?”

“No, love. I only feed on animal blood. I can take blood from a human without causing pain or danger, I can even make it pleasurable, but I would never take what wasn’t freely given.”

Toby smiled happily.

“Good. That’s what I thought.”

“I was ready to kill those guys tonight, though. If you hadn’t spoken, I would have.”

Toby didn’t say anything, just nuzzled against my neck.

“You’ve been through hell. You should sleep. Come on.”

I carried him to the bedroom and undressed him. As I took off my own clothes, I could feel his eyes on me.

“Aidan… you’re so beautiful.”

“Not like you, my love. You’re breathtaking.”

He reached out to me, and I pulled him close, kissing him deeply. I could feel him harden, and then he whispered against my lips:

“Make love to me.”

I opened my mouth to say no; that we shouldn’t so soon after the nightmare he’d just experienced, but I stopped myself when I saw the look in his eye. He wanted it. His eyes were on fire and he was looking at me with so much desire, so much love that my insides filled with a happiness so strong it was painful.

Gently, I pushed Toby onto the bed and blanketed his body with my own. Whilst kissing him and invading his mouth with my tongue, I positioned my aching, heated hardness against Toby’s, and began grinding down on his cock, making him whimper in my mouth. His little hands were sliding over my arms, my back, my ass – exploring any part of me they could reach, driving me crazy with lust.

Toby’s whimpers were becoming more acute, and I knew I he was close. Wanting to keep him on the edge a little longer, I ceased my grinding to a protesting groan. I smiled devilishly to myself, and moved away from his lips to his troat, running my tongue over the soft skin. I moved down over the collarbone, caressing it with my lips, then made my way to his nipple. I flicked my tongue against the hard nub and grazed it lightly with my teeth.


Toby closed his eyes, licking his lips and the sight of him made my cock twitch. I gave his left nipple the same the same treatment as the other, then trailed my way downwards, licking the skin, loving the silky texture on my tongue. Then, finally, I reached my target: the rosy, hard length, surrounded by a few golden curls at the base and leaking precum. I cupped his balls with my hands, massaging them gently, then wrapped my lips around the head. I moved down on the shaft with deliberate slowness, intent on pleasuring my sweet as much as possible. With feather-light touch I moved my hands over his legs and his stomach. I glanced up at him; his eyes were shut tight, his breath coming out in sharp pants and he was pressing his head down hard against the pillow. I dove down again, pressing my tongue against the side of his cock as I slid down; with a scream and bucking wildly, Toby came, and I swallowed greedily, careful not to miss a single drop of my lover’s essence, loving its divine taste on my tongue.

I gave him a moment to recover, leaning on my elbow beside him looking down at him. He was trembling slightly and making sweet little noises of bliss. When he opened his eyes, I smiled adoringly at him and was instantly rewarded with an incandescent smile of his own, and he pulled me down to press our lips together. He moaned into my mouth when he tasted the remnants of his own release as we kissed. I grinned with satisfaction as his spent member already started making efforts to return to life.

“Aidan… I love you so much.”

“And I love you.”

A sudden thought struck me, and I cursed.

“What’s wrong?” Toby looked worried.

“I just remembered… I have nothing to lubricate you with. It’s been a long time since I had a lover.”

“Oh…” Toby’s cheeks grew pink. “And that will be… absolutely necessary?”

“Absolutely. I want you to be as comfortable as possible.”

“Uhm…” Toby bit his lip. “Take a look in my jacket pocket.”

Curious, I did as I was told. To my utter amazement, I discovered a small tin of vaseline. Chuckling, I winked at Toby.

“Well, well… aren’t you the boyscout…!”

“Hey!” The pink stains on his cheek turned crimson. “It’s winter! I get sores on my lips if I don’t put that on!”

“Hmm…” I walked over to him and traced his bottom lip with the tip of my tongue. “It must be working. Your lips are exquisitely soft.”

We kissed slowly, and Toby slid his hand onto my tool. I groaned. I hadn’t come yet; I was saving that for when I was inside Toby, but his trembling hand was bringing me dangerously close to the edge, so I removed it.

“Roll over, love.”

