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Camping Is Always Fun

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“Hey birthday boy,” Leticia sidled up unexpectedly. “Tongue fuck your ass for a quarter?”

Kyle choked on his Dew and sputtered, “Excuse me?”

She broke into a snorting giggle, “Sorry, inside joke. Still skipping work to go camping this weekend, right? It’s gonna be so awesome!”

He found it hard to believe this total nerd would know how to have fun. Kyle put his arm around her and pulled her closer, “Maybe. Who else is coming, I forgot?”

“Tasha, Chad and Stacey, knucklehead. We have been planning this for two days now!” She socked him squarely on the shoulder.

“Ouch, hey! I was just fuckin’ with you, gees.” He rubbed his sore arm with a mocking grimace.

“Oh, what does your pussy hurt now? Big baby,” she took off at a sprint when he came at her. Taunting jeers of “Pussy… pussy boy,” rang through the emptying parking lot as the young couple raced to their van.

Leticia opened her door just as he reached her, panting, “I am so gonna get you.” He pulled himself tightly to the heaving girl.

She looked over his shoulder and saw that part of the lot was empty, and a building contractors large van wouldn’t be moved till the job was done tonight. “So get me,” she tilted her forehead down so her eyes blinked invitingly from her thick cat’s eye frames.

Kyle turned around to check the coast, and turned back with a happy grin. They brought their lips together in a crash of lips and tongues. His strong hands cupped her firm small breast and squeezed roughly as he pressed his hardening tool into Leticia’s grabbing hand. His other hand caressed her firm bottom to the hem of her skirt, then pulled it over a cheek. He kneaded and spanked her naked flesh playfully while they wrestled it out with their mouths.

“I have so been wet all day,” she whispered in his ear. “Do me real good now, and I promise to make it up to you this weekend. ‘Kay?” She stroked his straining shaft as she bent in to close the deal.

“How can I say no to that? Do you really promise? Or are you going to tease me later, “Ha ha, you ate me and you got nothin’…” Kyle imitated a future taunt in a not very convincing girl’s voice.

“First off, when I promise, I promise. Second…you’ll find out tomorrow after we bunk down for the night.” She cocked her brow, ready to pull up the rest of her skirt.

“Deal,” he squinted with a nod before he dropped to his knees. Leticia pulled up her skirt to reveal no underwear, but a very bushy mound. He buried his face into her musky fur to seek out her lips. His probing tongue found her juicy hole and licked up to her throbbing clitoris lightly.

“Oooh, yeah!” She tried to contain herself.

His hands rounded her ass and pressed her tighter to his hungry mouth. Her fingernails dug lightly into his scalp as she ground her clit against his friction. He continued with a series of deep tongue thrusts followed with several teasing licks on her burning bud.

Leticia was a lot closer than she thought. Within a minute she was approaching her orgasm with a violent quickness. Her hips rattled momentarily through the tidal wave of hot tingles, as Kyle surfed her clit to the beach.

Kyle wiped his wet face with the sleeve of his flannel, and stood to kiss his girlfriend. “Ooo no, your face stinks, kiss me later.”

“Now who’s the pussy?”

“I don’t know, but you sure smell like one.” She jumped in and quickly closed the door, locking him out. She managed to scramble to his side to lock it also, and made obscene faces at him against the glass until she was ready to let him in.

“I so owe to one.”

“Oh, you owe me a lot more than one, buddy. Let’s go pack.”

“Who’s got the Scooby Snax?” Tasha said as she rifled through the cooler. She bent at the waist, leaving her ass to spread directly in front of Chad.

Chad shook his head clear and tried to look at something else, but every time she moved her beautiful butt begged for attention. Stacey plopped down next to him bringing him directly back to earth. She started reapplying her make up.

“Hey sweetie, having fun?” He snuggled up closer wrapping his arm around her.

She shrugged his arm off, “No, actually I’m not. It’s getting dark and the bugs are coming out. Every time I shoo them away, it messes up my hair,” she started brushing her hair nervously. “It’s too far to the outhouse, and if that’s not enough, I’m missing Friends. I don’t know how you talked me into this, but…” she followed Chad eyes to Tasha’s plump rump. “You jerk!” She punched him in the leg and huffed.

