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It’s Not Bad If You Like It

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“Hey, I’m going to go over to Ryan’s house, Luke has something for me I guess,” I told my boyfriend, Kyle, as I was gathering up my purse and keys to my car.

“Luke?” Kyle put on a disgusted face. I didn’t blame him. Luke was my ex. We’d only gone out a week, so I didn’t really count him as being an “ex-boyfriend”, just an “ex”. I know, I’m weird.

I sighed and tried to smile at Kyle. “Yeah. I guess. I’ll be back in hopefully under a half hour. Unless Ryan’s there and then I might stay a bit longer.”

Kyle walked up to me from where he was sitting at the computer and gave me a hug, saying “OK, be careful.”

I laughed. “Careful? Careful of what?”

He looked down at me and frowned. “I don’t know, something made me say that. Well, be careful driving at least, it’s icy outside and dark.”

I laughed again and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Well it’s not like I don’t have working headlights.” He smiled at me then swatted my butt.

“Get out of here,” he joked. I smiled at him and started to walk out of the bedroom, when he came up from behind me and put his arms around me, pushing me up against the door.

That made me moan, in pleasure and surprise. “Hey, now, you just told me to leave!” I said, laughing.

He breathed on my neck (a turn-on for me, and he knows it) and whispered in my ear, “Well, just think about what could happen when you get back. I was giving you a little preview maybe.” I turned around and hugged him again. He opened the door around me and said, “So leave now so you can get back quicker.”

I smiled at him and gave him one last kiss. “Love you.”

“Love you, too. Bye,” he was already shutting the bedroom door on me.

“Bye!” I called through the door.

I walked out of our house and to my car. Once I got it started, I turned on the heater. “Man, it must be below freezing outside,” I shivered.

The drive to Ryan’s house, where Luke had been staying for a while, was about 10 minutes away. When I got there, it didn’t look like anyone was there. There were no lights on at all. No cars, either. I parked in the driveway anyway and turned off my car and lights. I grabbed my purse, decided to get my cell out and call his house.

It rang and rang. “Huh. This is just too weird.” I was too afraid to get out of the car, so I just stayed there for a few minutes, shivering and wondering what to do.

Suddenly, my car door was yanked open and someone put something over my head. I tried to scream, but a hand was placed firmly around my mouth. This better be Ryan or Luke playing a joke on me… I thought to myself. But the guy (it had to be a guy) that was holding onto me didn’t feel like either of them. He seemed a bit stronger than both Ryan and Luke, who were pretty strong as it is.

I mumbled, “Luke? Ryan?” but the guy picked me up with his other arm and had me over his shoulder.

“Shut up,” he said in a menacing voice, one I’d never heard before.

Now I was really scared. Fuck! I wish Kyle would’ve came with me.

It felt like we were walking into Ryan’s house. A horrible thought struck in my head- What if this guy did something to Ryan and Luke? What if he killed them?!

The guy carried me upstairs, then onto a bed. He seemed to know where he was going. That made me a little suspicious.

Once onto the bed, he let go of my mouth. I knew better than to scream though. The thing he’d put on my head had been a shirt, which he started to lift off my head. “I’m going to take this shirt off of your head and replace it with a blindfold. Don’t even think about opening your eyes, I have a can of pepper spray here and I won’t hesitate to use it.” I heard a can shake. “So, do we have an understanding? No opening of your eyes and no screaming?” I nodded. “Good.” I felt the shirt lift off of my head all the way. I had my eyes shut so tight they were starting to hurt.

“I’m putting the blindfold on now.” I felt something that smelled of sweat be tied around my eyes. Then I heard duct tape being ripped, then felt it get put on my mouth.

“Hey, do you got her restrained yet?” I heard another voice. It almost sounded like Ryan, but only almost.

“Well, I don’t have her in handcuffs yet. Can you hand me them, they’re on the dresser.” With the blindfold over my eyes, they couldn’t tell if I opened them. I quickly peaked and saw that the lights were still off, but I could see little glows of light shining around the room. There were three of them, which meant three guys. Great, I thought. I’m going to get raped or killed or both by three probably huge guys. Where’s Kyle when you need him?

Someone started to handcuff my hands behind my back. I could feel tears coming on. I missed Kyle so much.