He did as I asked. I kissed his thighs, parting the slender legs. Kissing my way up along the thighs to the perfectly rounded mounds, between which lay the gateway to heaven; presently it was closed to me, but I knew how to open it. I parted the cheeks and took in the deep, intimate scent that made me impossibly harder. Caressing the tight skin around the ring, I let my tongue slip out; licking deeply I gorged myself in the unique flavor of my angel to his muffled cries of pleasure. Taking the tin of vaseline, I took some on my fingers and very, very carefully slid my index finger in. Toby was breathing hard, but didn’t seem to be uncomfortable.

“Okay?” I asked. Toby nodded. “Tell me if it gets painful.”

“I will.”

I smiled, licking my lips. Carefully searching for that special spot, crooking my finger, and as I found it, Toby gave up an “Aah!” that was sweeter than any music. I took my time, twisting and stretching, eventually slipping in a second, then a third finger, encouraging the ring to open. When I was satisfied, I slickened my cock with vaseline and had Toby lie on his side. Positioning myself at his entrance, I pushed in. He tensed and grasped the sheets. I halted.

“It… hurts.”

“I know, my love. It will get better soon. Just breathe. Relax and breathe.”

I caressed his back soothingly; reaching around his waist I wrapped my hand around his shaft and stroked slowly while kissing his neck and nibbling his earlobe. When Toby’s grip on the sheets eased up and as he began making pleasured noises, I slowly buried myself deeper in tight, incinerating heat until I was all the way inside.

“How do you feel?”

“Stretched… but okay.”

Keeping up my caresses I began to move, slowly sliding in and out. I licked, kissed and nibbled at Toby’s ear, the sensitive spot below, the nape of his neck… My hand still stroking his member, I increased speed as I began to thrust harder. 

“Ah… aah!”

Toby moaned and began pushing back to meet my thrusts. I grinned in triumph and pushed harder and harder, just barely restraining myself from pounding into him. Toby was fisting the sheets again, but not from pain this time, crying out with every thrust. The feeling of hot, tight, slick skin gripping my flesh every time I plunged in was driving me crazy with lust, rushing me so fast towards the edge… At first I didn’t even realize that Toby was whispering to me.

“What… what did you say, my love?”

“Aidan… I… ah! I want… I want you to feed on me.”

The words rushed through me like fire; I felt an incredible pride, knowing that Toby trusted me this much. Extending my canines, I pierced the fragile flesh of his neck and let his blood flow into my mouth. In its sweet and metallic flavor was something more: all of Toby’s feelings. It was like love in liquid form and I treasured every drop. With a resounding scream Toby came, covering my hand with semen, thrashing in my arms. I withdrew my fangs from his neck, hurriedly licked the wounds and joined him in ecstasy; grasping the bucking body tightly against my chest I pushed my cock in deep and with a rough groan I sprayed my release into the contracting channel.

We stayed still for a while, both of us shaking from our intense climaxes and trying to catch our breath. 

“Aidan… It was so wonderful…” Toby’s voice was trembling. I softly kissed the back of his neck.

“Yes… it certainly was.”

I took a couple of tissues from the nightstand and cleaned us up a little. Turning Toby in my arms I held him close, his head pillowed on my chest, one of his arms around my waist. With simultaneous sighs we both drifted off to sleep.


The next day when we woke, rain was pounding against the windows. I woke Toby up with kisses and took him to the shower. We held each other, kissing and touching until I couldn’t contain myself any longer and lifted him up in my arms. Holding him against the wall, his arms around my neck, I entered him and we made love slowly and sweetly until, moaning, we came under the spray of the warm water.

When we had dried off and dressed I knew Toby was hungry, so I suggested we go out and buy some food.

“But… can you go outside? There’s still daylight.”

“It’ll be okay. I can go out when it’s cloudy like this. It’s only direct sunlight that’s dangerous.”

Toby swallowed.

“Does it… does it make you burst into flames?”

“Yes. But not right away, like in the movies. I can stay in sunlight for thirty, forty minutes without anything happening. But any longer than that, and the skin will blister and crack. Then you burst into flames. It’s a long, painful death.” I looked at Toby; his eyes were wide and his mouth gaping. “Or so I’ve heard. I’ve never actually seen it. C’mon, let’s go.”

Since I never shop for food, I had no idea what to buy, so I just told Toby to get whatever he liked. It didn’t take too long, and we were soon back at the apartment, where Toby cooked an omelet for himself which he ate with good appetite as I sat across from him at the table, slowly sipping on a glass of blood. I was worried that it would maybe gross him out, but it didn’t seem to; he just kept asking me questions about being a vampire. Like a lot of people, Toby had read books and seen countless movies and tv-shows about vampires, and he was very curious as to what was true or false, and I actually found myself enjoying talking to him about it.