“O.K. I said who has the Scooby Snax? Leti, you had ’em last didn’t you?” She turned to the clinging couple.

Leti broke from her torrid embrace with Colin, “We had one a half an hour ago, didn’t we, hot stuff?” Her attention was again directed at her main squeeze and was quickly drawn into another tongue battle.

“Chad, if you’ve lost the Snax I swear I am going to kill you.” She raised an eyebrow in his direction.

“Oh, sorry. Here they are.” He turned quickly and spun around with a plastic bag filled with lightly green brownies.

Tasha opened the bag up quickly and grabbed two. She ate them hungrily and grabbed another beer from the cooler. “God you guys, get a room!”

Colin broke away, “You know, that’s not such a bad idea. Leticia?”

“Hmmm. That might be nice. I’m quite tired.” No one seemed to believe they would just go to sleep.

After they said their last goodnights, they climbed into the van and lit their lantern. Then closed the curtains tightly and lit some Nag. They eyed each other voraciously as they untied their boots.

“Oh my god is that your feet?” Kyle’s nose fought the immediate urge to curl.

“Why don’t you find out,” Leti wiggled her toes at him as she laid back.

Yes it was her feet and Kyle held his breath as he got nearer.

“Do you want to clean them for me,” she pushed her feet to his puckered lips. He shook his head frantically. “No? Chicken.”

Kyle sat back, “Maybe after swimming tomorrow, if you’re lucky.”

“Speaking of luck, do you want to see my four leaf clover?” She began to unzip her shorts and wriggled out of them.

Kyle edged in closer see what was under those cute white panties. She kicked them off and flung them into the back of the van. She spread her legs to display her lucky charm. A delicious looking heart was trimmed out of her bush, leaving her vagina bald and glistening in the dim light of the lantern.

“That’s absolutely beautiful,” he went to kiss her silky moistness.

“Not yet. We haven’t had desert.” She finished getting undressed and dug in her backpack until Kyle caught up. She pulled out a plastic container, “I made this just for you.”

“Oh man, is that cheesecake?” Kyle’s eyes glazed as she picked up his cake. He opened his mouth to receive his present, but was visibly confused for a moment while the delicious treat was laid neatly on her pussy instead.

“Not yet!” She smacked his head when he approached licking his lips. She then produced a little jar of blueberry syrup and liberally drizzled the cheesecake with it. It ran over the cake, into her pussy and dripped lightly onto her asshole.

“Now, come and get it.”

Kyle knew a good cheesecake when he had it, and he savored every last mouthful pushing it into Leti’s syrupy mound. He cleaned her sweet clit and sucked at her hole while digging with his tongue to finish devouring his meal.

She grabbed behind her knees and pulled back exposing her sweetened rosebud. Kyle was in too frantic a state to think twice. His tongue flew over her pucker and pierced it repeatedly, lapping up any left over syrup. Leticia’s eyes were now rolled back in complete rapture as she squealed, “Oh yeah, eat my ass.” But he finished much too soon and left her stranded in pre- orgasmic bliss.

“I think it’s my turn now.” Kyle sat against some extra pillows and presented his throbbing pole.

“How about I pick up where you left off?” She grabbed his ankles and pulled him towards her, pushing his legs back as far as they would go. Kyle held his legs back as she reached over for the rest of the blueberry syrup. Drizzling the remainder on his pucker, she put the jar away and settled down for her turn at the plate.

Leti licked lightly at the syrup then drove her tongue inside. She wiggled her face as she licked and slurped the syrup off, repeatedly stabbing her tongue into his ass. Kyle moaned and twitched under the attack, his cock hardening quickly.

She took a long lick up to his balls and sucked one in. Kyle jerked at the intense sensation. Leti sucked each one gently then harder making him clench the sleeping bag in a fit of painful pleasure. Licking her way up from his sack she brought his tool closer to her mouth. Kyle lowered his legs to help, and was rewarded with warm wet kisses on the head of his dick.