“Hey, what’s that wimpering noise?” the third guy asked with disgust.

“I think she’s crying. Fuck! You guys, I knew this wasn’t a good idea.” WHAT THE FUCK? That’s Luke! I could recognize that voice anywhere.

I think he was the one that came over and started to take off my blindfold. Someone pushed him back though. “Fuck, dude, what are you doing? You’re going to mess this up!” RYAN!?

“Guys, knock it off.” It was the original guy. I suddenly realized that it was Casey, Ryan’s twin brother. Damnit, I knew it was these guys! This has to be a joke… they really wouldn’t do this to one of their friends!? Maybe I hadn’t really been their friend.

I felt the duct tape being ripped from my mouth. Casey said, “Well, I’m sure thanks to fucknut over there-” (I heard Luke retort, “Fuck you Casey.”) “-you now know who we are.”

I nodded and cleared my throat. “Yeah, I do. But why are you guys doing this? I thought you guys were my friends.” I pouted. I couldn’t help it.

I heard someone laugh. “Well, with lips like those how could we resist wanting a little fun with you?” That had been Ryan. He was the one I’d trusted the most out of the three. So much for trusting him.

I inverted my lips. The guys laughed. “Come on, Lynn. Don’t you want to have a little fun without your boyfriend? I know at some point or other you’ve liked all three of us guys.” That was Casey, and well, he was right, at least about the liking them part. But, having fun without Kyle? I didn’t consider this “fun.” Kyle and I hadn’t even gone as far as sex yet; we were waiting til we got married.

“So, which one of us handsome men do you want to take you first?” Ryan asked, and I could feel him sit on the bed behind me, and he started massaging my shoulders.

“Um… uh…” I couldn’t think or talk, because now I felt Ryan teasing my neck by kissing it and breathing on it. As much as I hated that he was doing this to me, I also liked it too. Which made things really fucked up.

“Well, it seems like Lynn can’t make up her mind. We’ll have to do it for her,” Casey decided. He came over and I felt my legs be grabbed and pulled apart. I still had my clothes on, thankfully. They hadn’t gotten that far yet. And, of course, I hoped they wouldn’t get that far.

Ryan stopped biting my neck and barked at Luke, “Don’t just stand there. Do something! This started out as your plan!”

“Fuck you. I’ve changed my mind.”

Casey, who’d been kneeling on the floor in front of the bed and had been massaging my inner thighs, grunted. “Dude, you can’t change your mind. We’ll call the cops after we’ve had our fun and tell them it was you, that we found Lynn tied up and your cum all over her.”

“FUCK YOU!” It sounded like Luke was crying.

Ryan laughed and suddenly I felt one of his strong arms over my throat. I gasped and tried to grab him, but remembered my arms were restrained behind my back, my hands in handcuffs. “Luke, if you don’t fucking fuck her like you wanted to, I just might do something brash, and we wouldn’t want that. You could’ve came up with this plan just to screw Casey and I over, for all we know. So you better get the fuck over here and start doing something to Lynn, or you won’t like what I’m going to do to her.”

I prayed that Luke would do what Ryan wanted, though I was afraid of what he wanted him to do to me. I heard Luke sniff, then say, “Fine, you fucking asshole. Just don’t hurt her, please! I didn’t want her to get hurt! I just thought maybe we could kidnap her and then maybe have her suck our cocks or something, but then in the end let her go and say it was all a joke or something! You guys were the ones that made this into something more! FUCK!” He came over and pushed Ryan off of me. I had almost lost consciousness, even though Ryan hadn’t been holding onto me that hard. It’s just that he’d been holding onto me for a bit too long; I couldn’t hold my breath longer than 20 seconds, and he’d had ahold of me for at least a minute.

“Dude, you better be doing something to her, don’t fucking push me around like that.” Ryan walked over to the door and I think he left the room.

Luke whispered in my ear, “I’m so sorry Lynn. This is my fucking fault. I’m only doing this because Ryan wants me to.” I felt him sit down on the bed behind me, taking Ryan’s place, and I felt my shirt getting cut off of me.