“Some movies or books get it somewhat right; others are dead wrong. Ironically, the book that probably is more inaccurate that anyone is the book that made people fascinated with vampires to begin with.”

“Dracula?” Toby smiled.

“You’ve read it?”

“Several times.”

“That book, entertaining though it may be is filled with bull. Bram Stoker was way off. I can’t squeeze through a tiny crack in a door, I have no problem with religious symbols like crucifixes, I have no power over wolves or rats and I can’t transform into mist. The tide does not affect me, I don’t sleep in a coffin, and I don’t have a problem with garlic. And, like you saw for yourself, I can enter someone’s home without being invited, but I generally don’t. It’s very rude.”

“And you can see your reflection in the mirror?”


Toby swallowed the last of his food.

“And you can survive on animal blood?”

“Yes. The vampires who feed on humans do so by choice. Unfortunately, most of the vampires out there have made that choice. You see, human blood is a little different than animal blood. When you feed on a human you can feel everything they’re feeling at that moment; it’s a very powerful sensation, and a lot of vampires get addicted to it. They will even kill the people they’re feeding on, and sometimes they will torture them to make them feel as much as possible. Some vampires seduce their victims for that same purpose.”

“Oh…” Toby peered at me from underneath his eyelashes. “So, when you drank my blood last night… you could feel what I felt?”

“Yes.” I reached out and stroked his cheek. “I felt everything. And I will never forget it.”

Toby blushed and smiled, looking down at the table, being absolutely adorable. We moved from the kitchen into the living room, to stretch out on the sofa together and continue our Q&A.

“How can a vampire be killed?” Toby asked, his fingers playing with my shirt.

“Tired of me already?” I asked. Toby giggled. “Well, like I said before sunlight is deadly, but it takes time. Piercing the heart, a bullet through the brain or decapitation will do it. Beyond that, we’re basically immortal. We can’t even starve. If we don’t feed, we get very weak, but we don’t die.”

Toby was silent for a few minutes.

“How do you become a vampire?”

I took a deep breath. I had a feeling what would come next.

“If a vampire lets you taste his blood, then you will become a vampire.”

“How long does it take? Does it hurt?”

“No, you’re unconscious the whole time. It takes three or four days, then you’re fully transformed.”

“Aidan.” Toby propped himself up on one elbow, looking down at me. “Make me a vampire. I want to be with you forever.”

“Toby, no.”

Toby sat up, looking heartbroken.


“Toby…” I took his hand. “I didn’t mean I don’t what to have you by my side forever. It would be a dream come true. But I refuse to do it unless you think it over carefully first. Once you’ve been made a vampire you’re stuck that way. Forever. Think it over. I will love you no matter what you decide.”


Toby took my advice. We spent our days together almost like a normal couple: laughing, talking, going out, and making love over and over again. But I knew Toby was thinking about his decision. Sometimes he would ask me questions, sometimes he would be very quiet. I gave him all the time he needed without mentioning the subject. I would have given him years to decide if he’d needed it.

One night I was lying on the couch, Toby stretched out on top of me. I thought he was asleep, but suddenly he spoke:

“I’ve decided.”

I sat up, taking him with me.


“Yes. Thinking about it any more would be pointless. I know what I want to do.”

He was interrupted by a loud knock on the door. 

“Toby, stay here.”

I was getting that feeling again: that something was very wrong. I went to the door and looked out the peephole, but couldn’t see anyone. I opened the door a crack and stuck out my head. The hallway outside was empty. I returned to the living room and stopped dead in my tracks.

Later, I would wonder how the hell Christian managed to get into my apartment, but right then, I didn’t care. All I cared about was the limp figure he held in his arms. Toby was unconscious and blood was pouring down his neck, which was badly torn. Christian licked his lips.

“Tasty.” He kissed the bloodied neck. “And so lovely. I can see why this one attracted you.”

“Christian…” I took a few steps closer. “Let him go.”

He grinned, his lips red with blood.

“Did you think I would give up that easily? That I would let you choose a human over me?” Christian put his hand around Toby’s neck and squeezed, his claws digging into the wound, slicing it open even more.

“No!” I screamed.