Leti stroked his shaft with one hand while playing with his balls with the other. She bathed his cock in hot licks and sweet sucks. Taking the head in her mouth she stroked his tool rhythmically. She met his eyes with a sensual look and turned her head slightly to give him a better look at his cock pressing against the inside of her cheek.

Kyle watched Leticia swallow his cock almost all the way down. She tried several times, but her mouth was still inches away from the base. After a minute her diligence paid off and she buried her nose in his pubic hair. Kyle threw his head back and almost screamed when she began to rumble her throat around his cock in a choking gargle.

Sensing his end was near, Leti removed her mouth from his straining penis. “Oh god, I almost forgot the most important part. Turn over.” She sat back as Kyle struggled to his stomach. “Ass up, maggot,” she gave his rump a playful slap. When his backside was presented before her she was ready. “How old are you again?” She dug in her pack.

“Twenty-two.” He knew what was coming.

SMACK! “Count please, I’d hate to lose track.” Leti smiled at the large round print forming on his right cheek.

“One,” he wasn’t sure if he could last all twenty two if she was going to spank that hard. What the hell is she using?


“Two, three, four, five…Ouch! Damn…” Kyle mumbled.

“Quiet down baby and take your licks, or I’m starting over!” SMACK, SMACK!

Leti continued until the course was through, leaving his ass a burning red and her ping pong paddle vibrating intensely in her hands.

“…and one to grow on.” SMACK! “So how does it feel?”

“What, to be twenty two or my ass?”

“Oooh, good one. How about both?”

“Well, twenty two is shaping up pretty nicely, and as long as I’m not sitting down any time soon I’ll be fine.”

“I don’t see any reason for you to be sitting for quite a while,” Leti pulled him closer and spread her legs.

Kyle entered her hot wet pussy slowly and kissed her, “Dammit you’re hot.”

“I haven’t even started yet,” Leti pulled her knees back for maximum penetration. “Mmm, hmm. Yeah, all the way in. Fuck!” She wrapped her fingers around his biceps as he steadily drove into her hot box.

Kyle sighed, “Leti, I…”, but she put her fingers to his lips.

“No talking. We have all night,” her finger traced his lips to his chin, then to his pierced nipple which she playfully twisted. She ground her ass up at him and brought her finger to his lips.

He sucked her finger happily as he worked his solid predator into her humid cavern. Leti pulled her finger out of his wet mouth and brought it to her exposed anus. Her finger quickly found it’s way inside and made Leticia squeal with abandon.

Kyle saw her face light up and leaned forward to give it harder. He wondered if he played his cards right… He slowed down to a deep probing hip grind, “I bet I know what you want.”

“What’s that?” She heaved, wishing he would continue.

“My cock in your ass,” he said with a light chuckle.

“Actually, yes,” she pulled his face closer to kiss him. “How did you know?”

“I’m starting to catch on…” He watched her reach into her pack’s inner recesses for a tube of something. It was a brand new tube of K-Y jelly, and she wasted no time in opening the inner foil seal and squirting a generous dollop onto her palm. Within seconds, Kyle’s throbbing shaft was coated and aiming at her wrinkled chute.

She was glad she didn’t have to guide him through it. Lying on her back, Kyle plugged in slowly while Leti strummed her clit with a practiced finger. “Oh god yeah, fuck me deeper…”, she moaned. Her tingles raced with every inch of Kyle’s throbbing hardness. She ground her hips up to his slow inward thrusts, “Ooooh, mmmm…”

Kyle propped her left leg against his shoulder while clutching her right ankle in his hands. Leaning forward he stuffed the remaining length of his shaft between her cheeks. “Ungh, so tight… Shit!” He pulled out slightly, and with a twist of his hips plunged back in balls deep eliciting a shiver and an excited squeak from Leticia.