I squirmed around, but Casey held me in place. “I wouldn’t do that, Lynn. You better behave or I’ll cut your sweats and underwear off.” I cussed at myself for having worn sweats instead of jeans. I’d only expected to be over there for a quick visit, and since the guys had seen me in sweats before, I hadn’t thought it’d be a big deal to get dressed up just to go over to see them.

Once Luke had my shirt off, I felt him play around with the back of my bra. It was like he wanted to take it off, but wanted my permission first. Casey was the one to grant him permission, though. “Dude, take it off. I want to see what size of boobs she’s been hiding under all those fucking loose shirts she wears.”

“Fine!” I felt my bra get unhooked, and then I think Casey took it off from the front. I felt Luke’s hand reach in front of me and felt his fingers start pinching my right nipple. I twitched, the sudden sensation from him doing that startling me, and, to my dismay, turning me on.

“Do you like your nipples sucked or bitten, Lynn?” Casey’s face must’ve been right near my chest, because I could feel warm breath on my stomach and boobs, tickling the skin.

I was about to open my mouth to say something like “Fuck you, leave me alone,” when I suddenly felt Casey’s mouth on my left nipple. I gasped and thrashed around. Luke’s fingers were still tweaking my right nipple, so his other arm came around my stomach and pressed me into him. “You’re not going anywhere,” he said in a husky voice. I realized that he was turned on, and that he probably wasn’t going to be “Mr. I’m-so-sorry-Lynn” anymore.

Casey’s hands grabbed onto my sides and he continued sucking on my nipple, every once in a while biting it, as though to let me know he meant business.

I heard someone come back into the room, and figured it was Ryan. “Woah, guys, starting without me?” I heard Ryan say, then felt him sit down on my left on the bed. He must’ve enjoyed just sitting there, watching his brother and his best friend take advantage of one of his other friend’s girlfriends. I’m sure after this Kyle would never want to see Ryan, Luke, or Casey again. Hell, he’d probably want to kill them. I wasn’t sure right then if I’d be upset about Kyle killing them or if I’d help him.

Luke stopped tweaking my nipple, to my relief. It’d started hurting, and it felt like it was on fire. “Do you want to sit here, man?” I heard Luke ask, then felt him and Ryan switch places. Casey’s mouth was still preoccupied with my left nipple.

“So, Lynn,” I felt Ryan’s hot breath on my neck, his voice tickling my ear and making me twitch. “I heard from Kyle that you like it when he bites your neck and breathes on it…” I felt him breathe up and down on my neck. I let out a moan that startled myself. Ryan chuckled. “Well I guess he was right.” He did that a few more times, making me moan unwillingly every time.

Casey stopped eating my nipple for a bit and said to Ryan, “Looks like we’re doing a good job. I think maybe it’s time I took off her pants and underwear and tasted her pussy.”

I wanted to kill Casey, but I also wanted to feel his tongue inside of me. I really wished right then that this hadn’t been happening, that I would’ve drove back home the minute it looked like no one was home here. Then maybe Kyle would be the one doing this to me.

I felt my pants get pulled down, a sudden rush of cool air brushing against my legs. It made me gasp, and at the moment Ryan sucked as hard as he could on my neck, making me gasp again and then moan loudly.

“Oh, fuck, I’m rock hard,” Ryan moaned in my ear, almost making me moan again. “Casey, hurry up and taste her, I wanna fuck her so bad.”

Casey moved the part of cotton that was hiding my pussy to the side, then I felt his warm tongue plunge inside of me. My back arched, and Ryan breathed on my neck at the same time, causing me to moan in pleasure.

Luke, who hadn’t touched me in a while, decided he’d try sucking on my nipples. The only one his mouth could reach was the left one, since he was on the left side of me. I felt his teeth carefully take my erect nipple in his mouth, and then felt his lips cover it, slowly sucking on it.

I knew that if the three of them kept this up- Casey’s tongue darting in and out of my pussy, Ryan’s breath hot on my neck and his teeth biting it, and Luke’s soft mouth on my nipple- that I was going to cum soon whether I liked it or not.

Casey stopped for a second, saying, “Guys, I think she’s close to cumming. Let’s kick it up a notch.” Casey’s tongue was back in my pussy, but it was fucking me harder and faster than before. Ryan grabbed ahold of my other nipple and breathed up and down on my neck, whispering, “I wanna fuck you till you scream,” in my ear. Luke sucked and bit my nipple harder than Kyle had ever done before, but it was still erotic even though it hurt like hell.