“I will squeeze every single drop from his fragile little body…” 

Christian smiled, tightening his grip. I flung myself at him, knocking all three of us to the floor. I grabbed Christian and dragged him away from Toby, but he sank his claws into my arm and I lost my grip. Christian scrambled back towards Toby; I grabbed his leg, tripping him. Taking his arm, I pinned it behind his back, making him groan.

“I love it when you play rough.” he hissed.

I pulled Christian to his feet, but he managed to twist free and leapt away from me. Keeping his eyes on me, lowered his back, ready to pounce.

“He’s just a human. He’s expendable.”

“No.” I growled. “You are.”

Christian leapt, but so did I, a split second sooner. He clawed furiously at me, but I had a good grip this time. Holding him with one arm, I wrapped the other around his head. With a swift yank, I broke his neck and let his limp body fall to the floor. I walked over to the fireplace and took the poker. I returned to Christian; his body was twitching and trying to get up. Without hesitation, I drove the poker through his heart. For a second, Christian was absolutely still, then he dissolved into dust.

Dropping the poker, I ran to Toby. He was lying face down on the floor, and I carefully rolled him over. At first, I thought he was dead, then I noticed he was still breathing. But I knew he was weak, and fading fast. There was only one thing I could do to save him. I bit down on my wrist. I parted, and let the blood from my wrist fall into his mouth.

“Please,” I thought, cradling him to my chest, tears falling down my cheeks. “Please stay with me. I beg you. Stay with me.”


For five days Toby lay white-faced and absolutely still in our bed. I never left him, except to go the kitchen to get some blood. I was beginning to think he might never wake up. I had never transformed anyone before; what if I’d done it wrong? What if Toby had been too near death when I gave him my blood? These were thoughts that were tormenting me as I lay next him in bed, holding his hand and stroking his golden hair. But then, suddenly it happened. Toby shifted. His pink lips parted and he sighed. Then his jade eyes opened. They blinked slowly, and then they saw me, and Toby’s face lit up in a perfect smile.


A little later, Toby was sitting up in bed, still weak but a little bit stronger after having completed his first glass of blood, while I explained what had happened.

“You were dying. I had no choice. I had to transform you.”

Toby smiled and put his arms around me.

“It doesn’t matter. I had already decided, anyway. This is what I wanted.” 

I hugged him tightly.

“I’m sorry. I promised you I wouldn’t let anyone hurt you. I failed.”

“You can’t protect me from everything,” he whispered against my neck. “That’s impossible. All I want is for you to love me.”

“I do. So very much.”

“And now I’m yours forever. And you are mine.”



Two days later…

I was lying in bed, looking up at the glorious sight of a naked Toby straddling me, the light of candles making his hair shimmer.

“What if I do it wrong?” he asked anxiously.

“It’ll be okay. You will know what to do instinctively.”

He licked his lips and lowered himself down to me. I could feel his small, sharp fangs against my neck; Toby let them pierce the skin, and a tidal-wave of pleasure rushed through my body. Toby suckled at my neck for a minute, then licked the wounds and raised himself a little, looking down at me with wide eyes, breathing hard.

“Oh… God!” he panted. Then he crushed our lips together, pushing his body as hard into mine as he could, our tongues dancing inside our mouths. With one swift move, I rolled us over and pressed my lips against his pink, hard nipple, nipping it with my teeth as his hands fastened in my hair. I grabbed a newly-bought tube of lube from the nightstand. Squeezing some onto my fingers, I pressed a digit inside Toby, then another.

“Forget it…” he panted, his green eyes blazing. “Just take me!”

Quickly, I took some more lube and coated my cock with it. I placed myself at his opening, then pushed all the way in. Toby wrapped his legs around my waist and his hands grabbed my shoulders. I began to thrust hard into the welcoming body, staring into Toby’s eyes, their gaze bewitching me. I moved my hips fast, pounding with all my might, moaning out my pleasure just like Toby, white-hot heat filling every part of my body so that I was only faintly aware of Toby’s fingers digging hard into my shoulders. Toby pressed his head down against the pillow, slammed his hips up to meet mine, and screamed, his release splattering between our bodies. I felt Toby’s channel tighten around me, and I tripped, flooding him with my come, roaring so hard my throat burned. In the intenseness of the moment, we both drifted off.

It felt like floating. The room and the bed had faded away and we were floating through darkness illuminated by a million stars, holding onto each other. Vaguely, I thought:

“Isn’t this heaven? Being with Toby, like this…. it has to be heaven.”

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