Building up speed, Kyle wanted to make Leticia scream. She clung to his arms as he built up an impressive momentum. Her finger flew over her engorged clit as her face screwed up into intense pleasure. She was close, so close she couldn’t stop it if she wanted to. Kyle’s hammer was down and forcing her to shudder from head to toe, finally escaping like steam in a teapot.

“Fuck it! Yeah! AAAHHH! GOD DAMMIT, FUCK!” Leticia screamed and moaned through her orgasm as Kyle himself showed signs of his impending climax. His thrusts became more powerful yet sporadic, and she noticed a change in his position.

Within moments Kyle was straddling her chest and aiming his spurting cock at her face. She closed her eyes, instantly glad she left her glasses on. Stripe after stripe of hot white love streaked across her face and into her hair. Leti winced with each blast, caught by surprise at his boldness and shocked to find she liked it. She opened her mouth to catch the last shot and to suck the rest out of Kyle’s now sensitive head.

Leticia released his shaft with a satisfied, “Aaah… I have to say that was a surprise.”

He plopped down beside her, “Really? I didn’t think that was possible.”

“Well, it doesn’t really happen that often. By the way I have another present for you.”

“Cool! What is it?” Kyle sat up quickly, lookin’ to score more loot.

Leticia rummaged in her pack, and started making a small pile next to her. Two long taper candles, two raw eggs, a funnel, ten plastic safety pins and a pair of rubber gloves were laid down between them when she returned to him.

“Now, let’s have some real fun…”

Chad heard Stacey’s heated stride carry her off into the dark forest. Fuckin’ bitch. I hope she doesn’t get lost. He sat stunned looking at the fire. He thought for sure tonight. They had a tent to themselves, a full bowl and all night. He couldn’t believe the way she could tease.

“What the fuck was her problem?” Tasha stirred the coals with a long stick.

“Oh, nothing.” He felt guilty for even talking to her right now. She was part of the reason Stacey ran off. She busted him so many times staring a Tasha’s shapely ass, she couldn’t take it anymore and told him to “Just go to hell!”

“Virgin?” She skewered a marshmallow on a sharpened stick.

“Me? No, I just…”

“Not you, her.” She found the perfect heat well.

“Oh. Yes.”

“Well, if I was her I’d be all over you.” She brought her treat out to check it’s color.

Chad blushed instantly. “Uh uhh, I’m flattered Tasha thank you.” He cracked open a beer hurriedly.

“Oh, don’t thank me. If she doesn’t come back soon, I don’t know what I’ll do.” She placed the marshmallow back in the inferno for a final turn. “Why don’t you come sit a little closer?”

You know what? Yeah, fuck her. I have tried, and I cannot defrost that ice maiden. He stood up and sat next to that dirty pixie. On her arms were at least ten tatoos, and that long ornate one above her ass drove him crazy all day. Tasha’s erect nipples pushed against her tight black cotton camisole.

She looked at him and gave him a wink. Her nearly perfect black eyes twinkled in the fire light. Tasha rested her head in her hand and whispered, “What do you think they’re doing?” She glanced at the bouncing bus.

“Whatever it is, I’d like to be doing it with you.”

“Mmm, sweet talker…” She brought his face to hers slowly and kissed him strongly. Her tongue probed and played with his. “What if she comes back?”

“Leykis 101 baby…”

“Kick that bitch to the curb!” Tasha joined Chad in the mantra, making both of them laugh loudly at the meeting of minds.

Chad continued, “She had her chance. As far as I’m concerned, she left me. I’m free.”

“Perfect, so am I.” She pulled her top off to show her small perky tits. Her nipples were small and pink, and rock hard in the open air. Chad went straight at them and kissed them both while squeezing her petite breasts together.

“I’m curious. Haven’t you tried, or is it she’s just not interested in sex?” She started to unbutton his shirt.

“One time she brushed up against my cock. We were kissing, and when she felt it all the way up, it didn’t take her long to realize how much losing her virginity would hurt.”

Tasha perked up, “Getting hurt is the best part! Damn, you have got to get broken in some how.” She purred as she warmed up to the idea of a big ride.