I felt the wave of pleasure hit me, and I arched my back and moaned really loud, saying “Oh god…”

Suddenly everyone stopped touching me, and I felt cold. Then they started laughing. “So, Lynn, was it that good?” Casey asked smugly.

Ryan got up from behind me and stood in front of me. I felt the blindfold come off. I must’ve had my eyes shut the whole time because someone had lit a candle in the room. I could see their faces, they all looked turned on. I snuck a peak at each of their crotches, and could see bulges in each of their pants.

Ryan smiled at me. “So, did you like that?” I frowned but nodded. “Why the sad face?” I shook my head, not wanting to say anything, for I probably would’ve started crying.

Ryan took off his shirt and I almost gasped at seeing his finely toned stomach. He saw me looking and smirked. “Like what you see?” I kinda nodded. “Well,” he grabbed his belt and started undoing it. “Wait until you see what I have packed down here.”

He had his belt off, but before he took off his jeans, he looked at Casey and Luke, who were staring at him. “Get the fuck out of here!” Ryan said to them, and they backed out of the room, holding up their hands.

Casey said, “Dude, hurry up. I wanna cum inside of that fresh pussy soon too.” Ryan shot a glare at Casey so Casey pushed Luke out of the door and then left too, shutting the door behind them.

“So,” Ryan started. He slowly pulled down his jeans. Through his silver boxers, I could see his erection. It looked like his cock was about 6 inches, which was perfect for a small girl like me. I decided that since I was going to get raped, it really wasn’t my fault. Kyle couldn’t be mad at me for being raped, could he? He didn’t have to know that I enjoyed it.

“So?” I asked.

Ryan grabbed my hand and placed in on the silky boxers covering his cock. “Do you wanna see it?” I nodded. “Do you wanna feel it?” I nodded again. “Taste it?” Nod. “Feel it shoot load after load of my cum inside of you, your mouth and your pussy?” I nodded again. “Well, then, what are you waiting for? Take off my boxers.”

I looked up at him and he nodded. I slowly took off his boxers, his cock springing to life in front of me, almost hitting me in the face. “Get down on the floor, I want you to suck on me for a bit.” I slipped off the bed and kneeled in front of him. I looked up at him and he grinned, then grabbed his cock and put it up to my lips. “Open up.” I parted my lips and he shoved his cock into my mouth, making me gag. Feeling my throat contract around his cock, he moaned at the pleasure.

His hands found their way to my head and he started thrusting his cock in and out of my mouth, holding onto my head for support. As the head of his cock would reach the end of my tongue, I’d make sure my tongue was touching the bottom side of his head, and then I’d suck really hard, knowing that guys liked that feeling. He moaned loudly, letting me know that I was doing a good job.

After about 2 minutes of him fucking my mouth, he moaned and his stomach starting contracting, and he started twitched, and his cock got a bit stiffer. “I’m going to cum!” he moaned. Right after that, I felt hot liquid get shot down my throat, making me gag, and making Ryan moan. “Oh, god, Lynn, keep sucking.” I sucked really hard and brought my hand up to his shaft, and starting pumping my hand on it while sucking hard. His orgasm lasted over 30 seconds long, and by then my mouth had so much cum in it that it leaked out the sides of my lips.

Ryan slowly pulled his cock out of my mouth, grinning down at me. “Man, you give good head.” I laughed, picked up a piece of my shirt and wiped my mouth off.

Ryan sighed happily, then picked me up and tossed me on the bed. “Time for you to take it in your pussy,” he said, then he stradled me and I felt (with pain and pleasure) as his hard-again cock entered inside my pussy. He was slow at first, then he started pounding me so hard that you could hear it. The noise of him slapping against me turned me on, and with his cock thrusting in and out of me I came within minutes. My orgasm pushed him off the edge, and I again felt his hot liquid pour into me.

He collasped onto me, breathing hard. “That’s got to be one of the best fucks I’ve ever had.”

Luke suddenly burst through the door, shouting, “FUCK! RYAN! KYLE’S HERE AND HE HAS A FUCKING KNIFE!”

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