“I even gave her a finger once, but I swear she must not even jerk off because she couldn’t get into it.” By this time both were naked and laying a blanket over the picnic table bench.

“I love to jerk off! What’s your all time high?”

“Of masturbation?” He screwed up his face in thought, ” Five times in one day, I think…”

“Ten!” She raised her hands in victory. “But I was sick, and I had the whole house to myself. All I did was watch porn and smoke out all day.”

“Wow! Impressive.” He felt he could be honest with her. “Tasha… I am in love with your ass. It had me in thrall all day.” He pulled her into a close embrace while he squeezed her buns.

“So that’s what it was. It was on fire all day, like someone was staring holes at it,” she grinned broadly.

“I’m surprised you didn’t catch me, Stacey did.”

“Oh… Can I let you in on a little secret?”

“What’s that?” Their lips pecked each other’s between sticky breaths.

“I love my ass too, and I really like attention paid to it. A lot of special attention.”

His mind filled suddenly with all the fun he could have in her backyard. “What kind of attention?”, he asked slyly.

“Every kind you could think of.” She reached down to stroke his long and veiny viper. “By the way, just for the record this is the biggest cock I have ever seen.” She bent forward to wrap her lips around the plum sized head.

“And you still want me to have your ass?” He leaned back and watched that cute little vixen devour his prong.

“Honey, I’ll beg for it,” she smacked off his wet schlong. Tasha started stroking the long hard shaft with both hands. Her tiny fingers couldn’t reach around it’s girth, and her pussy drooled in anticipation. “I feel I have to warn you, I give the nastiest blow jobs. I swear, I slobber like a dog,” she confessed to Chad’s rollicking laughter. “One guy thought it was so gross, he almost puked.”

Chad finally calmed down and wiped the tears out of his eyes. Watching Tasha deftly swallow most of his tool was unbelievable. “Somehow I don’t think I’ll be bothered by a little spit tonight.”

Twenty feet away, Stacey was creeping back to the camp. What she saw shocked and petrified her, that bitch Tasha was sucking on that bastard Chad’s disgusting penis! That skank! Stacey crept closer, and hid behind a log. She was sure busting them up was a bad idea, so she’d get even with him later. She sat back to watch their filthy display.

Tasha wasn’t joking. Chad’s balls were coated in glistening bubbles of spit. Then as she inched her mouth closer to the base of his trunk, more seeped past her lips. Chad held on to the bench as he was sucked into heaven. Deeper and deeper his cock was forced into Tasha’s throat. Chad put his hand on the back of her head as a pleasure storm erupted in his loins.

“God damn! You weren’t kidding. Fuck!” Watching this dynamite pixie devour his cock put his balls back squarely in place. “You want to choke on it don’t you, bitch?”

Blazing opal eyes blinked once for “yes”, accompanied with an enthusiastic nod. Almost immediately she felt the power in his arm. Her gag reflex got the better of her and she wretched briefly, but she knew she could handle it. The remaining inches were coated in foam and slid noisily into her mouth after a minute of constant abuse.

“That does it!” Stacey stormed into the camp site. “I leave you alone for one minute and you’re playing swallow the leader with the town pump?!”

“Don’t go wrecking things now Stace, this is getting pretty sweet.” Chad felt that Tasha would rather say something at this point. He thought he could handle it himself, and kept his hand on her head.

“Why are you doing this to me?” Her anger turned to tears.

“Because you don’t do this to me,” he said simply.

“You know what? This is her fault! You were perfectly happy with me before she came along.”

“Actually Stacey…ahh ahhhh,” he tilted his head pack in ecstasy. ” I haven’t been happy for a while. I need sex. You wouldn’t give it to me, so that why I’m here now getting my brains blown out.”

“You fucking slut, I will kick your ass!” Stacey stumbled up to the kneeling Tasha.

Definitely a little scrapper, Tasha wrenched her head free, spun around and punched Stacey squarely in the stomach. Stacey stepped back a few feet grabbing her stomach, trying to catch her breath. Within a tussling moment, Tasha was laying on top of her straddling her chest pulling back a fist of fury.

“Oh god please don’t hit me! I’m sorry!” Stacey squinted in predetermined pain. She chanced one eye open in surprise of the missing blow.

Fist cocked but stifled by the plea for mercy, Tasha lowered her fist. “God dammit! Don’t fuck with me like that. We’re on vacation bitch! Get that stick out of your ass and live a little, fuck!”

Chad sat dumbfounded at Tasha’s quickness and agility. He raised a libidinous eyebrow.

“You are so lucky I’m horny right now. In fact… yeah…” She seemed instantly to mellow out, “Look, I’m not really into hookin’ up with anyone right now, so when I’m done you can have him back.”

Chad sat up quickly behind her with a worried look, “Hey, don’t I have a say in this?” He rudely inserted.

Both girls chimed, “Shut it!”

“Oh, but he’s not free. You definitely have to pay.” She slid her sopping pussy closer to Stacey’s lips. “I think one hour of abject slavery will do, don’t you Chad?”

Chad thought for a second. “You know what? I think it will.”

“I thought you’d agree. Stacey does that sound like a fair bargain to you?” Tasha saw the conflict in Stacey’s eyes.

“I guess I don’t really have a say in the matter, since you probably won’t get off me if I don’t. Right?”

“You got that right,” she tweeked her own nipples lightly.

She conceded, “Then what do you want me to do?”

“Eat some pie.”

“We didn’t bring any pie, sorry,” Stacey apologized with relief.

“Not that kind of pie sweetheart,” Tasha held Stacey’s head up roughly and planted her drooling slit on Stacey’s opened mouth. “Oooh, hot mouth!” Tasha was surprised at how quickly Stacey’s tongue found her clit, slow tentative licks gave way to promising licks.

“No wonder she didn’t want your cock, she’s a natural born slit licker! Aren’t you bitch?” She ground her excited pussy against Stacey’s hungry mouth, then leaned back turning toward Chad. Tasha pointed three fingers at him and simulated digital sex with the other hand and mouthed, “Get her ready.”

Chad knelt down and unbuttoned Stacy’s Levi’s. Slipping her thongs off and pulling her pants down took only a second. Her pink cotton underwear were stained with sweat and sweetness. He pulled them off and inhaled the crotch mightily. Oh yeah! He put them in his pants pocket for later.

“Hey Tosh, I know why she was being such a bitch tonight,” he tugged at the string hanging from Stacey’s hot pussy, and held the lightly bloody tampon up for Tasha’s viewing.

“Oooh, Red Wings! Fucking on your period is so hot and sick Stace, you’ll love it. Like you like licking my pussy, dontchya baby?” She allowed Stacey to answer.

“Uh…yes. I do like it,” she tried to hide her smile then went back to eating Tasha’s pie.

Chad inserted one finger slowly and determined she was more than ready, quickly added a second. Stacey started gyrating her hips against his probing fingers. He crooked his fingers upward and started massaging the upper wall of her vagina. But now he really had to make sure she could take his pole, and added a third.

Tasha felt her pussy get attacked by a ravenous mouth. Stacey’s tongue slid quickly up her hot tunnel and lavished tantalizing licks on her engorged clit. Tasha pulled her pussy away from that incredible mouth, “O.K., O.K….whew, that’s enough. She still has to pay.”

Stacey looked worried, she thought she was paying. Tasha jumped up and helped Stacey stand, and guided her to the nearest tree.

“Stand here. Don’t move.” Tasha turned to pick up a rope hanging from Colin’s bumper. Slinking to the tree, she harnessed it tightly then turned toward Stacey. “Hands? Oh, don’t even look like you don’t know what I mean. Thank you.” Her hands worked quickly and bound Stacey’s hands together near the tree. Turning around again she found several stout twigs and gathered them together in one hand.

Stacey braced herself when she saw Tasha pull back a mighty blow before she went to the table to get a roll of duct tape. “We’re gonna need this.” She ripped off a strip and covered Stacey’s mouth quickly. Grabbing the switch, she stepped up to the plate.


Stacey danced under the sting and tried to move her ass away from Tasha’s wrath. Immediately she felt another burning swat. Her ass turned red quickly under Tasha’s single minded approach. Her mascara started to run as tears welled up in her eyes and rolled down her cheeks.

“I think,”…Whoosh…CRACK!…”that,”…CRACK!… “will do.” Tasha threw the switch into the trees, and let Stacey calm down a bit before Chad took over. She waved to him and grabbed his cock as he came closer. They kissed deeply, then she whispered in his ear, “Give it to her real good.”

“Oh, you bet,” he stepped up behind Stacey and aimed his torpedo at her tight twat. He nestled his head against her slick furry opening and pushed. Something inside her held him back momentarily, then broke suddenly allowing him full penetration. Deeper and deeper he shoved, caring little for her discomfort only for his pleasure. So many nights he thought he had it in the bag, only to be shut down and left hanging. Now he was getting his, and he was loving it.

“What do you think Stace? Pretty hot huh? That’s how I like to be fucked,” Tasha kneeled in front of Stacey’s face. “A strong man with a huge cock not afraid to use it…ummm,” she closed her eyes, “I can’t wait for my turn.”

Stacey’s breath relaxed after the initial pain and discovered that she did enjoy it, very much so. In fact she started moving her hips to meet Chad’s thrusts, guiding his tool deeper into her virgin pussy.

“Unghmph!” Stacey mumbled under the tape. She wished Tasha would take it off, she needed to scream out her enjoyment. She saw Tasha’s eyes brighten a moment, then a blinding sting across her mouth, “OUCH! Thank you…um, yeah baby…deeper…Oh God yes!”

“I think she likes it Chad. Does blood make a good lubricant?” Tasha looked back at the steadily pumping Chad.

“Oh yeah, she’s so tight and so wet. Aren’t you bitch?!” His hand smacked down on her already red rump.

“Oh God! Yes, just fuck me…please!” Stacey’s eyes rolled back as Chad stuffed in the remaining inches of his monster rod up to his balls in her snug snatch.

“O.K., my turn!” Tasha stood up quickly. “Don’t look at me like that Stacey, I’m calling the shot’s here. You’ll get more later, but right now… I want mine. You up for it stud?”

“What we discussed earlier?” Chad slowed down but kept a steady deep probing rhythm.

“Mm, mmm. I’ll be back in a sec,” Tasha slunk toward the now quiet van and knocked on the door.

A few moments later it opened up slightly. Noticing it was Tasha, Leticia opened the door squinting at the firelight. “Hey Tosh, what’s up?”

“Nice hair gel, Leti. Anyway, got any more lube? I’m about to get my ass stretched and I really hope you have some left.” Tasha waited while Leti retrieved the tube.

“Sorry, we’ve been really busy with it,” she handed the almost empty tube of K-Y to her friend.

“I guess! I went with you to pick this up… this morning! God, you slut! Just kidding, have fun you guys,” Tasha giggled as Leti shut the van door.

“Hey! I said you were done. Chad stop, right now! Pull out… O.K. Now we’ll just squirt the rest into my palm…and smear it all over the most beautiful cock I’ve ever seen…” Tasha batted her eyes at Chad, “…then bend over the table here… and no matter what I say Chad, give it all to me. Understand?”

“Understood,” Chad came swiftly behind Tasha and spread that gorgeous ass with one hand. He guided his fully engorged shaft with the other and quickly found her dirty back door.

“Ahhh!” Tasha shrieked. “Eeeuu…fuck!” Maybe I bit off more than I can chew. His cock is so fucking huge!

Chad thought Tasha was loving it and showed no mercy in his penetration. Watching his oversized cock split her cheeks drove him crazy. Her petite little body writhed under the power of his invasion. He pulled back slightly then lunged forward again, gaining inches into her anus.

Tasha relaxed as best as she could then stroked her clit with one hand. This calmed her down a bit as she was able to finally enjoy her ass fucking. She realized Stacey was looking at her and felt she had to ham it up a bit for the virgin.

“Yeah stud! Fuck that ass! I love it… deeper… deeper… FUCK! OH GOD!” Tasha screamed as Chad poured on more cock into her. Got to take it…all of it…got to… What the fuck is he doing?

Chad had pulled out and was untying Stacey. He led her to the picnic table in front of Tasha. Soon Stacey’s wet gash was directly in front of Tasha, and Chad’s cock was in back of her.

“I thought you’d like a little snack Tosh,” Chad grinned as he quickly found his place deep in her ass.

“…mmm,mmm…,” Tasha wasted no time and quickly dove into Stacey’s fragrant pussy. Her tongue buried itself deep into her freshly fucked hole and licked at her sticky wetness. Her oral ministrations kept her mind away from her anal devastation. For every inch Chad stuffed into her ass, her mouth worked feverishly at the delicious muffin before her.

Chad had thrown all caution to the wind and began long stroking his full length into Tasha’s bung. He held onto her shoulders and plowed deeply and swiftly, watching her head move quickly from side to side between Stacey’s legs.

Stacey herself was reaching a place she’s never been before. Tasha’s tongue was touching her so right and bringing her dangerously close to the most incredible feeling she’s ever had. This must be an… must be an… ORGASM! Stacey started quaking and grabbed onto Tasha’s head keeping it firmly into place as she shook through her climax.

“FUCK! Yeah, that was good,” Stacey slumped back weakly. She watched Tasha’s eyes close as Chad picked up the pace.

Tasha began mumbling quietly building to her own ultimate plateau. “…fuck it, yeah! Come on, fuck it… Oh God… Shit!… FUCK! GOD DAMMIT! FUCK!” Tasha screamed as her orgasm took her asshole and shook it like a rag doll taking her body with her.

Chad on the other had was having way too much fun making these chicks scream on his cock. He kept pounding Tasha’s ass until she fell forward completely exhausted, then he finally slowed up and pulled out reluctantly. He was so close, he could taste it.

“I’m almost there Tasha. You girls want to give me a hand?” Chad asked with a deep longing.

Tasha invited Stacey to kneel on the ground in front of Chad. “O.K. Stace, finish him off.”

Stacey balked, “But… it’s been in, you know…your ass. That’s so gross.”

Tasha grasped Stacey’s chin and turned it towards her, making severe eye contact. “Stacey, hopefully you are going to be doing a lot of supposedly gross stuff in the upcoming years. This is your boyfriends cock, it’s beautiful. Look at it… Who cares where it’s been. You just have to worry about where it’s going. So open wide… Good girl.”

Stacey soon had her mouth full of Chad’s funky cock. She could taste something not quite right, but at this point she didn’t care. She had enjoyed herself incredibly and will continue her own fulfillment until she couldn’t any longer.

Chad watched his previously virgin girlfriend suck his soiled sausage deeply. He did love her, and watching her suck with such vigor closed the deal.

“Here it comes…”, Chad whispered as he filled Stacey’s mouth up with her first taste of semen. He was surprised she was taking it all, then watched her choke it up past his cock in a messy white explosion. He kept coming, and realized she was swallowing the rest of it.

“Mmm…ugnh…mmmm,” Stacey slurped around Chad’s slippery hard shaft. She started rubbing his cock over her face smearing his load all over. A few final spurts ended up above her eyebrows. She finally let go of his cock and turned towards Tasha.

She took the hint and started kissing Stacey deeply, and ended up licking her messy face clean. “Thanks for sharing Stace,” Tasha whispered, stroking Stacey’s hair.

“No problem,” Stacey kissed her once more. “Chad, if it’s O.K. with you maybe Tasha can come over to play more often? Maybe she could show me how to do it the way she did,” Stacey blushed.

Chad exhaled deeply then grinned, “Sure thing sugar, anything you want.”

“Bravo! Encore!” A round of applause and cat calls erupted behind them. Leti and Colin were wrapped in a blanket sitting in the doorway of the van watching the spectacle and laughing in each others arms.

The End

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